the second one :d

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DOn’t ASK ME ABOUT THE FIRST ONE But the second one is, “ Kurahashi and Okajima are good friends and sometimes go out shopping so she help him buying cute clothes (without ppl think he’s a creep)”

i think ppl usually forgot it’s canon that okajimas likes to crossdressing com e on ppl

anyway i’m watching the gang goes to a waterpark b/c it soothes me and it is not at all lost on me that dennis is like “i’m here for the bikini’d women seeking relief from the insufferable prison of motherhood” and then he hits on one (1) woman for five (5) seconds before deciding he’d rather spend the day being a gay dad

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I have two crushes, one that will never happen because she's straight, the other will never happen because it's technically illegal if we started dating. @ the first one though, shes really clingy and I love being able to be clingy with her, and people have asked us multiple times if we're dating after seeing all our PDA and we always say no, but she's kissed me before? Multiple times? And @ the second one, she'd never date me because she's too aro anyways, even if it was legal. 😭

omg she kissed u…that is not very straight of her at all……like is she experimenting or what bc thats p gay if i say so myself 

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I love this community :) It feels like one big second family! :D

Awwww!!! That’s an absolutely beautiful thing to hear!!!!!!

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Imagine if the double-date was Hide's idea, to hook Kaneki up with Touka and he asked her to bring a friend so it won't look weird and then they ended up as HideKane and Touriko anyway lol. Or Hide wanted to hook up with Touka so he asked Kaneki to arrange something and Touka found it awkward to go out with two guys, so she asked Yoriko to come too and they went home in the same pairs they came, just happier <3