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A handy list of poisons for writing reference, provided to you by me, Bella

Poisoning is one of the oldest murder tactics in the books. It was the old equalizer, and while it’s often associated with women, historically men are no less likely to poison you. This is not a guide on how to poison people, you banana bunches, it’s a guide on writing about poisons in fiction so you don’t end up on a watch list while researching them. I’ve taken that hit for you. You’re welcome. These are just a few of the more classic ones.

  • Hemlock: Hemlock (conium maculatum) is one of the more famous ones, used in ancient times most notably in Socrates’ forced suicide execution. So it goes. The plant has bunches of small, white flowers, and can grow up to ten feet tall. It’s a rather panicky way to die, although it wouldn’t show: hemlock is a paralytic, so the cause of death is most often asphyxiation due to respiratory paralysis, although the mind remains unaffected and aware.
  • Belladonna: Atropa belladonna is also called deadly nightshade. It has pretty, trumpet-shaped purple flowers and dark, shiny berries that actually look really delicious which is ironic since it’s the most toxic part of the plant. The entire plant is poisonous, mind you, but the berries are the most. One of the most potent poisons in its hemisphere, it was used as a beauty treatment, so the story says, and rubbed into the eyes to make the eyes dilate and the cheeks flush. Hench the name beautiful lady. The death is more lethargic than hemlock, although its symptoms are worse: dilated pupils, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, tachycardia, loss of balance, staggering, headache, rash, flushing, severely dry mouth and throat, slurred speech, urinary retention, constipation, confusion, hallucinations, delirium, and convulsions. It’s toxic to animals, but cattle and rabbits can eat it just fine, for some reason. 
  • Arsenic: Arsenic comes from a metalloid and not a plant, unlike the others here, but it’s easily the most famous and is still used today. Instead of being distilled from a plant, chunks of arsenic are dug up or mined. It was once used as a treatment for STDs, and also for pest control and blacksmithing, which was how many poisoners got access to it. It was popular in the middle ages because it looked like a cholera death, due to acute symptoms including stomach cramps, diarrhea, confusion, convulsions, vomiting, and death. Slow poisoning looked more like a heart attack. The Italians famously claimed that a little arsenic improved the taste of wine.
  • Strychnine: Strychnine (strick-nine) is made from the seed of strychnos nux vomica and causes poisoning which results in muscular convulsions and eventually death through asphyxia. Convulsions appear after inhalation or injection—very quickly, within minutes—and take somewhat longer to manifest after ingestion, around approximately 15 minutes. With a very high dose, brain death can occur in 15 to 30 minutes. If a lower dose is ingested, other symptoms begin to develop, including seizures, cramping, stiffness, hypervigilance, and agitation. Seizures caused by strychnine poisoning can start as early as 15 minutes after exposure and last 12 – 24 hours. They are often triggered by sights, sounds, or touch and can cause other adverse symptoms, including overheating, kidney failure, metabolic and respiratory acidosis. During seizures, abnormal dilation, protrusion of the eyes, and involuntary eye movements may occur. It is also slightly hallucinogenic and is sometimes used to cut narcotics. It also notably has no antidote. In low doses, some use it as a performance enhancer.
  • Curare: Chondrodendron tomentosum is lesser known than its famous cousins, but kills in a very similar way to hemlock. It is slow and terrible, as the victim is aware and the heart may beat for many minutes after the rest of the body is paralyzed. If artificial respiration is given until the poison subsides, the victim will survive.
  • WolfsbaneAconitum has several names; Monkshood, aconite, Queen of Poisons, women’s bane, devil’s helmet) and is a pretty, purple plant with gourd-shaped flowers. The root is the most potent for distillation. Marked symptoms may appear almost immediately, usually not later than one hour, and with large doses death is near instantaneous. Death usually occurs within two to six hours in fatal poisoning. The initial signs are gastrointestinal including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. This is followed by a sensation of burning, tingling, and numbness in the mouth and face, and of burning in the abdomen. In severe poisonings pronounced motor weakness occurs and sensations of tingling and numbness spread to the limbs. The plant should be handled with gloves, as the poison can seep into the skin.
  • FoxgloveDigitalis is large with trumpet-shaped flowers that can be many colors, but usually a pinkish shade. It may have from the term foxes-glew, which translated to fairy music. Intoxication causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, as well as sometimes resulting in xanthopsia (jaundiced or yellow vision) and the appearance of blurred outlines (halos), drooling, abnormal heart rate, cardiac arrhythmias, weakness, collapse, dilated pupils, tremors, seizures, and even death. Slowed heartbeat also occurs. Because a frequent side effect of digitalis is reduction of appetite and the mortality rate is low, some individuals have used the drug as a weight-loss aid. It looks a bit like comfrey, which is an aid for inflammation. Make sure not to confuse the two.

Deconstructed sushi bowls for lunch today 😍  Short grain brown rice, a bed of mesclun salad, cucumber, crispy seaweed, lime, broccoli, crispy tofu marinated in tahini, soy sauce and lemon juice and sautéed mushrooms, garnished with pickled ginger, spring onion, baked sesame seeds and avocado swirls because is it even possible for me to serve a savoury dish without avocado?😂😂 ✨ The right avocado kind of looks like a heart hehe 💚  Really enjoying playing with my food on uni break, as much as I love the food they give me at my college let’s just say not the most aesthetically pleasing 😂 sending lots of love as always, always keen to answer any questions you have my inbox is pretty empty right now :) -Zoe xx

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Everything Has Changed (Part Four)

Summary: In which everything changes when you discover Bucky’s true feelings for you in a very unconventional manner.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,707

Part Three

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Deciding to join the Avengers was no easy task. Before informing Fury of your final choice, you had to carefully weigh the pros and cons. When you did, it was obvious that there were more bad outcomes than good if you chose to work alongside Earth’s mightiest heroes. There were missions whose varying lengths were as unpredictable as when you’d be told about their existence. There was the never-ending list of injuries that would leave lasting negative effects on your body. Then there was the fact that you’d become a public figure, which would give the media the incorrect assumption that they could magnify and dissect all of your actions.

