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Manners (Jimin smut)

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Description: Jimin is your best friend’s roommate, and to say you get on each other’s nerves would be an understatement. Jimin decides it is his mission to teach you some ‘manners’.

This fic includes: Explicit smut, ‘good girl’ term, dominance games, hate love type dynamic, light spanking, ‘teaching of manners’ lmfaoo

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Jimin x You (ft Yoongi and Taehyung)

Word count: 4.5k

You lazily played a game on Yoongi’s phone, your eyes peering up every now and then to look at the TV screen, displaying a movie utterly boring to you. You let out an unintentional sigh; you were considering getting up to scour for food.

“Why are you here if you’re so bored?” Jimin asked from the other side of Yoongi, whose lap your head lay upon. You sat up to match Jimin’s glare.

“Jimin.” You heard Yoongi scold under his breath. Deciding not to waste your energy, you ignored Jimin and got up to search through their fridge. Yoongi thought you couldn’t hear him once you were in the kitchen, and you barely could, but his low and deep voice rung through the practically silent dorm “I’m so sick of you being such a dick to Y/N. Go say sorry.”

“What?” Jimin laughed. “I’m not a child.”

“Jimin.” Yoongi’s voice was so stern you got goose bumps.

“Whatever.” Jimin mumbled, his light footsteps approaching the kitchen. You quickly stuffed your head in the fridge, acting like you were very busy. When you looked up, closing the fridge door with a muffin in your hand, Jimin is leaning back against the counter with his arms crossed over his chest and a subtle frown on his face. 


“I’m glad you’re making yourself at home.” Jimin says, his eyes pointing at the treat in your hands. You smile tauntingly, not breaking eye contact as you take an excessively big bite.

“Thanks.” You mumble through your full mouth.

“Gosh, did no one ever teach you manners?” He asks with a serious expression.

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Five Months

Description: You run into your ex-boyfriend while at a party with your current one and during the encounter are reminded of all the ways he still controls you.  You aren’t entirely surprised to find yourself on your knees in the bathroom with him in front of you minutes later.

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 12097

Warning: Dom!Namjoon, spanking, breath play, daddy kink, demeaning names, punishment, cheating, bathroom sex

A/N: @avveh prepare to die.  I think I listened to The Weeknd the entire time I wrote this haha.  Some of the songs were played over 100 times just during the time I wrote this, particularly “Shameless”, “Earned It”, and “Often”.  

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700 Celebration (2/100)

Request: @aubzylynn : “ 😍😍😍😍 Hi, honey! Can i request a bucky fluff fest puh-leeeease? 25, 5, 12, 13, 31😘😘 i love you”

25. “If you don’t stop looking at me like that we’re going to have a problem.”

5. “Tony is going to kill us.”

12. “You know what? We’re having a party, and you’re not invited!”

13. “I will pay you at least ten dollars to help me build a blanket fort.”

31. “I really want to kiss you.”

A/N: This is so not a drabble… Oh my god. I’m going to stop pretending I’m capable of writing drabbles. I will not be held responsible for the length of these requests.

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“Bucky!” You gave another insistent knock on his door.

“Damn it, woman, I am trying to sleep!” His voice was muffled as it came through the wood, but you heard the steady grumbling grow closer until the door opened, revealing a very sleepy and disheveled Bucky Barnes.

“Why are you even sleeping? It’s like eight o’clock, you weirdo.”

Trying to be considerate unlike some people. The more I sleep now, the less I sleep while watching whatever nonsense you’re forcing on me tonight.”

You tried to glare at him for that comment, but the little grin he was sporting was too much for you to handle.

“Fine, well, tonight is starting early. I may have been a little too thorough in the blanket and pillow gathering process. You know what this means.”

“Enlighten me,” Bucky said with a sigh, leaning against the door frame and trying his best to hide his eagerness, eyebrow arching in silent question when you fluttered a ten dollar bill in his face.

“I will pay you at least ten dollars to help me build a blanket fort.”

Bucky held your gaze for a long moment, slow smiles creeping over both your faces before he scoffed and batted your hand away.

“Keep you money, doll. Let’s do this.”

It was a painstaking process, but the payoff was great. The couch had been pushed back, the coffee table relocated and covered with a veritable mountain of junk food, and the floor between the couch and the television redesigned into a beautiful nest of pillows and fluffy duvets. The roof of your blanket fort was tethered at one end under the TV, and tucked behind the cushions of the couch at the other. Blankets were tied to the backs of chairs from the dining room on the left, and held in place by Tony’s prized Iron Man lamp on the end table to the right. Another dining room chair served to raise the blankets into a high tent in the center of your cozy new home and doubled as a stand for your laptop.

In total, your massive blanket fort creation consisted of a pinned together patchwork of twelve blankets. It was a glorious sight to behold, and you shared a proud high five with Bucky upon its completion, snapping a couple of pictures for posterity’s sake and christening it Blanketopia: The Coziest Place on Earth.

“Look at the DOLPHINS!”

“Yes, I see them. Calm down,” Bucky laughed, watching you fondly as you grinned at the screen. He laughed again when you gave a delighted gasp, clutching at his arm and squirming a little bit at the cuteness taking place on the screen.

“They’re playing with bubbles,” you whispered, almost sounding on the verge of tears.

While he was sure, based on your reaction, that true magic was unfolding in the ocean documentary, Bucky was far too captivated by the magic nestled in the blankets right beside him. Your eyes were alight with happiness, your body warm and free of tension where it leaned on his shoulder, and your smile… My god, that smile had him breathless. When you turned those lovely eyes on him, he knew he was in trouble, but it wasn’t until he felt you pinch his arm that he realized the trouble was double-sided.

“James Buchanan Barnes, are you even watching?”

“Yes!” he said defensively, but you pursed your lips, thoroughly unconvinced.

“If you don’t stop looking at me like that we’re going to have a problem. Pay attention!”

You took Bucky’s face in your hands, squeezing his cheeks so that his lips pouted out before turning his head away from you and forcing him to look at the screen. Almost against your will you got caught up staring at his profile and the way that the weak blue light emitted by the ocean scenes played on his features. He looked like a figure in a dream, soft and hazy and oh-so-perfect, and though you tried to look away when he glanced over at you, he still caught you staring.

“If you don’t stop looking at me like that we’re going to have a problem.”

Though Bucky said it with a smirk, intending to make a mockery of your earlier statement, it came out much lower and softer than he intended. There was a noticeable shift in the atmosphere, a palpable tension and sent goosebumps up your arms and a flutter to your stomach.

“Fight me, Barnes,” you muttered, trying to make light of the situation and lifting your curled fists in front of your face like a boxer.

