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Could you maybe do a drabble where Roy & Kori show up and give Artemis & Bizarro a 'How to Care For Your Red Hood' list of instructions? I'm pretty sure rule #1 on the list is 'When in doubt, call Alfred at ###-###-####.'. I can just see Kori, completely seriously, telling Arty Jay prefers stuffed bunnies to teddy bears for sleeping, or something equally embarrassing, lol!

Do I even remember how to drabble? Let’s see. 


Jason took one look at his couch and shook his head. “No.”

Artemis and Kory looked up from the list Kory held in her hands. Artemis smirked at him.

Kory smiled. “Jason, it’s good to see you. I was just taking Artemis through the list.”

“I hate the list,” Jason replied wearily. “You know I hate the list.”

“It’s necessary.” Kory cleared her throat and pointed to the next item. “Eight hours of sleep a night is ideal. Too little and he becomes injury-prone. Too much makes him cranky.”

“Kory, please.”

Her smile widened. “Hush, Jason.”

The front door slammed and Roy and Bizarro came into the living room.

“Jaybird!” Roy flung an arm over his shoulders, exchanging grins with Bizarro. “This guy is so handy! We just upgraded your security system.”

Jason opened his mouth, but was distracted by Kory pulling a teddy bear out from behind her with a flourish.

“And this is Teddy.” She held it out to Artemis. “He is Jason’s most prized possession. He won’t blow up a safe house if Teddy is present.”

“I’ve never seen that thing before in my life.” Jason scowled. “You’re lying.”

“It’s a cute bear,” Artemis told him, lips twitching.

Jason took a deep breath.

“Can share shelf with Pup Pup,” Bizarro added.

“Nope.” Jason shook his head and turned to leave. “I’m done with all of you.”

Life is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis In-Depth Review

(Disclaimer: This review is from the point of view of someone who views the relationship between Max and Chloe as a blossoming romantic one. I believe that relationship to be the most major plot point of the entire 5 episode series, and I will treat it as such.)

From the very beginning, we can tell there’s more to this game than meets the eye. The very first scene of the episode shows Max encountering a giant tornado rushing toward the town of Arcadia Bay. There’s something to be said about the opening because of how insane the game begins, we know we’re in for a ride from the very start. A giant tornado hurdling toward a town in a blistering storm? You’re drawn into the mystery as much as Max is, as she questions what is happening exactly. She gets to the lighthouse and she is immediately thrust back into reality.

Max Caulfield is an 18 year old student and photographer at the prestigious art school, Blackwell Academy, in Arcadia Bay, Oregon. Because what LGBT game doesn’t take place in the Pacific Northwest these days? We’re quickly introduced to several of the other major recurring characters in the game in this scene. We meet the bitchy bully, Victoria Chase. Rich and beautiful, Victoria has a major disdain for Max from the very beginning. There’s also Max’s friend, Kate Marsh, a quiet religious girl who is the target of Victoria’s bullying. Kate just wants to be left alone, but she isn’t given that much. Finally in this scene there’s Mark Jefferson, a famous photographer who is teaching photography at Blackwell. One of the storylines, the Everyday Heroes Contest, is introduced here as a contest that Jefferson continuously attempts to get Max to enter, but she usually blows it off. The scene ends and we’re introduced to Max’s inner thoughts about everyone else that plays somewhat of a role.

Before going any further, let me just say, this game’s score and soundtrack is amazing. Every song in the soundtrack fits in with Max’s “hipster-ish” attitude that she has. I’m not much of a critic of music, so let’s move on.

From the very beginning, we’re thrust into Max’s head. Everything Max thinks, we hear as typical of this sort of game, but this time it’s a much broader picture. Max has an opinion about everyone, from Victoria’s lackeys to Dana, one of the few popular people who isn’t an ass to Max. Max has her opinions and they’re very much in line with a normal person’s thoughts. She certainly has a lot of negatives about people, mostly because she herself is more quiet than the average person. It gives good insight into how Max thinks, both about others and herself. “I shouldn’t be so catty, Dana is nice to me.” Max doesn’t think too much of herself, and in her mind she attempts to put down others to help make herself feel better. She doesn’t do this to their face, nor behind their backs, it’s simply within her head. She likes Dana, but Dana at the same time is the outgoing soul Max wishes she could be, but it simply isn’t in Max to do be that type of person.

The walls are also littered with missing posters of a girl named Rachel Amber, a major character in this game’s overall story. Max is surprised at the sheer amount of posters there actually are.

The bathroom scene gives another insight into Max’s self-loathing qualities. First off, she goes in there so she can be alone and have her “melt down” without anyone seeing. She rips the image she was going enter into the contest. This doesn’t bother her though, because the minute she sees that blue butterfly flutter in she goes to it. Fate draws her over to the corner to take a photo of that odd blue butterfly.

The first major point of the game comes in that bathroom. It’s probably the most important scene in the game. Local richboy, Nathan Prescott, comes into the girl’s bathroom and has a mini-meltdown before being confronted by a blue haired punk girl. The argument between them escalates until Nathan fires a bullet into the girl’s stomach. At this moment, Max comes out from behind the stalls and holds out her hand. Then, Max wakes up. She’s back in her classroom that she was in a few minutes prior.

The main mechanic of this game is the ability to rewind time. This type of game usually has action sequences in the form of quick time events, however Life is Strange dumps the QTEs in favor of the rewind feature. Max has the ability to rewind a few moments of her personal time to a previous point in order to change it in her favor. She accidentally breaks her camera? Rewind time. Then the camera is back to normal. It’s a pretty fun mechanic and it breaks up the monotony of similar games that have me slamming the buttons on my controller or keyboard.

Max goes through the entire scene again, this time utilizing her powers to have the outcome more favorable to herself. Victoria embarrassed Max in the original timeline, having answered something Max didn’t know. But in this case, because Victoria said the answer, Max uses her answer to get on Jefferson’s good side so she can hopefully save blue-haired girl from being shot. 

This begins Max’s crusade of her powers. These powers allow her temporary omniscience in some cases. She has full control over her own conversations and how to reply utilizing her powers. That’s probably one of them more interesting things about Life is Strange compared to other similar games like Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

In The Walking Dead, you have to make all of your choices at that moment. Anything and everything you say will be held against you depending on your timed answer. That’s what makes that game so great. Life is Strange takes a different approach, which helps to separate it from the others. Rather, you are not timed in your answer but rather how you answer and if you choose to change how you answer.

In a later scene, Max can speak to Brooke, another girl that she sorta knows. Brooke is flying a drone around campus, and Max doesn’t know much about that sort of thing. Brooke blows Max off as someone who isn’t that bright. Either A) Max can leave the scene or B) Rewind. She can take a look at the type of drone Brooke owns and then use that knowledge in a conversation Max has already had.

In story, Max uses this power to save the girl from being shot by Nathan. Probably a much more heroic use of her power as opposed to using it to saying the right things to other people. Of course to do this, she sets off a fire alarm. Like other games of the genre, there are certain choices that are more important than others. Max is confronted by the head of security and principal for not being outside right away. What if she was just using the bathroom and she wasn’t done yet? Great job guys, grilling some girl for using the bathroom and she didn’t get out in time from the fire alarm. 

