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Could you maybe do a drabble where Roy & Kori show up and give Artemis & Bizarro a 'How to Care For Your Red Hood' list of instructions? I'm pretty sure rule #1 on the list is 'When in doubt, call Alfred at ###-###-####.'. I can just see Kori, completely seriously, telling Arty Jay prefers stuffed bunnies to teddy bears for sleeping, or something equally embarrassing, lol!

Do I even remember how to drabble? Let’s see. 


Jason took one look at his couch and shook his head. “No.”

Artemis and Kory looked up from the list Kory held in her hands. Artemis smirked at him.

Kory smiled. “Jason, it’s good to see you. I was just taking Artemis through the list.”

“I hate the list,” Jason replied wearily. “You know I hate the list.”

“It’s necessary.” Kory cleared her throat and pointed to the next item. “Eight hours of sleep a night is ideal. Too little and he becomes injury-prone. Too much makes him cranky.”

“Kory, please.”

Her smile widened. “Hush, Jason.”

The front door slammed and Roy and Bizarro came into the living room.

“Jaybird!” Roy flung an arm over his shoulders, exchanging grins with Bizarro. “This guy is so handy! We just upgraded your security system.”

Jason opened his mouth, but was distracted by Kory pulling a teddy bear out from behind her with a flourish.

“And this is Teddy.” She held it out to Artemis. “He is Jason’s most prized possession. He won’t blow up a safe house if Teddy is present.”

“I’ve never seen that thing before in my life.” Jason scowled. “You’re lying.”

“It’s a cute bear,” Artemis told him, lips twitching.

Jason took a deep breath.

“Can share shelf with Pup Pup,” Bizarro added.

“Nope.” Jason shook his head and turned to leave. “I’m done with all of you.”

Play For Her

Part Three of Pick Her Up

Presley series.

“Daddy?” Presley asked as she bounced from couch to couch in his dressing room.

“Yes sweetheart?” Shawn said walking out of his closet area, buttoning the last few buttons on his shirt.

“Who am I going to be with when you are on stage?” She asked stopping her motions.

“Uncle Geoff, is that okay?”

“Yeah that’s great! He always lets me play with his walkie talkie!” She says smiling wide. She goes back from jumping from couch to couch. 

Shawn has a few hours before his show starts, he just wanted me to be ready for his meet and greet. 

“Yeah he does doesn’t he.” Shawn says smiling at her. 

He watches as she jumps up and bounces from the loveseat to the ottoman and misses it. She falls to the ground, rolling when she makes contact. 

“Presley!!” He jumps into action. He stays calm, she’s not crying and he doesn’t need to freak her out. 

“Daddy!” She says as see starts crying. 

He rushes to her side and sits next to her, pulling her into his lap. 

“What hurts baby?” He asks. He starts examining her body, checking for broken bones.

“My knee.” She says tears welling in her eyes.

“Let me see.” 

She holds up her knee and he can see the red starting to stain her white tights. 

“Oh honey.” He sighs. “We need to take your tights off, I need to call Uncle Geoff to get us a band aide.” Shawn says slipping off her shoes.

“Okay.” She sniffles.

“Take your tights off and I’ll get Uncle Geoff.” Shawn says getting up and grabbing his phone. 

“Daddy my tights are ruined.”

“We’ll get new ones today, I promise.” Shawn says dialing Geoffs number. “Hey, I need a band aide. She fell, she’s okay, she’s fine. She cut her knee, ruined, Geoff just bring me a freaking band aide.” 

“Is he coming?”

“He’s on his way.” Shawn nodded. 

With in seconds Geoff was bursting in the door.

“Presley? What happened? Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, I was jumping around and fell, I just cut up my knee.” She says sighing. “I ruined my tights.” She says pointing at them laying on the floor.

“We’re gonna get new ones.” Shawn nods.

“Does she have any for tonight?”

“No! These were the only ones I packed.” She says becoming fussy.

“We’ll get new ones.” Shawn says putting the band aide on her knee. He then kisses her knee and she gets up and hugs him. 

She stays pressed up against his chest as he moves back to the couch. He starts rubbing her back and he can feel her relax, breathing becoming even.

“Geoff,” Shawn says before he leave the room. “Get her new tights ASAP.” 

“I’m already getting a car set up.” He says before walking out. 


“Pres.” Shawn says whispering into her ear.

“What Daddy?” 

“I have to go to Meet and Greet, I need you to sit with Uncle Matt.” 

“Where’s Uncle Geoff.”

“He’s busy right now, but Uncle Matt said he’d hold you.”

“Okay.” She yawns against his chest. 

“I love you.” Shawn whispers into her hair before kissing her head. 

“I love you to Daddy.” She hugs him before being transferred to Matt’s arms.

Shawn goes up to his Meet and Greet, doing Q and A right after. Matt stood near by, holding Presley the whole time. She sighed and clutched his shirt resting her head on his shoulder. 

“Uncle Matt?” She asks looking at him.

“Yeah Pres?” He asks.

“Can I have some chocolate milk?” She asks pouting a bit. 

“Um,” He looks over at Shawn who is in the middle of Q and A. “Hold on.” He says looking around back stage. “Andrew!” He hisses. 

“What? I’m a little busy.”

“Sorry, can you text Shawn and see if it’s okay if I take Presley to get chocolate milk?” 

“Yeah of course. How the knee?” He asks looking at Presley.

“Better.” She nods. 

Andrew starts typing and then Shawn is checking his phone quickly. He looks up and over at Matt and nods at him. 

“Be careful.” He mouths to him, more of a warning. Matt nods and heads off to the vendors.


“Where are they? Andrew we need to find them.” Shawn says panicking, he’s pacing around the room and running his fingers through his hair. 

“Daddy! Guess what?” Presley comes running into his dressing room. 

“Presley, thank god, where were you?” Shawn says picking her up.

“I was with Uncle Matt.” She says looking at Matt.

“You said we could go get chocolate milk.” He shrugs.

“I didn’t think it’d take you an hour and a half.” Shawn says snapping at Matt.

“Sorry, she told me about her tight issue, and then how she wanted to wear a shirt like one of ours. So we stopped at on the of merch tables and got her new shirt. And we got a bracelet too.” Matt says pointing at her shirt. Shawn looks down and smiles.

“Look! Andrew!” Presley shouts as Andrew comes in the room again.

“My Daddy is on my shirt.” She says pointing to her Illuminate World Tour shirt. 

“I know.” He smiles. “Guess what.” He says looking at the door. “Uncle Geoff is back.”

Geoff walks through with a target bag.

“I got new tights.” He smiles. 

“YAY!” Presley shouts practically jumping out of Shawn’s arms. He sets her down and she runs to Geoff.

“I got five pairs. Black, White, Blue, Pink, and Purple. Two of each pair.” He says looking up at Shawn.

“So you got ten pairs?”

“Yeah, to be on the safe side.” Geoff shrugs.

“Look!! Daddy I could wear the blue ones and they’d match the blue on my shirt.” She says holding up the pair of blue ones.

“Yeah, and your black skirt would be a perfect match.” He says walking over to her bag, where her black tool skirt is. “Wanna go get changed?” He asked handing her the skirt.

“Yes.” She says running to the bathroom. She closes the door and starts changing.

“Thanks for getting them man.” Shawn says to Geoff. “And thanks for getting her that shirt.” He says looking at Matt.

“Our pleasure.” They say looking at each other. “Never thought I would see you be a dad, thought for sure you would never be mature enough for that. But you are the best dad I have ever seen.”

“Look Daddy! Does it match?” She asks walking out.

“It looks amazing baby.” Shawn says looking at her. She’s so cute in her get up.

“Shawn, it’s go time.” A security guard says popping in the room.

“Ready?” Shawn says holding his hand out for his little girl.

“So excited.” She says taking his hand and walking with him to stage. 

They walk together, skipping a little, and she gives him a hug and a kiss before he steps on stage. 

“Look! Geoff that’s my Daddy out there.” She points, staring at Shawn amazed. 

She couldn’t take her eyes off him, amazed that her Dad was the guy out on stage. Singing to a crowd that big. 

“Hey how are we doing out there?” Shawn asks, almost done with the show. “Good?” He smiles at the crowd. “We have a few songs left but I just wanted to say this one thing.” The crowd goes quiet. “I have a special someone here, watching from the wings right now.” He looks over at Presley. “I just wanted to dedicate this song to her, it’s her favorite.” He says back out to the crowd. 

