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The INTP Finals are here. I am honestly surprised by our finalists. All great characters and all show INTP in very different ways. Last year the winner was Luna Lovegood of the Harry Potter Series, although the Harry Potter fans have been fighting hard this year, with Minerva winning favorite ISTP and Sirius Black coming in a close second for favorite ESTP, it appears that a Harry Potter character did not even make it close to the finals this year. The winds are changing folks. Who will is be? The logical Velma? The pessimist Charlie Brown? Or the secret investigator Nancy Wheeler?


“What Harry found most unusual about life at Ron’s, however, wasn’t the talking mirror or the clanking ghoul: It was the fact that everybody there seemed to like him.”

I’m fucking sobbing

The ultimate list of musicals for new theatre fans

1. Hamilton
A rap musical about Founding father Alexander Hamilton nuff said

2. Les Miserables
A bunch of good looking French revolutionaries a escaped prisoner and a inspector that will emotionally destroy you

3. Next to Normal
a rock musical about a dysfunctional Family with a mentally ill mother it will make you cry

4. The Phantom of the Opera
A disfigured lonely genius falls for a Beautiful young opera chorus girl with deathly consequences you will cry

5. Little Shop of Horrors
A Love story and a alien murderous plant that feeds on human blood is funny and horrible

6. Natasha, Pierre the great of 1812
A modernish take on War and Peace and it’s great

7. Dracula (West end)
A very gothic musical about Dracula very true to the book (make sure you listen to the west end version)

8. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
A gothic tale about a vengeful Barber with bloody, gore and cannibalistic outcomes

9. Dear Evan Hansen
A teenager with severe social anxiety gets caught in a web of lies involving his crush and the death of her brother you might cry

10. The Hunchback of Notre dame
A outcast unattractive nice guy gets abused by his guardian falls in love with a beautiful gypsy with tragic consequences

11. Into the woods
All your favourite fairy tales mixed up with death

12. Aladdin
If you’ve never watched the Disney film what are you doing with your life?

13. Evita
The life and death of beloved first lady of Argentina Eva Perón you’ll probably cry tbh

14. Wicked
what happened between the Witches in Oz before Dorothy arrived

15. In the Heights
The life of a Latino small business owner in New York

16. Something Rotten
if Shakespeare was a rockstar with EGGS

17. Jesus Christ Superstar
A rock Musical about Jesus’s crucifixion and it’s amazing

18. My Fair Lady
A sweet musical about a uneducated pretty young girl being educated and brought into high society

19. Singing in the rain
A Handsome actor meets and falls in love with a talented young singer in the hollywood golden age

20. The Secret Garden
a bittersweet story about learning to deal with and live life after loosing a loved one with a pretty garden involved

21. The Lion King
Again if you’ve never watched the Disney movie what are you doing? It’s basically Hamlet with Lions

22. Pippin
A young performer trying to find his place in the world

23. American Idiot
yes it’s the greenday Album made into a musical and it’s great damn it

24. you’re a good man Charlie Brown
The Peanuts characters in a sweet musical about what it means to grow up

25. A man of no importance
Love life of a Irish theatre troupe director with Oscar Wilde

26. be More Chill
A Scifi high school musical for nerds with Mountain Dew and super computer chips it’s amazing

27. Avenue Q
Basically Sesame Street for adults it’s weird but great

28. The Rocky Horror picture show
A crazy Alien Transexual scientist seduces a lost young couple with pleasure leading to pain

29. Newsies
19th Century Paperboys revolt with consequences people may cry

30. Heathers
Imagine every teen high School story… now add murder, bombs and sarcasm

Feel free to add more

immajustkeepsleeping  asked:

Yoooo, because I always wanted to see more of him in the books, what are your head canons on Charlie Weasley??