“Oh, you’re a tough girl now, huh?” Bucky laughed, catching the weak punch you threw at him with one hand and tweaking your nose with the other. When you gave an indignant huff he only laughed harder, nose scrunching in a way that had your heart stuttering in your chest as you tried to maintain a carefree and unaffected exterior.

“Quit your giggling. This is a fight, mister!”

Your other hand flew forward with the intention of prodding at his side until he released your fist. Bucky’s laugh cut off with a gasp as your fingers brushed his ribs, and you felt him tense up as he hastened to tuck his arms against his body. Your eyes widened with realization and you broke into a taunting smile.

“Stop,” he said warningly.

“Bucky… are you ticklish?”


You moved forward again, and Bucky released your other hand in order to scoot away from you. Determined to catch him before he could slip out of your blanket fort where you knew you would never be able to keep up with him, you lunged forward, effectively knocking him flat on his back.

“No, no, no! Y/N, don’t – Ah!”

His panicked yelp soon dissolved into full-bodied laughter as you straddled him, breaking into breathless giggles yourself as you batted away his half-hearted attempts at pushing you away with one hand and continuing your tickle attacks with the other.

In a desperate attempt to escape, Bucky reached out for something, anything, help him drag himself out from under you. His hand closed around what he thought was the leg of the couch, and for a moment he was filled with hope. It was easily the sturdiest and heaviest piece of furniture in the room. But one strong tug was enough to reveal his mistake, and you both froze in wide-eyed horror as the end table toppled over, sending the treasured Iron Man lamp and the corner of your blanket roof down to the floor with a resounding crash.  

The two of you fought with the collapsing roof, shoving at it when it draped heavily over your heads. You were forced to lean down within an inch of Bucky’s face in order to see him, with Bucky holding the blanket up in a low tent over your heads with one arm. There was a long moment of silence while you stared at each other before you both broke into a fit of quiet laughter.

“Was that…”

“The lamp,” you confirmed through hysterical giggles. “This is horrible! I – Oh God! We shouldn’t be laughing. Tony is going to kill us. He loves that stupid thing.”

To your credit, you managed to quiet down for a few seconds of solemn silence before a whale noise from the documentary that was still playing somewhere behind you set you both off again. It wasn’t until you turned your head down to muffle your laughter against Bucky’s shoulder that you realized the rather compromising position you found yourselves in. You were stretched out entirely on top of him, hands fisted in the blanket on either side of his head. At some point during your hysterics, Bucky’s arms had found a home around your waist and the blanket once again rested over your heads, though with your current proximity it didn’t much matter. When you tilted your head up again you found his lips were far too close for comfort, curled into the softest smile you had ever seen.

“What are you thinking about?” Bucky asked quietly as you fell silent. You shook your head absently.

“That’s an awfully nice smile. What are you thinking about?”

“Sea turtles.”

You scoffed lightly, poking his nose as it crinkled again with his laughter.

“You must be very fond of sea turtles,” you said, smiling affectionately down at Bucky and shaking your head at his ridiculousness.

“Mhmm… and I think…” his voice trailed off, and the earlier tension returned as his smile faded.

“You think what?” you asked, fingers moving restlessly to brush lightly through is hair.

“I really want to kiss you,” Bucky whispered, pausing just a moment to gauge your reaction before sliding one hand up from your waist to cradle the back of your head.

He tilted his head forward, only having to wait for the briefest of seconds before you covered the rest of the distance yourself. One kiss became two. Two became three: a series of soft experimental pecks, each sweeter than the last, before Bucky tightened his hold on you, pulling you in for a longer, firmer kiss.

“Wow,” you murmured as you broke away, unable, for the time being, to draw your eyes away from those warm, gently smiling lips. “You are really passionate about sea turtles.”

“Shut up!” he scoffed as you giggled at your own joke. “You know what? I’m going to throw an ocean party, and you’re not invited.”

“James Buchanan Barnes, don’t you da –”

You never had a chance to finish your threat, cut off by a horrified gasp and the sudden influx of light when the blanket was ripped off of you by an angry Tony brandishing the mangled remains of the table lamp.


Midnight Memories

A/N: I saw a post a while ago with this prompt idea so if it’s yours feel free to tell me and I’ll give you credit!!

Warnings: cussing, a little bit of smut, mostly fluff

Originally posted by metal-armed-jesus

You smiled at your reflection in the mirror, readjusting your bikini and feeling confidence radiate through your body. 

A pool party. 

Not that you hadn’t had the idea before, but now that your birthday had rolled around, you decided to give in to the requests that your friends had made many times before. 

“You look hot.” Natasha said in the doorway, grinning as you immediately covered your stomach. 

“Shut up, I’m going to be underwater most of the time anyway.” With one last glance at your reflection, you grabbed the silky over-shirt and slipped it onto your body, hooking arms with Natasha and walking out of your room. 

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Entwined Part 1

Hello, and welcome to my new blog!! This story will contain lots of sexual exploration with tentacles. If that makes you uncomfortable, I suggest you cut and run.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy!

Relationships: Octo!Bucky x Reader

Summary: Reader is the daughter of a captain of the Royal Navy, stationed in Jamaica during the 1700s. She stumbles across an injured man, hidden away from prying eyes, only to discover he’s more than what he seems.

Warnings: blood, injuries, sex with tentacles (late chapters), sexual exploration (later chapters)

Word Count: 1932

Entwined - Part 1

by mermaidsbluetail

The sea had always called to her. The sound of the waves. The cry of the gulls. The briny smell of salt and seaweed. The curious fish darting through the crystal blue shallows and trails of white foam.

Her family was originally from London, her father a captain in the Royal Navy and sent here to the Caribbean to search out the last of the pirates and make way for the promising sugarcane industry. Her father was a good man, strong and hard working, his men loyal to a fault. Unfortunately, that meant no one would dare approach his beloved daughter, his only child, the “light in his eyes” as he affectionately put it.

Stationed at Port Royal, her father was constantly busy, gone long hours and not returning to their estate overlooking the sea until the wee hours of the morning. The servants did all they could to keep the young miss occupied and safe at home, but having just passed her nineteenth birthday, her sense of independence was strong. Her mother had died of influenza a few years back, leaving her to spend the days exploring the coves and tide pools and palm tree forests of her father’s property alone whenever she could escape her lessons.

Her long curls flowing loosely down her back, her having pulled out the painful myriad of pins, she slowly made her way down the white sands bordering the front of her father’s property. The hem of her petticoats were soaked through, her bare feet sinking into the warm sand. Sighing, she looked back over her shoulder, up the cliff to the large house, the setting sun casting a warm glow over the pale stone and wood. From here she could barely make out the workers tending to the yard.

Looking back over the sea, she smiled as the sun dipped lower into the sky, creating a beautiful rainbow of colors across the wispy clouds in the distance, the remnants of the large storm that had recently battered the island.