The crowd cheers and awe’s as a picture of Shawn and Presley flashes on the screen behind him. 

“This is Never Be Alone, this is for you Pres.” He says looking at her. He starts to strum and then sing with the crowd.

“Whoa, ohhh, ohhh, whoa, ohh.” Presley sings along softly. “I promise that one day I’ll be around.” She sings as Geoff sits her on his shoulders so she can see Shawn better.


“Daddy that was awesome!” Presley cheers as Shawn comes running back stage.

“Yeah, did you like your song?”

“Loved it.” 

“She sang along the whole time.” Geoff says looking over at Shawn.


“Word for word.” Andrew says chiming in.

“It’s my favorite.” She shrugs, smiling at her Dad.

No Man’s Toy

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a while but ive kinda been busy. I do hope to get all the requests done by this weekend but that may not happen. I really have been trying to improve my writing, too. I wrote an imagine the other day so I could get it done but it came out crappy cause I was doing it fast just to get it done and it didn’t turn out well so it will be redone. I hope you guys like this one because I would have to say its my favorite.

Khal Drogo x reader

requested by anonymous

25. “I’d kill a thousand men before I let one make me his slave.”


warning: Cussing, mention of rape, mention of sex

It was a calm, cool day. Not a cloud in the sky, all was peaceful. Well, it should have been. Being the time that it was, families always married their children off to ensure security and freedom. As was the case with Y/n’s family. Her family left Westeros when she was just a little girl at the mere age of four, she could hardly remember what it was like. Now she was 18 and could only remember the place she now called home. She was a fully developed woman and in her mother’s eyes, fit to be married. Her mother always said, “ You know when a woman needs a man when her breasts need a hand to hold them up and fingers to keep her core calm.”

Due to her stubbornness and quiet voice, very few were willing to marry and if so, didn’t afford what the family was looking for. It made things rather tough for Y/n. She wouldn’t get to marry for love but rather wealth in anyway her family saw it. They had just ran out of luck, much to the girl’s delight, when news came the the Dothraki warlord, Khal Drogo, was looking for a wife. This brought much excitement to the family, but very little to the soon to be wife.

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Episode 15...

Okay… I don’t have a lot of time to write this so if I’ve missed anything, if there are any huge grammatical errors, if I’ve COMPLETELY missed the point then I’m very, very sorry!  (I may write more later as I have a lot of thoughts)

Here’s the deal.

This episode was basically the writers way of telling us Oliver and Susan aren’t going to make it. Which is why I’m so okay with it. Did chunks of it feel off? Yes. Did Oliver come across as kind of spineless? Yes. Did Shady Snoozan come across as even more of a selfish cow than we thought she was? Absolutely. Did we feel for Felicity? Damn straight. Did we see everything we HATE seeing from Arrow ON Arrow? Yup…

Do you think the writers, directors and producers don’t (etc) know we hate it?

Of course they flipping do.

Is episode 15 normally the episode where we what we really don’t want to fucking see?

Again, YES.

Would it have been better to just be rid of SW? Oh hell yes- I’LL FREAKING DO IT!

But then, how will Prometheus succeed in turning someone Oliver cares about against him?

Starting, I’d like to say something about Oliver.

He’ll always do dumb shit: I expect it now. I’d love to be rid of it. But I expect it.

In episode 15, a lot of the time I was basically wondering when he became so needy. And by needy I don’t mean ‘he lives and breathes SW’. I mean, he desperately wanted her to see him as the good guy. The hero. Someone who has succeeded in securing the affections of a woman determined to see him as a thug.

Notice how Felicity tells him he’s a hero in this episode without prompt? Don’t you think that was a deliberate script device?

It’s been done before; right when he needs to hear it, there she is. Telling him. Again. SW didn’t say it; she did.

The wonderful @almondblossomme hit the nail on the head: episode 15 was a compare and contrast of how Felicity and Susan differ.

Just one example: SW cared more about her job than anything else. The moment she got it back she was all over him. Hate the bitch. Whereas Felicity has, time and time again, given up professional standing for Oliver. I’m just going to leave that there because I don’t need to hammer in just how much better Felicity is.

What I do want to say – to emphasise – is how alone Felicity was.

Now I’d like to stop you before you all go off on the rampage because, as much as I understand why, this was also deliberate. This episode was the point where Felicity didn’t just feel alone, she was alone. They deliberately had everyone miss this about her: Dig who knew her better than most and Oliver who knows her best of all… even Thea.

No one saw it.

They even had Oliver come to ask for her help with Susan.

In her head, she has nothing.

So she turns to Helix.

Now I’m thrilled with this because Olicity’s ADULT CONVERSATION is going to happen whilst SW is kidnapped: no shady lady to interrupt. But I’m also guessing that Felicity once again uses her skills and connections to help Oliver in HIS life. To help him be happy or at least that is what she’ll believe she’s doing.

He might see this; her wanting him to be happy and he’ll wonder why SHE ISN’T. He’ll ask questions. He’ll ask why are you doing this for me? And she’ll say some variation of: “I just want you to be happy.”


They really are reversing it this year between them aren’t they?

Now we’ve been informed that SW will be held by Chase for more than 1 episode. This is to drum up the panic of it all – though they know we couldn’t care less – but it also gives Prometheus enough time to infect SW.

To pervert her easily changeable perception of Oliver. There’s more than a good chance she’ll come out of it either openly hostile towards him or wanting nothing to do with him out of fear.

(Now, it’s almost possible that she could be working in collaboration with Prometheus but either way they’re making her a victim.)

They’re also making her a loose end and a nuisance. A weak point. Unnecessary. A target, Like Billy. On purpose.

Look Green Arrow: look how easily you loose the people who care about you?

(like she does, ahem)

Oliver was trying so hard to move on and his first true attempt has fallen flat on its ass, he knows it has. But he’s fighting. He’s fighting because taught him to, he’s fighting because she said NO. She didn’t want him to fight and it’s so much easier beating your head against play-do than it is against steel.


The questionable circumstances of HOW would have come to him later; but all he wanted right then was to succeed.

This is all about Olicity: if he can make it work here, maybe he can make it work there.

Prometheus deliberately targeted Billy. He did this in the hopes of screwing Oliver’s life up some. But, though this created a vacuum of guilt in Oliver, it did not turn Felicity against him.

Now, he’s taken SW, when CONVENIENTLY the only way to help find her rests with HELIX. With Felicity. Role reversal.

Either the writers are being very obvious or very sneaky.

Remember Ray? Remember how Felicity was all over keeping him safe and with her in episodes 17 and 19? She even did PDA IN FRONT OF OLIVER.

Episode 15 of season 5 is roughly our 17 equivalent.

Either – like Billy – SW is going to bite it, or it’ll be the consequences of what happen to her that cause a ripple effect afterwards on Olicity.

It caused a ripple after Billy’s death too: Oliver and Felicity had a very real, very honest conversation/argument.

THIS will force another one: possibly more than one (dear God PLEASE).

I always thought that two or three very brutal, very open talks between them would shift EVERYTHING. It just so happens the writers had to space it out for an entire season.

This season has been one full of ‘how to not do relationships with Oliver’. It focuses on 3 women: Laurel (his past) Susan (his present) and Felicity (his future and always).  Learn from the past and present to make way for the future.

I still believe this; we have been told in one way or another (by the cast, the directors, the narrative etc) that Olicity will rise again and that their time is coming. Soon.

BE angry at this episode! Go for it. They want you to be livid so that they can surprise, shock and awe us all later like in season 3!

But don’t judge any later progression or any episode following this on number 15. In fact, leave episode 15 behind at the door. It isn’t needed anymore. It’s in the past.

In season 3, after episode 15 aired, the fandom threw an absolute shit fit.

Looking back at it, it was hilarious; we had nothing to worry about.

But at the time, it was awful. No one wanted to see Felicity with Ray whilst Oliver lay on a dungeon floor, while Oliver pinned. And we had to wait TWO WEEKS before episode 16 aired.

Remember episode 16? Like the sun shining again we received these little spots of hope. She’d slept with a man who ISN’T Oliver and yet, none of their chemistry was diminished. In fact; it just showed us that even sex can’t get in their way.

