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Med School and Studying

If you want to become a doctor, you should get used to the idea that you’ll spend a great deal of your time studying. Through the course of our degree we will be asked to learn, understand and commit to memory an enormous amount of material and when, finally, we become doctors, studying doesn’t stop. The medical sciences evolve by the second. Everyday life changing discoveries are made and we need to keep up with that in order to provide our patients the best resources we can find. So, even though it might not be one of the most pleasant things to do, it is something very necessary on our way to become good physicians. Since many of you have been asking for tips on how I study, here are a few tips that worked for me:

1 - Cornell Notes taking system - this is the note taking method I found most helpful to take notes in class and at home when I’m studying. It keeps things organized, it’s quite easy to use and, when revising, it’s quite simple to understand.

2 - One Page Notes - this is a tip given by Doctor Andrea Tooley on her YouTube channel, which I truly recommend checking out. Basically, the point is trying to condense one class, chapter, etc. in one page. Of course sometimes it’s a lot of material but trying to do that, even if it exceeds one page, makes us focus on the essential. 

3 - Not too much stuff at once - when studying, I don’t like to have too many things open at once. I like to keep it simple, just some slides, maybe a book and my notes. It’s not helpful to study by two books, three reviews and notes. It’s a lot of stuff and it gets harder to concentrate. What I do is to choose the materials I find most helpful and take my notes based on that. If then, if I find that another book that has some helpful information, I read it after and then I add those notes.

4 - Not let work pile up - Simple to understand, HARD to do. 

5 - Ask older students - when you don’t know how to study for some particular subject, just ask someone who already done it.

6 - Airplane Mode - when I want to focus on something, and I need to be on the PC, I put it on air plane mode. Blind yourself to distractions. 

7 - Water or Tea - have a bottle of water on the desk. It keeps you hydrated and when you’re frustrated, just have a sip of water or tea instead of going online. Hydrates and calms you down. Just don’t go on drinking liters and liters of water please…..

8 - One thing at the time - when you’re studying one subject, focus on that subject. Don’t be thinking about the other ten thing you need to do. You need to be doing that, so focus on that. Be efficient, learn to prioritize.

9 - Plan it OUT - I’m a fan of the bullet journal principal. A plane white notebook and my to do lists, exams, etc. It’s important to have a good outlook on what you have to do. I just don’t waste too much time on aesthetics. (Still looks cool though xD)

10 - Get cosy - make studying a cosy moment. It helps :D 

Good luck with everything people!! We can all do this!!! Every great doctor started out as we did: Dreamers and Hard Workers, who wanted to help making this world a better place. Now go study ;) 

you might be a libra moon if...

💎 having an important person in your life is extremely necessary to you. this is often perceived as the need for a relationship, but a very good friend is just as suffice. you feel your best when you have a companion

💎 you are known by many as a wonderful mediator. you have a keen ability to walk a mile in another’s shoes in just seconds, and a talent for communicating, which makes it easy for you to assist others in seeing one another’s side

💎 you often repress your own wants, needs and qualms in favor of not rocking the boat. you would rather suffer in silence than create conflict

💎 you’re somewhat of a chameleon, and may change your disposition and style of communication from person to person. this is what makes it so easy for others to like you; you appeal to everyone individually

💎 you are very skilled aesthetically, and even if you aren’t artistically inclined, you would make a wonderful photographer or designer

💎 you don’t always have a strong sense of what you want, and could definitely be described as indecisive. this can apply to everything from what you want for dinner to your personal relationships