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Family Life

Member(s): Simon D x Reader
Type: Fluff
Words: 562
Plot: Your little family may be stressful, but it’s perfect.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Haneul was your first and only child, and with that came him being spoiled rotten. You and Kiseok could never find the heart to punish him, and you admit that you baby him more than necessary. That was probably the reason he was so clingy. It didn’t matter which parent was there, as long as one of you was in eyesight, he’d cling on to you like a koala bear.

You were the first to wake up that morning. The little four year old latching himself onto you as you picked him up from his crib. You sat him in a pile of toys he had on the floor of his bedroom, figuring he could play while you carried out your morning routine. 

Making your way into the bathroom and settling on the toilet, you were quite shocked to see your son standing in the doorway. You sighed at him, “Privacy, please.” You begged.

“Oh, right.” Haneul said as it dawned on him. He stepped into the bathroom, his little hands pushing the door shut behind him. “Now we have privacy, mommy.” He smiled.

You sighed yet again, annoyance dimming as you looked at your son. Footie pajamas, messed up bed hair, eyes still swollen from sleep. He was too cute to get angry at. Haneul, being his little chatter box self, sat himself onto your lap, and started telling you about the dream he had last night. You didn’t even have the energy to move him. 

Only a few seconds later, Kiseok stumbled his way into the bathroom, looking identical to his son. Except, instead of footie pajamas, Kiseok was just bare. He gave you an odd look, one you reciprocated with his outfit choice.

“Appa! I can see your wee wee!” Haneul screamed, horrified. Kiseok was quick to grab the nearest towel and wrap it around his waist. Once that was done, Haneul made his way off your lap, holding his arms up so his father would hold him. An act that was done the moment it happened.

“Why don’t you go play in your room so Eomma and Appa can take a shower?” Kiseok asked his son. Haneul wrapped his arms around Kiseok’s neck tightly.
“I shower too.” He mumbled.

“But we have to take a special shower!” Kiseok persuaded the boy. Haneul shook his head. “Please?” Kiseok asked yet again.

Haneul shuffled his way out if his father’s arms, going back to you, who’d finally gotten to finish your business in peace. Haneul’s little hand grabbed yours, pulling you along behind him. You latched onto Kiseok’s as well, dragging him behind.

“Mommy promised I could help make muffins.” Haneul stated.

Kiseok’s eyes widened, “But there’s still dough on the ceiling from last time!” He exclaimed.

“Mommy said it’s okay, Appa.” Haneul sassed back.

“I never said a thing.“you stated, holding your arms up in defense.Kiseok looked at Haneul, who now had eyes wider than the earth and a grin bigger than the sun.

"Oh. So he lied then?” He played. “You know what happens to liars? They get tickled to death!” He yelled, chasing after Haneul who had darted off into the kitchen. Theor loud giggling echoing throughout the entire house.

You smiled and rolled your eyes at your boys. They were weird, and they could be loud, but you would never, ever change it for the world.

-Admin H

anonymous asked:

Can you write Morality comforting Anxy after a bad day and suddenly that comfort turns into a heavily make out session that almost finish in sex but someone interrupt them? Thanks and sorry.

Aha here it is



“Go away Morality”

Morality took a deep breath, slowly walking to Anxiety’s bed and sitting down next to the pile of blankets over the bed.


“I said go away”

He sighed before slowly pulling the blankets away from Anxiety’s face. The younger trait was crying, as usual. He didn’t hide his face away from Morality’s, but didn’t turn to him either.


“I’m tired…”

Morality smiled softly before moving to get under the blankets with the younger trait. It took a few minutes, but Anxiety eventually accepted his company, moving closer and nuzzling against the father.

They stayed silent like that until Anxiety had stopped crying and they could talk.

“Come on Ann. Tell me what is inside your mind” Morality said, gently caressing the younger trait’s hair. Anxiety leaned on the touch, a soft, shaky breath leaving his mouth.

“It’s not important…” Anxiety mumbled, but Morality shook his head.

“Anything that leaves you like this is important Ann” he said, wiping what was left of his tears and holding his cheek gently, making Anxiety look up at him. “Please tell me?”

The younger trait was taking too long to answer. Morality was ready to beg him again to tell him what was going on, when he moved closer and pressed their lips together.

And well, Morality froze.

For a second, he thought it was a tactic to make him confuse and forget about the crying all together, but that thought didn’t last. Anxiety pressed closer, kissing him slightly deeper, and Morality lost all track of thought, wrapping one arm around the other’s waist and pulling him closer while he tilted his head and kissed him harder as well.

The kiss, slow at first, gained pace. Anxiety’s hands were over Morality’s cheeks as they kissed, tongues pressing together hesitantly, lips moving with harmony, everything pretty light and soft and slow.

Until Anxiety bit down Morality’s bottom lip and tugged it gently, releasing it and pulling back only to have Morality groaning and kissing all over his neck on the next second. Anxiety let out a soft breath, moving his head back and letting Morality kiss and bite his neck.

They had done this before a few times, but always like this. Random, with no questions or regrets. It was confusing, but it worked for them.

Sooner than later, Morality was pushing the blankets off them and straddling Anxiety, his lips back to the younger’s, kissing him hard and intense this time and being kissed back in the same intensity.

Anxiety pulled Morality down, pressing their bodies together, tangling his fingers on the father’s hair, wrapping his legs around his waist and letting their bodies tangle in their own unique way.

No one could understand how negative thinking and emotions went well together but there was no doubt they did.

They were still kissing when Morality reached down to remove Anxiety’s coat and shirt. They came out rather slowly, neither wanting to part their kiss, and Anxiety quickly followed the suit, taking Morality’s shirt and glasses off and putting them away.

When they had their hands on the other’s pants, ready to remove them, someone opened the door without knocking.

Obviously that it had to be Prince.

“Boys, time for piz-Oh my god my eyes!” He said loudly, covering his face and making both Anxiety and Morality stare at him. “No. No. No. You know what? Just… Just stay in there. Bye now” he said before he closed the door and let out a groan of disgust.

Morality looked down at Anxiety, who shrugged.

“It’s pizza”

Morality had to agree.

Refreshed (M)


Genre: Fluff, Smut, Oneshot

Just plain smut (outdoor sex). Read with caution.

Word count: 1,691 words


“Do you hear that?” Hoseok asks you, cocking his head towards the open window before slowly leading the car to the side of the road and stopping.

At first you grunt an accent without actually trying to comprehend what he said. You don’t mind too much that he woke you up at the crack of dawn for a quick hike up the hill not far from your house but now that you’re on your way back, you just want to get some sleep. Then you hear it. With Hoseok turning off the car engine, you can hear the sound of flowing water in the distance, but just barely. You wonder if he has super hearing on top of his many other talents. “Yeah, I can hear it.”

