the second one clarifies

this is a story about a sorcerer and a knight. well, a knight-in-training. they go by KiT, a nickname for their title, but a perfectly good name for anyone. kit’s a good squire, for the most part, but they have a knack for getting into trouble.

this time the trouble is they just fuckin decked another knight in the middle of the tavern.

“keep your hands off my friend,” kit tells the shocked personification of grossness, now sitting on his ass on the ground. kit’s pretty sure the message was already sent though the ass-kicking, but it doesn’t hurt to be thorough.

the man splutters for a minute before finding his tongue. “you— you— you piece of shit, you’ll pay for this. i have powerful friends.”

“bring it on,” kit retorts. they’re feeling pretty confident right now.

they’re feeling significantly less confident as two other men step up behind the first guy.

“outside,” the first growls.

“we’re zit and wedge, and we’re going to kick your ass,” the second one clarifies. 

zit nods. “but we don’t want to make a mess of you on mal’s floor, since it was just scrubbed and all.”

kit glances at mal, who they rather thought was a friend, to find her nodding appreciatively. “brawlers these days are so polite. out you three go.”

kit wilts. “but… there’s just one of me.”

it’s around this time, when the two other guys are starting to crack their knuckles and look like they’re going to drag kit outside whether they like it or not, that someone else pushes their way through the small crowd that’s forming.

“’scuse me, pardon me. hello. what’s going on here?”

she’s got bright blue hair, of the kind that you get from mucking around with magic too much. everyone immediately reassesses the situation, and watches her warily. a sorcerer can quickly change the way a brawl plays out, if they feel like intervening. kit sincerely hopes she does.

“miss,” zit jumps in before kit can get a word in, “this young… person, here, just brutally attacked my poor friend, and me and wedge think we ought to be able to teach them a lesson in manners.”

the sorcerer studies him for a moment, as if considering his statement, and kit grabs their chance.

“pimple here is completely leaving out the fact that their friend wouldn’t leave my friend alone, after she asked him to go away twice!”

zit bristles, and looks to the sorcerer for her judgment.

she considers for while. “can anyone vouch for this knight’s statement?”

“i was the one getting hit on!” tea shouts from behind kit’s shoulder.

the sorcerer digests the witness’s statement. “hm. i’m inclined to see this as a case of self-defense, through the channel of someone who was not the self being hit on. i would suggest that all the parties involved accept the ruling of “he who gets their ass kicked probably deserves it”, and move on.”

“fat chance,” wedge growls. “the pack sticks together. we have to defend our leader.”

werewolves, kit sighs internally. it just figured.

there’s a dramatic pause, then the sorcerer says cooly, “you try it, and you’ll get your asses kicked too.”

zit and wedge eye her warily. kit eyes all three of them, which is hard with only two eyes.

“i reckon we could take a sorcerer,” wedge hypothesizes— an idea that would be quickly proven false in any laboratory experiment.

but this is a tavern, and the sorcerer has a delayed reaction, only raising her hands when zit charges at her. kit flinches back, sure she’s about to be crushed, but the next moment flames explode in the small space between the sorcerer and zit. there’s a yelp, and mad scrambling back from the sorcerer.

“i have nowhere to be until book club at midnight,” the sorcerer informs them calmly, her hands still out, palms up and ready to summon more flame. kit squints at them. “so i have plenty of time to teach you a lesson.”

apparently rescinding their hypothesis, all three werewolves make a mad dash for the door and disappear into the night.

the sorcerer smiles victoriously, and shakes her bright hair out of her face. kit squints at her scalp as she turns to them. “all good?”

“yes, thank you,” tea says, sounding impressed. “wow… a fire summoner. i didn’t know there were any teenagers powerful enough.”

kit has no other specific places to squint, so they just stare hard at the sorcerer’s face. “yeah… thanks. that was really cool.”

she waves their thanks off with one hand, a few strands of smoke issuing from her sleeves. “all in a day’s work. i’ll be off now.”

kit leaves tea with mal, though they frankly no longer trust her so much, and follows the sorcerer out the door. “hey, wait! you, blue hair magic person. what are you?”