It all seemed like too much, but it wasn’t enough to scare you away. You wanted the job. You wanted to be an Avenger.

At least that’s what you thought.

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BTS’s reaction to you dancing with another man:

A/N: Aw, anon, your English is perfect, don’t worry ^ - ^ Thanks for stopping by and leaving a request <3 I’m sorry that this is embarrassingly late, I hope you enjoy it anyway~

Jin: “Why do you have to dance with him?” Jin pouts, as you crouch to lace up your trainers for dance practice.

“It’s only for one stage,” you soothe, standing up and closing the short distance between you and your boyfriend. A chaste peck on his lips has the frown smoothing into a smile.

“I know,” he says, “I just wish it was you and me together.”

Your face falls at this, as your mind seeps with concern. Jin always puts on a brave face for you, but you know there are a lot of feelings he keeps quiet to save you the worry. You worry anyway, of course, because that’s just who you are.

He picks up on your change of mood, and gives your cheeks a poke, forcing the corners of your lips up into a grin. “Hey, none of that,” he says, “If I practice enough maybe it’ll be me dancing with you next time.” To prove it, he takes a step back, and breaks into his famed traffic dance. It never fails to have you spluttering with laughter, and soon you’re joining in, flailing your limbs about in time to your own rhythm.

You collapse against each other, shaking with fits of the giggles. “Oh, boy, I don’t think the world is ready for our traffic dance collab,” you sigh, resting your forehead against Jin’s.

“Maybe not,” he murmurs, “Some day though. Some day.”

You chuckle. “Some day.” One more kiss, then it’s time to leave for practice.

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Yoongi: From his spot by the bar, Yoongi keeps his gaze rooted to you.

When you asked to go clubbing with him, this isn’t exactly what he had expected. In his mind, you had your arms wrapped around each other, floating in your own calm world, amidst the chaos of thumping music and flashing lights.

Yet here he is, sitting alone while you shake your hips, surrounded by a swarm of slobbering guys. The only thing keeping Yoongi calm is the diss track he’s composing in his head for the crowd of fawning men. He should write some of this stuff down - it’s gold.

But then he sees one of the guys getting too close, placing his hand on your waist, then sliding it lower. Oh, there’s no way in f-ck he’s getting away with that!

Without a clear idea of what he’s doing, Yoongi pushes himself away from the bar, ploughing through the swarm of sweaty bodies, and thudding a heavy hand into the man’s chest. “Hey, keep your hands off what doesn’t belong to you,” he snarls.

The man stumbles back, gives Yoongi a once over, and decides it’s not worth it. The crowd oozes away from the area, till you and Yoongi are left, invisible in the corner of the club.

“Um… thanks,” you smile sheepishly, “I had it under control though.”

“I know,” Yoongi says, “I just… couldn’t help myself. Creeps like that make me furious.”

You bite your lip. “Wanna get out of here?”


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Hoseok: Hoseok doesn’t mind. He really doesn’t mind… Well, okay, maybe a little… But it’s hard to watch you (the love of his life) dancing (the second love of his life) with another man. It should be him leading you as you follow the complicated steps, that cute, concentrated look on your face, that he’d just love to kiss away. But instead, it’s Jimin by your side. And seeing his hands on your waist has something sprouting in Hoseok’s heart. A seed of… jealousy? It isn’t a feeling he’s used to – it’s odd and constricting, crushing him from the inside, and forcing the air out of his lungs in a long, loud sigh.

“Hey, honey, what’s wrong?” you sink down beside him on the dance studio floor, cheeks pink from practice.

“Nothing,” Hoseok forces a smile, which you see through with one blink and one shake of your head:

“Come on, you can tell me anything, Hoseok.”

“He’s jealous because you’re dancing with me.” Jimin sends a Cheshire cat grin your way.

Hoseok doesn’t respond, just picks at the laces of his shoes, and then mutters, “You guys should watch your footwork at the beginning of the second verse. It gets a little sloppy. Yours especially Jimin.”

Jimin laughs this off. “Oh, I was just about to pack up for the day… But if you think we need improvement, maybe we should practice for another couple of hours. What do you think, Y/N?”

Hoseok’s ears turn red at Jimin’s teasing. “No, on second thoughts, I think you’ve done enough for one night.” He slides his hand into yours. “Let’s get out of here, what do you say?” A nod from you, accompanied by a kiss on the nose is all he needs to perk up.

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Namjoon: Namjoon has decided to start going to the gym more often. This has nothing to do with the fact that you’re now getting dance lessons from Jimin. It’s just a weird coincidence that he wants to life more weights after hearing you wax lyrical about your dance partner’s body. (“And then Jimin taught me how to do lifts. He’s so strong. Have you seen his arms? Wow.”) It isn’t that Namjoon’s self-conscious, but the thought of you spewing praises over him like you do with Jimin is certainly a good motivation to exercise.

Finally, he’s in a position to say: “Hey babe, check this out,” and show off his arms, in close-fitting tank tops. This is a sure-fire way to keep your eyes trained on him, and no one else.

“Have you been working out?” you ask, eyeing him as he flexes.

“Yep,” he pops the ‘p’, looking pleased with himself.

The frown that clouds your features is not the response he was hoping for. “Is this because of me and Jimin?” you probe, lips thinning into a straight line.

Namjoon’s smile fades away. “Maybe.”

You shake your head sadly. “Baby, you know that no matter what I say about the other members, or any other man for that matter, you’re the only one I’ll want.”