Things I learned after my first semester of college
  1. finals are stressful af so friend and food breaks will be necessary 
  2. memorize your university id number!!
  3. pregaming is a thing. often a very good thing 
  4. go to games for the free shit but maybe stay for half the game, you may end up liking it
  5. hw grades will save your ass in at least one class
  6. its ok to use the bathroom/microwave on a different floor
  7. dont be a second late to get your clothes from the dryer/washer, your clothes will not be in the machine 
  8. talking with friends in the stairwell is often more important than sleep
  9. libraries will get CROWDED during finals. claim your spot early or study somewhere else
  10. ice cream on freshly made waffles will change your dietary life
  11. there are so many shortcuts to get to class, use them
  12. emailing TAs in a crisis is ok as long as youre polite about it
  13. you’ll make friends when you least expect it
  14. dont go to the big gym if possible, the tiny gym has less beefcakes
  15. you will spend money on food even if youre on a dining plan
  16. theres a reason why party girls wear their door key on a hair band, it works
  17. curves are wildddd and will turn your hair grey with stress 
  18. dress in layers when youre going to a party and its literally freezing outside, your body will thank you 
  19. running for the campus bus is going to happen at least once
  20. home is nice but returning to a cozy dorm room is nice too 
I know no one on here has money either... but worth a shot

Neo, my 7 month old Service Dog in training needs two dental procedures done over the next two months in order to prevent his bottom canines from growing into the roof of his mouth.
I have an appointment for Monday for the first procedure but don’t think I’ll have enough money by then.

Medical Details:
First, they have to place an orthodontic appliance around Neo’s bottom two canines and the teeth adjacent to them. This procedure is meant to encourage the canines to move into a manageable position (one that won’t result in them growing into the roof of his mouth). This appliance needs to be placed asap because the window for the second procedure is   8-9 months old.
The second procedure will only be necessary if the orthodontic appliance doesn’t work (which it very well may not, but it will at least keep his teeth from hurting him until we can do the second procedure). In this case, they will need to remove the crowns of Neo’s bottom canines and perform a vital pulpotomy (to protect the exposed tooth).

About Me:
I am a 21 year old, disabled college student. I work part time at a veterinary hospital but what I make is just barely enough to pay for the food and monthly care for my retired service dog and service dog in training. I depend on my parents monetarily for my own food, medical expenses etc. and though they will do what they can for me and Neo, they just cannot afford to pay his bill up front.
I will be taking out a loan for his procedures because they really cannot wait, but I really need help offsetting the costs.

It’ll be Neo’s job soon to help me stay safe and healthy, and it’s my job to do the same thing for him, so even though it pains me, I’m asking for help. Every bit counts.                    

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Non taken ^^ 

  • The first thing that I disliked from episode one was the pacing. There were random cut ins of chibi Y//uuri explaining skating trivia and they were so fast that it was almost unintelligible. That made watching kind of grating. 
  • Second thing is the dialogue. “He could make even me, a man, pregnant.” and similar ones were very cringe worthy and the rest was not fluid enough.
  • Third thing is the lack of relevance of figure skating. It was only necessary to bring Vi//ktor and Y//uuri together, but other than that I felt like it was like a side plot you could skip entirely. Also, all the dance sequences were recycled and became boring after the second viewing.
  • Fourth thing is the unhealthy tropes in the relationship between Vi//ktor and Y//uuri. Think about it: We have a love-struck main character that’s borderline obsessive over his other love interest (he got the same poodle as him and named it after him, his room is full of his posters and photos, after they met he was very possessive and wanted to steal him from the world etc. ), then we have Vi//ktor that’s in the position of power in the relationship, he’s Y//uuri’s coach but makes sexual advances at his protege (in every other situation that would be abuse of power and sexual harassment). Y//uuri is unhealthily attached to Vi//ktor and can’t function without him, making him dependent and there’s no balance. And in the end it’s not 100% confirmed that they are together.
  • Fifth thing is the copyright problems with the anime.
  • Sixth thing is the inconsistent animation and poor skating animation.

I think that’s about it.  

“One of my favorite passages in Scripture is James 4:8, where we read, “Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you”. Reaching out with the simplest prayer can begin a life long relationship with God, because God desires to commune with mankind. This reaching out to the Lord is that necessary first response to the invitation that first began with Christ, as the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, incarnating in the flesh, and sharing His Divinity with our humanity. It culminated with Christ destroying the very foundations of hell, and by extension, the permanency of death, by His death and resurrection. As we enter into this relationship with God, we die to self (our ego), and in doing so find healing from that which has separated us from our Creator, in a relationship that is personal. This life was never meant to be numbered only by the days we’ve been given in this life, for God’s intent from the very beginning was for us to exist with Him forever.”

