the seeds look like a heart

The PlantBoy put seeds on my heart and when he left me they bloomed making me remember of what is beautiful is also painful.

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You’re asking how he managed to control the city? You have it wrong just asking that question. In most cases, he never controlled the circumstances at all. He only planted seeds. And he was entertained regardless of whether those seeds sprouted or rotted away. No matter the situation, he acted like things were turning out his way and enjoyed it, so from an outsider’s perspective, it looked like everything was in the palm of his hand. But I don’t think that was all there was to it. Since because of his machinations… there are people whose lives have messed up… It’s true that in many cases, he was in complete control of the situation. Often of the hearts of the people involved, too. For that to happen, there was one criteria. It’s the number one reason he was so insane,and it’s not something you can imitate easily. It’s something people in their right minds would never do. Whenever he truly desired to be in control, he always put himself in the most dangerous position. The deepest darkest place in the eye of things. It was where he could lose his life at any time that he pulled off the most depraved of things. Meanwhile, when he remained in a risk-free position, he never succeeded much. Perhaps it was the difference in resolve. People often say the only people who can kill are those prepared to be killed themselves, but Izaya was the kind of man ready to be killed just to punch someone’s face.
—  Yagiri Namie to Kotonami Kuon about Orihara Izaya, Durarara!! SH Light Novel Volume 3

it was the year you forgot my birthday.  if anyone asks, that’s what i’ll tell them. the year the rain turned away from me. it seems so small now, but back then, the world was a war i was fighting. the trees all had shadows trying to ruin me. i tried to fix it. i even spoke to the birds, but they scattered like dandelion seeds. you wrote me a letter to tell me how lonely love was. i tried to retrace my steps to before it all happened, but our lives went on and our hearts never looked the same.  i had a phantom poem in my head that i promised to give you if you stayed. you didn’t. the poem did. after two more years of silence, i was still sorry. i pictured your ghosts, and they looked nothing like me. i imagined a world where i was big enough to at least haunt you. it was the same world you burned down in all your dreams. 

INFJ Confession #2709

Some days, it feels like I’m that comet that fell down and planted the seed that will cause someone or something to flourish. Other times, it feels as if my heart took in to much and collapsed in on its self from its own weight. Sure, I look bright from a distance, but in all actuality beyond that shining horizon, I’m just a black hole, that draws others emotions in and consumes everything about them.


My heart lives in a songbird, but if you follow my photo-feed on Instagram ( you already know that.
This is a male cardinal, one of my favourites. I call them all Romeo because they look like flaming-red movie stars. They seem to hold a special place in everyone’s heart.
I took this video in the middle of the super-nasty blizzard that flew into town yesterday. (Please excuse the in/out focus. I was using a very long lens through a snow-splattered window.)
Birds have been flying in from their migration for the past few weeks. Their happy songs and trills are a sure sign that spring is not far away. I filled the feeders the day before because I’d heard we were expecting bad weather. It totally broke my heart to see this poor guy, eyes crusted with snow, getting blasted by 100 km/hr winds as he tried to grab a quick bite.
Songbirds are a joy to anyone who hears them and I’m hoping we all care enough about them to do our part to keep them healthy and safe. Their numbers have steadily declined over the last few decades (check the numbers online.) They have to deal with habitat loss, pesticides, weather conditions, disease, foraging for food, collisions with cars, wires and windows and natural predators. So, what can we do to help them out? We can limit the pesticides we use in our gardens and keep our pet cats indoors. It drives me crazy to think that, for example, the male cardinal in this video, who’s managed to survive every obstacle thrown his way, including this surprise snow storm, could get killed this spring by someone’s bored, pampered, well-fed, loved and protected, pet cat.
Your cat faces none of the adversities affecting wild birds, so please show some compassion and love for our fragile, feathered friends. If your pet cat’s not eating the bird, it shouldn’t have the right to kill it and the best way to ensure this is to keep our cats indoors.



Basically I drew the Seed of Chucky Ray family in the style of the 90′s Beetlejuice cartoon…just to see what it would look like! LOL


only several days;
several days it took to make my straw poppet.
i blessed her with small, useless hands
with only three fingers for each.
God, forbid her to ever be able to count past six.
six strands of golden hair,
all trimmed to exactly the same length, yet
it just looks so stiff.
several days it took to make my straw poppet.
i used bird seed as her eyes,
because i couldn’t find pebbles worthy enough;
the magpies from my garden peck them out
until only strings of red thread remain,
hanging gawkily from each socket.
several days it took to make my straw poppet.
i stuffed her with daffodils and garden weeds
and wove her together softly,
hoping they’d make her heart light and full of life.
but they eventually shrivelled and dried
and wormed out from under her straw skin
like a suffocating alien virus.
several days it took to make my straw poppet.
i named her ‘it’ and placed her outside
where magpies ripped away at her golden skin.
i thought they might have enjoyed her,
more than she could have ever enjoyed herself.
only several days;
several days it took to make my straw poppet.

