the second to last one is a waist hold


Summary: In which Bucky falls in love with you, a writer.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,531

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When Bucky first met you, he didn’t know you were a writer. All he knew was that your coffee was scorching hot when it toppled over and spilled all over the front of his shirt. Your words were rushed as you fumbled over an apology and dug around your canvas bag for something he couldn’t see.

Bucky would learn minutes later that you were on a quest for crumpled up napkins to clean up the mess you’d made. He didn’t have the gall to tell you that a napkin was pointless. There was no way to clean up the mess he was after seeing you. Because, as silly as it sounds, he knew from the moment that you collided with him that he’d willingly withstand the heat of a thousand freshly brewed cups of coffee for another second with you.

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Manners (Jimin smut)

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Description: Jimin is your best friend’s roommate, and to say you get on each other’s nerves would be an understatement. Jimin decides it is his mission to teach you some ‘manners’.

This fic includes: Explicit smut, ‘good girl’ term, dominance games, hate love type dynamic, light spanking, ‘teaching of manners’ lmfaoo

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Jimin x You (ft Yoongi and Taehyung)

Word count: 4.5k

You lazily played a game on Yoongi’s phone, your eyes peering up every now and then to look at the TV screen, displaying a movie utterly boring to you. You let out an unintentional sigh; you were considering getting up to scour for food.

“Why are you here if you’re so bored?” Jimin asked from the other side of Yoongi, whose lap your head lay upon. You sat up to match Jimin’s glare.

“Jimin.” You heard Yoongi scold under his breath. Deciding not to waste your energy, you ignored Jimin and got up to search through their fridge. Yoongi thought you couldn’t hear him once you were in the kitchen, and you barely could, but his low and deep voice rung through the practically silent dorm “I’m so sick of you being such a dick to Y/N. Go say sorry.”

“What?” Jimin laughed. “I’m not a child.”

“Jimin.” Yoongi’s voice was so stern you got goose bumps.

“Whatever.” Jimin mumbled, his light footsteps approaching the kitchen. You quickly stuffed your head in the fridge, acting like you were very busy. When you looked up, closing the fridge door with a muffin in your hand, Jimin is leaning back against the counter with his arms crossed over his chest and a subtle frown on his face. 


“I’m glad you’re making yourself at home.” Jimin says, his eyes pointing at the treat in your hands. You smile tauntingly, not breaking eye contact as you take an excessively big bite.

“Thanks.” You mumble through your full mouth.

“Gosh, did no one ever teach you manners?” He asks with a serious expression.

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Five Months

Description: You run into your ex-boyfriend while at a party with your current one and during the encounter are reminded of all the ways he still controls you.  You aren’t entirely surprised to find yourself on your knees in the bathroom with him in front of you minutes later.

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 12097

Warning: Dom!Namjoon, spanking, breath play, daddy kink, demeaning names, punishment, cheating, bathroom sex

A/N: @avveh prepare to die.  I think I listened to The Weeknd the entire time I wrote this haha.  Some of the songs were played over 100 times just during the time I wrote this, particularly “Shameless”, “Earned It”, and “Often”.  

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NU’EST Hyung Aron looking after his members at the M countdown ending!

I noticed that at the end of m countdown Aron looked after the Nu’est members so well it was seriously cute!

-Aron holds onto Ren’s waist and gently guides him in front of himself allowing Ren to escape the heavy crowd before him

-Aron also does the same for Baekho, guiding him towards the exit to escape the crowd. Aron is the last one to leave the stage, besides Minhyun

-BUT the thing that really stood out to me while watching it live, was Minhyun turned around the second the show was over, and waved his queue cards around trying to get Aron’s attention- he didn’t need to because Aron was already gazing intently at him! Aron looks so proud im crying

Here is a fan account of the minron moment:

700 Celebration (2/100)

Request: @aubzylynn : “ 😍😍😍😍 Hi, honey! Can i request a bucky fluff fest puh-leeeease? 25, 5, 12, 13, 31😘😘 i love you”

25. “If you don’t stop looking at me like that we’re going to have a problem.”

5. “Tony is going to kill us.”

12. “You know what? We’re having a party, and you’re not invited!”

13. “I will pay you at least ten dollars to help me build a blanket fort.”

31. “I really want to kiss you.”

A/N: This is so not a drabble… Oh my god. I’m going to stop pretending I’m capable of writing drabbles. I will not be held responsible for the length of these requests.

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“Bucky!” You gave another insistent knock on his door.

“Damn it, woman, I am trying to sleep!” His voice was muffled as it came through the wood, but you heard the steady grumbling grow closer until the door opened, revealing a very sleepy and disheveled Bucky Barnes.

“Why are you even sleeping? It’s like eight o’clock, you weirdo.”

Trying to be considerate unlike some people. The more I sleep now, the less I sleep while watching whatever nonsense you’re forcing on me tonight.”

You tried to glare at him for that comment, but the little grin he was sporting was too much for you to handle.

“Fine, well, tonight is starting early. I may have been a little too thorough in the blanket and pillow gathering process. You know what this means.”

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You Can’t Save Everybody {Peter Parker}

Summary: You’re friend with Spider-man but you don’t know his name, he promised that he will always be there for you. One night when you were going home a boy took you into an alley. You call for Spider-man but he didn’t come.

Words: 2.k+

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

WARNINGS: Rape (If you’re very sensitive about this subject please don’t read this part.)

A/n: This part took me more than 2 hours, smh. There’s raping in this chapter so read at your own risk.And No I do not support raping, I do support rape victim. 

“I guess, I’ll see you tomorrow.” you said standing up to leave. Spider-man stood up next to you and nodded.

“Same place, same time?” He asked, looking at you through his mask.

“Yeah, bye.” You waved and turned around to walk to your apartment. Spider-man stared at you as you walked away from him.

He sighed deeply, wanting to tell you who he was but he couldn’t, not when he care so much about you. He shot his web around the city, following his senses. He usually walk you home but you wanted him to go and help other people too. You promised him that you’ll call for him if you’re in trouble and he promised to always be there to help you.

You began to feel like somebody was following you, you looked back but saw no one. You started running but as soon as you did that, you heard footsteps and they’re faster than yours. Your breath quickened and you began to feel nervous.

You yelped when a strong pair of hands caught your wrists, pulling you back causing you to stumbled on your feet. You tried to yank your hands off the person but nothing was working. You turned your head around seeing a boy who was probably 19 or 20. His breath reeks of alcohol. His grip on your wrists tightened causing you to yelp once again. You called out for your friend Spider-man but the boy punched you half way. You fell to the ground, holding your stomach with one hand as the other was being held by the boy.

Peter’s spider senses began to tingled, chills ran up his spine and one of the criminal punched the side of his face because he wasn’t focusing. He fought the criminal quickly, trying to save as much people as he could. When he was done with the dude, his senses were still tingling. He was about to shoot his web when an old woman cried out for help a block away from where he was.

His feet traveled quickly on the cement floor, he shot the web at the guy who was trying to get the old woman’s purse. He dragged the guy’s face with his web, hitting his head on the wall. He then gave the purse back to the woman and told her to call the police as his senses continued to tingle.

Police sirens rang through his ears as he glance around trying to see if there was anything else he could do to help. When he checked on everything, he followed his senses, trying to find the source of it.

“You gotta be kidding me,” he said under his breath when he saw two cars being followed by more than 5 police cars on top of the building he was standing on.

He jumped down, webbing one of the car easily, helping the police. He then shot webs around the city following the other car who was way faster than the other one. Corner stores were starting to fall a part when that one damn car crashed into it every time they took a turn. Peter’s had to stop for a few seconds to add his web fluid into his web shooters before he continued to followed the car. He could hear people screaming out in fear every time the car past them.

