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markhyuck fluff headcanons
idek if some of these count as headcanons
  • sometimes mark and hyuck will have lil duets where hyuck sings and mark plays the guitar for him
  • mark makes them cover high school musical songs
  • mark teaches hyuck how to play guitar but honestly hyuck would rather watch mark play the guitar because he just loves seeing mark so concentrated
  • it makes hyuck’s heart stop beating and his lungs just fill with mark and his brain short circuits awH
  • hyuck genuinely does wanna learn how to play the guitar but he cant ever concentrate when he’s around mark
  • whenever hyuck’s fingers get sore from pressing on the guitar strings, mark’ll kiss the pad of hyuck’s fingers sabfhgavsdbhd
  • hyuck pretends to hate it but they both know he loves it honestly
  • ok so mark doesnt really sing often because he’s not that confident in his voice :(((
  • bUuuUuuUT when he does it’s usually always with hyuck or because of hyuck
  • mark just feels really comfortable with hyuck ya know?
  • he feels like he can do anything if hyuck is by his side
  • i mean they’ve trained together and debuted together and experienced so many things together and mark just knows he’ll be able to do anything and everything with hyuck
  • mark likes writing songs and he always lets hyuck listen to them because even tho hyuck is mean to him he’ll always be honest (even if he has to sugarcoat it)
  • hyuck knows how hard it is for mark to show him his songs and he knows when to be mean and when not to be
  • also hyuck is mark’s muse but hyuck will never know that
  • hyuck hangs around in the studio with mark because he doesn’t wanna leave mark alone
  • he knows how frustrating song writing is for mark sometimes so he always wants to be there to calm him down
  • mark always gets inspiration late at night and sometimes hyuck will fall asleep on the floor in the studio
  • but mark always knows when hyuck’s about to fall asleep so right before he does, mark’ll drag hyuck onto his lap so he can fall asleep there
  • what a baby im screaming
  • hyuck resting his head on mark’s shoulder when he’s writing lyrics or producing something
  • when they walk home on snowy days, hyuck’s cheeks get really red and mark will pull them somewhere where he knows nobody will see them and kisses hyuck’s cheek
  • on cold days, mark will hold hyuck’s hand and put their intertwined hands in his pocket
  • hyuck looks like a big marshmallow on winter days
  • his face will be covered by a scarf and mark will always be a sneaky shit and pull the scarf down so he can peck hyuck’s lips
  • late night talks are also a frequent thing
  • sometimes mark will start quietly singing a song to himself when he’s bored and hyuck will join in afgdfgajdkfn
  • hyuck hates stormy nights bc thunder freaks him out so he always sneaks into mark’s bed and mark wouldnt even complain because hyuck makes him feel all warm and happy inside
  • mark only talks in his sleep when hyuck sleeps with him because mark only sleep talks when he’s really comfortable and relaxed
  • on the rare times hyuck sleeps in his own bed, mark will find a way to drag him back
  • ”hyuck look at this meme !!! this pupper !!!! A BIG DOGGO !!!!!!!!”
  • hyuck ends up getting annoyed from moving back and forth so much, he ends up just laying beside mark
  • i bet hyuck buries his face in the crook of mark’s neck in the early mornings when he realizes he’s woken up too early
  • hyuck makes sure mark eats enough and sleeps enough because if mark ever gets hurt from pushing himself too hard hyuck will SCREAM
  • if hyuck ever gets hurt, mark will cry
  • like, flat out cry
  • hyuck calls him dumb and tells him that he shouldnt waste his tears on him but mark gets so worried and he just never wants to lose hyuck asvadshfsdf\
  • theyre honestly fucking soulmates, whether it’s platonic or romantic, they just connect in a way that nobody else can understand
  • tbh still into you by paramore is their couple song and always will be
  • encouraging boyfriends that will always cheer each other on
  • their classmates dont question how they ever got together because there’s just something different in the way they look at each other, ya know?
  • there’s a different glint in hyuck’s eyes when he looks at mark and something in him just tugs on his heart strings
  • and everything inside mark softens into a big mush and his heart tightens up and all the oxygen in his body just leaves him bc lol bye who needs air when i have lee donghyuck
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forehead kisses when the two of them are tired out of their mind
  • if one of them cant figure out a dance move, the other will always help them out
  • hyuck’s seems really mean to mark but he’s sosososo encouraging when he needs to be
  • they’re each other’s first love dsbagfvsfh
  • no matter what happens they both know theyll always have a piece of each other’s hearts
  • because that’s just what first loves do, right?
  • when mark found out he was in love with hyuck he freaked the absolute fuck out
  • he’s had a crush on hyuck for the longest while but he wasn’t in love with him or anything
  • but then the two of climbed onto sm’s roof (wow how cliche anna) to look at the stars together and mark looked over at hyuck for a split second and couldnt take his eyes off him
  • he couldnt register how the moonlight shone down on hyuck in an almost ethereal way and he couldnt figure out how he ended up falling in love with his best friend
  • but then hyuck looked over too and they locked eyes
  • and he just knew hyuck felt the same way
  • they’re both awkward lil beans that dont know how to express their feelings which is why they work together so well
  • they kinda had a love at first sight kind of thing but it was more of a ‘i know im gonna spend the rest of my life with you whether we stay friends or become more’
  • hyuck seems like he doesn’t care much but he cares way too much
  • he notices all the little things with mark and manages to fall in love with him over and over again
  • jaehyun said they fight every night but tbh i bet you my left sock that it’s petty ass fights
  • ”hyuck close the lights”
  • ”no you close the lights!”
  • ”youre closer!”
  • when hyuck wakes mark up in the mornings, he always does it in the meanest ways bUT THEY WORK
  • hyuck screams in mark’s ear and makes mark fall out of his bed
  • mark curses hyuck out in english and korean
  • ”listen mark i may not know english but i know what bitch means and iM FIGHTING YOU SQUARE THE FUCK UP YO”
  • mark wakes hyuck up by cuddling him and peppering kisses over his face until hyuck tries pushing him off
  • hyuck falling asleep on the couch is a common thing bc whenever he watches videos on his phone, he’ll get sleepy and just pass out there
  • and one time, mark found him asleep on the couch so he carried him back to their room and put him on his bed
  • and then he went to leave but hyuck groggily grabbed his arm and asks him to stay sleepily aKHSDFBSHDKNFML
  • mark has the urge to protect hyuck 24/7
Friends AU: “The One With Bucky’s Secret”


After months of moving to a new life, Bucky finds himself falling for someone he know he cant have. Steve and Natasha still playing a game of will they wont they - a certain event changes the outloook on their relationship. Sam struggles with the fact of his new roommate, with the help of Wanda - he manages to push his new roommate over the edge.

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Imagine Idubbbz// car rides part two

you sit in the drivers seat and wait for max’s signal, once you see his hand wave, you start the car up. it revs for a couple minutes making you a bit sad, but as it roars to life you cant help but laugh. 

“Leave it running for a bit alright?” you turn to the passenger seat and see Ian, you nod, its a good idea. you get out with a grin, and thank max and Joji for the jump.

“alright, were gonna head back, probably get some alcohol on the way. you riding with us Ian?” Max asks, Ian glances up with eyebrows raised.

“uh no i think i should stay on case it breaks down again” he says fleetingly, max nods agreeing, and you blush taking the jumper cables from him and walking to the end of your lift up the small latch to shove them under the floor of the car with the spare tire. you wave as max and Joji leave, and hear Ians footsteps rounding thecar.

“So i was thinking maybe we could go out to breakfast or something?” Ian says, you glance up with a cheeky grin.

“Ian are you asking me out on a breakfast date?” you say, he smiles and shrugs.

“yea, as a matter of fact i am, and dont act like you dont want to cause i know for a fact you love breakfast” he says you laugh a bit and sit down on the back of the car.

“yea breakfast sounds good” you agree, Ian smiles and takes a seat next to you, hes a little to tall so he lays look down and watch as he puts his arms under his head to brace himself. you lay back beside him, and lean into him a bit.

“George said he had a crazy dream” Ian says, you feel him tracing a line on the seem of your jeans. 

“about what?” you ask grabbing his hand and folding your fingers between his.

“a sex dream, he said it was like the noises were real” Ian says, you blink and it takes you a minute to realize Joji probably heard you and Ian… you cover your face

“oh God” you say Ian huffs a laugh as you cringe.

