the seeds of doom

Random late-night thought brought to you between attempts at sleeping:

Life has a better chance to develop with a longer timeline and a stable environment. So the stars best suited to fostering civilizations are red dwarfs, once they’re past their tumultuous youth. Much more likely than yellow dwarfs like the Sun with its comparatively shitty life span.

So maybe we’re an outlier not only as a function of the mind-boggling distances in space, but also in time? What if we’re first, or at least part of a comparatively small early trend.

What if *we’re* the Ancient Precursor species, and later civilizations arise in our distant shadow (perhaps even from life brought over from Earth)?

We gotta get out into the universe and seed it with life. So that even if we’re doomed to die out without ever making contact with another sapience, at least our distant heirs can live in a kick-ass space opera galaxy that’s teeming with diverse yet weirdly compatible life.

I realized the quality of my gifs were worse than usual (and then discovered why), so I was going back over them this morning to fix them, when I realized something.

This gif can be reversed easily to make…


And then if you look closely, it looks like he’s actually saying

And basically I got completely distracted for like a half hour and had to share the fruits of my labor.

Once you research Eric and Dylan it’s so hard to just see them as killers. You hear people talk about how evil they were, how they were psychopaths, and then during all that you’re just thinking about Dylan giving cookies to girls in his class and Eric eating sunflower seeds while playing DOOM. I don’t know if I wish they could see them as people like I can or if I could go back to being closed minded so it would make life a hella lot easier.

Alright here comes a rant 

So this guy pointed that gun right at the Doctor’s head and the Doctor still didn’t tell him what he wanted to know, then he pointed it at someone else’s head and he still didn’t tell him what he wanted to know. 

As soon as he pointed it at Sarah Jane the Doctor just told him everything beCAUSE HE LOVES HER AND WHEN IT COMES TO HER NOTHING ELSE MATTERS I’M CRYING 

(It’s obviously too early in the morning for me to be having otp feels)