He didn’t get why everything have to happened that time all at the same time.

While all that was happening, the boy carried you over his shoulder, nobody noticed him doing that because everybody was busy trying to stop and running away from the car. The boy ran into one of the alley, probably where he lived. He pulled open the door and placed you on one of the couches in the small room. You were barely awake after the punches he gave you.

In a distance you can hear the police sirens fading away, meaning that they stopped the other car, but Spider-man didn’t come and save you yet. You still have hope but it’s running low.

He later walked over to you, he began to undressed himself, pulling his tight jean and shirt off. You tried to stand up but the pain in your head was unbearable. You wince loudly as the boy  pulled you back down on the small couch. He particularly ripped your shirt off you before he did the same with your skirt, leaving you in your bra and underwear.

You tried to fight him off by pushing and kicking  but he punched you a couple of times again. Tears began roll down your pink cheeks as you cried, still trying to get out of his grip. He used one of his hand to pin both of your hands over your head and began to kiss down your neck as you quietly cried for help.

You would occasionally wince in pain from the movement the boy created. Every time you tried to move away from his kisses he would hit you, leaving bruises on your body. You didn’t kiss back when he moved his lips on yours. You twisted your hands  and cried for your friend but he punched your stomach, this time making sure that you wouldn’t be able to talk or stop him. When he was satisfied with the kisses he un-clipped your bra and took your underwear off, leaving you naked just like him. Tears continued to rolled off your cheeks as you laid there helplessly.

Where are you?”  You asked quietly, barely hearing yourself. Once your hope disappeared completely, you gave up on trying to help yourself and just laid there as the boy began to thrust into you. You were thinking about the bad things you did, saying to yourself that you deserved what was happening to to you even though you didn’t.

Later that night, the boy let you go. He left bruises and hickies around your body. You stumbled home crying three in the morning, trying to find and excuse to tell your parents. You didn’t want to tell your parent because you were now ashamed of yourself. When you got home, your parent shouted at you, thinking that you were at a party, doing bad things.

You stepped into the shower, rubbing your skin with one of the stones you bought, trying to get rid of the shame that was on your body. You kept rubbing until your skin was bleeding. You cried under the shower for about an hour before you forced yourself to sleep.

When you woke up, you tried asking your parent so that they would let you stay home but they didn’t. You walked to school with your head down, still feeling like shit. The bruises and hickies were still there as you put makeup on them.

You were quiet for the whole day, not talking or concentrating in class. After school, you were supposed to meet up with Spider-man. You wanted to cry every time you think about him. It’s not his fault that many crimes happened last night. But he disappointed you by him not showing up after the crimes got stopped. Peter thought that everything was fine because his senses stopped tingling as soon as you gave up and he was beyond tired.

You looked up when somebody called from your name. Spider-man was jogging towards you. You just shook your head and continued to walk away from him. He got confused but chased you anyway.

“Why are you ignoring me?” He asked when he was walking next to you.

“Did I do something wrong?” He continued to ask. You were trying to hold your tears back as your mind flashed back to last night. When you didn’t answer, he grabbed onto your waist and shot his web, taking you guys to the top of one of the high building.

“Please tell me what’s going on.” He begged. You stared at him for a few seconds before you broke into tears, feeling anger and betrayal.

“Where were you last night?” Your voice broke, slightly.

“I was fighting the criminals, like usual. Y/n why are you crying? What happened?” He asked, walking closer to you and you took a step back trying to stay away from him.

“I meant where were you when the the police sirens and the screaming of the citizens stopped.” You said, he could sense the anger in your voice.

“I went home?” He said, getting confused by you.

“You promised me,” You continued to cry.

“Promise? Promised you what? Just please tell me why you’re crying.”

“You promised that you will always be there to help me when I’m in trouble. I understand completely that there were lots of crimes last night but when it happened the criminals were already stopped.” You said.

When it happened? Y/n what happened, you have to tell me.” You could see that he was worried from his lenses.

Tears were rolling down your cheeks more and more as your mind think about last night. Hiccup rose to your throat as you tried to hold it back. “I got r-r” you stopped because you couldn’t bring yourself to saying it.

You pulled your sleeves up, showing him your skin that was bleeding last night. You also showed him the bruises on your stomach. His lenses widened as he started to feel bad for you.

“I-I’m so sorry,” He said, tears began to roll down his cheeks inside his mask as he blamed himself, walking over to you and grabbed your arms.

“Who did this to you?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

He leaned down closer to your neck, noticing the hickies on your neck, making him realized something.

“A-are those hickies?” He asked, breathlessly. You nodded and closed your eyes, letting the tears fall.

“You got r-raped?” He asked, his voice breaking and he hugged you tight. At first you pushed him away but then you hugged him back, resting your head on his chest. You felt safe being in his arms. Being in his arms was what you wanted last night.

“This is all my fault, I’m so sorry that I didn’t walk you home or went to check if you got home safely. I’m sorry.” He apologized.

“It’s okay, you can’t save everybody and you can’t make this personal. But other than that you saved lots and lots of people so that’s good.”

“Not good enough, I’m going to find the guy and put him in jail. Who knows about this?” He asked, pulling away to look at your red face.

“Nobody,” you shook your head.

“What does he look like?”

“It doesn’t matter anymore. He already did what he wanted to do. It’s going to take us ages to find him, especially in New York.”

“It does matter, Y/n. How can you say that? He took your y-your..“He stopped himself before he could say the word.

"I feel so ashamed of myself, I didn’t fight hard enough. Maybe if I did we wouldn’t even be here and we would be down there like we usually are. I’m pretty sure that my parents hate me now because I got home after 3.”

“And I didn’t try hard enough to make sure that you’re okay. If you’re going to blame anybody, blame it on me.” He said and hugged you again.

“I’ll make you feel the same again, I will help you a-and make sure that nothing like this will happen to you again. You won’t ever have to go through the pain from last night ever again.” At that moment, you felt loved. You felt movement above your head and pulled away from him.

Your eyes widened when he pulled his mask off. You noticed that he have brown curly hair that was kind of gelled back but was now messy. His soft brown eyes were staring at you with sadness, your eyes traveled to his well structured face, focusing on his sharp jaw.

“What the hell..” Was all you said, causing him to chuckled lightly. He then, grabbed the side of your face, pulling your face closer to his. You guys were two inches away from each other’s face, you stared at his eyes and then to his lips as he did the same with yours. He looked up at your eyes again, as if he was asking you for permission. You nodded your head lightly and leaned your face, closing the gap between you two, something you were craving since you became friends with him after you met him on the night you went out to buy some chips.

It was just a normal, no movement kiss but it made up for everything. You both closed your eyes and enjoyed the moment.

“Feel better?” He asked when you guys pulled away, smiling. You nodded and pecked his lips.

He put his mask on again and took you guys down from the building. You guys went back to your usual spot and talked like nothing happened. Peter tried to avoid  saying anything that could remind you of last night, which you were grateful for because if he didn’t you would probably cry again because getting rape will not go away in just one day.

“By the way, what’s your name?”

Midnight Memories

A/N: I saw a post a while ago with this prompt idea so if it’s yours feel free to tell me and I’ll give you credit!!

Warnings: cussing, a little bit of smut, mostly fluff

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You smiled at your reflection in the mirror, readjusting your bikini and feeling confidence radiate through your body. 

A pool party. 

Not that you hadn’t had the idea before, but now that your birthday had rolled around, you decided to give in to the requests that your friends had made many times before. 

“You look hot.” Natasha said in the doorway, grinning as you immediately covered your stomach. 