“a masked vigilante,” she says, after a pause. “without the mask, because magic.”

kit blinks at that, before realizing she’s perfectly right. besides the definite ideas that she’s female and blue-haired, kit seems to forget what she looks like one moment to the next. kinda neat, honestly, though disconcerting.

they shake their head. “no, i mean… you’re not a sorcerer. i’ve seen people summon fire, and it comes from a loosely closed fist, not an open hand. also, your hair is dyed, not magically changed.”

she doesn’t answer for a moment, then looks stumped, and continues to not answer.

“well?” kit asks.

“fine,” she admits. “i’m a sorcerer in training, but the fake mask is about the most complicated magic i can do. the hair is so people will take me seriously when i do masked vigilante stuff.”

“and the fire?” kit persists.

after a moment, she shakes out her sleeve, sending a tiny purple dragon tumbling into her other hand. “my helper. my fire aid, if you will. you’re the first person to notice, you know?”

“just logic and being awesome,” kit says with a shrug, feeling pleased. neither are skills they get to show off a lot. they kinda feel like they’ve earned something for it. “hey, can i ask you a question?”

after a pause, the sorcerer in training says, “go for it.”

“why do you wait a second before responding to anything?”

their question is punctuated by a pause before she answers.

then the sorcerer motions kit closer, and tucks her hair behind her ears. the knight-in-training leans in, gaping. there’s a green dragon no longer than the length of one finger perched behind her ear, claws holding onto her piercings for balance. it unwedges one tiny wing to wave at them.

“what the fuck,” kit says, unable to find a reason for this from logic or being awesome.

“what the fuck,” the dragon repeats, pushing its snoot practically inside the sorcerer’s ear.

“this is peep,” she says. “my hearing is shit, so it helps me out. i call it my hearing aid.”

the draconian hearing aid preens under the knight-in-training’s stare.

“shit,” kit mumbles, for lack of better words.

“shit!” the dragon crows, gleefully.

Sir, May You Forever Be Short On Quarters

I work as a fast food cashier, and on the day this story takes place, lunch rush was every restaurant employee’s nightmare.
Orders in both drive-thru and counterside were backed up, we were terribly understaffed, the customer line was snaking back towards the entrance, and kitchen was making two of everything we didn’t need. It was completely chaotic. I thought that it couldn’t get much more frustrating.

Enter Quarter Man.

He’s about 65, and orders with the thinly veiled impatience and mild air of superiority that just begs for a disaster waiting to happen should something go wrong with his food.

You learn to deal with these walking potential landmines when you’re a cashier. You learn plant your feet, face the storm head-on, put up with the demeaning comments, call them “sir” or “ma'am”, and settle for silently fuming in the break room when it’s all over.

And so I roll with it. I ring up Quarter Man’s order, hand him his change in a couple coins, slide him his receipt and turn around to start making his ice cream.

Then a couple seconds later I hear a little “clink!” and he says “Oh, I dropped my quarter in the hole.”

The “hole” is one of a couple two-inch wide circles punched through the countertop so the register cords can run through and plug into the wall outlet. Besides kids sometimes thinking that they are mini trashcans, we’ve never had a problem with the holes.

Until now.

I drop everything I’m doing and get down on my hands and knees, going through three shelves worth of straws and cups. I pull everything out, and sweep my hand through dust and crumbs. I find a shredded napkin. I find one rusty penny that has probably been down there a decade.

I can’t find that blasted quarter.

After two minutes I stand up and tell him that I can’t find it down there, and he responds with “Well, what are you gonna do about it!? Call your manager over!”

I look to drive-thru and see my manager taking orders via headset and bagging to-go food at the same time. She’s been working non-stop for five hours. My jugular will be ripped out if I interrupt her in the middle of a drive-thru order.