With love in Christ,
Abbot Tryphon

Juno in the Houses

Juno in First: With Juno in the first house, the individual feels best seated in their identity when they are in a partnership. Support of a relationship helps promote their own self-expression and they may feel more secure in themselves.

Juno in Second: Mutual interdependency is an important factor in this placement’s relationship. Financial and material security may be derived from their relationship, and there will likely be attachment and shared possessions.

Juno in Third: Verbal communication and intellectual stimulation are necessary for this person’s relationship to flow smoothly. The partner may become a catalyst for self-expression.

Juno in Fourth: Security in a relationship is of vital importance for this person to perform daily activities. May prefer a mate who serves as a nurturer/provider. Relationship is very personal and homey. 

Juno in Fifth: The relationship may inspire one’s personal creativity. There may also be a high sense of fulfillment from parenting children. Much of the relationship will be focused on creative endeavors.

Juno in Sixth: There is a desire to be able work efficiently and effectively with their partner. They may find fulfillment in small everyday achievements they reach with their partner.

Juno in Seventh: Life-long partnerships are intensely valued, along with an intimate connection with their significant other. There is an emphasis on building a lasting relationship that is in positive growth.

Juno in Eighth: Highly emotionally charged experiences thrill and strengthen these relationships. Partners put each other through constant growth and transformation. There is an extra emphasis on physicality and power in the relationship.

Juno in Ninth: These people seek a higher meaning and truth through their relationships. Mutual respect is important, and much of the relationship will be based around philosophical, religious, or transformative concepts.

Juno in Tenth: These people have their relationship on display and are viewed as a perfect couple. This placement may also suggest someone who is solely devoted to their career. Partnership may be based on means of gaining social status.

Juno in Eleventh: Friendship is the most important aspect in the relationship. Their relationship needs to be able to extend to family, social events, and friends. This relationship may depict a couple that are devoted to other people, while being in harmony with each other.

Juno in Twelfth: Individuals may feel their relationship to be karmic in nature. Their partnerships may feel destined, somewhat like a soulmate. On the surface level, their relationships may not make sense- but there is always a deep, unseen emotional connection that rules the partnership. This placement may signify a loss of a partner, but it also may signify a joyful union of much depth.

Note- These house placements only depict the one-sided desires/needs of a person’s natal chart. If curious about what both partners in a relationship value as a whole, I recommend looking at the Juno house placement of the relationships’ COMPOSITE chart.

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How do you think j would handle being in arkham while his baby was being born?

Not well at all, he’d want to have Frost break his out by any means necessary. Even if it meant he got there at the very last second. He doesn’t want anyone else besides Harley holding his baby before him. He wouldn’t even tell Frost to be there with her because his jealous rage and possessiveness and protectiveness would be too much for him to handle at the thought of someone else there. The time around the birth would be the only time ever that Harley and Joker look at themselves and each other and say, ‘we need to lay low’ so neither one of them is away from each other when shes born

Here’s a novel idea: how about we dispense with the assumption that everyone in a wheelchair is paraplegic or tetraplegic?

Take me. I use a wheelchair. Not always, but often. My legs work reasonably well; it’s my spine that’s the let-down. It’s fragile, bent and riddled with painful metastatic cancer and I can’t stand upright for long periods or walk very far. So, for long journeys and/or bad days, I’ve got my wheels.

And sometimes, when I’m out in public, it’s necessary for me to stand up for a few seconds. Usually it’s because there’s at least one step between me and somewhere I need to go, and I refuse to put my poor husband through the strain of lifting both chair and me up that step. So I stand, stumble forward two gruelling paces, leaning on my stick, wait a few seconds and then - with great personal relief - resume my seat in the chair once my husband’s got it through the door after me.

