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Title: it’s always been you”

written by: sleepywinchester { prev; deanwinchester-af }
summary: you and dean… maybe it was meant to be?
note: this is part 3 of 3 day part mini series based of 12x06. (Parts: 1 & 2 ) this also was supposed to be a less than 600 words drabble but… again, i got carried away. i threw a little bomb at the end, if you got questions about that backstory, how the heck it could be that possible? throw them in to my ask. if you want to read a lil of that backstory and how they met. let me know if you would like a prequel part? this is something cute that has grown from nothing, i’m very happy you guys have enjoyed it. i’hope everyone enjoy this one  and if you do, please, leave feedback? i’ll appreciate it.  ♥   gif credit: (x)
words: 1,700

“Billie?” Dean spoke with confusion in his eyes. “What are you doing here?”

You frowned, shifting your look from the woman and turning to Dean. “You know her?”

“Yeah,” Dean said without looking at you. “She’s a reaper.”

You turned to glance at Billie who gave you an non bothered and sassy look. She smirked tucking her hands inside her jeans pockets.

“I’m doing my job,” Billie told Dean.

Dean scoffed, standing straight, “Well, I’m not dead yet.”

“Shame,” Billie smirked, “but actually, I just finished inside. I was reaping a fresh soul”

You glared at the house and turned to Billie. “Fresh soul?” You muttered and began to walk towards the house. You tried to open the door but it was locked down.

“Sam?!” Dean joined you, “Sammy?!”

“You two can huff and puff but that house is on supernatural lockdown.” Billie spoke behind the two of you. “They can’t even hear you.”

You turned to her, “You got in… You can get us in!”

“I mean I could… I suppose, but-”

“Do it!” You and Dean snapped at the same time.

“But,” Billie cocked an eyebrow, “it’s a one-way ticket. And you’re gonna owe me one.”

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Kai Parker x Reader

WORD COUNT : 1 899

Reader is a witch and her friends try to hide her existence from Kai , but he finds out about her and shows up unannounced at her house.
*not my gif

Y/N was a witch , a few years younger than Elena and one of Jeremy’s frinds. Y/N didn’t like to practice and tried her best to stay out of it instead of the middle of it.  None of her friends however believed that she could protect herself and they kept treating her like a procelan doll. She understood why her friends were being so over protective , specially with everything they’ve had to deal with over the years - vampires , witches , hybrids , original vampires , travellers … and now Kai. Damon was a little freaked out when he learned Kai had got out and since Kai was a siphon and didn’t have his own magic , everyone were afraid if he finds out about Y/N , he’d go after her , siphon her magic and kill her. Over the past few days Damon had been over to her house in Grove Hill more than a few times , trying to get her to stay home and to tell her how dangerous Kai is.

“I am not afraid of him , Damon !” she nearly screamed for what seemed the 100th time this week.
“I know you are not , but he is dangerous … So for now , stay at home. Don’t invite anyone in. You will be safe there.” Damon said , his tone making it clear it was not up for discussion.
Y/N sighed and sat on the stairs. “Fine. I’ll stay here.” she gave up , “But I won’t be a prisoner in my own home. I still have school..and honestly if I get stuck between four walls for more than a few days , things will get ugly and Kai will be the least of your problems.”
Damon sighed. Y/N was strong and stubborn as Hell , sometimes he forgot about it and just saw a young fragile girl who needs protection.
“OK , Y/N … ” he gave up. “I’ll have Caroline come pick you up in the morning , take you to school and then someone will go pick you up after … …”
Y/N smiled and hugged Damon.
“Thank you… for being the big brother I never had.” , then she turned around and walked inside , leaving Damon alone on the porch.