So I tell him that my manager is in the middle of a rush, snag an overworked senior employee for one second, clarify that we are not allowed re-open the register without another transaction, and return to the counterside to apologize and repeat what I’ve been told.

Hell hath no fury like a man who has lost his quarter.

He goes red in the face, raises his voice to an unholy level, and starts swearing at me, demanding that I open the register, get my manager, do SOMETHING. I go through every shelf again, STILL can’t find this quarter, and say sorry, I’m sorry sir, it isn’t there, I can’t find it, I’m sorry.

Cue the aforementioned senior employee noticing my wonderful customer, and screaming into the break room for our assistant manager. The poor man comes running out in the middle of his lunch break, asks what the problem is, and Quarter Man goes off on him, jabbing his finger towards me.

“SHE says she can’t open the register!”
“SHE says that she can’t find it!”
“SHE says that I can’t have my damn quarter back!”

And then his wife enters the restaurant.

All that needs to be said is that those two were a match made in heaven.

They yell for a refund and my assistant manger complies. They leave in a huff, with a fast food restaurant full of now rather uncomfortable customers watching.

The next few people in line were very kind to me. I get a couple of “Don’t take it personal, he was an asshole” comments from the drive thru workers.

When the rush died down, we went through three counters worth of straws and cups. Still couldn’t find the quarter.

Quarter Man, may no fast-food employee ever be graced with your presence in their restaurant again.

May you always be short on change.

anonymous asked:

I finally got around to seeing Cas' "I love you" scene in season 12, and was super excited for the blatant gayness I knew was about to happen. But when I watched it, I noticed that when he says it he isn't even looking at Dean, he's looking at Mary, and it made it way less gay than I was expecting. Do you actually think this was a declaration of love for Dean? Because as much as I WISH SO MUCH that is was, it didn't look like that when I actually watched the episode.


Hey, sorry, I know you just saw it so you’re just going through what we did when we all saw it, the “did that just happen?” “but he wasn’t looking at Dean” “but he was looking at Dean pretty much 90% of the rest of the time during this whole conversation, same as in 12x09 when he said //they// were too important to him and he couldn’t let //them// die when we all know it was supposed to be Dean” “but he purposefully looked down like he couldn’t hold *anyones* eye contact” “then looks up at Sam when he says I love you all and then lingered when he brought his eyes back to Dean, eventually, like he knew at this point he had made it clear” “like he was clarifying that he means Sam when he said ALL” “which means the first was just to Dean” “and Dean and Sam both make a little reaction face after the SECOND one” “because it’s the second that clarifies the first is JUST TO DEAN”.

Yeah, we all wrote so much about it at the time. I would recommend going on meta blogs and searching 12x12 or 12.12 but mine is #spn 12x12 meta and #spn 12x12 and #i love you i love all of you.

I think this post kinda sums it up for me though:

Cas is not looking at Mary, he’s looking DOWN, ANYWHERE BUT AT DEAN. Then he looks at Sam to clarify “all of you” where he emphasises the ALL. We got just Dean’s reaction to the first one and it was Dean being ANGRY because he feels it’s HIS fault that Cas is dying here, because HE caused him to rebel and changed him. Then we have Sam and Dean’s reaction after the clarification because it is HERE that it is clear that the first was just to Dean and we get Dean’s lip wobble as well as Sam’s step back of realisation:


Then Dean family-zones him.

The rest of the season between Cas and Dean (and which impacts the A plot) is the fall out from Cas telling Dean that he loves him and Dean family-zoning him (again) even though he totally understood what he meant, because he isn’t totally ready yet (waves at 12x22).

And by the time he is it’s too late.

Which is how these stories usually work when they’re dragging out the love story and it’s gotten to the point that they can’t be in the same room as each other without it be ridiculously romantic and they have to work roundabouts to keep them apart until endgame.

J. K. Rowling’s confession that she’d come to believe Ron/Hermione was a mistake from the beginning set in motion an unprecedented deluge of author regrets. As a professor, I of course enjoy a privileged position as conduit to the intentions of author-oracles, but in this case they spoke to many others as well.