Upon hearing your confirmation, Hoseok brings the car back to life, only to drive it off the long stretch of road into the shade of the trees. “Come on,” he says as he gets out of the car.

“Wait, where are you going?!” You call out in frustration. He only waits long enough for you to get out of the car so he can lock it with the remote before he is bouncing off into the forest. You try to keep up, and in the end he comes back for you and takes your hand to walk with you towards the sound.

It doesn’t take long for you to see the source of the sound. The trees parted to reward both of you with the stunning view of a stream, crystal clear and unpolluted by people. You are rooted to the spot for a few seconds, drinking in the breathtaking sight while Hoseok quickly strips to his boxers and getting in.

“Come on!” He urges you again, but you plant your hands on your hips and shake your head. “Nuh-uh. I don’t want to get my clothes wet. I didn’t bring any extra.”

“Nothing wrong with a little skinny dipping,” he grins.

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You’re an Idiot (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Time Period: Modern

Word Count: 1,507

Warnings: lol smut yo (and language)

A/N: Requested by Anonymous. Prompt #113  “I know that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it.”

Tags: @angesansnom @avengershavethetardis @eugolorp @robotic-space @sassy-spocko @spicydice @the-phantom-author @wolfphantom-m


“C’mon Thomas, it’s not that big of a deal,” You moaned, dropping your head into your hands. Your meal sat in front of you, cold and forgotten.

Your boyfriend sat on the other side of the dinner table, gripping his fork tightly, an irritated look spread across his handsome features. “It’s a big deal to me,” he snapped. 

“The company Christmas party is next Friday, I don’t see why you want to skip it so badly.” 

Thomas stood up abruptly and picked up his half-empty plate.“You know why,” he seethed, turning around and walking towards the kitchen.

“Tell me again!” You stood up and followed him, your fists clenched at your sides. 

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Teenagers to Toddlers [Part 2] - Derek Hale

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Summary: When the rest of the pack turns into toddlers, you and Derek are left to take care of the pack together.

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

{part 1} {part 2}

A/N: I felt like updating this. Honestly, not my best work but not too bad. Plus I think it’s cute. I hope you enjoy. My inbox is open like always :) OH MY GOD THIS GIF FUCKKKKK

~ Brooklyn


“You know online shopping is a thing,” Derek said as you pushed one of the strollers. You looked at him, giving him your best sassy look.

“You know that you didn’t have to come,” you replied, causing Derek to roll his eyes. He was also pushing a stroller, although his stroller carried fewer kids that yours did. You pushed a stroller that would usually carry triplets. Derek’s had a spot for two children, whom you filled it with Allison and Lydia. It seemed to be an easy task because they weren’t fighting.

You had Scott, Stiles, and Isaac, which was turning out to be a much bigger hassle that what you had intended. You learned the hard way of how they should sit and who they should sit next to. You learned that Isaac and Stiles can’t sit next to each other or they would fight. You learned that Scott didn’t care, as long as he was comfortable he was okay. Although it wasn’t exactly easy to keep him comfortable, he liked to keep moving. Scott would be sitting comfortably in one spot, then move and become uncomfortable quickly. You also learned that Isaac can’t go anywhere without your blanket. It was cute, but a bit of a hassle as you had to carry it everywhere. For example, right now as you held it in your arms pushing the stroller through the baby section of target.

“You see I would believe that, but then you’d come home and complain that I didn’t help you. Next thing you know I’m reduced to no sex for two weeks.” You smack his arm and glare at him. He wasn’t exactly wrong though and you knew it. You eyed a sleek black crib instantly liking it.

“I like this one,” you say to Derek pointing out the one you liked. He nodded his head, agreeing with you.

“Okay, that the one. Get five and we can get going.” Lydia started to whine in her stroller. She kicked her feet and started to get upset. Stiles frowned and stuck his tongue out at Derek. Not liking the sound of Lydia crying. You bend down to Lydia and coo at her, quieting her down. You had also learned that if you pick anyone up, Scott would also want to be carried by you. Lydia pointed at another stroller, this one pink with light blue swirls covering it catching her attention. You look up at Derek a smile on your face.



“(Y/N) we still have to get food, other kid stuff and carry it all to the car. No, we are not getting separate ones.” Stiles started to whine as he saw a batman decorated crib. He wiggled in his spot, trying to free himself. You look up at Derek, pleading with him. He sighed and nodded his head. “Okay, go ahead.”

“Thank you, Derek! I love you!” You say, you run up to him and kiss his cheek. He holds onto your waist and pulls you close again. His nose touches yours before he pulls you into a real kiss. It lasts for a few seconds, pulling away for air. You blush and look down, while Derek continues to stare at you. The sound of Scott whine grabbed your attention. Stiles was irritating Isaac as he reached over for the Batman crib, so Isaac was irritating Stiles back, and poor Scotty was in the middle.

“Derek can you put them in the cart and I’ll take care of Scotty,” you say. You unhook the button that holds him back and rest him against your chest. You adjusted him so he could balance on your hip. You look at Scott, his whining had quieted down, but he was still upset. You bounced him lightly as held him. He started to smile, and you smiled back, cooing the baby boy with the crooked jaw.

“We’re almost done Scott, I promise. We’ll be back home in no time, and you can eat and sleep to your heart’s content.”

A few hours later, all five kids were asleep in their separate car seats, and the trunk was loaded to the max with baby furniture. You looked to Derek and smiled. He looked at you and smiled back, holding your hand. He brought your hand to his lips and kissed it lightly.

“You know online shopping would’ve been easier,” Derek said. You rolled your eyes before settling in your seat.

“Probably, but it’s nice to be outside. We don’t go out often except for the woods. I thought it would be a nice change.” Derek nodded his head at your words. He started the car and pulled out of the parking lot heading for home.

My only regret was not hugging him back on that last day. I was so unbelievably hurt but he was holding me so tight with tears suspended in his eyes and my arms were lifeless by my side, and makeup was running down my cheeks. Maybe if I would have wrapped my arms around his waist….. I don’t know, maybe things would have ended differently.
—  I can’t keep holding onto that
His Muse


“In the kitchen,” you called out, giving the stew another stir before placing the lid on top and spinning on your heels, just as Chanyeol flew through the door heading for you. “Good da…?”

You were cut off by thick, long arms wrapping themselves around your waist and lifting you off the floor, spinning you around in circles while he buried his face in the crook of your neck. “Chanyeol, put me down!” you exclaimed loudly. You let out a little laugh and ran your hands through his hair, squealing with the spins.

His grip loosened and you slipped to the floor, still in his arms but a lot shorter than your giant of a boyfriend. “I had the best meeting today,” he cried ecstatically, practically bouncing on the spot with excitement.