“Shut up, I’m going to be underwater most of the time anyway.” With one last glance at your reflection, you grabbed the silky over-shirt and slipped it onto your body, hooking arms with Natasha and walking out of your room. 

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(Wrote this for a friend when she was feeling down… I hope this helps!)


Starting out;
- You two met at school and quickly became good friends,
- At first, y'all would only hang out to discuss school and to help each other with homework,
- You and Donghyuck would sit under a tree off to the side of the school, with your school books littered around and piled on your laps,
- Donghyuck would love this time because of how close you two were,
- Even with all the other noisy students around the school grounds,
- Donghyuck would only hear you,
- And he would always stutter whenever you’d talk to him or ask him a question,
- His friends would tease you,
- One of them would always walk by when you two were sitting at your tree and quietly snicker while Donghyuck shot them a threatening glare,
- You would walk pass Donghyuck locker to get to yours in the morning and see Donghyuck surrounded by his friends,
- You wouldn’t be bothered by this, he always seems so happy with his friends around,
- But you couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit of jealousy as you realized they get more of him,
- But hey, you two are just friends, why should you be jealous?
- As soon as his friends would see you, they’d begin nudging Donghyuck and excitingly whisper because “the love of his life is here”
- Only they weren’t really whispering and you heard every word,
- You couldn’t help but stare at Donghyuck while his friends pointed at you, pushing him in your direction
- You closed your locker, shoving your books into your bag as you walked over to Donghyuck and his friends, who quietly rushed off while SQUEALING after seeing you coming over,
- You tapped Donghyuck on the shoulder, seeing as he hadn’t seen you yet because his face was buried in his locker,
- Literally, he was slouching down with his face buried at the back of his locker,
- “Donghyuck, can I speak to you?”
- He jumped, quickly turning around to face you with a nervous glint in his eyes,
- he swallowed hard,
- staring into your eyes,
- “Yeah, of course?”
- You grabbed his hand, not noticing as his whole face flushed red,
- You led him to your tree, sitting down as he sat down next to you,
- “What’s up, (Y/N)?”
- You decided to be blunt because you don’t give a sheet and I also have to get the story going
- “Do you like me?”
- Haechan choked,
- His eyes fiLLeD WITH T E A R S
- no just kidding
- “What?”
- “Do you like me? I heard your friends talking about us.”
- Donghyuck was terrified.
- His hands shook.
- His heart pounded in his ears
- His blush practically burned his face
- He swallowed hard again, opening his mouth a couple times to speak but he didn’t know what to say,
- Until you gave him a concerned look, then he came up with something.
- “(Y/N), you are the most lovely and beautiful person I’ve ever met.”
- He was talking in such a soft and quiet voice,
- You almost didn’t need him
- “So do you like me?”
- You kinda just stayed put and stared at Donghyuck
- Waiting
- “Yes. Very much.”
- He then asked you on a date and you said yes and you two fell in love and blab blah blah
- Anyways
- Next category

- Always gentle
- Isn’t afraid to kiss you in public
- Thinks it’s funny to kiss you in front of his friends and watch as they fake gag
- He’ll always ask if he can kiss you on the lips
- It’s a very rare occasion when he’s confident enough to just kiss you out of no where
- Sometimes he’ll just randomly peck you on your cheek
- Or spontaneously pick up your hand and kiss it
- He likes it when you kiss his forehead, although he acts like he hates it
- Forehead kisses makes him feel all giddy and turns him into mush
- Whenever you kiss his forehead or cheek he just feels so loved.
- After you kiss him he’ll look at your lips,
- He ADORES your lips
- They’re just so perfect and cute
- Doesn’t matter if your lips are plump or not, or if they’re a weird color or smth ??
- They’re perfect to Donghyuck.
- Will also compliment your lips;
- “Can I kiss you? Your lips look really nice today.”
- “Im wearing lipstick, You want some too?”
- Likes to hold hands while kissing.
- Will take your hands into his and slowly lean down and place a gentle kiss on your nose,
- Eskimo kisses annoy him
- But he’s addicted to them
- Whenever you two are next to each other, he’ll nudge your cheek with his finger, and as soon as you look to him he’ll grab your face and Eskimo kiss you,
- But then will be a brat about it
- “Ew no, get away from me.”
- “You’re the one who initiated the kiss Hyuck.”
- “You disgust me…”
- Also butterfly kisses
- You like to randomly walk up beside him and plant a butterfly kiss on his cheek and see as he gets all blushy
- ANYWAYS, kisses on the lips are ever special
- They don’t happen a lot, mainly because you two are still very awkward + nervous
- Grabs your chin between his thumb and index finger or cups your cheek as he ghosts his lips against yours
- He’ll hum in embarrassment, closing his eyes as he gets closer to you,
- Likes to make the moment extra dramatic and lay his forehead against yours
- (Forehead touches AKA the thing that is in all my writings…)
- You’ll rub his arms or sides if he takes to long to kiss you, knowing he’s nervous
- Eventually you’ll just take hold of his shirt collar and softly kiss him yourself
- After a kiss on the lips he’ll tell you how beautiful you are
- “You know you’re beautiful right (Y/N)?”
- “You are so gorgeous (Y/N).”
- He’ll pinch your cheeks,
- “Cute.”
- he simply loves kissing you,
- N E X T

Skinship; + nct dream chaperones;
- back hugs are his favorite because then you can’t see his blush
- Is the kinda person to rub your back as he hugs you
- Also like to place his head onto yours
- He’ll randomly come over and put his arm around your shoulders if he’s feeling jealous
- Which
- Speaking of
- Mainly because he loves you SO MUCH and he doesn’t ever wanna lose you
- Just likes to be close to you
- He’ll always somehow be near you
- His friends always chaperone you two
- Jisung will come and stand In between you guys if you’re t o o close,
- “Adult supervision.”
- “I am older than you Jisung.”
- “A D U L T S U P E R V I S I O N.”
- You two are pure children of the lord so cuddling and hugs is all you’re ever gonna do until marriage ok,
- Chenle will drag you away if Haechan is too close
- “(Y/N)! Pay attention to me too!!”
- Renjun will tackle Haechan if Haechan is too close
- “I’m lonely Hyuck.”
- “Get off me Renjun.”
- Jeno will scream and distract you if Haechan is too close
- Mark just puts his arm in between you two and acts like he’s not doing anything.
- “You see nothing.”
- Jaemin always has something to show Haechan when he’s too close, and then as soon as Haechan is far enough away from you he’ll just walk away,
- “See this wall? Okay bye.”
- Donghyuck loves his friends but they’re annoying chaperones,
- whenever you’re tired, Donghyuck is always there
- He’ll gently take you into his arms and rub your back
- Will rub his cheek against your neck or nuzzle you with his nose
- Will let you lay your head unto his chest or shoulder
- He will become extremely paranoid though if you fall asleep on him because
- Would probably wake you up and make you lay down to rest properly
- Will get you a thousand blankets or jackets and won’t let you go until you’re warm enough
- Also loves to hold your hands
- If they’re smaller than his; adorable
- If they’re bigger than his; adorable
- Will put his arm around your waist but his friends slap his arm away so it doesn’t last for long
- If you tell Donghyuck that you’re uncomfortable or stiff, he’ll be there in 0.8 seconds,
- Is super gentle with his massages,
- He doesn’t wanna hurt you or make it worst
- Although after the massage he also demands one from you
- And you happily do it because he also takes the time to massage you and he’s extremely warm
- So he’s nice to massage and to cuddle
- k next