Both David Madsen and Principal Welles play a part in the story, the former more so than the latter. David comes off as very unlikable and paranoid. Especially against an 18 year old photographer coming out of the bathroom. It takes Welles to get him out of her face, and Welles is sorta in my opinion a Skinner type character. He does his job and that’s it. You can hold that against him, sure, but he’s just doing his job in the end by asking what was wrong with Max. No matter how Max responds, it goes negatively for her in the end which makes him come off as a hardass. We can either choose to throw Nathan under a bus or not. For the sake of this review, we are throwing him under the bus.

Ugh. Let’s talk about Warren Graham, one of my least favorite characters in the game. He sends a text to Max, sending her on a quest to find his flash drive. Just from looking at his texts we see Warren has a… fixation with our heroine. He’s sent her several texts and Max has ignored most of them, until he’s like “Yo I need my flash drive back.” Max doesn’t seek him out, and only replies when he needs something that belongs to him. This becomes one of my issues, which I’ll talk about later. Warren it pretty flat as a character too. His character is basically “nice and dorky” and that’s about it.

We see how bitchy and petty Victoria really is. Because Max answered instead of Victoria in class, Victoria doesn’t let Max into the dorms. Kate makes a brief appearance sitting on a bench, but she says she isn’t in the mood to talk. Utilizing her time travel powers, Max manages to tamper with a paint can being used by Samuel, the grounds keeper, and soak Victoria in paint. For this moment you do see Victoria’s “actual” personality, which is really just being hidden by a facade she keeps up. Max can be a bitch back to her or be nice, and I usually choose the latter out of pure kindness. It shows that Max isn’t petty enough to sink down to the very level that Victoria usually sits at on Max.

Max’s room screams her, it really does. From the personality we’ve been given, her room really fits that character. From the “definitely not Catcher in the Rye” poster to her meme rug to her plentiful books on photographers, you can see that this is Max’s domain. She walks out of the shitty outside world into a world that is her own. There’s her guitar, her bed, her music, her books, her laptop, her wall of photos, etc. Basically everything that makes Max comfortable. When she lays down on her bed, she is at peace. She doesn’t have to deal with any of the bullshit that she deals with.

Observing her room, we can look at photos from her past. From her original life in Arcadia Bay to her life in Seattle. We get our first glimpse of Chloe Price, Max’s best friend from her life five years ago. Max, guiltily, admits that she has yet to contact her.

The next scene, again, really is just a play at how awful Victoria is. This time she’s messing with Dana, whom I mentioned earlier, and Dana’s best friend, Juliet. A lot of this seems to show how insecure Victoria actually is, and how she’ll target pretty much anyone she decides to put on her shit list. Juliet wrote a negative article about the Vortex Club, a group of party dogs that Victoria and Nathan run. So even though this article isn’t exclusively targeting Victoria, she is insulted enough to attack Juliet. Max manages to settle the feud between the two friends, and manages to grab the flash drive.

The flash drive presents one of the major reasons I dislike Warren. He is a creeper, simple as that. Some people don’t take him as that, I do because of obvious reasons. First off, the flash drive contains a folder labeled “MAX”. This folder was opened and seen by Dana, who tells Max about it. Warren doesn’t come off as the dorky friend with a one-sided crush. Most people don’t have a folder dedicated to just a “crush”. We see that Max just is kinda irked by it too. Depending on your actions (whether or not you interfere with Dana’s personal life), you will receive the following journal entry.

Max does not see Warren as anything more than a friend, which is why he constant attempts at shutting him down happen. And he doesn’t seem to get the memo, which makes him seem creepier when we get to a certain scene in Episode 2. And please note, that we haven’t even met the character yet, and we already know that Max does not have any romantic interest in him.

Anyways, Max gets the flash drive from Dana and we go to the next scene where we go to meet Warren in the parking lot. 

We are introduced to the first Kate choice in the game. The Kate Choices, as I call them, are a group of choices in the first two episodes that effect a major event later on in the game. These choices mostly deal with how Max reacts to how Kate is being treated by other people. Madsen is confront Kate over something, and unable to see this through any further Max can step out and defend Kate from Madsen. The player, and Max, are completely unsure of what just transpired, but Kate is thankful for Max stepping in. As passive as Max can be usually, she has a certain friendship with Kate that keeps her from being passive in that case.

We head over and when exploring the parking lot, we can look at a trashy pick up truck taking several spots up. The driver seems to be the one putting up the posters, since the back has several boxes full of them. Max can also draw on the dirty window of an RV, that becomes more significant later on.

We meet Warren, and he’s coming off as overly “touchy” the moment we meet him. “Hey Max, how are you?” Warren says, going in for a hug, which Max completely rejects because she’s there to give him back his flash drive and that’s it. There’s a certain lack of social awareness that Warren just doesn’t have, and that coupled with his fixation on Max makes him very uncomfortable to me. For the sake of this review, based on my last playthrough which is fresh in my mind for this, Max will not be pursuing much of a friendship with Warren. Most choices to Warren are negative.

We’re given a much more clear picture of the game’s major antagonist, Nathan Prescott. I don’t like Nathan. A lot of people see him as not an antagonist, which is something I don’t understand based on things that happen over the course of the game. Anyways, Nathan is not too happy that Max saw him in the bathroom earlier and immediately grabs her neck. Yes, that’s obviously something a well adjusted non-antagonistic character would do. 

If anything, Nathan makes for a very good antagonist. His motivations are unraveled throughout the game, so I won’t delve too much into it at the moment, but we can concretely place Nathan into the antagonist category with David at the present moment.

Max takes matters into her own hands and scratches Nathan’s face, showing Nathan who the boss is. He knocks Warren out onto the ground, and attempts to get up on Max’s grill, only for Max to be narrowly hit by the trashy pick up truck. 

Max’s old best friend, Chloe Price, is the driver of said trash truck. Despite not knowing what’s going on Chloe immediately tells Max to get in before driving off. This first interaction in five years immediately helps to set the bar for the oncoming relationship between Max and Chloe. There is no denying their bond, considering it takes only seconds for Chloe to tell Max to get in the car.

Chloe’s car and room pretty much set her personality up. Her personality is a wild storm, both messy and unpredictable as a result of the last five years. Chloe is hurt that Max has been around for a month and has yet to contact her. She is both happy and upset. Upset that Max hasn’t seen her yet, but is happy that Max is here now. Their conversation helps to delve into their sudden reconstruction of their old friendship. It’s been five years and they’re pretty much strangers. Max’s structured life has resulted in her being more quiet and sheltered, her only means of expressing herself being photography. Chloe’s unstructured life has resulted in her becoming a rebellious, drug taking party girl. Deep down though, they are still best friends.

Outside of optional photographs, Max usually only takes photos of things she deems great to be in her lens. She only sees her camera is broken after attempting to take this photo.

Max already considers a simple photo of Chloe in front of the sun as a photograph she wants to take. Taking a photograph of Chloe becomes a recurring element for the first four episodes. Chloe and Max briefly bond over Max’s usage of the word “cereal” instead of serious, and Chloe happily welcomes Max home. Because now Max is home. Arcadia Bay without Chloe isn’t home to Max. Only once Chloe is back in her life can she consider the Bay home.