Well, I say I do this. I used to. But one can only tolerate so many astounded-shading-to-judgemental stares from total strangers, gawking at this wheelchair-using lady who’s either experienced an impromptu miracle or is - more likely - just a scurrilous fraud pretending to be disabled.

My cancer is incurable and I’m dying. Slowly but surely. However, I would like to leave the world at least a little bit nicer than I found it. So please feel at liberty to reblog this. I’m sure that the majority of people simply lack understanding…not compassion.

undertale fic recs even more

it’s been… ok not quite a month this time but i’ve got another 20 fics to rec so buckle up my guys

In The Dark You’ll Find Us by @inverts. the sequel to they say the fire goes out, which you should read first. in the aftermath of the previous story, frisk and chara settle into an extremely uneasy coexistence as the dreemurrs try to pick up where they left off and humans venture back to the surface. chara pushes buttons. frisk makes a very bad decision. chara escalates. asriel is generally unhelpful. things get worse. no one is happy with this. described by the author as “backsliding: the fic”, this is an emotionally grueling but ultimately cathartic experience; take a good look at its warning tags before proceeding. a necessary second installment in this series, examining the differences created in frisk and chara’s relationship by the new circumstances of this au.

Hydrangeas and Daisies by @eristastic. rumplestiltskin au, charasriel. asriel can’t turn down a plea for help and predictably ends up as the local doormat. he finds an unusual ally in the self-proclaimed demon that comes when you call its name.

Every Little Thing You do (I do Adore) by Handoverthebooty. pre-canon, charasriel. in which chara realizes the logistical difficulties in dating a furry.

What Years May Bring by @beforuskanaya. antebellum #3. while chara is settling in with the dreemurrs, sans discovers a stray human child and tries to figure out what on earth to do with them.

dinner plans by @playeronecontroller. post-pacifist, alphyne, papyton. alphys’ friends decide that a double date to a nice restaurant sounds like a great idea, but when trouble crops up, it’s time for alphys to step up to the plate and save the day. kay’s alphys remains the best alphys in this entire fandom hands-down, btw.

methods of persuasion by @lumalees. pre-canon, charasriel. in which the kids find a phonograph, asriel has doubts about the big plan, and chara decides to “help” him with them.

how to be an adult by @lumalees. post-pacifist 3 alive babies, charasriel. snapshots of chara and asriel’s college life, guest-starring frisk. i love stuff that involves mentally ill characters just going about their daily lives with whatever adjustments they need to function, so this is good.

Smiling Masks Tell No Lies by @eristastic. charasriel. there’s going to be a masquerade, and frisk convinces chara to go in hopes of escaping themself for a little while and also maybe making some progress with asriel.

count your seconds (like hopes) by @beforuskanaya. antebellum #4. chara finally has it up to here with having another human live so close and ollies dramatically out the window.

the price of love by @beforuskanaya. sans convinces the human to step down in the middle of their badtime battle, and tries to do for them what papyrus would have if papyrus were here. the monsters are not okay, and neither is the human, and they’ve got some secrets that complicate the situation a lot. some of the best sans writing i’ve seen in this fandom, honestly. also costars a nice alphys.

that which is mine to give by @lumalees. charasriel. asriel has an arranged marriage with the human noble chara to solidify a peace between humans and monsters. he’s got his hands full just wrapping his head around the situation, but the exact circumstances chara has come from are a lot messier than he ever dreamed.

bonetrousled by glamour by @playeronecontroller. papyton. papyrus is very charmed by mettaton. mettaton decides to ask papyrus out on a date. this ends about as well as you’d expect, honestly.

a day in the life of by @nigiyakapepper. postcanon 3 alive babies, frischarasriel. chara, asriel, and frisk go to college and figure out what they want to do with their lives. involves a Lot of sexual references (mind the M rating), but nothing explicit.

you are still every ounce of light by @lumalees. charasriel. sequel to that which is mine to give. there’s a party scheduled to wrap up the marriage celebrations, chara is anxious, and asriel is And Asshole.

and make sure the future turns out fine by 42gramsofspite. postcanon. the monsters make it to the surface and everything is peaceful, but humanity has still managed to fuck everything up for everyone.

you have earned your spring by @lumalees. postcanon 3 alive babies, queerplatonic frischarasriel. frisk has an unfortunete moment; chara and asriel stay home to fuss over them.