- Donghyuck trust you with everything,
- You listen to everything he has to say,
- Donghyuck trust you enough to open up to you
- You two have a keyword for when you just need to take a break and be alone with each other,
- The keyword is strawberry,
- Because Haechan is a strawberry,
- Sometimes when you’re having a bad time, and you just need to get away from everything, you’ll go up to Haechan and say,
- “I’m really craving some strawberry…”
- Donghyuck will take you outside or into a separate room to make sure you’re okay,
- You will do the same for Haechan,
- If you see that he’s about to break, or that he’s uncomfortable or isn’t happy, you’ll ask
- “Hyuck, can you help me cut up these strawberries?”
- (Nct dream is confused every time you disappear for strawberries)
- You’ll place your hand onto Donghyuck’s back and lead him to a secluded place and then make sure he’s also okay,
- You both let each other vent,
- You two know everything about each other,
- If Haechan is feeling insecure today, you’ll tell him everything you love about him,
- You’ll hug him after he’s done venting, and tell him your opinion, because you know he trusts your judgment,
- If you’re ever feeling insecure, Donghyuck will sit you down and cover you with a blanket, and then tell you that you don’t need to be insecure about your height or weight, or anything,
- Because you are so beautiful in so many ways,
- You trust each other enough to cry in front of each other or to show emotional vulnerability,
- You will both take care of each other if you cry or are feeling sad,
- You’ll ask each other what you can do, and then do everything in your power to cheer each other up or to help the other out,
- You’ll make each other hot drinks if your throats are sore after crying,
- You’ll spend the day with each other if one of you is feeling sad just to make sure the other knows you’re there for them,
- You’ll comfort each other, and let yourselves be vulnerable around the other,
- You’ll cuddle, and won’t let each other go,
- Sometimes you’ll make little gifts to cheer the other up,
- You’ll share cute little memories to make the other laugh,
- You’ll stay inside all day and watch each other’s favorite movies, and just be with each other all day,
- Sometimes If Donghyuck is sad, you’ll invite the other dreamies over to cheer him up and to have a little movie party.
- Sometimes if you’re sad, Donghyuck will get you a bouquet of your favorite flowers, and make you you’re favorite food,
- You’ll pig out on each other’s favorite candies or snacks and just be with each other
- You’ll make sure each other is okay, and remind them how much you love them,
- You two trust each other with everything, because you love each other truly, and you’re each other’s best friends,
- Ok the end buhbye

Practice Buddy (pt. 2)

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Characters: Jungkook x Y/N, Jimin x Y/N
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Word count: 4.3k

1 | 3 | 4 | 5


You were Jungkook’s best friend-practice buddy for his crush in college, but when you attempt to get into a relationship with someone new, Jungkook can’t help but to feel hurt.

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One moment, you were explaining your theory about the upside down to Jim, and a moment later one of his hand was holding your waist while the other grabbed the side of your face. His lips were soft against yours and has soon has it started, it stopped. He took a step back, looking into your eyes :
“ Fuck, you’re so smart. ”

You palms instantly framed his face. You leaned in and he closed the gap between you, pulling you back to him for a second kiss. This one lasted longer than the first one. His hands were everywhere, going from your waist to your side, sometimes pushing you closer to him. Your lips slowly stopped moving, brushing against each other for awhile. Slowly stroking his cheek, you whispered with a smile :
“ Guess I’ll just have to be smart more often. ”

All Debts Paid: 303 Alt Au: Alive.

I did write an Alt Au for 302…but it isn’t finished. So I’ll just leave this here instead. 

The restraints rubbed against his wrists, the blunt metal scraping away at his already sore skin. Jamie, tired and numb from his three day hike across the moors of lowland Scotland, wasn’t in the mood for conversation. Lord John, having been on his horse the entire time, wasn’t of the same mind.

“It’s been three days,” he sighed feigning nonchalance. “You have to talk to me at some point.”

Falling over his feet again, Jamie grunted as he caught himself and tugged against his bindings. Digging his heels into the moist dirt, he gritted his teeth and pulled harder. “It’s no better than slavery,” he mumbled, disdain lacing his tone.

John halted the horse and dismounted. His lithe movement caught Jamie off guard and he had to bend his knees quickly to stop himself from falling face forward into the mud.

“It’s no such thing, Mr Fraser. It is simply an indenture. Would you have preferred the colonies?”

Jamie shrugged his shoulders, rolling them as he righted himself and scowled in Lord John’s direction. “How would ye ken what I wanted? Since ye didna have the pluck to ask me…”

Rolling his eyes, John searched in his pockets for the keys to the chains. “You’re a prisoner of the crown, Mr Fraser. A fact you should probably remember before dismissing my motives as less than reputable towards you. As it goes,” he continued not giving Jamie a chance to answer, “there wouldn’t have been much point in asking your opinion on the matter. Your freedom is not something I have any control over. But you should be grateful, this situation is better than any of the other options the governors were discussing. And….luckily, my suggestion was accepted.”

“And here we are,” Jamie replied.

“Yes, here we are.” John retorted with more than a little bit of sarcasm added. The mist was starting to gust around them and the border looked depressingly close to both men.

“Where are ye to take me, then.” Jamie asked, resigned.

“To a little place just a few miles south of Carlisle. A manor. With a Lady in residence who is in need of a groom. I expect you’re good with horses, Fraser, given your past excursions.”

Jamie laughed a little, a smile pulling at his lips as he toyed with the rope that attached his manacles to the saddle of Grey’s horse. “Aye, I suppose ye could assume that. Good for you, you’re right.”

“So, you’re not completely averse to this turn of events then?”

Squinting his eyes, Jamie looked up, allowing the side wind to blow the fresh moisture against his filthy face. “I dinna have a choice in this, do I?”

“No, you don’t.” Grey acquiesced, finally approaching Jamie with the key held out ready. “Since we don’t have that far to go, I’m happy for you to walk on your own.” Quirking a brow at Jamie, John slipped the key into the lock and gathered up the cuffs. “Lady Elizabeth won’t be at the manor when we get there, but she’s promised me that her head of household will greet us. After that, I’ll come by once a quarter to ensure your wellbeing.”

Wrapping his arms around his waist, Jamie nodded, his eyes holding Grey’s for just a second before focusing ahead of him into the distance. The fog was descending but the lush green still stood clear on the horizon. Taking one breath, he took one look back at Scotland assuming it to be the last glance he’d get for a while.

“We should keep going, if you’re inclined to follow me,” Grey said, his thoughts quickly turning to the time and its fast passing. “I don’t particularly wish to spend another night on the road.”

As luck had it, over the horizon, just as the sun was beginning to dip beneath the tree line, the large house came into view. Dismounting once more, John waited for Jamie to catch up before walking the final few steps through the Cumbrian wilds towards their final destination.

“Just one piece of advice, Fraser, before I leave you here. It’s well known to the household that Lady Elizabeth isn’t disposed to traitors. It seems she lost someone she cared for during the rising too. If I were you, I’d consider your name carefully. Maybe you’d consider something less…recognisable?”

Nodding, Jamie rubbed his sore wrists. “Thank ye,” he said, his words strong and honest as he eyed up the large wrought iron gates that lay before them. Beyond he could hear the current household going about their daily duties. Somewhere close by, a horse brayed as the stable hands closed the stalls for the day.

“Feel free to introduce yourself, then,” Grey finished as a heavy-set man approached.

“Lord Grey?” He questioned, his deep booming voice echoing through the murky night that was slowly enveloping them.

“Yes, sir. I am Lord Grey.”

“Good,” the fellow added, his gaze shifting from Grey to Jamie and back again before opening the gates and allowing them safe passage onto the long, winding drive. “You are expected. And you are?” He questioned, staring Jamie directly in the eye as if testing him.

“MacKenzie,” Jamie replied, taking John’s advice seriously whilst holding the gaze of the head of household. No matter his place on the staff, Jamie wouldn’t show any weakness. “Alexander MacKenzie…sir.”

