the secret staircase

247. We are not allowed to fill up the hallways and classrooms with fog to try and create a more “spooky atmosphere fit for a school of witches”.

I’m just saying - for being a magical school, the actual school itself is kinda boring. - SB

This school is confusing enough as it is without adding the element of fog to our days. - PP

This school is amazing. The magical staircases… (RL)

That move at the most inconvenient of times. (SB)

The secret passageways… (RL)

We pretty much discovered all of those by Christmas of our second year. (SB)

He has a point. - JP

The feasts! - RL

Yeah, you got me there. The food here is amazing. - SB

Hear hear. - PP

You got that right. - JP

I’m sorry I can’t write a recap for this show (19/03/17), because I just don’t have time to spend hours on it this week. But this performance was so special that it merits some mention.

The whole show felt like an outpouring of love and joy from every single person involved. It really captured, in one performance, why I fell in love this play. It’s having a collective experience with a group of people who love Harry Potter, and it’s watching a cast who understand that love bring the story to life. It’s seeing Harry’s emotional intensity lived out so completely on stage, and watching him and his firey, difficult son figure out that they love each other, and the ways they can express that to one another. It’s seeing two boys who love each other working out their problems together and supporting each other, the pure heartbreak of their separation, and how they would go anywhere and do anything for one another. It’s seeing individual actors do stunning things, and forgetting that you’re watching anything other than the characters themselves.

I love being able to sit in a theatre and just get lost in this incredible world for five hours, and I love how outside of the show all these actors are such wonderful people. It’s a joy to interact with them, and watch them interact with each other. And most of all it’s a privilege to be able to share this play with so many amazing friends, people I’ve never met in person before but it feels like I’ve known for years, who I can flail and meta with; who get it.

It was a genuine honour to be in the theatre for today’s performance, and there was one moment when everything was lit up while the boys saw Hogwarts through the trees, where I just looked around and went wow. This exists, and we get to experience it, this beautiful work of art and passion and love. What a gift.

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Elsewhere kinda reminds me of my neighbourhood. My elementary school was tiny, grade k-9 with only 200 students. In the basement, where being able (or, more likely, made) to go down to fetch... something, was a once-a-year occasion. In that basement, there was a tunnel, stretching 20 meters out into blackness before turning into light. No one dared crawl to far in. There were secret staircases hidden under bushes that I have been hard-pressed to find, despite walking there since childhood. (1/2)

(2/2) I remember walking, once, when I was young, through alleyways and parks, under trees and along streams. There was a driveway who’s gravel was white, crystal-covered stones. My mum would always let me and my brother take a stone, but never more than one. We would hurry home and wash them, scrubbing them with water - never soap - until they shined. I grew older, I changed schools, and though we still have the stones somewhere, I never could find the source.            


The Winchester Mystery House, located in San Jose, California, is said to be one of the most mysterious, and haunted, houses in the whole world. This beautiful seven story mansion was the home of Sarah Winchester, the widow of the man who invented the Winchester rifle. She built this bizarre house when her husband passed away to house not only herself but also the spirits of the many men and women that were killed by her husband’s invention. The house consists of secret passageways, staircases that lead to nowhere, and windows overlooking other rooms. It’s speculated that these oddities were created to accommodate the ghostly characters that apparently still haunt the mansion.

anyways books belong to their readers and you can’t tell me that hogwarts castle doesn’t flexibly adapt to students’ needs

 you can’t tell me that autistic wizard kids aren’t generating magic stims of light and sound and touch, fidgets that move and reshape themselves and repattern. you can’t tell me that students aren’t charming parchment to transcribe speech, take notes, become whatever alternative format is needed. imagine a spell that, with just a tap, changes an ink writing into Braille– and if the library books can scream they can change their formats for you. i want library books that will speak their information to you, and it’s so much better than a text-to-speech program or a muggle audio format of a textbook bc you don’t have to fuck with the table of contents or struggle to scroll through it you can just ask it 

give me students who use dictating quills to take notes and write papers, students who lug their goddamn muggle tech into the school because the wizarding world’s still using quill and ink, and so dumbledore has to change the school policies regarding muggle tech

i want disabled wizards trading useful spells, disabled students trading information on secret rooms, on the best moving staircases, on secret passageways. i want disabled wizards whose wands are their canes, hagrid’s umbrella style, and bewitched braces that adapt and loosen and tighten and restructure themselves during the day. Deaf wizards who sign their spells, who always win duels because they’re the greatest at nonverbal spells. autistic wizards who are incredible at fighting off legilimency because their minds work differently, students with depression who have all the skills to combat dementors

i want the castle itself to start adapting to the needs of disabled students. the walls themselves start to give directions to students who have difficulty navigating the complicated moving layout, the walls themselves give labels, the stone walls raise themselves into Braille or whatever alternate format. no elevators in this castle? go to the landing of the stairs and they’ll move for you to where you want to go. 

