the security guy is so done with her


linstead appreciation week day two: favorite partner moment
erin letting jay know she’s got his back after he shoots a suspect (2x01)

Any one else find Lea’s tweet about Darren slightly condescending?

Darren’s done so much with his career since Glee, and it’s like she forgot about his mere existence until he popped up on one of the two TV shows she doesn’t find a threat to her ego to tweet about. 

And she’s proud of him? For securing a one-episode minor role a slightly above average TV show written by the Glee guy? She didn’t tweet him once when he was headlining a massive Broadway show or putting together a charity music festival.


By the time Miguel started frying up pancakes, Clare was up and she started talking his ear off like it was a natural thing for her to be here. Maybe it was now. She was a cute girl and Miguel could see why Skylar liked her so much. She still had a country twang to her voice and he could guess she was raised up to be the little Southern Belle that she was. He chuckled when he heard Wyatt chime in. “Yeah, girl,” he replied to Clare, “this guy would have loved to compete himself. He already got his talent ready. He’s done his tap routine for you right?” Miguel said brightly then winked at Wyatt. He was sure Wyatt had showed her, but he knew Wyatt loved every opportunity to perform. Miguel hoped someday that the would be secure enough that Wyatt could start a theatre and really do what he loved.  Miguel hummed when Wyatt kissed the back of his neck and leaned into it. “Hey. Sleep well corazon?” He flipped a few more pancakes onto a plate and brought them to the table. Mama had made some makeshift butter off a goat Miguel thought, but mama was really secretive about it. He set that out too. “I don’t need help. Eat and enjoy,” Miguel murmured and kissed Wyatt’s cheek. “Mama even gave me a few strips of venison to fry up.” It was probably the sound of frying meat that finally got the kid up, because Miguel heard him banging around in the bedroom a few minutes later. “Hey kid, get down here, eat some breakfast,” he called up the stairs.

Wyatt had never considered they could have breakfast in their own kitchen. They usually ate with everyone else. He smiled at his husband. Skylar grabbed his plate and clares and they went to eat on the front porch. “She’s cute, huh? she usually stays with us when you are gone. “ He said softly. Hinting a little at wanting to know when he HAD to go out again. “Speaking of..” Wyatt whispered. “Are you.. staying longer now? Or do you have to go out again soon?” Wyatt asked casually. He wanted to get fresh blood ready, but not until he knew it was the right time.

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Why is Olivia Pope, held to different standards than other TV characters? Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife is married and she sleeps with other men but no one calls her a slut or whore. Carrie on Homeland sleeps around a lot but no name calling is done. Actually, Annalise Keating on HTGAWM also cheated on her husband and she is not called names. Then we have Cookie sleeping with her ex-husband who is engaged and some random security guy but she is not called a slut or whore. So why Olivia?

But then again, I’m not in those other fandoms, so I’m sure some folks have a problem with the behavior of those women. But Liv really does bring out people’s…passion, shall we say.