the secret of possessing joy

He has told me he likes man as he likes women which seems only natural he says, since he is the offspring of two sexes as well as two races.   No one is surprised he is biracial, why should then be surprised he is bisexual?

This is an explanation I have never heard and cannot entirely grasp, it seems too logical for my brain

—  Alice Walker, from Possessing the Secret of Joy”, 1st edition published 30 June 1992
Half-dozing, we turned and moved together,

always touching, in a sleepy, slow-motion ballet, learning again in silence the language of our bodies. Somewhere in the deep, quiet hours of the night, he turned to me without a word, and I to him, and we made love to each other in a slow, unspeaking tenderness that left us lying still at last, in possession of each other’s secrets.

-Voyager, House of Joy