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Sign Splicers

When your sun unites with your moon, ascendant, and/or dominant element, you get a Sign Splicer. Here are the zodiac’s hybrid breeds…which one are you?

Fire + Fire: The Big Bang. You roar with passion, and your enthusiasm reverberates through the entire universe; it’s impossible to ignore your thundering presence (usually because you are very loud!). You have tremendous visions, and believe anything is possible if you want it bad enough. Never waiting or slowing down, you dream of an action-packed life full of glory and excitement that allows room for your showy self to shine. The amount of faith and hope you have makes you very childlike, and you are convinced that you are destined to be a hero. You rebel against reality of any kind, detest details, and can be quite self-involved.  

Earth + Earth: THE MEAT. You are in control of your senses, and the only thing real to you is your physical body. In fact, you draw your impressive strength from your rock solid core of stability. Nothing has the power to uproot you, as you are firmly fixed to reality. The material realm sustains you, impracticality confuses you, and chaos scares the crap out of you, because you don’t like being out of control. You are the base upon which all others stand, and your dependable, loyal nature makes weaker types rely on you. You can be overly skeptical of the things that supersede your senses, so it is important for you to be open to change.

Air + AirTHE THINKER. A fan favorite, you are civilized and cultured, and always have a bright comment or idea to add to a conversation. Independent in both action and word, you do as you like in order to reach total objectivity, but focusing solely on the intelligence causes you to lose touch with the reality of your humanity (emotions and body). Your observational skills always have you questioning and examining the various things that blow into your life, which makes communication a necessity. Friendly, open-minded, and completely cerebral, you shun any and everything that strikes you as illogical.

Water + Water: THE RAIN. The entire world washes over you, and sometimes drowns you, as you swim in the feelings and moods of everyone; this makes discernment extremely difficult. Highly sensitive with a tender heart and soul, you feel vulnerable 24/7. Instincts and imagination overpower your intellect, causing some irrationality, and this is worsened when you dwell on your emotions. You are a sentimentalist, and have a deep connection to your past, and nostalgia often consumes you. Because you frequently underestimate your own strength, you long for deep relationships that provide you with the stability and safe closeness you crave. 

Fire + Earth: The Bull-Dozer. The epitome of spirit and sense, you’ve got drive and determination to push through life as strongly and as quickly as possible. Your feet are glued to the ground as you strive to bring your wildest dreams to fruition; you see and seize the future with certitude. A commanding ego compels you to take charge, and you never shy away from authority, because you are all muscle, with the stamina to see things through the long haul. You need both freedom and stability, and can be massively creative. You are passionate and powerful, but this can make you a stubborn brute.

Fire + Air: The Rave. A discotheque personality with confidence, wonder and bright ideas help you communicate with ease and enthusiasm, you are charismatic and expressive. Dancing through life, you refuse to limit your potential, and you are always in pursuit of the newest and coolest things to help you grow. You’re always going at the speed of light in search of wide horizons, and you absolutely hate to be bored. Social interactions of all kinds ignite your idealism and imagination, and you always aim to be the center of attention. You need large amounts of freedom and space in your life, and you may be emotionally immature and somewhat superficial. 

Fire + Water: The Fusion. The ultimate blending of male and female, you are aggressive and sensitive, with fluctuating moods and temper flares. Wistful, imaginative, and spirited, you long for independence and flee from any form of containment, yet you yearn for emotional attachment. With an exposed heart, you radiate warmth, and flourish in strong relationships because they allow you to pour out your romanticism without abandon. You are emotionally intense and passionate. Self-control and objectivity are foreign to you, as you prefer to filter things through you directly, without rationality getting in the way. 

Air + Earth: THE MAMMAL. With your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground, you grip reality firmly, and organize and build your abstract ideas into something useful. You are a rational, practical person with a scientific mind that is chock full of innovation, and you desire to improve life on earth. You are a master of the soil, efficient and steady, with enough objectivity and forethought to bring your ideals into fruition. Intellectual, social and supportive, always in tune with your senses, you tend to ignore the mysterious realm of the emotions.  

Air + WaterTHE VAPOR.  Intellect and imagery, you communicate through your creativity, but your rich imagination floats in the sky, as you find bringing your ideas to form to be too strenuous. Both romantic and scientific, your heart and your mind take turns in decision making, and you get inspired by close connections with friends, but feel both a desire for intimacy, and a need for change. You can be incredibly insightful and deeply philosophical, but your detachment is tinted with your subjective view, which makes you a little biased. You yearn for more, and adapt to fit into the world, sometimes intellectualizing your feelings.

