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Should you fight them: Russian leaders from 1855 onwards edition

Tsar Alexander II: leave alexander II alone. he just wants to free serfs and liberalize the legal system without having his authority threatened by the nobility. If you fight him you will definitely win, but, you’d be a bad person.

Tsar Alexander III: PLS FITE HIM. I mean, he’s big and burly and stoic and conservative and everything a Russian tsar is “supposed” to be so you will probably get all your limbs broken, but he is a dick, so fight him anyway.

Tsar Nicholas II: Fight him. You will undoubtedly win. He will run all the way to your duel by foot, by means of an extremely dumb and unnecessarily long route, (accidentally fighting the wrong person along the way) and be already totally wiped by the time he arrives. Even when it’s clear it’s a losing battle, and everyone he knows is telling him to just back out of the fight already, he will refuse, consequently pissing off everyone on his side and driving them to beat him up FOR you.

Vladimir Lenin: Don’t fight Lenin. He’s probably been planning his fight strategy for a decade. Bad idea.

Joseph Stalin: Um. Yeah. Don’t fight him. I dont think i need to explain myself, y’all already know the gory deets. Just, yikes, as much as fighting him would be amazing, pls stay far far away. 

~~fast forward~~

Nikita Khrushchev: If you fought him you would winbut he’d probably just read you an angry speech, throw a shoe at you, and then run away to watch star trek.

Leonid Brezhnev: Don’t fight him. He’s got a whole squad of underlings forced to come to his defense and fight you against their will, so, yeah. Don’t.

~~fast forward~~

Mikhail Gorbachev: You could definitely fight him, but you should probably just leave him be. He’ll probably just end up accidentally beating himself up, you wont even have to lift a finger. Anyway, he has a grammy and you don’t, so he’s won in the game of life. 

~~fast forward~~

Putin: i would say fight him but if he caught wind of your plans you would disappear off the face of the earth before you even got a chance.

Invocations to the Heart of Jesus

Heart of Jesus in the Eucharist, I adore You.
Sweet Companion of our exile, I adore You.
Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, I adore You.
Heart solitary, Heart humiliated, I adore You.
Heart abandoned, Heart forgotten, I adore You.
Heart despised, Heart outraged, I adore You.
Heart ignored by men, I adore You.
Heart, lover of our hearts, I adore You.
Heart pleading for love, I adore You.
Heart patient in waiting for us, I adore You.
Heart eager to hear our prayers, I adore You.
Heart desiring that we should pray to You, I adore You.
Heart, source of fresh graces, I adore You.
Heart silent, desiring to speak to souls, I adore You.
Heart, sweet refuge of the hidden life, I adore You.
Heart, teacher of the secrets of union with God, I adore You.
Heart of Him Who sleeps, yet ever watches, I adore You.
Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

Jesus Victim, I wish to comfort You; I unite myself to You; I offer myself in union with You. I count myself as nothing before You; I desire to forget myself in order to think of You, to be forgotten and despised for love of You, not to be understood, not to be loved, except by You. I will hold my peace that I may listen to You; I will forsake myself that I may lose myself in You.

Grant that I may quench Your thirst for my salvation, Your burning thirst for my sanctification, and that, being purified, I may bestow on You a pure and true love.  I would no longer weary Your expectations; take me, I give myself to You. I entrust to You all my actions - my mind that You may enlighten it, my heart that You may direct it, my will that You may establish it, my misery that You may relieve it, my soul and my body that You may feed them.

Eucharistic Heart of my Jesus, Whose Blood is the life of my soul, may it be no longer I who live, but You alone Who lives in me.    Amen.

Government Agents Are Killing The World’s Top UFO Researchers, Conspiracy Fans Claim

Two recent deaths of UFO researchers have reignited a conspiracy theory that government agents - or Men in Black - are killing UFO and paranormal researchers.

The conspiracy theory has continued for decades, with some believers claiming that hundreds of researchers have been assassinated over the decades.

Some even believe that JFK was killed by government agents - to stop him revealing the truth about aliens.

The two latest victims are UFO researcher Gaurav Tiwari, found dead in India under supposedly ‘mysterious circumstances’ - although authorities are treating it as suicide.

