the second shooter

Repeat after me:

We just want more legislation prohibiting the sale of certain firearms.

Self Defense is one thing.
Hunting guns are another.

We want mental health background checks.
We want to make it harder for people to buy automatic weapons.
We want better healthcare coverage for people who ARE mentally ill to get the help they need.
We want to prohibit the sale or fine heavily person-to-person gun sales. (Yes it is legal for someone to buy a gun from another person without a background check or cooling-off period in certain states.)

We do not want your guns.
We just want to go to a public place and know that we’re probably not going to get shot at.

Our Second Amendment was written when guns held ONE bullet and it took someone a few seconds to load a whole ‘nother round in the barrel. And it was meant for militia to have arms to protect themselves against any foreign invaders because there was no real military, or local law enforcement. Times have changed. Other Amendments have been changed to adapt to the times.

Your “Good guy with a gun” scenario breaks down the second you have a shooter who doesn’t care whether he lives or dies.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of the conspiracy there was a second shooter at Las Vegas on the 4th floor?

‪I don’t believe there’s any truth behind it.‬

‪This is a recurring claim in mass shootings due to the sheer confusion in the midst of the terror. This is exactly why witness testimony is notoriously unreliable. ‬In the shock and terror of something as traumatic as being involved in a mass shooting, facts are often forgotten and mixed up and people can often inadvertently fill gaps in their memory or alter their memories so that they are consistent with what they believe. It’s known as reconstructive memory.

‪Stephen had a profusion of weapons up there - all with different ranges and calibre - as well as additions to his weapons that enabled them to fire hundreds of bullets per minute. He had two vantage points to shoot from. In addition, Mandalay Bay is a horseshoe shape which would add to the echo and sound bounce of the gunfire adding to the confusion.‬

‪Radio traffic of the incident shows LVMPD encroaching on the shooter floor by floor. It defies logic that they would not have heard automatic gunfire coming from another floor when they heard it so clearly coming from floor 32. Also, Stephen smashed the window with a hammer to shoot from them. There were no broken windows elsewhere in the hotel.‬

‪Furthermore, what would LVMPD achieve by denying there was a second shooter? For example, think of the Boston marathon bombings. As soon as the perpetrators were identified, their images were plastered everywhere while they were on the run. Nothing would be achieved by allowing a second shooter to escape.

anonymous asked:

what do you think about the conspiracy that the vegas shooting was a "set up" by the government?

like i really hate to be disrespectful because I know people died and it’s kind of hypocritical for me to agree with complete certainty that this was all set-up by the government, because I really dislike when people say Sandy Hook was faked, BUT, I will say that the theories are definitely interesting about this one. Plus they make sense. Not so long ago, I started a discussion on the videos of a possible second shooter coming from a different area of the hotel. I also find it weird how the shooter’s brother reacted to the whole thing and was unexpectedly arrested for possession of child pornography just days later (makes me think he wouldn’t comply with the government so they sent him down without killing him), and how the police kept changing the timeline of the events. It’s all very strange.

My Fellow Reylos - here ye', here ye'

Did you know that on top of bribing Lucasfilm to change their storyline so that Reylo becomes canon, that:

1.) The studio that the moon landing was staged in was owned by a Reylo.
2.) A Reylo was the second shooter on the Grassy Knoll the day President Kennedy was shot.
3.) Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen is a Reylo is plotting with the illuminati (who are also all Reylos) to establish the New World Order.
4.) The cornfield that Aliens will land in when they invade Earth is maintained by a Reylo.


PLL 7x11 Playtime - (long) thoughts

Overall, for a premiere episode, it was slightly underwhelming in the sense that it doesn’t justify the appearances on Ellen, GMA, Facebook lives, etc. But as a general episode of PLL, it was honestly great. Like I’ve always said, season 7’s episodes are incomparable to season 6 which was a total flop.

I am OBSESSED with this board game! What a brilliant idea for the reveal of the endgame. If every episode is structured by a couple moves on the game plus (somewhat interesting) filler, they’ve got a recipe for success.

The board game is so high tech, which unfortunately reminds me of LucAs. I hope not, but it’s likely. The board in general is great. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the tasks are.

Whoever wrote the episode, kudos to you. This episode had some of the best writing. Forget plot progression, answers, and all that good stuff. I’m talking actual writing. The words and dialogue between characters. Holden’s comment about having a heart attack was a nice touch for long time fans and Veronica and Spencer’s scenes were tragically beautiful. “What did she tell you?” and “what do you think she told me?” - and all those comments about Veronica still being Spencer’s mother at heart; and Mona saying “too bad about Noel. Not really” (homage to their season 1 relationship) - the writing was overall great.

When I see people complain about getting no answers, I just scroll past it. I’m not going to let unnecessary negativity get in my head. I was actually shocked that Spencer confronted Veronica about this and that was an appropriate amount of answers for one episode. I’ve seen people say that we weren’t told anything we didn’t already know - but I think that’s our theory caps talking. We already knew everything Veronica said (and that there was a second shooter; AD) because we theorised it months ago. Seeing our theories verbalised in the show are probably coming across as if nothing is happening because we’ve “known” for so long. But things WERE answered. What a big moment for the PLL series - Veronica freaking admitted to Spencer not being her daughter!