We enter into Chloe’s home, a familiar but distant territory for Max now. Chloe remarks that her room is different from the last time Max has seen it. Again, a result of the issues regarding the incident of the death of Chloe’s father five years prior. Chloe, both emotionally and mentally, is broken and scarred by abandonment. The second they get back, Chloe needs to lay down and smoke a joint to calm herself down.

Her room is messy and disorganized. Small things, like her shelf, remain from her old life but everything here represents Chloe’s world as much as Max’s room does for her. In Chloe’s room, all her likes and fears are on display. Disorganized messes, disorganized lighting in the form of Christmas lights, etc. Her fears are on display too. A height chart in the corner shows how torn Chloe is in life. “DAD IS GONE” it reads on the height chart. “EVERYBODY LIES NO EXCEPTIONS” it says near her door.

Max’s nosiness allows her to find out that the missing girl, Rachel Amber, became Chloe’s close friend after Max moved to Seattle. However, she went missing several months prior. No one cares enough to find her or do anything except Chloe. Her dad said he’d come home, he didn’t. Max was supposed to be her best friend forever, she moved away. Rachel was supposed to escape the Bay with Chloe, Rachel disappeared without a word. “EVERYBODY LIES, NO EXCEPTIONS” becomes a very deep and personal motto to Chloe. Two of the closest people to her “lied” to her. Rachel couldn’t have possibly done a thing like that. Chloe refuses to believe such a thing, which is why she continues to put up posters months later.

In an attempt to fix her camera, Max can stalk downstairs and reminisce about better times with Chloe. Back then, those times were easier for Max and Chloe. They were best friends, and we see that those memories flood back into Max’s head just by sitting down on the couch or on the swing set. These mean something to Max. To Max these are the happiest times of her life compared to now. 

The garage gives us some more insight into David as well. David Madsen just happens to be Chloe’s new step dad, go-figure. The Blackwell Head of Security is stepdad to hell-raiser Chloe. Despite the fact that she’s only supposed to get tools from the garage, Max snoops around and we can see that David is very paranoid. About pretty much everything. He has cameras set up around the house and has a file on Kate Marsh, photos and notes about the religious girl. David, even though he’s only been in two unrelated scenes so far, we can that his paranoia exceeds that of a normal person. While is time in the Middle East may play a part, one must wonder where he truly stands.

Chloe is truly happy for Max to be back in her life. After several months of what we can assume is probably lack of a true friend, Chloe is more than happy to see Max here. Max fails to fix her camera, but Chloe takes notices of the blue butterfly photo. She recognizes the butterfly and puts two and two together to recognize that Max is the one who saved her earlier in the game.

This immediate connection helps to set that Chloe isn’t dumb. On the contrary, Chloe is probably the smarter of the two girls. Her lack of application of her schoolwork results in her eventual expulsion from Blackwell. She doesn’t care enough, but the smarts are there. That’s something we’ll explore more in Episodes 3 and 4 though.

Chloe is more than overjoyed, she truly believes fate has called the two back together. Max stopped Chloe from being murdered, what’s more fateful than that? Chloe gives Max a new camera, one that belonged to William Price, her father. Taking in their renewed friendship, Chloe cranks up her music to party and reacquaint more with Max. David’s arrival at home crushes this however.

David is a hardass, and we can see why Chloe clearly has no respect for the man. His inability to relate to Chloe and his paranoid tendencies DO NOT help him be in a good relationship with his stepdaughter. David seems to argue with her for the sake of arguing, sometimes completely unfair to Chloe. What’d she do this time? One of his guns was missing and that results in a very tense, heavy handed lecture from the so-called stepdouche. We can see he is worried since it is a gun, but the fact that he accuses Chloe without a shred of proof leads us to see him in the wrong. Max, who is hiding in the closet, can either step out or not. The latter results in David striking Chloe physically. They do not have a good relationship. However, stepping out and taking the heat for Chloe results in David storming off and Chloe being more than happy at her friend’s “bad-assery”.

After what happened earlier, we see that Chloe has stolen one of David’s guns. David’s paranoia seems a bit more justified now considering we didn’t know what happened to said gun, but now we know Chloe was the thief and she stole it for self protection against people like Nathan. We can see where she’s coming from this time around, especially since Nathan nearly kills her. A gun is what she needs to feel safe now. Not only from Nathan, but the other shit she has gotten herself mixed up in.

The duo head up to the light house, one of the only places that Chloe thinks is worthwhile in Arcadia Bay. The lighthouse is truly beautiful, but Max instantly recognizes it as the path of her nightmare earlier. We can see pieces of Chloe and Max’s history as well. They’ve carved their name into a tree stump and marked their fort on a map so they could find each other if they got lost. It truly shows how close these two were when they were 13 and 14 respectively. 

At the peak, we find how Chloe is indebted at the moment. Over 3000$ in debt. In an attempt to scrounge money, she attempted to get some from Nathan in a bar. Nathan, the ever so loved, drugs her and drags her back to his dorm. Here he undressed her, and crawled up on her with a camera in his hands. Chloe, not being one to be trifled with, easily fought back against him and escaped. From here on out there really is no way to justify anything that Nathan does. He is an antagonist. He is the villain. I will go into further justifications of this role for Nathan later on as more evidence against him piles up. Max then reveals that Chloe’s house is under surveillance, something that obviously sends chills down Chloe’s spine. Chloe knew it was happening, she just lacked proof until now. Something is going on in Arcadia Bay. Something odd.

Their talk is interrupted by another nightmare segment where Max makes her way to the top of the hill once again, this time discovering that the tornado is due on Friday of that week. Chloe snaps her out of her stupor, where Max collapses into Chloe’s arms. Chloe is obviously incredibly worried for Max, and Max immediately hops into the safest arms. Chloe’s arms.

While earlier Max can “attempt” to tell Warren of her powers, she ultimately doesn’t. With no hesitation, she tells Chloe of her nightmares and her new powers. Chloe reacts as expected of any rational person and assumes Max is high or delusional.

It begins to snow. Obstacles by Syd Matters plays. It’s the beginning of October in Oregon. “Max, start from the beginning.”

Chrysalis is an excellent introduction to these characters and the blossoming mysteries to be put forth. We get to know Max, we get to see how she views the world, and more importantly how she can utilize her powers for her own benefit. Max becoming reacquainted with Chloe serves at the entire game’s basis, and will lead them on their journey of growth. Stay tuned for an indepth look at Episode 2 - Out of Time.

No Man’s Toy

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a while but ive kinda been busy. I do hope to get all the requests done by this weekend but that may not happen. I really have been trying to improve my writing, too. I wrote an imagine the other day so I could get it done but it came out crappy cause I was doing it fast just to get it done and it didn’t turn out well so it will be redone. I hope you guys like this one because I would have to say its my favorite.

Khal Drogo x reader

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25. “I’d kill a thousand men before I let one make me his slave.”


warning: Cussing, mention of rape, mention of sex

It was a calm, cool day. Not a cloud in the sky, all was peaceful. Well, it should have been. Being the time that it was, families always married their children off to ensure security and freedom. As was the case with Y/n’s family. Her family left Westeros when she was just a little girl at the mere age of four, she could hardly remember what it was like. Now she was 18 and could only remember the place she now called home. She was a fully developed woman and in her mother’s eyes, fit to be married. Her mother always said, “ You know when a woman needs a man when her breasts need a hand to hold them up and fingers to keep her core calm.”