“how could we do that when they were just right there” you groan

“you regret it…?” Ian asks, you look up at him, shaking your head.

“God no…” you say he smiles, nodding.

“you just would have liked to have privacy? like this morning?” he asks, you blush, even though you know thats just what he wanted. Ian smiles and you look around…

“theres no one around right now…” you say. Ian glances up, now he’s blushing. you reach up and close the hatchback and Ian watches you, not protesting, but he looks nervous. 

“do you not want to…?” you ask feeling a bit rejected. Ian’s face lights up.

“no! i mean yea… of course i want to i just… never thought you’d be into a quickie in the back of a car” he says. you shrug.

“get in where you fit in Carter” you say leaning in to kiss his smiling lips. you find relief in the kiss, the truth is you’ve wanted more ever since you got your first taste. you kiss down his neck and run your hands under his shirt feeling his warm skin. you move down and fidget with his belt, feeling his buldge underneath already thick. you pull the pants down, and pull his boxers asidewatching as his thick cock is free. you look up at Ian and see he has that dark look in his eye Ian pulls at your arm, and you shake your head. you lean down and place a kiss on the tip of his dick. Ian sucks in a deep breath.

“fuck…” he whisps out. you like that, it fuels you. you swirl your tongue over the head, and smooth your way down the shaft of him, not quite making it to the bottom, you push your tongue against him as much as you can, watching as he runs his hand through his hair and rests his head on his hand, lips parted, eyes on you. you move up and down, the thickness is so pleasing. you didnt even know you liked this, but it was good, and you loved watching him while you do it. 

“oh fuck… youre… thats really good” he groans, you use your hand on the portion you cant suck and move along with it, he’s clutching the seat behind him now, groaning, writhing all because of you. you suck a bit harder, and lick at his tip, hes moving his hips up now, grinding a bit.

“fuck im close, im really close” he groans. you squeeze a little harder with your hand and smooth your tongue against him, he empties himself and you swallow around him. he groans wildly over and over, they grow softer, and die down as you sit up and wipe the corner of your mouth. your lips tingle and your sure your blushing like crazy. Ian is staring at you, which doesnt help with the blush. you wonder if you did well… Ian lunges forward and wraps his arms around you, kissing you deeply, you feel him lean you back, and rip at your panties under your skirt.

“you’re fucking insane… im fucking insane, youre driving me insane, do you know that?” he growls into your ear as he not so gently lays you on your feel a  bit flustered, you dont know how to respond to that..

“did you like it?” you ask in a soft voice, he looks down at you from between your legs.

“did i like it? of course i liked it i fucking loved it… couldnt you tell?” he asks, you shrug and smile a bit. Ian kisses you reassuringly, and kisses down your neck, lifting your shirt off, helping you shed it. he kisses down your stomach and then down to your legs kissing his way up your inner thigh.

“Ian” you say worriedly, he looks up at you.

“i… i’ve never had this happen so if its too much will you stop?” you ask, he raises an eyebrow and swallows hard. turned on by the thought of being the first one to lick you. 

“yea” is all he manages. you watch as he lowers himself and youre already breathing hard. the first kiss is intensely sweet, you let out a small moan feeling his tongue cirlce your clit.sliding elegantly against you.

“oh… oh my god… Ian… fuck” you moan as he licks your slit, flicking his tongue over your clit. you feel yourself unraveling already.

“fuck… dont stop, please dont stop Ian… oh Ian…” you cant stop the words now the pleasure is too much.  Ian looks up seeing your eyes tightly shut, you biting your lip, he moves faster. your hand is in his hair, you have nothing else to hold onto. you start to shake as your orgasm rips through you

“Ian!!” you scream, a wave of pleasure ripping through your center, Ian doesnt let up though he continues, and guides you through it. you grip his hair and beg him, you dont even know what for. after you cant take anymore, you pull at him lightly, and he stops. youre breathing hard, and you dont want to open your eyes and come back to reality. you feel soft kisses trailing up your cheek to your lips. you kiss Ian back needfully and sigh against his lips.

“that was…” you begin, you cant find the words though. “i loved it” you decide. Ian huffs a laugh next to you. you lay against him for a while. feeling him trace his hands over your shoulders, a thumb across your sensitive nipple, kisses against your neck.

you cant keep eye contact for more than seven seconds from across the booth table. you stare down at your food, pushing the blueberries around. you glance up and see Ian looking at you too, you blush and look over at the hot sauce, you grab it and pour some on your eggs, taking a big bite.

“you okay?” Ian asks, you look up and nod.

“you know whats cool about blueberries? on the outside theyre blue, on the inside theyre green, but when you mash them up theyre purple” you say squishing one. you look up, Ian has one eyebrow raised confusedly. 

“thats… neat?” he says, you blush.

“yea, pretty… neat” you say. you stop by mcdonalds and get some junk food for the guys on your way back. you continue babbling about random facts nervously as you pull into the driveway. Ian watches as you hop out, with the bags. you walk to the door.

“why are you in such a rush?” you feel Ian grab your arm, you turn and tilt your head as if you’re confused.

“the guys havent eaten” you say smiling softly.

“thats it?” Ian says, you nod with a more convincing smile and head for the door. you walk in and see the guys all laying lazily around the livingroom.

“food” you say tossing bags at everyone.. you walk towards the kitchen.

“what the hell took you so long” Max says.

“we stopped for food duh” you say quickly.

“it took you an hour to get mcdonalds?” Max asks, he isnt buying it.

“we ate there” Ian says, backing your story.

“yea right, took a little detour more like it” Chad says, you roll your eyes you dont want to deal with chads shit right now.

“fuck off chad” Ian says, annoyed by him as well. you feel like maybe Ian could sense your attitude and now hes a little irritated that you are acting strange. you walk towards the bathroom and stare at yourself in the mirror. you look at your lips, still tingling from his kisses, your neck, red in spots from kiss soft bites. you cant even look at the rest of yourself. theres just too much, too much shit. to much emotions, too much to figure out. what if Ian just wants to fuck, you could not do that, that isnt what you want. There are no signs in anything that this is serious… or even anything but sex. you cant blame him though youre the one that came onto him, after he had just been joking with you. you splash some cold water on your face and walk back out to the living room. you sit next to Joji on the side of the couch, even though theres a space next to Ian available, you try to ignore that hes looking at you, youact as if youre biting a nail, watching the movie completely interested, but youre not. youre going through your mind, stuck in your mind, looking for an out. the worst thing is rejection, the worst thing is wanting something more, and them not wanting anything more. 

you look up at the clock. theres exactly three hours until youve all got o head to the airport, youll take your flight to california… your flight with Ian… you came here on the same flight and youve got a returning flight with him as well. the flight here was fun, you stayed up with him while the other passengers slept. you talked about everything, and nothing, and anything that came to your minds. you grab your phone and go online quickly, changing your flight to one to sacramento airport instead of LAX. You set your phone down and look around. Ian looks up once he sees you move.

“oh i totally forgot, i have an earlier flight than you guys” you say, Joji and max look up as well as chad.

“i thought you and Ian had the same flight?” George asks, you shake your head.

“no i have a thing,i forgot about i rescheduled when we landed i thought i told you guys” you say, George and Ian shake their heads.

“fuck, yea my flight is in an hour and a half” you say standing and walking towards the room.

“well… why dont you switch you can do that right>” joji asks, you shake your head.

“i think they charge you” you say, shoving your things into your bag.

“no they dont” Ian says, you turn around and look up only for a second.

“well it doesnt really matter, i have that thing” you say, making sure everything is packed, you walk to the door and set it down.

“you’re leaving right now?” Max asks, you smile softly and nod.

“yea i wanted to buy a hoodie that says something cheesy about australia” you say he huffs a laugh.

“alright… well, bye” max says lenaing in to hug you, you hug him back and gearge is next, you hug him and then look up at Ian, you smile and reach up, hugging him lightly. you try not to breathe in his smell, or hug him too tightly, or hold on fro long either. you pull away and grab your bag.

“ill see you guys soon” you say smiling.

“yea, ill be in the states soon enough for a convention, we should all get together” Max says, you smile, though you dont agree. you walk through the doorway and out to your car. you open the hatchback and look down, everything is desheveled. you feel your heart thump loudly, and throw your bag in, closing it.