Sugar and Spice (or Butterscotch and Cinnamon) by OldFashionedVillainess. frisk vs transphobia and their abusive birth mother. luckily, frisk has chara and the rest of their friends to stick up for them.

sweet nothings by @lumalees. postcanon 3 alive babies, charasriel. in which asriel bakes and chara makes out with his face.

make your garden grow by @lumalees. postcanon, ensemble cast. chara decides they want a garden, to try to fix the things they broke. this both works out not how they planned and better than they planned.

biding times by @beforuskanaya. antebellum #5. frisk takes lessons from toriel, and they and chara poke dubiously at friendship with a stick.


UNKNOWN by Lee Blessing

I never saw his face. I’m grateful for that, I think. The strange blessing of it, in a way. He was young – could have been a college student, like those I just have been teaching. Long curly dull blond hair… They’ve blocked his face so much that I thought he was a girl. But when people started talking to the police I realized that it was a boy… who had jumped down and stood up in the middle of the tracks… in the middle of a perfect afternoon… a second before the train hit.

I’ve been on in the end of the platform, leaning against the railing. He must have been standing right next to me… We’re all watching the big yellow work-train with the very tall engine. It was about to roll past. Unscheduled. Unwanted. A moving disappointment. A necessary of course. But… not the right train, not the one that would take us home… Which of course depends on where you going.

He jumped down on tracks before we knew it. He stood up uncertain, he never looked up. Instead he looked at the concrete platform beneath our feet… And that’s the last thing he ever saw. The bell on the engine drowned out all of the sound. From my angle I never saw the train actually hit him. He simply disappeared in front of it like a magic trick. The train never stopped. The cab was so high the driver could not have seen the boy make his last-second jump. He was across the river before they could call and tell him. The police got the same account from four different people. They said they had enough and that we could go. I was next in line, nobody took my statement. And then the crew started collecting the body parts. I wouldn’t watch. I wanted it to remain magic. Which is to say… real but impossible. Shocking. Blinding even in a way like a… miracle.

So this is my statement. He stood right next to me, I never knew him. We never shared so much as a word or a look, but… He taught me more than I have taught my students. The lesson of a dark fate. And a whispered warning of what it can mean to be young on a perfect day in a free country.


Thank you for your request, @one11eleven. Totally captivating.

necessary-glitter  asked:

9, 12, 14

9. what drawing program do you use? (if the artist does digital art)

i use a free program called krita which is sort of like a combo of manga studio and sai and photoshop. it’s very nice for a free program i would die for krita tbh

12. draw one of your favorite characters in 15 seconds.

oh dear god

its him

14. what was something that you used to draw a lot that you don’t draw as much anymore?


#15 Secret boyfriend Michael *requested*

“Can you do animagine where you and Michael are secretly dating😏”

Words: 1037

Warnings: None

AN: So I have done this as a second part-er to a previous imagine however, part one isn't a necessary read as there is a mini ‘recap’ at the beginning (and it was badly written). What happened in part one was you kissed Ashton and Michael got jealous and since you have known Michael for a long time and you have a crush on him, you chose him. You don't need to read part one

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nothing like the rain

The rain had been lashing down all afternoon, soaking pedestrians and providing a great sense of unease caused by the slippery ground they now carefully treaded. It never had been quite this bad until this month, the term ‘April Showers’ never being so relevant in such horrific conditions. Raincoats had been hung from the stairway railing for as long as you cared to remember, but you had to admit, you were fond of the mid afternoon tea breaks which now seemed more necessary and therefore acceptable as it edged nearer to May and the very idea of a hot summer, rolling around the corner and brightening the dull streets of where you lived.