Earth + WaterTHE FERTILITY. Your lush imagination lends itself to your creative capabilities to produce lovely fruit. Your emotions and reality-awareness make you a wise and centered problem-solver, and thus, very resourceful. A domestic classicist who is very concerned with creating a nurturing net of safety and security, you make home life a priority. You are caring and quiet, highly romantic and artistic, and apply your sensitivity with determination. But you may be possessive of loved ones, and lack the objectivity that allows you to grow fully.

So I have this habit where whenever I find some sort of encylopedia or other guide to comics, Disney properties, etc., I have to see if W.i.t.c.h. is mentioned. 9 times out of 10, nothing. But then I was at the bookstore a few weeks ago and found a Disney encyclopedia that actually had this entry in it! I was perhaps a bit too excited about this find, but that’s what happens when you’re too invested in searching for official publications that actually acknowledge your obscure favorite series.

If I sound bitter it is because I am. This is not your problem any longer as you well recognize. Perhaps I am too much of a sentimentalist but as difficult as it would have been I would have liked to say goodbye to you in person, kiss you one last time…Sunday, as I sat on the bench in the prison yard, basking in the sun, the fear grew with each hour. What a pathetic creature I must have appeared to be. Watching, waiting. Then three o’clock arrived and three fifteen and three thirty and three fifty and finally four. I waited until the bitter end, I imagined you driving to the airport and boarding the plane just a few miles away and I was struck with the panic of a caged animal. I felt the suicidal urge to run at the barbed wire fence and run and run to say goodbye to you before the plane flew you away from me forever. Crying, trembling as the last minutes ticked away I kept pleading softly to myself, “Please, Liz, please.” Please don’t leave me this way, I thought. Sunday was the most demoralizing day of my life. Sunday I think I finally recognized how powerless and weak I am.

- A letter from Ted Bundy to Liz Kloepfer dated September 7, 1976.

Worth It - Part Two

Prompt: The reader is pregnant with Stephen’s child and tries to tell him the exciting news

Link to Part One (x)

Prompt Request # 10: Anon - “I’m pregnant.”

Pairing: Doctor Strange X Fem!Reader

Warnings: Sexual suggestion and pregnancy

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It had been two months since you graced the entire Karma Taj with your presence. Everything had been rather normal, maybe sex had been a little more heated but other than that nothing too different. Since that night the idea of having protected sex went out the window. Nothing compared to the intimacy and euphoric pleasure of the bare flesh. So, against all logic and a reasonable state of mind, the two of you had been at it like rabbits.

Even if Stephen hadn’t invited you back to Nepal to visit him in a while he always made the time to use his sling ring to sneak into your apartment in the late hours of the night for a quick dinner, a good rendezvous in the bedroom, followed by the soft intimate embrace of post coital cuddling. Pillow talk always called for the most heart warming of conversations. The two of you would talk of the future yet to come and learn every detail about one another.

Things were honestly just going very well. The passion, the chemistry, the love! You were most certain that nothing would ever come between you the two of you, that was until one night..

“I remember the moment I first fell in love with you..” You whispered to him, your face buried into his toned chest. His hand gently brushing up and down your bare hip, his skin taking in your warmth.


“Of course..” You chimed, using your two fingers to trail up his chest until your hand was close to his jaw. Chuckling lowly he let his hand slip past your hip and to your bare ass, giving it a tight possessive squeeze. You giggled and continued to speak. “You don’t remember when you fell for me, Doctor?”

Stephen shrugged a bit, but not too much as too not he disrupt your comfort as you laid in his arms. “I guess I can’t recall the exact moment..” He muttered nonchalantly, his hand still playfully rubbing your bottom.

“Oh..” You sighed, choosing not to pursue the subject any longer to spare our feelings. Maybe you were just a sentimentalist but for some reason, him not being able to remember dampened your mood. 

The two of you went to bed, and as usual, he had already left when you woke up the next morning and a feeling of melancholy had set in. No, you weren’t mad so say… You didn’t have a reason to be mad. It was just all of a sudden you didn’t feel like a priority to Stephen. 

He had a big responsibility now that he was the Sorcerer Supreme but you yearned for him more and more. Yearning for his presence.. him next to you in the same bed. True, he still made sure to call you and see you at least once a week. But you wanted more?

Shifting under the covers you glanced over at your dresser and looked at a framed photograph, a picture of you and Stephen. His arms were around you and the sun was setting in the background behind the two of you, it was from your first visit to see him in Nepal. He hadn’t invited you back in a while and it made your heart sink. Was there a future with him?

Suddenly, a wave of nausea hit you like a ton of bricks and you were scrambling to make it to the bathroom in time. 