“hey” you hear from the door, you see Ian jogging out a bit, you swallow hard.

“im gonna be late” you say with a fake smile, opening the door. Ian grabs the door.

“you forgot your phone” he says blankly, you look down, its on the airport website ‘your flight change has been confirmed!’ is on the screen. you feel your heart sink. you dont even want to look up at Ian now, you’re too embarassed. 

“tell me whats up” Ian says, you place your hands on the steering wheel.

“nothings up, nothing is happening… we had fun but now its time to go home right” you say looking up at him, he pushes his glasses up with the back of his hand. you dont like the way he’s looking at you.

“come on Ian… you dont date, its not hard to figure out what you’re into. i dont want to be anyones fuck buddy. i have to go” you pull the door away and start your car as he steps back.he runs his hand over his chin and you look away pulling out of the driveway. 

you sit in the uncomfortable airplane seat, your phone ringing beside you, for the third time. you turn it on airplane mode and shove it into your jacket pocket. 

“why are you so scared” Ian laughs, pulling up the plane window you shut it and push his arm back to the aisle seat.

“ive never been on a plane before and ive heard the scariest part is liftoff… i wanna pretend im in a small room, that is not mid air” you say he laughs.

“planes are safer than trains, and cars” he says, you shake your head.

“i do not believe that” you say he smiles.

“well i dont know, i was trying to make you feel better. youre such a pussy” he says. you shake your head getting memories out of your mind. you look over at the window… and open it as the plane takes off. you close your eyes.

baggage claim is the worst, theres nothing to do, and you feel weird being the only one not on your phone.  you dont want to turn it on either, and see all those missed calls. you see your bag and grab it quickly, youre tired, very tired and its late. you walk out the door and look around, there has to be a hotel somewhere… you hail a cab and he takes you to some decent hotel, you pay him and walk inside. its almost dead. you get a room, and lay on the crisp white bed. you stare at the ceiling, unable to sleep.its been hours already and its almost time for the sun to come up. you grab your phone and turn it on. dreading what it might say. 3 missed calls and four unread texts. you go to the texts and read them

“thats what you think? you think i just wanted to fuck you and thats it?”

“answer your phone”

“yea you know what youre right, i dont care about you at all. thats why i waited an hour for you outside LAX so we could have the same flight, thats why every time chad is even the slightest bit of a cunt to you i wanna strangle him. cause i dont care about you.” the last one makes your heart sink, even further

“ok, im done. have a nice flight” he sent all of those while you were still on your way to the airport, he didnt want you to go. you take a deep breath, and tap reply.

“why dont you date” you ask. setting your phone down. you dont expect a reply until the morning. but your phone digs pretty quickly.

“i dont like every girl i come across” he wrote, you calm down a bit, nervous that he replied quickly.  you prepare yourself mentally to respond.

“you dont have to like someone to fuck them” you say. you stand up and walk to the window, opening it and letting the cold air in. you grab your phone.

“i do” is all he rub your face and walk into the bathroom.

“so you liked me?” you ask

“liked? even though you’re a dramatic fleeting loser i still like you” you blush, now you feel a like an elementary school kid.

“you never told me that” you retort

“i didnt think i had to” he says back

“well you have to, i dont read minds. i may be a dramatic fleeting loser but youre a presumptuous jerk” you insult him back.

“okay, ill give you that one” he says. youre staring at your hpone as it starts to ring, you dont want to answer it.but you do.

“hello?” you ask

“are you talking on the phone while driving?” he asks first, you roll your eyes

“no” you say

“good, are we done acting like highschoolers?” he asks, you swallow hard and rub your eyes.

“im sorry…” you say. Ian didnt expect an apology.

“so you did all that cause yoou thought i was a douchebag?” Ian asks,

“no… i did all that cause i thought… i dont know” you stp, Ian sighs.

“cause you thought what” he asks

“cause i thought i liked you too much” you admit.

“so you like me too” he says

“of course i like you too, want me to write you a note? check yes or no?” you say he chuckels. you dont find it amusing, you made a big deal over your freak out just because you were afraid/

“might clear the air” he says.

“i was afraid that i liked you too much and you didnt like me as much, and i dont like rejection so my first instinct is to leave. im sorry i lied to you, and im sorry i lied to the guys but i was scared. i like you like alot, and im not sure how to handle that? ive never liked someone this much and all this happened really fucking fast yaknow?” you say, Ian doesnt respond for a second.

“where are you?” he asks. you sigh, and tell him which motel. you sit criss crossed on the bed knowing hes on his way. hes here faster than you thought he would be, you unlock the door and walk back to the bed. 

“this is a nice place” he says, you crawl on the bed, and back agaisnt the headboard, sighing a bit.

“cheap too” you say. Ian sits at the edge of the bed and lays back.

“my flight was boring, extremely boring. i sat next to this woman, who wouldnt stop talking about all of her sexual endeavors. she was probably around sixty?” Ian says you huff a laugh.

“the kind of person that tells you things even though you tell them you already know. she has three grandchildren, and one son, shes had seven miscarriages and considers her son a miracle child” Ian says.

“so you made a friend” you say he laughs.

“it would have been better you were there, then i could have made you sit by her” he says you roll your eyes and realize something.

“you switched your flight” you say he doesnt respond.

“Ian… im really sorry” you say he sits up.

“its fine. just be up front with me about… this. about how you feel. im crazy about you, i told you that.” he says. you remember now… him pulling you, telling you that you make him crazy. the way he looked, how he kissed you and pulled at you, it was all needfully. like he wanted more of you than he was getting, like he couldnt get slide down the bed and wrap your arms around his neck, he pulls you onto his lap and you sigh against his neck. you kiss him softly, and he pulls away from you for a moment, shedding his sweatshirt and standing up, you watch as he pulls the blankets aside and you duck under them. you face eachother,but your buried in the crook of his neck and shoulder. youre just soaking up the warmth. you fall asleep in his arms.

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Hi!! University AU of RFA+V with MC being a scholarship student at their prestigious rich ppl college? Thank you^^



  • poor Yoosung raged on LOLOL till like 4 AM
  • of course forgetting that he signed up for a 7 AM class
  • when Yoosung’s alarm goes off at 6:30 that morning
  • he of course sleeps right through it
  • the next time he wakes up it’s already 7
  • “shit, i have class”
  • Yoosung tosses on his favorite hoodie and messily clips his hair, getting ready in about 30 seconds
  • he throws his backpack on his shoulder and heads to the bus stop
  • he takes out his phone while waiting at the bus stop
  • Yoosungs stomach starts to growl
  • “gaah. i should have grabbed some breakfast”
  • “i have an extra granola bar, if you want”
  • Yoosung whips around to see someone standing at the bus stop he hadn’t noticed before
  • they were holding out a granola bar
  • Yoosungs face lights up at the sight of FOOD
  • “thank you so much!”
  • he grabs the bar and starts to munch happily
  •  “im Yoosung, by the way”
  • “im MC”
  • Yoosung sat next to MC on the bus on the way to class
  • “you’re here on a scholarship? thats so cool!”
  • he looked amazed, like the way a little kid looks when they meet a firefighter
  • “so, Yoosung, what kind of things are you into?”
  • oh…god
  • he cant say LOLOL
  • he doesnt wanna look like a freakin nerd!!
  • “um i like…video games”
  • “really? that’s cool!”
  • cool?
  • did they really think that was cool!??
  • “can i have your number?”
  • MC blushed
  • “yea, sure”


  • if there was one thing Zen hated more than Jumin
  • it was math
  • he really does try, ok
  • but math is just??? so terrible
  • and…confusing
  • and kind of hard ok
  • the teacher had just given out a worksheet
  • and as soon as Zen looked at it
  • he just let his head fall onto his desk
  • why is his life like this
  • when will he see the sun
  • who will save him from this hel-
  • “hey, you ok?”
  • Zen looked up to see one of his class mates turned around in their chair, looking at him
  • he bolts upright, feeling embarrassed that he was drawing so much attention to himself
  • “what? me? yea im fine. totally fine”
  • “alight…”
  • as they turn back around, Zen smacks his forehead
  • that was so stupid
  • he taps them on the shoulder
  • “actually, can you help me with this? im good at a lot of things but i suck at math”
  • he smiles nervously
  • “oh, sure! this is all super simple actually”
  • “simple…? you must be a genius”
  • they laugh, which Zen wasnt expecting
  • “well, they dont give me $50,000 a year for being cute. Im MC, by the way”
  • they wink at him
  • tbh, Zen was kinda diggin this kids boldness
  • and they werent wrong, they are cute
  • “ill look forward to our study date, then”
  • Zen returns the wink


