the secret of steel

\Additional Cast Announcement?!/

Following the release of Alphonse Elric’s visual, a special and critical information will be released on April 1st! The secret inside Alphonse’s steel armour is obviously….!? 

The Hagaren movie staff just trolled us with this cute video, revealing the secret behind Alphonse’s steel armor….. FOR APRIL FOOLS [DANG IT IT REALLY GOT ME]

Apparently the important announcement didn’t come out today, but it might come out soon this month! [I’M BETTING THIS MIGHT BE THE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR AL’S VOICE ACTOR.] 

Stay tune for more info!

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Hi folks! Welcome to the Penumbra Podcast Fandom Holiday Exchange! We thought it’d be fun to do a secret santa-style gift exchange between fans of this incredible podcast. We’re hoping to keep it low pressure, low stress, and therefore Maximum Enjoyment

This event will have two main parts: a gift exchange, in which participants will sign up and be assigned someone to secretly create a gift for, and a prompt fest, in which prompts left by anyone can be filled by anyone, so long as they have the desire. 

Rather than limiting ourselves to the usual fic-or-art, the Exchange will be open to fanfiction, fanart, graphics, playlists, fanvids, podfic, and any other fannish medium that can be shared digitally. For more information on the exchange, check out this link.

Our schedule is as follows:

SIGNUPS: October 15th - November 1st
ASSIGNMENTS: November 2nd - 8th
POSTING: January 1st - 10th 

If you’re already sold, you can sign up using THIS FORM!

If you think you’d rather abstain from commitment, you can submit a prompt using THIS FORM.

Cats were apparently extinct in the Fallout universe (despite some supposedly being used to create Centaur mutants when exposed to the FEV), until Fallout 4 included cats. There are cats living in some settlements, a cat that came from a vault, and actually dead cats found in the Institute.

So one of a few things might be true:

  1. Cats survived in New England, but not in former Washington DC, the Mojave Desert, or anywhere near the Californian west coast. (Though somehow, a cat is found on the Pyrdwen. An exotic pet, by Brotherhood of Steel standards?)
  2. A secret cat vault was opened somewhere in New England, releasing domestic cats into the wasteland.
  3. Test subject cats somehow managed to escape the Institute.
  4. All cats in the Commonwealth are synth cats specifically populated by the Institute.

Taking into consideration the fact that Edgeworth is a secret Steel Samurai fan, Turnabout Samurai must’ve been just terrible for him. I mean…

Chief: “Edgeworth, we have a new case for you to prosecute.”

Edge: “Ah, good, I was starting to get bored. Whom will I be prosecuting?”

Chief: “Will Powers.”

Edge: *Almost spits out tea*

favorite things about peter nureyev

  • melodramatic teenage revolutionary
  • takes an entire 48 hours in the company of juno’s salty ass to decide “yes, i’d like to Have Adventures with this person forever, and tell him my Super Secret Real Name, and probably write JUNO STEEL & PETER NUREYEV in my diary 50 times surrounded by little hearts”
  • pockets random things and then forgets he’s stolen them
  • has a whole Thing about fake names. is honestly terrible at fake names
  • “Pete”
  • literally so excited about the entire universe
  • probably still has no idea what Juno meant about rabbits
  • actual dickensian orphan
  • CAN and WILL improvise triumphant supervillain monologues
  • keeps entire sandwiches in his pockets (for later???)

And today, in “actual, proper, grown-up adults freaking out about the possibility of a woman playing a fictional character” we have…

problematic powers

AO3  -  PT2

If you asked Kara Danvers about her most problematic superpower, she’d lie.  

It wasn’t that she wasn’t grateful for her abilities, how could she not be?  The allowed her to save countless lives on a daily basis.  It was just… Sometimes super-hearing could get a little awkward.

Usually Kara could block these things out.  She could just… tune into a nearby radio or television.  She was still following the problematic relationship between Eric on the third floor of her building and his boyfriend Dwayne, honestly they really just needed to sit down and have a conversation rather than sniping at each other over kale smoothies.  

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Mostly BL1 portraits. One more group of photos after this by Benjamin Olive.