Due to her stubbornness and quiet voice, very few were willing to marry and if so, didn’t afford what the family was looking for. It made things rather tough for Y/n. She wouldn’t get to marry for love but rather wealth in anyway her family saw it. They had just ran out of luck, much to the girl’s delight, when news came the the Dothraki warlord, Khal Drogo, was looking for a wife. This brought much excitement to the family, but very little to the soon to be wife.

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Episode 15...

Okay… I don’t have a lot of time to write this so if I’ve missed anything, if there are any huge grammatical errors, if I’ve COMPLETELY missed the point then I’m very, very sorry!  (I may write more later as I have a lot of thoughts)

Here’s the deal.

This episode was basically the writers way of telling us Oliver and Susan aren’t going to make it. Which is why I’m so okay with it. Did chunks of it feel off? Yes. Did Oliver come across as kind of spineless? Yes. Did Shady Snoozan come across as even more of a selfish cow than we thought she was? Absolutely. Did we feel for Felicity? Damn straight. Did we see everything we HATE seeing from Arrow ON Arrow? Yup…

Do you think the writers, directors and producers don’t (etc) know we hate it?

Of course they flipping do.

Is episode 15 normally the episode where we what we really don’t want to fucking see?

Again, YES.

Would it have been better to just be rid of SW? Oh hell yes- I’LL FREAKING DO IT!

But then, how will Prometheus succeed in turning someone Oliver cares about against him?

Starting, I’d like to say something about Oliver.

He’ll always do dumb shit: I expect it now. I’d love to be rid of it. But I expect it.

In episode 15, a lot of the time I was basically wondering when he became so needy. And by needy I don’t mean ‘he lives and breathes SW’. I mean, he desperately wanted her to see him as the good guy. The hero. Someone who has succeeded in securing the affections of a woman determined to see him as a thug.

Notice how Felicity tells him he’s a hero in this episode without prompt? Don’t you think that was a deliberate script device?

It’s been done before; right when he needs to hear it, there she is. Telling him. Again. SW didn’t say it; she did.

The wonderful @almondblossomme hit the nail on the head: episode 15 was a compare and contrast of how Felicity and Susan differ.

Just one example: SW cared more about her job than anything else. The moment she got it back she was all over him. Hate the bitch. Whereas Felicity has, time and time again, given up professional standing for Oliver. I’m just going to leave that there because I don’t need to hammer in just how much better Felicity is.

What I do want to say – to emphasise – is how alone Felicity was.

Now I’d like to stop you before you all go off on the rampage because, as much as I understand why, this was also deliberate. This episode was the point where Felicity didn’t just feel alone, she was alone. They deliberately had everyone miss this about her: Dig who knew her better than most and Oliver who knows her best of all… even Thea.

No one saw it.

They even had Oliver come to ask for her help with Susan.

In her head, she has nothing.

So she turns to Helix.

Now I’m thrilled with this because Olicity’s ADULT CONVERSATION is going to happen whilst SW is kidnapped: no shady lady to interrupt. But I’m also guessing that Felicity once again uses her skills and connections to help Oliver in HIS life. To help him be happy or at least that is what she’ll believe she’s doing.

He might see this; her wanting him to be happy and he’ll wonder why SHE ISN’T. He’ll ask questions. He’ll ask why are you doing this for me? And she’ll say some variation of: “I just want you to be happy.”


They really are reversing it this year between them aren’t they?

Now we’ve been informed that SW will be held by Chase for more than 1 episode. This is to drum up the panic of it all – though they know we couldn’t care less – but it also gives Prometheus enough time to infect SW.

To pervert her easily changeable perception of Oliver. There’s more than a good chance she’ll come out of it either openly hostile towards him or wanting nothing to do with him out of fear.

(Now, it’s almost possible that she could be working in collaboration with Prometheus but either way they’re making her a victim.)

They’re also making her a loose end and a nuisance. A weak point. Unnecessary. A target, Like Billy. On purpose.

Look Green Arrow: look how easily you loose the people who care about you?

(like she does, ahem)

Oliver was trying so hard to move on and his first true attempt has fallen flat on its ass, he knows it has. But he’s fighting. He’s fighting because taught him to, he’s fighting because she said NO. She didn’t want him to fight and it’s so much easier beating your head against play-do than it is against steel.


The questionable circumstances of HOW would have come to him later; but all he wanted right then was to succeed.

This is all about Olicity: if he can make it work here, maybe he can make it work there.

Prometheus deliberately targeted Billy. He did this in the hopes of screwing Oliver’s life up some. But, though this created a vacuum of guilt in Oliver, it did not turn Felicity against him.

Now, he’s taken SW, when CONVENIENTLY the only way to help find her rests with HELIX. With Felicity. Role reversal.

Either the writers are being very obvious or very sneaky.

Remember Ray? Remember how Felicity was all over keeping him safe and with her in episodes 17 and 19? She even did PDA IN FRONT OF OLIVER.

Episode 15 of season 5 is roughly our 17 equivalent.

Either – like Billy – SW is going to bite it, or it’ll be the consequences of what happen to her that cause a ripple effect afterwards on Olicity.

It caused a ripple after Billy’s death too: Oliver and Felicity had a very real, very honest conversation/argument.

THIS will force another one: possibly more than one (dear God PLEASE).

I always thought that two or three very brutal, very open talks between them would shift EVERYTHING. It just so happens the writers had to space it out for an entire season.

This season has been one full of ‘how to not do relationships with Oliver’. It focuses on 3 women: Laurel (his past) Susan (his present) and Felicity (his future and always).  Learn from the past and present to make way for the future.

I still believe this; we have been told in one way or another (by the cast, the directors, the narrative etc) that Olicity will rise again and that their time is coming. Soon.

BE angry at this episode! Go for it. They want you to be livid so that they can surprise, shock and awe us all later like in season 3!

But don’t judge any later progression or any episode following this on number 15. In fact, leave episode 15 behind at the door. It isn’t needed anymore. It’s in the past.

In season 3, after episode 15 aired, the fandom threw an absolute shit fit.

Looking back at it, it was hilarious; we had nothing to worry about.

But at the time, it was awful. No one wanted to see Felicity with Ray whilst Oliver lay on a dungeon floor, while Oliver pinned. And we had to wait TWO WEEKS before episode 16 aired.

Remember episode 16? Like the sun shining again we received these little spots of hope. She’d slept with a man who ISN’T Oliver and yet, none of their chemistry was diminished. In fact; it just showed us that even sex can’t get in their way.

In that relationship Felicity and Ray fell out with each other because of the truth or lack of it. They got back together shortly afterwards.

Felicity and Billy did the same: I think they actually did it twice.

Now, so have Oliver and Susan.

Another deliberate tool.

Regardless of what happens, Felicity’s lack of blame on Oliver will reflect brightly on the very real blame SW will throw at him. The actor playing Chase has confirmed that an odd relationship will build between him and Susan and that she may feel betrayed by Oliver.