  • Jaehee has always been great at school
  • she even graduated from high school early
  • but that kind of changed when she got to college
  • and was forced to take a public speaking class
  • she didn’t really have stage fright
  • but her professor always told her she needed more “vocal variety”
  • “i’m afraid i dont understand, professor”
  • “Jaehee, you talk like a robot”
  • Jaehee hated that her only B in school was in speech
  • friggin public speaking was not gonna bring down her GPA
  • there was one person in Jaehee’s speech class that, according to her professor, was exceptionally good at this “vocal variety thing”
  • that was MC
  • they were always so animated while speaking
  • the way they talked just drew people in
  • Jaehee had to learn how to do that!
  • one day after class was dismissed, Jaehee called out to them
  • “MC!”
  • “oh, hello!”
  • “sorry for approaching you out of nowhere. i’m Jaehee”
  • “oh, you’re the girl who gave a six minute speech about coffee!”
  • Jaehee’s face turns red
  • “yea that was me. ANYWAY i need to ask you something”
  • “whats up?”
  • “can you help me with my next speech? i need to learn how to talk like you”
  • “talk like me?”
  • “yea”
  • MC smiles and then takes a sticky note out of their backpack, writing their number on it
  • “sure thing! just let me know when you wanna meet up”
  • from then on MC was Jaehee’s public speaking coach
  • thanks to MC, Jaehee was able to get an A in public speaking


  • Jumin hated the fact that he had to take general education classes
  • why did he even do all that work in high school AP classes?!
  • Jumin Han, who graduated at the top of his high school class
  • now sits in a freaking humanities class
  • Jumin actually tries to look as disinterested as possible as the professor starts class
  • leaning waaaay back in his seat
  • about 10 minutes into class the sound of the door opening caught Jumins attention
  • he looked over, curious to see the poor soul that couldnt find a simple humanities class on time
  • and they were actually…kinda cute
  • they seemed shy, keeping their head down as they came into class and chose a desk in the back of the room
  • the desk that happened to be right next to Jumins
  • He felt his face get warm
  • why was his face getting warm?
  • Jumin wanted to turn his head and get a better look at the person who just came in
  • but wouldnt it be weird to just stare at them??
  • his face was still warm
  • god, i hope my face isnt red
  • it was so unlike Jumin to get flustered like this
  • were they thinking about him too?
  • Jumin’s thoughts pretty much looked like that until the end of class
  • when the person next to him got up to leave their student ID fell out of their pocket
  • Jumin picked up the ID and gave it to them
  • “i think you dropped this”
  • “oh, thank you!”
  • they turned to walk away from him
  • “im Jumin”
  • he just kind of blurted it out
  • oh my god that was so stupid
  • “nice to meet you, Jumin. im MC”
  • MC smiled brightly at him
  • maybe…it wasnt stupid
  • okay now he has to make conversation
  • how do you do that again?!
  • “where are you from?”
  • “im not from around here, actually. im here on a scholarship”
  • “a scholarship? you must be really smart”
  • MC giggles a little bit
  • did he say something wrong??? fuckfuckfuckfuckfu
  • “i guess you could say i’m pretty smart”
  • Jumin honestly thought everything he said made him sound stupid
  • but MC was still so nice to him
  • they were smart, cute, and nice…
  • they just met and it was like he couldnt get enough of them


  • MC was on a scholarship at a technical school
  • and after a week or so, it was time for the club fair
  • MC was especially interested in computers (tech school duh)
  • so they were talking to a few kids at the computer gaming club booth
  • MC knows computer games arent like the epitome of the college experience
  • but they can help what they like!!
  • they were talking with a club representative
  • he was blond and wore and LOLOL pin on his shirt, which happened to be one of MC’s favorite games
  • their conversation was suddenly interrupted by a red-haired kid
  • “trying to recruit more freshman into your nerd club?”
  • he was talking to the blond
  • “Seven, what are you doing here? you quit the computer gaming club” 
  • “for a good reason, you might add”
  • the representative rubs the bridge of his nose, obviously annoyed
  • “Seven, can you just-”
  • “nope! sorry, Yoosung!”
  • the red head jumps over the booth to sit the side with the other club representatives
  • he starts handing out flyers to kids who pass by saying
  • “please come to our nerd club”
  • “we meet as Yoosungs moms house on thursday nights”
  • “video games rule!”
  • the boy apparently named Yoosung rips the flyers out of Seven hands and grabs his hoodie, pulling him out of the chair
  • “okay, okay im leaving!”
  • but he didnt leave
  • instead, he introduces himself to MC
  • “hey there, im Seven. im with that blond kid”
  • “but…didnt that guy just drag you out of his booth? like literally grab you and throw you out?”
  • “thats how we say ‘i love you’”
  • MC starts to laugh
  • they honestly thought Seven was just some huge ass hole at first
  • but maybe he’s just a big goofball
  • “do you like LOLOL, too?”
  • “i guess its okay. i mean, i’m ranked number one on the shooting star server, but thats neither here nor there”
  • he runs the chord of the headphones he was wearing through his fingers
  • “oh, nice. im ranked number one back where im from”
  • “you’re not from around here?”
  • “nope. im at this school on a scholarship”
  • alight..Seven isnt easily impressed but
  • good at LOLOL and smart? count him as impressed
  • also count him as interested
  • “well i gotta get goin now, but i trust i’ll see you at Yoosung’s mom’s place this thursday?”
  • MC laughs
  • “yea, cya then”
  • as Seven turns away he puts his headphones over his ears
  • nailed it


  • college parties weren’t V’s favorite thing ever ok
  • he actually kind of hated them
  • drunk idiot kids? no thanks
  • danger on the roads created by drunk driving? no thanks
  • cramped apartments that smell like weed and sweat? no thanks
  • “there are better ways to spend my time”
  • but V’s friends are kind of like
  • a group of idiots
  • and they really like college parties
  • but dont like being sober
  • so they always drag him along as the “designated driver”
  • V agrees to do it because he wants to make sure his friends are all safe
  • he was at a party that night, sitting on a couch while people around him talked and danced
  • he was sippin on a can of coke
  • when someone sat down next to him on the couch
  • he didnt say anything at first, keeping to himself
  • until the person sitting beside him sneezed
  • “bless you”
  • “thanks”
  • ….
  • ….
  • “dont like parties?”
  • V was surprised they talked to him at first
  • “no, not really”
  • “me either”
  • V wonders if this person is in the same situation as him
  • “I’m V”
  • he puts out his hand
  • “i’m MC”
  • they shake his hand awkwardly probably surprised someone just shook hands at a college party
  • it takes V a second to think of something else to say
  • “why are you at a party if you dont like them?”
  • “I was invited by a couple friends, so i came along. i cant drink cause i have this big test tomorrow”
  • V nods
  • “i’ve been in your shoes before”
  • “really? you dont think i’m a nerd?”
  • he laughs a little
  • “not at all! i admire someone who takes their schooling seriously”
  • V spends the rest of the night talking to MC
  • they’re like, really cool and fun
  • this is probably the most fun V’s ever had at a college party, actually


The 5 times Peter realizes he loves you.

The first time:

Peter had known the girl for a while, about 5 years, the were two inseparable. Even since you were a little girl with pigtails and he was a little boy with glasses too big for his face. You moved into his apartment building in the fifth grade and went to the same school together. You two became best friends quickly due to your equal love for school and you soon turned into a duo of sorts, if there was Peter there was Y/n and vise versa. 

Peter couldn’t help but fall for you, it was a clitché but he loves you. He didn’t realize it at first, not being able to pinpoint the overwhelming feeling of adoration and compassion. But when he did it was the greatest, and scariest moment of his life.

 You were laying on Peters couch, waiting for him to put on Lord of the rings, a throw blanket over you as your head rest on the arm of the couch. The movie begins to play, Peter lifts your feet, sitting down and returning your feet on his lap, fixing the blanket to cover himself slightly as well. You sit up just enough to stuff a pillow under your head and throwing one at Peter, giggling slightly at his odd expression.