A few days passed …

Caroline came to pick her up , drove her to Grove Hill High School and then took her back home every day. She was a fun person to be around. On the way to school they’d blast music in the car loudly , singing along then go get some coffee. Even tho Caroline had a lot to deal with at the moment , she always found time for fun things to do with Y/N.On the fifth morning things turned horribly wrong.
Y/N woke up , got ready for school and waited for the doorbell to ring. When that happened that morning and she opened the door , it wasn’t Caroline who was standing in the doorframe.
“Nice house.” the boy said. He was tall , chiseled jaw with brown hair and blue eyes. For a moment she felt her knees go weak but recovered fast.
“Who are you ?” Y/N asked confused. The boy standing in front of her was a complete stranger , yet he acted as if they had known each other for years.
“Oh , sorry… Manners. Hi , I’m Kai.” he said outstretching his hand to shake hers.
So this is Kai , Y/N thought to herself. He was hot and didn’t look that dangerous at all.
Kai kept starring at her.
“Aren’t you going to invite me in ?” he said.
“I’m Y/N , and no.” Y/N said plainly , grabbing her backpack and going outside , locking the door behind her. “I am late for school. I assume you are not here to walk me there … are you ?” she asked curious.
“Not really.” Kai said , a smirk showing on his face. “I actually came to see who it is everyone is ready to do anything to protect.” he said , walking with her down the street. “I assume you are not a vampire ? You are a human.”
Y/N stopped abruptly and turned to face him.
“Look , Kai. I know the others are scared of you for some reason. Honestly … to me you seem like a nice guy.” she said , pausing for a minute. “Whatever dissagreement or whatever you have with Damon or Bonnie or whoever …. leave me out of this. It’s my senior year. I have enough to worry about as it is.”
Kai looked surprised and amused at this girl. Something about her … she wasn’t like the rest of them. He couldn’t understand why the Salvatores were so over protective , she looked fragile but … clearly wasn’t. 
“OK.” he simply said to her after a few minutes. “Can I walk you to school then ?”
Y/N looked at him , then looked down the street. There was no sight of Caroline and she was going to be late.
Y/N took out her phone and typed in a text message to Caroline :

‘Hey , Care. I’m not feeling well today , think I might be coming down with something. I’ll be OK. Call you later.’ and clicked sent.

Kai was looking amused.
“Did you just lie to Caroline ?” he asked , laughing. “I’ll admit , I didn’t see that coming.”
“Maybe…” Y/N said , trailing off. “If you want to walk me to school today , we had to be alone … or else who knows what would’ve happened.” Y/N smiled and started walking down the street leaving Kai a few steps behind her completely taken off guard. A moment later Kai ran up for a second to catch up with her.

