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So my little sister dosen’t like to read, literally she’s 13 and has never read a book outside the ones for school, you could even say she hates reading… 2 days ago she finally started to read The Selection (Something i have been begging her to do for like a year and a half)… She LITERALLY can’t put it down, she’s already in chapter 20… IM SO HAPPY :) 

Okay continue with your beautiful day you beautiful person:)

Announcing the #naturalbornbabymaker submissions. Are you pregnant or want to be and have the body of a breeder? Submit your body photo for my weekly selection of the best natural born babymaker. Weekly winner will be reblogged with full credit (or anonymously if requested)

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For my beautiful and adorable Fiore ♥ this is yours now

Why? Why do you keep following me?“ Draco jelled without turning around. He didn’t need to, he knew he was there. 

The steps behind him became louder, he felt haunted and the alley got darker as the sun slowly set. Draco stopped, pressed his back against cold stone and tried to focus on his breath. The steps became slower with every breath he took and as he lifted his head again, he stood to his left side.

Potter…“ he tried to sound rejecting

"Oh come on, D r a c o. You knew I’d follow you, but you continued to walk and finally stopped… here” Harry purred as he came a few steps closer “Now… tell me what I could do to the beautiful Slytherin prince”.

“How about you leave me alone?” Draco got more confident as his body calmed down, but Harry was so close to him that he wasn’t sure anymore what he felt. Confidence? Anger? What was this feeling below his stomach?

“I could, but I don’t want to” Harry smirked, looked down at Draco’s body and added “and it doesn’t look like you would want that as well”.

“What do you want, Potter?” Draco closed his eyes.

“You, moaning my name” Harry said with a grin and closed the last inches between them and their lips, before Draco had even opened his eyes again.

There was no questioning if this was wrong, Draco knew he wanted this. He had wanted this for so long. He gave in the kiss and opened his mouth as hot skin pressed against him and built a contrast to the cold stone wall.

“Do you want me?” Harry asked between tempted kisses

“Oh fuck…” was the only response Draco could give as fingers slowly walked down his stomach and pushed against the bulge in his pants.

“That’s the plan” Harry whispered against a pale neck and Draco could hear Harry’s smirk through his voice and his eyes rolled back as hands started to wander over his body.

When you feel unbearably sick
with love for them,

Deconstruct it. Take it apart on the table
and analyze each of its pieces.

Ask yourself if these really are their bones,
if this really is their heart.

Ask yourself
if maybe you selected the best parts
and wrote a story to fill in the rest,

if maybe they were a leafless stem
that you were sewing rose petals onto.

Ask us all to paint a picture of them
and behold how different our perspectives are.

Answer this:
How much of them is a myth?
—  From “PAINT” by Roya Backlund

I don’t know if this is the type of thing to do on tumblr but fuck it. As I’ve been posting to this blog I have started to think about something: branching out. So starting this Monday at 12 a.m. GMT, this blog will no longer be Fight Club dedicated. I will still be posting quotes to this blog, but they will be quotes from movies in general and not just one like I’ve been doing. Probably because I’ve realised that I will eventually run out of Fight Club quotes 😂😂 and the movie world in general obviously has a lot more opportunities for posting quotes. You never know, Fight Club might still pop up somewhere. I am incredibly thankful for the following I have gained throughout my time posting on this blog and I hope you will stick around for the future. Above I have compiled a selection of my best posts on this blog! Please continue to support this blog as it is something that I really enjoy doing. Its a platform unlike any other. Again thank you for all the support and I hope you will stick around! (please tell me if this was super cringey or you’re not meant to do this, so I can avoid embarrassing myself again 😂)

Think of what you have rather than of what you lack. Of the things you have, select the best and then reflect how eagerly you would have sought them if you did not have them.
—  Marcus Aurelius
Why America cannot logically die in The Crown

America is a word that has seven letters.

North stars are a sign of the rebels. And what letter represents North? N.

Let’s see. What other cardinal directions do you have left? South, east, and west. Precisely, SEW.

And when did America get her arm stitched up? When she was shot.

Interesting. Who did she help on that day? A girl named Paige that she found in the streets.

And what is the homophone of Paige? Page. How many pages are in The Heir? 368

Very good. Let’s take it back to when I said America had 7 letters in her name. 368/7 is equal to 52.57142857 and the number of weeks in a year is about 52.143. Very close. Coincidence? I think not.

Now we know that weeks are important, and we also know that America is anything but weak. Where did she prove that she wasn’t weak? When she created that speech about abolishing the castes.

Everything was different because of what caste she was, and what was she? A Five.

Now what rhymes with five? Live.

Seriously, now take the letter that begins the series. The Selection Series. Obviously, S is a huge letter here. Pop it on the end of “live” and you have “lives.”

Now read the first and last words of this:


Don’t believe me? Take a look at the first word. America.

Then, skip a line and go to the next. What’s the first letter? L. Then look at the first letter of every other line. AMERICA LIVES. But wait, now that I’ve written more it’s AMERICA LIVES AT??? hmm to be continued…jk I’m done now ok sorry I should probably be doing homework.

lcveisblind  asked:

sambucky + famous/none famous person au :)

-Sam Wilson is the Hot Doctor in the latest medical drama. He is IT, on the cover of every magazine, on daytime talk shows ect
-Bucky Barnes is a math teacher at a high school in LA. His guilty pleasure is coming home every Tuesday night, cracking open a beer and watching the hottest actor on TV play his fictional crush, Dr. Jones.
-On Saturdays, Bucky goes grocery shopping. He’s skipped his normal jeans and a tee and slapped on some sweats and a hoodie today. He’s trying to select the best tomato when out of the corner of his eye he sees him- Sam Wilson. He tries his best to act cool and not stare. He really tries, until Sam’s cart rolls away from him and straight into Bucky’s side.
-Apparently getting hit with a guy’s cart is a great conversation starter! Sam and Bucky have a lot of the same things on their shopping lists, so they kinda shop together and giggle about it all the time. Bucky tries to contain his heart eyes and mostly fails.
-when they check out Sam says, “See you next Saturday man” and oh my god, Bucky can’t believe this is his LIFE.
-Halfway through their third unofficial shopping date, Bucky finally asks, “Hey, wanna come over for dinner next weekend? They have a great sale on steaks.”