In that relationship Felicity and Ray fell out with each other because of the truth or lack of it. They got back together shortly afterwards.

Felicity and Billy did the same: I think they actually did it twice.

Now, so have Oliver and Susan.

Another deliberate tool.

Regardless of what happens, Felicity’s lack of blame on Oliver will reflect brightly on the very real blame SW will throw at him. The actor playing Chase has confirmed that an odd relationship will build between him and Susan and that she may feel betrayed by Oliver.

She may come to hate that she developed feelings for him, but be unable to act on it BECAUSE of her feelings for him.

Felicity couldn’t be played with – couldn’t be marred - but Susan can. Because she’s weak. Because she isn’t fit to be Oliver’s love interest. Because, like with Billy, she’s a tool.

We don’t care about Susan but we DO care about Olicity and this should generate a reaction from them both.

Now, I didn’t see Oliver as crapping all over his alter ego by labelling the Green Arrow a criminal. I think it could have been done far better but I also saw it as two things: first, he was taking on the sins and pains of others (like they do with some comic superheroes; they make them into Jesus figures) and second, because Prometheus wanted him to do it.

And Prometheus has been very adept so far at making Oliver go down the route he wishes him to.

The big reveal for Prometheus was lame (maybe it’s MEANT to be) but you can’t deny the man is a criminal mastermind. In a way, he’s more capable than any other bad guy has been at hurting Oliver. And Oliver has no idea how close he is to loosing EVERYTHING.

We already know that Thea and Felicity are his big ‘no-no’s’. Criminals do not touch them and live to tell the tale.

Yet he as lost them both: he just lost Thea (she’ll return a little later on) and Felicity – though he doesn’t know it – is already gone.

Worse, she went away and no one noticed.

Bear in mind that we’ve been told by Marc G, that Oliver will end the season balanced as a hero: he’ll be both Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow. So obviously this ‘let’s vilify my alter ego to by us time’ moment of glory was just that: a moment. An episode to show that Oliver Queen has evolved just as much as his alias.

Remember Talia who gave him the outfit to wear so that he could ‘vent’ for lack of a better word, his demons? So he could express his violence so that he could wear the mask of Oliver Queen?

Well, he doesn’t NEED it anymore.

But soon he’ll CHOOSE it. And he’ll do it in front of an audience Star City.

And a big part of how he’ll do that will be Felicity. There’s no way he can become this balance human without knowing she’s right there with him, balanced too. Either he’ll step up to guide her or her actions will push him in her direction but it will include her.

What I’m trying to say, is that – in terms of Oliver and Felicity, this is the low point. I’m concentrating upwards.

Admittedly I’m hastened on this by Stephen who answered some ‘damage control’ questions earlier. One of the things he stated was that a lot of Oliver’s choices that people are hating on so much are a sign that Prometheus’s plan is working. Oliver isn’t out of the woods yet: this is a decline. The next 3 episodes will decide the fate of SW and Oliver and either someone will die OR something very bad will happen to someone.

Even with this crap, I can still see a love scene guys. Pacing has always been an issue: don’t think they won’t do it. And we know (like with 3x20) how much can change in 1 episode. But love scene or no, I’m watching till the end and believe that we’ll see what we need to.

A reunion.

The narrative STILL leads there. If it changes then I’ll change my opinion.

(I d have a lot of OTHER thoughts about Oliver in this episode though… Jesus)

tagging these lovely ladies (and anyone who wants to join in) to tell me if I hit a truth crumb or if I’m an idiot:

@louiseblue1 @jbuffyangel @dust2dust34 @oliverdant @n4r4nch4 @scu11y22

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Helloo can I get a peter parker x reader where he saves her from the elevator in Washington? Thank u

Originally posted by theevilded

Title: Regret Nothing

Word Count: 1,549

Warnings: light cussing, only once

In celebration of your victory at the National Decathlon competition, you and your team visited the Washington Monument. It was such a sight–you’d never seen it in person before–and you were excited to see a piece of history.

“I’m so proud of you guys!” Your team captain, Liz, gave you all a huge hug and you couldn’t stop smiling.

“See? We didn’t need Parker.” Flash landed a rough pat on your back.

“Peter’s still a part of this team, Flash.” You rolled your eyes, and noticed Michelle was missing. You looked up and she was talking with your teacher. “Michelle, you coming?”

“I was just telling our beloved teacher that I’d rather not celebrate a monument that was built by slaves.” Her nose was stuck in her book again.

You’d gotten used to remarks like this at this point in your guys’ unconventional friendship, so you shrugged. “Okay, see you when we’re done!” You turned and ran ahead to catch up with the rest of your team.

At security you stuffed your Decathlon blazer in your backpack and then rolled it through the x-ray. You joined the rest of your classmates in an elevator, and was anxious to see DC from above. “Have you ever been here?” You asked Liz, and she nodded.

“My mom and dad took me here a couple years ago, but we didn’t get to go up like this!” She shared your excitement and you couldn’t help but smile too. Being a senior, Liz was someone you really looked up to; she was blessed to be smart and gorgeous.

As the elevator ascended, the tour guide started to talk about how tall the monument was and different historical facts. Any other day you’d be totally interested, but her monotonous voice was lulling you into boredom. You pulled out your phone, opened Snapchat, and posed for a selfie. “Guys!” You whispered and everyone tried to fit into the picture. Flash popped up in front of you, almost covering your face, but you managed to get everyone in the picture more or less.

Before you could post it, a loud boom shook the elevator to a stop and you could hear crumbling of rock above you. “What the hell?” You nearly dropped your phone in shock and felt your heart racing.

“Don’t worry, we have safety systems in place. We are perfectly safe in here.” The tour guide didn’t seem the least worried, in contrast to you and your classmates. You all were freaking out and you sat yourself down in a corner with your head between your knees. Flash was freaking out and wouldn’t stop moving around the elevator.

“Flash, sit still! Any extra movement will cause–” Liz was cut off by the elevator car falling. Everyone started screaming and you tried to hold yourself against the wall. You fell for a couple seconds, which seemed like forever, and the car was still again. You opened your eyes and looked up to see that the emergency door above was opened.

“One at a time! Let’s go people!” Flash hurried underneath the escape door and was impatiently waiting for assistance up and out.

“Dude, leave the trophy.” Flash had the trophy clutched in his arms as he was being lifted out of the emergency hatch. Your teacher and the tour guide both started hoisting people out slowly as to not disturb the stress in the elevator any more than you should.

Soon it was you, Ned, Liz, and the adults. Your teacher helped the tour guide up, and then Liz turned to you. “Y/N, you go next.”

“No, Liz, I can wait. I’m a little smaller, it’s better if you and Ned go first.” You insisted, and she gazed at you for a second longer in fright. She nodded and was lifted out of the elevator to the safety of the doors that were pried open above you.

As soon as she had gotten off, the elevator jerked again and you were left in a free fall. “No!” Liz cried and the car started falling once again. You started to cry, thinking about what your parents would do if they were given the news that you’d died on a school trip right after your team had won Nationals. They’d be devastated. What about Peter? Your mind raced and you remembered that Peter would never know that you liked him. It was probably better that way…

Your thoughts were interrupted by the cart stopping once again, and you opened your eyes to a new sight. Spider-Man was in front of you, holding up the whole cart with a web and his feet. “Yes! Yes!” Ned starting waving his arms around.

“Hey, big guy, stop moving, will ya?” He grunted through gritted teeth as he held the cart up.

Ned stopped and apologized. It took a minute or two for your help to arrive since you’d fallen another couple floors. The doors were pried open and you had to climb out of the elevator again to safety. First Ned went, then your teacher, and then you were last. Right as you were moving towards the hatch, you felt the floor beneath you fall, and you jumped up in hopes of reaching Spider-Man’s outstretched hand. You were about a foot short and you closed your eyes and screamed.

When you didn’t feel the rush of falling to your death, you opened your eyes once more to see that Spider-Man had shot a web towards your hand and had you suspended in the air below him. “You alright?” You looked up at him and nodded. He slowly pulled you up and you were finally on solid ground again.

The minute your feet touched the ground you fell to your knees and started crying. “Thank you so much, Spider-Man!” You sobbed and he stared back at you while hanging upside down in the elevator shaft.

