the second one will always be my fav tbh


clique six dynamics (as ranked by my followers): #8 - farkle minkus & riley matthews 

you’ve always been riley, that’s your permanent record. // you’re farkle and it’s a state of being. there’s only one. 


Happy late birthday to @chinamimiyanagi! (it was 2 days ago, but i forgot to post the gifts bc im an airhead)

Okok so the first one is Dahlia as a newbie lawyer w Calisto as her mentor! Dahlia is SHAKING and throwing her evidence everywhere + Calisto is telling her to calm down. Dahlia gets SUPER offended, because she is CALM, can’t you see? VERY CALM.

(tbh i’ve always wanted to see our two problematic faves together. Calisto would be Dahlia’s True Mom, we all know. )

Annnyway the second one is Dahlia’s fav painting *victory sign emoji*. Since Phoenix was an art student, this isn’t an unlikely thing to happen in canon >B) I’d say the name of the original painting but i can’t find it anywhere??? it might even show up if you do a reverse image search, since it’s so similar to my version.

I can post separate versions if you want to reblog them without the wall of text (i think this is gonna be a rather long post. whoops.)