the secret to great hair

Yet another thing that annoyed me about Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Why was Eggsy Unwin such a brunette???

Unless it was some weird tribute to Harry, where the heck did that adorable blonde hair go???

wanna one as boyfriends: park woojin
  • as every other bf! pwj scenarios has said, woojin will be such a shy lil bean
  • i mean, im sure you knew he would be shy, but he literally just could not look at you directly for a week after you two started dating
  • even though he offers to go on a date with you every day no matter how short or long they may be
  • eye contact threw him into a fit of palm sweating, finger biting, hair fiddling, and cheek flushing
  • on your dates, he secretly loves subtle skinship in public as he was too nervous to be thAT FULL ON kinda dude
  • like when he accidentally brushed his hand against yours, grabbed the door handle at the same, etc
  • BUT in private, he’s gonna throw you around his shoulders
  • throw you on the couch
  • and koala-bear-attack you while watching your favorite flicks
  • also loves to stroke your hair absentmindedly
  • constantly takes secret candids of you
  • not really great at keeping it secret
  • eventually made a photo album of the candids for your one month anniversary
  • placed a recording of him telling you “i love you” inside so it plays upon opening
  • you open the book 2345798765432 times a day bc you love hearing his voice and because he didn’t know how to stop it (or redo it) so he ended up mumbling to himself until he figured it out how to stop recording
  • woojin rips the recording mechanism out after the third day
  • gets caught up in practice so he’s late A LOT
  • feels bad so he spends half the night winning as many claw game machines as possible
  • your bed is 83.48% plushies within a few weeks
  • “how are you mine?” “why would you pick me?”
  • needs reassurance bc he thinks you’re just that damn amazing
  • gifts you small things he notices you admiring through store windows or online
  • does that cheek-puff-air-blow thing while he waits for you to open your gift and see your reaction
  • “woojin, how did you know i wanted this?”
  • he’ll just do his awkward smile and ruffle your hair
  • will try to fix your hair when he sees he’s made it all stick out on top
  • makes it worse
  • ends up making you two so staticky both of your hairs start to stick together as you walk with one another

my-bokuto-san  asked:

Randy!!! it's Keith's birthday!!! got any headcanons???

I suuuuure do! I may be a Lance stan but KEITH! Keith is my BOY!!

  • He cronches ice and it drives everyone crazy because it’s loud
  • Wanna know the secret to his great mullet? going to bed with wet hair like a LUNATIC
  • Keith really wanted a milkshake before he left but he’s lactose intolerant
    • also because he doesn’t want to seem soft, if you so much as offer him a milkshake, he’ll get really defensive
    • Lance: Hey man, want a milkshake?
    • But deep inside he’s crying because he just wants a little sip
  • He sleeps with his socks on. He’s a madman.
  • “I don’t have TIME to learn the names of the constellations, Shiro! I’m busy destroying everything you own on accident with my baseball bat!”
    • Keith was a hyperactive little boy
    • Why big brother Shiro signed him up for sports, we will never know
  • He only ties his hair back on nights when he needs good luck
  • Keith, seeing shiro for the first time after Kerberos: fucking frosted tips
    Shiro: fucking mullet
  • He’s so awkward sometimes, even Allura cringes and she hardly knows better than he does half the time
  • Hunk was the first person on the team besides Shiro that he learned to trust
    • Keith also becomes fiercely brotective of Hunk
    • If you make Hunk upset he’ll waste you, no hesitation

Spooky Showtunes for the Halloween Season:

A collection of songs from musicals or operas that have darker themes, strung together to get you into the Halloween mood.

{ Prelude, The Visit // O Sailor, Here Be Sirens // The Photograph, Ghost Quartet // Lullaby, Bernarda Alba // The Private and Intimate Life of the House, Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 // carrion, The Medea Cycle // Voodoopunk, The Dolls of New Albion // He Comes Riding, Raggedy Ann the Musical // Leave Luanne, 35mm // Fires of Creation, The Witches of Eastwick // The Pig Must Die, The Hunting of the Snark // Any Kind of Dead Person, Ghost Quartet // Attack of the Banshees, Starmites // Circe, The Golden Apple // Storm I, The Secret Garden // Bird Inside the House, Marie Christine // The Voodoopunks, The New Albion Radio Hour // Never Day, Never Night & The Final Jest, Adventures from the Ocean of the Dead // What a Piece of Work is Man, Hair // Rising Up/Act 2 Finale, See What I Wanna See}


“Y/N,” Bucky whispered, anxiously waiting for a response from your side of the COMMS. “You still in the building?”

“Yes,” you replied, keeping your voice low as you snaked around the doorway of an office.  You quickly flashed your gun up at any danger, but it seemed that whoever was in here had evacuated… quickly.  Papers were strewn all over the office’s desk and nearly all the drawers of the file cabinets had been ransacked through.  You tucked your gun away and brushed the hair out of your eyes as you hurried over to the desk.