“Everyone okay?” Everyone nodded and thanked him again. For some reason he kept staring at you and it looked like he was about to say something else but his web broke and he started to fall down the shaft. You crawled to peek over the edge and saw him disappear behind a cloud of dust.

Your teacher peeked in too and said, “Er, thanks.”

Flash nearly pushed you out of the way and looked down the shaft. “Do you really know Peter Parker?” His voice echoed in response.

When you were taken back down to the ground, you were greeted by paramedics and a panicked Michelle. “Are you guys okay?!”

“Yeah, we’re fine.”

Peter arrived, out of breath, and was bending over to catch his breath. “Are… you okay?” He pushed past some of your classmates and an EMT then rested a hand on your shoulder. “I was… so worried.” He pulled you into a hug and you didn’t know how to react at first. You relaxed and returned the hug. He pulled away and took a step back. “Not just about you–but everyone.” You noticed his face went a little redder than it was before and so did yours. You’d had a crush on Peter for awhile now, but weren’t anywhere near brave enough to confess to him.

Michelle pushed Peter out of the way. “Are you okay? You’re not hurt are you?” She might’ve been a little weird and had a callous vibe, but Michelle had a soft spot for you. You nodded and hugged her as well.

“I guess it was a good thing you bailed out for once, eh, Parker?” Flash stated coldly, sitting next to you in the ambulance with the trophy still glued to his hands. You frowned and gave him a swift kick to the shins.

“Really, Flash?” You spat and locked eyes with Peter again, only to look away just as quickly. A whole bunch of news cameras started to pan out among the ambulances. Flash hurried off to go see if he could get interviewed and be seen with the trophy, leaving you and Peter alone.

It was quiet, but it was a comfortable silence. You were lost in your thoughts of almost dying, and how you almost left this world with regrets. You were going to tell Peter how you felt; right here, right now. He took Flash’s spot next to you and pulled his knees to his chest.



You both stopped to let the other talk, and was met with an awkward silence. You both laughed it off and Peter coughed. “You first.” This was it, the moment of truth. Your heart was racing and you were having trouble finding the words to say.

“After nearly dying today, I’ve come to realize there are certain things that I haven’t done that I would’ve regretted. I–What I’m trying to say is, I like you, Peter.” You fiddled with the cloth of the blanket the EMT gave you and stared at your shoelaces.

“That’s funny,” he let out a little chuckle, “because that’s what I was going to tell you.” Your mouth was agape and you blinked a couple times.

“I thought you liked Liz? It was super obvious.”

“Was it really?” He winced and you laughed. “I mean, I did, but you caught my eye…” You felt his hand slip into yours.

You tried to think of something to say, but you were beat to it by Michelle, who you’d totally forgotten was hiding nearby with a book in her hands. “Get a room!” Peter and you looked at each other and laughed then you rested your head on his shoulder and closed your eyes, taking in the moment just in case you were dancing with death anytime soon.

Unavailable (reader x Bucky) - Part 5 of Accidents Happen

Heyo! So I meant to have this posted last night, but I decided to try to go out and be social, therefore no time. Oddly enough, though, I’m posting this from my work because my power is out and I’m here after hours to use the wifi and charge my devices. Super crazy day. 

Anywho! This took me forever to write because this is my first attempt at a mission/action/fighting scene. Whew. I hope it makes sense and flows well. :) Send me any comments or constructive criticism in that regard! I’d love to your your thoughts. And thanks to @you-and-bucky for the tips and encouragement! 

  Part Four   Part Five   Part Six  

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Unavailable (reader x Bucky) 

Characters: reader x Bucky, Natasha, Sam, Clint, Steve, OC Viktor Sokolov

Summary: Y/N is on a mission with the Avengers and things don’t exactly go as planned. 

Warnings: One swear word, action/mild violence, then some fluff!!


Originally posted by teamsteverogrs

As far as missions went, this was actually pretty boring so far. Five days in and things were finally coming together. Days were spent doing surveillance, analyzing patterns between the comings and goings of the frequent guests to the compound in Eastern Europe suspected of housing HYDRA operations. Which for you basically meant freezing your butt off in the middle of the woods in mid Winter and keeping an eye on the only road to and from the compound. Sam was in charge of scouting from above with help from Red Wing and Natasha had tapped into their computers to watch for activity. Steve had spent what seemed like forever seeking out weak points in the compound itself before calling the whole team back together with a plan for tonight.

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linstead appreciation week day two: favorite partner moment
erin letting jay know she’s got his back after he shoots a suspect (2x01)

Beast Boy took Raven to a stand-up comedy show once.

She didn’t realize they’d be sitting up front, and Beast Boy assumed that if anything, the comedians would pick on him since he was the most obvious choice.

When the comedian started picking on Raven instead, Beast Boy had none of it; he heckled the jerk all night until the comedian said: “You think you’re so funny? Why don’t you do the show?!”

So, he did it. He went up there and made fun of the guy for as long as he could before security had to get involved. 

Needless to say, they never went back, and Raven still counts it as one of the most selfless things anyone has ever done for her. 

18C Apartment

I don’t usually write Vanderwood, but I had this idea and decided to give it a shot on writing a little fluff with glimpses of angst with him. Hope you guys like this!^^^

Vanderwood x MC


This is boring. Staking out is usually the most exhausting part of a mission, not because it involves effort, much on the contraire: there is no effort. Nothing happens, it’s boring.

Vanderwood sighs deeply as he takes another look in his binnacles once more. Nothing suspicious, just like all the other times he checked before. Ugh… why doesn’t this guy just start doing something shady already?

It’s hard to admit, but this would be way less boring if this wasn’t a solo mission. Agent 596 usually has some interesting stories from when he used to work for the government, agent 97 has some interesting gadgets like that lipstick pistol she loves to show off. Agent 707 would probably be making weird jokes and comments if he were here now. Weird and entertaining enough to get him out of his boredom, at least.

Seriously, if this had come to the point he misses 707’s quirks, it’s because this mission isn’t going anywhere. Is this guy really suspicious? He’s not doing anything for the last 8 hours, how can a lazy idiot like this be in charge of a scoop involving the police?

Vanderwood watches as the guy stretches in his chair and starts typing on his laptop. Oh… fucking finally! Some action here! Hum, not really, the guy is just looking for porn. For fuck’s sake!

It’s so quiet in the apartment that the sound of his stomach rumbling almost echoes in the tiny living room. Well, better grab some food before his hunger starts distracting him from his goal. Vanderwood gets up his chair and turns his back to the window. His reflexes send an immediate response as a figure falls from the top of the window, making him turn his head. He hears a metallic thud as something falls on the emergency stairs.

An attack? No, it can’t be, the guy couldn’t have noticed him. And even if he had, it would be really foolish of him to do something in a place where his neighbors and the ones in the building in front of his could see something.

And as he pulls his head out of the window to see a shattered vase with dirt falling over a bunch of yellow flowers, Vanderwood knows that there is no possibility of this being an attack, which doesn’t make him less curious on where did it come from.

“Shit! Are you alright?” he hears a female voice coming from above.

He looks up to find a woman looking at him. Concern and fear cross her eyes while she covers her mouth with her hands.

“Did it hit you?”

“If it had, I would be passed out, don’t you think?” She uncovers her mouth, and as he sees her curled lips, he almost regrets being rude. She looks legitimately concerned, and this was clearly an accident, no need for him to get so angry. “I’m okay.”

“Ah, I’m so glad.” She sighs in relief, giving him a little smile. “I’m really sorry, I was just watering the plants and this one was too close to the edge.”

“Why are you watering plants right now?” his question surprises even himself. Why would he care for the time she decides to water her plants?

“I know the best hour is in the morning. I just didn’t have the time today.” Why would she even care to answer him? Oh, maybe she is just polite. “Anyway, I’m glad you’re okay.”

“It’s fine.” It wasn’t, this vase could really hit someone, but he didn’t want her to keep feeling guilty, no, he just wanted her to stop apologizing and leaving him alone.

“So, uhm… can I get my flowers back?”


“I can put them on another vase. Which apartment is yours?” Oh no… was she really considering to come here?

“No! I… I’ll take them to you. Which apartment is yours?” he spits the question back.

“Oh, that’s very sweet, but you don’t have to. I…”

“If mine is 17B, yours should be…” he looks down to count the floors and to the sides to count the apartments. “18C.”