 “For your neck.” You say, his expression lightens once he realizes that you didn’t randomly throw a pillow at him, even if you would. You sit up a bit more, making sure you don’t kick Peter, shrugging off your thick hoodie. Peter tries to hide a smile when he sees your shirt, a Spider-Man shirt, you didn’t know his secret and he thought you may question why he found the shirt so comical.

 After a hour into the movie you start to drift off, you were exhausted from the 2 a.m study session and Peter lightly massaging your calf didn’t help you stay up at all. Peter looked over at you, you didn’t see the look of admiration that took over his features, he wanted no more than you wrap his arms around you but he didn’t want to wake you.

 You looked so peaceful and helpless compared to your normal sassy and independent ways. Those were some of the things he loves about you, how you wouldn’t take anyone’s shit, even his, especially Flashes. You were a little firecracker as May called it. He loved your soft hair. Your bright smile. Your eyes. Your heart shaped birthmark that sat on your collarbone. All of it and he never realized until you were laying there , the glow of the television highlighting your features. 

He felt like an idiot for not noticing until now. But he guesses it was better that way, so he might be able to cut ties without causing too much pain. He thought he was protecting you, that’s all he wanted to do.

 The second time:

 You and Peter have never had this bad of a fight but he loved how strong you were and held your own during it. He keeps lying to you, he really is a terrible liar. Plus after seeing him lie to May, for however many years, you can tell easily when he is even if the lies were innocent. Like when he had to tell May you needed to urgently run to the store for tampons but really Peter had forgotten her birthday present on the subway and needed to get a new one. 

 “You are just being so annoying!” He yells, standing up from his bed and paces back and forth. He was frustrated, he didn’t know how to deal with this. He felt like shit for what he’s saying but it was the only way. 

 “To bad I didn’t ask for your stupid opinion.“ You snort, spinning in your chair trying not to focus on the insults spilling for your best friend, and crushes, mouth. If you were to focus on them you would cry and you weren’t allowing that.

 “Well, too bad because I’m tired of you thinking you can do no wrong! You are being over dramatic and annoying.” This all started from you complaining about him canceling plans for the third time, this week, and the fact he had new bruises sprinkled across his skin. You were only worried. You refused to apologize for caring about Peter.

 “I think you already used annoying-” You said until Peter interrupts you.

 “Wow, that’s something an annoying person would say.” 

 “Well, you would know!” You two were fighting like children, you both knew it but it seemed like Peter was just trying to find something to fight about. Peter runs his fingers through his hair and you stop spinning because of the frustration and dizziness clouding your head. “Peter, why are you doing this?” You were angry and confused with the boy. He had never snapped like this, he was always caring and as sweet as bubble gum.

“I-I have, I have been holding this in for too long and I need to get it off my chest.” It seemed painful for him to say, almost as if he had to convince himself that that’s what he wanted to say.

 “Well, anything else you need to get off your chest? Please say it now, rip off as many band-aids as you need to.” You say with a fake smile, beginning to gather your school materials you were studying before Peters meltdown.

 “Nope, I think I said it all. Your annoying ways and how over dramatic you are. Oh, and don’t get me starting on your bitching.” He says it a matter-o-factly and counts on his fingers as he listed the things off, each thing felt like a stab to the heart. It hurt you, the words burnt, the fact you have been called annoying many times before from others when you were younger. The word has haunted you ever since. Plus, it didn’t help one of the people you care most about is saying them.

 “Well, congratulations asshole. You just lost your best friend.”  

The Third time:

 Its been awhile since you’ve talked to Peter, you have seen him in Physics class but outside that, nothing. You cut all ties. Yes, you miss him but you didn’t deserve the way he had talked to you, it was rude and uncalled for. So you gave up, it took a lot but you needed to. You took your seat across the room from his, by some of your friends. You were ready to throw yourself into the class but still had a few minutes until the bell rung. You refused to allow yourself to peek at Peter, whom was already sitting too.

 “Should of known Parker would be here early.” Flash joked, acting like Peter couldn’t hear him, even if he knew he could from the lack of bodies and noise in the room. His friends laugh at his joke, cheering him on. He kept making a few more jokes until your instincts to protect Peter kicked in.

 “You’re such a hypocrite.“ You says loudly with a light laugh. Shocking Peter, that’s the first times he’s heard your amazing laugh since the fight, it was music to his ears.

 “What did you say Y/n?” Flash asks surprisingly nicely, you could tell he heard you the first time. You scoff, turning in your seat to better face them.

 “You’re a hypocrite, meaning you are basically calling Parker a nerd for being early to class yet, here you are, early to class.” Flash smiles at you, it was a false smile but you appreciate the effort.

 “I didn’t ask you. Could you just shut up for once?” He sounded so annoyed, it was entertaining so you couldn’t just shut up. That would be too easy.

 “Honey, I could but that doesn’t mean I would.” You smile sweetly at him, Avoiding Peters stares completely. Peter stiffened at the sarcastic pet name. Flash rolls his eyes and finds his seat as the bell rung. Peter still staring at you with a goofy look in his eye but you didn’t notice as you were trying to stop yourself from doing the same thing.

 The fourth time:

 “Tony, I don’t know what to do, I love her.” Peter whined to Tony, Tony tried to pay attention to him but couldn’t pull his focus from his project. Peter was dying to talk to you, regretting his decision to cut you off. He thought he was protecting you but in all honesty he was just scared. Scared of messing everything up, more than he already has.

 “I can see why the girl seems intimidating.” Tony laughs, taking some notes at his desk. Peter was sitting on the desk across from his, probably Banners, he didnt care at the time. He ignored how Tony might know you too lost in thought.

 “It’s like I tried to hate everything I love about her. Her beautiful hair, Her messy hair. Her smile, her crooked teeth. Her heart shaped birthmark, the random spot. I cant seem to hate it, the things I hate, I love.” He has a dreamy look in his eye that weirds Tony out. He returns to his work trying to avoid the boy. 

 “Kid, I’m not really the best person for this right now, my mind is completely else where. Try Nat and Clint, they are better at this stuff.” Peter nods and jumps down from the desk, wandering to find the two assassins. The finally came to the gym to see Clint and Nat talking to a young girl. You. He was in shock, slowly walking to the three of you. Nat noticed him and smiled, motioning him to walk faster. 

 “Y/n, this is Peter. Peter, this is Y/n. You two are the same age.” You smile and turn from looking at Clint, your face instantly dropping as you see him but you regain your sticky sweet grin and reach your hand out. 

 “Hi, nice to meet you.” You say sweetly, almost too sweet, he took your hand cautiously.

 “Y/n, Why are you doing this?” He asks, still shaking your hand, god you missed him but this was for the better. Nat and Clint exchange awkward glances not knowing the complete story but enough to still interest Nat. 

 “You know him?” Nat questions, raising her perfectly arched brow. “No? The Peter I knew is dead to me.” His smile fades but yours doesn’t. You were being petty, you knew that but you couldn’t help it. Every time you saw him the wound he caused reopened. Nat and Clint exchange confused looks but could still feel the tension so try and help a bit.

 “Y/n here is our newest recruit. Maybe you could show her to her room? Nat and I have to go find Steve.” Peter nods quickly, grabbing the keys for your room and then your hand, leading you out of the gym.

 “Let go on me, Asshole.” you say, pulling you hand away from him but still walking with him.

 “Oh, She does know me.” He says with a smirk causing you to scoff with an eye roll Tony would be proud of.

 “Like I could forget.” You walk into the large glass elevator. “I can find my room by myself, I really dont’ need your help.”

 “Nonsense. So, why are you here?” He looks over at you with a raised brow, you almost forget your anger with him. Almost

 “New recruit.”

 “How’d that happen?” He didn’t sound shocked, just amused. 

 “I’m a badass.”

 “I could have told you that.” The elevator stops at what you amuse is your floor. The living room is huge with a beautiful kitchen attached. Peter showed you it all, you were amazing, your tiny Queens apartment didn’t compare to this at all.

 “This is my room and right next to it is yours.” He waves towards the door then turning to you with a bright smile, honestly he was just happy to see you and have the chance to straighten all his mistakes out.

 “You’re a real Vanna White, you know that?” You both chuckle and he happily nods. 

 “I have been meaning to talk to you.” 