That same afternoon when Y/N’s classes were over and she walked outside , she saw him again. Kai was sitting on one of the benches in the school front yard. Y/N sighed and walked towards him.
During their walk to school today , she had gotten to know him better. Y/N saw something in him , she couldn’t quite figure out what it was but it made her think that maybe there is good in him and eventually that good could balance out the bad , if he was given a chance.
Y/N sat next to him on the bench , looking straight ahead.
“Did you stay here this whole time ? ” she asked , turning to face him.
Kai turned around and smiled at her. It wasn’t his usual arrogant smile. There was none of that now.
“I had forgotten what school feels like.” was all he said. “It’s so funny how everyone is running around campus… or sitting somewhere with their noses stuck in a textbook.” He laughed. His laugh making her laugh.
“Come on ” she said. “I want to show you something.”
They walked for a while , reaching the cemetery. Going straight throught it and into the forest. Kai didn’t say a word to her , but she could feel his eyes burning into her back. After about 30 minutes of walking in silece he finally spoke.
“Where are we going?”
Y/N turned around to face him , “Just a little bit further. Can’t you hear it?”
“Hear what ?” he asked curious.
“The waterfall.” Y/N smiled and took his hand. Kai looked at her confused but just shrugged his shoulders and went along with it.
Y/N couldn’t explain it but a part of her was starting to trust him already. He had had a chance to hurt her earlier and he hadn’t. It was curiousity that brought him to her door that morning… and now she was curious about him.* * *A few days later Y/N called in sick again. Kai had shown up early in the morning at her door.
“Why are they so over protective of you?” Kai asked her. He kept wondering about that. There had to be a reason why they’d all go through so much trouble to keep her off his radar.
Y/N hesitated for a moment. A part of her was scared what Kai might do if he found out.
“Do you want some breakfast ? ” she changed the subject and headed to the kitchen. Kai following her closely behind. “Eggs or pancakes?” Y/N asked.
Kai studied her for a moment , resting against the kitchen’s door frame.
“How about … I make breakfast and you answer my question.” he said , moving to the stolve.
“Fine.” Y/N said , a loud sigh following before she continued. “I know Jeremy. You know , Elena’s little brother. We were kind of a … thing.” she lied.
Kai glanced at her for a moment before speaking.
“Crinkle.” he said.
“What ?” she asked confused.
“When you lie , you always get a crinkle.” he said simply.
Y/N was actually amazed he had picked up on her tells so fast. They had barely spent a few days together.
“No , I don’t.” Y/N lied again.
“There it is again …” Kai said a smirk on his face, nearly done with the pancake dough.  "I could’ve killed you the moment I met you a few days ago. I could’ve killed you about a dozen times since. Including 15 minutes ago when I walked inside.“ he said , already starting to make the pancakes.
Y/N shifted uncomfortable in her seat. That was true , she couldn’t been dead the moment he had stepped through the door. She spent the next few minutes watching Kai flipping pancakes in the air.
“Why won’t you tell me? It can’t be that bad.” Kai said , flipping another pancake in the air , the pancake landing perfectly in her plate.
“I’ll tell you. … when you are done flipping the pancakes. It’s distracting.” she said indiferently.Nearly five minutes later Kai had flipped the last pancake and they were about to have breakfast together. He sat next to her , looking at her expectantly while pouring maple syrp all over and eating his pancakes.
“Those are really good.” Y/N said. “You have some pretty awesome pancake skills … I like that.”
“Quit stalling.” he said suddenly serious.
There was something in his eyes , he was starting to get impatient.
“Fine. I’m stalling.” Y/N said pausing for a moment before leaning in closer to him. “I am a witch.” she whispered.
Kai’s eyes widened in a surprise and he reached to grab her wrist. His hand glowing red where he was touching her skin. Y/N flinched a little but didn’t try to escape or push him away. A second later he let go off her hand. Kai laughed for a moment.
“Yes , I am a witch…. but I don’t practice.” Y/N said taking another bite of her pancakes. “They were afraid you might siphon my magic and / or kill me.”
Kai studied her face. She wasn’t lying but there was something else that surprised him.
“Why aren’t you running away?” he asked. “It was so easily for me to grab your wrist and siphon your magic … what makes you think I won’t do that again?”
“Because …” she said “.. unlike the rest of them , I don’t hate you. In truth … I actually kind of like you.” Y/N said refusing to meet his eyes. “You are actually a fun company. Plus if you want my magic - go ahead , I don’t use it much anyways.”
Kai grabbed her wrist again , not siphoning just to make her look at him.
“If it makes you feel any better… I don’t hate you either. If I did , we wouldn’t be having pancakes right now." 


NOTE : This is actually one of the first stories I wrote and had completely forgotten about it until I started cleaning up my laptop today.. So, I did I few edits and here it is :) I hope you like it ! 

I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 29

Summary: Negan offers you a job.

Note: Sort of a filler to set up for bigger things to happen.


“A monster that refused, sometimes, to behave like a monster. When a monster stopped behaving like a monster, did it stop being a monster? Did it become something else?” - Kristin Cash ore


“I’m gonna go back to the infirmary.” You said walking ahead of him.

“What the hell for?” Negan said with a shrug.

“To talk with Arat. Why?” You asked curiously.

Negan blinked, “Suit yourself, darlin’. You’ve got your fuckin’ gun.”

You patted it on your waistband, “I do. Where are you headed?”

“Gonna get Dwight, gotta get that fuckin’ messed cleaned up.” He said in an annoyed tone.

You nodded back and you both headed off in separate directs.
You looked back as you walked off, watching him go.
you knew you still loved him, but you were starting to make yourself accept the nature of your relationship.
You had no choice but to make yourself accept it, because you’d never be able to live if you broke down every single time he did something you didn’t like or listed after a different woman.
You hated it and still hated the other wives and wanted to be the only woman in his life - and maybe someday you could sway him into monogamy, but it wasn’t today. Negan was stubborn, but so were you.
When you got back into the infirmary, Arat was sitting on the edge of the bed, trying to get up.