She may come to hate that she developed feelings for him, but be unable to act on it BECAUSE of her feelings for him.

Felicity couldn’t be played with – couldn’t be marred - but Susan can. Because she’s weak. Because she isn’t fit to be Oliver’s love interest. Because, like with Billy, she’s a tool.

We don’t care about Susan but we DO care about Olicity and this should generate a reaction from them both.

Now, I didn’t see Oliver as crapping all over his alter ego by labelling the Green Arrow a criminal. I think it could have been done far better but I also saw it as two things: first, he was taking on the sins and pains of others (like they do with some comic superheroes; they make them into Jesus figures) and second, because Prometheus wanted him to do it.

And Prometheus has been very adept so far at making Oliver go down the route he wishes him to.

The big reveal for Prometheus was lame (maybe it’s MEANT to be) but you can’t deny the man is a criminal mastermind. In a way, he’s more capable than any other bad guy has been at hurting Oliver. And Oliver has no idea how close he is to loosing EVERYTHING.

We already know that Thea and Felicity are his big ‘no-no’s’. Criminals do not touch them and live to tell the tale.

Yet he as lost them both: he just lost Thea (she’ll return a little later on) and Felicity – though he doesn’t know it – is already gone.

Worse, she went away and no one noticed.

Bear in mind that we’ve been told by Marc G, that Oliver will end the season balanced as a hero: he’ll be both Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow. So obviously this ‘let’s vilify my alter ego to by us time’ moment of glory was just that: a moment. An episode to show that Oliver Queen has evolved just as much as his alias.

Remember Talia who gave him the outfit to wear so that he could ‘vent’ for lack of a better word, his demons? So he could express his violence so that he could wear the mask of Oliver Queen?

Well, he doesn’t NEED it anymore.

But soon he’ll CHOOSE it. And he’ll do it in front of an audience Star City.

And a big part of how he’ll do that will be Felicity. There’s no way he can become this balance human without knowing she’s right there with him, balanced too. Either he’ll step up to guide her or her actions will push him in her direction but it will include her.

What I’m trying to say, is that – in terms of Oliver and Felicity, this is the low point. I’m concentrating upwards.

Admittedly I’m hastened on this by Stephen who answered some ‘damage control’ questions earlier. One of the things he stated was that a lot of Oliver’s choices that people are hating on so much are a sign that Prometheus’s plan is working. Oliver isn’t out of the woods yet: this is a decline. The next 3 episodes will decide the fate of SW and Oliver and either someone will die OR something very bad will happen to someone.

Even with this crap, I can still see a love scene guys. Pacing has always been an issue: don’t think they won’t do it. And we know (like with 3x20) how much can change in 1 episode. But love scene or no, I’m watching till the end and believe that we’ll see what we need to.

A reunion.

The narrative STILL leads there. If it changes then I’ll change my opinion.

(I d have a lot of OTHER thoughts about Oliver in this episode though… Jesus)

tagging these lovely ladies (and anyone who wants to join in) to tell me if I hit a truth crumb or if I’m an idiot:

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Beast Boy took Raven to a stand-up comedy show once.

She didn’t realize they’d be sitting up front, and Beast Boy assumed that if anything, the comedians would pick on him since he was the most obvious choice.

When the comedian started picking on Raven instead, Beast Boy had none of it; he heckled the jerk all night until the comedian said: “You think you’re so funny? Why don’t you do the show?!”

So, he did it. He went up there and made fun of the guy for as long as he could before security had to get involved. 

Needless to say, they never went back, and Raven still counts it as one of the most selfless things anyone has ever done for her. 

Don’t Forget (Part One)

Originally posted by jeonilys

Part One / Part Two

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: tattoo artist au, fluff, light angst
Contains: mentions of violence
Word Count: 2.1k

Author’s Note: I was working on this for when I hit my first hundred but that was about a month ago… But here it is anyway. This was supposed to be a one-shot and despite being super late on posting this, I’m still going to take my time and write it out properly instead of rushing it. So enjoy this tattoo artist au that steamed from one of those writing prompts involving tattoo-less tattoo artists and hardcore looking baristas.

You sat on a high chair at the counter of your aunt’s coffee shop, bundled up in a scarf and an oversized jacket to protect yourself from the cold wind that followed behind customers who’d enter. You took sips from your cup of hot chocolate that you had made for yourself, scrolling through multiple apps on your phone while you waited for more customers to show up.

Usually Friday afternoons were the busiest since kids would come by after school and college students would drop in to get their daily caffeine fix between classes, but this rainy day was surprisingly the slowest and most uneventful shift you’ve ever had in the three years of working at the shop.

In the corner of the quiet shop were two girls hanging out, talking loudly amongst themselves, drawing the attention of other customers with their giggles.

“You know Jeon Jungkook, right?”

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  • Them: What do you think about Ted sneaking into Robin's apartment to have an orchestra playing for her?
  • Me Internally: That was a fucking creeper move. Literally what the fuck. Dude if you don't have a key, you DON'T HAVE PERMISSION TO ENTER THAT SPACE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. If I was Robin, I would fear for my safety and security because apparently any random guy can just break in. The orchestra is not the point here. If he really wanted to serenade her or whatever so badly, he could have done it a less stalkerish way. Yeah, that veterinarian was right. NO ONE does that. No one being people who aren't creeps and stalkers. Miss me with that shit. I like romantic, cheesy stuff, but I'm not naive and deluded.
  • Me Externally: I don't really remember that scene, excuse for a sec, I need to go talk to my friend Kayla.
Unavailable (reader x Bucky) - Part 5 of Accidents Happen

Heyo! So I meant to have this posted last night, but I decided to try to go out and be social, therefore no time. Oddly enough, though, I’m posting this from my work because my power is out and I’m here after hours to use the wifi and charge my devices. Super crazy day. 

Anywho! This took me forever to write because this is my first attempt at a mission/action/fighting scene. Whew. I hope it makes sense and flows well. :) Send me any comments or constructive criticism in that regard! I’d love to your your thoughts. And thanks to @you-and-bucky for the tips and encouragement! 

  Part Four   Part Five   Part Six  

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Let me know if you’d like to be tagged or untagged in the future! Send me an ask. 


Unavailable (reader x Bucky) 

Characters: reader x Bucky, Natasha, Sam, Clint, Steve, OC Viktor Sokolov

Summary: Y/N is on a mission with the Avengers and things don’t exactly go as planned. 

Warnings: One swear word, action/mild violence, then some fluff!!


Originally posted by teamsteverogrs

As far as missions went, this was actually pretty boring so far. Five days in and things were finally coming together. Days were spent doing surveillance, analyzing patterns between the comings and goings of the frequent guests to the compound in Eastern Europe suspected of housing HYDRA operations. Which for you basically meant freezing your butt off in the middle of the woods in mid Winter and keeping an eye on the only road to and from the compound. Sam was in charge of scouting from above with help from Red Wing and Natasha had tapped into their computers to watch for activity. Steve had spent what seemed like forever seeking out weak points in the compound itself before calling the whole team back together with a plan for tonight.