“Hmm,” was the only response as the older gentleman smirked a little at Jamie’s show of verbal strength. “Keep your head down, MacKenzie, and you’ll do. I’m Mr Porter to you.”

Completing his dealings with Mr Porter, John prepared to leave Jamie. Mounting his horse he gave one gentle nod to the subdued Scot, his eyes soft as he clicked his horse onwards. “Tell Lady Elizabeth that I’ll be back come spring, Mr Porter,” he said, his eyes not leaving Jamie’s as he turned.

Jamie watched as Grey disappeared into the night before turning back to face Mr Porter. No matter the events that had transpired between them during those quiet moments in Ardsmuir, Jamie would miss the man. Alone once more, he got the feeling that Porter might not be too keen on his sudden arrival.

Mr Porter, growing tepid and bored coughed, his throat clearing nothing to do with the onset of a cold. “You’ll sleep in the cots above the stables, MacKenzie, with the other men. Lady Elizabeth won’t be back for a couple of days. When she arrives here you’ll stay out of the way until she’s settled. Then,” he said, waiting for Jamie to turn and look back at him so he could cement this sentence into the man’s brain, “and only then, will she arrange to meet you. You will not address her directly unless she expressly converses with you. Clear?”

“Aye,” Jamie replied sardonically, “crystal.”

His bed was small, so small that his feet hung over the end. But the blanket that’d been provided for him was soft and warm. It was odd, but it seemed that the utmost had been done to accommodate him. A complete contradiction to the impression he’d gleaned from Mr Porter. The mattress beneath him was comfy too. Soft and subtle it molded nicely to his body meaning he’d been sleeping easier than he had in years.

As expected, his bunk mates were from various background and none of them held any interest in him at all. He’d been given his duties by Porter and then simply been expected to get on with it. Which he had done with grace and finesse. Falling back into another life, Jamie grew accustomed to the company of the horses.

Lady Elizabeth, even two weeks later, was seemingly absent. The men around him spoke fondly of her, again subverting the impression Porter had relayed to him. Jamie had built up an image of her in his mind that was hauntingly similar to a lass from another time, but he refused to connect to two lest it tear his heart in two.

“Mac!” Porter called, his brusque tone sounding even more impatient than usual, “you’re wanted at the main house.”

Peering around the corner of the stables, Jamie took note of a rather large coach that was taking up a large section of the driveway. Wiping his hands against his breeks, Jamie set off for the carriage, preparing to unhook the four glorious stallions that were hooked up to the gold filigree clips.

“No, MacKenzie, fool,” Porter muttered, his deep baritone sounding fatigued, “inside the house. The others will take care of that, the mistress is back and she’s asked to meet you.” Lowering his voice further, Porter took one step closed to Jamie, his eyebrows drawn together, “remember what I told you before. Don’t do anything to cause her alarm, do you hear me? Her or the little one!”

Jamie cocked his head to the side, his forehead crinkling in confusion at the mention of a child. “Aye, sir, of course.”

Taking the main steps two at a time, Jamie slowed as he got closer to the door. The large wooden front had been left slightly ajar and the scent of perfume wafted through the gap. Pushing his way inside, he closed the door behind him, letting the latch click shut before taking one measured step forwards.

He didn’t know why he was filled with such trepidation, but Porter’s words seemed to haunt him as he crept closer to the bannister of the main staircase the led up to the first floor rooms of the property.

“Mi-Lady Elizabeth?” Jamie called, placing his his hand on the slick wood as he called out.

The creek alerted him to a presence to his right and he turned just in time to see a flash of red disappear. The girlish giggle echoed long after the wee lassie had disappeared from view. Jamie averted his eyes, buoyed by the laughter of his mistress’s daughter even without seeing the girl.

“Mr MacKenzie?”

The voice rooted his feet to the floor, and even the memory of it send his mind spiralling.


It wasn’t possible.

He was certainly hallucinating .

“It’s you, isn’t it. Truly, it’s you…”

Jamie’s hand flew to his chest as he looked up slowly. Blinking madly as if he had something in his eyes, he tried to calm the racing in his chest as he surveyed the intricate patterning on the carpet that covered the central panel of the staircase.

“Look at me….Jamie,” she said, her soft English accent stumbling across his name, his *real* name as she took one step closer to him.

He could smell her now, the fresh fragrant scent of florals, nature and female, surrounding him as his vision blurred. And he still hadn’t looked upon her…yet.

“Please look at me.” She begged, the sweet sorrow of his resurrection causing her to stutter over her words as she pleaded with him.

Unable to resist, Jamie looked up…his eyes meeting with Claire’s in mere moments.

“Dhia…” he cursed, his momentary lapse causing the Gaelic to fall from his lips. Thankfully nobody else was around to hear his slip and he swayed, the breath stolen from his lungs as he stumbled forwards. Whooshing filled his ears and Claire blurred, her beautiful face hidden behind his unshed tears as he struggled to keep his knees locked. His legs seemed to cease functioning as legs and he couldn’t find the words to say anything other than Gaelic curses, so he simply stood with his mouth hanging open.

Claire saw the moment that Jamie succumb to the shock of her appearance. Rushing forwards, she leapt off the third to last step just in time to catch him as his eyes rolled up into their sockets and he slumped forwards.

Cradling his head in her lap, she buried her fingers under the hair at his temple. “That bad, is it?” She whispered as Jamie started to twitch.

Inhaling one long, deep breath, Jamie fluttered his eyes open as he snuggled closer to Claire. Glancing upwards he tried to swallow, his mouth completely devoid of moisture now. “That bad…and worse,” he sighed, his croaky words muffled by Claire’s billowing skirts. “How, Claire?” He asked, the implication heavy in his tone as he attempted to push himself upwards.

Claire waited for Jamie to right himself before slipping her fingers across the wooden panelled floor to twin with his. Her fingers were shaky but warm as she began to heat Jamie’s frigid ones.

“Frank,” she replied, her tempered anger simmering as she spoke. “He found you whilst neglecting to tell *me*,” coughing, she dipped her head as if to distract her from the hate that she felt in having to retell this tale, “but then I had a…friend. She forged historical documents and helped me to fund a fortune and purchase a name for myself here. I couldn’t very well just turn up at Ardsmuir, could I? Lord John would know me. I had to be smarter.”

Leaning forwards, Jamie ran his nose against Claire’s as his hand rested softly against her cheek. “Ye did all of this…for me?”

“Yes,” Claire answered breathlessly, her eyes swimming with tears as she smiled and licked her lips.

“Excuse me, mistress,” he whispered, the false pretence of his status compared to hers making his words seem submissive and demure, “but I think that I might have to kiss ye…is that alright?”

Stifling a gasp, Claire nodded, her lips twitching into a small smile as she tilted her head to the left and opened her mouth, readying herself for his caress. “Yes,” she replied, her cheeks blossoming a light pink in anticipation.

“Oh christ how I’ve missed ye…Sassenach,” Jamie said, his lips grazing hers before stealing her words with a bliss-inducing kiss. Moaning lightly, he pushed himself forwards, using all the energy he had left to mould his body to hers as he lost himself in her. In Claire. In the pliant, warm form of his wife.

All I Ask (Remus Lupin x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I recently watched Say Anything for the first time and it sparked some cute Remus stuff. (If you’re here for the boombox scene then I’m going to have to apologize.) Remember to request Imagines, Preferences, Ships, Storylines, and Aesthetics. Hope you all enjoy! <3

M/N: Mother’s Name

D/N: Dad’s Name

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(A/N/N): This takes place in the summer after your 6th year.

