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You were really glad that your plan that you made up in a matter of seconds actually went how you wanted it to go; get Luke alone, make him all hot and bothered, and then leave him sweaty and baffled along with wanting more. Everything was going perfect. 

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part one

Of course the room fell completely silent when those words wisped out of your mouth; you really should not be surprise on the reaction that you’re receiving. You were somewhat praying that you would get a different reaction, not one of surprise or shock, but something that would make you generally happy and excited rather than a stone cold glare and a fake smile.

You let your arms slump to the side of your body as you stared at your green haired friend with wide eyes; your back begins to curve in as you become the same height as the boy that sits before you as your bottom lip drops into a pout as you shuffle a bit on your knees.

“Before I say anything that would most likely hurt your feelings, can I ask you something?” He questions, his pierced eyebrow rising up on his forehead as he leans back on your bed post. You just roll your eyes and nod your head slightly to allow him to begin his now overanalyzing questions.

“Are you happy with what you did?” Michael ask, his bottom lip tucking into his mouth as he gives you a serious look. His feet rubbing over each other in his knitted grey socks as you suck in a breath, before pushing your hand throughout your hair to get rid of a bit of a tangled mess.

“Do you not want me to be happy with what I did?” You question, eyes bearing into his as you cock your head to the side and look at him with concern. He just rolls his eyes, drops his lip from out of his mouth and lets a sigh escape him.

“First off, it’s not about me, it’s about you. And second, I’m not the one who slept with my next door neighbor.” He states, annoyance clear in his voice but you just ignore it and shift around more on your knees as your lips tug into a smirk.

“Actually remember that one time where-“

“That was years ago.”

“Actually six months!”

“But she wasn’t a parent who was battling custody for their child.”

You let a groan slip out of your mouth as you shut your eyes and throw yourself backwards on your bed. The sheets below you crumple underneath the weight of you as you toss your head around and kick your feet against the mattress, causing it to bounce around under your weight.

“Stop acting like a child and answer my question,” Michael muttered as his arms came and wrapped around your ankles to stop the heavy movements.

“Michael it’s not that serious!” You exclaim, hands by your sides beginning to grip the sheets.

“Uh… Yeah it is? You had sex with a guy who is emotionally unstable, you took advantage of him,” He explained, voice confident and sounding like a parent, which causes you to groan and look up towards your ceiling.

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During the Eighth year, a lot of things changed for Harry.
The first one was his relationship with Ginny. She was the Perfect Girlfriend, but not for him. They both figured it out as soon as Luna came back and started hanging out with the red headed girl more and more. Harry and Ginny weren’t made for eachother. They decided that being just friends was good enough.
The second was his relationship with his friends. They treated him differently. Now he was a hero and his fame increased after he defeated Voldemort, so everyone behaved like he was some sort of God. He kinda hated that. He was still Harry, just with a bunch of new scars. They all had new scar, they all lost friends and family that night. His losses weren’t any different.
The third and most important one was with Draco. He made amend, then came back to Hogwarts and started a new life. With his father in Azkaban, Draco finally let himself free of the chains the man imposed on him. He wasn’t the spoiled, poshy kid that treated everyone like shit. He was a sad man who had made very wrong choices to protect his family. Harry didn’t blame him, he understood why Draco did what he did.
So he started talking to him. At first it was casual chat when they met in the Eighth year’s dorm. Then it was a bunch of whispered words during class, that soon became bad jokes and genuine interest in what the other had to say.
They grew attached to one another. Draco didn’t treat Harry differently and Harry didn’t treat Draco like a criminal. They felt normal when they spent time together.
And Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived and later defeated the Dark Lord, discovered why his relationship with Ginny couldn’t work. Harry liked guys. Blond guys with grey eyes and chaos in their soul. But he couldn’t just tell his former arch-enemy he fancied him. He would lost him and he couldn’t allow that.
So they kept spending time together; Harry managed to bury his feelings for Draco and act like he didn’t feel the urge to grasp Draco’s perfectly ironed shirt and kiss him senseless every time they guy smiled at all.
Then the end of the year approached, and with it Draco’s birthday. Harry could not for the love of him find a present for the blond.
Draco had everything he needed, he was still rich, after all. What could Harry give him?
His last resort was to ask the only thing that could really know what Draco really needed. So, on the 5th of June, he went to the Seventh Floor and walked three times in front of the tapestry depicting the attempt of Barnabas the Barmy to teach trolls ballet, asking the Room of Requirements what Draco wanted for his birthday. What he really felt the need for.
When the door appeared, he cautiously opened it and peeked inside. The Room was very small and in the middle of it stood a mirror. Harry at first didn’t understood what that meant. Draco had a mirror, it was on his side of the dorm’s room… why would the Room…? Oh.
He was what Draco wanted.
His feelings were requited.
He ran down the corridors, nearly tripping down the stairs and hitting Merlin knows how many students. He shouted apologies to everyone but didn’t stop. All this time Draco felt the same! So why did he not tell him? No one cared about this kind of things anymore. Dean and Seamus kissed and walked hand in hand all the time since the were reunited before the Battle. Was he stopped by the same fears as him?
Well, that didn’t matter anymore. When he barged in the common room of their arranged dorm, he found the man he find himself in love with sitted on one of the sofas, reading a book peacefully. He nearly jumped in front of him, startling the poor Draco.
《I thought about your present for days, and I couldn’t come up with anything except this so, I’ll make it quick: this is probably the most insane thing I’ll ever utter in my whole life but I think I’m love with you and I think you at least fancy me so…》he blurted out to a speechless Draco and then kissed him. It was just lips pressing on lips, but for Harry it was the best thing that could happen to him. And when Draco parted his lips to deepen the kiss, smiling on the brunet’s mouth, he knew he had found the perfect gift.
《You’re out of your mind, Harry Potter. That’s probably why I love you.》Draco whispered when they parted and they both smiled at the other.