Louisa May Alcott regrets marrying Jo March off to that dull old man. “I had a temper tantrum. I disappointed everyone. Sorry, Laurie.”

— Anne Jamison (@prof_anne)

February 1, 2014

“I realize I made generations believe instant antipathy is a valid basis for ideal marriage,” sighed Ms Austen, “I just thought he was hot.”

— Anne Jamison (@prof_anne)

February 1, 2014

Emily Bronte sees now she never should have put Catherine and Linton together. “It never really made sense. It destroyed all my characters”

— Anne Jamison (@prof_anne)

February 1, 2014

Arthur Conan Doyle from the spirit world: “They were Victorians, for God’s sake. They would have been jailed. I expected readers to deduce.”

— Anne Jamison (@prof_anne)

February 1, 2014

“I’ll just say it,” sighs the Almighty. “I was more into Adam/Lilith than Adam/Eve but my publisher wanted more drama.”

— Dan (@queerly_it_is)

February 2, 2014

John Milton reveals Gabriel/Lucifer was his wish-fulfillment otp but something just got in the way.

— Dan (@queerly_it_is)

February 2, 2014

.@prof_anne George Eliot admits she was wrong not to put Dorothea & Ladislaw together at the start. “All those wasted pages!” she cries.

— Ron Hogan (@RonHogan)

February 1, 2014


— Rainbow Rowell (@rainbowrowell)

February 2, 2014

But not everyone expressed such second thoughts:

Joss Whedon clarifies he meant to ruin every one of your ships, lay waste to your dreams, and will never regret a single one of your tears

— Anne Jamison (@prof_anne)

February 2, 2014

Thought this would be fun for peole to try. It helps if you have a friend with you to note when and how many times you’ve done these things.

Because there’s not a pause function that we know of in the first dark souls game (not played the second one yet so we can’t clarify this either) we suggest you do this when you know there are no enemies around or when you’re at a bonfire. 

Just make sure you make a mental note or even have a friend write down your tally and when you get to a bonfire do this little work out.

It may be a little or it may be a lot depending on your luck but don’t cheat yourself, try your best.

Have fun guys. I know I’ll be testing this on my boyfriend as he loves the game.

How many times you do this little work out is up to you, you can do it every time or you can do it as little as 3 reps.


(Didn’t do a signature on the first pic because I didn’t think I’d post it here, but I wanna let more folks know about this app, so why not!)

I recently got my mom an iPad and she actually wanted me to play around with it too, so I decided to look up drawing apps that work amazingly for folks. I then came across one by the name of Tayasui Sketches and gave it a try.

Holy crap, it’s so wonderful.

I’m aware of a few other recommended drawing apps from Apple like ArtRage, but I really enjoyed the feel of this one! In order to get all the features you’re probably like to have (other brushes, pen pressure, etc.), you need to but the full version (which is just five dollars). But it seems well worth it in my opinion!

Heh, if I find myself getting an iPad somewhere down the line, gotta remember this one. :)

(OH, and to clarify a bit, the second pic was done on mom’s iPad, when I was trying it for the very first time, while the first photo was done on my iPhone, ‘cause I really didn’t want to keep hogging away her device, hehe! And all of these were done with a stylus!)

I’ve seen some debate about whether the lightsaber Finn is holding is Luke/Anakin’s old one. Let me clarify. 

This is Anakin’s second lightsaber, the one he uses after the first one (that we see) is destroyed on Geonosis. 

This is Luke Skywalker’s first lightsaber, the one given to him by Obi-Wan after he took it from Anakin’s burning, screaming body on Mustafar. 

Although there may be some slight stylistic differences (maybe), they’re pretty much the same. They’re supposed to be. Continuity, legacy, family, all that good stuff. Y’know. 

Does this relate to the Force Awakens, or to the image of Finn lighting up a saber we got today? Absolutely. And I’ll show you.