 “Is this going to be the whole clitché, its not you its me thing because I think we have realized Its you, Spider-Boy.” You slowly make your way to your room, readjusting your backpack for the short over night stay. You felt yourself surprisingly enjoying talking to Peter, not that you didn’t in the past, you just weren’t sure if it would be awkward. Peter was confused on how you know about him but almost as if you’re reading his mind you say. “I do my research.”

 “I cant disagree with that statement because It was me. I was a jackass who was scared and thought being a jerk was the only way to keep you safe. Seeing you here now, I have realized that you don’t need my protecting and also that I-still-love-you.” He rushes the last part but you can still make out what he said. You grab the keys from Peters hands and unlock the door, facing Peter once more.

 “Dammit Peter Parker.” You mumble, looking down at your hands that were fumbling with the keys.

 “What did I do?” He looks scared that he has offended you until he sees a wicked grin cross your face.

 “You’re making me fall in love with you a second time, If I even stopped the first.” 

 The fifth time:

“So you like Spider-man?” Peter questions, wiggling his eyebrows at you. You chuckle, shaking your head, secretly trying to think of a  snarky comeback. He had continued to bring up you shirt ever since you found out, he just liked seeing you get flustered because of the question, which made you keep wearing the shirt as lounge wear because of how happy he would get. You had also purchased an Iron man and Captain America one just to tease him but you wore the Spider-man one most.

“Maybe, I mean, I do normally root for the underdog.” Peter lightly pushes your shoulder and you make your way to the kitchen. You two had already built your fort and picked out a stack of movies that there was no way you would make it through all of them. You had decided you needed snack when you had gotten comfy, snuggled into Peters chest until you were rudely interrupted by his stomach making noises mocking a dying badger.

“Tony always keeps popcorn above the fridge in that basket no one knew its purpose.” You struggle to reach the basket, jumping multiple times to extend your reach. Peter finally steps in after a few minutes of him watching you struggle with an amused grin.

“Why don’t you just use you powers?”

“Because Wonder-boy, that’s cheating and its not as rewarding.” You go to step on the counter after giving up on the jumping strategy or Peters help, even if you didn’t ask in the first place. He chuckles at your stubbornness and stops you before you can even get a knee on the counter.

“Last thing we need is for you to fall and break your arm and waking up Tony, getting us caught. Let me help.” 

“Wow, I didn’t know I have such an affectionate boyfriend, I’m so lucky.” You sarcastically say as Peter, instead of easily grabbing to instead, lifts you to grab it.

“Aha! We prevail!” You chant as Peter sets you down, you quickly peck his cheek before going to make the popcorn. Once it was done you had returned to the comfort of your fort and using Peter as a pillow, his stomach calmed as he munched on pop corn. Peter looked down after hearing the familiar sound of your light snores, smiling to himself as her brushed you hair out of your face and then began to play with it. Soon he felt his own eyelids getting heavy and pulled you closer to him and securing the blanket around you too causing you to hum happily and snuggle into his neck. He started to drift off but just before he did he pressed his lips onto you forehead lightly then allowing himself to fall asleep as well.

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52 "kiss my ass" + andreil. thanks :)

ANDREIL + #52 (“Kiss my ass.”)

Grunting, Neil launches the ball as hard as he can across the court. Andrew hits it back with as much force as he can muster, and Neil jumps to catch it and uses the momentum to launch it toward the corner of the goal again. Andrew deflects it, just as he’s deflected every other shot before, and Neil shoots it back, just as he has every other time before.

“Up!” Neil shouts, and Andrew hits the ball so it bounces off the top of the court. Neil goes running for it, falling to his knees to catch it. He launches it low and hard immediately, without giving Andrew a second to judge his shot.

The ball slides right beneath Andrew’s racquet.

Triumph burns hot in Neil’s chest. He breaks into a grin, climbing to his feet as Andrew launches the ball at him again.

“You’ll never be able to do that with a mark on you,” Andrew tells him, placing the end of his racquet on the ground and leaning on it.

“Yes, I will. I’ve been practicing with Matt too. All that’s left is getting you in the goal and Matt covering me.”

“I’ll block it next time.” Andrew smacks down the ball Neil lazily tosses him. “I will know it’s coming.”  

“Whatever,” Neil breathes, grinning and walking up to the goal line. “Yes or no?”


Neil crosses over the line, dropping his racquet and his own helmet down as he approaches Andrew. When he reaches him, he lifts his hands to remove Andrew’s helmet. His fingers find Andrew’s hair as he leans in to kiss him. He moans against the kiss, reveling in the salt of sweat on Andrew’s lips and the feel of the racquet pressed between them.

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pls tell me all about ur dog i love dogs so much

ok ok ok sit back and listen to the story of smithers

we got him when he was 6 weeks old and he was so so tiny omg he was literally so tinse like we couldnt find a collar to fit him until he was like a few months old lmao 

he was such a jerk he was always sneaking out and running away bc he was so tiny he was able to fit through every single gap and he loved digging

he HATES water like HATES hates hates water and he has to sleep inside in winter because he gets cold easy omg its so sad seeing him outside shivering 

we try put jumpers on him and he will wear them for a little bit but within an hour or so you can guarantee he’s ripped it off 

he used to chew on everything omg

he was the craziest dog until a few years ago and now hes just really chill

hes literally so chill and he wouldnt bite anyone unless you were being really mean 2 him or if he was really angry at like a cat omg he hates cats so much

when he gets angry he gets like a mohawk of hair from the top of his head all the way to his tail lmao it’s so funny seeing him get it because he stands so stiff

hes basically a ball of muscle on legs like hes so beefy lmao hes literally so tough 

hes so friendly and hes SO SOFT his fur is sooooo effing soft so he’s the best thing to snuggle up to and since his hair is so short you never ever have a problem of getting hair in your mouth or face. hes so sinch to look after

hes really weird with food like he hates all standard dog food pretty much and like dog treats he fuckin hates unless its something meaty like you know how theres sort of powdery standard dog food texture dog treats?? he hates them so much

going back to him being chill you can literally do whatever you want to him whenever you want like some of my friends dogs get aggressive when they eat or drink or if theyre grooming themselves or anything but smithers is just happy with whatever you do to him

his fav word is walkies and if you say that he sits up and his ears go up and he gets so excited and does that thing where his head tilts fo the side and then sprints to the front door and starts flipping out and screaming omg he loves walks so much

he loves people but if theres like more than 15 people he kinda just wants to be inside/away from it all idk why bc he used to love lots of people

he was really easy to train like he learnt how to sit and drop within probably 10 minutes and since then he’s still remembered and i regret not teaching him more tricks 

if we leave the gates and doors open sometimes he cbf’s to run away but other times he does but he doesnt go far like a lot of the time he’ll just be laying and sitting on a patch of grass chilling or he’ll come home (he’ll always come home like we can pretty much let him out and know he will come home like there’s been many times where he’s somehow gotten out at night and we wake up int he morning to him asleep on the front door mat its so cute) but he’s not road savvy so there’s always the risk of him gettin hit by a car which is spooky

i always sniff him idk why i love the smell of him idk if thats weird it probably is but whatever hATERS

i love his skin i love pinching his face skin and neck skin lmao 

he loves going for drives 

he sleeps in my bed most nights lmao dad hates him being inside but i sneak him in if he’s not already inside which he normally is nowadays

he gets along pretty well with other dogs he kinda just acts like a passive dad getting climbed on by his annoying children lmao either that or he goes haywire and effs shit up and tackles em and spams em

he knows which room is mine so when i hear him running up the stairs i can pretty much guarantee to hear him scratch at my door within like 10 seconds bc he come sup to the door to like sniff if im there and then he’ll do like a single scratch and wait if i respond then if i dont he’ll do another single one and etc until i open it or until he gets bored and cbf’s

hes like my fav thing in the world n i wouldnt change a thing about him except he’s starting to go blind :(((( so id change that also he’s 10 almost so thats FUCKed up i hope he lives until hes like 70

idk what else to say ive like forgotten what ive said and this is so long and u probably havent read all this omg

My Brother's Best Friend (Andy Biersack Imagine)

{Requested by the lovely greendayschool :3}

You and your brother Jake were just kicking back and hanging out. Jake just got back from tour two days ago, you were happy to see your brother again, but you were even happier to see Andy again. Secretly you had a huge crush on Andy, but of course since your brother was pretty much over protective with you and boys, you couldnt possibly tell Jake. Ever since you can remember, even when you were in elementary school and boys would be around you, Jake would always scare them off. He acted more like a father than a brother, sometimes you liked it, but sometimes you hated it.