Pressing yourself up against his body, you wrapped your arms around his neck and reached up onto your tiptoes to press your lip against his. “What did the boss want?” you asked sweetly, leaning against him so you could stay on your toes. He’d been so nervous about the meeting last night so whatever it was, it must be good news.

He lifted you up with ease and placed you on the worktop, wrapping your legs around his waist so he was still pressed up against you. Running a hand up your body, he cupped your cheek for a second and brushed his thumb across. “They want to put one of my songs on the album,” he practically shouted, his little dimple appeared as his smile stretched up to the tips of his ears.

Your mouth dropped. “Are you serious? Which one?” you exclaimed, tightening your hold on him so you could hug him closer. He had made so many songs recently, his mind practically bursting with inspiration, but there were only a few that he was extremely proud of.

“Your song,” he admitted quietly, dipping his head so he could press his forehead to yours and look directly in your eyes. “The one I wrote on your birthday about you. I wasn’t even going to show it to them but I accidently played the beginning and they wanted to hear the whole song. It’s going to be our next title track!”

Knowing how much it meant for him to be the writer of a title track, you couldn’t help but be happy for him.  “That’s amazing,” you squealed excitedly, pushing yourself closer for a kiss. “You’re amazing!”

Abruptly he leaned away and looked down at your face. “You’re not upset?” he asked quietly, biting on his bottom lip like he was nervous about something.

You immediately laughed, running your hands down his chest and feeling the broad muscles underneath. “Why the hell would I be upset? This is your dream, it’s what you’ve worked for since you debuted.” You looked up at his fluffy head of hair and shook your head – what was going on in that beautiful mind of his?

“Because it’s your song and it’s going to be shared with everyone,” he explained softly, cupping your cheeks with his massive hands that almost took over your entire face. “

“And everyone is going to know just how much love we have for each other,” you added, tilting your chin up and kissing his soft lips. You’d never be able to get enough of the sparks that flew when his lips touched yours, it was so addictive.

He looked at you with wide eyes filled with love and happiness and just like that, his worry about whether you’d think his news was good vanished. “You won’t believe how much I love you. You’re my muse,” he murmured against your lips, taunting you with what you wanted before lifting you up and squeezing you tight against his chest. “Let me take you out for dinner tonight,” he pleaded softly, closing his eyes while you played with his ears.

“But I already cooked,” you commented, spotting the stew on the stove out of the corner of your eye. You ran your fingers down to his cheeks, grazing them against the tiny bit of stubble running along his jaw. “I guess we could eat it tomorrow,” you resolved quietly, moving closely to brush your lips across his jaw until you found his lips and sealed them.

He groaned loudly in his throat and separated your lips swiftly, letting his hot breath fill you up and leave you gasping for more. “There’s a dress on the bed,” he whispered, dotting his kiss all the way up to your ear, his teeth grazing down the edge. “Take your time and get ready and then I’m taking you out to dinner.” His hot breath sent shivers down your spine and drove you crazy but you loved it. One minute Chanyeol was the cutest thing in the world, and then next the master of seduction.

However, you wanted to be taking his clothes off, not putting more on.

He read you like a book and smirked. “Later babe,” he said with a wink that sent your heart pounding against your ribcage.

“Later indeed,” you whispered, feeling him drop you gently to the floor and leaving him with a kiss in his chest where his heart hid. Then you slipped from his hold to get changed into the dress that would eventually be left on the floor in a heap with no regrets.

If you don’t like this, blame drunk jade! It was all her fault! 

Jade xo


Movie Night

Pairing: Donald Pierce x Reader

Word Count: 723

Warnings: None. Just FLUFF (:

A/N: It’s a short one but I hope ya’ll enjoy it! Let me know what you think (:

Originally posted by sikanapanele

“You just had to go for horror, huh?” You shook your head as you made your way around the kitchen, gathering up the snacks you and Donald bought from the gas station down the street.

You could hear him let out a short laugh from the living room, “It ain’t even that scary.”

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The Secret Life of Murphy MacManus - Part 2

Summery~ Murphy MacManus notices you at the bar of McGinty’s and promises himself that he will look after you when he sees a man taking your photo. Without telling you who he is, without telling Conner about you, Murphy goes on to live two completely different lives–that is until they have to merge in order to save you.

  • Fandom; Boondock Saints
  • Murphy MacManus x Reader
  • 1129 Words
  • Warnings: It’s a Boondock Saints story, prepare for cursing and violence

Drift wood.

Your bed smells of drift wood and…beer. No, whiskey.

The sun shines through the window in your room, warming your naked leg as you lay on top of your blanket. It’s comfortable, relaxing. Add in the sound of the water running in the bathroom and you start to feel yourself drifting back into a deep sleep.

You sit up quickly, realizing that the shower was on in your bathroom. You can hear singing, low and rough. For a second, you’re paralyzed at the thought of someone in your shower—and then you remember Murphy. Sweet, little Murphy. You calm down and lay your head back in your pillow.

Murphy spent the night, wanting to make sure you would be okay during the night. Nothing happened, except a lot of holding. Murphy held you close all night long, combing your hair with his fingers. At some point, you asked him about the scars on his wrists which he replied with, “’Tis nothing, lass. Go to sleep.”

The shower stops and you hear some rustling as Murphy gets dressed. When he walks out, he’s wearing a shirt of yours that was far too big and you only kept to sleep in on cold nights. The long sleeves on you just hardly came to Murphy’s hands and when it looks like a dress on you, it fits him perfectly.

A little smile slips on your face as he walks over and links his fingers together, looking at you from under his eyelashes. “I have ta go.” He murmurs.

You sit up and criss-cross your legs. “This early?” You couldn’t mask the disappointment in your voice.

Murphy bits at his lower lip and nods his head, his eyes avoiding yours for the minute. “Aye. Me brother needs me.”

“Oh. I suppose you shouldn’t keep him waiting then.” You think Murphy wants to leave, maybe he had enough. Maybe his thing isn’t hooking up but it’s having a place to crash after drinking.

Murphy looks down at you, his fingers wiggling away as they stay linked. He picks up on your thoughts, it seems. “Can I come back tonight?”

His question takes you by surprise. “If-if you want to.”

“Take you out, maybe. On a date.” He offers.

Again, something you didn’t expect. The air around you changes and suddenly you can’t have enough of him, just like last night. “I think I can pencil you in.” You tease him and kiss his cheek.

Murphy’s eyebrows shoot up and he looks back at you, his whole face stiff and emotionless. Your eyes lock onto each other’s and it was like you knew what he was about to do, because you feel it, too.