This is the lightsaber given to an unnamed person (dress, context, and juxtaposition with the ‘my sister has it’ line in the trailer indicate Leia, but it’s not for sure) in the second trailer released at Celebration.

The angle is different, and it’s a little blurry, but what do you notice? That it bears striking resemblance to the lightsabers shown above. The shape, and the deferential way in which its being treated, indicate to me that it is the same lightsaber, somehow retrieved and functioning as a powerful symbol and artifact by the Resistance/any Jedi (if they’re around). 

Now. So, we know that its the same lightsaber, passed down now through three generations of Star Wars films. But what about Finn?

I’ll let the images speak for themselves. 

And then, finally:

That is the same lightsaber. Finn, whose last name we don’t know, is using the Skywalker legacy lightsaber. Does that mean he’s directly part of that legacy? Not necessarily. I’m still picking Rey as the Solo, as the direct legacy character in TFA. They’ve been relatively secretive about Finn. but it doesn’t compare to how secretive they’ve been about her (also, she just kind of looks like Han and Leia, whereas Finn looks like neither them nor Luke). Lightsabers have a lot of significance in Star Wars, though, and the fact that he’s wielding this lightsaber, the most famous of them all, definitely stands out. To me, it demonstrates a couple things: A desire to create direct continuity and legacy between this trilogy and the OT, and a desire to set up something both familiar and new by having a character not directly related to the old trio take up the ‘old sword’. It’s supposed to be a new beginning, but it’s also supposed to be tied to the past and to take seriously its history and context, and I think the lightsaber is an effective way to do that. I’m looking forward to learning more. 

JELENA DRAMA... once again. What's love without pain?

This isn’t an exposing post but… I don’t know. I feel like I have to speak up about this new Jelena drama.

IMPORTANT: I’m talking from the perspective of a Belieber. I’m not a Selenator so I don’t know what’s going on with them. Surely they are also saying shit about Justin and Jelena. But I have no idea.

Once again new pictures of Justin and Selena are everywhere on the Internet. And no one can deny that they are more than friends. But I think that they have been together for months. Do you remember Texas? Do you remember Coachella? I’m sure that they have been together all this time, but they kept their relationship in the shadows. Like Selena’s song says. And it’s not the first time. Last summer they did the same. Even an interviewer asked Selena which one was her favorite song from her album Stars Dance, and she said:

“There is a song called Undercover that I’m really obsessed with right now”

This was on May/June and we all know why she said that.

Click here to see the interview (1:25)

And what comes with Jelena? Hate, hate, drama and… Did I mention hate?

I’m ashamed of my own fandom. Surely there are Selenators who hate Justin and don’t want to see Selena with him, but the 97% of hate comments against Jelena are from Beliebers and not Selenators.

Why this hate? 3 words explain it:

  • ENVY

You can deny it, but that’s the truth. There are 3 types of “Jelena haters”, even if the first and the second one are almost the same.

I want to clarify for the 100th time that I’m not a Jelena Shipper. I’m not even a Selenator. But I will always respect the girl who makes him happy. And all the Beliebers should do the same.

I’m tired of seeing stuff like:

  • “She made fun of him on the TV”
  • “She broke his heart”
  • “I don’t want Journals 2.0”
  • “She doesn’t love him”
  • “She uses him for fame”
  • “She never supported him during his rough times.

"She made fun of him on the TV”

Yes, we all saw the moment when Selena says “that makes two of us”. But everyone forgets her apology just some days after that interview. And she said “sorry” TWICE!

KissFM interview:

Johnjay: “Did you really make Justin cry?”
Selena: “No its fine guys, I care about him a lot”

Selena’s statement:

“Spur of the moment. It’s entertainment. I didn’t make him cry. I care about him a lot.”

And I still have something else to say about this that I will write at the end of the post.

“She broke his heart”

If you think this, then it’s because you have never been in a serious relationship.