Max Spiers, a paranormal researcher who claimed to have been part of a secret government ‘supersoldier’ programme, died in Poland this month.

The cause of death has not been confirmed - but YouTube commenters are already convinced it’s murder.

Many conspiracy fans are convinced that world governments systematically kill off UFO researchers - to hide the truth.

Expolotics blog said, ‘I have never met Max, I have met other courageous whistleblowers, one man who was connected with the elite rulers, he told me the ultimate compliment from the Illuminati is when you are killed, it shows you are doing good work and are a great threat to them and their agenda.’

Nigel Watson author of the UFO Investigations Manual says:As long ago as1971, researcher Otto Binder claimed that at least 137 UFO investigators had died under mysterious circumstances during the 1960s.

‘According to UFO conspiracy theory, the CIA killed President Kennedy because he wanted to share UFO secrets with the Soviet Union. In addition, Marilyn Monroe was allegedly murdered because she was speaking too freely about UFOs. The night before her death she had spoken to the TV celebrity columnist Dorothy Kilgallen about the Roswell saucer crash of 1947. Kilgallen subsequently died under mysterious circumstances on 8 November 1965.

‘This shows how these various deaths can be woven together to support the idea that the truth about UFOs and alien visitations is being suppressed and discredited.


February 25th 1956: Khrushchev’s ‘Secret Speech’

On this day in 1956, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev made his famous speech 'On the Cult of Personality and Its Consequences’. Also known as 'The Secret Speech’, it was delivered to a closed session of the twentieth congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which was held in the Kremlin, Moscow. It was the first such congress since the death of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin in March 1953 and the accession to power of party First Secretary Khrushchev. In the powerful oration, Khrushchev fiercely critiqued the Stalin regime in a way unimaginable during his repressive rule. The new leader blasted Stalin’s oppressive purges of opponents and failures in his leadership during the Second World War. However Khrushchev reserved his harshest indictment for Stalin’s 'cult of personality’, which was the image - promoted by the Soviet press - of Stalin as an all-powerful, almost god-like figure. On the day, the reception to Khrushchev’s speech was one of shocked silence, as many of the revered Stalin’s crimes had never previously been revealed. However in the aftermath, some came to see the speech as a brave move by the new leader, while others considered it an attempt to deflect blame for all of the USSR’s problems away from Khrushchev and onto Stalin and his supporters. Either way, the speech marked the beginning in earnest of a programme of de-Stalinisation, which saw the dismantling of Stalin’s cult and systems of repression. Tributes to Stalin were also targeted, with his body being removed from its place of honor beside Lenin’s in the Red Square mausoleum, and Stalingrad being renamed Volgograd. The speech additionally ushered in a period of liberalisation known as 'Khrushchev’s Thaw’, which greatly curtailed repression and censorship in the Soviet Union.

“Comrades, the cult of the individual acquired such monstrous size chiefly because Stalin himself, using all conceivable methods, supported the glorification of his own person”

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what's demon!dave's background? how does he play into the demon!strilonde fam?

ALL RIGHT LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED. So in sum before we start on Dave’s background, I’ll drop a reminder that each of the demon strilondes either suffer from their aspect or from the lack of their original aspect as old gods once they were turned. So where Dirk is Unfeeling, Roxy is Unseen, and Rose is submerged in Darkness..

Dave is Frozen, both in time and in body.

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Student's guide to University of Leicester

Okay. So I’ve spent 4 years here after being 100% new to the city and figured hey that’s enough time to gather enough info to advise fresh young minds right? RIGHT?
Halls were fun. Catered or non catered both have pros and cons, either way if you live in Oadby, Asda is a 10 minute walk away. Oadby is a great place to live, leafy and compact with a wide range of accommodation to fit every budget and taste. It’s cute. Also got a brand new gym and pool. Noice. Don’t worry about making friends, it’s gonna happen, I mean you’re never going to get on with everyone but you’re going to have an amazing year.

