the second pic omg!!!


I ran into these Bravely Default / Second cosplayers on Friday of katsucon as Tiz!! They were super sweet and took photos together! Credit to the 707 that was with them,,, i never got their contact info orz ;; and let me know if the Magnolia has any social media! I don’t think she has a instagram so!

Ringabel / Edea- @somersetsews / Khint / Tiz / Magnolia

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((bdjjbagem event)) With a quiet and slightly flustered demeanor; "Y- ... Your hair. Its so. Long. I mean- That is to say that ... It. It looks nice." Averts gaze and hides under their hat. - Moonstone ((thesoftestaro))


Oh I get it, you’re another one of those who are gonna say “How do you fight like that??? Doesn’t the long hair get in the way, Milky Quartz????” and I’m telling you, it doesn’t get in the way! I’ve said this so many times this hair is not a problem! Let me keep it! I wont change the length!



Moist Eclipse with a side of Niji, requested by kai-ni. Happy autumn from my sticky flops!