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Glad to see you're back neni! Since you mentioned tales of berseria and how it handles it's dark themes and I was wondering what you thought on how tales of the abyss handled it's darker themes (it's my personal favorite but I honestly think they did it very well). And for a second question (if you're too busy you can just answer one if you want!) Which of the personal protagonists has your favorite character design ?

I sadly haven’t played Tales of the Abyss yet! Could you come back to me once I have?

As for my favorite protagonist design, that’s Emil from Tales of Symphonia 2. I just really adore the character in general, and I think there’s something really soothing and sweet about his appearance, even though he can still sell the badass when necessary. 

More than once did Elizabeth in her ramble within the Park, unexpectedly meet Mr. Darcy. – She felt all the perverseness of the mischance that should bring him where no one else was brought; and to prevent its ever happening again, took care to inform him at first that it was a favourite haunt of hers. – How it could occur a second time, therefore, was very odd! – Yet it did, and even a third. It seemed like wilful ill-nature, or a voluntary penance, for on these occasions it was not merely a few formal enquiries and an awkward pause and then away, but he actually thought it necessary to turn back and walk with her. He never said a great deal, nor did she give herself the trouble of talking or of listening much; but it struck her in the course of their third rencontre that he was asking some odd unconnected questions – about her pleasure in being at Hunsford, her love of solitary walks, and her opinion of Mr. and Mrs. Collins’s happiness; and that in speaking of Rosings, and her not perfectly understanding the house, he seemed to expect that whenever she came into Kent again she would be staying there too. His words seemed to imply it. Could he have Colonel Fitzwilliam in his thoughts? She supposed, if he meant any thing, he must mean an allusion to what might arise in that quarter. It distressed her a little, and she was quite glad to find herself at the gate in the pales opposite the Parsonage.
—  Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice
How I Write Spells

This is more of a documentation of my methods (?) rather than a how-to.

My spell creation method has two modes, essentially.

The first mode goes something like this: I’m browsing Tumblr, or reading a book, or walking outside, or just doing whatever, when I’m hit with a “jolt” of inspiration - I suddenly get a great idea for a simple or easy spell. This is the situation in which my [simple wish spell] and [match spell] were born. As you can see, fairly basic and not very hard to do or perform. That’s not to say simple spells are less effective than more “thought out” ones, or deserve any less credit, but I’m also not saying skip the hard stuff if easier methods can get you there. It’s all about personal preference, and what you might think is necessary in a specific situation.

The second mode starts out the same as the first, in the sense that something triggers an idea for a spell in my mind. I’ll write out some preliminary notes of what I want from the spell, or what I’ll need for it, or general ideas of what I want it to look like or be performed. After that, the spell spends about two weeks to a month in draft format. The reason for this is, regardless of how many of you come to me for advice, I am still a new witch. Ultimately my practice started in December 2014 - January 2015. That’s barely 6 months. I am still learning, and quite frankly am still hesitant about what I need in a spell, what works here, what should go there, etc. This is the phase in which I pester many of my friends for advice, or even go to other, more “renowned” witchy blogs for opinions. Once I feel I have been reassured enough (“Dana, it’s good, stop asking!”), I spend about a day or so neatening it up, getting it ready for its final draft, and up it goes to the interwebs. This is the case with my [Paint the Mirrors Black spell]; you can see it’s more detailed and requires more prep and work, but you can’t tell how long it took for me to get the wording right, and I still question it.

Now that I think about it, I have a sort of third method. This is where I see a purpose, I cast a spell for it, and that’s it. Obviously I do some research and see if what I have will work for this purpose. But for the most part I wing it. It is unplanned and just happens. An example of that would be this [happiness and general well-being sachet]; I remembered saying to my friend I would toss a little magic their way, and so at 8 am after a night of no sleep, I threw something together for them. No forethought, not much prep, just grabbed what I needed and went with it. I have yet to hear of how they’re doing though.