Many things changed for Harry Potter during Eighth year. He let the girl he thought he loved be free to love the weirdest and most adorable girl in the world. He was praised as an hero for the whole year. He found love in an enemy.
After all, going back to school wasn’t that bad of an idea.

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Would Mori kill Chuuya if Odasaku wasn’t enough to drive Dazai out of the Port Mafia?

Short answer: No.

Let’s make two things clear before we begin with the long answer. First: The blogger who put out this idea is one of my favorite BSD theorists, I respect them. This is not an attack or an attempt to take them down, just me protecting my sanity by saying what I think need to be said. Second, I might come to the fandom because of Odazai, but I stayed for Soukoku. So no, I’m not doing this because I hate the pairing.

The premise that I want to talk about was the idea that if Odasaku’s death hadn’t driven Dazai out of the Mafia, then Mori would kill Chuuya in order to finish the job.

Sadly, unless we are in one of those soukoku fanfics where Chuuya’s an innocent tsundere angel in a star-crossed romance with Dazai and Mori’s barely anything more than a devil incarnate made specifically to create the perfect Soukoku habitat, then, no, this scenario is not happening.

Now, even the blind can see that Dazai and Chuuya have a strong bond. The closest I could describe it without dipping into fangirl fantasy was brothers, complete with the sibling rivalry and childish pettiness everyone would display in front of their annoying family member. They’re also partners whose bond was made stronger by hell fires. I mean,

(Really, Bones?)

But is this enough to make Dazai leave? Probably. Would Mori risk it? No.

First, let’s look at the mother bear that has taken Chuuya as her own; Kouyou. As we could see in the manga, she has taken Chuuya either as her protégé, son or at least a little brother as seen from how he called her ‘Ane-san’ or the archaic, formal Japanese for ‘older sister’

If Kouyou is even half as attached to Chuuya, who she has known for years, is as she was to Kyouka, who only knew her for a few months, then do you even think that she will stay silent if she knew Mori killed Chuuya simply to drive Dazai out? To put in the way that would win the Understatement of The Century award, she will not be amused. Look at this scene where Kouyou told Tanizaki why she couldn’t let Mori die;

That’s the reason Kouyou is supporting Mori. When she found out he’s basically doing the same thing as the old boss, she will fight back.

Best situation Mori will lose her support; this is serious because not only she is an executive she is also one of its strongest ability users. Second-degree situation, she will kill him both in revenge and demeaning him no longer a leader deserving of her support.

Worst situation, Kouyou would defect from the Mafia, taking her faction with her along with the people loyal to Chuuya (Notice how caring Chuuya was to his subordinates, it will not be a farfetched to say he got many people loyal to him that would be enraged by the boss killing him off for such a shallow reason) It will break the Mafia in two with a possibility of a gang war fueled by revenge in Yokohama.