Jake was being annoying in his guitar when you watching t.v. “Dude shut up!” You yelled. Jake just looked at you for few seconds then smerked turning up the volume on his speaker playing his guitar again. “Jake!!” You shouted, but he couldnt hear you over the loud guitar. You grabbed a couch pillow and threw it at his face, he dropped the guitar and crushed your face with the couch pillow, “Hmmm!!!” You mumbled under the pillow. Even though the two of you were basically adults now, you still acted like little kids with each other. Jake didnt get off of you until you punched him in the stomach, “Ow! You bitch!…” he said breathless. “Dont fuckin mess with me.” You striked with an evil smile.

The two of you heard the doorbell ring, “You’ll get it.” You tell your brother. He just shook his head, standing up, “I taught you that, dont use that shit against me.” He said poiting at you and opening the door. You felt your face turn a deep red when you saw the blue eyed angel standing at your doorstep. “Shit…” you whispered to yourself. The good thing was that you were already dressed up. “Hey man come in.” Jake greeted him. As Andy stepped in you were the first thing his beautiful blue eyes noticed. “Hey (Y/N).” He greeted you with a huge smile. You stood up and hugged him, the scent that was on him was so manly and sexy, you could smell him forever, it was also a little bit of a turn on for you. As he leaned away his blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight, you were even beginning to question if he was even human.

“What brings you here dude? I thought you were gonna sleep in today.” Jake said. “Nah, Im not tired after all, so I thought I just stop by and kick back with you guys.” He says sitting down on the couch. “Well..hate to say it but you picked a bad time to come over dude, Im heading over to Jinxx’s place he said he wanted to work on some notes for some lyrics.” Jake notifies him. “Thats cool I’ll just hang out with (Y/N).” He says putting his arm around you and hugging you. You blushed again and couldnt say anything but just giggle. Jake didnt take it as flirting or anything so he approved and left the house. Your heart was beating fast, it was just you and Andy…alone..under the same roof. You didnt know what to say to him, usually you were very shy around him.

“So whats up cutie?” He asks and your eyes widen a little, he never called you that before. “Uh..not much just same old same old.” You replied. He gazed at you for a moment, “Wow..theres something different about you.” He says. “I dont know if its because Ive been away for a while look.. better than before.” He complimented. You tried to hold back your smile but you just couldnt. “Thank you..” were the only words that came out of you. Another moment of awkward silence filled the room, you hated yourself for not being able to just talk to the guy. It wasnt like he was going to bite you or something..but secretly you wanted him to..on your bottom lip. Andy seemed like he wanted to tell you something but was also holding back. He kept glancing at you from time to time. “Something wrong?” You finally managed to ask.

“(Y/N)..I actually came over for you, I already knew that Jake was leaving somewhere else.” He confessed. Your heart felt like it was about to come out of your chest now..even your vision was starting to become blurry. “” You muttered. Andy scooched closer to you making you feel even more nervous, his face only inches away from yours, “(Y/N)..I really like you…Ive been liking you for a long time now…youre an amazing girl, youre sweet and so caring, and I think its very adorable when youre shy around me.” He softly says, his oh so deep voice alluring and sexy. He bit his bottom lip when he looked at yours. “Wow….I dont know what to say…” you replied almost whispering. “Please say you feel the same way…” he begged. You slolwy started to smile and started to crazy his seductive and soft lips. “I really like you too Andy…” you whispered. His face lit up and was filled with so much happiness, “The be mine baby..” he whispered back and slowly leaned in to kiss those lips he had been craving for such a long time.

Your lips connected with each other, moving and mingling so softly and slowly, the taste of his lips was your paradise, it was your heaven. It was like both of your lips were glued together, you couldnt seperate them. Almost as if they had a mind of their own. Even if you tried to lean away Andy would pull you back in. Your eyes widend when Andy started including his tounge. You loved the feeling of it, you loved his touch and his taste. Both of you just went on and on kissing not even realizing that Jake was standing right behind the couch, thats how much time went by. Jake leaned in his face a little closer and just shouted one word, “SUPP!!!”

The two of you flinched and leaned away. “Jake!!” You shouted. “Well well well Im away for just a little amount of time and I come home to find this, my best friend and my little sister sucking each other’s faces holy cheese!” Jake yelled very shocked and outraged. “Listen dont blame (Y/N) it was my fault, I was the one who leaned in to kiss her.” Said Andy. Jake shakes his head, “I knew it, I shouldve known you had the hots for my sister as soon as I started noticing that way you looked at her.” He said. “Jake please dont-” Jake raised a hand cutting you off, “Dont talk (Y/N), a have a few words for mr.biersack here.” He says getting closer, you were so scared you thought he was going to punch him. “What the hell took you so long?” Jake asked Andy. “Wait what?” Andy said surprised. “Dude..Ive known you for a long ass time, I know you well enough to see that youre a great guy. I wouldnt want my sister dating any other person.” He tells him.

You become so relieved and happy to see that finally your big brother approved of someone for you. “You are awesome man.” Andy said and Jake pulled him into a hug, seeing that really made you feel fuzzy inside. As they were hugging Jake gave him a little warning. “Just one thing, if you ever hurt her I will beat you up and shove my guitar up your ass got it?” He said. Andy laughed a little and nodded.
“Yeah man…I got it.”

(Big brothers.. -___-)

Double Date

Based on this post by @couldnt-think-of-a-funny-name :)

Farkle knows this is a bad idea. He’s a genius so that shouldn’t be hard to figure out. He can also see by the look on Riley’s face that she thinks this is a bad idea as well… What he can’t figure out is why the hell Isadora, the one person in the room besides himself who’s supposed to be a certified genius, thinks this is a good idea. She’s a genius as well, why isn’t she aware of the hundreds of ways in which this situation could go wrong?

All of these thoughts run through his head as they sit at some random restaurant. Farkle can’t even remember its name, even though he entered it not even half an hour ago.

Charlie Gardner, being a Charlie Gardner, decided to ask Farkle and Isadora out on a double date with him and Riley. The latter seemed apprehensive, but Smackle agreed with Charlie, stating that her and Farkle should engage in more couple activities to ‘keep the relationship alive’.

So as they await their food, Riley calls Farkle back into reality, snapping him out of his daze. “What?” He asks hurriedly, only then noticing the look on her face. He’s always been able to read her like an open book, so it’s easy for him to decipher the expression that laces her features. It’s the classic 'help me out here’.

“Charlie was just saying how he likes the place, don’t you agree?” No, he doesn’t. It smells funny and it’s deserted. No one in sight, not even staff. But her face still holds the same expression so he nods.

“Yeah, it’s, uh, it’s great…” A small awkward silence follows, so he blurts out the next thing he can remember. “It kinda looks like that place in Philly our parents took us to when were little.” He smiles slightly at the memory, his smile only widening when Riley starts grinning.

“Let’s just hope the food’s better.” She says, making him nod. Her eyes widen and she starts chuckling a bit. “Oh my God, remember when you got ketchup all over you? How did you even manage that?!” She asks before starting to laugh.

“The bottle was faulty! …And I got it all over Maya too.” Riley laughs harder, making him start laughing as well. “Her face still haunts my dreams. And at least I wasn’t the one who started throwing mayo around and got us kicked out!”

“Riley wouldn’t do that, would you?” Charlie asks. Only then do they remember the other two people in the booth and both their smalls fall considerably.

“Uh, yeah, I did.” Riley says, her voice a bit smaller now. Farkle looks back at his girlfriend, who’s eyeing him and Riley warily. A few seconds pass before Riley looks at Farkle and starts chuckling softly again. “I’m sorry, I just keep imagining you running around the restaurant. I’m sorry!” She says, making him laugh as well.

And that’s how the rest of their evening went. Riley and Farkle just talked to each other and laughed non stop, not even when the food came. They only stop when Charlie steps in.

“You guys have a lot of stories, huh?” He asks. Farkle doesn’t know why, but the boy’s presence is really starting to annoy him.

“Uh, yeah. We’ve been friends all our lives.” Farkle responds, his lips now a steady line.