huh, let’s see

  • him and hagrid were the best buds during charlie’s hogwarts years, charlie probably used to hang out at hagrid’s hut quite often, just like the golden trio years later after him
  • percy calls him “an outdoor type” at some point in the books which gave me a mental image of charlie barely spending any time at home and instead exploring the wilds surrounding their village, looking for all kind of creatures, magical and not, keeping a little journal of his researches, interesting herbs and flowers pressed between the pages, doodles scattered across the notes
  • not perfectly fluent in romanian, but still can speak it
  • like twice a month gets owls from oliver wood who keeps begging him to ditch his sodding dragons and join professional quidditch (wood’s team, obviously)
  • he was in the same year as tonks at hogwarts, so naturally i imagine them being friends during their school years; tonks was probably the first one to join him in any secret shenanigans (like sneaking into the forbidden forest when charlie became obsessed with an idea to confirm rumours about an acromantula colony being established there. they were shortly caught by hagrid though)
  • i really like the idea of him and harry hanging out together, maybe it’s because they’re both among my favs and i always want my favourite characters to hang out with each other. anyway, there’s this one scenario i enjoy, where harry sets off to travel for a bit after the war to take a break from everything and to see what wizarding communities in other countries are like. at that point of his travels where he starts to miss familiar faces, he visits charlie. they get to know each other better, bond over their fascination for dragons and quidditch and after a while charlie becomes the third closest weasley to him (after ron and ginny, obviously) 
  • i also wonder if the place in romania where he went to study dragons is something like an alma mater for draconologists from all over the world. like, if you want to study dragons, that’s where you go. if so, then i like to imagine it’s a very interesting multinational and multilingual community there 

Harry Hart would want to you to get sleep. Merlin would want you to eat. Eggsy Unwin would want you to drink water. Roxy Morton would want you to take time for your mental health. Charlie Hesketh would want you to take your meds. The Kingsman would want you to take care of yourself❤️

Finally happy

Pairing: Eggsy x reader

Word count: 1192

Warnings: swearing

(a/n: no hate towards Tilde’s character at all, I just thought of this idea, I no way intend hate on her!)

Eggsy was caught in a trap. He didn’t know how to get out without hurting somebody.

He loved you. He loved you so much more than the swedish princess that slept next to him and he hated it. The two of you had been friends for years and only now had he realised that he loved you - it all made sense to him now. For years he felt butterflies whenever he saw you, and whenever you smiled, he smiled but he never thought it meant he loved you - oh how he was wrong.

Eggsy looked over at Tilde next to him, watching as she slept peacefully before looking back at the ceiling, thinking everything over in his head. He couldn’t break her heart but there’s no point being in a relationship with someone you don’t love - it’s not fair on that person when they give all their love to you when they could be giving it to someone who will reciprocate those feelings back.

But Eggsy wasn’t the only one stuck. You were too.

You were dating a man that you didn’t love anymore. You loved Eggsy but you couldn’t have him; he was in love with a princess and you were supposed to be his best friend, there was no way he had the same feelings.

Oh the irony.

You sat up on the edge of the bed, looking behind your shoulder to check if Charlie, your boyfriend, was still sleeping before you went into the bathroom, splashing water in your face. You loved Eggsy - there was no doubt in that but you hated it. It was unfair on Charlie, unfair on Tilde and unfair on yourself.

You remembered when you were with Eggsy, you were also a Kingsman recruitment for the new place of lancelot and Charlie started to pick on Eggsy. Being the good person you were, you stood up for him but soon enough you and Charlie started flirting with each and eventually it bloomed into a relationship.  You remembered everything feeling strange and at some moments uncomfortable but now, looking back on it, everything added up.

You loved Eggsy.

“You alright babe?” you heard a voice say from behind you. You turned around to see Charlie, shirtless and looking very sleepy.

“Uh, yeah I’m fine” you responded, giving him a small smile which Charlie returned before walking over to you and wrapping his arms around you waist. He peppered kisses up and down your neck, his stubble scratching your neck - you felt guilty. You felt extremely guilty.