Think of the casualties, both monetary and personnel, if this is were to happen. Will Mori risk all this, just to drive Dazai away? Short answer is no. Long answer is no way on earth.

Second, the circumstance of Oda’s death. I hate to admit this but in objective point of view Mori’s scheme was a stroke of genius. It’s carefully planned for the best outcome with minimal casualties.

Positives of Oda dying

1.       The most obvious, The Gifted Business Permit. This is the biggest reward that came out of this sacrifice. With the Mafia should no longer fear the government’s punishing fist if they step out of the line, the freedom to do as they like as long as they’re not caught red-handed by military police.

2.       The cut-down to Port Mafia’s budget. As Odasaku himself has mentioned, Mori calling low-ranking members to his office meant they would be disposed of, indicating this has happened before and will happen again. This is important because the money and resource going to those useless goons can go to more important places, like weaponry or bribery. By killing off Oda, Mori take out a useless member of the Mafia whose only worth was calming marital problems, scaring thieving little kids and hunting for cats.

3.       Cementing Port Mafia’s name to not only the other gangs in the area, but also to the government. This would also be true for International scale since Mimic was supposedly a fearsome terrorist group with a powerful leader.

4.       Dazai lost his best friend and leave the Mafia.  With him gone, so was the threat to Mori’s reign.


1.       Losing one member with irreplaceable Ability that would have been OP if not for his creed to not kill.

Now, to Chuuya.

Positives of Chuuya dying

1.       Dazai losing his partner and driven out of the Mafia

Negatives of Chuuya dying.

1.       Kouyou starting a war on Mori, breaking Mafia in half, and possibly demolishing the whole thing to the ground.

2.       The loss of Mafia’s best martial artist

3.       The loss of the subordinates under Chuuya who was loyal to him

4.       The loss of one-half of Soukoku, will affect the morale of people under him because he was known to be strong both physical-wise and ability-wise.  

5.       The loss of people’s trust to Mori’s credibility, making rebellions and defection more common.

6.       The loss of the man who was so invulnerable he would be made Executive sometime in four years, when he was only 22.

As you can see, the negatives of killing Chuuya far outweigh the positive of having Dazai driven out of the Mafia by having him dead. Then this brought up the question; what would have Mori done if Dazai didn’t get out of Mafia?

The answer is: none. Seriously.

This is because there is no way Dazai won’t defect after that. Just like the planning for getting the Permit and getting Oda out of the picture, this has been calculated by Mori from the very start.

Notice this scene,

Now here’s the light novel version

The question arising from it is as such: why would a boy considered to become an Executive soon, scour the remnants of dead soldiers with its lowest-ranked member?

There’s a high possibility Mori was purposefully nurturing the friendship between them. This is also prevalent in the way he didn’t make any negative statements when he remarked about Oda having close relations to Dazai and why he didn’t take out Oda before this, or at least intervene with their friendship.

The same way Dazai’s confident in how his plans will come to fruition, Mori is also a being cut from the same cloth. There is now ay Dazai won’t leave the Mafia both because this has been carefully calculated for a long time and because Dazai himself will know that with this, he is no longer welcome in the Mafia.

I rest my case.

On the other note, the reason why I need to say all of this is because this theory is because how it makes Chuuya’s role into just a foil for Dazai, disregarding all of his worth as an important Mafia member. I love Chuuya, and not even as Soukoku. I love him because of how he is portrayed in the canon.

Killing off Odasaku was logical, it has many upsides and very little downside. Killing off Chuuya when he was clearly an important member was not only out of character, it distort both him and Mori as characters deserving respect.

Chuuya’s a person of his own rights, is important to many people and have people important to him and the list is longer than just Dazai. He’s a beautiful character with well-developed personality, have a life, ambitions, dreams and achievements of his own and I hate it when people just made him out to be a one-dimensional character whose world revolved around Dazai. Let me tell you; he’s not.  

AU where Kaneki and Hide meet in college. Kaneki first saw him at the library. Kaneki would find himself at the very corner, away from the most populated areas in the library. The library had a basement and 4 other floors, and Kaneki found that the basement, though still occupied by numerous people, the less populated. Despite the noise, Kaneki concentrated on his book for hid world literature class. Rarely did Kaneki remove his eyes from his book, but on one occasion he looked up for a split second to lay eyes on a bright haired boy with equally bright colored outfit. That split second turned into ten seconds; he didn’t the boy, or others, to think that he was staring. Golden boy sat at the table in front of him and had his back turned to Kaneki, so Kaneki could stare at the (perfect) back of his head. 