Cool, so you had fun in halls but the thin walls and squeaky beds get old so you gotta find somewhere new to live for year 2. There are 2 main student areas really. Evington and Clarendon Park. Starting with Evington… it has a bad reputation and you probably are more likely to get mugged here but that being said I love it. Not all of Evington is bad, it’s a friendly and cheap place to live with a couple of good sized grocery stores, a billion banks and some great food places (Bombay Bites. Just do it. You won’t regret it). All in all, it’s a little rough around the edges, I’ve lived here 2 years and have had very little trouble, it’s not as bad as people say.
Clarendon Park is a bit different. Lots of independent shops, bakers, butchers, green grocers, restaurants…. you get the bijoux image right? Expect rent to be higher but that won’t necessarily get you a nicer place than in Evington. It’s a pretty, safe area with lots of convenient shops near by.
Some folk do live out Aylestone way or in the city but they are few and far between. Wherever you end up just remember, boring stuff like double glazing and boiler safety is really important, don’t rush into an unsafe or gross property. Nothing is cool about seeing your breath in your bedroom.
The university runs Sulets which has a range of university approved properties on it’s book, all with no agency fees.
Leicester is a good size city, everything is pretty much in walking distance or easily accessible by bus. It has all the shops you would expect from a city and a modern shopping centre as well as lots of independent shops and arcades (hit the Lanes). There’s a cinema and plenty of places to eat, all in all it’s a good egg.
The Leicester Tigers are obviously pretty big, as are Leicester City and sometimes you can get £5 tickets for matches.
If you are a fan of the arts, New Walk museum is a great day out (cute for dates and shit), the Curve always shows great things like Chicago as does DMH. Basically there’s tonnes to do to keep you entertained in your free time.
Ahhhh… nightlife. There’s a pretty healthy nightlife here. Republic is the biggest club in town (note biggest… not best) and is open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It’s like a big scary loud maze that you will never find your friends in ever again. That being said it’s quite fun but quite strict with it’s dress code.
Mosh is my favourite club. It’s smaller and plays a wide range of music varying on the day (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday). It’s good fun and there is a Subway like 10 m away for when you get kicked out. Cool.
The students union… yeah… open Wednesday (Red Leicester) and Friday (Shabang) (RIP Propaganda Saturdays). The O2 is pretty big and relatively cheap. It’s also close to home, usually a drunken stumble across the park.
I don’t really go out much anymore so I’m sure there’s other clubs out there, but that’s enough for now. I mean there is liquid but I don’t think anyone goes there anymore. Frowny face.
There’s plenty of cute bars too. You have stuff like walkabout and the loaded dog etc for cheap fun, the old horse is a fun, quirky pub with pub food in unhealthy portions, and yoy have bars like hakamou and the lansdowne for fancy cocktails. You got errything.
The uni is a good place to be. I can’t really deny that. It’s been a good 4 years. Campus is compact and pretty easy to navigate with lots of social spaces and you always have the park in summer. The library is huge and pretty new and shiny but if you need a computer try Charles Wilson or George Porter (shhhhh secret).
The union building is pretty new too (4 years) as is the gym on the edge of campus which also has a pool.
The union is home to a lot of sports and societies, you really have no excuse for not joining one. Whether it’s muggle quidditch, theatre, curry or burlesque (represent!), give it a go! Sports have a good reputation too, working and playing hard. Varsity against DMU is always fun. Societies and clubs are a great way to meet people, and there are plenty of international societies to help you feel more at home.
The university health centre is brand new (where are they getting all this cash from?) and offers all services including contraception and sexual health (you’re gonna need it). The university also offers counselling for free if needed, the waiting list can be long but they are good at their job.
The university and staff are there to help so just talk to them! And for the love of god go to some lectures? I can’t talk for all departments but I know that Chemistry here is great, totally supportive and friendly. 10/10 would study there again (except I’m moving uni shhhh).

So yeah. That is my guide to UoL. I hope someone finds it useful. I’m just waiting for my drunk neighbours to go out so I can sleep. But yeah, if you are about to start here, you are going to have a great time, I envy you. Stay safe and be nice and most importantly have fun.


picking thru lore kids ‘n remembered I had one of my own i still have to sell

Mephistopheles is first-born of a seer and her guardian and comes w/ a bio


Forbidden children of a Seer and her guard, they grew up in the shadows, hidden away from prying eyes.