A relationship is something about 2 persons and not only one. And I still don’t get why a lot of Beliebers forget this. I know that a lot of you are 16 or even younger, and you have never been with someone in a serious relationship, but this is common sense. She broke his heart, yes. But he broke his heart too.

As I’ve said on one of my posts:

“I don’t want Journals 2.0”

That’s the same as: I don’t want new music by Justin.

How many times has Justin said that he writes what he feels? How many times has Justin said that he shares his feelings with us through his songs?

With Journals he showed us his feelings after his break up with Selena. How he still loves her, how he wants her back, how he wants to apologize for his mistakes, how she walked away from him and more.

I think that a singer who doesn’t express his/her feelings through the music that he/she sings, ISN’T a good singer.

Do you like the song “Be Alright”? Yes, right? All the fandom loves “Be Alright”. But a lot of them don’t know that this song IS DEDICATED to Selena and Yael (Dan’s wife). You can check this fact on Justin’s book Just Getting Started or on his Billboard interview named Just In Time.

Journals may have a lot of songs talking about a broken heart, but Believe has a lot of songs talking about true love and happiness with the loved one. Never forget this.

“She doesn’t love him”

Are you in Selena’s mind? Are you in Selena’s heart? Are you Selena’s best friend? How can you know what she feels?

YOU CAN’T, so don’t judge. She wouldn’t have wasted 4 years of her life with Justin if she doesn’t love him. ¿Promotion? I will talk about it right after this, but even a fake relationship for promotion never lasts 4 years.

You don’t know what she feels, so you can’t say a thing about this. Justin wouldn’t waste his time with someone who doesn’t love him. He’s smart to know what’s going on. Justin and Selena have been friends for 6 years now. I bet no one knows Selena as much as Justin does.

“She uses him for fame”

I never said something disrespectful on this blog (because the words innocent or immature aren’t nasty words) till now.

Are you dumb or…? I’ve said time ago that I will talk about this in the future (because Angela wrote a post talking about the fakeness of Jelena), but their relationship isn’t fake at all. Maybe I know this because I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost 4 years now and I can understand the feeling, but anyway it’s not something hard to see.

Have they used their relationship to promote some stuff? YES! But that doesn’t mean their relationship is fake. They can be perfectly in love and at the same time they can do something special to see everyone talking about them.

And why everytime Jelena appears people say that Selena is using him for fame? Why not Justin?

Yes, Selena is working on an album right now, she’s with her “Dream Out Loud” collection, she has a “secret project” and she also has a movie coming out on September (even if it was already released on iTunes in UK and USA). I guess that the movie won’t have promo like premieres and interviews.

But Justin has released a new fragrance YESTERDAY (in the middle of this Jelena drama), he has been working on 3 new albums since Christmas, and it seems that we will have a new video soon. And he also appears on “So You Think You Can Dance” + Adidas Neo promo. And if that wasn’t enough for you, it seems that he will appear on “Ridiculousness” on June 28th.

Do you want more? People hated Justin since the beginning, but for the last month he has been receiving more hate than usual because of those racist videos. But suddenly everyone forgot about those videos because they are talking about Jelena. Coincidence? Nah. Not really. As I’ve said before, I’m pretty sure that they have been dating for a while now, but if these days we are seeing proofs of their relationship is because of the racist drama. People don’t talk about Justin being racist anymore. Now people talk about him and Selena. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t in love and their relationship is fake. That means that they did a smart move to focus the attention on that relationship instead of on the other drama.

Do you remember how Erin’s bestfriend wrote “Selena Gomez” instead of “Pattie Mallette” on Twitter? How can someone write Selena instead of Pattie? 

I’m one of the few who think that Jelena benefits Justin so much more than Selena.
Actually everyone who isn’t part of a fandom likes Selena… till she dates Justin. Then those persons call her a lot of bad things because she’s back with Justin.

Selena is the one who gets the hate on that relationship. Hate from fandoms and hate from random people. Yet she gets back with Justin. If that isn’t love then I don’t know what can be.