The car rattles as the train races down the tracks. Your head rests on the frame of the windows. From thee other side of the door you hear loud cackles. The door slides open and Remus gives an exasperated sigh. Behind him follows James, Sirius, and Peter. Remus sits beside you as the others take their seats across from the two of you. Peter places a pile of sweets between himself and Sirius before unwrapping one and popping it in his mouth. 

“So Y/n, you excited to spend a whole week with lover boy this summer.” James motions to Remus.

“Actually, about that.”,you reply,”My father refuses to let me stay at Remus’ home for one day let alone a week.”

“This true mate?” Sirius asks.

“I’m afraid so.” Says Remus in a gloomy manner.

You lean against Remus,”Don’t fret love, I’ll write you everyday.”

“Remus gives a shy smile,”I know. It just won’t be the same.”

James and Sirius proceed to make loud vomiting noises while Remus rolls his eyes. You chuckle and peck Remus on the lips, earning another series of vomit sounds from across the car.

“You’re both such children.” Remus grins.

The train halts to a stop in the busy station.Outside your compartment the clusters of students pass through the hall, eager for summer holiday to begin.Remus reluctantly hands you your trunk before grabbing his own. Peter, Sirius, and James all file out, chatting about the upcoming quidditch game cup.

Once they had left, Remus set his trunk down and wrapped his arms around your waist. You shuffle your trunk from your grasp and place your hands on Remus’ cheeks, pulling him in for a passionate kiss. He tightened his grasp on you, pressing your body against his. The train’s whistle blows and you pull apart hoping for just one more second with each other. Instead you both grab your trunks and exit with the last of your classmates.

After exiting the train you engulf Remus in a hug. He holds you tightly until his mum calls his name in a singsong tone.

“Goodbye Remus.” You grimace.

“Goodbye love.” Remus kisses the top of your head and breaks away from you embrace, picking up his trunk and heading off to meet his mum. He waves back to you as he disappears into the crowd.

The following week you receive a letter in the post. Immediately knowing who it’s from, you rip open the envelope. Before you can read anything the owl, who had been lingering at the table, nipped your finger.

“Oh! Of course! Here you are.” You beam placing a pile of seeds in front of the owl.

You read the letter intently as your mum cooks breakfast, humming lightly as she does so. Thin handwriting is scrawled all across the parchment.

Hello love,

I know it’s only been a week but I miss you so very much. I have to see you. I don’t quite know how yet but I’ll find a way.

yours truly,


You smile at the thought of seeing Remus, even though it’s unlikely.

“Who’s that from?” Your mum smirks.

“A friend.” You blush.

She turns back to the counter and you could have sworn you heard her say,”Mhm friend.”

That evening, after dinner, a knock came from your front door.your father stands up from his chair in the living room and answers the door. At the door stands a tall thin boy with wild brown hair, attempted to be combed.

“Who are you?” Your father asks.

The boy at the door shuffles his feet and looks sheepishly at your father.

“I’m Remus Lupin sir.” He holds out his hand to shake.

Your father reluctantly shakes his hand and stares at him clearly not amused.

“I assume you’re here to see my daughter.”

“Actually I would like to speak to you sir.” Remus says.

“Me?” Your father says, puzzled.”Why would that be?”

Remus becomes quiet. He draws his eyes away from your father, not quite ready to be sent off yet.

“I would like to get your permission to take your daughter out tonight.”

Your father opens his mouth to speak but decides to let Remus continue.

“Not just tonight, but every night. I understand that you don’t approve of me. But before you make a final decision let me tell you a few things about myself.”

Remus waits. Your father gives a firm nod to encourage him to go on. Remus gulps and takes a breath.

“I read a lot sir, mysteries mostly, classics as well. I love chocolate, who needs drugs when you got it? I believe smoking is a nasty habit, my best mate does it and it’s rather stupid. My mother raised me to respect all women sir and I live by it. Lastly I care for Y/n’s safety more than my own and will always put her first.”

Your father stares at Remus with a blank expression. They both stand on either sides of the doorway. Your father takes a deep breath and finally speaks.

“Here’s the real question boy. Do you love my daughter? Or are you gonna dump her next week for someone else?”

Remus furrows his brows and puts his hand on his chest, stepping forward slightly.

“Sir, Y/n is not a fling. She’s never been a fling. I love your daughter and if I’m quite frank sir I hope to marry your daughter.” Remus sees you at the top of the staircase. “That is, if she’ll take me.”

Your father stands in silence, eyes wide and mouth shut. He turns around to see you with a big smile spread across your face. Remus hears footsteps from the left of the door and sees your mum walk to the door smiling warmly.

“Hello Remus. Nice to meet you.” She slides out from behind your father and holds out her hand to shake. Remus smiles,”Nice to meet you as well Mrs. L/n.”

“Oh you can call me M/n. and this is D/n. Come in come in.” She trots back inside.

Before Remus could go inside your father places a hand on his shoulder and looks at Remus.

“You meant all that?”

“Every word.” Remus responds instantly.

Your father nods with a smile and guides Remus inside,”I still don’t like you though.”

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Second Chance - Part Eight

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Guys, I’m posting this from my new home in Florida! Whoot-whoot!

Thank you so, so much for your patience with me. My life has gotten incredibly hectic, and it’s taken me a while to be able to update. But it’s finally here, chapter eight of Second Chance! It will be a while before chapter nine comes out since I’ve got to unpack and apply for jobs and get settled in here. Thanks to all who have commented on this fic or messaged me–I still jump for joy when I get a notification that someone’s said something about it! Let me know if you want to be tagged in upcoming chapters! Special thanks to @sannvers who is busy with band camp and still managed to edit for me.

Title: Second Chance

Pairing: Eventual Gaston x Fem!Reader

Rating: T

Words: 7,466

Summary: You try to stop Gaston from shooting the Beast and falling to his death, but you arrive too late to save him. As you sit there, sobbing, the Enchantress offers you a second chance to save him.

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Family Life

Member(s): Simon D x Reader
Type: Fluff
Words: 562
Plot: Your little family may be stressful, but it’s perfect.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Haneul was your first and only child, and with that came him being spoiled rotten. You and Kiseok could never find the heart to punish him, and you admit that you baby him more than necessary. That was probably the reason he was so clingy. It didn’t matter which parent was there, as long as one of you was in eyesight, he’d cling on to you like a koala bear.

You were the first to wake up that morning. The little four year old latching himself onto you as you picked him up from his crib. You sat him in a pile of toys he had on the floor of his bedroom, figuring he could play while you carried out your morning routine. 

Making your way into the bathroom and settling on the toilet, you were quite shocked to see your son standing in the doorway. You sighed at him, “Privacy, please.” You begged.

“Oh, right.” Haneul said as it dawned on him. He stepped into the bathroom, his little hands pushing the door shut behind him. “Now we have privacy, mommy.” He smiled.

You sighed yet again, annoyance dimming as you looked at your son. Footie pajamas, messed up bed hair, eyes still swollen from sleep. He was too cute to get angry at. Haneul, being his little chatter box self, sat himself onto your lap, and started telling you about the dream he had last night. You didn’t even have the energy to move him. 

Only a few seconds later, Kiseok stumbled his way into the bathroom, looking identical to his son. Except, instead of footie pajamas, Kiseok was just bare. He gave you an odd look, one you reciprocated with his outfit choice.

“Appa! I can see your wee wee!” Haneul screamed, horrified. Kiseok was quick to grab the nearest towel and wrap it around his waist. Once that was done, Haneul made his way off your lap, holding his arms up so his father would hold him. An act that was done the moment it happened.

“Why don’t you go play in your room so Eomma and Appa can take a shower?” Kiseok asked his son. Haneul wrapped his arms around Kiseok’s neck tightly.
“I shower too.” He mumbled.