“Where are you going?” You chucked as you walked in the door.

She looked back and shook her head, “I have to get up, I’m going crazy in here.”

“Well, I’ve got the gun situation covered.” You said lifting yourself shirt to reveal the weapon.

Arat’s face little up, much like a child’s does on Christmas morning when the presents are all waiting under the tree.

“You got it back?” She said, staring at it happily.

“I did. How about some target practice or something? We don’t need you getting rusty on that aiming.” You joked, brushing your hair back.

She rolled her eyes, “Shit. I can outshoot you.”

“Yeah, yeah. Come on, let’s go to the range.” You said as you both walked out of the building.

On the backside of one of the buildings there was a small makeshift firing range that was setup.
It consisted of a bunch of bottles, cans and few dummies that people could shoot at whenever they had free time on their hands, and Negan’s men used it quite a bit to get practice in for shooting walkers or other people in general.

“Jesus it feels good to be in the sunlight.” Arat said as she closed her eyes, holding her head back.

“I know what you mean. After spending your days chained up in a dark ass building, sunlight is really nice to see.” You sniffed as you got out your gun, aiming it at a nearby can in front of you.

You let out a couple shots, hitting the can and quickly trying to aim for other objects, a glass bottle was also successfully killed in your firing.
You stopped and looked over to Arat, handing the gun to her.
She then held out the gun much like you had and started firing, your eyes widened and she hit almost every target she aimed for.
She smiled big after she was done, you could tell how much she truly missed this.

“Okay, you weren’t fucking kidding.” You smirked, glancing to her.

She smiled back and nodded, “Well, I grew up in a family of gun lovers and a military father, so it’s second nature to me.”

She handed the gun back to you and you held it out again, firing at more objects.
You both passed the gun back and forth to eachother until the magazine in it was emptied out.

“So, what happened to Randy?” Arat said cautiously as she looked over to you.

You looked back over to her and smirked, “Nothing good, that’s for sure. Trust me, I made him suffer before Negan took him out.”

You were about to leave the range when a group of men came up, being led by Simon.

“What the hell is with all the gunfire?!” He yelled at you angrily.

“Target practice, Simon.” Arat answered back quickly.

“I know you’re injured and everything, but did you fucking forgot silencers are supposed to be used when practicing?” Simone growled pointing to the gun you were holding.

“I hadn’t thought about it.” She said back to him.

“Well that’s a big fucking help. All that noise has attracted a herd of walkers to the gates. Negan is gonna be on my ass because of you two!” He yelled back.

“Simon, why don’t you fucking tone it down. The walkers can be taken care of.” You cut in, glaring him. He was beginning to get on your nerves now

“Who the fuck are you talking to?” He scoffed, leaning towards you.

You narrowed your eyes, “I’m talking to you.”

“(Y/N) don’t.” Arat hissed back to you.

Simon took a step closer to you, his eyes piercing into yours, “You really think you have any kind of authority around here just because you fuck the boss?”

“I never said I had authority, Simon. But maybe you should go take care of the walkers before they tear this fucking place down.” You grolwed back to him.

He looked back to the men, and nodded, sending them away to take care of the dead ones and he turned back to you.

“Negan will hear about this shit.” He snapped back to you, as he hurried off to catch up with the other men.

“Fuck him.” You growled to yourself as you watched him walk off.

“Jesus. You literally have no fear do you?” Arat said, looking at you nervously.

You tilted your head sideways as you looked her, “Are you really trying to say you’re scared of Simon, Arat?”

“No. But he’s second in charge and I am scared of Negan.” She said back, shaking her head.

You smirked, “I’m not.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty damn clear. But you’re a wife, you do get.. privileges.” She said, putting emphasis on “privileges”.

“I don’t think it’s that I get fucking privileges. I just don’t deal with bullshit.. His bullshit.” You rolled your eyes as you both left the range.

You spent the rest of the day with Arat, you and her were beginning to bond the more you spent time together.
You didn’t see anymore of Negan, but he was off doing his own thing, just like you were.
Plus, Simon had probably told him all about you not using a silencer on your gun, so you already had yourself mentally prepared for the earful you were gonna get later and you weren’t particularly looking forward to that.