Namjoon did know that. But it’s always nice to hear you say it.

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Jimin: Seeing you at dance practice with Jungkook had given Jimin an idea.

That’s why, when you come home from work that evening, you’re greeted by a trail of rose petals at the door. A smile curling your lips, you leave your bag in the hall, and follow the scatterings of pink and crimson to the living room where Jimin’s standing in a suit, a flower in one hand.

“What’s all this?” you ask, breath releasing in something between a gasp and a sigh.

“I’m teaching you how to ballroom dance,” he announces, eyes scrunching up as a smile stretches his lips. Crossing the room, he flicks on the stereo, and a few strains of stringed instruments start up. “Ever since I saw you dancing with Jungkook, I couldn’t stop feeling jealous, which is stupid… I know,” he goes on to explain, holding out his hands, which you grab onto, pulling him in until he’s no more than an inch from you, “I decided that teaching you some of the most romantic dances I know would cure me of the green-eyed monster.”

You duck your head, gently bumping your forehead against his chest. “You know you never have to worry about me spending time with other guys.”

“I know. But I worry anyway. Since you’re the most precious thing I have.” These are the last words he murmurs before the music drowns all else out, and you get carried away in a flurry of melodies and the golden sparks in your boyfriend’s eyes.

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Taehyung: Seeing you dance with another boy makes Taehyung feel… weird. In the scattered rainbow of disco ball lights he can see your smile growing wide while this guy – who is he, anyway? – spins you around. With those simple gestures, Taehyung’s heart twists and turns - a writhing dragon, growling to break free from his rib cage.

There’s only one thing to do.

He strides towards you, pushing through the crowd until he’s by your side, where he feels at home. Then he does the only thing he knows how to do. Making you smile: his specialty. As the music picks up, he moves along with it, limps flapping, head bobbing.

Catching his movements, you grin, and seeing that he’s made you happy, Taehyung keeps on going, exaggerating his movements, until you’re bent over with laughter, the other guy completely forgotten. Then you take Taehyung’s hand, and begin to sway with him, lighting up a fire inside him. This is how it should be. Only him. Only you. And no one in between.

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Jungkook: Smile. That’s all Jungkook has to do. Smile as he watches you practice with Hoseok for set rehearsal, allowing his heart be pricked like a pincushion, again and again. Smile as your eyes scrunch up, gracing your dance partner with their warmth. He knows it doesn’t mean anything, and that at the end of the day, when the sun sinks low in the sky, it’ll be you and him going home together, hands intertwined. But waiting for that moment is torturous. Just a few more hours, he reminds himself. Just a few more sets of sixty minutes. He’ll count every one.

You glance his way, as the managers call time-out. Slipping from the group, you run over to him, and satisfy his need with a tight bear hug.

“Hey,” you whisper.

He grins into your shoulder. “Hey.”

You break apart before too many curious eyes dart your way. It’s not a secret that you’re dating, but you’d rather not parade it around in front of everyone. There’ll be plenty of time for all the needed touching, kissing, loving when you’re alone. For now, you give Jungkook’s hand a squeeze that promises: “soon”. Then you’re heading back for another rehearsal.

It’s enough for Jungkook. He’ll keep on smiling till you’re back in his arms again.

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Horoscopes by Gil Hizon - Week of March 26 - April 1, 2017

Cease and desist, queen!

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Bitch, the time for mulling and pontificating is OVAH! This week, you must make the decision that will change your life 4EVAH! Usually, I’ll be the first to tell you to follow your heart but ERRBODY knows that in this economy, that shit is easier said than done. There are consequences to your actions, whether it’s well-intentioned or not. Be strategic about your next maneuvers. You still gotta look out for yo own ass and not end up selling your “wares” at the corner of Highland and Lexington at 4AM in the morning.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

The key to brainstorming a new project is having pure intentions. Think of it like seeds, gurl. The healthier they are at the onset, the better that tree will look like. Of course, I’m not a fucking gardener so what the fuck do I know? What I do know, is karma, bitch. And the rules of karma is as follows: you will always get what you put in, and you will always get it two-fold.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

Bitches should be angry at you for changing your mind too damn much. But I have to say, I have grown to respect your flair for flippy-flopping. It’s not that you’re scatterbrained, it’s just that you recognize that being passionate about a certain project requires your mind to be flexible and open to different ways of executing the damn thing. But gurl, not everyone is as accepting as me. You may have to explain your ways to other hos.

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

And just like that, it would seem that your vision in regards to making your dreams come true snaps into fucking focus. It’s like you’ve been seeing images with a different filter and this week, you’re finally trying out Valencia. But think of it another way: maybe the key into figuring out the path to success is not using any filters at all.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

You’ve been spending the past few weeks in brainstorm mode and that’s all been great. But there’s such a thing as too much pontificating. The more you dwell in “what ifs,” that more yo ass will get confused and the more you’ll aggravate your investors. Find a stopping point in this brain exercise you’ve been immersing yourself in before you drive yourself and ERRBODY else mad.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

You’re a wise ass person with a lot going on. Why are you immersing yourself in this high-school-themed quandary? That shit is all beneath you, gurl. Maybe you’re experiencing a moment of weakness about a current sitch and it’s making you nostalgic about easier, podunk challenges you’ve faced in the past, but lemme tell you, queen: playing with fire, no matter how small, can lead to a flaming shitshow. And nobody got time for that.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

If you’re trying to build your new legion of fans, then badmouthing your former boss might not be such a good idea. Whatever your experience with that nasty ho has been, you are to keep mum about the details. If you have to fucking lie, so be it. And here’s where it counts. You’ll be the one singing your ex-boss’s praises while she be the one talking shit about chu. Guess who’d be more palatable?