“She never supported him during the rough times”

Excuse me, I didn’t know that you are aware of every single step that Selena does. Maybe she never said anything on Twitter while Justin was in trouble (drugs, jail, racist jokes, mop bucket and more). But how can you know that she didn’t call him? I’m pretty sure that she did and she gave him all her support.

Justin’s family, crew and friends LOVE Selena. If she’s as bad as a lot of Beliebers claim, Justin’s circle wouldn’t love her. Justin’s circle knows Selena, but we don’t. That’s the big difference. If someone knows what’s going on with them, isn’t you or me.

“I will always care about Justin no matter what. My instinct after all we have been through is to protect him from any harm… Whatever he is going through, I want to see him come out the other side stronger.”

So think about this next time you want to talk about Selena and Justin.

I’m not a Jelena Shipper (I actually think that they are better as friends), but I will ship whoever makes him happy. If that girl was Miley instead of Selena (for example), I would ship Jiley. And that’s what all the Beliebers should do, because at the end of the day, he wants to know our opinion about his music, and not about his girlfriend. We are no one for him when it’s about his personal life. Something absolutely obvious.

“He’s here thanks to us”

Not really. He’s where he is thanks to his mom for posting those videos, thanks to Scooter for finding him and thanks to Usher for helping him.

If it wasn’t for them, we would never have known who is Justin Bieber.

You don’t like Selena? Okay. No one forces you to like her, but at least show some respect to her because she’s as human as you. She has feelings as you. You defend Justin when people hate him, but then you hate on Selena. That doesn’t make sense and that makes you an awful person.

And I’m sick of seeing people saying how she mocked Justin on that interview. Yes, she did. And she apologized. Now tell me, what are you saying about those racist jokes? You all are like:

“He was little and he apologized. I don’t understand why people keep talking about it and making a big mess of those videos.”

Well, you are doing the same thing with Selena’s comment. She was heartbroken and it was the spur of the moment. She apologized publicly (as Justin did), but it’s been more than 1 year and a lot of Beliebers are still talking about it.
Then you shouldn’t say that people have to forget Justin’s racist jokes if you can’t forget what Selena said.

“Za and Khalil are shading Selena”.

Sure. Because those Instagram captions can’t be about their personal life or lyrics from one of their songs. Let me remind you that Za and Khalil are rappers. The fact that you are obsessed with Jelena, doesn’t mean that everything you see is about them.

*[This post was written on June 19th of 2014. These pictures were added on June 21st of 2014. The first one is from June 19th. The second one is from June 21st.

Basically Za called “ignorants” to everyone who thought that he was shading Selena. And he also called you “immatures”.

He wrote: “Grow up”.

I agree]*

And I will say bye with this picture. I still remember that video. I hope you do too.

PS: I’m seeing tweets saying that Justin didn’t stop to take pictures with the Beliebers who were waiting for him last night outside the studio because he was with Selena.

Let me point out that it was 2AM. Let me point out that as we saw on shots, he was sleeping. Let me point out that he didn’t leave the studio with Selena. Let me point out that Selena stopped. Let me point out that surely Justin saw all the hate which his own Beliebers have been sending to his girlfriend lately.

Don’t be surprised if he’s kinda angry with us. You are fucking up Jeliebers thanks to your immaturity and jealousy.

I have like 8 posts exposing Angela and the number is increasing everyday. 

Thanks for reading and keep sharing♥


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Brand Review for elf!
(sorry for bad photo quality, my camera is out of commission and my phone is meh)

So these are the 14 products I own from elf (I actually have a brush but I’ve never tried it so I’m not going to review it).

First my overall feelings: I know people have very different opinions on elf - either it’s fantastic or terrible, but I just feel like this line is FANTASTIC but for two main reasons: 1. it’s vegan and 2. it’s inexpensive. Those two things don’t come together very often and here they exist in the form of very formidable products. Some of them are misses for me and for others, but others do exactly what they say they will for a dollar or three. I will always pick up some elf products when I’m at my local target and the next time the studio line is on sale I’m probably going to buy nearly everything.

