the selfies are on their way!


Realistic portrait of Jeanne, aka @annabathtime
This is based on one of their glorious selfies, which also featured their amazing jean jacket but since I’m lazy I’ve decided to only do Jeanne… hope you like it, you tall adorable puppy!!!

Do not repost!!!!!!!!!!!

remember when namjoon posted this “morning morning” selfie

and hoseok copied him and posted a selfie too with the same caption but he put “morning morning 2″

then jimin copied him too and posted “morning morning 3″

then taehyung joined in too and posted “morning morning 4″

then jin with “morning morning 5″

then jungkook with “morning morning 6″

and lastly yoongi with this cute ass selfie “morning morning 7″

Haikyuu rarepairs are either pure or pure sin, there's no in-between.