“Yes!” she smiles sweetly, making him feel really amused at how surprised she got. “Thank you.”

He doesn’t answer, he needs to be quick! His target can start moving and… the flowers can die… no, but his priority is still his target! Vanderwood grabs a plastic cup and leans on the window to gather the dirt and the flowers. Before he leaves, he splashes some water on them. Better safe than sorry, right?

He rings the doorbell and listens to her unlocking the chain and turning the knob. She smiles sweetly as he holds the cup with the flowers. For a moment, he can imagine this as one of those moments when a boyfriend surprises her girlfriend with flowers at her door. Ugh… what is he thinking? This is stupid, and the flowers would have to be way bigger…

“Thank you!” she takes the cup from his hand , her nails touch his fingers lightly.

“It’s fine.” He looks away, scratching the back of his head. The flowers would have to be bigger, but the smile from the girlfriend would be as cute as hers right now… “
Chrysanthemums?” he asks, pointing at the flowers. What is he doing? He has a mission!

“Coreopsis. The name doesn’t do justice to their beauty. Coreopsis… doesn’t it sound like a name of a disease or something?”

“I guess. If you hear the word out of context, you would never think it’s the name of a flower.”

“Yeah, exactly.” Her smile is replaced by a surprised face when both of them hear his stomach rumbling again. God… so embarrassing! “Oh… I’m sorry, I think I interrupted your dinner…”

Could it be that his hunger is already making him get distracted? No, it’s her niceness that is distracting him, for sure. And even though he knows it’s wrong, he can’t stop wanting to see more of it.

He says that’s fine, that’s the only thing he feels like answering to her. She glances at inside her own apartment, then at him. “Wait here.” She says walking back inside.

He takes it as a chance to look at her home. It looks pretty neat, way better than the cold apartment below he rented. It could be even worse if he hadn’t clean it a little before starting his mission, but it doesn’t matter how much he cleans, it would never look as cozy and warm as the 18C.

“Here. As a thanking for bringing me my flowers.” She offers a plate with a slice of pie on it.

“No, you don’t have to.”

“I know I don’t. I just want to.” Wow, so assertive, who knew such a sweet woman could be firm like this? Well, if she insists… he takes the plate from her, their fingers touching slightly once again.

“The plate…?”

“You can give me back tomorrow. Don’t worry.” He nods, so sure that tomorrow he won’t be here anymore.

And he was right, turns out that he gathered some information in the middle of the night. If his deadline was a little longer, maybe he could wait until the morning to give her the plate, but it wasn’t the case. Well, at least he could keep the plate to remember how good the pie tasted. He felt ridiculous for thinking it, but the pie tasted as sweet as her smile… the smile that didn’t leave his mind not even a week later, when the boss asked him to go “encourage” Agent Seven to finish his work, the guy was really slow that time…

“Oh! You’re back, Mary! I was wondering when you were going to show up!” Agent Seven greets him, ignoring his glare for having to go through his crazy security system.

“What can I do? When your dirty clothes start turning into a mountain, I need to come so you will focus on your job. Are you done with the Indonesian case?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m almost there. Just chill, Mary.”

He can’t chill, not when this irresponsible prick is clearly lying on his face! What is he even doing looking at this camera with so much focus?

“What are you even doing?”

“Me? Oh, just some RFA matters.” Vanderwood stretches to see over Seven’s shoulder. It’s a security footage, and there’s a girl on it.

No, not just any girl. The flowers girl.

He tries to be discreet gathering the pieces of clothing spread all around the bunker, but his eyes keep coming back to Seven’s computer. What’s happening? It doesn’t look like the 18C apartment, so where is she? Agent Seven said this had to do with the organization he works aside… so she’s a part of this too? But why is she being watched? Did she do something wrong? Or worse… is she in danger?

“Something wrong, Mary?”

“”What? No, don’t be ridiculous! Just finish your job, agent!” he basically ignores him as he glues his eyes on the screen again, watching as the flowers girl is lying on a couch and reading. Yeah, it must be hard not to pay attention at this…

He charges the taser. He is here to make sure the younger agent finish his job properly and don’t get distracted. Well, this distraction is really tempting, but… life is hard.

It’s very hard, especially because he researched and found that coreopsis, despite of their dreadful name, represent joy, something that people like Agent 707 and himself can never have.

New Beginnings - Fifteen

“Sleep well last night guys?” You were in the car back on the way to headquarters the next day.

“Yes thank you Derek, did you.“ Suprisingly you had slept quite well once you’d actually fallen asleep.

"Sure did kitten, once I actually got to sleep. I was sure one of our neighbours was having a good time though.” His eyes shifted to the rear view mirror and you saw Spencer’s shoulders stiffen in the passenger seat.

“Really?” You coughed trying to keep you voice neutral.

“Yep, must have been an hour or so after we’d got in. I could only hear the girl though, but man it was a sweet sound.”

You felt you cheeks burn and hoped Morgan couldn’t see. From your seat you could see Spencer’s hands resting on his knees. They were clenching and digging into his thighs.

“Did you guys not hear it then?”

“Nope…..We must have fallen asleep.” You could hear Reid gritting his teeth as he spoke. Morgan must have picked up on it as you saw him glance to Spencer, clocking his clenched hands. He glanced back into the rearview mirror seeing your red cheeks.

He burst out laughing. “Awww shit guys. That was you two?! Nicely done pretty boy.”

“Shut up Morgan!” you both said in unison as he carried on laughing to himself.


You’d been relegated to the bat cave with Garcia again, going over various pieces of security footage whilst the others were sent out into the field. 

“So um, sleep well last night Y/N?” You could hear the smile in her voice.

“Oh for fucks sake." 

"Oh don’t be like that, you know that gorgeous man can’t keep anything from me. Was it good?”

“It wasn’t what you think, but yes it was good, thank you very much.”

“So you didn’t bump uglies?” You cringed at her choice of words.

“Nope. Other stuff." 

"You gonna tell Aunty Penelope?”

You looked at her, raising your eyebrows, “Nope.”

“Give me something!!!!”

You sighed. “Lets just say we had a mutual…….bonding session.”

She giggled. “I get ya sweetness, I get ya.”

Hotch and Spencer had remained behind at headquarters with you. Access to Cane’s electronic tag movements from the time he was released to the time he went missing had been requested. Hotch had wanted to see if there was any patterns, any places he’d visited frequently that might give an indication of where he’d gotten travel papers from and how he was funding himself. The team were convinced that if they could find the name or names he was using then they would be able to find him. Spencer was going through these now, him being the fastest at analysing data and patterns. 

Hotch was under pressure to release a statement, the issue was; although the team knew who the unsub was, you couldn’t name him until you found something concrete tying him to it. 

You and Penelope had been trawling over security footage all morning. You were currently going through the footage from the camera between the gym and the side street where victim number two, Kennedy Marshall’s car had been parked. Her car had been parked at such an angle that annoyingly, you couldn’t get a direct look at it.

You could see Kennedy walking down the street, gym bag on one shoulder and headphones on. She appeared to be singing along to whatever she was listening to. Then she disappeared out of view of the camera and that was last that could be seen of her. 

Based on where her car was parked and the camera angles, Spencer had worked out that she’d been less than ten feet away from her car when she’d been taken. Derek had gone to the area around where her car was parked and had remarked that there were no signs of a struggle. 

“Guys, I think I’ve got something,” Garcia called. You hurried to her desk, looking over shoulder. 

“So Kennedy left the gym at 10pm right, and we last see her 10:07pm walking to her car. We know she’s only feet away.”
She clicked through her screens pulling up a video. “This footage is from the security camera at the grocery store which is on the street adjacent to where she was parked. At 1:13am you can see her car drive past the store.”

“Can you get a look at the driver?”

She shook her head. “I can zoom in but the picture is not clear at all, even when I try to clean it up. But what you can tell is…..” She pressed a few buttons. 

“That’s not Kennedy Marshal,” Hotch spoke.


“Garcia, track the car as well as you can through the rest of the cameras. Why wasn’t this footage checked before?" 

"Sir, the local PD checked with the gym. Although she was a day pass user and couldn’t park on site, the local authority have an agreement with the gym that allows the user to claim back the cost of their parking charges. All she had to do was present her parking ticket at the gym,” you explained. “The gym have her down as parked in that exact space, so as the car was still there…." 