“Congratulations, you’re pregnant!” the Doctor announced handing you back a sheet of paper with your test results. Your mind immediately went black and your body tensed. You had allowed this to happen with your own selfish stupidity and there was no way around this.

“Thank you..” You replied after a minute of wallowing in your own self pity. The rest of the appointment seemed to take an eternity as you began to think the ends and outs of the situation before you. Pre-natal care, motherhood… Telling Stephen..

The wild thoughts and feelings inside you only continued to fester and develop into absolute misery. Once you arrived back at your home you plopped down onto your bed and wept, wept until your eyes stung. How had you been so careless?

You had needed time to process everything, process your reckless behavior, the consequences of your actions, and subsequently how you would handle the outcome. You couldn’t come up with an easy answer.. There wasn’t one.

sitting up in your bed you continued to think, loosing all sense of time as your brain was going a mile a minute you jumped in surprise at the sound of your cell phone going off, your ring tone echoing through your ears.

It was Stephen.

“..Hey.” You greeted, your voice was low, almost a whisper.

“Hey..” He replied.

Silence followed before Stephen cleared his throat and began to speak again.

“I’ve been doing a lot of think.. I think we should talk.”

What had he meant by that exactly? You shuttered at the possibilities. ‘We should talk’ always had a negative canotation and with the doubts you had been having about the relationship for the past few days… Your paranoia was not out of line.

“Is everything alright, Stephen?”

“Yes.. Well, um, we should talk. What are you up too now?”

“I’m at home but now is not really a good ti-”

“I’ll be there faster than you can blink.”

And with a quick click the phone call was disconnected. Growling in irritation you quickly jumped from the comforts of your warm bed and ran into the bathroom to try and put on some make up before Stephen arrived, so he wouldn’t be able to tell you had been crying.

Within minutes you heard the woshing sounds of a sling-ring portal opening up in your living room prompting you to take one last look at yourself in the mirror. 

“Here we go..” You muttered to yourself, placing a hand on your stomach before making your way to the livingroom to find Stephen sitting on your couch.

“Hello dear.” His voice was low and humble, his dark eyes looked over you and made you shutter. There was a strange determined look in his eye and his shoulders were tense, this made you nervous. The thought that he was going to break up with you definitely was rapid in your mind, but you shut that thought out very quickly. 

“Hey..” You joined him on the couch, calmly sitting down with your hands on your lap. As the two of you sat there in a quick silence your eyes began to sting, you wanted to cry but you managed to hold it in.

“I, uhhh… Sorry to just come over but I really feel this needed to be done now.” He spoke, looking over at you, piercing straight through you with those baby blue eyes. Wrapping your arms around your waist, your finger tips pressed lightly against your stomach… Against your baby, you prepared for him to end this relationship for good.

“Go ahead then..” You choked, looking over at him with trembling lips. “Break up with me.”

Faltering, Stephen looked at you as if you were insane. He reached over, giving your shoulder a loving squeeze he chuckled a bit at your accusation. “Break up with you?” He scooted in closer, so his leg was against yours as you sat side by side. “No no… Y/N, I was going to ask you to move in with me.”


“Yes, yes, I want you to move in with me.. Granted it’s in Nepal.. at the Karma-Taj…” He reached over and took your hand, brushing against your stomach, he gave it a loving squeeze. “But, I just want you there when I sleep at night, you know?” 

“Y-Yeah! I do know.. I hate how little we see each other, but Stephen, you ave such a small room and my apartment, and my job and m-”

“Y/N.. Listen, I know we have a lot to figure out but..” He paused for a moment and looked int your eyes as they were swelling with tears. You looked right back and studied his expression. His eyes were full of excitement and his lips werre curled up into an excited smile.. How did you ever doubt this man? “I just know I love you and I’m ready for you to be mine, move in with me and I promise we’ll figure everything out!”

“I.. I’m pregnant.”

As expected Stephen didn’t react in a positive way.. But it wasn’t negative either. He just sat there staring right back into your eyes as he processed the news.


“Yea Stephen.. Pregnant.”

“Well, I can’t say we didn’t have this coming.” He chuckled nervously and fell back hitting the couch cushions then running a hand through his dark black hair. “I love you, Y/N, and… This doesn’t change a thing. I want you-” He  pointing at your stomach and a small smile crept on his face, “-And that baby. Even if I don’t remember the small things, like where I first fell in love.. But, I will always be there for the big moments.” 

“You realized that bothered me?” Your cheeks flushed, suddenly embarrassed at how petty you were.