Oh how could I forget: I GOT IT RIGHT!!! Peter and Mary are Spencer’s parents and Peter got Mary pregnant thinking it was Jessica. SO FAR, ONE THEORY IS CORRECT! Let’s see if I stop there for the rest of the season or if I manage to get anything else right…

(Please don’t forget that there was a 1 week later note on screen. Spencer and Toby didn’t get out of the hospital in all of 3 minutes. People complain over nothing.)

Yvonne will not make it out of that coma, no doubt about it.

During the episode I was kind of frustrated at the amount of time they spent on Mona and Hanna and the fashion thing. But, now typing this, I’m smiling. THEY ARE GOING SOMEWHERE WITH THIS. This fashion thing is just a symbol that the writers are using to show that every time Mona tries to help the girls, she gets treated like shit. Just like when Hanna threw out Mona’s bridal shower card unnecessarily. Also it shows Mona’s power over Hanna. This is just the beginning. This filler is going to blow up into something massive and it will reveal Mona’s true alliances down the line. It may be boring now to watch, but they’re going somewhere with it. Keep an eye on it.

I was shocked that Ezra is still staying with Aria without consideration of the circumstances. I thought Nicole would pose a bigger obstacle.

Holden’s return was too corny. “Oh you work here!?” His scenes were probably the most boring of the episode. Whilst it was absolutely great to see this friendly familiar face, I felt underwhelmed that they spent the highly anticipated return episode talking (very slowly and frustrating) about where they want the reception for the wedding to be. That should’ve been saved for a later episode, if not cut out completely.

Bitchy Ali. Hell yes. Welcome back. Please don’t go away too soon. But I did feel bad for Paige. That was just way too bitchy to bring up Paige’s history in the meeting. No one is the same person they were in high school. Paige should’ve slammed back harder because Ali was the worse person in high school.

I know Emison is endgame but… I do like Paige. Always have. Paige is always right about Ali and I won’t forget the accuracy of what Paige said to Emily last finale: call me when you decide to cut the strings with your puppet master.

ALI MIGHT NOT BE PREGNANT. Don’t forget Sasha said at Paley Fest “well Ali says she is (pregnant)” - she didn’t even let Emily come to her appointment!! She’s hiding something. Every time Paige gets in the way, Ali drops a bomb: a kiss, a “I’m pregnant”, “I’m broke and alone, please stay, don’t go out with Paige,” etc. She might not be pregnant after all.

Detective Furey can get lost. I just don’t like him. Is Tanner coming back? What about Holbrook? I liked them. Shit cops obviously, but they were entertaining characters. I hope they’re back before the end.

What was that tiny jigsaw puzzle piece Spencer got and put under the iPhone in the board game? Is that supposed to reveal a picture or something?

So did AD reveal themselves to Jenna - is that what the final scene was? And duh, the liars really thought Jenna and Noel were AD? They didn’t pause to think “where is the A and D coming from then?” I liked hearing that confirmed out loud though.

Overall - an underwhelming PREMIERE, but a fantastic general PLL episode. They’ve got a great formula for success with this board game. I want the girls to turn on each other (but know that they’re doing it because they’re forced! It won’t ruin the friendship.) I want drama. And despite what anyone says, yes we did get some answers and I can’t wait to see what piece to the puzzle we get next week. Another shoutout to the person who wrote this episode because the Veronica/Spencer/Mary reveal was beautiful.

Remember when I was like “okay I’ll get off my soapbox about Lapis being OP”

well it’s a new day and I’m back again.

Specifically on the topic of: “But Clockie, Lapis’s powers are clearly ruled by water, that’s her thing, so, if you fought her on the moon, without any atmosphere she could pull water from, she’d just be. totally screwed”

My problems with that mostly boil down to: how do we know that’s Lapis’s one and only game plan? Like. Lapis is presented, and framed, repeatedly, as terrifyingly overpowered. The situations that trap her are situations she cannot get out of by destroying everyone present- at least, not without serious undesirable consequences.

We have never seen a desperate Lapis outside of the mirror, which she was physically restrained. So we don’t know how she’d behave in that context- we also don’t know what it takes to get there. We just have the fact that, a certain part of Lapis’s personality suggests she is, at bare minimum, very used to being able to destroy people to the point that even when around people she can’t destroy for other reasons besides “they are too powerful” (see: Jasper) she is not particularly reverent or deferential to them. 

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Brought to my attention by @3rdeyeopener Bottom left.
A second shooter, dressed as security fires point blank into the crowd. This raises more questions about #Paddock and the #VegasShooting

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Baby (Gibbs)

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-Requested by anon

-Prompt description: You are shot on a case and Gibbs finds out right after you are preganant with his child..

-Authors note: I enjoyed writing this so I hope all of you love it (:

It’s no secret Gibbs has always been protective of you, his girlfriend. The fact that you worked with him didn’t make it any better. You have been dating him for four years now and soon it will be five. You and the team were currently making your way to the killers house. Gibbs parked and stepped out of the car in a hurry. You, Tony, McGee, and Bishop followed behind.

“Bishop and Tony around the back, McGee and Y/N with me,” Gibbs stated pulling out his gun. As Bishop and Tony made their way to the back Gibbs banged on the door loudly.

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Punk PowerPuff Girls // Acen 2016.

@gabbie0113, @trusimplcity and I created a group cosplay (each creating our own jacket) so that we were the Powerpunk Girls at Acen but we also accepted being called the Rowdy Ruff Girls.

Shouts out to second shooter @jager-papi for doing the damn thing and for @suitcasemurphy for bringing some Heavy Horns love into the mix.