As the day ended, you headed over to the cafeteria with Arat for some food.
Once you got in, you wasted no time heading to the front the line, you tried to convince Arat to come with you, but she didn’t want to break a rule line cutting was for Negan and wives only: no exceptions.
You saw the familiar face of Brian who was serving others, but stopped immediately when he spotted you.

“Hey.” You said as you walked up to the counter.

“It’s been a while. How are you?” He said as he handed you a tray of food which consisted of vegetables and some sort of meat.

You smirked and shook your head, “I’m alright. I got stabbed again, so there’s that.”

He nodded slowly, “Yeah, I heard about it. Good to see you up walking around.”

“Jesus, does everyone know?” You asked, throwing an arm up.

“Pretty much. There was a manhunt for you.”

You shrugged, “Perks of being a wife, huh?”

“I wouldn’t know.” He laughed, serving trays of food to the others.

You nodded, “Well, nice to see you.”

“And you.” He said back.

You made your way over to a vacant table and sat down, looking around over everyone. It was never too crowded in the cafeteria, you didn’t see any sign of Negan, but you saw Simon when he walked in the door.
you and he exchanged tense glances to eachother and you rolled your eyes as he passed.
He’d get over it eventually, Simon had a tendency to be hot-headed over stupid things.

You poked around at the food on your plate and took a couple bites out of it.
You were continued eating as you looked up to see Sherry coming over to you.

“Christ..” You huffed quietly to yourself as she came walking over towards you.

“I was wondering if you were staying with Negan tonight?” She asked curiously, raising an eyebrow.

You looked back at her and shrugged, “I guess, Sherry. I really don’t know. Why?” You said forking a piece of carrot into your mouth.

“Well if you aren’t, I was wondering if I could take your spot. I spent time with him the other day. I really want him to let me stay.”

You narrowed an eye at her, “What day?” You said as a surge of anxiousness ran through your body and your heart felt like it was tightening.

“The day you left and disappeared.” She said crossing her arms.

“Well, he doesn’t let anyone else stay the night.” You growled.

You brushed some hair behind her ear, “Yeah, I know, but I wanna try to change that. It’s not fair. What’s so special about you?”

You wanted to be mad and throw a fit, but knew you shouldn’t, because even thought Negan had slept with her, he didn’t know you were missing when he did it. Even if he had did it trying to get back at you, and of course it did. Anger radiating through your body, and it sent a nasty shock through your body that was hard to control.
You took in a breathe and reached down to pull your gun out, setting it on the table.

“Sherry.” You said gripping onto to it.

She backed away a little and gave you a scared look.

“Would you mind fucking off before I shoot you in the face? I don’t wanna do this shit right now.” You said bluntly as you looked up to her, a dark look in your eyes.

She shook her head and began to turn away, “You’re fucking crazy, (Y/N).”

You eyed her as she walked off in a hurried fashion, she kept glancing back at you frequently, scared you were going to shoot her as she walked away.
Arat finally made her way over to the table to sit after a couple of minutes she sat across from you.

“Did you really just pull a gun on her in the cafeteria.” She said in a low tone.

You nodded, “She aggravates the shit out of me, Arat. She fucked Negan.”

“That’s what he does, (Y/N). I told you.” She said back, forking food into her mouth.

“I know, but you know what I told you about the situation.” You bit your lip hard.

“Yeah, but you can’t just shoot her.”

“I only did it so she’d leave me alone.” You huffed back, everyone seemed to be getting under your skin today.

After that, you both sat in silence as you finished your meals.
You stood up once you were done, feeling the stinging in your leg as you did.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said in a bored tone.

Arat nodded back, “See ya.”

You discarded your trash and was heading for the exit when Dwight came out of no where, “(Y/N).”

You turned to him, “Yes, Dwight?”

“Negan wants to see you upstairs.” He said plainly.

You closed your eyes tightly for a moment and opened them back up, “I figured that was coming. He’s in his room?”


“He knows about today?” You asked, biting your lip.