“Of course.. And, even though I don’t know exactly when I loved you I know I love you know.” He leaned back up and pressed his lips gently to yours for a moment, then he pressed his forehead to yours. “the moments like this though.. I’ll always remember.”

“Good.” You were grinning ear to ear, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“It was worth it.. All of it.” He kissed your forehead sweetly and pulled you in for a loving embrace. “And don’t you ever think otherwise.”

Many people’s view of the Lennon/McCartney collaboration is a simplicistic one: that Lennon was the rough and ready rocker, while McCartney was the soft sentimentalist. While that might have been partially true, their relationship went a lot deeper than that.

Perhaps the most important role each played for the other was that of unbiased critic. John was pretty much the only person in the world who could turn to Paul and say “That song is shit.” – and Paul would take it. Paul was the only person who could look John in the eye and say “You’ve gone too far.“

They were usually diplomatic with each other – Paul might say to John, “Oh, I think you can do better than that.” or something similar – but that’s what it came down to. Certainly George Martin couldn’t get away with that. If he dared try, they would bite his head off.
—  Geoff Emerick, in “Here, There and Everywhere, My Life Recording The Music of The Beatles”
Taehyung Scenario: Don’t Wish Is Over.

Request: OHOHOH FINALLY (っ╥︿╥)っ BUt, i was wondering if you could a TaeTae scenario where he and Y/N meet after two years of their breakup, but none has surpassed and ended up in something fluffy Gracias y saludos desde México ! ♡ Son mi blog favorito de escenarios en todo tumblr

Genre: Romance / Drama.

After so many years of living alone Taehyung had decided to adopt a dog. When he did he thought about what had taken him so long to do it since he loved animals so much, but after seeing that cute fluffy thing in the kennels one day he went to have a look at the pups, he knew he couldn’t leave her behind.

Even though he had had dogs with his family before this was his first time having one by himself and he could say he liked it, sometimes he wondered why he hadn’t adopted one before and faked to not know the answer, because truth was he did know.

He took Hazel to the nearest dog park all afternoons since in mornings it was hard for him and he had had to hire someone to take her on mornings walks, but in the afternoons Taehyung liked to do it himself.
Hazel was really cute, she was still growing so he didn’t know exactly which size she was going to reach but, possibly big as the people in the shelter had indicated him, she looked like a shepard, and she was absolutely stunning.

Hazel was pretty friendly so Taehyung let her run free while he was there, he would usually play with her or sit around and just watch the dogs or talk with the kids around. He didn’t feel like doing much aside from that lately and to be honest he felt like Hazel had been a gift for him to recover his brightness and vitality, he was aware that in the past two years he had changed, he saw himself in the mirror one day Taehyung hadn’t liked what he had encountered. He was sad and he was lonely, and he hadn’t any will to fix those two things because in a way he felt like he deserved it.

Taehyung sat and watched Hazel running around greeting other dogs, the usual for her until she stopped to sniff a dog that was sitting by a girl, and Taehyung wouldn’t have payed much attention to it if it wasn’t for the fact that he knew that girl, it was you.

Taehyung had a bit more than two years without seeing you but it was definitely you, you had a dog now as he could see but it was calmer than Hazel who kept sniffing around. You petted her and smiled at her, and Taehyung remembered how you also loved animals. At some point the two of you had dreamed of buying a cute dog together, a dream that vanished together with many more when everything was over.
When he abandoned you.

-Hazel!- you screamed and Taehyung was startled and confused for a moment, how did you know his dog’s name, and then he realized it wasn’t his dog who you were calling, but yours. The two had gone running suddenly and you were a bit alarmed by it.

The two dogs went running to you, you looked down at his Hazel curiously, and then you lifted your gaze and encountered with his. You stopped petting the dog and stared, Taehyung couldn’t look away, not when you had named your dog with that name, the name you two had liked for a dog if you were to adopt one together, and as sentimentalist as it was Taehyung felt his heart stopped for a second at that moment.

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We know about the ten years of uncelebrated birthdays, of hangers and passed down socks, of dirt floor birthday cakes. But don’t forget there was another boy-who-lived: who spent ten years of being compared to parents who would never know him. Another boy-who-lived, spending birthdays in st. mungos closed wards and getting Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum wrappers from a mum who doesn’t even know its her boy, let alone her boy’s birthday. Another boy-who-lived, who at each birthday had family gather and take bets to see whether or not this was going to be the year he’d prove to be a wizard or a squib. Of the boy, who’s happiest birthday was the one that came with a letter telling him he was a wizard, and it was going to get better.

happy birthday neville.

