the seductive side of evil

The Last Star

Kylo Ren x Reader

“Kylo Ren killed Ben Solo.”

Those had been the first words Leia had dared to utter when you returned bloodied and beaten, her eyes full of pity. Your best friend, the man you loved, had been killed and you’d been gone while it happened. You couldn’t understand it and you weren’t sure if you even wanted to. You’d just wanted to scream, to cry, to fight it, to run away, but instead you’d nodded and carried on. Instead you’d continued fighting for the Resistance. Instead you’d gotten captured by the very man that had killed Ben.

And as you stood, both arms secured tightly behind your back and the cool metal of a Storm Trooper’s blaster against your temple, you could finally understand why Leia had wanted to fight so badly. Seeing your dirtied reflection off the shiny black parts of Kylo Ren’s mask had ignited a fire deep within you. After Ben’s death, you felt empty, lost, but not Leia. She’d been filled with some urge to fight back, to somehow make up for what had happened to Ben, even if it wouldn’t bring him back. But it made sense now.

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