the second one kill me


Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.


Owari no Shipping Week: Day 4:  Happy / Smiles / Kisses


shading? never heard of her

also i spent a considerable amount of time cursing under my breath trying to draw this im never drawing kisses again…. ok maybe i will but not any time soon bc wow that was difficult

I love how Lazytown has these little running gags that no one seems to notice, such as

1. someone questions Robbie’s authority while he’s in disguise and he goes “Are you ____? Have you ever _______? Do you even _______? Then go away/that’s what I thought/etc.”
he does it in We Are Number One but no one seems to realise it’s just a running gag that he does a ton of other times in the series??


2. Robbie: FOREVER!
stingy: for how long did you say?

the second one kills me every time I swear

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few but there aren’t that many

I just really appreciate the ones that exist

can we talk about how Krennic gets literally - L I T E R A L L Y - shot by the Death Star? I mean he doesn’t die through the explosion or the shockwave or whatever, the green laser beam goes exactly through the base of the satellite dish, i.e. the spot where he was lying, so in other words TARKIN LITERALLY SHOT KRENNIC WITH THE DEATH STAR LASER

“Sorry! I thought you might be getting sick. I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Huevemeber Day 24: This is fanart for @uncannycookie‘s wonderful, wonderful fics cause I absolutely love them and they are killing me. This scene is actually from the second one, And Nearly Letting Go, but I totally recommend reading Of Cold Hands Reaching first! 100% worth your time if you like this pairing.

It was also their birthday the other day so Happy Birthday as well!

I adored drawing Shigeo with bed hair, it is by far his cutest form hahaha. I never know what to do with Teruki’s hair at the best of times though… I’m inclined to have him grow it out again (they are around 16 in this pic) but that’s just cause I have the selfish desire to give him a ponytail when he’s older.

Maxine has ruined my life in the best and worst way possible I’m 100% certain she’s out to put a dagger through our hearts and kill us off one by one whilst rubbing her hands together in victory


Rodriguez: […] But this is an important scene because this is where you find out Kate’s been killed. And your reaction— it was cool watching this because I was like ‘I want to see how my scene came out since I wasn’t there,’ make sure I don’t have to go reshoot anything. But you did such a terrific job.
Madison: I really love your reaction in this scene, DJ.
Rodriguez: Yeah, it’s so great.
Madison: Because I think it’s so sad that you left Kate on the side of the road, or while you gave her money, and then—
DJ: Yeah.
Madison: Now she’s dead.
DJ: He feels responsible.

(Robert Rodriguez, Madison Davenport, and DJ Cotrona  in the “Santa Sangre” DVD commentary )