This happened throughout the semester. Kaneki always sat at the same spot, as he was at Kamii library when it opened 7am. And the boy would always arrive at 10am. Every weekday, Kaneki would hope that the golden boy would turn to him, smile, and ask if he can sit with him, but it never happened. One time, though, their eyes met, and the boy offered him a toothy smile, causing Kaneki eyes to widen and his face to redden; he hid behind his book in a second. 

One particular day, it was already 10am, and the golden boy didn’t show up at his usual time. Naturally, Kaneki wondered to himself, “I wonder if he’s okay?” Kaneki didn’t know the boy personally, but it was like they knew each other in a weird way.

Kaneki didn’t have class until 2pm, but only showed up early to get work done before going to class. So Kaneki continued reading his book until he was interrupted at 12pm, this was the time when things picked up, and nearly every table in the library was occupied by someone.

“Is it alright if I sit here?” A voice dragged Kaneki’s attention from his books, and his eyes nearly popped out of his skull. It was the golden boy, smile on his face.
“My usual table has been taken over,” the boy pointed towards his table, which was currently occupied by 4 people, “if not, I can find another s-”

“No! It’s okay. You can s-sit here!” 

The boy head jerked at Kaneki’s frantic tone, but seemed to brush it off and took a seat. Kaneki found it hard to concentrate and would glance up every minute or so.

“What are you reading?” 

Kaneki sprung up and proceeded to collect his answer in a coherent sentence. 

“It’s a book. Uh for my world lit. class…it’s about vengeance, forgiveness, powerlessness, and power.” 

“Oh that sounds pretty cool. So you’re a literature major?”

Kaneki shyly nodded. He pressed his mouth into a thin line. Aware of his awkwardness, Kaneki found himself self-conscious, but the boy still smiled kindly at him.

“That’s pretty cool. I wish I could enjoy reading, but my attention span doesn’t let me.” He laughed. His eyes would crinkle at the corners and he didn’t shy away from showing his smile when he laughed like Kaneki did. 

“My name is Hideyoshi, but you can call me Hide!” He offered his hand, and Kaneki accepted. 

“My name is Kaneki Ken.” Though small, his voice found its confidence as he introduced himself to his new friend.

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Hi! I just got reeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy curious. Was it ever explained why he changed costumes for Seimei? Was the original one only used for Ice Shows or something? Because if I checked correct, he used the second version in all the competitions that season... thanks. :)

Nope, I don’t think it was ever explained. I think that costume was used only on Seimei’s “debut” (now, I haven’t checked, but I think it was DoI 2015), because yep, he used the other one all season after that. I think it might be due to the fact that the first version reflects the light in a different way, so, while it might have been perfect for the show, the effect might have not been as pleasing in competition. I honestly like it more, but the second version is probably more…suitable for competition ^^

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do you have any tips for scripting and neat handwriting ?

Hello anon! I used to have the exact same problem, my handwriting was messy, my notes looked awful, so I decided that IT WAS TIME TO CHANGE! You don’t change your handwriting in a second, it takes practice and time. The first thing I did, is to find a studyblr that has a perfect handwriting. Most studyblrs have done the handwriting tag: you should just go on #handwriting tag, find one you like and try to copy it. @studyquill also released a calligraphy practice that you can find here! What I also used to do is to save on my phone pictures of handwriting and when I was doing my notes I was trying to copy the handwriting! Don’t forget to add doodles and colour to your notes to make them prettier!  ✿

Equinox Garden Spirits review

@equinoxgarden-spirits (won’t let me tag fr some reason rip)

RATE: 5/5 tbh

So!! I recently got a spirit from one of the owners of the shop, Aura, as they offered to find me a spirit companion when the spirit I got from MM ended up turning out to be a spirit that was harmful to me and my K.
The spirit they conjured for me was S, a lovely young GA unicorn! I immediately felt her energy, and they bound her distantly to a stuffie I had. I immediately felt the energy (the second they sent the message that she was bound, actually) and she just is a completely perfect fit for me! I really couldn’t ask for anyone better ^^
I 10/10 recommend them, they’ve been very helpful through the whole process and answered any questions I had about S, plus a few extra!

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.