the second shooter

There was no second shooter in Quebec city.

The second man who was arrested, a Muslim man named Mohamed, was not a shooter, he was a witness who was mistakenly taken in with the suspect, the sole shooter was a white man, he is a white supremacist, and anti feminist, and a Trump supporter.

Please don’t spread false information to push your Islamophobic agenda. This was an attack on Muslim Canadians, don’t continue topush hate towards them.



Dylan Klebold, the second shooter of NBK is known for his “unique” Triple Cross,a symbol holding meaning for the Everlasting Contrast, is found everywhere from his personal journal to a handcrafted earring which he wore to the shooting. But it seems that the origin or inspiration for this symbol is not widely known. Smashing Pumpkins, an alternative rock band formed in 1988, was a favorite of Klebold. Quotes to memorabilia such as his Zero shirt showed just how much Dylan idolized them as musicians. But a particular album, Melon Collie and Infinite Sadness which was released October of 1995 held a seemingly special place in Dylan’s heart as he quoted the song “Beautiful” in his journal from the album. The actual SP Heart is found on the back of the album’s CD cover. In the song Zero, the lyrics go,

“Emptiness is loneliness,
and loneliness is cleanliness
And cleanliness is godliness,
and god is empty just like me”

Which clearly displays examples of Dylan’s “everlasting contrast” in that things seem so different but the supposed contrasting differences hold almost reflective parallels.

SO ye, the more ya know folks. SP & Triple Cross are one in the same xD


Punk PowerPuff Girls // Acen 2016.

@gabbie0113, @trusimplcity and I created a group cosplay (each creating our own jacket) so that we were the Powerpunk Girls at Acen but we also accepted being called the Rowdy Ruff Girls.

Shouts out to second shooter @jager-papi for doing the damn thing and for @suitcasemurphy for bringing some Heavy Horns love into the mix.


Two police officers reportedly shot at the Dallas #BlackLivesMatter protest

Early reports suggest an assault rifle was used at the end of the rally, which, until that point, had been peaceful. Nothing so far demonstrates that  the shooting was related to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. One suspected shooter has been reportedly shot down, with the on-going pursuit of a potential second shooter.

This story is breaking and will be updated.

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The “that’s not a production error, that’s a deliberate creative choice used to save Beth Greene’s life” theory

(needs a new name, open to suggestions.)

getkath asked about this and I realized it’s been a while since I made a post about my favorite, favorite “Beth lives” theory. We’ve got new people. We’ve got other folks who are reluctant to get on board with the idea that there was a second shooter. Consider this:

  1. Dawn definitely shot Beth
  2. at a steep angle (I would guess 75 degrees or more)
  3. in the forehead
  4. with a 9mm
  5. at close range

Those are the exact circumstances needed for this weirdness to happen irl. If we’re following the laws of physics (which they really should, it’s not that hard, especially with guns/bullets) then the only way the bullet exits where it does is if it skims her skull. Minimal brain damage. Minimal blood loss. Hurts. Could easily knock you out cold, but it doesn’t kill you. It just doesn’t.

The chances that the fx makeup crew and special effects crew don’t know this are pretty much zero.

My career in fx makeup was exactly one short indie film long, and I was only assisting the assistant. I am not that deep into fx makeup and even I know about this stuff. Makeup people need to know. Especially makeup people who fake-kill characters on the most popular show on television, on a constant basis.

Sometimes I call it the “It would have been really easy to shoot her through the chin” theory.

It’s not that Beth’s headshot is survivable. If the production crew did this deliberately (which I believe they did) then the headshot is straight-up non-fatal. She’s about as likely to die from this injury as she would be from getting her hand chopped off.

Still sucks to get shot in the head, and she could die later from infection, or she could sustain fatal injury while she’s helpless and unconscious, but the shot alone wouldn’t kill her.

well-she-sure-looks-dead + wait-what-happened-to-the-body? = a happy living Beth