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It’ll Always Be Me and You

Request: “Credence Fluff!!!! Haven’t seen Credence fics in so long, can you do it based off of “You and I” by Avant please?”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 2169

Warnings: SO! MUCH! FLUFF!

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Oh baby
Funny how things have changed in my life now
Whether near or far I wanna be where you are

Credence held you in his arms as you both lay in your new garden. The lease had been signed and it was final. This old beautiful home surrounded by lush landscape was yours to share. You hummed contently, Credence’s long fingers dragging through your hair. The air was rich with an array of sweet scents, and your knees were still dirty from planting the new Sweet Peas in the garden.

“The Sweet Peas look perfect in that spot!” You had said, huffing with your hands on your hips.

“And you look perfect too, my Sweet Pea.” Credence smiled, giving you a tender kiss.

You smiled to yourself, closing your eyes as you relished the feeling of being so close to him. The giddiness you felt had never died down, even after being with him for nearly two years now. You knew this memory would be one that would stick out in your mind whenever you reminisced about your life.

“Can you believe how far we’ve come?” You asked, looking up at a now slightly tanned Credence. He looked so different to when you’d first met. He was alone and afraid, and it showed. And now, he was loved and cared for, and it showed.

“I can.” He responded, combing a hand through his lengthy locks. They cascaded around his face, and you made a mental note that it would soon be time to trim his hair again. “I can believe it because anything’s possible when I’m with you.”

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My creator zine and additional order of @shallurazine issue 2 came in today, and of course I had to break out my Shallura shirt to celebrate. It was an incredible honor to be a part of this project, and it was amazing to see everything in their physical forms. Many thanks to all the other creators for your beautiful works, and, of course, to Jules and Cat for everything you’ve done to make this zine a reality for two issues (and hopefully more to come)! I know I’ve said it a few times, but seriously, thank you for all your hard work. 

Oh, and have a bonus plushie Shallura zine-reading session (while the other paladins spy on them):

the-mothprince  asked:

