the seer of time

Out of Time (pt. 3)

Part 2

Mark storms into Ego Inc. where Oliver is cleaning up the lobby with his headphones on. “Ollie! Ollie!”

It takes Mark standing in front of him and shaking him for Ollie to look up from mopping. He smiles and pulls the headphones off. “Hi, Mark! What brings… you… here?” Oliver frowns a little. “What’s wrong?”

Mark grits his teeth and holds up Amy’s phone. “Amy’s missing, and I need to talk to the Host.”

They burst out of the elevator a few seconds later and into the Host’s library. Mark immediately starts shouting, “Host! Please, it’s about Amy!”

The blind man appears, both hands raised in front of him. “Stop yelling. I’m sure it’s fine.”

Mark grips his hands together in front of him. “You don’t understand! She’s disappeared! She was at her studio making pottery, I think, and Chica… Chica was there in a closet? I got done recording, and-and I had this missed call from her! So I called her back, but…”

Host puts his hands over his ears. “You’re still yelling.”

Oliver reaches up and puts a hand on Mark’s back to stop him. “Hey, it’s alright. I’ll tell him what you told me.” Oliver looks back to the Host. “Mark went to check on Amy at her studio, but she wasn’t there. He only found Chica and Amy’s cellphone. He thinks that maybe you can help him find her.”

The Host scratches at the bandages over his eyes and sighs. “You mentioned something about finding Chica in a closet?”

“Yes,” Mark says, loudly at first, but then he lowers his voice when the Host winces. “That’s where I found her phone, too.”

Host sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. “Alright, alright. Can you take me to this closet? Maybe we can figure something out from there.”

The Colonel leads Amy over to a cafe inside the hotel where a live jazz band is playing. He shows her to a little table near one of the glistening windows, and Amy takes a seat, staring up at him. “You’re alright? You’re here?”

Colonel takes a seat with a wide smile on his face. “Of course, my dear! I must’ve met you before the war, is that right?”

Amy shakes her head. “Afterwards, actually…”

Colonel wrinkles his brow but just shrugs it off. “Funny, I almost never forget a face, especially one as beautiful as yours.”

“Colonel, there you are!” A beautiful young woman with raven hair sweeps into the room in a red flapper dress, the only drop of color in the whole room. Amy’s jaw drops as the woman drops into the chair beside the Colonel and drapes her arm over his shoulders, planting a kiss to his cheek. “I thought I’d lost you!”

“Celine,” Colonel says tenderly. “I want you to meet a friend of mine.”

Celine’s eyes turn on Amy, summing her up in a single, wandering glance. A smile spreads across her lips. “Amy, how good to see you again.”



A Fun Classpect Idea™

Instead of “one class/aspect/title is inherently stronger than others”


“it’s easier to see the strength of one class/aspect/title than it is to see the strength of this other class/aspect/title”

Sure, Hope is a powerful aspect and, when used properly, can be used to turn the tide of battle through pure belief, but have you ever thought about the possible implications of a Blood player’s control and knowledge over connections and relationships?

Borrowing from a headcanon @johnstriderknightofspace mentioned, a Blood player could alter the relations and connections between items and people.

This means that a Blood player could alter the correlation between objects, causing one thing to cause something seemingly unrelated.

When used to its fullest potential, this could mean that stomping on the ground could knock the weapons out of enemy hands, doing mundane actions like waving your hand can make rocks fall from the sky, or whatever other absurd ideas a Blood player could produce.

They could also effectively produce voodoo dolls with one object being connected to a target, and whatever happens to one, happens to the other.

And sure, it’s easy to see how a Time player can just go back and prevent you from even existing, as time travel and seeing the future is a well-explored and easily comprehensibly powerful tool.

But Heart players, Heart players can be incredibly powerful if they know how to use their abilities. As much as humans value logic and reasoning over emotions, many even actively suppressing the expression of emotion, emotion is a massively powerful motivator and controller of our behavior.

So, knowing this, a Heart player can play directly to your drives and passions, knowing exactly what to say to give you a change of heart, making you empathize with them and join their side, driving you to the very top of your passion, causing you to act without thinking, or simply take away that passion and leave you without motivation, sitting and doing nothing, while they simply walk past you like you were just another conquered castle.

And Classes, Classes, while different in how they utilize their Aspects, can have markedly similar results when all is said and done.

Sure, a Witch or an Heir of Mind can just change what you choose to do, following the path that they believe works best in their interests. A Mage or a Seer, however, knows exactly how you think, they know exactly how to bring you to see their perspective on the subject. They can seem like the utmost authority on logic and sense, and they very well may just be. They’ll pull you to their side with words and reason, and bring you to the edge of a cliff and make you cast yourself off, or they can bring you to the peaks of victory, to revel with them in the glory that they guided you to.

So, in summary, there’s so much power and potential hidden behind both the neglected and praised aspects, if you’re just willing to dig a little deeper and think of some creative ways to apply the abilities of a Class, Aspect, or Title.

Some titles might be universally seen as powerful, but if you can see past the easy interpretations born from glancing at a title and waving it off, you can find some truly amazing interpretations with just a bit of unconventional thinking and a touch of creativity.

I was having a hard time choosing which of the Hollow Knight characters to draw next, and some kind folks gave me a few suggestions! 😊 

(minus the one in the top right corner, i just wanted to draw Ghost haha)

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Going Grimdark and Inversion

Let me be upfront when I say that, as far as I know, there has only ever been one example of a character going Grimdark in Homestuck: Rose Lalonde. Jade’s brief time spent as Grimbark!Jade is not the same since her shift was caused by Her Imperious Condescension’s mind-control, not the Horrorterrors. The Horrorterrors are the key to becoming Grimdark, and as Rose displayed, they don’t control you; they invert your aspect.

Aspect inversion is a tricky subject. How the aspects invert is fairly simple - each aspect has an opposite, after all:

Breath - Blood

Light - Void

Time - Space

Life - Doom

Heart - Mind

Hope - Rage

But class inversion is harder to pin down. There is the Passive-Active dichotomy that Calliope discussed with Dirk (Prince is active while Bard is passive), but this is not an inversion. Inverting someone’s class would require finding the class that acts as its direct opposite. As such, I will be using @classpect-shet​‘s Class Inversion Guide, which can be found here. The inversions of classes are as follows:

Heir - Mage

Seer - Witch

Knight - Rogue

Page - Thief 

Maid - Bard

Sylph - Prince

For example, if I were to go Grimdark, I would go from being a Knight of Rage to a Rogue of Hope: one who distributes inspiration and positive emotions through inspiration and positive emotions. A Mage of Space would become an Heir of Time. Et cetera. When Rose went Grimdark and succumbed to the Horrorterrors, she became a Witch of Void: one who manipulates nothingness and ignorance through nothingness and ignorance. The meaning of her words were concealed to the point where no one could understand what she was trying to say. In other words, manipulating her secrets to make others ignorant. She managed to obfuscate the troll’s viewport of her and those who she was near, creating a Blackout. Vriska said as much when she tried contacting John after their encounter with Jack on the Battlefield when she advised him to get away from Rose so she could see him.

Unlike Trickster Mode - which is incredibly unlikely to occur even with a Cherub influence in their session - going Grimdark is a very real possibility for a session so long as players (probably Derse-dreamer) have a connection to the Horrorterrors. How one would turn it off is a matter of debate. Rose only returned to being a Seer of Light when she died, so there’s no way of knowing if it can even be stopped aside from death.

So yeah! Grimdark! I’m not sure how to end this, so I’ll just add a badass picture of Grimdark!Rose