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

If there’s ever a question this week as to whether you have the bandwidth to put up with the shenanigans of your posse, the answer is a big fat fucking NO. I urge you to put your muthafucking foot down when your usually-fun-but-very-annoying-this-week bitches get out of line. You are not errbody’s mother and you are certainly not anyone’s doormat!

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

You would rather retreat in the shadows this week, and if it was any other time, it may be cute. But circumstances are such that there just ain’t enough manpower to get a project through the finish line. Look, queen, it’s okay to utilize the bare minimum of your part in the process rather than standing some bitches up. Like I always say, if you’re gonna shit on someone’s process, you bettah have wipes.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

This so-called “well-rounded” diet of yours may be making yo ass… well-rounded. Look, queen, it’s so easy to get tantalized by fads in the nutrition world, but in the end, there is no such thing as a quick fix. With any dietary journey, it’s best to stick to the basics. Simply put, the more you put bad shit in your body, the more your body will go to shit.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Look bitch. I know that you’ve been managing your well-being your entire life. I am proud of what you have accomplished by yourself without any help from other queens. But this mode of doing things on your own cannot sustain itself. I’m not saying, play the fucking damsel in distress. I’m just saying, try your best to allow others to make your life better. Trust me: you’d be doing them a favor and it’ll make you feel all good inside that heart of yours (if any).

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

Where your social media friends are concerned, those bitches bettah run for cover. You are in the mood to fucking unleash this week, and there ain’t no stopping that mouth and those type-thirsty fingers of yours. Hey, we all have our ways of dealing with certain shits the world likes to throw in our faces. It’s all good. All I’m saying is that, some of your constituents may need a warning or three.

(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shitshow!)

For more Horoscopes By Gil Hizon, click here, gurl!

Bowers Gang on Halloween
  • Belch drives around to visit every Halloween store he can find
  • They all go over to Belch’s house to decorate the downstairs and make cookies with his mom (she has cookie cutters for every holiday)
  • They all take turns picking a different scary movie to watch each night of October
  • Belch’s mom makes Halloween themed snacks for them, like ghost lollipops, caramel apples, pumpkin spice cupcakes, hard candies in the shape of skeletons, and mini pizzas decorated to look like jack-o-lanterns
  • They pull all-nighters playing Friday the 13th on the NES
  • Victor fell asleep first one night, so Patrick spray painted his hair green, purple, and orange
  • Patrick pulls a different Halloween themed prank on them every day
  • He nearly gave Victor a heart attack by tapping on his window in the middle of the night wearing a monster mask
  • He tried the same prank on Henry, but Henry ran outside and nearly knocked him out with a baseball bat
  • Henry and Patrick carve the pumpkins while Belch and Victor bake the pumpkin seeds
  • Henry and Patrick always try to start a ‘food fight’ with the pumpkin guts
  • Belch and Victor lock them in the backyard when that happens
  • Belch plays Monster Mash in the car on loop the day of Halloween
  • Belch sings along every single time
  • The rest of them are annoyed at first, but eventually start singing obnoxiously
  • They go to every haunted house and corn maze they stumble upon
  • They got banned from one of the haunted houses because Henry got so spooked he nearly stabbed someone
  • And Victor hates going to the corn mazes because Patrick always hides in the corn and jumps out at him
  • Victor likes doing special effects makeup and gives them all nasty looking scars and gashes
  • Belch takes them on roadtrips to visit all the haunted places in Maine
  • They have bonfires at Henry’s house where they roast marshmallows and eat candy
  • Henry likes telling scary stories at midnight with a flashlight
  • He always tries to jumpscare them, but Patrick always laughs at the scary parts (what a freak)
  • They spread rumors about the school being haunted to freak out all the middle schoolers
  • Belch’s mom likes giving out candy to the little neighborhood kids
  • But if the Losers Club ring the doorbell, the gang storms out the door and chases them around the block in movie murderer masks
  • They buy out the discounted candy section at the grocery store the day after Halloween

Group: BTS


1k celebration: “Are you sure that’s the decision you want to make?” // “Stay awake.”


Genre: angst with a happy ending, fluff, hanahaki au

Length: 2.3k

A/N: tell me what you think and don’t mind me i’m just trying to make a comeback but who knows~

and yes i’m still going through those 1k celebrations 

(( Hanahaki disease - an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.))

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Taehyung knew it had gone on for too long, it was almost the six-month anniversary since the seed of love had first been planted in his heart, and with every day he tried to distract himself from the problem at hand; he was in love with you and you still treated him as if he were your little brother.

Taehyung had quickly found he was good with distractions, buying a huge flower encyclopedia and identifying the various petals that fluttered from his mouth. He hadn’t been surprised when the first petal fell from his mouth instead of thinking about the implications he busied himself with identifying the petal, a curious white thing that looked like cherry blossom.

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it was the year you forgot my birthday.  if anyone asks, that’s what i’ll tell them. the year the rain turned away from me. it seems so small now, but back then, the world was a war i was fighting. the trees all had shadows trying to ruin me. i tried to fix it. i even spoke to the birds, but they scattered like dandelion seeds. you wrote me a letter to tell me how lonely love was. i tried to retrace my steps to before it all happened, but our lives went on and our hearts never looked the same.  i had a phantom poem in my head that i promised to give you if you stayed. you didn’t. the poem did. after two more years of silence, i was still sorry. i pictured your ghosts, and they looked nothing like me. i imagined a world where i was big enough to at least haunt you. it was the same world you burned down in all your dreams. 