“But we have to take a special shower!” Kiseok persuaded the boy. Haneul shook his head. “Please?” Kiseok asked yet again.

Haneul shuffled his way out if his father’s arms, going back to you, who’d finally gotten to finish your business in peace. Haneul’s little hand grabbed yours, pulling you along behind him. You latched onto Kiseok’s as well, dragging him behind.

“Mommy promised I could help make muffins.” Haneul stated.

Kiseok’s eyes widened, “But there’s still dough on the ceiling from last time!” He exclaimed.

“Mommy said it’s okay, Appa.” Haneul sassed back.

“I never said a thing.“you stated, holding your arms up in defense.Kiseok looked at Haneul, who now had eyes wider than the earth and a grin bigger than the sun.

"Oh. So he lied then?” He played. “You know what happens to liars? They get tickled to death!” He yelled, chasing after Haneul who had darted off into the kitchen. Theor loud giggling echoing throughout the entire house.

You smiled and rolled your eyes at your boys. They were weird, and they could be loud, but you would never, ever change it for the world.

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a lot can happen in a touch; a hitch of breath, heartbeat skipping, a burst of feeling within. it settles on jimin’s stomach like how honey settles with water; slowly, sweetly, surely, like a blanket of warmth. he will never get used to the feeling of yoongi’s hand in his, may it be a finger, a press of this thumb, and in this case, yoongi’s pinky linked with his. no matter how small and distant it may be, jimin gains a few more grains of love in his system.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write Morality comforting Anxy after a bad day and suddenly that comfort turns into a heavily make out session that almost finish in sex but someone interrupt them? Thanks and sorry.

Aha here it is



“Go away Morality”

Morality took a deep breath, slowly walking to Anxiety’s bed and sitting down next to the pile of blankets over the bed.


“I said go away”

He sighed before slowly pulling the blankets away from Anxiety’s face. The younger trait was crying, as usual. He didn’t hide his face away from Morality’s, but didn’t turn to him either.


“I’m tired…”

Morality smiled softly before moving to get under the blankets with the younger trait. It took a few minutes, but Anxiety eventually accepted his company, moving closer and nuzzling against the father.

They stayed silent like that until Anxiety had stopped crying and they could talk.

“Come on Ann. Tell me what is inside your mind” Morality said, gently caressing the younger trait’s hair. Anxiety leaned on the touch, a soft, shaky breath leaving his mouth.

“It’s not important…” Anxiety mumbled, but Morality shook his head.

“Anything that leaves you like this is important Ann” he said, wiping what was left of his tears and holding his cheek gently, making Anxiety look up at him. “Please tell me?”

The younger trait was taking too long to answer. Morality was ready to beg him again to tell him what was going on, when he moved closer and pressed their lips together.

And well, Morality froze.

For a second, he thought it was a tactic to make him confuse and forget about the crying all together, but that thought didn’t last. Anxiety pressed closer, kissing him slightly deeper, and Morality lost all track of thought, wrapping one arm around the other’s waist and pulling him closer while he tilted his head and kissed him harder as well.

The kiss, slow at first, gained pace. Anxiety’s hands were over Morality’s cheeks as they kissed, tongues pressing together hesitantly, lips moving with harmony, everything pretty light and soft and slow.

Until Anxiety bit down Morality’s bottom lip and tugged it gently, releasing it and pulling back only to have Morality groaning and kissing all over his neck on the next second. Anxiety let out a soft breath, moving his head back and letting Morality kiss and bite his neck.

They had done this before a few times, but always like this. Random, with no questions or regrets. It was confusing, but it worked for them.

Sooner than later, Morality was pushing the blankets off them and straddling Anxiety, his lips back to the younger’s, kissing him hard and intense this time and being kissed back in the same intensity.

Anxiety pulled Morality down, pressing their bodies together, tangling his fingers on the father’s hair, wrapping his legs around his waist and letting their bodies tangle in their own unique way.

No one could understand how negative thinking and emotions went well together but there was no doubt they did.

They were still kissing when Morality reached down to remove Anxiety’s coat and shirt. They came out rather slowly, neither wanting to part their kiss, and Anxiety quickly followed the suit, taking Morality’s shirt and glasses off and putting them away.

When they had their hands on the other’s pants, ready to remove them, someone opened the door without knocking.

Obviously that it had to be Prince.

“Boys, time for piz-Oh my god my eyes!” He said loudly, covering his face and making both Anxiety and Morality stare at him. “No. No. No. You know what? Just… Just stay in there. Bye now” he said before he closed the door and let out a groan of disgust.

Morality looked down at Anxiety, who shrugged.

“It’s pizza”

Morality had to agree.


A little more fluff, same old smut. 

⚠️ ⚠️⚠️ SMUT BELOW ⚠️⚠️⚠️ You’ve been warned. ⚠️⚠️⚠️

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The Perfect Night (A Choices Fanfic)

Pairing: Liam x MC (Riley)

Genre: Heavy fluff with some NSFW thoughts sprinkled in (nothing graphic)

Summary: Liam and Riley come home on the night of their wedding.

Author’s note: Thematically, this feels like three short pieces put together, so please excuse if it feels a little choppy. One idea just led to another and this kinda wrote itself. :) Enjoy!

“Oh that feels so good!” Riley sighed as her feet touched the carpeted floor. In one hand, she held her five-inch heels by the straps while the other clutched onto Liam’s arm for support.

“Remind me again why I wear these when no one can see them under these layers of chiffon anyway?” she asked rhetorically, poofing out the sides of her wedding gown for effect. 

They were walking down the hallway towards their bedroom slowly, savoring the first moment of peace they got after the night’s festivities. To say they were exhausted would be an understatement. Between planning the wedding and running the kingdom, it had been an eventful couple of months, but fatigue didn’t even enter Liam’s mind as he watched his wife fidget around her wedding dress, a contented smile on his lips. 

“Sounds like someone’s asking for a foot massage tonight.”

 Riley pulled him closer and rested her head on his arm. “Oh, I want that and more, Mr. Liam Rys.”

He laughed. “Someone’s feeling greedy tonight…”

 "Only because I can.“ He didn’t miss the devilish glint in her eye as she whispered in his ear. "After all, you’re mine now.”

 Oh the things this woman does to him.

 He pulled her close, capturing her lips in a slow and passionate kiss.

 "How did I get so lucky?“ he smiled after, beaming at the woman he now called his wife.

 Riley took his hand and gave it a squeeze. "C'mon. I know one way you’re gonna get much luckier tonight.”

Liam’s lips were all over her before Riley could even close the bedroom door. He guided her against a wall and held both of her hands above her head as his lips trailed down her neck.

“Liam, wait—“ she managed to say in between sighs. "I prepared a surprise for you.”

He raised his head from her collarbone, his eyes alight with curiosity. “What kind of surprise?”

She couldn’t help but laugh a little. He looked adorable, she thought. “It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you now, would it?”

She guided him towards the bed, and had him sit down on it, her hands on each side of his shoulder. His hands rested on her waist. 

“Now, you just sit here for a while,” she instructed. “And I will be right back.”

 Liam tightened his hold on her, a wide grin on his face. “What if I don’t want to let go?”

 "Trust me, you’ll like this.“ She caressed the side of his face gently. "I want this night to be perfect.”

She gave him one last kiss, lingering for seconds longer than she planned before disappearing behind the bathroom door.

When Leo’s wife had told her that they left their wedding gift for them in their bedroom dresser, she knew it was gonna be lingerie. What she didn’t expect was how risque it was.

 "It’s something my sisters had gotten me the night Leo and I got engaged,“ she had said with a teasing smile.

Leo even threw in a wink for good measure. "My brother’s gonna love it.”