"Everyone assumed she never made it to the car.” You nodded. 

“Sir, you can track the car through until 7th avenue and then we lose it again until it returns at 3:07am.” Penelope showed you the various images she’d managed to locate. None of them provided a good enough shot of the face. All you could tell was that it wasn’t female. 

“Can you pull up footage from the cameras around the restaurant?” you asked. 

She nodded. “Already on it, there’s only one that was actually in operation and can see the car drive past it at 2:56am.”

“What about before and after the car left and returned. He must have been waiting for her somewhere close by. If he was in another vehicle then he would have had to drive past those cameras at some point.”

“That’s what I’m looking for now. It may take me a while though.”

“Derek, he was in Kennedy Marshall’s car. That’s how he moved her body. Get it dusted for prints asap.” You could hear Agent Hotchner on the phone to Morgan. 

A few hours had passed and you had new information. The tox screens had come back on Kelly Casey and Paul Matthews and both were well over the legal limit. Rossi and Emily had been speaking to the victims friends who’d been at the party with them and had reported that when they’d left, they’d both been a little worse for wear, but neither had had the money for a cab.

“So if they’d been stumbling home drunk late at night and someone had pulled up offering them a ride, they might have been foolish enough to accept?” Garcia had questioned. 

“Perhaps not if Kelly had been alone, but given the fact that her boyfriend was with her they probably thought they were safe.” You’d been trying to track them walking home from the party using the various routes they could have taken. Unfortunately with them being in residential areas, there wasn’t much footage available and you’d only been able to spot them once, crossing a main road and heading east. 

Reid had walked in with a sheet of paper, he’d been going over the mountain of co-ordinates which had come through showing Cane’s tag movements.

“So I’ve been studying Cane’s movements in the months running up to when he vanished and aside from his residence, there’s only a few other locations that he’d visted regularly.”

“Hit me with the co-ordinates sugar, I’ll let you what they are.” Penelope was poised and ready to go.

He reeled off the first set and her fingers flew over the keyboard. “So this is an internet cafe.”

“When was he last there?” Hotch had come back into the office and was asking Reid.

“Two days before he was last seen. He’d been there on 17 other occasions in the last 3 months.”

“Pen, are you able to see what he was looking at?” You knew it was a long shot, seeing her shake her head.

“Only if we know what machine he was using.”

The police had located a laptop in Cane’s room but it hadn’t returned any useful information. 

“Could we get an officer sent over to see if anyone there remembers him and if he did use a particular machine. We’ve got the dates and times he was there so if we can find out what machines he was using, maybe we can see what he was searching for.”

“I’ll make some calls,” Hotch replied. “Reid what are the other locations?”

He reeled off the next set of co-ordinates.

“This is a pawn shop, a speciality pawn shop by the looks of their website.” Penelope clicked onto it.

Pawn shop. Something was niggling in the back of your brain.

“How often did he visit there?” Hotch asked.

“Seven times.”

Something clicked. “Hotch, what happned to Cane’s belongings when he was locked up. Did his parents take them?”

“Let me check. Why?”

“He used to collect first editions. He’d been left quite a few by his grandfather when he’d passed away. If he’s visiting pawn shops, maybe he’s been selling them and that’s how he’s funding himself. I can’t believe I only just remembered.” You’d remembered him showing you them the first time you’d been back to his apartment. 

Hotch checked through the file. “His parents hired a removal company to clear out his apartment. Everything in there was put in a lock up and he was given the key to the lock up upon release. There’s an inventory.” He passed it to Spencer as it was good few pages long.

Spencer scanned it quickly. “There’s 9 first editions on here, some of which would sell for a fair amount to the right buyers.”

“We need to contact that shop and find out how many of those books he’s sold.”

Garcias phone sounded. She hit the speaker “PG and Co, how may I direct your call?”

You heard Derek laughing down the phone, “Baby girl am I on speaker?”

“Yes you are my sweet, chocolate cake, do you want me to take you off so we can talk dirty?”

“No baby, we’ll save that for later. I have intell.”

“What have got Morgan?” You spoke, Pen ready to add the details to one of the boards.

“CSI swept Kennedy Marshall’s car and ran all of the prints they found. One of the partials came back as a match to Joshua Cane. It is 100% him kitten.”

Tripping Over the Blue Line (13/45)

It’s a transition. That’s what Emma’s calling it. She’s transitioning from one team to another, from one coast to another and she’s definitely not worried. Nope. She’s fine. Really. She’s promised Mary Margaret ten times already. So she got fired. Whatever. She’s fine, ready to settle into life with the New York Rangers. She’s got a job to do. And she doesn’t care about Killian Jones, captain of the New York Rangers. At all.

He’s done. One more season and he’s a free agent and he’s out. It’s win or nothing for Killian. He’s going to win a Stanley Cup and then he’s going to stop being the face of the franchise and he’s going to go play for some other garbage team where his name won’t be used as puns in New York Post headlines. That’s the plan. And Emma Swan, director of New York Rangers community relations isn’t going to change that. At all.

They are both horrible liars.

Rating: Mature
Content Warnings: Swearing, eventual hockey-type violence
AN: HAPPY SEASON OPENER! Things. Are. Happening. In case anyone was wondering, I listened to a lot of “Time” by Cute Is What We Aim For while writing this chapter because not only does it fit, but I have not listened to new music since, approximately, 2008. As always, I can’t thank you guys enough for every single word of response to this story. It blows my mind. My endless gratitude to @laurnorder, @distant-rose & @beautiful-swan - who has a NEW EDIT FOR THIS CHAPTER, AGH. 
Also living the good life on Ao3, & tag’ed up on Tumblr

It was raining.

Of course.

“Ok,” Emma said sharply, stopping short in front of Merida as she nearly collided with her back. “Go over the itinerary one more time.”

Merida glanced down at the clipboard in her hand and nodded once and Emma got the very distinct impression she was being placated – she didn’t care.

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This War Isn’t Civil [Part 4]

Pairing: Steve X Reader
Warnings: Probably language?
A/N: I lied this won’t be four parts, there will be one after this but I haven’t written it yet, rip, so idk how long until it’ll be up.

Part One Part Two Part Three


“Nick?” You asked in surprise as your old director shut the door behind him, his expression grim. “How did you-”

“I might be dead, L/N, but I still got connections,” his eyes (eye, more like) moved over Natasha and Bucky, who were both a little shocked. “Barnes. Romanoff. Hope you don’t mind my help.”

“Not at all,” Natasha said, a small smile on her face. “What kinda help?”

“I know someone who can get you in and out and in Wakanda without the guards waking up till you’ve crossed the northern African borders.”

“Who would have that kind of power?” Bucky asked incredulously, causing Fury to grin.

“Phil Coulson.”

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#194 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “the reader starts dating Van and when she meets the guys she realises one of them is Johnny Bond a.k.a. the guy she had several hook ups in the past? But like she wants to make things right with Van so tells him that they hooked up only once so Bondy is like mm whatcha doin😏 and teases her?” and “one where the reader and the guys are playing a pub quiz?”

You’d never been good at puzzles. Colouring in pages? Sign you up. Find a word? Easy. Crosswords? No. The one with the numbers in the boxes and something about Maths? Forget about it. Brain teasers… Riddles.. Anything that required separate pieces of information to merge and form one final product? Nahhhhhh, fam. Not a chance. Therefore, you often found yourself shocked when people you knew, knew other people you knew. The links became so obvious after, but the puzzle of human connectedness was always a mystery. It came as a surprise then, that you knew some of Van’s friends. You did blame yourself a little for not working that one out. How many Goddamn Johnny Bonds could there be in the world? 

To be fair, you knew him as John, and years ago before he bulked up and joined Catfish. As he sat across the pub table from you though, it was evident that he remembered you. He was smirking already. 

“Guys, this is Y/N. Y/N, this one’s Bondy, and that’s Bob. You know Larry,” Van introduced. 

Bondy’s eyes watched you, waiting to see if you’d say anything. How would you even bring that up? Oh, actually, I know this one because a couple years back we used to have a lot of drunken one night stands. It didn’t seem like a brilliant start to fitting into Van’s life easily.

“Hi,” you said instead of the truth. 