I’ve spent my whole life looking for a place that really felt like home. Then I realized my home was not a place, but a person. Home was a place my heart planted its seeds in hopes to see so many beautiful things blossom. It’s where I came to rest my body after a long day when I felt like I couldn’t take much more. It’s two hands that goosebumps always greeted, two eyes that said more than words sometimes could. I found my home right in you.
—  I’ll unpack my bags wherever you are
I am sorry for all the love you lost giving away, all the love that was never returned, and how it left you empty and undeserving; but love isn’t a flower and it does not need a seed, love is from the heart, and it blooms as easily as you allow it to. So don’t believe you have none more left to give, nor that none will ever come your way, throw love like confetti in the air and watch as it covers you whole; and on days when love feels washed up and lost, look underneath your bed and the couches and the tables, love will remain in the corners of your home like the confetti you left behind.
—  Eliot Knight

anonymous asked:

Headcanons of S + M boys for what they're like as husbands?

Had a lot of fun writing this! Hope you like it!



  • When he takes you shopping he likes to pick out outfits for you. The colors don’t go well together, but he thinks it looks cute regardless. Ayato seems so pleased whenever you wear what he picked for you that you can’t bring yourself to complain.
  • You sometimes hear him singing praises about himself in the shower. It’s cute, but his voice is completely off key and you just don’t have the heart to tell him.
  • At one point he wanted to start calling you by a more affectionate nickname, rather than ‘Chichinashi’ all the time. However, every other nickname felt and sounded awkward so he just stuck with it.


  • When you are in a sour mood, he likes to play some of your favorite pieces on the piano to help cheer you up. If he’s not playing the piano, he’s cuddling with you whilst pressing kisses to your face.
  • When the two of you are having more intimate moments on the bed, he has a tendency to tightly clasp his hands against yours. It helps him feel closer to you, and reassures him that you are his.
  • Laito enjoys eating your cooking and often pesters you to make him macaroons. Recently, he has even begun to help you around the kitchen. You were shocked to find out that he was actually quite skilled, and very efficient in the kitchen.


  • Kanato finds joy in singing you lullabies before you go to bed. Your attention is only on him, and that’s the best thing you can give to him.
  • When the both of you are cuddling he finds it pleasurable if you envelop him in your arms. A content smile can be seen on his face as he leans into your body. Your scent also helps to calm him down.
  • Kanato is actually a very skilled tailor. Since marriage, he has made multitudes of pretty, and charming dresses for you to wear. When he sees that you actually appreciate and are fond of his work, he brims with pride. He becomes overwhelmingly happy and showers you with kisses.


  • When he’s feeling particularly worn out, he will often cling onto you and use you as his pillow. If you’re not there to act as his pillow, he will stagger around the house looking for you. He sleeps better if your presence is nearby. His favorite spot is your lap, and the warmth you give off calms him immensely.
  • Shu enjoys stargazing with you whilst nestled against your lap. If he’s not stargazing though, he’s sleeping. It’s pleasant alongside you, and the peace and quiet makes it all the more soothing.
  • It has become sort of a nighttime ritual, but Shu loves to place long, lazy kisses all over your face before the both of you go to bed.


  • In his spare time, Reiji enjoys creating all sorts of teas for you to try. He’s very good at hiding it, but he gets pretty depressed if you’re not fond of the taste.
  • Knowing that you’ll leave the world before him, Reiji cherishes his time with you. Despite his stuffy exterior, you know he’s doing his best to support you and give you a good life.
  • Reiji enjoys when you sit on his lap. He will wrap his arms your waist protectively, and rest his head on your shoulder. Even though the position is awkward, he also finds it pleasant to nap like this.


  • Sometimes on a full moon, Subaru likes to take you with him to fly above the city. While you always find it a bit frightening, the view never fails to leave you in awe. Seeing the happy expression on your face gives Subaru warm, and satisfied feelings.
  • Subaru often wakes up earlier than you. If he’s feeling generous he tries to make you breakfast. Unfortunately, he always seems to burn the food. He gets embarrassed, and very disappointed when you end up having to make breakfast instead. It’s cute on how hard he tries, and you appreciate the effort he puts in regardless.
  • When you’re in a bad mood, he finds it awkward, and difficult to cheer you up. His attempts at cheering you up come off as aggressive, and rude. When he sees that his words just worsen your mood, he will end up just silently clinging to your side. Occasionally pressing light kisses to your cheek and mumbling words of apology.



  • In his free time, Ruki enjoys teaching you how to play chess. In the beginning he’s surprisingly patient with you and offers you words of encouragement. However, when you start to get the hang of things, he stops going easy on you and becomes much more competitive. It’s a bit discouraging when you lose, but it’s nice to see Ruki so immersed in the game.
  • Ruki has developed a habit of cupping his hand around your cheek at random moments. He caresses your cheek gently whilst gazing lovingly at your face. A satisfied grin makes its way onto his lips as he leans forward to press a kiss against your forehead.
  • To unwind, he likes to read books while you’re snuggled against him. If he’s not too absorbed in the book he will sometimes rest his head on your shoulder.


  • Kou likes to pamper you with your favorite things. He can literally spend hundreds of dollars on you in one go. It’s excessive and you often tell him to stop, but he just won’t listen.
  • Kou is a literal cuddlebug and will find ways to cuddle with you even at the most inconvenient times. He likes to bury himself in your hair, nuzzling against it. It both surprises and pleases him at how similar your scent is to his.
  • Kou loves to pepper your face with kisses. He adores how flustered you become, and it just urges him to embarrass you with his kisses even more.


  • He has a spot in his garden dedicated to your favorite flowers and plants. It just warms your heart when you see him planting more seeds in that area. Feelings of gratitude and happiness surge through your body whenever you look at his display of hard work, and affection.
  • Yuma enjoys enveloping you in his arms. He holds you like that for a few moments before bending down to kiss the top of your head. He uses a little too much force while doing so, but he also enjoys ruffling your hair affectionately.
  • When the two of you are out on a walk he likes to give you piggybacks if you get tired. You tell him that there’s no need to, but he forces you onto his back anyways.