It was red, lacy, and left almost nothing to the imagination.

Man, those two have got their kinks, she thought.

She gave herself one last look in the mirror, and nodded approvingly, as if giving herself a pep talk. As she put on her silk robe, she began imagining the look on Liam’s face when he sees what she’s wearing underneath, how his eyes will fill with desire, how his teeth will rip the flimsy material off her body.

She shivered at the thought.

Okay, Riley. This is gonna be perfect.

What greeted her when she opened the bathroom door was not what she was expecting though.

But it brought a smile to her face nonetheless.

There on one side of the bed was her handsome husband, who seemed to have fallen asleep while waiting for her.

On any other occasion, she would have taken offense, but she knew how much he’d been straining himself lately. What with the wedding and the coronation, and just the welfare of the entire kingdom really, it was enough to drive one man crazy. But Liam had never complained. He had been present in every wedding planning meeting, every fitting, every little event – he had been by her side, always.

She tightened the robe around her and slid in next to him, careful not to wake him up. A loving smile formed on her lips as her fingers traced the side of his face lightly. 

Yup. This is perfect.

Liam stirred in his sleep, his eyes adjusting to the dim lighting in the room. A surge of panic rushed through him.

How long have I been asleep? Wasn’t I just waiting for Riley to finish? How could I have fallen asleep so quickly? And tonight of all times!

“Shit!” he hissed too loudly.

That’s when he realized his wife had snuggled up next to him, her hand resting on his chest. He was filled with another pang of guilt when he saw she had woken up at the sound of his voice.

She looked up at him, eyes hazy from sleep. “Hey.”

Liam felt his worries melt away at the sight of her smiling at him. She had that effect on him.

“Hi.” He brought his free hand to her face, his thumb stroking at her jaw ever so slightly. “I can’t believe I fell asleep. I’m sorry.”

She chuckled lightly. “It’s okay. You can make up for it tomorrow.”

“Yeah? I’d like that.”

She snuggled closer to him, and he felt her smile against his chest.

He pressed a tender kiss to her forehead. “I love you, Riley. More than words can say.”

She pressed a kiss to his chest in return. “I love you too, Liam.”

They both drifted off to sleep once more, contented smiles on their lips, thinking, nothing could be more perfect than this.

galactaablazingg  asked:

Okay, my prompt is: What are Prompto's dreams like post-"The Way They Were"? Nightmares? Anything prophetic? Normal stuff? Nothing? Does Noct help out if one of the first two is the case? Thank you~ I hope this is acceptable. Congrats again ^-^

This is absolutely acceptable, and thank you so much for the prompt. <3




The cells line the hallway, chill and ominous. 

Prompto eyes them as he passes – takes in the tables pushed up against the walls, set with serrated saws and pliers and a half-dozen other things he doesn’t want to remember. His heart’s in his throat, but he knows: if he can just keep moving, he’ll get past this.

He ducks his head, and he keeps walking – for what feels like years, through endless sameness, terror fluttering against the inside of his skull like a moth. Up ahead, finally, he can see the way out. It’s a set of double doors, tall and imposing, and Prompto forces himself into a jog, and then a sprint, and then he’s pushing them open.

On the other side stands the throne room.

Half the staircase is crumbled, and bodies dangle from the ceiling, in chains.

Noct is seated on the throne, face almost peaceful, skin so pale it looks like candle wax. His eyes are closed, and the Ring of the Lucii glistens on his finger, chill and beautiful. His father’s sword is planted straight through his chest, pinning him upright.

“Noct?” says Prompto, voice wavering.

He starts to climb the stairs – feels tears prickling at the corners of his eyes. “Noct?”

Noct doesn’t answer, of course. 

When he reaches the top, Prompto just looks at him for a moment. Then, carefully, he reaches out to touch Noct’s hand.

It’s cold. 

Whatever small hope remained flickers out like a burned out lightbulb, and Prompto sinks to his knees beside the throne. Of course he was too late. Of course he never found anything. Of course this was never going to end any other way.

“Prompto,” says a voice, somewhere beside him. 

It sounds a little like Noct, but that can’t be right. Noct’s dead.

“Prompto,” it says again, more urgently.

Something sharp twinges against his arm, and Prompto flinches back – comes awake all at once, and flails so hard he falls off the bed.

He stares up at Noct’s face, framed by a tangled nest of hair still mussed with sleep, as it peers down at him over a mound of black blankets. All at once, relief sweeps over Prompto like an ocean, and he’s sure he’s going to drown.

“Dude,” he manages, when he thinks he can speak again. “Did you just pinch me?”

“You weren’t waking up.”

Noct stays where he is, face blank and searching, for a few seconds that seem to last for hours. Then he holds out a hand.

There’s a ring on Noct’s finger, but it’s not the Ring of the Lucii. It matches the one that Prompto wears – and the hand, when Prompto takes it, is warm. He closes his fingers around it, tight as he can hold on, and lets it pull him back into the bed they share.

“Didn’t mean to wake you up,” Prompto says, but he tucks himself up against Noct’s side, so that he can feel it when Noct breathes.

“It’s cool,” says Noct, and slips an arm around his waist. “I’ll just make you make the coffee.”

Prompto thinks back on days gone by – on waking in shabby hotel rooms, playing dumb games on their phones while Noct complains about coffee that’s gone thick and bitter from sitting too long in the pot.

He smiles against the curve of Noct’s shoulder. “Don’t I always?”

He feels the press of Noct’s lips against his temple, there and then gone again. Noct says, thoughtfully: “You know, I’m kind of the king now. We could probably have someone bring us coffee. Bet it’d even taste half-decent.”

Prompto reaches out, quite deliberately, and pinches the King of Lucis on the arm. “No way in hell. You’re stuck with my coffee till the day you die.”

He’s not expecting his voice to catch like that, on the word die. 

He’s not expecting Noct to draw back, frowning, and search his face. “Lucky me,” he says at last. “I’ve got a lot of shitty coffee left to drink.”

He reaches up to run his thumb over Prompto’s jaw, gently, like he’s smoothing out the final shape of a sculpture in clay. 

“Yeah?” says Prompto, over the ache at the back of his throat.

“Yeah,” says Noct. “Get used to it. I’m not going anywhere for a long time.”

Refreshed (M)

Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Fluff and smut

Warnings: Outdoor sex

Word count: 1,691 words

“Do you hear that?” Hoseok asks you, cocking his head towards the open window before slowly leading the car to the side of the road and stopping.

At first you grunt an accent without actually trying to comprehend what he said. You don’t mind too much that he woke you up at the crack of dawn for a quick hike up the hill not far from your house but now that you’re on your way back, you just want to get some sleep. Then you hear it. With Hoseok turning off the car engine, you can hear the sound of flowing water in the distance, but just barely. You wonder if he has super hearing on top of his many other talents. “Yeah, I can hear it.”

Upon hearing your confirmation, Hoseok brings the car back to life, only to drive it off the long stretch of road into the shade of the trees. “Come on,” he says as he gets out of the car.

“Wait, where are you going?!” You call out in frustration. He only waits long enough for you to get out of the car so he can lock it with the remote before he is bouncing off into the forest. You try to keep up, and in the end he comes back for you and takes your hand to walk with you towards the sound.

It doesn’t take long for you to see the source of the sound. The trees parted to reward both of you with the stunning view of a stream, crystal clear and unpolluted by people. You are rooted to the spot for a few seconds, drinking in the breathtaking sight while Hoseok quickly strips to his boxers and getting in.

“Come on!” He urges you again, but you plant your hands on your hips and shake your head. “Nuh-uh. I don’t want to get my clothes wet. I didn’t bring any extra.”

“Nothing wrong with a little skinny dipping,” he grins.

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