I know it is said you should, but some of my spells are untested. Most of what I write, I don’t use, because I don’t need to. I write for other people, or I write a spell for a situation I’m not in, and so I don’t need to perform it, so I don’t. I can’t tell if a spell for “this” will work if I don’t have “this” in the first place. I trust in the knowledge I have of the components of the spell, that they will work for this purpose, and trust in my logic to reason it out. A lot of spell work seems to follow formulas, like this herb for this, that crystal for that, etc., and I feel as long as you use the correct things for a purpose, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work. Plus, what might not work for me might work for someone else, and vice versa.

So, that is my spell creation method, and some little other tidbits. Any questions? My ask is always open. :)

Part I

The ritual failed spectacularly. Jean should have known better.
He should have known that all the energy he was pumping into the binding spell, with the enhancing sigils carved into his wand for just this purpose, the bergamot oil he’d anointed the candles with and of course the moon phase would make it impossible to control.
He’d done his cleansing, his grounding, put up a few barriers he deemed necessary to not attract some evil spirits instead of his desired familiar … and still it slipped right through his fingers at the very peak of charging.
There was a flutter to his far left where the apple trees were overshadowing one corner of his garden, he was distracted for a split second and the spell all but exploded right out of the circle.
Blowing out all but one lone candle with it’s powerful backlash and making Jean lose his balance as the potent presence under his palms just dissolved and he tipped forward, hands slapping against the cool grass.

He’d been vain to try this kind of advanced binding without any experience, too focused on the goal, not concentrated enough in his childish glee to do something as remarkable as binding a feral animal.
And the worst part was he wanted to try again. When the moon had waned a little and he wouldn’t get as much additional energy, maybe discharge some of the sigils, he’d try again.
Jean still planned to get his familiar. He broke up the circle, blowing out the last candle with cold determination.

He was still racking his brain over how to further hone and enhance the spell the next afternoon he knelt in his herb garden, harvesting thyme and oregano for the second time this year. It would be most beneficial to add some more control to it next time, after the plan to cast it strong enough to effect the whole forest had misfired.
Some hair of that wolf would be best, to help guide the energy more than Jean’s focus on the wanted animal could alone. A photograph might do as well. But who knew how long the wolf would take to appear outside the cottage again, let alone come close enough to take a picture or even attain hair.
There had to be another way to further focus the binding. Hanji would know, Levi as well, but Jean would rather leave the coven than admit what he tried and failed to do.

“Hey, witch.”

Completely engrossed in thought Jean hadn’t noticed anyone approaching, the sudden sharp voice made him wince and almost break off a sprig.
When he looked up, shielding his eyes against the low standing sun with one hand, he was met with two silhouettes, big and dark against the cloudless sky. Almost knocking over the herb filled basket he scrambled to his feet reflexively, reaching for the wand tucked into his belt as he slowly backed away from the two men who had suddenly appeared in his garden.

“Did you perform a binding last night?”, one of them asked with the same steely voice he’d also used to great Jean so charmingly.
He was taller than Jean, definitely stronger with broad shoulders, a wide chest and thick arms. He was also oddly handsome, deep brown eyes and a myriad of freckles spattered across a face that could have been soft if it wasn’t set in a deep frown, something similar to a snarl on his lips. One of his arms was held out in front of the other man, looking as if he tried to hold him back and maybe he did.
The other guy was shorter but not less intimidating. His features were sharper, nose straight, teeth bared, eyes a vibrant green. There was a heat in those eyes that had nothing to do with the open hostility both of them showed. It was something else entirely, something uncontrollable, something … feral. Jean’s grip around his wand tightened.

“I asked you a question, witch!” The deep bellow was so sudden it made Jean wince again, the wood between his fingers heating up in response to the nervous energy he was channeling into it on instinct. “Did you perform a binding ritual or not?”
Jean gulped. He needed to calm down, find out what was happening. This was his property, his territory. These two might have the upper hand in a physical fight but he was a witch, goddammit, and this was a home match for him. All he needed was some time to think.
Because no matter how talented he might be, he’d never had to use his magic to defend himself in a physical fight. And until he’d figured out how to so just that with only his wand and whatever he could find in his garden he needed to distract these strangers. Get them to talk rather than attack.