students of all houses uniting because two of the dormitories are in the basement, in the dungeons, and two are in high towers, and this is not gonna work, dumbledore, you gotta get your shit together

i want there to be an office of disability services so students don’t have to organize all this shit by themselves. i want students with testing accommodations who don’t have to take exams in the goddamn great hall, magic interpreters, individualized class schedules, a counseling center- especially given that these are kids who were raised in the aftermath of a world in trauma. i love the idea of disabled students finding ways to survive with room-of-requirement stuff but let’s also get some institutional support in here too

 are there students who have individual rooming instead of the at least four to a space situation we see with harry? are disabled students isolated from the traditional dorms because there’s stairs to each place or do they deal with that? are there students with service dogs? are there students with service owls or rats or toads because those are the only animals technically allowed does hermione have a cat because crookshanks is a service animal

it’s just. it’s lazy storytelling to tell me you can magic away disability. tell me how you can incorporate magic into accessibility efforts, tell me how magical and non-magical resources can be connected and improved by each other. tell me about disabled kids who take muggle studies, who apply magic to accessibility in the muggle world, who apply muggle technology to the wizarding world and adapt it and enchant it. tell me about disabled kids in transfiguration who aren’t transfiguring themselves into nondisabled folks but are transfiguring things around them to be resources. that vanishing cabinet sounds great for sensory overload and oversocialization, tell me about that. tell me about disabled kids in herbology using old wizarding herbs and medicines, about disabled kids studying wizarding law and developing wizard equivalents of the ADA 

Winchester Mystery House

After the untimely death of her daughter in 1866, Sarah Winchester, wife to the man who created the Winchester Rifle, sought out a psychic medium. The psychic told her that she was cursed by those killed by her husband’s rifles, and that they had taken her daughter as revenge.

In fear, she ordered this massive house to be constructed to confuse the spirits. Apart from it’s mesmerising appearance, the house consists of dozens of intricate corridors, secret rooms, staircases that lead to nowhere, and doors that step out onto thin air, making it a truly unique Californian landmark.

Barbie: Rapunzel AU

So this one is a bit harder, because I’ve seen versions with both Adrien and Marinette as Rapunzel, but for this version I’m going to have to cast it this way:

Hey, look, it’s Marinette as Rapunzel! She’s an artist which is a main point of the show and we know that Marinette is artistic with her designs and stuff… 

Rapunzel finds companionship in the dragon Penelope (our Alya), and Hobie, a rabbit (Tikki. For this AU, Tikki is more like Rapunzel/Marinette’s voice of reason, as opposed to Hobie being super worrisome and anxious). 

Rapunzel lives as a servant to the evil witch Gothel (Hawk Moth, lookin’ good!), who resides in a manor isolated in the woods. She grows up believing that Gothel saved her from abandonment as an infant. 

While preparing tea for Gothel, Penelope accidentally finds a secret staircase which leads to an old room below the manor. In it they discover a gift from her parents who allegedly deserted her: a silver hairbrush.

After serving Gothel her meal, Rapunzel and her friends revisit the cellar where Penelope exposes yet another secret: a tunnel leading to the nearby village. Rapunzel takes this path to the small kingdom and is able to rescue a princess named Katrina from a pitfall.

Then Rapunzel meets Prince Stefan. He’s our Adrien!

Rapunzel quickly rushes back to the woods to avoid being discovered by Gothel. Unknown to Rapunzel, Gothel’s pet ferret, Otto (Volpina. Weasels can be as slippery as foxes, right?), has witnessed the entire exchange. A furious Gothel demands Rapunzel to tell her the prince’s name. Rapunzel insists that she does not know it, but Gothel does not believe her, thinking Rapunzel has been lying. Gothel transforms the bedroom into a more secure, seemingly unescapable tower and stations Hugo (Alya’s mom), Penelope’s father, outside.

The Hairbrush magically transforms into a paintbrush. Rapunzel begins to paint. It soon becomes clear that she doesn’t need paint, and whatever she paints becomes real. Rapunzel paints the village and then uses the painting as a portal, arriving at the palace gardens and meeting Stefan.

Stefan asks Rapunzel to a masked ball. She replies that she will meet him there. Rapunzel leaves, painting a way out. When back at the tower, Rapunzel uses the paintbrush to paint herself a beautiful gown. Hobie and Penelope provide a mask.

Gothel gets wind of the ball and arrives at the tower, cuts off Rapunzel’s hair, and shatters the paintbrush. She also manages to destroy the painting of the village. Gothel angrily puts a spell on her tower, which eternally holds people who lie. Gothel then storms to King Friedrich and Stefan’s castle. Back at the tower, Rapunzel manages to escape with the help of Penelope and Hugo, as the spell only works if the prisoner is a liar, which Rapunzel is not, so it allows her to leave. She then rushes to save Stefan and his family.