Lyra had sworn herself to the Plaguemother under the rules of the Temple, content to endure the agony of her visions in quiet servitude. Her fragility led to the High Priestess assigning her a guardian, Abraxas, to help her recover in the wake of her visions. He was never meant to fall for her, and she for him.

But, they did. Lyra broke her vow in secret, and from their union came children who the High Priestess would surely banish if she found them– or worse.

So, Abraxas takes them, hides them in his quarters and teaches them to be quiet, teaches them how to wield a dagger in defense and to flee at the first sign of danger, and the moment they are strong enough, he turns them out onto the Wasteland, urging them away. Raised in this silence, they barely speak above a whisper.

Their mother does not meet them again, but she wonders in secret if the prophetic visions that plague her will plague them too.

Volunteering (Open RP starter)

“Welcome to Union Corporation’s secret volunteering program for the science branch.”

The announcer stood in a room full of portals and doorways. In the center were several individuals from different universes of different races.

“We are glad to offer you payment for volunteering in our secret testing. Well make sure your health does deteriorate and that you’ll be paid after the tests.

I am also informed to say some tests will be simple and safe, some will be dangerous, and some will be over the top lewd. We have a policy regulating this, so don’t ask. So who is up for the job?”

Here’s a TBT one for you all. A blog that me and Tegan wrote together, from the T&S website journal archives.

Date: May 6, 2005
Author: Rob (TEGAN in CAPS)

Following our show in Denver a whole bunch of us went bowling. (7 OF US) There was the Tegan and Sara team playing off against the Ronnie Vanucci (Killer’s drummer) team. I was on the Ronnie team despite being derided by my bandmates as a traitor. (TOTALLY A LIE. WE WERE ALREADY HALF WAY THROUGH THE GAME WHEN THE ‘DRUMMERS’ SHOWED UP DRUNK).
Whatevs, drummers stick together, we are part of an unspoken, secret union. (THE UNION OF WEARING SUNGLASSES IN A DARK BOWLING ALLEY)

There is a ritual involved that includes bowling on the same team. Truth be told, I didnt even know the Tegan and Sara team were bowling on the lane right next to us. (ONLY HONEST THING ROB HAS SAID YET)

I had, by this time, quite a few vodkas under my belt so my focus was on
impressing some of the members of our team with my sick bowling skills. (AKA RONNIE)

Didn’t happen, 10-pin bowling, bigger balls. I unfortunately have short,
stubby little fingers that dont fit neatly into the three available holes
found in the large, American balls. (2ND TRUTHFULL MOMENT)
That sounds wrong and creepy somehow. (YES IT DOES)

Needless to say, I did not impress them with any skills. Tegan, Ted and Sara on
the other hand were bowling strike after strike. (TEGAN MAINLY BUT TED DID HAVE ONE REALLY GOOD GAME)

I had no idea that both the sisters Quin were in fact junior Canadian bowling
That’s kinda cool and geeky at the same time.

I was told the next morning that both Chris and Craig (sound guy) were at
the bowling alley as well. Geez, how did I not notice them? (THEY ARE NOT DRUMMERS)

Also Sara tells me that, not once but twice Mr Vanucci flew at me
through the air and tackled me onto a couch or bowling lane, table
top, I don’t know, some sort of surface. (TACKLED-CUDDLED SAME THING)
I think Sara’s a liar and she has no proof of said events. (SEEN THE PICTURES IT TOTALLY IS TRUE)
Next up are our adventures at the Omaha Zoo…

Episode 489

Okay, I’ll come right out of the gate with this one—didn’t really dig this episode.

I knew they would have to trim/change/cut out parts from the novel to successfully translate it into a visual medium—especially one with a time constraint. I fully expected things to be a bit different.

Thing is, if you’re going to make a direct animated adaptation of a book, it’s important to at least keep its core message and tone the same.

So that’s where this episode fails. Spectacularly.

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Hump Day Titans And A Tiger

Alex Rieder And His Lovely Treasure Trail…

Jack Preece With A Wet Willy…

Colin Quigley Propped Up…

Greg Lound Playing Secret Santa…

Dallan Murphy With A Come Hither Leer…

Max Argyle And Michael Keating Enjoying Each Other’s Company…

Ryan Holmes Proving Himself To Be A Shy Tiger…

They Are All…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!