“Yes, I did.” His voice was only the slightest bit unsteady, they probably didn’t even notice. “What about it?”
“I told you it’s him!”, the shorter one snarled and took a heavy step forward, being held back only by the arm against his chest.
“Eren”, the other man murmured, voice calmer than when he’d addressed Jean but still firm, a reminder. A warning, maybe. Eren growled, eyes flashing, and Jean felt a powerful surge of strangely familiar energy come off of him. It was almost palpable, an earthy scent wafting in it’s wake, strange heat prickling over Jean’s arms, static in the air.

Oh. Oh no.
Even though Jean couldn’t really put his finger on it just yet he was overcome with a sense of unease, his hair standing on end. This wasn’t good.
“Reverse it.” He took another careful step back at the harsh command, coming to stand between his basil bushes, wand still clutched tightly.
Basil for peace, love, happiness, to attract customers and money… not exactly what he needed right now. Maybe if he could make it over to the toadflax he could cast a simple protection spell. But would that be enough to ward off actual physical people and not just spirits and psychic attacks?

“The binding spell.” Behind the taller man who was continuing with that hard tone Jean could see Eren snarl again, eyes hot, so very hot. “Reverse it.”
Jean swallowed. Had his spell backfired and hit another animal instead? One that belonged to these two? But he’d felt the thing burst into pieces under his hands, it shouldn’t have done anything…
“I can’t, it didn’t work.”
“Oh, it did work.” Tall guy sounded way too certain for Jean’s taste.
“No it … I got interrupted while charging and it just dissolved. Poof.” He forced a nervous laugh. “So don’t worry.”

The other man scoffed, then turned towards Eren with a nod. The shorter man winced, almost squirmed a bit before he reached up to tug the collar of his shirt down a few inches.
Right there, burned into the skin right under his collarbone shone Jean’s family seal. The sign to any witch that this familiar belonged to him, to his clan, and was not to be touched by anyone else. An obvious claim. So the spell did work. The only problem being that the man wearing his emblem was very obviously not a familiar.

“That … binding a human … it doesn’t work that way. It’s impossible.”
“I’m a were you fucking idiot!” Eren’s sudden outburst was again accompanied by an intense surge of heat, of belonging. It shouldn’t. But it did.
“Then why are you screaming at me?!” Before Eren could retaliate even more aggressively the taller man closed his eyes and took a deep, deep breath. Strangely cleansing that heat out of the air and calming his companion enough for him to settle again, even though his eyes were still ablaze with something not quite like fury.
When those pretty doe-eyes blinked open again the man emanated a soft calm. Jean knew better than getting lulled in by that.
“He meant to say that he is a werewolf. As am I. And I think you are in way over your head, witch.”

Part III

why can’t Lavellan help Solas?

being a nerd and browsing around on twitter, I saw this.

Ughhhhh, I know “sorry, spoiler” is just a broiler plate reply that covers every base, but now I can’t stop thinking that this is why Solas couldn’t linger a moment longer than necessary after the final battle, why he couldn’t even indulge in one last kiss, or a rendezvous on the balcony.

Every second he’s with Lavellan, he stands a chance to quicken. Now, giving up immortality for true love sounds like a pretty good trade off, but what if it’s the magic of his very life force that’s holding the gods in their prison?

That would explain why he sees completing his mission and being with Lavellan as mutually exclusive. I thought it was an Anders issue, that he didn’t want to risk the possibility that she’d join him and condemn herself to his fate, but it isn’t that at all. She’d condemn him to hers.

If he gives in to love, his days are numbered and with his death the gods would return to wreak havoc upon the world.

That’s why he can’t, however badly he wants to, be the one to pay the price for his own mistakes, why The People need him specifically, why Mythal can’t do it for him, and why she’s “sorry as well:” with her death, Solas will be truly and eternally alone.

*paper bag breathing*