the sempster

Day 3: Homework

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Medieval setting because why not

Princess Marinette strew out their images side by side upon her counter. The list had been shortened first by their age, then knowledge, and moral standing.

It didn’t make the choice any easier.

She lifted the furthest left candidates portrait, reading a paper beneath of an excerpt on their person from the perspective of those close to him.

Kind, yet distant in the realm of emotion. However, give him a task, and it will be done, says a miner regarding his apprentice Ivan.

She sighed. He’s fine, but… Shaking her head, she braced herself against the wood. Pick one. He has flaws– they all have flaws. If a candidate were to be flicked off the counter for one wrong in a sea of right, they would all be gone.

Picky picky.

“Princess,” Chat Noir stepped lightly to the windowsill.

Chat Noir, a member of The Royal Miraculous Guard, how silly is it that this cat laments not seeing his partners more often, when he sees their team leader out of costume daily?

Marinette turned to sit atop the counter, watching his boots descend noiselessly as he curtsied upon the carpet.

“Such charm, Sir Noir,” she noted wryly, reminding him, “a gentleman bows.”

“And cat’s curtsy,” he tapped a claw thoughtfully to his chin. “The rhyme sounded appealing enough, but…” He shrugged. “At least you’re the only one who saw.”

Yes, head lowered, one leg bent behind the other, and arms spread. A perfect curtsy. A perfect… A corner of her lip tugged up. “Did you… did you practice?”

His cheeks pinkened, flattening ears the only indication of how right she was.

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