n y g m o b b l e p o t

who hogs the duvet: Oswald, unless Ed is having a rough night and he gets tangled up in it.
who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Ed sends texts to Oswald throughout the day. However, during days when Ed checks in less frequently or if Ed doesn’t respond quickly Oswald will keep ringing and texting him because he gets nervous something has happened. Ed usually responds to him in under a minute so if he waits five Oz gets nervous and in ten he has a search party ready.
who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Ed, definitely. Sometimes his gifts are a little too much by normal person standards, but Oswald lives for over-the-top and extravagance. Oswald tends to stick to gifts that are expensive and meaningful more so than creative.
who gets up first in the morning: Ed, unless he’s pulled an all-nighter and therefore cannot ‘get up’ because he was never down, or if he was up late. Oswald sticks to a routine and is generally in bed at a certain time and gets up for breakfast which is always served at the same time in the morning. The only time he’s bad about sleep is when he’s in crisis mode and stays up scheming and/or drinking. That usually ends with him passing out on the couch until the afternoon.
who suggests new things in bed: Ed. Oswald just likes to give Ed what he wants, although Ed has pushed him to do some research on his own for things he might like to introduce because Ed feels like he’s always the one trying to spice things up.
who cries at movies: Oswald. Ed won’t cry in public. He barely cries in private. Meanwhile Oswald is a sentimentalist at heart and romantic dramas and the like make him teary. Titanic had him inconsolable for ten minutes.
who gives unprompted massages: Ed. Unless a more pronounced limp counts as prompting from Oswald. Ed gets tension headaches and Oswald will massage his neck, shoulders and upper back to relive that. Ed has taught him how to help him and Oswald will always jump to assist when he notices Ed pressing his temples and eyes in that way he does.
who fusses over the other when they’re sick: Oswald is super fussy and it makes Ed very overwhelmed the first time it happens because Oswald is so… attentive. Not to say that Ed isn’t a great nurse, because he is. He’s just less fussy about it so long as Oswald is cooperating with his instructions.
who gets jealous easiest: Oswald, but only romantically, really. He doesn’t like people coming on to Ed or getting too handsy, but otherwise he’s fine. If someone gets too far he’ll literally kill them though, so there’s that. Ed gets jealous in a strangely… intellectual way? He has to be the most important person to Oswald. If someone encroaches on that romantically, in their business ventures, or even in a platonic sense, Ed is no doubt plotting how to ruin their day and steal Oswald’s attention back.
who has the most embarrassing taste in music: I guess Ed? He loves 50s jukebox tunes and loves singing along to Big Band stuff. Oswald is into The Clash and the like so his taste is more modern and therefore more acceptable, I suppose. Ed also loves classical music.
who collects something unusual: Oswald collects information, seemingly insignificant but which he could possibly use to his advantage one day. Ed collects knowledge, of every variety. They round each other out. Of course, that’s not to say that Ed doesn’t pay attention to people’s likes and dislikes, but really only for people he cares about. Ed used to have trophies from his victims but Oswald broke that habit, thankfully.
who takes the longest to get ready: Oswald, but only because his hair and makeup take longer. Ed fusses with his hair and clothes for a while but he usually finishes before Oswald and then wants to help Oswald with his routine and tends to delay him longer fussing with Oswald’s clothes.
who is the most tidy and organized: Ed. Neat freak. Unless he’s having a serious breakdown but that doesn’t count.
who gets most excited about the holidays: Ed. Oswald has very little enthusiasm the first few years because he used to spend every holiday with his mother. Eventually Ed gets him into the spirit though, every time.
who is the big spoon/little spoon: When they spoon Ed is the little one. He usually likes cuddling on top of Oswald though, because Oswald sleeps on his back.
who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: They’re both super competitive, but definitely Ed. He has to win whereas Oswald is more cool with losing because it’s just a game. He doesn’t like losing, but it doesn’t bother him like it bothers Ed.
who starts the most arguments: Tough one… but Ed. Usually it’s because Oswald says something and then Ed will contradict or correct him and Oswald gets fed up after a while because why can’t Ed just let him finish speaking? Ed can’t help himself but it does piss Oswald off sometimes when the only thing Ed appears to be doing is undermining what he’s saying by challenging the validity of it.
who suggests that they buy a pet: Ed. He likes having something soft to hold and pet, it’s comforting to him. He uses it as a kind of stim. Oswald doesn’t want any animals in the house because they’re ‘dirty’ but he loves Ed more than he cares about a mess and he knows Ed will clean up after it.
what couple traditions they have: Takeout and Wine. Ed likes to joke that he forgot the entertainment, then he and Oswald will go out and find one of their enemies to kill. It’s really very sweet.
what tv shows they watch together: Game of Thrones. Ed forces Star Trek on Oswald and Oswald makes Ed watch his soaps when he can’t so he stays caught up.
what other couple they hang out with: When Ivy starts dating, Oswald always crashes them or brings Ed on a date to the same place, what a coincidence? When she starts dating Harley, the kid actually is pretty desperate for more friends and wants Ed and Oz to join them. So it starts.
how they spend time together as a couple: Usually it’s business related if they’re out to dinner, but they really enjoy cultural experiences like museums, exhibits, galleries, theater, opera.
who made the first move: Oswald, but Ed tricked him into it.
who brings flowers home: Edward more often, but if he has time to stop by a florist Oswald will.
who is the best cook: They’re both really good cooks, actually. They just specialize in different areas. Oswald is very skilled at cooking ‘poor man’s’ food. Goulash, noodles and cabbage, etc. Whereas Ed’s over here making a five course meal with like ingredients like lobster, difficult items like a soufflé, and fondue as an appetizer (Meanwhile explaining how the temperature of the cheese alters the shape of the proteins to give it its distinct texture. Nerd. I’m so sad the show never let him elaborate on this I personally know way too much about fondue for someone who’s never done it.)


2017 analogue system – my digital system is sobbing, but can’t deny this sentimentalist-hoarder nature 😅  excited to condense my productivity apps into one bujo, and spreading my wings with a new book/movie journal. also slowly becoming That Person™ with polaroids and my film camera (35mm pics coming sooooon ^3^). 

ps: yes, i intend to use this “flow chart” to track my periods. i think it’ll be helpful for any other irregular uteruses out there ~

Why Didn't You Just Ask?

“I asked you to teach me some signs I could use while flirting with my crush well surprise my crush is you and I’m trying to make a move why don’t you get it?”
(1.2k words of pure and utter hernst fluff that I wrote at 11:00. HOH!Ernst. Sorry for errors I’m too tired to check for ‘em)

It was Thea who noticed it first, before even Hanschen did. She very helpfully pointed out how an uncharacteristic grin seemed to be permanently stuck to Hanschen’s face whenever he came back from Ernst’s. She snickered when Ernst complemented Moritz’s messy hair and saw Hanschen scoff silently. She was quick to shoot Hanschen a knowing smirk when she caught him not-so-discreetly ogling over Ernst’s ass after gym class.

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, Ernst was much less observant than she. Hanschen swore he could lay naked in his bed with a red rose between his teeth and Ernst would still thank him for being ‘such a kind friend’. It was infuriating.

“How do I get it through his thick, handsome, adorably naive skull, dammit?” Hanschen complained to Thea one day.