He attacks you, crashing his lips against yours and causing you to fall backward, hitting your head against the pillow. His body crushes yours, though you don’t care. You love the feeling, wanting him closer if that were possible, and he tries.

He grabs your cheeks and his hair is tangled between your fingers as you two figure each other out. At first, he was rough, wet even. He wasn’t sure how to start, but he learns quickly and his tongue glides over your lip, asking for entry.

Denying him for fun, he grows impatient and grinds into you. You let out a moan in response and he smirks into the kiss, grinding into you a second time.

“Murphy…” You moan, giving him the confidence he needs. He runs his hands down your sides, stopping at your exposed thighs. You don’t remember when your pants came off last night, or if you were the one that took them off. All you know is that you were glad they were off. It felt much better as he grabbed at your skin, as if he knew you will bruise easy later.

His touch feels amazing. The way he holds onto you, clamps his fingers around your legs and pulls them over his waist. He grinds down again. His jeans rub against you, the fabric feeling nice, but not as nice as his skin would.

Murphy pulls back and ducks his head down, kissing on your chest and your neck, biting down here and there to try and make you moan again. You’re refusing to give him the satisfaction.

“Your brother…” You remind him as he kisses your collar bones. “I thought he needed you.”

In response, Murphy bucks his hips into yours, causing you to moan yet again. He smirks against your skin in triumph. Your fingers that were at work in his hair, give a tug, he growls.

“He does. T’at arse can wait.” He goes to kiss you.

You turn your head so he kisses your cheek instead, giggling a little as he groans in frustration. “Murphy, go see your brother. I’ll be here when you’re done and we can postpone the date.”

“Fuck.” Murphy whines and stands up. You can still see that he’s excited as he moves to adjust the zipper on his jeans. “You’re mine tonight.” Murphy insists.

“I’m yours now.” You sit up and playfully rub the front of his jeans. He throws his head back and a moan slips. “Have a good day.” After lifting his shirt and kissing his happy trail, you let him go,

“Oh, it’s gon’ be a fuckin’ long one.” He pecks your lips and grabs his coat, slipping it on as he walks to the door with a bit of a hard time. You snicker to yourself when he stops, hand on the handle, and takes a few deep breathes.

The door closes and it was like reality hit you all at once. The clock blinks 10am, meaning you were very, very late for work. Which didn’t matter now, you were already fired for not calling in. But the thing was, you didn’t mind. The night spent with Murphy was great, and this morning was even better. You couldn’t wait to find out how tonight’s date was going to go.


Any day Sean Prescott demanded his son come home and they have ‘a talk’ was a bad day. However, this time, Nathan knew that he had fucked up for good – that he and Warren had not been careful enough. The way his father had forcefully tugged at his son’s reddish-brown hair while calling him a disgrace and a fag was a good indication for that. Eventually, the head of the Prescott family had dismissed Nathan, but not without a polite final warning. The nineteen-year old had left with a massive headache and a feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach.

That was almost two weeks ago and he had not seen Warren since. Of course, they ran into each other during their days, but they had not talked or anything. It was like the time before they had really gotten to know one another, when acknowledging the other’s existence was the highlight of their daily interaction. However, now Warren did not even look at Nathan anymore and he was scared shitless that this was it now. That Sean Prescott had scared away his boyfriend for good.

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anonymous asked:

how would gom + takao react to their s/o asking for a piggyback? :00 (if requests are closed then sorry!!)

Requests are always open, lovebug! Unless something happens but i’ll let y’all know! <33


Akashi: “…Huh?” He would think you were crazy at first, wondering what on earth possessed you to ask him for such a frivolous favor. But, the cute little look on your face was too much to be able to resist. He sighed, “Come on.” He stooped down in front of you, allowing you to climb on his back before holding onto the back of your knees, carrying you to your chosen destination.

Aomine: “W-What? What the he-?” His sentence was cut off as you tried your best to climb on his back, “______! I didn’t say you coul- ouch!” Your nails dug into his back, “Hey! You’re only supposed to scratch my back when we’re in bed, babe!” Readjusting you on his back, he wrapped his arms underneath your ass, carrying you with an annoyed look on his face, giving your ass a squeeze every so often.

Kise: “Okay _______!” Your shared giggles could be heard for miles as he allowed you to wrap yourself around his back, “You comfy?” He would check, “Let’s go!” Without your knowledge, he jet off, running with you as his hands held onto your legs. You clung onto him for dear life, half excited and half scared that he was going to drop you.

Kuroko: “…..Okay.” He nodded shyly. Without any other words, his soft hands came in contact with your lower half, lifting you up over his shoulders. “W-Wait!” You squealed, “I’m supposed to ride your back! Not your shoulders!” Kuroko blushed, and slowly set you down, “Oh. I’m sorry.” He bent down, allowing you to adjust yourself on him. “That’s okay!” You reassured him, giggling softly at his mistake.

Midorima: “…………..?” For a few moments, he gave you a blank stare, almost unable to comprehend the question that was asked of him, “A-Are you serious?” He scratched the back of his head. You pouted. You knew whenever you would give him that pouty, puppy-dog face he would succumb to your wishes. Sighing, he bent down and picked you up, his slender fingers holding onto your calfs.

Murasakibara: “What’d you want, ____?” He asked, munching on his umaibo. It was his fourth one in the last two minutes. How in the world did he down those snacks so quick? “Umm, I want a piggyback ride! Please!?” You held your arms up to your statue of a boyfriend. He stared down at you for a second before sticking his snack in his mouth and bending down, picking you up and setting you on his back. He casually walked at a slow pace with your legs wrapped around his waist as he resumed crunching on his snack.

Takao: “Come on _______!” He laughed, picking you up and running towards a park. “Takao, slow down! You’re going to drop meeee!” His laugh grew louder with each of your squeals. It was so cute but not cute enough to stop your fear of falling. “Alright, alright, i’ll let you down.” He finally let you to your feet, but only for a split second before picking you back up and setting you on his shoulders, his hands holding onto the front of your lower legs.

W*O*L*D (Pt. 2) (Daveed x Reader)

Summary: Pete makes things difficult

TW: Swearing, cheating/divorce, poorly edited bc I’m lazy


Part 1 Part 3

You wait at the airport for him, bouncing your almost year old son on your hip. Pete barely knows anything about his youngest son, you tried to tell him, but he was always too busy to listen to you, so you stop trying to tell him. You told him the day his son was born, his first words, first steps, and all the other little moments he missed. You hate it. You hate that your husband has never been there for you. You thought he would come back for his kids, but he didn’t. When Bronx was born, he walked into the hospital the after. You told him the due date and that, if nothing else, he should visit for that week, but he didn’t. He came in the next day. Not only did he miss Bronx being born, but he missed Saint. You would have thought that after he missed one son’s birth, he would have come to the second, but no, this radio gig was too important to him.