  • Azusa likes making you little trinkets and accessories in his spare time. He takes pleasure in seeing your face light up in gratitude. You appreciate the time and effort he puts into making these, and deeply treasure whatever he gives you.
  • When you’re looking down, Azusa tends to whisper words of encouragement and love into your ear. He can’t help but smile when he sees the corners of your lips perk up, and your face going red from the embarrassment.
  • He wanted to start calling you by more endearing nicknames, but he just couldn’t find one that rolled off his tongue well. He gets a bit jealous (and a little left out) when his brothers call you by their nicknames.
Operation Soulmate | Seven

Pairings: Steve x Reader || Bucky x Reader || Steve x Bucky || Bucky x Nat

Summary: Announcements are made, confrontations take place and you’re in a lot of pain.

Warnings: Language. Descriptions of emotional turmoil, self-neglect and physical pain.

Notes:  For @marvelous-fvcks‘ writing challenge, with the prompt: Heart.

I apologise in advance — your hearts will be wrecked after this one. To clarify: this chapter consists of a series of ‘moments’ over the space of a month. I didn’t know how else to write these events. I think this is the most angsty chapter of them all.

Operation Soulmate Masterlist

Steve has mostly given up on his efforts to woo Bucky.

“I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, Y/N,” Steve groaned, as he lay on your bedroom floor with his head pillowed in your lap. “I mean—obviously I still want to hang out with him, it’s just…he keeps making up all these excuses,”.

“Like what?” you murmured, gently raking your fingers through his hair.

Steve huffed frustratedly. “Like—normally he just says he wants to be alone, or he’s tired, or…I don’t know, really. It’s like he’s avoiding me, or something,”.

You’d had to bite the inside of your cheek to prevent yourself from blurting out the truth. “I’m sure he’s not avoiding you, Stevie,” you said gently, “Maybe…he’s just having a bad spell, y’know?”

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How Infatuation Feels.

I am an expert at breaking my own heart.
My fingers are permanently plastered
in prit stick glue.
I spend my nights gluing the pieces back together.
My weakness is not kryptonite,
or a spider bite.
My weakness is
And this is what it feels like:

Like childhood legends were true.
You spiked my drink with apple seeds
and apple trees grew
in my stomach.
You planted the tree,
now when you look at me,
each apple falls
like ping pong balls
and my stomach swish swashes like the sea.

Like if our fingertips touched;
the world would implode.
Like the world would crack, whisk, cook
and make pancakes for two.
They would ooze with syrup
as sweet as your spit.

Like dog-earing your body
as if it’s my favourite page in my favourite book.
Like your voice is a melody
and your melody is easier to digest than medicine.
Like every love poem I’ve ever written
is actually a person
and that person is you.
Like infatuation is love
but a love untrue.

feels like possession
and makes God consider sin.
If love is worse than this,
hand me my glue
hand me my heart
and let the gluing begin.

You’re asking how he managed to control the city? You have it wrong just asking that question. In most cases, he never controlled the circumstances at all. He only planted seeds. And he was entertained regardless of whether those seeds sprouted or rotted away. No matter the situation, he acted like things were turning out his way and enjoyed it, so from an outsider’s perspective, it looked like everything was in the palm of his hand. But I don’t think that was all there was to it. Since because of his machinations… there are people whose lives have messed up… It’s true that in many cases, he was in complete control of the situation. Often of the hearts of the people involved, too. For that to happen, there was one criteria. It’s the number one reason he was so insane,and it’s not something you can imitate easily. It’s something people in their right minds would never do. Whenever he truly desired to be in control, he always put himself in the most dangerous position. The deepest darkest place in the eye of things. It was where he could lose his life at any time that he pulled off the most depraved of things. Meanwhile, when he remained in a risk-free position, he never succeeded much. Perhaps it was the difference in resolve. People often say the only people who can kill are those prepared to be killed themselves, but Izaya was the kind of man ready to be killed just to punch someone’s face.
—  Yagiri Namie to Kotonami Kuon about Orihara Izaya, Durarara!! SH Light Novel Volume 3
Strike A Deal | Part 13

Pairing: VIXX Ravi x Reader

Genre: Fantasy/Mythology/Hades! AU

Summary:  When he catches you in his trap, what else can you do but make a deal with the King of the Underworld?

Author’s Note: New part, sorry it took so long. Anyway, enjoy~

Read more: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 (Last) 


His eyes fluttered open for the first time in a long while. He had not woken since she had left him.

 His life for the past few weeks had been haze filled dreams in his constant state of unconsciousness. He relived the moments he had spent with her, it was the only thing keeping him from giving into the doom-filled depths of a god’s afterlife without her. He often dreamed of their future together, some dreams ending with little heirs running around his Kingdom, his beloved by his side. 

On days where his injuries took more of a toll on his system, he dreamed of his life without her. Eros visited him in these dreams, with wise warnings of love and how his beloved would never return to his side unless he changed his possessive and unfair ways. He hated these days the most. He wanted to destroy Eros for ever saying such things. 

It was then that he’d see how you looked at him, with eyes so saddened his heart felt like it was shattering. He couldn’t bare it. Then you’d leave him, following behind the God of love and into the arms of another. You were happy and free. Eros may have been a fool in most situations, but in love maybe he could be truly wise. Perhaps, he was right. The more he saw you vanish, the more he believed it. Nothing had truly worked on you so far. He’d do anything to be with you. He longed for you even if it was just a version of you he could only see in his mind. He hated when you went away, he needed to be with you again. 

His mind often echoed whispers into his dreamlike state. He could recognise them easier this time, more clearly than usual. His last dream had sent waves throughout his body, awakening the weakened god slowly from his slumber. He had lost you again, but this was the very last time. He would not be without you unless you truly wished it this time. 

His mind was dizzy and his senses weren’t fully in tact but his brothers next words rang crystal clear. 

