the secret world of queues

The Secret World Legends is being launched for everyone in a little bit and I recommend it to everyone (it’s free!). It’s an action ‘shared-world’ RPG and the story lines for each mission is just amazing. They’ve made it way more easy to get into and way less hard to fuck up, compared to it’s former version.

Also, if you love mysteries, this games investigation missions are great and require digging around on the internet as well as in game.

Donna Tartt & Wes Anderson, della Festa del Cinema di Roma, October 2015


Oliver and Felicity have kept a secret from everyone. A very big one.

▌ Ghibli Best Songs

“Close your eyes and travel to the splendid Ghibli World

Mix with some of my most favorite Ghibli songs. These are songs that can touch your heart and warm you up inside. Feel the songs and let yourself be inspired by these beautiful melodies…

1. Teru no Uta - Aoi Teshima ● 2. Inochi no Namae - Ayaka Hirahara/Joe Hisaishi ● 3. Ai Wo Komete Umi - Aoi Teshima ● 4. Arrietty’s Song - Cécile Corbel ● 5. Sukiyaki (Ue O Muite Arukou) - Kyu Sakamoto ● 6. Kaze Ni Naru - Tsuji Ayano ● 7. Country road (Violin version) - Yoko Honna ● 8. Tonari no Totoro - Mika Arisaka