Stefan is lured away from the party by Gothel, disguised as Rapunzel. Gothel reveals herself and begins her attack. King Wilhelm comes before King Fredrick, hoping to end the feud by force. It is revealed that the source of the feud is that Wilhelm believes Fredrick kidnapped his daughter, who has been missing since she was an infant. Friedrich replies that he planned nothing of the sort and he has no idea where Wilhelm’s daughter is, to which Gothel reveals that she took Rapunzel because Wilhelm “loved” her but married another woman.

Rapunzel arrives just in time to stop them from fighting, and King Wilhelm immediately recognizes her as his daughter.

The witch attacks Rapunzel with magic. As Rapunzel runs into the royal maze, she remembers the magic painting of the tower that is still there and tricks Gothel into running into it. Gothel finds herself in Rapunzel’s tower, where Hugo reminds her she can’t escape, as she has a lying heart.

Rapunzel is reunited with her biological parents and Stephan.

(look at the chest grab… Marinette chest-grabs!)

Rapunzel marries Stefan, thus ending the feud as well as uniting the two kingdoms, and they live happily ever after!

As part of my 2016 resolution “go out and do more things” I went to see @maggie-stiefvater tonight in Westlake and can now report:

1.  @maggie-stiefvater is at least four times cooler than you think.

2.  You cannot show up too early for one of her events, I showed up twenty minutes early and was ticket holder 141.

3.  It’s possible she was escorted up a back staircase or secret elevator but from my spot in the back it looked like she just appeared out of thin air or was possibly summoned by our collective will and that is what I chose to believe happened.

5.  Ask about the fainting goats.  Seriously.

6. Her arms are covered halfway to her elbows in friendship bracelets and she seemed delighted when I produced mine to tie on her arm.  Make her a friendship bracelet if you don’t know what to say.

7.  She’s just really fucking cool you guys.  10 out 10, would highly recommend.

Speculations on the Trespasser DLC

Ancient elves :
From what we can gather from Solas’ outfit, he is working with the Sentinels, or people that look like them. It has been two years : he had time to recruit them, to train them and / or become their leader, especially since he is now Mythal too.
There is a secret staircase under a statue of Fen’Harel, which seems to lead to the place where we meet Solas.

 In the same place, there are also petrified Qunari.

Have we seen petrification magic before? Is it another place where time has frozen ? Is it the Fade, or a real place ? What would Solas need an army for ?   HOW POWERFUL HAS SOLAS BECOME ? 

Do the Eluvians finally lead into the Fade ?

 From this screenshot, they seem to, and hat has me very worried. Not only that but many places in the trailer look completely surreal.

The Qunari Invasion :

The Qunari seem to be invading from the eluvians, which means they are invading all over southern Thedas at once. They are using their Sarebaas. A LOT.

They also seem to have their own dragon. It has the ropes that we find on Qunari armor and equipment all over its body.

What is the relationship between the Invasion, the troubles with the mark, and Solas? How did the Qunari gain control of the Eluvians ? Are the Elves allied with the Qunari (by giving them access to the Eluvian) or are they fighting back ? 

Or are they using the Qunari as a distraction to make their own move ?

Orlais, Ferelden, and politics :

- If the Qunari invasion is happening in both Orlais and  Ferelden at once, it is not impossible that the Inquisition requested some sort of martial law to unite every forces under its banners. Or is the Inquisition held responsible for the invasionn ? The mark seems to be acting on its own, it is not impossible that the mark was used to unlock the network of eluvians. That would make the Inquiitor responsible for the invasion. We see an active eluvian in Halamshiral. 

Did the Inquisitor activate it ?


The Inquisitor is summoned by what seems to be the Council of Heralds for unknown political purposes, in Halamshiral. The mark flares up, acts on its own, and activates the Eluvian in the palace. There are dead qunari bodies lying in the corriders. I theorize that the Qunari invade Halamshiral to take control of the eluvian (probably killing the Council or proving the Inquisitor’s point that they are needed). With access to the network, they can invade all over southern Thedas.

“Whatever happens to the Inquisition, the world needs you. I need you.” I suspect the Inquisitor is talking to Solas here, since he is probably the only one that can heal or remove the mark. 

Is it possible to forge an alliance with Solas and his army of ancient elves to stop the Qunari Invasion ? 

“Allow me the chance to properly explain.

This world is populated with many locations we in the business refer to as mystery dungeons. These dungeons have the mysterious ability to change shape and form every day, so you will always find yourself treading new ground.

But that is where I come in.

My family has the ability to foresee the mazes beyond a dungeon’s entrance, and many explorers come to me for maps to these strange lands. I can mark treasure locations, traps, secrets and staircases to help you on your journey, should you be interested.

But that’s enough sales pitching for one day, you may call me Albert.”

((Albert is unlocked for questioning and interactions))