Sunbae (Jin Smut)

*Realized I hadn’t write any Jin smut, so enjoy :)*

You were a student at the same school as Jin from BTS. That meant anytime Jin was here, it was evident with the crowd of girls ranging from freshman to senior gathered outside his first class.

You were part of the lucky few girls that got close to him and it seeded hate into hearts of girls whenever you were seen.

It was when you were a freshman and he was a sophomore, you were wondering the hallways aimlessly like a ghost.

You bumped into him, unbeknownst of his status let alone his name.


“You should have more respect for your sunbae, joohae.” A girl said to you, she was snarky with you.

“She’s new, please be nice to her.”


“Are you lost?” He asked you kindly and you nodded. You looked at him properly and he was beautiful.

“Oh, you’re in the wrong building. Let me show you where your class is. I had this in my freshman year too.” He smiled kindly at you and reached for your hand.

You shyly took his hand and he rushed with you to your class. He came in with you, your professor was in mid sentence when you both entered.

“Miss Y/N, having trouble finding the building?”


“No, she was doing something for me and I forgot she had class at this time. Forgive me.” He bowed and you looked at him, shell shocked as did the class.

“You were always a good student, Jin. Miss Y/N, just take an empty seat please.”

You mouthed ‘thank you’ and he winked at you. You felt angry eyes on the rest of that day.

Now, you’re a junior just going to all your classes so your mom’s money doesn’t go to waste. You didn’t talk about the past much and you weren’t going to start now.

“Omg! There he is!”


“Marry me, Jin!”

You rolled your eyes at the girls, he wasn’t going to pay attention to them.

“Girls, thank you for coming here but it would be better if you all went to class.”

“Omg, Jin thanked us!”

“Please go to class.”


The girls were making more noise than before and you watched from afar.


The girls stopped to look in the direction he was looking at. Right at you. He moved through the crowd and went right up to you.

“I missed you.”


“She’s not even pretty!”

“She doesn’t even go here!”

“Jin, you could do much better! Like me.”

He grabbed your hand and turned around.

“I can’t do better than Y/N. She’s my world. Now, will you all please leave me alone?” The crowd dispersed into different directions and he sighed in relief.


“Oh, sorry Y/N. I just need something to get them away and you just happened to be right there-”

“Yeah, of course. I’m just that freshman that helped you out, sunbae.” You pulled your hand away and walked off in the opposite direction.

Your wrist was pulled and you found yourself in a room. You figured it was the storage room and you felt someone’s hand on your breast.

“G-Get off me!”

“S-Sorry, Y/N. I can’t really see in this room.”

“S-Sunbae?” You moved away from him, not wanting him to be close to you. He felt him move closer to you until your back hit the wall.

“Y/N, I didn’t mean for it to come out like that. I mean I really do like you..”

“You like me?” You said in disbelief, you figured having all those girls that throw themselves at him here and at his concerts that you didn’t stand a chance.

“I’ve liked you since the day I met you. I thought it was cute how lost you were and you were pretty cute.”


“Call me Jin, Y/N.”

“Kiss me, Jin.”

He kissed you, getting lost in the taste of his lips. You could taste chocolate and frosting from his tongue.

You pulled away, shy from kissing him. Yes, since that day you were one of his many admirers. You wouldn’t lie that seeing all those girls surrounding him bothered you.

“I’m here now, Y/N. In a sea of girls, I’ll only look at you. I’ll only look for you, Y/N.”


“I love you.” He kissed you again, his hands moving freely. He touched your breasts again, his blush barely visible.

“So beautiful.” He moved onto your neck, just planting kisses. He reached for your shirt, pulling it over your head. He let your bra drop to the floor after silently asking for approval, and immediately latched onto your breasts.

“O-oh, Jin” His tongue played with your nipple and his other hand played with your other breast. He switched, giving both breasts equal attention.

He kissed along your stomach, grabbing your hips and you felt vulnerable to his touch. He reaches for your panties, silently asking again before they were off you. He left your skirt, putting his head between your legs. His tongue plunged into you, and you let out a loud moan.

“Y/N, you’re soaking wet down here.”

He stroked your clit, talking about how pretty and pink it looked. Licking you to tell you how sweet you tasted.


He inserted two fingers into you, getting back to work. He was gentle with you, just pumped inside of you at a normal pace. You begged for more and he gave it to you.

“I can’t hold back anymore.”

He stood up in front of you, and took off his pants along with his boxers. His shirt joined the pile of clothes and he looked at you. He raised your right leg and slowly entered you, making you scream a bit.

“Are you alright, Y/N? Am I hurting you?”

“Move please, Jin.”

He moved a bit faster, your skin slapped against the wall and his skin. You kissed him, trying to moan quieter. He went faster, making it harder for you to keep quiet.