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  • Them: What do you think about Ted sneaking into Robin's apartment to have an orchestra playing for her?
  • Me Internally: That was a fucking creeper move. Literally what the fuck. Dude if you don't have a key, you DON'T HAVE PERMISSION TO ENTER THAT SPACE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. If I was Robin, I would fear for my safety and security because apparently any random guy can just break in. The orchestra is not the point here. If he really wanted to serenade her or whatever so badly, he could have done it a less stalkerish way. Yeah, that veterinarian was right. NO ONE does that. No one being people who aren't creeps and stalkers. Miss me with that shit. I like romantic, cheesy stuff, but I'm not naive and deluded.
  • Me Externally: I don't really remember that scene, excuse for a sec, I need to go talk to my friend Kayla.

notes on the TRR finale:

  • stop. telling. MC. not. to. worry. about. things. first it was Drake after the Tariq fiasco; someone just broke into her room and got close to her without her consent AND there was no lock on the door but no, Drake says not to worry about it. i can’t believe that he actually loves her if he honestly thought that was the best way to handle the situation. then it was Bertrand and Maxwell; she just got a threatening letter and you tell her to relax? why does he insist that it’s best for her to act as though nothing’s wrong? he obviously doesn’t care, either, unless it directly affects himself and his house like the true jerk he is. AND THEN MC tells Liam about the letter and he’s immediately angry (LIKE A GOOD PERSON) but by that point, MC tells him not to worry about it because surely if everyone else just brushes these things off as nothing she shouldn’t act on her very. valid. feelings
  • what the hell kind of monster makes Olivia cry?????? i mean????? you’re on my shit list, buddy how dare you
  • everything happened so quickly at the end but dudes. Liam is very visibly in distress, yelling over the crowd for the love of his life MC, but y’all don’t care enough to worry about that and (i’m guessing, since we don’t actually know but this was the impression i got) forced him to choose Madeleine seeing that MC is being dragged away by security and Olivia left (ALSO in distress) because why? you care more about decorum and maintaining the illusion that your royal family is stable? i just cannot comprehend how little these people care about each other
  • i can’t even find it in me to enjoy the fact that Liam loves MC and invited her to the maze to get frisky. what have you done to me?
  • long story short: MC shouldn’t trust anyone but herself and Liam also Maxwell is gay, you guys, i’m so so sorry to break it to you
Identifying a Fangirl.

You gotta love it when people claim that Sakura never got over her fangirl phase, and then only use examples prior to chapter 49 as evidence. 

I don’t think anyone can deny that Sakura was a fangirl at the beginning of the series, but she was 12 years old, that was to be expected.

Karin on the other hand, was 16 when first introduced, and was acting similar to how Sakura behaved at the beginning. In fact, Karin was acting much worse. Sakura’s fangirling was hardly ever depicted as sexual; It mostly involved blind, innocent cheering and wanting to spend more time together. By Contrast, Karin’s fangirling was almost exclusively sexual. 

And these sexual thoughts of hers were just as strong during the war, when they had far more important things to be focusing on.

Karin’s fangirling and comedic nature therefore continued during a time that was supposed to be the most serious and important battle of the story thus far, whereas Sakura literally hadn’t had any thoughts regarding how cool Sasuke was since the Chuunin exams. Yet, people say she’s still a fangirl :S

At one point, even when the object of her affection was severely injured, Karin couldn’t help but fangirl over Sasuke in his injured state, thinking he looked cool, whilst injured!

You wanna know how Sakura as a 12 year old reacted to Sasuke being severely injured?

Kishi kept Karin acting in this manner so as to make a clear distinction between Karin and Sakura, and to clarify to the readers who the actual fangirl was. From the beginning, Karin’s character was never meant to be taken at the same level of seriousness as Sakura’s. I say “the same” level because I don’t believe Karin’s character was purely designed for comic relief, but I’ll get to that in a moment. She was no doubt vital to Sasuke’s survival against Killer Bee and during the Kage Summit. But even when she gets serious and shows how important she can be:

It often reverted back to comic relief, thereby hindering the advancement of her character to a more serious one in nature, and keeping her trapped in the realm of a comedic character with some importance here and there:

Not only did Kishi show the distinction between Sakura and Karin in how they behaved, but he also explicitly signified through Kakashi that Sakura was no longer the fangirl she once was; her affections were to be taken seriously. She got Kakashi to change his opinion of her love for Sasuke, from initially thinking she was just a fangirl who prioritized getting with Sasuke over improving her ninjutsu skills:

To thinking that she was a kind and gentle girl who wouldn’t stop until she’d saved Sasuke from the darkness:

Her feelings had “changed from what they were back then”, and now she loved him “on a totally different level”. It can’t get much more explicit than that. Conversely, Karin went from this:

To this:

So much progression… She was still the same fangirl she had always been.

Also, one of the biggest differences between Karin’s and Sakura’s affections was the fact that Sakura was striving to save Sasuke from his dark path, whereas Karin did nothing to try to prevent it, regardless of how cold and intimidating his chakra was. 

This was how Sakura reacted to seeing Sasuke enveloped in darkness for the first time:

From the very first instance, she did her best to stop him before he sank any further, and succeeded. Now compare this with how Karin reacted to witnessing Sasuke drifting deeper into darkness:

She spotted the change, but did nothing to halt its progression. It was only after a first hand experience of Sasuke at his ABSOLUTE LOWEST, did she decide to no longer aid him along that path:

But the thing is, the situation should not have been this dire before she realised that helping Sasuke while he was in that frame of mind, was not a very wise choice. Sakura was privy to this immediately when she was 12, it shouldn’t have taken Karin that long to reach the same conclusion.

However, people often use this as ammo to bash Sakura, saying she was trying to save Sasuke for herself, and opted to kill him when she had thought that he had sunk to levels that were beyond recovery. Whereas Karin supported him through it all. But a viewpoint like that only makes sense if you wanted Sasuke to suffer in loneliness for the rest of his life. Sakura knew that his path wouldn’t grant him anything but more pain, she knew that from chapter 181, and she was only trying to prevent that:

All she wanted and wished for was Sasuke’s happiness, and would have gone to hell and back (she kinda did in chapter 685 :P) to attain it:

This is not a selfish attempt at guilt tripping Sasuke into returning her feelings. Rather, she’s not only trying to make him realise that all she wants is a better life for him, but also that his aspirations (especially the means by which he intended to achieve them), would only bring him further misery, and wouldn’t do anything for anyone.

However, as I mentioned earlier, I don’t think it’s fair for Karin to be taken solely as a joke. There are times where she has demonstrated that her feelings for Sasuke went beyond those of physical lust:

This was especially evident during the war when Karin discovers that Sasuke is on the verge of death, and becomes absolutely distraught over the news:

She subsequently gives her all to get to Sasuke in order to save him as soon as possible, unlocking her Uzumaki chains along the way:

This is comparable to Sakura giving her all to save Sasuke from the other dimension later on:

The biggest difference is what transpired afterwards. After Karin tried so hard to save Sasuke and he eventually woke up, what happened?

She got ignored. He didn’t ask how he survived Madara’s stab or why Taka was there, he just got on with his business, not paying any attention to her.

In contrast, what happened after Sakura saved Sasuke?

Sasuke holds on to Sakura (for longer than he needed to might I add :P), and sincerely thanks her. Why did the story pan out that way? because Sakura was no longer a fangirl like Karin was, and the main purpose of her character was not for comic relief. The following reaction to Sasuke apologizing to her:

Is not the reaction of a character who is to be taken 100% seriously. I didn’t even know what to make of that reaction or how she was feeling. What I did know was that she was again fangirling over an apology that was half sincere at best. I certainly knew what purpose Karin had in the story, and I was therefore able to enjoy her character for what it was, whilst also appreciating her genuine efforts to keep my favourite character alive.

On the other hand, it’s rather easy to decipher how Sakura felt after hearing Sasuke’s apology:

Utter relief and joy, that after all this time, they had finally achieved what they had trained so hard for: they had freed Sasuke from the shackles of his curse, and prevented him from living a life of loneliness and misery. Sakura wasn’t fangirling over the fact that she now had a chance to get with Sasuke. She was crying tears of happiness because she managed to secure a much better future for the guy she loved, regardless of whether or not that future involved her. That’s all there is to it. 

