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Exile Tribe

Alright. Spill. Which one of you has the dirt on which members have siblings - besides Elly and Sho Aoyagi whose younger brothers are part of Exile Tribe. I know Kenichi and Makidai both have older sisters, Nesmith and Alan both have younger sisters who are in the entertainment industry as well, and that Atsushi has a sister who recently had a child. But who else?

my dumbfounded sons realizing it was recording and not a selfie….
LDH Fan Week- The Second from Exile

Domo!! Me-chan is here again!🤗🤗🤗 And 4 days in a row, I am on fire!!🔥🔥🔥 cause usually I gave up on this kind of activity after you know, the 1st day lol But I am still here today for the awesome activity hosted by @lovedreamgraphics and today is to brag my love towards this hen-no-ojiisan!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Whom his Insta has provide us with a lot inside stories, laughter and Shokichi in his white undies recently 🤣🤣🤣🤣 omg I really couldn’t stand on his image in H&L he really looked like a hentai. Not that he is not in reality😝😝😘

He’s an awesome actor and most of all, he is an AMAZING PERFORMER! I think they are a lot of you who knows Kei-san a lot more than I am, but I love him more nevertheless. Oh gosshhh, I sounded like I’m confessing my love right now lol but who wouldn’t to an oossan(old man) who look like this????? 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Most of all, I really love when he happily flaunt his smiles to shine the whole world. And also photobombing other member’s photo 🤣🤣🤣

 Or picking fights with Nessan😆😆😂😂 he difinitely is the original namaikii in ExTribe 🤡

When it comes to his dancing, no one can deny his talent and ability to make dancing looks awesome, complicated and leave you in awww~ despite having all of The Second (besides Nessan lol) everyone can dance very, very well.

Bottom line is, I really love Kei-san, if that is not obvious enough lol For you who have a bad week or just simply need some cheering up, here are Kei-san’s smiles to shine your day and for you to smile along with him ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Happy Friday everyone!!! Love and hugs ❤️❤️❤️ -A

Wild Wild Warriors

Can we talk about how Nesmith wrote the lyrics for “Beautiful Angel” which is basically a super sweet love song about how he is guided by his love for the beautiful angel and the beautiful angel’s love for him and how he wants to just cherish her - while Shokichi wrote “Shelly” which is basically imploring Shelly to abandon her morals, leave her man, and spend a night in ecstasy with him. Cheese and rice Sho, dtf much?!

Done with finals, pretty sure I failed Chemistry :/  I’ll just have to retake it. 

Took some pics of my December issue of Monthly Exile lol.

I can try and take better pics if ppl want to read the interviews or a better pic with no glare lol. 

Just a warning, there’s quite a bit of pics ._.

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LDH Week | Day 4 - Fave EX the 2ND Member: Kenchi |


Charming + Socialble + Ecclectic + Goofy + Easy-Going + Artsy 

So much to say…he’s one of the many people in LDH that makes me weak.

First, he’s intelligent. He majored in Electrical engineering and can speak three different languages. That in itself is a recipe for weakness. A man that is hella smart. All for it!

Two, he’s an amazing dancer. It’s always nice to see him dance because he has such a unique approach to the way he dances. He’s fluid, flexible and very smooth with his dancing. He’s always happy while dancing so I’m always happy to see him do what he loves.

Three, I mean look at that face. He’s living, breathing art. He has the most charming smile and his body is always in tip top shape. Also, he doesn’t even look his age, like someone said before. He looks younger than he actualy is and that’s probably because he takes very good care of himself. I’m thankful for his effort and having the blessing of his looks.

Four, he treats the youngins well. Every interaction I’ve seen between him and his juniors are always sweet and positive. 

Five, he’s goofy. If anyone remembers Kenchi Man or has seen the videos, a chunk of that is what I’m referring to. If you haven’t seen it, prepare yourself and look up the videos. He’s something else LOL. That side of him is somewhat hidden now but it’s still there. Er, he’s a lot more chill now I should say.

Six, he’s sexy…I’ll just leave it at that. It also hurts me that he knows this too

Kenchi was my second bias in LDH and is my oldest bias that I have so far. Thanks to him, I learned about the 2ND and the rest of EXILE and the rest is history. I consider him my gateway bias along with Alan haha.

That’s why he’s my fave^^.


Note: Pictures used are not mine.

LDH Fan Week -三代目J Soul Brothers

Hi kids! Me-chan here! Are you ready for our next adventure? Here I give you, our most favourite ex-USJ parade dancer onii-chan!! Yeaayyyyy~~~

And parents, don’t worry, we have the woman body builder show for you while your kids enjoying the parade XD

lol ok, ok~ I know people started to say “stop with the cheesy opening Me-chan!” This is the second day of LDH Fan Week activity hosted by @lovedreamgraphics <33333 After dimple madness with TAKAHIRO-san yesterday. So today, is the turn for my Oo-baka Kenjiro-san or I-love-how-ELLY-calls-him Ken-san <3333 It sounded so sweet and nice. Well tbh, to me, whatever ELLY said sounded like a sweet melody to me XDDDDD

He has his Ikemen mode and whenever the switch is on. he didn’t talk much and ELLY always the victim XDD (source: from ELLY himself <33) and he commonly a mood maker and genuinely loves everyone around him!! <33333

Omi in particular truly loves him very much lol <333333 XDDDDDD

But the best thing of all about Yamashita Kenjiro that I can never take my eyes of him is definitely when he dance! <3333333 There’s something when he dance, he looks like he really enjoys and he’s glowing. His energy recharge ma’soul!

When he dance and when he rocks the stage with the members, he shines the most to me <3333 I just love his presence. And recently he got extra attention in the H&L the Concert with Chiharu and Tetsu!!!!! OMG you can’t imagine how many time I watch that!!!! XDDDDD I LOVE DAN-SAN SO MUCH BECAUSE I GET TO HEAR KEN-SAN SPEAKS IN KANSAI-BEN!!!!!!

I think I write too much in this post cause I really truly love this guy(AND NAOKI-SAN!!!) This is again if I-have-to-choose case cause Naoki-san is my love too I love both of them ❤️lol.

He can play so well by himself!!! XDDDD I wish I can play together with him! <3333333

This is it for my special fav Sandaime member. I mean, who else is Omi lovingly sniffed (or KISS!!! XDDDD) besides this guy?????? I rest my case!! (Again lol)

See you tomorrow minna!!! I need to shower and go out for dinner. Love and lots of hugs!! <333333 -A