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#194 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “the reader starts dating Van and when she meets the guys she realises one of them is Johnny Bond a.k.a. the guy she had several hook ups in the past? But like she wants to make things right with Van so tells him that they hooked up only once so Bondy is like mm whatcha doin😏 and teases her?” and “one where the reader and the guys are playing a pub quiz?”

You’d never been good at puzzles. Colouring in pages? Sign you up. Find a word? Easy. Crosswords? No. The one with the numbers in the boxes and something about Maths? Forget about it. Brain teasers… Riddles.. Anything that required separate pieces of information to merge and form one final product? Nahhhhhh, fam. Not a chance. Therefore, you often found yourself shocked when people you knew, knew other people you knew. The links became so obvious after, but the puzzle of human connectedness was always a mystery. It came as a surprise then, that you knew some of Van’s friends. You did blame yourself a little for not working that one out. How many Goddamn Johnny Bonds could there be in the world? 

To be fair, you knew him as John, and years ago before he bulked up and joined Catfish. As he sat across the pub table from you though, it was evident that he remembered you. He was smirking already. 

“Guys, this is Y/N. Y/N, this one’s Bondy, and that’s Bob. You know Larry,” Van introduced. 

Bondy’s eyes watched you, waiting to see if you’d say anything. How would you even bring that up? Oh, actually, I know this one because a couple years back we used to have a lot of drunken one night stands. It didn’t seem like a brilliant start to fitting into Van’s life easily.

“Hi,” you said instead of the truth. 

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linstead appreciation week day two: favorite partner moment
erin letting jay know she’s got his back after he shoots a suspect (2x01)

7.11: Dean goes Beautiful Mind over the numbers Bobby gave him on his death bed.

Bobby’s phone rings, and it’s a girl calling for his help, while Dean’s desperate to hear back from Frank about the numbers. Dean argues with Sam that they should focus on what Bobby spent his dying breath trying to tell them, but Sam argues that they should help the girl who’d reached out to Bobby and help her (because that’s what Bobby would’ve done). So they split up.

I love this, because Bobby wouldn’t have been able to cover both of these problems as just one person, but Sam and Dean can, because they are TWO people– just like the vetalas in this episode. They’re so successful as monsters because most hunters expect them to be ONE monster, when they actually work in PAIRS. Right down to the end scene where Sam and Lee are tied up in a situation where the vetalas would’ve killed Lee with one more bite, but Sam goaded them into biting him first. TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE. Even when Dean barged in to save them and tried to leave Krissy behind where it was safe, she escaped and came to join the fight anyway– again proving that two is better than one.

And heck, if three ain’t better than two… after 12.19 it’s all Go Team Free Will.

(Dean shows up at Frank’s, Frank wants Dean to prove he’s not a Leviathan so Dean cuts his arm and then hands the knife to Frank, because fair’s fair, douchebag. So basically Dean and Frank become blood brothers. I don’t make the rules)

DEAN: I’m glad we could share that together.

(see? Even Dean thinks so)

DEAN: Wait – Dick’s got people watching you?
FRANK: Do I look like I know? You think it’s easy to see this deep into what’s real and also be bipolar with delusional ideation? There is no pill for my situation, sweetiepop, so, yeah, best guess – the bigmouths are onto me. Next question.

(there’s a reason I really like Frank)

Dean finally gets some sleep at Frank’s Paranoia Caravan (I guess he feels safe enough, trusting in Frank’s security measures to finally nod off for a bit), but misses Sam’s call about the monster Krissy’s dad was hunting and asking him for help.

SAM (on phone): Dean, hey. So I think this guy was hunting a Vetala. Um, Dad took one down back in the day. Silver knife to the heart, twist, they’re done. He says they’re maladjusted loner types – like to knock a guy out, drag him home, feed slow. So, if Krissy’s dad got grabbed, there’s a chance he might still be alive. Be nice to get this girl’s dad back home to her, you know? All right, I could use your help. Call me.

(see my note at the top about working better in pairs, rather than “maladjusted loner types.”)

Meanwhile Dean sleeps 36 hours, and wakes up to Frank pointing out the Cas-coded (tan trench, buttoned up, dark hair) leviathan in a field:

Dean finally gets Sam’s message and knows Sam is working from bad information, because apparently John never updated his journal with the new info Dean had learned about vetalas hunting in pairs.

FRANK: Okay, then, fine. Do what I did.
DEAN: What? Go native? Stock up on C-rations?
FRANK: No, cupcake. What I did when I was 26 and came home to find my wife and two kids gutted on the floor. Decide to be fine till the end of the week. Make yourself smile because you’re alive and that’s your job. Then do it again the next week.
DEAN: So fake it?
FRANK: I call it being professional. Do it right, with a smile, or don’t do it.

Dean tries to keep Krissy out of it, because Sam had mentioned she didn’t seem to know what her dad really did for a living… but she absolutely KNEW everything about hunting…

DEAN: Vetalas usually hunt in pairs. Sam and your dad both assumed it was one thing hunting solo.
KRISSY: Why’d they think that?
DEAN: Because they had the wrong info. Or, best available. Our dad took down a loner years ago. Sam has his journal. Your dad must’ve been going on the same facts.
KRISSY: And you know different ‘cause…?
DEAN: Because I hunted one that turned out to be two a couple years back.
KRISSY: And you never told Sam? Wow, thanks. How 'bout sharing that with the rest of the class so we don’t all get killed?

And there it is. Dean had critical yet otherwise apparently unknown info, and he never bothered to even write it down, let alone “sharing it with the class.” Hunters coming together, pooling their info and resources, like the next level version of the Bobby and Rufus Hunter Switchboard Service. I think this is very much a part of where the MoL storyline is leading Sam and Dean (and all the other hunters that are being targeted by the MoL now). They might come together out of a need for survival, to share info and pool their resources, but maybe that will survive the end of the MoL and inspire them all to launch something better to help hunters be better at what they do…

So Lee and Krissy get to retire for a while until a twisted hunter drags Krissy back in, but meanwhile Sam and Dean get to drive away thinking they actually earned a win here. Even so, Dean pastes on the absolute WORST smile I have ever seen on him as they’re leaving, listening to “Dear Mr. Fantasy” while wearing Frank’s “professional” face, and it just makes me want to scream. It makes the usual performing dean seem like a bloody relief in comparison. This is Dean so crushed by reality he can’t even be bothered with the performance anymore.

I'm so mad right now.

I just left work. I was at my computer keying, with my music in as loud as it could be without bothering anybody. And suddenly I see everyone turning to look at an older Black lady that I work with with smirks on their faces. I saw her shaking in her chair and instantly pulled my earbuds out and said “SHE’S HAVING A SEIZURE”.

This guy got up and tried to help keep her sitting up straight but everybody else was just staring bruh. I was like “Somebody get someone, wtf!” And ran over to my supervisor so she could page security.

She wasnt even done seizing yet and people going back to keying like nothing was happening. They had been staring at her with that “fuck wrong with her lol” expression on they face. It really blew me man… Like I was in shock and I still got up to help. Just me and two guys out of 40+ ppl.

So I was watching this clip of 3JSB’s appearance on Monitoring, the segment on their Christmas present sense. It was absolutely hilarious, so I decided to put up a rough translation of the clip for those interested. =) Apologies for not knowing how to make subtitles and any mistakes I might’ve made.