Thea simply shrugged in response. “Beats me,” she’d said in a tone that either meant she was either genuinely at a loss for ideas or she couldn’t care less. Knowing Thea, it was likely the latter.

Hanschen moped for just a minute before an idea began to slowly take shape. Yes, he decided. That just might work. And, he supposed, if it didn’t, he could always just dive headfirst into that duck pond Ernst almost always hung around.

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Sentimentality, the ostentatious parading of excessive and spurious emotion, is the mark of dishonesty, the inability to feel; the wet eyes of the sentimentalist betray his aversion to experience, his fear of life, his arid heart; and it is always, therefore, the signal of secret and violent inhumanity, the mask of cruelty.
—  James Baldwin, “Everybody’s Protest Novel” (14)
Imagine Prompts

Send me some numbers, a character/actor, & how you’d like it to play out (if you want)

Imagine prompts
1. “I love you. Always have always will.”
“Did you just quote gossip girl?”
2. “Stop hogging all the blankets”
3. “He’s dead Jim”
4. “What’s it going to take for you to go out with me?
5. "Fight a dragon”
6. “This is my bed”
7. “I might not be good at anything but I sure am consistently bad”
8. “Just sit in my lap”
9. “Get off the floor you useless dildo”
10. “Why are you like this”
11. “This is why we can’t have nice things”
12. “Red looks terrible on you”
“I’m bleeding”
13. “You hoed me”
14. “It was an impulse buy”
15. “I’m a sentimentalist”
16. “I bet I could hula hoop longer than you”
17. “Fight me”
18. “I’m here”
19. “Always”
20. “It’s open mic night I wanna go”
21. “You’re so small”
22. “Stop getting hurt I worry every time you leave now”
23. “Why do you have this”
24. “I don’t think that word means what you think it means”
25. “Man I’d make a sucky X-Men”
26. “I am Groot”
27. “You need to be stopped”
28. “Did you just run into a pole”
29. “I’ll get the first aid kit”
30. “You really need to stop knocking on my window. It was cute at first but it’s 1 am
31. "This tastes like shit”
32. “If you take my cookie I’m not talking to you for a week”
33. “It’s a Tuesday I know how to restrain myself
"You absolutely do not”
34. “Sorry I’m late, I was doing stuff”
“I’m stuff”
35. “Hey muppet”
“Did you mean muffin”
36. “I’m not leaving without you”
37. “You mean a lot to me. I need you to know that”
38. “What happened babe?”
“Apparently I can’t make my own country and be the princess”
39. “It’s not your fault”
40. “Please tell me you aren’t in the hospital again”
“I am”
41. “I’m telling Mom”
42. “What do you mean you accidentally joined a gang”
43. “Didn’t that happen in supernatural once?”
44. “I’m not doing that”
45. “I saved your life!”
“By almost killing me?”
46. “Can you give some sugar?”
47. “We shouldn’t have done this”
48. “I wanna bake a cake”
49. “Wee ooo wee ooo wee ooo!”
50. “Ooo let’s go to build a bear”
51. “I’m not buying that”
52. “You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen”
53. “I’m sorry but your southern accent sucks”
54. “Be aloof not a doof!”
“I’m tired of your Friends references”
55. “You’re still my best friend. Don’t forget that”
56. “Without you I wouldn’t be who I am today”
57. “Oh please don’t cry. Aw fuck”
58. “This tea party was pretty badass”
59. “In the shower two things get to be free: the goods and my soul”
60. “I’m terrified why did we do this”
61. “That’s a stupid hat”
“You’re a stupid hat”
62. “I wish you’d trust me”
63. “You said my name in your sleep”
64. “Gay ships are yay ships”
65. “Let’s dress to the nines doll”
66. “Let’s play fuck, marry, kill”
67. “No starting a YouTube channel is a bad idea”
68. “I’ll protect you”
69. “Please don’t leave me”
70. “I love you”
“I know”

I’ve said in a post that I think Homeworld is modeled as Ancient Space Egyptians, and that may owe more than a little bit to the stories told about the Israelites in the land of Egypt as told in the Torah, specifically how the Diamonds are like the Pharaohs. If I may borrow a quote from the excellent Prince of Egypt movie, the Diamonds, like the Pharaohs, see themselves as “the morning and evening star,” as divinely (or gemetically) anointed rulers. So here’s some thoughts about how the Diamonds, aka the Intergalactic Tyrants, might be drawing a few traits from the Pharaohs mentioned in two of the most popular stories. 

