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u do know that ur overworking the youngest one and underworking the oldest one right? ur wasting talent and ur tiring out the talent u can only see. seokjin, an actor and singer, can do wonderful things but he got 1 second of screen time in not today and shared his only line in blood sweat and tears with jimin. jungkook’s also suffering from the pressure of performing perfectly while having to sing half the song and staying in the front for so long. give him a fucking break and let jin do something for one.

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Supercorp 16!! Please!

i am up for anything baby related - thank you so much for the prompt!  💕

There’s a second line right next to the first. Faint, barely visible, but there.

This is the third test that has come out positive. A rare flicker of hope runs through her and even though there’s no reason to get excited yet (as the margin for accuracy is not as good as it’s supposed to be) the first thing Lena thinks is that she has to tell Kara.

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Through the Years → Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (285/)

29 April 2011 | Crown Prince Willem Alexander and Princess Maxima of The Netherlands smile as they arrive to attend the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London, England. The marriage of the second in line to the British throne is to be led by the Archbishop of Canterbury and will be attended by 1900 guests, including foreign Royal family members and heads of state. Thousands of well-wishers from around the world have also flocked to London to witness the spectacle and pageantry of the Royal Wedding. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

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My brother looked at my screen and asked "What does Matt google?"

// His second google search was something along the lines of “How many containers of bleach can I buy at once before I look suspicious” or something like that

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woah i heard the full version of we young through the showcase fancam and haechan's lines are really high pitched and suits his vocal range really well? my hyper ass went to use a stopwatch and measure so he gets about 40 seconds of lines !! yEy

40 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 40 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh mY GODDD THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME!!! better than CB and Limitless!! yay !! 

(psst pls link me the fancam p l e a s e??)

oKAY SO. the first two characters that have been released is 起 & 承. THANK YOU MOTHER FOR MAKING ME GO TO CHINESE SCHOOL. the first means from. The second character is like to bear, to support, or soMEthING ALONG THOSE LINES. Also from school, the only combo I know of is 起承转合 which is the structure/composition for fucking writing an essay. It’s the intro, then explanation of the overall tHEME (read: loVE YOURSELF???), then change of vIEWPOINT YALL. AND FINALLY, THE CONCLUSION AND WRAPPING UP BACK TO THE BEGINNING. I’M-

honestly, I don’t even know if this is true. I’m just hypothesizing shit. I’m at school so i’m going to be internally dying and trying to figure this out omg. let me liVE BTS

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Nono I am an exo-l, I just haven't listened to the war too much yet,I keep forgetting :”) Plus I'm scared xiumin won't have many lines ~ ~second fanboy

I think the line distribution was pretty decent this time 🤔 …I just remembered it only was bc of ot8, now I’m sad ㅠㅠ haha I totally understand you, I need to catch up with so much, e.g. I never listened to their one winter song (December 2014?) before bc I keep forgetting

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i love this part enough that i wasn’t satisfied with the slow panning up of the ‘camera’ - i decided to copy and paste the images together to show the whole thing at once. thought i’d post it here in case others felt the same way (and also so i can find it again)


#what kind of accidental slow burn endgame romance