“Brother, I know you’re healing right now but I find talking to you helps for both my sanity and for your recovery.” Hakyeon sighed. “I’ve been watching your mortal, it seems her beauty has attracted another. She is to be married, brother. The time is coming you’ll be able to walk freely in the human world. But, she’ll be married if you don’t-” 

“W-Where is she?” 

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anonymous asked:

could you do nagito, gundam, shuichi and ouma with the short s/o headcanons please? ~

I sure can :D I love all of them <3

Request: Nagito, Gundham, Shuuichi and Ouma with a short S/O

Nagito Komaeda:

- He loves to pat and kiss the top of your head

- And he also finds it extremely cute that you have to stand on your tip toes to kiss him

- He loves to give you hugs from behind and rest his head on top of yours

- Plus seeing as he’s taller he gets the privilege of giving you piggy back rides!

- He’s not really one for teasing but due to his luck, he happens to place the things you need on the top shelf

- “You’re doing this on purpose!”

- “Haha, I swear I am not!”

- You’d place your hands on your hips and puff your cheeks at him which would cause him to explode into a fit of laughter

- “Ah… You’re adorable”

Gundham Tanaka:

- Your height never really bothered him to begin with

- All he cared about is the fact that he now has a partner…


- *Queue cool pose*

- His Four Dark Devas also seem to be fond of you so he lets you feed them some sunflower seeds

- He’s a bit too shy so you’re usually the one that would subtly take his hand or say things like “I love you”

- You also have to tug at his scarf if you want to give him a kiss

- This would of course cause him to blush majorly

Shuuichi Saihara:

- Again, he’s not too bothered about height

- You loved hugging him, you were the perfect height to listen to his heart

- “Hehe, Saihara - kun, your heart is beating really fast! Are you embarrassed?”

- You looked up with a smile only to find him quickly looking away

- His hat cast a shadow on his face but you could still clearly see that there was a blush present there

- “N-No”

- You’d just giggle and stand on your tip toes to kiss his cheek

- … And then sneakily steal his hat

- “Eh?! S/O - san/kun!”

- “Catch me if you can Mr. Detective!~”

Kokichi Ouma:

- You know he’d mock you

- I mean he doesn’t get to do it often after all

- “Nishishi S/O - chan are you even tall enough to ride rollercoasters?”

- You’d just roll your eyes and turn to walk away

- You wouldn’t get far though, soon enough arms wrap around you from behind you and lift you off the ground

- “Waaah”

- “I was just kidding! Forgive meeeeee”

- He’d just spin with you until he’s dizzy enough to fall over

- “Ouma - kun, you’re such a pain at times you know that?”

- “Awh come on, that’s why you love me!” He’d do his elbow up pose with a grin on his face

- Yeah, you really do

Writing with Emotion

Every avid reader knows that the key to a reader’s heart is to write with emotion. It just seems like a story is worth so much more and there is more at stake when it looks like the writer poured their heart and soul into their work. Even if you don’t think it’s noticeable, even if it’s just the little details that show the emotion, your readers will share the passion if it’s there. Here are some ways to make sure you hit this nail on the head.

Consider how much experience you have with the situation. When we write, we find ourselves invested in the story because we’ve experienced pieces of it ourselves. Even if it’s not written out in black and white, we write what we know; find this seed and work from there.

Don’t be afraid to write your own emotions. You know the feelings are real when they’re feelings you experience while writing it. Let everyone reading know how you feel; put that pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and write everything you feel in this moment.

Consider your character’s emotions. What are they feeling in this moment? Whether or not they’ve experienced this before will give you some hints at their reactions. The possibilities are literally endless here, when the characters and their emotions are of your own creation. You decide how they react - because one way or another, they’re going to react. It could be by crying, screaming, talking, or bottling it all up. Nobody can decide this but you.

Let some of your emotions slip into the narration. After all, we as writers often relate most easily with our main characters. If they are feeling the same thing as us, let us know.

Use more than just dialogue. I promise, unless there are special circumstances, you’re character won’t be passionately talking about something and drop back to an emotionless stump the second they talk. Often they’ll have their thoughts on it - it could be an all-consuming mania if the topic matters enough to them.

That’s all I’ve got for you today, see you next time with another writing post! Until then, much love <3333

Sweater Weather: Fever Dreams

The newest one is out!

Shouto wakes feeling like he’s been hit by a bus. The heat on his skin is unfamiliar in the way that it burns him rather than burning atop him, and is contrasted dramatically by the freezing cold ache deep in his bones. Every muscle aches when he tries to sit up, so he lays pathetically still and tries to breathe through the feeling that there’s something sitting on his chest. His eyelids scratch against his eyes when he drags them open, and the light in his room blinds him temporarily.

His room is fuzzy around the edges, and the distorted image makes his head pound. He thinks there was something happening before he fell asleep, a person in his room maybe, or something he had to do, but it’s foggy and fleeting and small weighed against the heaviness in his body. He can’t remember what day of the week it is, and spends a moment considering the consequences of just going back to sleep and screw any responsibilities left outstanding.

He swallows past the pins and needles in his throat and tries not to cough. This will pass, he thinks groggily. As long as father isn’t home, Shouto can afford to sleep for a while longer. He’ll wake up and take whatever punishment waiting for him, he just needs a little while longer to gather himself. Just a little longer.

Somewhere through the fever haze of his thoughts, Shouto hears footsteps approaching his room, and he thinks for a moment that he can feel the floor thud with each heavy thump as it comes closer, his heart rate racketing up with each step. He gasps a ragged breath and sits up as fast as he can, too fast, his head is spinning but he has to get up, he has to be on his feet when-

His door opens just as he pushes himself up, but his legs buckle beneath him and his knees crash painfully into the floor.