You finally see him, dragging a large suitcase behind him. Once he gets close enough, he engulfs Bronx in a hug and asks to hold Saint.

“Hey, buddy, you must be my son. You’re so big!” He smiles, but Saint turns away from him.

Pete greets you last. He wraps his free hand around your waist and kisses you. You just scowl. You’re done with this, pretending that it doesn’t bother you. You’re done with him. “Nice to see you again.”

He frowns. “What’s wrong, (Y/N/N)?”

You shake your head and take your son back. “Nothing, just tired.”

He nods.

You lead him out to your car, as Bronx tells him all about school. Pete nods excitedly. It almost makes you feel bad.

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I had a lot of potential scenes laid out for this scenario, but I ended up going a little more fluff-y route ^-^ hopefully you like it! <3

It starts as a favor. Your friend from class, Yoongi, needs someone to be a model for his photography project. You agree because he’s nice, and you both get along well. However, you have to admit that you’d had no idea what you’d gotten yourself into.

Walking up the steps of the church isn’t nerve-wracking at all, but the minute you step through the doors and see Jeon Jungkook up head, dressed in a well-fitted tux, you kind of feel like melting into a puddle. Or maybe just dying. But either way you can’t handle this.

It’s not like you have a crush on Jeon Jungkook or anything—in fact, you’re actually well acquainted with him, and may even call him a friend—but you’re used to seeing him in sweatpants and a jacket at the library, quietly studying away. Seeing him here in front of you, black hair styled perfectly and messing with his cufflinks, an innocent look on his face (like he doesn’t know how freakin’ stunning he is)—it’s really messing with your brain and heart.

“Oh, Y/N,” Yoongi says at spotting you and waves you over. Embarrassed, not knowing how long you’ve been standing in the entrance staring at Jungkook like an idiot, you jog forward and meet the two at the head of the row. When Jungkook smiles at you in greeting, you smile back and hope that the rapid thumping of your heart isn’t visibly showing.

“Here’s your dress,” Yoongi suddenly speaks up, shoving a bundle of fabric into your arms. Surprised, you blink down at the fountain of white that you’re holding and then look up to Yoongi, utterly confused. Rolling his eyes at your oblivious look, the older male nudges you towards the nearby bathroom.

“Go get changed. Let’s get this photoshoot over with sooner rather than later, yeah?”

Unsure what to do, you simply follow his directions and head away, shielding yourself behind closed doors. When you emerge a few minutes later your red cheeks are contrasting your brilliant white dress, and despite your obvious embarrassment at wearing a cocktail length wedding dress both males attention immediately turns to you.

“Wow,” Jungkook says, eyes shifting from you to himself. “It looks like we’re actually about to get married. What the hell, hyung?”

“My photography teacher is tired of me turning in profiles filled with still life and neutral emotions. She wants me to give her something…alive. Something happy, I guess. So, when I thought of the idea of being happy, getting married was the first thing that came to mind, so here we are.”

“Why didn’t you just get married to Jimin then?” you mumble under your breath. “Then you’d actually be happy.”

“Nice,” Jungkook laughs behind his hand, and the two of you high-five, ignoring the way Yoongi is glaring at you. Luckily, he sighs soon after and waves you both off, starting towards the back of the church hall.

“Whatever—let’s get started. The two of you just need to act like a happy couple, alright?”

“Alright,” Jungkook responds quietly, watching Yoongi’s back as he walks away, fiddling with his camera. Gulping, you turn your head and look at Jungkook, a little overwhelmed, because dear god the two of you are supposed to act like a happy couple together??? Your heart is thumping already…

“Hey, you good?” Jungkook comments, snapping you out of your worrying thoughts. All embarrassed at having been daydreaming right in front of him, you nod your head and try to shove any of your distracting thoughts away.

“I’m good!” you comment, smiling (albeit a bit nervously). “Let’s not keep Yoongi waiting!”

Nodding, Jungkook smiles back at you reassuringly, takes your hand in his, and gently tugs you up the aisle.

Oh, how you’re going to explode.

“Alright, we’re almost done!” Yoongi announces, dropping his camera and fiddling with the lens. A moment later Jungkook’s hands slide down your waist and brush over your hips before a small sigh tickles your ear and he leans back away from you.

“Who would’ve thought posing would be so hard,” he says, rubbing his neck, and you laugh quietly in agreement, feeling a little more comfortable around him, but still embarrassed nonetheless. Having Jungkook hug you and hold your waist, placing his head near your shoulder with your cheeks nearly smushed together…you’re hoping your pink face can double as looking like blush in Yoongi’s photos.

“Let’s get one last shot of Jungkook carrying you outside and then we’ll be done! I have enough here I can work with,” Yoongi announces in a loud mumble, turning to head outside without looking at either of you.

“Sorry,” you immediately say, placing your hand on Jungkook’s shoulder. He just rolls his eyes, and bends down, hooking his arm under your knees. A second later your find yourself strongly held against him, his face peaceful as he effortlessly carries you towards the doorway.

However, right as you’re about to pass through you see something out of the corner of your eye, and before you can say anything your head clunks against the doorframe.

Shit,” you curse quietly at the pain that resonates throughout your skull. You instinctively bury your face into Jungkook’s chest and lift your hands to cradle your head. Not a second you hear Yoongi’s distant swear, and Jungkook intake a shocked breath.

“Oh, shit–! I’m so sorry, Y/N! Are you ok??”

Cracking your eyes open, you notice that Jungkook is no longer holding you, but has set you on your feet, your back leaning against the doorframe as he brushes your hair out of you face. His dark eyes are filled with worry and he gently picks up your hands and moves them away, eyebrows furrowed as he tenderly checks over your head.

He’s so damn precious like this, worrying over you and so apologetic and caring that you can’t take it, and you let loose a laugh because dammit this is just too much. You have such a crush on him, and at this point you’re so done stressing out over it. He’s so freakin’ cute.

“Dammit, Jungkook,” you laugh, rubbing your head and hitting his chest playfully, a disbelieving smile pulling at your lips. “Remind me to never marry you. Jesus.”

“Wha…?” he starts, taken aback, and he breaks out laughing as well, grabbing your hand still lingering on his chest and holding it tight. “How are you gonna say you don’t wanna marry me when we haven’t even gone on a first date yet?”

“First date?” you repeat, eyebrows waggling, and instantly Jungkook’s ears redden at realizing what he’s just said.

“I, uhhh…wanna go on a date?” he stutters awkwardly, trying to regain his footing in the situation, and you giggle quietly, cheeks blushing yet again.

“Of course I’ll give you a shot, dummy. When are you free?”

Jungkook smirks, rubbing his neck. “Are you free after this?”

