the second part hawkeye

Clint Barton x Reader // The start of something new.

Requested by: @prettyxlittlexwriter:: Clint is assigned to protect the reader and they fall for each other.

“For the hundredth time, Barton, I don’t need a guardian!” you whined, storming out of your bedroom and into the living room and plopped down on the couch.

Clint Barton had been assigned as your guardian because you were 1) related to the Maximoff twins and 2) begining to show some superpowers of your own.
Just because you could control fire didn’t mean you needed​ to be kept a watch on all the time! Okay, maybe sometimes it got out of control, you were still learning, but it didn’t mean the guy had to follow you to a party too.

“Y/N, I promise I won’t interrupt your fun. Let me just watch. I am only doing my duty,” Clint requested, sliding in next to you.

It didn’t help that he was so attractive and adorable at the same time. Blonde, ripped and oh the way he gripped his bow.. you shook your head. You were totally losing it. But then couldn’t be the only one to notice the sexual tension everytime you both were in the same room.

You shrugged an ‘okay’ and returned​ to your bedroom to get dressed.

A few minutes later, you stepped out of your room, dressed in a short black dress and flats. Shrugging on your coat and checking yourself in the mirror one last time, you trudged into the hall.

“Wow.” Clint breathed, looking you up and down and then said, clearing is throat,“I mean you look beautiful. Ready to go?”

He didn’t wait for your answer and went out the door. Trying to ignore what he’d just said, you followed him outside.


You were having the time of your life. You were dancing and swaying to the rhythm of the music with David, a wonderful guy you had just met at the party. It bothered you for sometime that he seemed to look familiar but then the party hit a new high and you forgot everything.

“You look great,” David said, settling his hands around your waist and pulling you closer.
You blushed remembering what Clint had said a while ago.


Clint was nearby, helping himself with drinks but looking after you at the same time.

You put your arms around David, and he tightened his grip around your waist, leaning in closer. Your eyes fluttered shut and you suddenly realized why David seemed so familiar.

He looked a lot like Clint.

Once you realised that you backed away, not able to think about anything but the man assigned to protect you. Were you..were you falling for him?

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” David probed, concern lacing his voice.

Suddenly you didn’t feel like partying so much.
“I don’t feel too well..” you muttered, looking around for Clint and found him at the bar, gazing at you intently…well because that was his job.

Little did you know that that wasn’t the reason he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

You marched to him, forgetting about David and told him that you wanted to leave.

He took one last swig of his drink and without saying a word, made for the exit.
You followed him, trying to catch up with the avenger.

You unlocked the door to your house and trudged in, plopping onto the couch. Your legs hurt from all the dancing.

Clint hadn’t said a thing to you during the entire trip home and it bothered you a lot. Clint rarely got mad.

He entered the house and made straight for the kitchen. You heard the door to the refrigerator open and close.

Clint walked into the room again, a bottle of water in his hand and plopped onto the armchair even though there was plenty of room next to you on the couch. You pouted at him.

He either didn’t notice or chose to ignore it. He flicked on the television and put his arms behind his head, ignoring you entirely.

You couldn’t help but gaze at the bulge of his biceps.
“Why are you mad?” you asked lying down on the couch to face him.

“I’m not,” he muttered without looking at you.

“Clearly,” you mumbled.

You stood up to get changed. As you were leaving the room, Clint called after you, “Are you going to see him again?”

You stopped in your tracks and looked back at him. He still wasn’t looking at you.

“Maybe. David seems like a good guy,” you answered, watching your protector.

“Good guy huh? Cool,” Clint muttered and shut the TV. He walked past you, stopping to look at you. It seemed as if he wanted to say something but then thought better of it and walked on.

What puzzled you more, however, was the look of hurt you’d seen fleetingly in his beautiful brown eyes.

Was he.. jealous? Or did your mind just want to believe what you so badly wanted?

my impression of mcu directors preparing the script
  • the russos: sitting with all the comic books based on which they’d be doing the movie, carefully reading them, picking up the best and the most memorable scenes from the whole serie, discussing some ideas and listening to the actor’s opinions later, writing and building up complex characters really bringing up their comic book personality, their best qualities but also their flaws, fucked up the entire fandom just by making stucky say 9 words
  • joss whedon: “my nephew doesnt like quicksilver? let’s kill quicksilver” “who gives a shit that she’s the powerful woman in the entire comic book universe, she needs a pep talk cause she can’t handle herself without hawkeye’s motivation” “who the fuck is betty rose?” “im a huge shrek fan, i want that ship in my movie” “pepper potts or jane foster? who the fuck needs them in their movie?” “no, steve rogers cant lift the hammer, he can barely move it” “LET’S WHITEWASH THE MAXIMOFFS!!!” “sam wilson? no, i’ll have him on the screen barey for 30 seconds” “YOU KNOW, IT’S NOT LIKE HAWKEYE IS PART DEAF, OF COURSE HE CAN HEAR NAT’S CODED MESSAGE FROM ACROSS THE GLOBE” “clint barton needs a family, he’s not full without that” “thor? no, i’ll give him barely 15 minutes in the movie, nobody likes that ballerina with a hammer” “IT’S NOT LIKE NATASHA ROMANOFF IS THE MOST DANGEROUS AND QUALIFIED ASSASSIN IN THE HISTORY OF SHIELD AND CAN HANDLE HERSELF, SHE’S A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS SHE NEEDS SAVING!” “bucky barnes? nah, he didnt matter much to steve rogers, he just wants to find him so he can get these 5 dollars back he borrowed him 60 years ago, the woman he knew for a month was so much more important to him!” “it’s not like dr cho’s machine could heal quicksilver’s wounds, nah, why would it?” “is pietro faster than a bullet? yasss he is OH NO WAIT HE ISNT NOW HAHA TAKE THAT BITCH” “no iron man didnt destroy his legion what are you even talking about? when did it happen? in iron man 3? nah, never heard of it” “why would a marvel movie need two credit scenes”