The theme is to purchase a Christmas present for a girl whom you are not yet dating, and the gift has to be below 30000 yen. The person who ranks the lowest will have to pay for all the presents. The judges of the presents ranking were two female guests, Becky and Sasaki Nozomi.

And apparently, the viewers of the show have a chance to get the presents! Now if only I lived in Japan.

Edit: Fixed the weird formatting issue. It looks fine on my blog now. 

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Identifying a Fangirl.

You gotta love it when people claim that Sakura never got over her fangirl phase, and then only use examples prior to chapter 49 as evidence. 

I don’t think anyone can deny that Sakura was a fangirl at the beginning of the series, but she was 12 years old, that was to be expected.

Karin on the other hand, was 16 when first introduced, and was acting similar to how Sakura behaved at the beginning. In fact, Karin was acting much worse. Sakura’s fangirling was hardly ever depicted as sexual; It mostly involved blind, innocent cheering and wanting to spend more time together. By Contrast, Karin’s fangirling was almost exclusively sexual. 

And these sexual thoughts of hers were just as strong during the war, when they had far more important things to be focusing on.

Karin’s fangirling and comedic nature therefore continued during a time that was supposed to be the most serious and important battle of the story thus far, whereas Sakura literally hadn’t had any thoughts regarding how cool Sasuke was since the Chuunin exams. Yet, people say she’s still a fangirl :S

At one point, even when the object of her affection was severely injured, Karin couldn’t help but fangirl over Sasuke in his injured state, thinking he looked cool, whilst injured!

You wanna know how Sakura as a 12 year old reacted to Sasuke being severely injured?

Kishi kept Karin acting in this manner so as to make a clear distinction between Karin and Sakura, and to clarify to the readers who the actual fangirl was. From the beginning, Karin’s character was never meant to be taken at the same level of seriousness as Sakura’s. I say “the same” level because I don’t believe Karin’s character was purely designed for comic relief, but I’ll get to that in a moment. She was no doubt vital to Sasuke’s survival against Killer Bee and during the Kage Summit. But even when she gets serious and shows how important she can be:

It often reverted back to comic relief, thereby hindering the advancement of her character to a more serious one in nature, and keeping her trapped in the realm of a comedic character with some importance here and there:

Not only did Kishi show the distinction between Sakura and Karin in how they behaved, but he also explicitly signified through Kakashi that Sakura was no longer the fangirl she once was; her affections were to be taken seriously. She got Kakashi to change his opinion of her love for Sasuke, from initially thinking she was just a fangirl who prioritized getting with Sasuke over improving her ninjutsu skills:

To thinking that she was a kind and gentle girl who wouldn’t stop until she’d saved Sasuke from the darkness:

Her feelings had “changed from what they were back then”, and now she loved him “on a totally different level”. It can’t get much more explicit than that. Conversely, Karin went from this:

To this:

So much progression… She was still the same fangirl she had always been.

Also, one of the biggest differences between Karin’s and Sakura’s affections was the fact that Sakura was striving to save Sasuke from his dark path, whereas Karin did nothing to try to prevent it, regardless of how cold and intimidating his chakra was. 

This was how Sakura reacted to seeing Sasuke enveloped in darkness for the first time:

From the very first instance, she did her best to stop him before he sank any further, and succeeded. Now compare this with how Karin reacted to witnessing Sasuke drifting deeper into darkness:

She spotted the change, but did nothing to halt its progression. It was only after a first hand experience of Sasuke at his ABSOLUTE LOWEST, did she decide to no longer aid him along that path:

But the thing is, the situation should not have been this dire before she realised that helping Sasuke while he was in that frame of mind, was not a very wise choice. Sakura was privy to this immediately when she was 12, it shouldn’t have taken Karin that long to reach the same conclusion.

However, people often use this as ammo to bash Sakura, saying she was trying to save Sasuke for herself, and opted to kill him when she had thought that he had sunk to levels that were beyond recovery. Whereas Karin supported him through it all. But a viewpoint like that only makes sense if you wanted Sasuke to suffer in loneliness for the rest of his life. Sakura knew that his path wouldn’t grant him anything but more pain, she knew that from chapter 181, and she was only trying to prevent that:

All she wanted and wished for was Sasuke’s happiness, and would have gone to hell and back (she kinda did in chapter 685 :P) to attain it:

This is not a selfish attempt at guilt tripping Sasuke into returning her feelings. Rather, she’s not only trying to make him realise that all she wants is a better life for him, but also that his aspirations (especially the means by which he intended to achieve them), would only bring him further misery, and wouldn’t do anything for anyone.

However, as I mentioned earlier, I don’t think it’s fair for Karin to be taken solely as a joke. There are times where she has demonstrated that her feelings for Sasuke went beyond those of physical lust:

This was especially evident during the war when Karin discovers that Sasuke is on the verge of death, and becomes absolutely distraught over the news:

She subsequently gives her all to get to Sasuke in order to save him as soon as possible, unlocking her Uzumaki chains along the way:

This is comparable to Sakura giving her all to save Sasuke from the other dimension later on:

The biggest difference is what transpired afterwards. After Karin tried so hard to save Sasuke and he eventually woke up, what happened?

She got ignored. He didn’t ask how he survived Madara’s stab or why Taka was there, he just got on with his business, not paying any attention to her.

In contrast, what happened after Sakura saved Sasuke?

Sasuke holds on to Sakura (for longer than he needed to might I add :P), and sincerely thanks her. Why did the story pan out that way? because Sakura was no longer a fangirl like Karin was, and the main purpose of her character was not for comic relief. The following reaction to Sasuke apologizing to her:

Is not the reaction of a character who is to be taken 100% seriously. I didn’t even know what to make of that reaction or how she was feeling. What I did know was that she was again fangirling over an apology that was half sincere at best. I certainly knew what purpose Karin had in the story, and I was therefore able to enjoy her character for what it was, whilst also appreciating her genuine efforts to keep my favourite character alive.

On the other hand, it’s rather easy to decipher how Sakura felt after hearing Sasuke’s apology:

Utter relief and joy, that after all this time, they had finally achieved what they had trained so hard for: they had freed Sasuke from the shackles of his curse, and prevented him from living a life of loneliness and misery. Sakura wasn’t fangirling over the fact that she now had a chance to get with Sasuke. She was crying tears of happiness because she managed to secure a much better future for the guy she loved, regardless of whether or not that future involved her. That’s all there is to it. 

After all she had done, she certainly deserved Sasuke’s gratitude and the happiness his words made her feel. Because after all the angst, they could now both look forward with hope for a brighter future…

At least until the events of Naruto Gaiden :P

Can you laugh?
Mikey onii chan and Clover ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿
Can you laugh?

“Can you laugh?”

Sooo here’s another daddy-daughter-voice-acting-comic-thingy done by Mikey onii chan aka hyroolianwarrior / mike-with-a-microphone and me!

Arigatou daddy soo soo much >//w///< I love it when we voice act these things together! Hope we can do more together soon!

Sorry we couldn’t voice that guy who say, “You done fucked up Mike" 

It was sort of a rushed process uwu

Anyway the lovely idea came from Chandra chan aka the-new-security-guard

I absolutely adore her comics, especially with the baby marionette eee >//w///<!

