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Tyler Seguin - Not Drunk

@crxsschecked: I just came back from my friends party and thought: could you do one where reader comes back from a party (not drunk cause she’s a heavy weight) and her and tyler seguin are just cuddling in bed where they just are all fluffy and cute? Thank you! Ily♡

A/N: Sorry I wrote this super quick, but I wanted to get a cute imagine up fro you guys today!

Warning/s: Ahh mentions of drunknes, tiny bit of suggestive stuff, overall fluff

Word count: 973

Song: Drunk - Ed Sheeran

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Nurse - Tyler Seguin (smut)

Requested by anon: omg ur smut is amazing!!! could I request a smut w maybe jamie benn or tyler seguin where he gets in a fight and then you take care of him?

A/N: I have to apologize for two things: one, I’m sorry it took so long; two, I’m sorry, I know that it isn’t great (not even okay). I hope that you don’t hate it.

Word count: 1265

Warnings: EXPLICIT CONTENT UNDER THE CUT. Swearing. Smut. Bathe me with holy water because this is filthy.

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“Do you need anything from the kitchen?” I scream, opening the door of the freezer and leaving the now unfrozen pack on ice and grabbing a bag of frozen corn. We definitely need to get more ice packs; the amount of frozen food we waste on Tyler’s bruises is just ridiculous.

“A bottle of water, please.” I hear my boyfriend’s voice from the living room.

I open the fridge and get two bottles of water, using my hips to shut the door and I go back to my really bruised boyfriend. Tyler is laying on the couch, holding a bag of frozen peas against his cheek and petting Cash with his other hand.

“Shirt up, bad boy.” I command, wanting to look at his also bruised ribs. “He got you good.”

Tyler is not a physical player, so when he got into a fight it was pretty clear that it wasn’t going to end well for him. The game against the Washington Capitals had been heated since the first minute, both teams playing rough, lots of chirping involved… but when certified goon, Tom Wilson, dropped the gloves I didn’t expect Tyler to do the same. So here we are now, with my boyfriend lying on the couch with a nice cut on his cheek and a huge bruise on his ribs.

“How mad are you?” He asks, helping me to pull his shirt over his head to get a look at the purple area.  The bruise is almost pretty, different shades of purple and green coloring the area.

“I’m not mad.” I answer him, holding the bad of frozen food against his side. “I’m more worried than anything else.”

“I’m fine, doll.” He says, pressing a kiss on my cheek. “But I could get used to this.”

“Get used to what? Be used as a punching bag?” I wonder, reaching out to get the bag from his hand and get a look at his cheek. The doctor had applied butterfly stitches to the cut on his cheek, but that hasn’t prevented it from getting swollen and bruised.

“Uh huh.” Tyler shakes his head, rubbing circles on the skin of my thigh. “I could get used to have you as my sexy nurse.”

“Oh, so now I’m a nurse?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.

“MY nurse. MY own personal nurse.” He emphasizes the word ‘my’. “I’m very sick, you know.”

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