the secret of youtube

This video has been EXCOMMUNICATED from the internet. I had to go into the secret back channels of youtube to find this. I hired 12 polish hackers from the dark web to uncover this from the digital vaults underneath Google’s front page.

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Hiii I was wondering if you knew of any accurate animal documentaries. I know most nature documentaries sensationalize things but I was hoping to find one more truthful. Thanks!

you really can’t go wrong with any David Attenborough documentaries. And there’s so many of them that you can’t run out.

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But some other great ones:

I drew @commanderholly in a cute/witchy outfit. I was planning on drawing her in one of her Looks™ but that just…didn’t happen?

Things have been blowing up recently with YouTube and it’s genuinely upsetting. But Commander Holly is honestly such a role model. She marches, she uses her platform to speak on real issues, and she’s just an all around incredible woman. So I highly recommend watching her content, because she’s a genuinely good person with a lotta’ heart.

Some bands everyone should know about :)

Steam Powered Giraffe - Brass Goggles

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - The Lord Of Lightning vs Balrog

LEAV/E/ARTH - The Other Side

Ashland - Closer

Fit For Rivals - Damage

Icon For Hire - Under The Knife

THUNDERMOTHER - It’s Just a Tease

Loïc Nottet - Million Eyes

Ally Hills - Space

William Control - The Monster

Petra - Jekyll and Hyde

Palisades - Aggression

Sworn In - Make It Hurt

iNSOMNiA - Joker

Social Repose - Filthy Pride

Bry - Astronauts

Secret Tree Fort - Memory to Me

Hair Jordan - Broken

Emma Blackery - Don’t Come Home

Boyinaband - Don’t Stay in School

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