“Yes, he does. And Sherry came by a minute ago and told him you held your gun at her.” Dwight said, with a hint of anger on his face.

Sherry had been Dwight’s wife before they met up with Negan, so you couldn’t blame him for looking at you this way, but it was hard to remember that Dwight had feelings sometimes. He never showed much emotion, not that you needed him to.

“I don’t like her Dwight.” You said slowly.

He looked back to you and noticed you could see the look on his face as he thought about her.
He turned his head from you, looking towards the door.

“Just go upstairs. I wouldn’t keep him waiting.” Dwight said in his usual dull tone again.

You nodded and then continued back up the stairs towards the hallway you were so accustomed to you.
You passed by your room as you got closer to Negan’s door, you let your hand brush up against the wood of the door.
you hadn’t been I to your room for a while, but knew better than to keep Negan waiting on you.
You knocked on his door briefly before opening his door, nervous that he’d be fucking Sherry again.
As you walked in you saw him by himself, he was sitting back on his couch, his feet propped up on the coffee table.

“You’ve been making a fuckin’ day out of it, huh, babydoll?” He smirked meanly as he dropped a booted foot off the table.

You leaned back against the wall and crossed your arms, “Simon is a dick.”

“I don’t fuckin’ care. He said you attracted over twenty dead fucks that they had to take out, and no matter how fuckin’ pretty you are. I’m not gonna deal with that shit, darlin’.” He said, narrowing his eyes to you as he stood up.

You sunk back into the wall a little ways as he approached you, taking his jacket off.
You had been through hell and still Negan approaching you in this manner always intimidated you, no matter what.

“Also, Sherry came up her earlier saying you tried to fuckin’ shoot.” He said, standing over you.

“She exaggerates. She let it slip to me that you fucked her the day I disappeared.” You growled.

He licked his lips, “I did. I fucked her. Is that why you tried to fuckin’ shoot her, baby? Is that fuckin’ jealousy coming out?”

You looked up to him, feeling the smart ass in you come out, “I didn’t try. If I was gonna shoot her, you’d know it.”

Negan gritted his teeth and placed his hands on either side of you, “I think it’s been too long since you’ve felt my belt, babydoll.”

You then felt real fear, it’s not that you didn’t like getting spanked by him, you really did. But you knew with your current injuries how bad that shit would hurt you if he did that.

“Please, don’t.” You said back quickly.

He smirked and placed a hand on your chin, “Now that’s what I fuckin’ like. See how easy I can be when you just fuckin’ submit to me like a good girl?”

You nodded back, your face still in his firm grip.
He pulled your face towards his slowly and gave you a hard kiss, you kissed him back deeply.
He let his tongue creep into your mouth a few times before pulling back.

“Good girl. Try to fuckin’ behave, or I’ll have to punish you.” He whispered into your ear.

You felt the chills run up your spine as his deep voice echoed throughout your body. You bite at your lip slowly, nodding your head, he always managed to turn you into putty in his hands when he did this.
He walked back over to the couch and took a seat again, propping his feet back up.
You raised an eyebrow slightly and started to walk towards him.

“I don’t think this is all you called me up here for.” You said, looking back to him.

He smiled and nodded, “Well you’re a fuckin’ smart one, darlin’.”

You glanced upward, not wanting to roll your eyes, “What did you really want?”

He cleared his throat, “Look you’ve been here fuckin’ long enough now that you can take on some more goddamn responsibility.”

“Okay?” You said confused.

“I wanna offer you a bigger fuckin’ role here, darlin’. I mean, you don’t take any shit and you kill easily which is a fuckin’ assest and a great turn on for me.” He licked his lips as he spoke in a serious tone.

You smirked, “What do you want me to do?”

“Don’t know yet.” He smiled “But there’s always shit to be done around here. I just figured I’d offer you something better to fuckin’ do besides getting on my bad side.” He licked his lip.

You nodded back, “Sure. I’ll take it.”

“Good. One more thing.” He said as he looked back to you in a serious manner.


“You’ve gotta fuckin’ cool it with that little attitude you show to me in front of everyone.”

You cut your eyes to the side, “What? Scared they’ll see a wife back talking you?”