“Indeed I am,” you respond, and before you and Jungkook can fully get lost in your own world of flirting, Yoongi’s voice cuts in.

“Wow…in the future when you two get married I better get credit,” he says, stepping forward, and both you and Jungkook sigh in embarrassment. Yoongi only grins and continues, patting each of you on the shoulder.

“Now, now—don’t let me keep you two! Go and get changed and go out for your little date~”

“Hyung…,” Jungkook whines, but nonetheless allows Yoongi to push him back into the church, and you follow closely behind them, a wide smile hiding behind your palm. For someone who was terrified of potentially having a crush on Jeon Jungkook at the beginning of this shoot, you’re sure not minding it too much at the end.

The Immortals- Part 19- Blood

Hi, hello, bonjour :)


This is a “re-writing” of Imagine Meeting the Originals.

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

My inbox is open if you have any questions. Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think. I really hope you like it. I’m so sorry it took so long and it’s so short…


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18

Originally posted by fandom-imagination-ss

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Lifeline (Part 1)

Note: I fixed the formatting!!This was a request that I took forever to write because I honestly didn’t know where to go with it until a little bit ago while being half asleep (the best ideas come at night).

Summary: Daryl rescues you from a walker attack, but your family doesn’t make it. You’re welcomed into Alexandria by Carl, who Daryl brings around you since you’re around his age. 

It was single-handedly the most gruesome thing you had ever seen. You heard nothing as you watched your family get taken down one by one, torn apart in places that included their hands, throats, and stomachs. Skin was torn, blood splattered across the walls and floors. It was practically a pool now. 

Your brother’s blood sprayed across your face and partly in your mouth, and you vomitted. Daryl held you by your waist as you continuously screamed and tried to escape his hold. He pulled you out the last second, and no one else could have possibly been saved by the onslaught of walkers that took over. 

You had never met him before, he just happened to be there ready to interrogate you and possibly welcome you into his camp. He rips you away from the scene with a look of sadness on his face and helps you escape out a small second story window which hurts your ankles a bit when you land. He rushes you to his bike all while your mind is in such a frenzy that you can’t even see straight.

l After reaching his gated community, he helps you off his bike and leads you into a house and into an empty room. He shakes his head at anyone who tries to speak to you. You don’t eat for days. You cry until you fall asleep, wake up, cry, sleep. It was an ongoing cycle that seemed to last forever. Daryl brought food to you three times a day. A boy was with him sometimes. He seemed around your age and wore a sheriff’s hat. 

 You ate some and threw some up. You never got much down. Your brother wasn’t able to eat anymore. He deserves to be here instead of you. You wondered if the pain of being eaten alive was as bad as your seemingly endless emptiness. All you felt anymore were your swollen eyes and a terrifying loneliness.

 About two weeks after the incident, you decide to take a very long shower and sit on your bed with fresh clothes on. A knock sounded on the door and then the boy entered with a small stack of comic books.

 “H-hey. You probably don’t want to talk or anything, which is okay. I brought you these,” he held the stack up, “in case you wanted to read or distract yourself. These are some of my favorites, so you might like them.” He nervously sets them on the bed next to you and backs off a few steps. 

 “Thanks.” You’re surprised at how weak and scratchy your voice was.

 “I’m Carl.” He put on a small smile and rubbed the back of his neck. 

 “Y/N.” You kept your answers short. He was a nice boy. 

The sun was much too bright, you concluded after spending not even a minute outside. The weather was cooling down for autumn, and winter was your favorite month. 

Daryl checked on you almost obsessively and it warmed your heart to see someone you barely knew care so much. You looked from your small window and saw Carl playing with a baby in a grass lawn, helping her walk. It was a very precious sight. You smiled and watched until he went inside. These were good people. You owed them your life.

 Carl came back two days after the last time you saw him and asked if you read the comics and which were your favorite and how do you think this story will end and how funny some DC characters are and the enthusiasm made you smile. After a second of trying to gain the courage to speak, you went on and eventually got into a comfortable conversation about what powers you would want if you could have any. You picked mind reading and Carl wanted practically anything that would help protect his family.

 You smiled a lot that day. You still cried a lot. Carl would catch you zoning out and he would always grab your hand and squeeze it. It never failed to bring you back to earth. 

 After two months, you had integrated yourself into the group, never having directly introduced yourself to anyone. You spent a lot of time with Daryl learning how to shoot with guns and a bow and arrow. You decided on that weapon so you could make your own arrows and craft a bow that propels arrows hard enough to break walker skulls. It saved the group ammo. 

 “How old is Judith?” You asked Carl while you three sat in his living room. Her chubby hands grasped your fingers as you helped her stand up. 

 “Almost a year probably.” 

 “How old are you?” You let go of her hands and got ready to catch her if she fell. Judith wobbled a little bit but stayed put. “Good girl!” You smiled brightly and nuzzled her nose.

 “Seventeen.” He leaned back onto his hands and watched you two with a smile. 

 “I’ll be seventeen soon. In like a week actually.” You brushed hair out of her eyes after she sat back down and threw her arms around making noises. 

“What do you wanna do for your birthday?” 

 “I would very much like to forget it. I don’t want to acknowledge it.” You and your little brother shared the same birthday, but five years apart. You used to be mad that he always got all the attention, but you grew to not care for it.

 “Why?” You hadn’t noticed that you were looking off elsewhere. Judith was crawling onto your lap, but you couldn’t seem to focus on anything anymore. “Y/N?” 

You could hear Carl, but a familiar pain built up in your chest and your vision got blurry. You stood up and let Judith on the floor. “Hey.” He reached for you, but you were already running out of the house. It was going to be one of those nights. It was going to be like most nights where you cry until you’re unconscious, thinking about your family. 

 You always felt so bad for being such a burden to Carl. He was always so sweet to you, but you didn’t seem to be getting much better. You had spent years so close to your family and growing closer because of the experiences of this new world, and then they were gone. You didn’t feel yourself anymore, and you felt life was surreal. Your dreams are riddled with pictures of your family getting torn apart alive. It keeps you up, and it keeps you distant. You wonder sometimes if you should stop talking to Carl for the fact that he can always die too, but he was your lifeline. Daryl was also so sweet and Rick treated you like family. 

 You were laying on your bed when Carl came through your bedroom door. You looked over at him with tears streaming down your face, hiccuping. He looked around for a second before walking to the other side of your bed and laying behind you. Settling an arm around your waist, he moved his face into your hair and sighed. “It’s okay,” he said softly and squeezed you tight.

 You turned around and nuzzled your face into his neck while wrapping your arms around him. You had never been this close to anyone, let alone a boy that wasn’t family. You calmed down after a few moments into a quiet sniffle every once in a while, listening to him breathe.