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FFXIII team’s fave Disney movies

Light loves “Lilo and Stitch”, because she loves the whole “ohana means family”, and the fact that Nani is taking care of lil sister Lilo is very relatable to her, and she also gets really emotional about the “This family, is small, and broken, but still good” line and she connects on how before it was only her and Serah and now it’s the whole team. For animated movies that aren’t Disney, Light unironically loves the Pokemon movies, she thinks Pikachu is really cute, but she won’t admit it out loud. “Power of One” Is her favourite pokemon movie

Serah’s favourite Disney movie is “Frozen”. She likes the music, and loves to jokingly compare Light to Elsa, but in good fun. She can relate a lot to Anna, and always pokes fun at Light for the proposing thing, and sings along to all of the songs. Plus, the whole “true love” being between two sisters and family being important really touches her heart too. For non-Disney animated movies, she really likes Studio Ghibli in general, because they’re very creative. Her fave is “Howl’s Moving Castle”

Snow, along with Serah, also really likes “Frozen” as well. He also likes to poke fun at Light and compares her to Elsa, and he also thinks Olaf is the coolest (pun intended) thing. He also loves the goofy humour in the movie, and likens himself to Kristoff, albeit a more sociable version. He also likes the portrayal of how both familial and romantic love are used in the movie and tries to sing along with Serah. The hint is try. For non-Disney films, Snow would probably really like “Rise of the Guardians”, since he likes the idea of there being spirits protecting children, and is pretty engrossed with being a guardian himself too.

Hope really likes “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” because he’s also a scientist. The idea of him discovering a lost civilation and cool technology already assures that this is his fave Disney movie, although he is slightly miffed no one seems to know what it is. He also relates to Milo, because while both are heroic, they do it more with their brains, heart, and determination rather than straight up doing dashing heroics like everyone else. He’s not a big fan of music in movies so he appreciates Atlantis a bit more. For non-Disney films, you bet Hope is a huge fan of “How to Train Your Dragon”. Not only does he identify with Hiccup and his feelings, but the cool gizmos and inventions sealed it. And you know he cried during HTTYD2

Sazh is a huge fan of “Finding Nemo”. As a father who was also looking for his son, when things seemed hopeless and the only people he was around was a bunch of dysfunctional children and young adults, he feels Marlin. But like Light, he also finds himself happy to have found such a good friends, a family, during his journey. When “Finding Dory” first came out, he rushed and dragged everyone to the theaters, and loved it. For non-Disney films, he likes watching “The Land Before Time” mostly because Dajh makes him, but he has to admit it’s very cute and charming.

Vanille’s favourite is “Zootopia”. Not only does she think the baby animals are so cute she just wanna squeeze ‘em till they pop, but she loves the colourful world that is Zootopia. The message of anti-discrimination really hits hard to her, especially because of how she, as a Pulse l’Cie, came to Cocoon, but still made great friends with everyone and found a new family. Plus she thinks the humour is great and loves the off-beat jokes. For non-Disney films, she likes the “Home” movie, because, in the same vein, of how different worlds could come together and make great friends.

Fang is a fan of “Aladdin”. She can’t help but love the music and especially the genie, but she’s also just a really big fan of the setting, and says it reminds her of Gran Pulse. Plus, Aladdin is one of the few Disney princes that Fang can actually get on board with, and she likes him a lot. The colourful world, plus the desert settings is a huge bonus to her. For non-disney films, Fang unironically thinks “Shrek” is a masterpiece and freaking hilarious, and never stops laughing during the whole thing.

Noel’s favourite is “The Lion King” and he will fight anyone who says anything bad about the music and was hooked from the minute the sun started rising during Circle of Life. Being a hunter who lives the wild, he was definitely intrigued by the setting and the whole…well…circle of life philosophy. The connection with the spirts of the past and nature itself really gets him going. No surprise, he also really likes Lion King 2, and often hums the songs in both of the movies on a daily basis. For non-Disney animated movies, he also, along with Serah, enjoys a lot of Studio Ghibli movies. Again because he’s a hunter and likes nature, his favourite is Princess Mononoke.