He pointed towards you, “See, it’s that shit. That little attitude right there, that shit talking. Now it’s no secret that going after you was risky to everyone and something I wouldn’t normally do, but I don’t regret it. You’re fuckin’ mine and I wanted you back here.”

“Then what’s the problem?” You shrugged.

“The problem, darlin’ is that I can’t have my men looking at me like I’m fuckin’ more concerned about you than the shit going the fuck on around here.” He spoke firmly.

“So, all this is because you feel compromised?”

“Look, just fuckin’ have some respect. I’m only gonna say that once.” His narrowed his dark eyes in your direction.

You sighed and gave a nod, “Yes, sir.” You said with a cheeky smile.

The rest of that night was mostly a quiet one.
You and Negan were both tired, so once you laid down is was pretty much lights out for the both of you.
You were happy that he was finally gonna give you a bigger part around here.

When you got up the next morning, you made your way down to the yard by Negan’s side.
he told everyone what they’d be doing for that day and where to go once things started to get moving at the sanctuary, he turned back to you, Lucille on his shoulder.

“You get a chance to prove your fuckin’ self today, darlin’.” He smirked, looking over to you.

“How’s that?” You asked.

“I’m going out with some of the men. So, I’m gonna leave you in fuckin’ charge of the place.” He said bluntly.

“Are you fucking kidding?” You said, widening your eyes.

“No. But you’re gonna have help.” He said back.


Negan took Lucille off his shoulder and pointed behind you, you turned around to see that he was pointing at Simon who was standing in the doorway to the weapons storage, where you and Negan had spent some time.
You let out a breathe and groaned.

“Son of a bitch.” You said quietly to yourself.


A Spell

Word count: 1963

Damon kidnaps you because of the spell that Kai put on Elena and Bonnie, but Kai saves you

‘What kind of pizza do you want?’ Kai shouted from the kitchen and peeked through the open doors, his eyes locked with yours.

'You choose. I don’t mind.’ You trailed off and smiled at him, pulling your legs up on the couch, wrapping your arms around them, focusing on the movie playing on the TV.

'Fine.’ Kai said playfully and went back to the kitchen, the sound of him pressing the numbers on the phone echoing all the way to you. Just when you focused on the movie, you heard a knock on the front door as you paused the movie and got up, walking toward the doors to open them. You reached out your hand and twisted the door knob, coming face to face with Damon Salvatore.

'Hello!’ He muttered.

'Oh, hey, Damon, I wasn’t expecting you, me and Kai were about to-’ He injected you with something, making your body drop down on the floor, completely unconcious. He picked you up in his arms and swiftly ran away, the front door opened, letting the warm summer breeze to circle around the room. There was no sound or anything that Kai could’ve heard. Kai walked into the living room and looked towards the couch, but you weren’t there. He looked around, checking the space around him but you were nowhere to be seen and then he noticed the opened doors. He sprinted towards them and saw one of your slippers laying on the floor. He immediately knew that something was wrong because you would never leave the house like that without saying anything. He swallowed hard and ran his fingers through his hair when he recieved a text message.

-If you want to see your girlfriend alive, you’re gonna remove the spell you put on Elena and Bonnie. You have 24 hours.-

Damon. He was getting angrier by the second until he fully snapped and threw the phone into the wall, watching it get shattered, small pieces of it falling down on the grey carpet. He was pacing around the room, fear and anger completely taking over his body. He couldn’t function properly because he knew the spell he put on Elena and Bonnie was now permanent and there was no way he could remove it. Damon knew exactly what he had to do to make Kai think of how to remove the spell, because you were his weak spot and Damon knew that Kai would do anything to save you, even if that meant he had to save two women that hate him, from which one of them left him all alone for some period of time and that really hurt him, but deep down inside, he knew he would have to come over that because saving you was the most important thing to him.

You slowly opened your eyes and wince in pain, yur head feeling like it was going to explode. You were laying on the bed in a well lit up room, with two big windows, but when you looked through them, you saw you were possibly three stores above the ground and there was no way of you coming out through those windows.