“It’s just you and me, Y/N.”

He went deeper, getting you to moan more and you held onto him. Your nails digging in his back and he kissed your ear.

“Oh my god.”


You came, his thrusts became sloppy and fast before he came on your stomach.

“I guess you’re mine now.”


Here’s something I can do, if anyone’s willing to wait.
I’ll email General Mills inquiring about what seeds there are in the mix, and I can make a comprehensive list of them and what they look like. I’ve done this before with other seed mixes, and if anyone wants this, please let me know.
(Also please don’t be mad at general mills, basically every plant is invasive somewhere – it’s a hard thing to control and their hearts are in the right place)


Mordremoth was still; The behemoth of a dragon now decayed in front of the destroyed army of the pact and what remained of Destiny’s Edge. Magic flowed out of the body like seeds riding the wind, settling to the ground and dusting the jungle in a blanket. 

Glint’s child, now newly hatched, looked curiously at the soft glowing lights, stumbling over its young limbs and attempting to grab them from the sky. Caithe, watching closely, couldn’t help but wonder if this babe of a dragon could ever really help them in the continued fight for survival. Regardless of that answer, Caithe knew the path to finding that out would be one filled with peril for the young-ling. And there was much to learn. 

Too much to learn. 

Glint’s child was a being truly no one understood. How could Caithe, much less anyone, teach this fumbling beast how to be like its mother? 

I didn’t want to leave. The sun buzzes like a rattlesnake and no matter where you go, you’re still in the same place. The cacti stand like naked bodies that were never told how to grow. They turn purple in the heat. They bloom the only thing that looks like life in this dust for one day and then go back to toes and arms and holed out hearts. I have never listened to silence this long. You wake up honeysuckle. You fall asleep owl feathers and coyote call. You find Jupiter for the first time and scatter bird seed to the moon; watch all the stars follow.
I have fallen too hard in love with the way eucalyptus smells on my skin; the way that life fights its way out of the ground and into the hot sand. I will find my way back.
—  Schuyler Peck, Arizona

more planties. Left to right, top to bottom:

Death lily. Don’t eat. Looks like wild onions. Always smell wild onions, they don’t smell like onions they are not onions!

Moonseeds. Looks like wild grapes. Tastes bad, moon shaped seed inside, will make you sick, possibly dead (if you, for some reason, kept eating this shitty tasting grape).

Silverleaf Nightshade. Poisonous much like other nightshades. Cute though. Hard to tell apart from wild tomatoes.

Hemlock. Very hard to tell apart from wild carrots and queen anne’s lace. One of the most poisonous plants.

White Bane Berry. Weird ass plant made of plastic googly eyes. Probably tastes bad anyway, but don’t eat, contains chemicals that can stop your heart.

Passionflower. Not poisonous. Bland fruit. Pretty flowers!


I will not die an unlived life. I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire. I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible; to loosen my heart until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise. I choose to risk my significance, to live so that which came to me as seed goes to the next as blossom, and that which came to me as blossom, goes on as fruit.

in this dream, i hold a telescope to the sky and look at it like old faded photographs. my heart is made of pomegranate seeds that have been stuck in your teeth since the day you said you wanted to kiss me. i’m sorry for my drenched hands that have dirtied your spine. i’m sorry for the discomfort i caused // the hunger i kissed // killed; i’m sorry for the graves i placed on your torso, and how there were too heavy to fill. i’m sorry for these words you couldn’t compete with. i’m sorry i asked you for them, and for the pain; we didn’t need it. i’m sorry for the stop signs, and car rides that wrecked me // i’m sorry for the neon sign above my head, that still says “take me”. i’m sorry you are still part of this dream. my flowers bloomed in concrete, and i cracked it open, like our bones when i said i needed more // when i burnt down our books, and our homes // when i couldn’t let you go- in this dream, i washed my hands in the sink, and the water was red, and we were bleeding; we will always be- but tell me, does it hurt you like it hurts me // tell me, where are the bows and arrows, and where do they hit me, and you // tell me, where do we fall // where is it clean // tell me, where is it that we are free; away from this dream.

‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day’

I read as I looked into your eyes
Shakespeare was right about you
The sun is brighter as the flower petals
Shine their colors and slowly
And intimately I start falling in love

It was like a planted seed watered by
The inches of your smile
Every single time I just melt
The heat your love radiates do not fail
And thus the seed grows

Arms wide open and my heart ever be
I can hear the song playing
A tune that only beauty can awaken
And it’s in front of me

Shakespeare was right about you
Your love can only render me in awe
I dare not cage your spirit’s nature
For you must run free with grace
True to what you were created for
And grow ever so strong

Untouched by calamity
Unharmed by vanity
Speak life by the way you are
Just as the summer sun displays
Beauty inside and out

—  Shakespeare was right about you // Pablo Verzosa