Yeul’s favourite thing to watch is “Alice in Wonderland”. Yeul, along with Noel, is also a nature enthusiast, and enjoys seeing the environment that she would normally see in such a whimsical and different perspective. Plus, she likes that nothing really makes too much sense in Wonderland, and just really enjoys the silliness and fun that she missed out on so much as a kid, being the Seeress and all. Yeul, due to Noel’s influence, also has a soft spot for Studio Ghibli movies, and how beautiful the art and the world is. Her favourite is “My Neighbour Totoro”

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1. What’s the cutest or weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

When I was like 7 I had I dream I was driving with my little sisters and no adult and we died. In a snake pit behind our house.

Also one time I dreamed TWICE that White had a magic wand more powerful than any pokemon ever and it could grant wishes or some shit. (IDK I never really knew what was special about it but it looked like a plastic wand with a star at the end LOL) and it was in a fancy compartment in her fancy attic. The wand belonged to her dad and her mom was finally showing it to her now that she was 14. She had never been up to the attic since her dad left. And Team Plasma REALLY wanted that wand. Bianca and a fat black guy was there too. There was a bridge that we had to walk up for some reason with a buncha buses (did I mention we were in school uniforms?) Then White was in a castle and had an unrequited love with N! That sounds so insane. I started writing a fanfiction about this haha.

Also, a few days ago I had a dream where an alien girl fell from the sky and into another girl’s summer home. The girl with a summer home was named Kou and the alien was named Kyuu. She gave Kyuu clothes and fed her and her parents was like “wtf” and her big sister was like “yeah ok” They start to walk a lot about a guy Kou is into, her childhood friend, Gou. He is in despair for some reason and not like he used to, saying he’s accepted reality. Kyuu wants to set them up, but also messes around with Kou. Eventually they go back to school together. But I think somehow Kyuu got in the way, but now in anyway you’d ordinarily think. I think. I want to write a manga about them!

2. Favorite food?

Uh…  corn cereal and pizza? Pasta? Warm snickerdoodle cookies.

3. Where would you love to visit during the Spring season?

Japan. It’s so pretty there! (or a video game ahkgahjdghg)

4. What is(are) your fandom(s)?

Mainly Harvest Moon, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Homestuck, anime. Also Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, imagine Figure Skater/Ice Chapion/Ballet Star. Minorly Hunger Games and Final Fantasy and Ninjago and other things I didn’t mention because I don’t remember.

5. What’s your pet peeve?

Uh, not sure. Like, lots of things bother me and I don’t completely understand the concept of pet peeve. But I’d say people getting the wrong idea about things I like no matter how small bothers me the most. Also proper grammar and correct details. I’m a huge stickler for those.

6. Does your URL have a specific meaning behind it?

Not really. Otsukiakari meant moon light, but mari-drosselheimer… Mari is short for Malina. (or whatever. I just really like Mari) Drosselheimer refers to nutcrackers, or also the name of the person, both in the original Nutcracker and Princess Tutu!

7. Would you rather visit the future or past? Why?

Nah, time travel’s some tricky stuff. Am I supposed to? Well, probs to the past to fix mistakes like my mom catching me playing my ds late at night.

8. Fruits or Vegetables?

Fruits? Seedless, please!

9. What celebrity would you love to meet?

Any? lol Except one’s like Beiber. Probably Talor Swift or Demi Lovato. Yeah. Or that one voice acting lady (I’m sorry I don’t remember her name eeehahhaahaaan)

10. Stripes or Polka-Dots?


11. Who’s your favorite K-Pop group?

Oh bujeezus, I don’t know. I don’t know a lot of them, but I like BOA but she’s not a group.(?) The main one I know of is BIG BANG and I love them but also the one that did the block b song I reblogged a long time ago (not sure if that’s the same group but oh well).

But as for J-Pop, I like Last Note and DECO*27 most. And Supercell and maybe an idol group but I forgot their name.

My New Questions!

  1.  Song/artist you’ve always been obsessed with?  If not, your favorite song/artist?
  2.  How did you discover tumblr?
  3.  What do you have a muse for? (art, fanfiction, roleplaying, cosplay, etc… idk)
  4. WORST fanfiction you ever read? (For me it’s this one)
  5.  What part do you opt for in a play?
  6.  Ever pulled a well-planned sort of prank?
  7.  What do you study in high school/college/plan to study?
  8.  Have you ever been in anything like Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts?
  9.  What do you do when the power goes out?
  10.  The best thing to get on Halloween?
  11.  Recommend anything? (video game, anime, author…)

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