You began to sort quickly through the papers, trying to make sense of them. But it appeared that whoever had left this place a mess had obviously wanted to keep their secrets to themselves. 

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people i've known w/ each sign
  • aries: sam // tries to make people laugh at the most uncomfortable moments, gets very mad in traffic, makes bad decisions, spends hours fighting with people online for fun, talks with an accent in public, 4.0 GPA
  • taurus: emily // takes dozens of pictures of her dogs, went through a very bad MCR phase in middle school, super stubborn and never listens to advice, "hates men" but is actually boy-crazy, chaotic neutral af
  • gemini: rachel // obsessed with television shows and cats, has a lot of friends but never admits it, majoring in communication, plays the flute really well, loves strawberry cream cheese, got a tattoo on a whim
  • cancer: bobby // always looks stoned, goes to disney world once a month, would run a marathon for you, easily embarrassed, only has female friends, really good at history, lowkey smartass
  • leo: logan // plays jv football, sends unsolicited dick pics, calls every girl "princess", really good at singing and acting but never sings or acts, takes pictures of himself holding guns, wears snapbacks
  • virgo: rina // valedictorian in high school, smol smol smol, going to school to be a doctor but really just wants to own a bakery, great at hair styling, super high pitched voice, secret weeaboo probably
  • libra: eduardo // flirts with anything with a pulse, wears skinny jeans all the time, always drunk or high, thinks his smile can melt frozen hearts, pretty lazy, rates women's bodies when they walk by
  • scorpio: sydney // always wears sunglasses, color codes all her notes, star gymnast, nice whenever she needs anything, owns too much lilly pulitzer merchandise, takes selfies in front of sunsets, loves country music
  • sagittarius: jack // always smirking and flipping his hair, only drinks dr pepper, never goes to class but is still super smart, quotes 30 rock in everyday conversations, would probably be a great boyfriend
  • capricorn: thomas // tall dark and handsome, would be a trump supporter, only plays video games, scares small children and birds, only listens to frank sinatra, probably wears fedoras around the house
  • aquarius: robert // very public weeaboo definitely, president of math club, gets angry whenever people curse, uses a batman phone case, a little too eager to make people like him, won't tell me his tumblr url
  • pisces: aimee // dyes her hair a different color every other week, really good at math, goes to warped tour every summer, makes friends with teachers, makes her own t-shirts with song lyrics on them, classy emo™

For anon…I’m using Ben Barnes as Sirius and the reader is slytherin as requested.

You yawned loudly as you stretched your body out. You had been sitting in one of the courtyards, studying. It hadn’t helped that some friends wanted you to go watch you team practice Quidditch. Quickly, you reminded them that, even though you still had pride for the Slytherin house, you needed to finish your homework. None of the professors were going to go easy on you. This was especially so since you spent most of your time with your boyfriend; Sirius Black.

Your body relaxed, intent on returning to the massive textbook. You heard some soft shuffling heading toward you. You glanced up and grinned.


You jumped up and gave him a tight hug. He returned it just as enthusiastically. He chuckled lightly before creating space between the two of you. You raised a questioning brow.

“Are you really going to make me say it?” he inquired.
You giggled. “Either that or your infamous secret to your great hair.”
He smirked and sighed. “My brother seems a tad bit jealous.”
“Darn. I was hoping for the hair,” you quipped.
“You’re not mad?”
You shook your head. “Of course not, Reg. Sirius is jealous of everybody.”
“I am not,” a voice yelled from behind a few bushes.

You raised your gaze to see Sirius bolting from the shrubbery. You held back a laugh by biting your bottom lip. Your gorgeous boyfriend hurried his way toward you and his brother.

“Then why hide in the shrubbery all day?”
“He’s been there all day?” Regulus asked amused.
“Noticed him when my friends asked me to go the the Quidditch pitch,” you explained just as humored. “You think one wouldn’t be so nervous to just come and sit with me. Especially not Sirius Black, my boyfriend.”
Sirius blushed slightly. “You underestimate yourself.”
“Still smooth while blushing I see,” you continued to tease.
Regulus laughed with you. “This is quite the opposite of you, brother. Jealousy I could see, but nerves? How surprising?”

Sirius sent him a glare that caused the two of you to laugh even more. It melted into a bit of a smile as he saw you smile. When it died down, you gripped his hand.

“If anything, you can trust your brother,” you soothed, “He is my best friend after all.”
He nodded. “Alright. But just my brother…and James, Remus, and Peter.”
You rolled your eyes and pecked his cheeks. “Of course, love.”

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lunetist  asked:

"Oh great Prompto ! Give me the secrets of your bleached blond hair please !" LANCESTOP


❝ My hair isn’t bleached you pleb. Now learn some fUCKing rESpeCT bEFoRE i mAKE yoU. plus you’re just jealous I have freckles and blond hair.


I blame the fact that I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model on me being born in North America

True, Victoria’s Secret model’s bodies are great et al but how do I get their hair?