“Yes, friends… Right, Farkle?” Isadora asks him, making him frown. Riley steps up first since he doesn’t seem like he’s gonna say anything.

“Well, Farkle’s one of my best friends. But you knew that already… For why do you ask, Smackle?” The brunette asks. Isadora is a bit taken aback by the question, but what really shocks her is the look on Farkle’s face. It completely mimics Riley’s, though he’s too staring at Isadora.

“Just wanted to make sure. I’m sure Charlie feels the same.” She says, pointing at the boy who now seems to find his burger very interesting right now. Neither of them say anything else, Farkle and Riley slowly but surely going back to their conversation.

They eventually leave, the two boys splitting the check, though both Riley and Smackle argue that they are more than capable of playing for themselves.

Riley and Smackle both leave looking a bit grumpy, muttering about how they shouldn’t act like cavemen. But, instead of asking his girlfriend how she’s doing, he asks Riley. He grabs her arm softly and asks her why she’s mad. “I’m not, I just think Smackle and I should’ve paid for our food.”

“This is a double date, don’t the guys pay in dat-” He cuts himself off as she her eyes narrow. “Sorry.” Only then does he remember Isadora. “Smackle, do you feel this way too?” He watches as she nods.

“How about we pay for the movie tickets?” Isadora suggests, making Riley nod. Charlie and Farkle agree and they hop onto the subway.

They all sit down, and Riley and Farkle have apparently started a conversation on feminism, unaware of the expressions on their dates faces. Riley’s hushed rant on how unfair and sexist the wage gap is ends up being cut off by a group of random, older girls.

“You two are adorable.” One of them calls out, smiling. They’d been watching the two for a while, seeing Farkle’s expression as he stared at the ranting girl. He was paying attention obviously, but still, a part of him was only focused on how beautiful she looked and how into the conversation she was.

They both turn red, Farkle stepping up. “W-We’re not… We’re not together.” He says, not daring to meet Smackle’s eyes.

“They’re with us.” Charlie says, anger obvious on his face. Riley averts her eyes back to the Minkus boy. The girls giggle a bit and the chatter ends for about five minutes, before they change topics and forget about what just happened.

They finally get to the movie theater, Riley and Farkle walking slightly in front of their dates. They ask for four tickets for 'Inside Out’, when Charlie stops them. “Riley, we’ve already seen this movie. Can we watch something else?” The two had watched together the week prior.

“Farkle and Smackle haven’t yet.” Is her only response. Smackle decides to leave out the fact that she too had already watched the movie.

They buy caramel popcorn, black licorice and red gummy bears. As the lady hands them their drinks she too comments on Riley and Farkle. “On a date?” She asks. Smackle scoffs from behind them and the two don’t say anything else, thanking the lady and handing her money.

It’d be hard to figure out Farkle and Riley weren’t together. Her hands alternated from his arm to his shoulders and, to Smackle’s disdain, his hand had somehow found her waist. They were always together, having completely forgotten Charlie and Smackle who had been scoffing and rolling their eyes the whole night.

Throughout the movie, Smackle and Farkle sit together and Charlie has an arm around Riley. But unlike all the other times they went to the movies, she doesn’t even try to lean on him, instead spending the entire movie whispering with Farkle or throwing popcorn at him. The latter doesn’t even look at his girlfriend the whole movie, too wrapped up on the brunette talking to him about how she loves that the main character and her share the same name.

They eventually leave and Riley and Farkle go their separate ways, sharing a hug that, in Charlie and Smackle’s eyes, was a few seconds too long.

Needless to say, the next Monday the two are single. And if we’re being completely honest, they’re not too unhappy about it.

anonymous asked:

Quran 8:12-“I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” Is that not what ISIS is, infact, doing right now? Seems pretty Islamic to me, doing exactly what your holy book commands you to. 9:29-"Fight those who do not believe in God and the last day... and fight People of the Book, (Christians & Jews) who do not accept the religion of truth (Islam) until they pay tribute (Zizziya tax) by hand, being inferior."

lmfAO whats so funny is that u dont even kno shit about that verse. That verse was sent down to the prophet Muhammad (pbu) when him and his small but growing amount of muslim followers were being attacked and oppressed by tribes in saudi arabia. They were not given permission to attack the tribe unless the tribe attacked or oppressed them first. Once the tribe made an attempt to murder them all and oppress and torture them, that verse came down to allow them to fight back. The Quran is a story and each verse is sent down during a specific time during the prophets life. Its not an instruction booklet lmfao. This clearly shows u dont even know the slightest bit about islam or islamic history so i suggest u leave because this is embarrassing. And ur second quote is translated wrong and has nothing to do with christians and jews lmfao what anti-islamic website did u get that one off of. How about we talk about the verses that ARE directed straight at the followers of islam? 1. The Quran mentions murder is not prohibited: “Take not life, which Allah hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law: thus does He command you, that ye may learn wisdom.” (al-An’am 6:151) 2. Fight in the Way of God against those who fight you, but do not go beyond the limits. God does not love those who go beyond the limits. {Quran 2:190] (this verse was sent down when the people of Makkah were attacking the Muslim community of 360 people. this is when god allowed them to fight back but there were many conditions like they couldnt attack first, kids and women cannot be harmed, not can they hurt a tree or anything else that was living except the people they were meant to go to war with) 3. “…whoso kills a soul, unless it be for murder or for wreaking corruption in the land, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind; and he who saves a life, it shall be as if he had given life to all mankind.” 4. The Quran says, “There is no compulsion in religion. The right way has become distinct from error.” ( 2:256). i wanna mention this verse because i know its a public favorite quote for people to conclude islam teaches violence “Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever you find them” [Quran 9:5] this verse was sent down when the people of Makkah were initiating war with the small muslim community. This is a verse talking about the first war between the tribes of Makkah and the Muslims. Muslims were not given permission to fight until the verse in the second bullet point was revealed. this is a WAR verse revealed over 1400 years ago. keep in mind when these verses were revealed there were also specific guidelines, like the Muslims could not hold any enemies captive after winning any war, they could not target women or children etc now since we’re on the topic of war verses. during the wars, islam did not allow the muslims were not allowed to initiate war. they had to wait until war was initiated on THEM and then they had to withdraw if the enemys surrendered. 5. "But if the enemy inclines towards peace, you (also) incline towards peace, and trust in Allah” [Quran 9:61]. The importance of this later verse is that peace is the ultimate goal. Islam insists that its adherents work and incline toward peace. 6. In islam there is no mercy for those who oppress and if u think thats a bad thing then lmfao “Let there be no hostility except to those who practice oppression.” [Quran 2:193] 7. “Fight in the way of God against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! God loveth not aggressors.” (Quran 2:190) 8. ‘Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, the first Caliph, gave these instructions to his armies: “I instruct you in ten matters: Do not kill women, children, the old, or the infirm; do not cut down fruit-bearing trees; do not destroy any town … ” 9. "And do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness.”[5:8] 10. “Permission (to fight) is given to those on whom war is made, because they are oppressed. And Allah is able to assist them — those who are driven from their homes without a just cause except that they say: Our Lord is Allah.” — 22:39, 40 basically we are only given permission to go to war if we are being oppressed 11. “And fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but be not aggressive. Surely Allah loves not the aggressors.” — 2:190 12. “Allah does not forbid you as regards those who do not fight you for religion, nor drive you forth from your homes, that you show them kindness and deal with them justly. Surely Allah loves the doers of justice. .” —( 60:8, 9) 13. we are forbidden from being unjust to those of other religions who are just to us. also we cannot force anyone to be muslim “…There is no compulsion in religion…” (Quran 2:256) 14. The Prophet Muhammad (pbu) once said “Beware! Whoever is cruel and hard on a non-Muslim minority, or curtails their rights, or burdens them with more than they can bear, or takes anything from them against their free will; I (Prophet Muhammad) will complain against the person on the Day of Judgment.” (Abu Dawud) 15. Anyone has the freedom to choose between islam or not, its a right. “Respect his freedom of choice to be a “Disbeliever” - as this is a right bestowed upon humanity by God” (Quran 18:29) 16. The prophet also once said “Whoever hurts a Non-Muslim citizen of a Muslim state hurts me, and he who hurts me annoys God.” (Bukhari) Literally just open ur ignorant mind its not that hard