“Shouto!” He can’t place the voice right away, not when it feels like his ears are under water, but something in his chest loosens and lets him sit on the floor instead of scrambling to his feet again.

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prompt: ssmonth day 23, it was always you.

summary: innumerable heart of the wind / fluttering over our silence of love.   -pablo neruda

note: i missed writing for you all. ssmonth is like christmas. ❀

she’s different now, and he can’t help noticing. were he less prudent, he might have asked the dobe just what it was that made her scurry off to work each time he came around, or why it was she could look him in his stupid face but never at sasuke. he wonders if he wears it on his face each time, the seed of disappointment that digs deeper and deeper into his gut. “she needs time,” kakashi spoke to him one day, his nose deep in the pages of his orange paperback, “give her that, she’ll come around.” this was a level of transparency sasuke would never get used to.

he isn’t certain just when he started keeping mental tabs of her weekly schedule, only that he made it a point to be at hokage tower in the early evenings on tuesdays and on thursday mornings, or near the hospital just about every other day. false coincidence was the name of the game. their encounters were as brief as a short walk down the street, or up the stairs; the leisure of conversation would occasionally bring a soft smile to her face. but something always turned sour, something silent and nagging within her eyes. gaze averted, she would excuse herself to her tasks. peace times were packed with daily tedious work; sasuke never could have imagined hating the sight of her walking away as much as he did now. he definitely never imagined going as far as asking naruto.

“does she hate me,” he spoke one day, a tone low enough that it hardly escaped the low hum of life on the street outside of ichiraku.

naruto set his bowl down mid-sip, and sasuke felt his gut seize up. it couldn’t be a great sign when the human ramen vacuum stopped eating.

the blonde scratched his head, pensively, “it’s definitely not that…” blue eyes grew more reluctant, his foot tapped nervously, “she says she’s just…not sure.”

not sure? sasuke wanted to say, about what? about me? about my character? about loving someone who has quite literally just hurt her over and over and-? sasuke composed himself, “she said that?”

naruto nodded, “i guess she just,” he shrugged, “doesn’t know what you want.” he was silent at this, feeling the tension collect in his shoulders, along with the ever-increasing sinking feeling he experienced when he tried to begin to fathom what he might say to her. 

“hn,” he finally responded, pushing his empty teacup away.

blue eyes turned to meet the side of sasuke’s impenetrable expression. “what exactly do you want, sasuke?”

sasuke put his half of the tab down and exited the stand.

it’s friday, roughly half an hour after her shift at the hospital has ended. he figures just a half hour off work, she’d be taking her time, ambling her way home at a calm pace. it was a nice night. there were three discernible routes from the hospital to her house. the road most traveled crossed through the akimichi bridge. she loves that stupid bridge, he notes, crossing through the various channels of the village, wondering all the while if he has his timing right. the red of the bridge comes into view as he crosses a corner, eyes searching wildly for any trace of pink in the falling night. there, he catches sight of her at just the other end of the bridge, crossing leg after leg down the lane, face upturned to the stars. he wants to stay there, in the shadows, witnessing the small joy of her walking home on a clear spring evening.

just her, and a stupid bridge, and the stars.

he can’t help himself as his feet start carrying him across the bridge, or his voice as it rises up to meet her, “sakura.”

and he can’t help the way his mouth goes dry and every salient thought shoots directly out of his mind as she looks at him with those damned eyes. he wants to tell her just how suffocating it is when she looks at him like that. 

she doesn’t open her mouth to speak, but she looks at him, and for a moment, he wonders just how much she knows.

“i don’t know why it is things aren’t normal for us,” his voice is even, if only a little too low, “and i don’t know why it seems like neither of us can say something-” he stops. her eyes are steady on his own, he finally notices, unblinking, sincere. suffocating.

“you’re looking at me,” he says.

“you’re looking at me,” she somewhat shrugs, her voice low.

“you never look at me.” anymore. he doesn’t mean to be confrontational, but his eyes do not waver. 

green eyes grow deeper in their dolefulness, “i don’t always know that i can.”

this, he tries to breathe, i didn’t account for this. suddenly, every memory comes rushing into him, a life of regrets he can’t swallow and words, actions, he can’t right. pink hair flying into the open air, lost; emerald eyes searching for goodness where it does not live. please, sasuke-kun. he feels for a moment he might just blow away, ashes into the wind, just scattered. her eyes are so clear even in the dark; he knows he’s been here before. all those years ago, looking at her just as he is now—it’s been so long, and she’s finally here.

“sakura,” he speaks her name, hoping she can feel for a moment just how good it is to say it. she looks like she’s preparing, her eyes are dry, bracing for the force.

“i’m going to kiss you,” he says, taking steps toward her, “if you don’t want that, that’s okay. but i’m going to, if you let me.”

her face is composed and beautiful in the moonlight, a graceful yet indiscernible pain growing in her expression as he draws closer. prudently, he reaches his hand up to move the hair from her face. his breath hitches in his throat as she closes her eyes, allowing him to sweep his thumb down the length of her jaw. something stirs in her expression, softening slowly.

he places a kiss on her lips, soft and grateful.

holding her face in his hand as he pulls back, he speaks, “i can’t stay here.”

she opens her eyes at his words, the pain in her face deepens in the slightest, but she does not look away.

“but please let me know i can keep coming back.” to you.

thought consumes her expression as she looks at him now, as she reaches up to touch him. he relaxes beneath the graze of her lithe fingers on his face, wondering absently if he would ever wish to feel this again should she reject him. nothing feels like this, he knows. no one is like her.

“as long as you keep coming back,” she speaks in a voice even and assuring, hands clearing the hair from his eye-line. her gaze is strong, holding his own, keeping him on the ground.

sasuke wishes to stay here forever, breathing her in, frozen in this night.