So, have a nice daaaay ◕3◕! We love you all <3!

Mike Schmidt voiced by hyroolianwarrior / mike-with-a-microphone

Baby Marionette voiced by luckynekoprincess

Art comic by the-new-security-guard

The day I went to Taylor Swift's house.

Today I had the opportunity of a lifetime. Today I got to go to Taylor Swift’s house in Los Angeles with a handful of other diehard fans, and we all got the best surprise ever. We had the privilege of listening to ‘1989’ before it comes out in one month and one week with Taylor sitting in front of us.

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Any one else find Lea’s tweet about Darren slightly condescending?

Darren’s done so much with his career since Glee, and it’s like she forgot about his mere existence until he popped up on one of the two TV shows she doesn’t find a threat to her ego to tweet about. 

And she’s proud of him? For securing a one-episode minor role a slightly above average TV show written by the Glee guy? She didn’t tweet him once when he was headlining a massive Broadway show or putting together a charity music festival.

We Are Still Okay - Harry Styles

Y/N’s POV:

                Harry and I had broken up about 2 years ago and while I had always believed that once you break up that should be it, that wasn’t an option for us. We had been dating for about 6 months when I had gotten pregnant with our daughter Lily. We knew that it was a lot to take on with us being young and Harry still touring but we loved each other and we really tried to make it work. Thinks were great until she was born. I wanted her to live a “normal” life and Harry wanted to take her on tour with him until the band was over. We disagreed and the fights continued from there. It was never that I wanted to keep her from him but rather I wanted to keep her from that life. It was hard being in the limelight. It was stressful and I didn’t want her to be put through that, especially at her age.

                We set up a schedule for the two of us to visit him on tour and while it was his turn I was free to do what I wanted in whatever country we were in. The only time I took care of her during his time was during his shows or interviews. She stayed in his room every night and when our visit was done the two of us flew back and continued our lives in London. We decided on London so that it would be easier to share custody when he was off from touring.

                It was time for our monthly visit and everything started off the same until we got to the arena. The guys were already there so Lily, a member of security, and myself made our way into the arena. We had to pass a large group of fans and they started screaming at me calling me names. The names didn’t bother me but the commotion really upset Lily. She started crying and I walked faster trying to get her inside so I could calm her down.

                Once we were inside she kept screaming for Harry. I tried to hush her while the security guard tried to find Harry. I heard loud footsteps running down the hallway and turned around to see Harry running towards us. ‘Lily, I’m here. Daddy’s here.’ He picked her up from my grip and positioned her on his hip. He turned to me seeing I was upset as well. With his free hand he rubbed my back. ‘What happened?’  “The fans were yelling and it upset her. I tried to protect her from it but it was…a lot.” He placed his hand on Lily’s head and pulled her closer so he could kiss her on her forehead. ‘It’s okay sweetie. You’re safe now.’ She continued to whimper as she calmed down. “Lily, it’s okay. You’re okay.” ‘Love, why don’t you come with me to the dressing room.’ “Okay.”

                Harry laced his hand on my waist at first to lead me before he quickly pulled it away and apologized. “It’s okay Harry.” We walked to the dressing room and everyone was so excited to see Lily. The minute she saw everyone all her hurt seemed to disappear. Harry placed her down and she ran to the other guys as they all started playing with her. He placed his arm around my shoulder and rubbing my arm. ‘Are you sure you’re okay?’ “Yeah. I’m just glad she isn’t upset anymore. Thank you.” ‘Of course. We actually just finished up sound check. Would you like to go to lunch with me and Lil?’ I smiled. “I’d like that.”

                We let Lily play with the guys for a bit longer before we said goodbye and headed back out to get the car. Harry made sure the car was pulled up a lot closer in hopes Lily wouldn’t get upset again. We headed to a restaurant not too far from the hotel we were staying at and got a table in the back corner. Lily seemed completely fine at that point and seemed like she completely forgot about earlier. We both played around with Lily between courses and got to all spend time together for the first time in a long time.

                Once we were done we headed back over to the arena and Harry got ready for the show. As the show went on I began to think about our day and how I was wrong. Even though I tried to shield Lily from this life she still experienced it and my attempts to hide her from it only made it worse for her. A “normal” life for her would have been all three of us together. It wasn’t right to take her from him. I continued to play with Lily until she fell asleep. I placed her down on the couch backstage and sat down next to her rubbing her back.

                When the show was done Harry made his way backstage and I helped him pick her up and get her into the car. We took her back to the hotel and Harry took her to his room and we said our goodnights. I went to my room and laid in my bed trying to fall sleep. I knew I needed to talk to Harry but I was afraid to say the least. We had never been able to talk about this without fighting and today was such a great day. We hadn’t had that great of a day together since Lily was born.

                I finally mustered up the courage to talk to him and made my way back to his room. I knocked on the door and I heard Harry shuffle to the door before he opened it. ‘Hey Y/N. Is everything okay?’ “Yeah. I was just wondering if we could talk?” ‘Yeah of course. Lily just fell asleep in the other room so I’m all yours.’ I walked in and sat down on the bed. ‘Are you okay love?’ “Yeah. I just wanted to apologize.” ‘For what? Today? You have nothing to apologize for. You did nothing but try and protect her. You always do.’ “No Harry. Not that. About taking her from you.” Harry exhaled waiting for me to continue. “I realized today that I wasn’t protecting her by trying to hide her in London. She needs both of us and because of me she rarely has you. All she ever does when we’re home is ask for you. She misses you so much and I’m to blame.” ‘Hey. That’s not true. You are an amazing mom and you just wanted what you thought was best for her. Honestly when I fought to have her here I was saying it more from a selfish standpoint rather than what was best for her. Honestly, I don’t know what the best plan is for Lily but I think we should figure that out. If this isn’t working then the two of us should work out something else.’

We stayed up most of the night talking and working out a plan to make all of us happier. Before I knew it it was morning and I had fallen asleep on Harry. Harry rubbed my back and whispered my name to wake me up. I slowly opened my eyes before I realized where I was. “Sorry about falling asleep on you.” Harry smiled. ‘It’s fine love. I actually missed sleeping in a bed with you.’ I shook my head. “You’re a trouble maker.” Harry smirked. ‘You know you love it.’ Harry jumped up and followed behind me placing his hands on my hips. I squealed and squirmed out of his touch as we walked into her room. She was still peacefully asleep and decided to let her sleep a bit longer.

                Harry placed his arm around me and walked me back out to the main room. ‘Love?’ ‘What would you say about staying here a bit longer? Maybe we could try this again. I mean us.’ ‘Yeah. I’ve missed you. I know after two years I should have at least tried to move on but you’re pretty hard to get over.’ “So are you, you big dork.” Harry pretended to act offended. ‘Heyyyy.’ He pushed me down on the bed and began kissing me. I deepened the kiss before Lily walked in. “Daddy, what are you doing to mommy?” We both chuckled and Harry quickly got off me. He walked over to Lily and picked her up. ‘Nothing pumpkin, let’s all go get breakfast.’ “Very smooth daddy.” Harry winked at me and took my hand in his. ‘Why thank you mommy. Now let’s go get some food. I’m starving.’ 

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