My top five picks from the brand are: 
1. elf Eyebrow kit
2. elf Essential Clear Eyelash and Brow Gloss
3. elf Clarifying Pressed Powder
4. elf Blushes
5. elf Flawless Finish Foundation

Now, I’m just going to do a quick run through by what the product of what I own:

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • elf Studio Lipsticks in Pink Mink and Rosy Go -Round - Pink Mink is more pigmented although I initially hated the color when I bought it, I now wear it regularly and like it. Rosy Go-Round is much more like a tinted lip balm in my opinion, so it was a little disappointing. For the price, though, great. 4/5
  • elf Under Eye Concealer and Brightener - This actually one of my favorite products. I don’t use it for under eyes, I actually use it for my eyebrows to really make them look neat and sharp. 5/5
  • elf Lip Lock Pencil - So, I’m not exactly sure if this is a good product or not, honestly. I’ve tried it a few times but only with OCC’s Lip Tars. I realized later on that I was using way too much product which is why my feathering was out of control, I think this did add to longevity, though. 4/5?
  • elf Clear Eyelash and Eyebrow Gloss - This is my second time purchasing it, they make a great eyebrow gel for $1, sold. 5/5
  • elf Waterproof Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara - I’ve always feltlike a mascara is a mascara so whatever, that was until I found Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara and now shell out way too much for my lashes. This product is fine, I don’t reach for it except to maybe use on my brows sometimes. 3/5
  • elf Flawless Finish Foundation - This part is going to sound a little bit nutty. This is one of the best foundations I’ve ever worn. I have very, very dry and flaky skin so that is still apparent with this (as it has been with 60 dollar, 30 dollar, 1 dollar foundations my whole life) but for 6 bucks, I really like this. It matches my shade well (this is their lightest color) and it lasts for a long time with their primer. This might become my go-to foundation? Who would have thought! 5/5
  • elf Eyebrow Kit in Medium - I use this product every day for my eyebrows and prefer it over Tarte’s eyebrow mousse. The absolute best, even though I only use the wax part and not really the eyeshadow. 5/5
  • elf Blushes in Twinkle Pink and Candid Coral - Most of these blushes are meant to be dupes for NARS. I bought Twinkle Pink because it was a sort-of dupe for NARS’ Orgasm which was my favorite blush. I actually like the coloring in this blush better, it’s slightly more pink, the pigmentation isn’t as good (obviously) but this is still my primary blush. Candid coral is a really nice, subtle color on me and just great! 5/5
  • elf Mineral Face Primer in Redness Reducing - I read a lot of reviews that “this does nothing,” on their website, but I have a feeling that people expect to wear just this and have their red skin magically gone? It’s a foundation primer, and under my foundation it gets rid of my redness. Great dupe for the non-vegan, animal tested Smashbox primer which is what I used to use. Very happy. 5/5
  • elf Contouring Blush & Bronzer - Meh, I don’t really like this product that much. The blush is nice, all of elf’s blushes seem nice, but the “contouring” bronzer has so much sparkle in it you can’t contour with it and that’s what I bought it for. Supposed to be a NARS dupe of Laguna or something? For me, the mirror is the best part of this product. 2/5
  • elf Clarifying Pressed Powder - First, this is ONE DOLLAR. Second, it’s great! Fantastic! I carry this with me in my purse if my face is looking a bit red and this gives a nice natural finish. I adore it! 5/5
  • elf Everyday Brush Cleaner - Maybe if I was good at remembering to clean my brushes, I’d use this every day, but, I don’t. It’s fine though, I’m not going to rate it because I don’t think I can give a fair rating.

Brand overall: 4.5/5.

Hope this helped people who are interested in elf! Remember, the essentials brushes are *not* vegan. Some essentials products are packaged with them, so those products aren’t vegan either!

Edit: Also their makeup removing wipes & nail polish removing pads are great!