The signs as I know them...

Aries: A helpful know-it-all with good intentions but bad judgement.

Taurus: The jokester who seems to always be slightly confused.

Gemini: Badass with a sweet smile.

Cancer: Either way too peppy or way too negative, great at balancing other people’s moods.

Leo: Freckles and giggles and is instantly the coolest person in the room.

Virgo: Mispronounces words but is so cute no one corrects them.

Libra: Always gets their homework done and will offer to help you with yours, if you buy them coffee.

Scorpio: The strangest and most twisted person ever, but is very beautiful and driven.

Sagittarius: Can be weak-willed, but will never let you down when you need them most.

Capricorn: Has a lot of books. Knows a lot of secrets. Great at braiding hair. A+ friend.

Aquarius: Most insane person, literally would do anything on a dare. Or on a whim.

Pisces: The most easily angered and also the prettiest, is fiercely independent yet somehow still child-like. 

5sos Preference #62: Award Show

Ashton: “We’re so honored-” Ashton starts instantly after being shoved up by Michael to take over manning the acceptance speech. You watch from your and Ash’s apartment, squealing and bouncing from excitement and pride. He continues, “To win this award. Seriously, thanks to the fam for your endless support of us. We love you guys. You’re the bestest.” You chuckle at the fact Luke has taken the award and seems to be petting it to check if it’s real on live television. “Our own families, for always supporting us when it was just us dicking around in Mikey’s basement.” Mikey takes the opportunity to mouth “HI MOM.” “And I know I’d like to thank my girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N for always being amazing. Thanks for believing in me. I love you, babe.” He points cheesily at the camera, and you can’t help but blush and aww! at your amazing boyfriend. Calum steps up, “I'd also like to say thanks and I love you to Y/N-” “Shut up!” Ashton shoves him away, laughing. “Thanks for voting for us, we love you all!” Ash wraps up. As they walks away, Luke adds, “Especially Y/N!" 

Michael: "Just admit it, Y/N. I look sexy as hell.” Michael says, straightening his tie like a secret agent. “You look great,” You say, sin sarcasm, worrying about your hair and your cleavage-line is it too deep??? “Wow, no biting comment? No harsh insult? No sarcastic opinion?” Your frenemy/secret crush prods at you. “Just shut up!” You finally snap as he keeps poking at you and finally just tugs down the strap of your dress as you try to fix your hair again. “Finally, something. You being all quiet and not bitchy was getting annoying.” He says, pleased with himself “Stop it! I’m really freaking out, I have to present the award for MTV’s ‘Best Music Video’ and I’m going to completely mispronounce something like their name or my name or the award and it’ll all be-” You’re cut off by him leaning forward and kissing you, his fingers getting tangled in your hair. You kiss him back, too tense not to. “Shut up. You’re amazing. Now get out there.” He slaps your ass as he pushes you out of the room.

Calum: “And the winner is…” You take a deep breath, opening the envelope. You shouldn’t be biased, but you are. You shouldn’t be hoping against hope for 5sos, your favorite band, but you are. You should’ve turned this down but you wouldn’t let yourself. Yes, you’re famous too but dammit you fangirl as hard as the rest of them. You can’t help the grin spread widely on your face, “5 Seconds of Summer!” You read, clapping. Ashton, Michael, and Luke all run up on stage after their group hug of celebration, and you kiss them on the cheek. But when Calum comes up, after high-fiving fans sitting in the front seats, he looks so ecstatic he cups your face and plants one on you in front of millions of people. You’d heard he had a celeb crush on you, but you had no idea it was true. Without thinking, you kiss him back, dropping the envelope in favor of making out with him because it’s CALUM HOOD YOU’RE AT LEAST A LITTLE IN LOVE WITH HIM. “Sorry about that.” He blushes as he pulls away, the crowd cheering. You just grin, “Don’t be.”

Luke: (His POV) “Fuck me, you guys I can’t do this. I’m so screwed, I’m going to ruin this for all of us.” “Luke, calm down.” Ashton tries to put a hand on my arm but I smack it off. “I can’t! This is the fucking Billboard awards! I can’t do this!” “Yes you can, dammit.” Calum says. “You’ll do great. We got you.” He gestures to the rest of the band, and they all nod. “But-” I try but Mikey interrupts. “Don’t make me slap you, Hemmings.” “I’m going to throw up.” I say, so nervous. “But you look so punk rock in that outfit.” I twist to find the source of your voice because I know your voice. I see you standing there in the doorway and instantly rush to hug you. “You’re here!” “You’re an idiot if you thought I’d miss this.” You kiss my lips with a quick peck, “You’ll do great up there. Cal, Mike and Ash have your back. You’re gonna fuckin’ rock this thing.” “I just said that.” Calum whines. “She said it better.” I stick my tongue out, already relaxed. When I go to grab my guitar, I overhear her whisper, “Have his back out there, boys. You’ll do great.” I smile to myself, I have the best girlfriend.