After all she had done, she certainly deserved Sasuke’s gratitude and the happiness his words made her feel. Because after all the angst, they could now both look forward with hope for a brighter future…

At least until the events of Naruto Gaiden :P

7.11: Dean goes Beautiful Mind over the numbers Bobby gave him on his death bed.

Bobby’s phone rings, and it’s a girl calling for his help, while Dean’s desperate to hear back from Frank about the numbers. Dean argues with Sam that they should focus on what Bobby spent his dying breath trying to tell them, but Sam argues that they should help the girl who’d reached out to Bobby and help her (because that’s what Bobby would’ve done). So they split up.

I love this, because Bobby wouldn’t have been able to cover both of these problems as just one person, but Sam and Dean can, because they are TWO people– just like the vetalas in this episode. They’re so successful as monsters because most hunters expect them to be ONE monster, when they actually work in PAIRS. Right down to the end scene where Sam and Lee are tied up in a situation where the vetalas would’ve killed Lee with one more bite, but Sam goaded them into biting him first. TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE. Even when Dean barged in to save them and tried to leave Krissy behind where it was safe, she escaped and came to join the fight anyway– again proving that two is better than one.

And heck, if three ain’t better than two… after 12.19 it’s all Go Team Free Will.

(Dean shows up at Frank’s, Frank wants Dean to prove he’s not a Leviathan so Dean cuts his arm and then hands the knife to Frank, because fair’s fair, douchebag. So basically Dean and Frank become blood brothers. I don’t make the rules)

DEAN: I’m glad we could share that together.

(see? Even Dean thinks so)

DEAN: Wait – Dick’s got people watching you?
FRANK: Do I look like I know? You think it’s easy to see this deep into what’s real and also be bipolar with delusional ideation? There is no pill for my situation, sweetiepop, so, yeah, best guess – the bigmouths are onto me. Next question.

(there’s a reason I really like Frank)

Dean finally gets some sleep at Frank’s Paranoia Caravan (I guess he feels safe enough, trusting in Frank’s security measures to finally nod off for a bit), but misses Sam’s call about the monster Krissy’s dad was hunting and asking him for help.

SAM (on phone): Dean, hey. So I think this guy was hunting a Vetala. Um, Dad took one down back in the day. Silver knife to the heart, twist, they’re done. He says they’re maladjusted loner types – like to knock a guy out, drag him home, feed slow. So, if Krissy’s dad got grabbed, there’s a chance he might still be alive. Be nice to get this girl’s dad back home to her, you know? All right, I could use your help. Call me.

(see my note at the top about working better in pairs, rather than “maladjusted loner types.”)

Meanwhile Dean sleeps 36 hours, and wakes up to Frank pointing out the Cas-coded (tan trench, buttoned up, dark hair) leviathan in a field:

Dean finally gets Sam’s message and knows Sam is working from bad information, because apparently John never updated his journal with the new info Dean had learned about vetalas hunting in pairs.

FRANK: Okay, then, fine. Do what I did.
DEAN: What? Go native? Stock up on C-rations?
FRANK: No, cupcake. What I did when I was 26 and came home to find my wife and two kids gutted on the floor. Decide to be fine till the end of the week. Make yourself smile because you’re alive and that’s your job. Then do it again the next week.
DEAN: So fake it?
FRANK: I call it being professional. Do it right, with a smile, or don’t do it.

Dean tries to keep Krissy out of it, because Sam had mentioned she didn’t seem to know what her dad really did for a living… but she absolutely KNEW everything about hunting…

DEAN: Vetalas usually hunt in pairs. Sam and your dad both assumed it was one thing hunting solo.
KRISSY: Why’d they think that?
DEAN: Because they had the wrong info. Or, best available. Our dad took down a loner years ago. Sam has his journal. Your dad must’ve been going on the same facts.
KRISSY: And you know different ‘cause…?
DEAN: Because I hunted one that turned out to be two a couple years back.
KRISSY: And you never told Sam? Wow, thanks. How 'bout sharing that with the rest of the class so we don’t all get killed?

And there it is. Dean had critical yet otherwise apparently unknown info, and he never bothered to even write it down, let alone “sharing it with the class.” Hunters coming together, pooling their info and resources, like the next level version of the Bobby and Rufus Hunter Switchboard Service. I think this is very much a part of where the MoL storyline is leading Sam and Dean (and all the other hunters that are being targeted by the MoL now). They might come together out of a need for survival, to share info and pool their resources, but maybe that will survive the end of the MoL and inspire them all to launch something better to help hunters be better at what they do…

So Lee and Krissy get to retire for a while until a twisted hunter drags Krissy back in, but meanwhile Sam and Dean get to drive away thinking they actually earned a win here. Even so, Dean pastes on the absolute WORST smile I have ever seen on him as they’re leaving, listening to “Dear Mr. Fantasy” while wearing Frank’s “professional” face, and it just makes me want to scream. It makes the usual performing dean seem like a bloody relief in comparison. This is Dean so crushed by reality he can’t even be bothered with the performance anymore.

Political Staffer AU AKA The Pirate Kids Give King Ben A Headache About His Treatment of the Isle in the Political Arena

Uma: Politician, the one actually regularly fighting with Ben, his council, and occasionally his lady about matters relating to the Isle. 

Harry: Her Chief of Staff - he’s her right hand man and he talks about basically everything she’s going to do with her. 

Gil: Bodyguard. Keep your hands off the goods, he’ll keep his hands off your throat.

Gabe: He works in Constituent affairs, he mostly handles matters related to housing, disaster and crisis relief, decrepit architecture, and homelessness. 

Desiree: Receptionist. If you have something you think is important to tell Uma, you talk to her and she decides if it’s actually important or not. She sets up meetings, edits, researches, does a little publicity, makes meetings, keeps schedules, etc.

Zeke: Chief Financial Officer. He handles things monetarily so stuff actually gets done. He also does a lot of work with fundraising.

Raphael: He’s the telecommunications guy who gets all the word out towards people on the radio, tv, social media, etc.

Gonzo: He’s her IT guy who keeps all the tech up and running.

Yamato: Her Chief of Constituent Services. His job is basically to make sure everybody’s getting what they need, especially social services wise. Since this is the Isle, they rarely are, which is why he has FANTASTIC job security. 

Jonas: He’s her head of Public Relations. He not only makes sure she’s constantly looking good to the public, but also keeps his pulse on themes around issues - he can’t possibly monitor every social media message, that’s not feasible at the federal level or even the regional level, but he synthesizes general complaints and figures out how the situation is looking with regards to the public. He does a lot of the events and helps keep her appearances steady and successful so it looks good come election time.

Morwenna: She works in constituent services too. Her job is to direct people towards health care options available to them and sort out health related complaints. 

Lex: He’s her campaign chief. His job is to get her re-elected so she can continue to help people on the Isle and fight with Ben.

Micah:  He’s a legislative assistant - he does a lot of outreach with lobbyists, helps draft policy, making contacts, and press releases. 

Vince: He does a lot of opposition research. Her opponents often make him angry in what they say about the Isle or ignoring Islers needs, so he’s happy to sniff out bad policy, unethical behaviour, and anything along those lines.

Zhao: He’s the office repair guy, who fixes everything other than computers and communication technology, he works on electricity, copy machines, etc.. 

Bonny: She works publicity and youth outreach. Her job’s to get people, especially young people, listening to what Uma’s saying and figuring out what to do when they need something.

Malachi: He’s in Constituent Services for people who don’t speak English. He helps translate a lot of policy and speeches for the internet. 

Drey: Chief of Communications. She writes speeches, writes ads and helps draft policy, gets all the commercials and social media going. 

Rosita: She’s the head of Human Resources. She takes the complaints from low level staff, campaign staff, etc. and works on sorting them out to keep it a safe working environment.

So I was watching this clip of 3JSB’s appearance on Monitoring, the segment on their Christmas present sense. It was absolutely hilarious, so I decided to put up a rough translation of the clip for those interested. =) Apologies for not knowing how to make subtitles and any mistakes I might’ve made.

The theme is to purchase a Christmas present for a girl whom you are not yet dating, and the gift has to be below 30000 yen. The person who ranks the lowest will have to pay for all the presents. The judges of the presents ranking were two female guests, Becky and Sasaki Nozomi.

And apparently, the viewers of the show have a chance to get the presents! Now if only I lived in Japan.

Edit: Fixed the weird formatting issue. It looks fine on my blog now. 

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