the second pic omfg

Okay but imagine picking up sleepy Luke from the airport he’d be walking out of check out with his suitcase his guitar strapped to his back wearing his black broken scenes beanie his blonde hair sticking out from all edges with messy curly that have become much longer from the last time you saw him, his eyes droopy as he reached up with his free hand rubbing the sleep out of his eyes before stuffing his hand back into his grey worn out sweater that you had got him over a year ago, he’d shoot a sleepy smile to the fans that scattered the airport before walking through the arrivals gate, he’d stand there for a moment chewing on his lip ring as he shifted his weight from his right foot to his left his eyes scanning the crowd before his tired eyes landed on you you’d see the light fill his eyes as a smile tugged on his lips. He’d walk over to you his long legs making the far distance feel small between the two of you, without a moment hesitation he’d pull you into a hug, his arms wrapped so tightly around you it made it hard to breath properly, he’d rest his chin on your head as he’d whisper “I missed you so damn much.” He’d pull away after what felt like hours looking up at the boy you’d see the life in his eyes like all the sleepless nights thinking about you, the 3am phone calls from you asking how he was holding up, and the constant lonely plane rides without you there to hold his hand tightly had vanished from his once tired eyes. You’d tug on his old sweater making him hunch down slightly and place a soft kiss to his chapped lips “now you have me, babe.”