the secret intensity of everyday life

Mars square Pluto: “Protector vs. Predator”

These are emotionally violent types. They can’t control or contain their emotional spite, and are physically damaging individuals. They have the capacity to ruin lives. They victimize themselves for personal gain, and lie regardless of consequence. They have tumultuous relationships/marriages, and are difficult people to get along with in everyday life.” (unknown source)

Hard or discordant aspects coming from Pluto are extremely volatile, intense, and terrifying if provoked. However, they are extremely symbolic and represent tremendous depth in a person.

Mars is the planet that rules Aries – it represents our natural instincts, drive, motivation, sexual nature, how we express our anger and frustration. Pluto is the planet that rules Scorpio (Scorpio is also co-ruled by Mars, keep in mind) – it represents transformation, death, rebirth, regeneration, what we keep secret, trauma, intensity, our inner beast. Pluto can be highly destructive. It can sometimes be referred to as the “higher octave of Mars” because of it’s nature in this way. While Mars is aggressive and destructive, Pluto is on another level – another octave – meaning, Pluto has the power to completely wipe out a person, and bring them back as someone who’s stronger and wiser.

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#malec (crack) Headcanon

Alec watching Magnus sleeps, this could go either way: 

Aww~ so sweet and loving.. 


Uh.. Alexander~? you okay? ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

(Alec meant it to be the first obv~ but Magnus starts freaking out coz honestly? Alec looked scary - looming right in front of Magnus’s face - all intense like, when the latter accidentally woke up in the middle of the night) 

Cue Magnus frantically calling Catarina (in secret)

“No.. no, listen Cat.. This is serious. No, I wasn’t just being paranoid~ I really think my darling Alexander got possessed again. I woke up and he was just… staring at me.. And when I asked what was he doing, he just.. smiled.. creepily..  (ʘ‿ʘ)

Whatever shall I do~? I tried exorcising him secretly but it didn’t work. I think this is a really strong demon. I.. I even made his coffee with the holy water I stole from the chur..hello? Hello, Catarina??”

… Can you imagined Alec tried being a romantic loving boyfriend but only succeeded in scaring Magnus instead?