Here Charlie was giving you all his love and attention and you did nothing in return, you just let him carry on placing kisses down your neck. You felt no love, no attraction to him - I mean, you did think he was very hot but you didn’t feel anything in the perspective of feelings and love. It felt wrong.

“Charlie, I’m sorry-” you said, blinking back tears as you pushed him away from you, “I can’t do this anymore”

Charlie looked at you puzzled, and slightly hurt, “What?”

“I can’t-…I can’t pretend anymore” you said quietly, as you left the bathroom and gathered your clothing that was scattered around his room.

“Can’t pretend what anymore?” Charlie asked as he watched you put on your clothes and followed you as went to his front door.

“I can’t pretend to love you anymore” you said very quiet, but loud enough for Charlie to hear. Charlie moved in front of you and blocked the door so you couldn’t get out.

“What?!” Charlie said in anger and disbelief, “After all this attention that I give you, you give up on me like that?”

“Charlie, I’m sorry that I don’t love you anymore” you said, “But please…just look at me”

Charlie reluctantly looked at you, and you stood on your tiptoes, placing a kiss on his cheek - your lips lingered on his skin for a few seconds before you pulled away and looked him in the eye.  “You figure everything out and you’ll move on, Charlie. I’m sorry”

Charlie moved aside, letting you out and watched as you walked away.

You pulled your jacket closer to your body, walking through the cold streets of London to a bar that you knew was open at all kinds of hours. Opening the door of the pub, you entered but stopped once you saw Eggsy sitting in the corner, looking at his drink distantly. You made your way over to him, surprising him as you sat opposite him.

“What are you doin’ here y/n, you should be asleep” Eggsy muttered.

“Could ask you the same thing” you spoke softly, studying his sombre appearance.

Truth was, Eggsy had just been through the same as you - but worse. Charlie had let you go but Tilde reacted very different, she had every right to, Eggsy believed.

He knew he broke her heart and she had every right to cry but Eggsy didn’t want to stay with someone whom he didn’t love.

Eggsy had woken up Tilde, he couldn’t hold it in any longer and had to confront the swedish princess. He told her everything, how he loved you - which probably wasn’t the best idea but he did anyway - and how he felt so stupid and sorry.

“You love, y/n?” Tilde asked in strong disbelief, Eggsy nodded trying to avoid looking at Tilde. “Get out! Get the fuck out!” She had yelled at Eggsy and he left very quickly, going to the pub he always went to. When you had walked in, Eggsy felt a slight wave of relief.

“Did you and Tilde fight?” you asked softly, Eggsy shrugged.

“Something like that…” He said, you noticed how he was avoiding looking at you. “What about you? Why are you here at two in the morning?”

You let out a sigh, “I, urm, I broke up with Charlie” Eggsy’s head snapped up, and he looked you at.

“Y/n…I’m sorry-” Eggsy started.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine. Didn’t really love him anyway…” you admitted to Eggsy, tucking a piece of you hair behind your ear, “that makes me sound like a bad person, I promise I’m not” you chuckled lightly.

“I don’t love Tilde anymore” Eggsy quickly confessed. You looked at him, with your eyebrows raised in shock but inside you felt relieved as well as guilty. “I love someone else..”

“So do I” you said, not breaking the eye contact you had with Eggsy. Unexpectedly, Eggsy leaned over the table and captured you in a passionate kiss.

“Eggsy..” you said as you watched him pull apart and move so he could sit next to you.

“Y/n, I love you so fuckin’ much” Eggsy whispered, hovering above your lips, you smiled, leaning your forehead on his.

“I love you too, Eggsy” you whispered pressing your lips against his, wrapping your arms around his neck.

You feared what was to come: picking your stuff up from Charlie’s, going to work the next day and encountering Tilde at some point but now you had Eggsy and Eggsy had you, the both of you were finally happy with the right people.