Of all the characters we’ve met, Yellow Diamond is the biggest hard-ass and has dealt with the trauma of the war by pretending she has no emotions over it - but clearly she does. YD is supposed to be the most rational of the Diamonds, who says she’s trying to do right by her people, but so far she’s revealed herself to be a pretty irrational leader, throwing aside attempts at reconciliation because of her pride and how much the war has hurt her. Her people are suffering under a resource crisis, one that Peridot might have a solution for that would help Gems while preserving organic life on Earth. But YD will have none of it. It’s what made Peridot disillusioned with her:

Yellow Diamond: I’ve heard enough! I don’t care about potential and resources.
Peridot: What?!
Yellow Diamond: I want my Cluster, and I want that planet to die. Just make that happen.

Compare to the unnamed Pharaoh (popularly interpreted as Ramesses II) in the book of Exodus, whose heart was hardened to let Egypt suffer under the plagues for not letting the Israelites go:

“So Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and said to him, ‘Thus says the Lord, the God of the Hebrews, “How Long will you refuse to humble yourself before Me? Let My people go that they may worship Me. For if you refuse to let My people go, tomorrow I will bring locusts on your territory. They shall cover the surface of the land, so that no one will be able to see your land. They shall devour the surviving remnant that was left to you after the hail; and they shall eat away all your trees that grow in the field. Moreover, they shall fill your palaces and the houses of all your courtiers and of all the Egyptians - something that neither your fathers nor fathers’ fathers have seen from the day they appeared on earth to this day.”’ With that he turned and left Pharaoh’s presence.

Pharaoh’s courtiers said to him, ‘How long shall this one be a snare to us? Let the men go to worship the Lord their God! Are you not yet aware that Egypt is lost?’” (The Torah, Exodus, Ch. 10)

It takes an exceptional act to finally spur both Pharaoh to let the Israelites go (the death of the firstborn) and for YD to give up the war (presumably the death of Pink Diamond). And yet, both didn’t completely surrender. Pharaoh chased the Israelites until Moses led them through the Red Sea. YD left the Cluster in the heart of the Earth in hopes that it would blow up the planet she’s come to hate.

Blue Diamond, by contrast, is a diplomat and a sentimentalist. While she by absolutely no means treats any of her subjects as equals, and in fact can be quite terrifying, she at least doesn’t want the Earth to blow up. She’s very attached to things from the planet, since they remind her of PD:

Blue Diamond: I’m surprised that a human being is capable of understanding how I feel. It’s a shame. There’s a geo-weapon incubating in your planet that will destroy everything shortly. But you don’t deserve that, do you?
Greg: Geo-weapon, huh?
Blue Diamond: You know, I really shouldn’t be here. But I’m glad I came back one last time. I can save one last piece of her legacy.

That potentially makes her the one that could be reasoned with - at least with regards to not making the Earth go boom (dismantling the caste of Homeworld is an entirely different subject). BD, in my opinion, has some qualities about her that harken back to the Pharaoh from Joseph’s story in Genesis. 

BD looked to her courtier Sapphire to predict what would happen on their diplomatic mission; she seemed to be someone who relied on prophecy, and was very upset when what Sapphire foresaw did not end up happening. In Genesis, the Pharaoh was also ruled by prophecy, plagued by dreams of seven lean cows eating seven healthy cows, and seven scorched stalks strangling seven plentiful ears of grain. And it was Joseph who was called to interpret his dreams:

“‘It is just as I have told Pharaoh: God has revealed to Pharaoh what He is about to do. Immediately ahead are seven years of great abundance in all the land of Egypt. After them will come seven years of famine, and all the abundance in the land of Egypt will be forgotten. As the land is ravaged by famine, no trace of the abundance will be left in the land because of the famine thereafter, for it will be very severe. As for Pharaoh having had the same dream twice, it means that the matter has been determined by God, and that God will soon carry it out.

‘Accordingly, let Pharaoh find a man of discernment and wisdom, and let him over the land of Egypt. And let Pharaoh take steps to appoint overseers over the land, and organize the land of Egypt in the seven years of plenty. Let all the food of these good years that are coming be gathered, and let the grain be collected under Pharaoh’s authority as food to be stored in the cities. Let the food be a reserve for the land for the seven years of famine which will come upon the land of Egypt, so that the land may not perish in the famine.’” (The Torah, Genesis, Ch. 41)

I’ve already mentioned before that I think Steven has the qualities of Joseph in him, that his ability to jump in people’s minds is reminiscent of Joseph’s dream-reading. And Steven has already jumped into BD’s mind once. He could very well be the key to getting through to her - and the Diamonds at large - and help to end the resource crisis plaguing Homeworld.