'You can’t escape.’ You heard a voice that made you turn around and stand frozen in one spot.

'Damon. You- You kidnapped me! Why?!’ You yelled at him and stepped closer, feeling a sharp pain in your right arm. 'What did you do to me?’ You asked, feeling two small holes under your fingertips.

'First of all, I did it because, out of all there is out there in the world, you are his weak spot. Isn’t that funny? A powerful heretic is weak because of an ordinary human being that could die any second. Also, to answer your question, I drank some of your blood, you know, to make you weaker. As each hour passes by and I don’t see Elena, I will drink your blood until you’re so weak you can’t walk. Let’s just hope that Kai comes up with a solution so I don’t have to kill you.’ He trailed off making you to swallow hard and step back until your body reached the edge of the bed.

'You know there are some other ways to do this, you didn’t have to-’

'I know, but I thought that this would be a lot easier.’ He showed you a quick smiled before taking a knife in his hand and flipped it a few times. You kept your eyes on the knife, watching Damon’s every move, scared of what was he going to do next. You knew what Damon was like in the past and you perfectly knew what he was capable of when someone hurts someone he loves, so he wanted to do exactly the same. Hurt someone Kai loves, in a worse possible way.

 Kai spent hours thinking of a way to remove the spell. Dozens of papers filled with all kinds of spells, ancient ones and none of them would do what Damon wanted. He was desperate and he’s never been so scared for your life as he was right in that moment. He refused to cry because that would only mean that he was getting weaker and he wasn’t like that. He focused on what he had to do and nothing else. His fingers were tracing the written words that filled the papers, hoping he would find something, some kind of loophole. A ringing sound made him snap out of his mind, his hand swiftly reaching out for the phone place on the coffee table in front of him.

'Hello?’ Kai said.

'You answered that really quickly. I assume you’re watching a movie right now and enjoying yourself, right?’ Damon said sarcastically, Kai’s jaw clenching at Damon’s words.

'You son of a bitch! I want to talk to her, now!’ Kai raised his voice and stood up from the couch, pacing around the room.

'You’re in no position to make demands, but to be fair, I’ll let you talk to her.’ Damon handed his phone over to you, your hands swiftly placing it to your ear.

'Kai?’ You spoke up, your voice weak and shaky.

'Hey, hey! I’m going to get you out of there, ok? I’m going to save you.’ Kai muttered, trying to calm you down a little bit and give you some hope.

'Kai, I’m scared. I’m really scared!’ You cried out, your weak voice and fear that was in your voice, made Kai’s heart ache. He hated that he couldn’t help you and save you. He hated that you were suffering like that because of his stupid mistake.

'It will be alright. Don’t be scared. I won’t let him kill you. Not when I’m alive.’ Kai said and just when you wanted to spoke up again, Damon took the phone out of your hands.

'Okay, that was enough. Kai, you have twelve hours to find the spell or you’ll never hear from her again.’ Damon hung up, as Kai screamed his lungs out and dropped down on the couch, his face burried in his hands as he finally let some tears to come out. He took a deep breath, not wanting to give up and kept looking how to undo the spell.

 'It will be fun if he doesn’t find it. Ok maybe it won’t. I won’t get Elena back.’ Damon trailed off and sat on the chair that was placed just a few inches from the bed you were laying on.

'Do you think he would forgive you for killing one of her friends?’ You asked.

'Well, I doubt she loved you that much because, after all that he did to her best friend, you know, Bonnie, I think she wouldn’t mind.’ Damon trailed off, a mischevious grin splattered across his face.

'I hope you never get her back because you don’t deserve it. Kill me now if you want. I know Kai won’t find what you’re looking for, even if he did, why would he help you?’ You answered weakly, feeling like the strenght that was in your body completely disappeared, your heart beating at much slower pace.

'But he will help me. Because of you, I already told you that, but before he does, I’m just going to have some fun with you. It will be awesome.’ He trailed off, his eyes focused on you and a few seconds after, black veins appeared under his eyes, his fangs coming out as he ran towards you and sank his teeth into your sensitive flesh, draining you from your blood ounce by ounce. You screamed out at the feeling, tears rolling down your cheek. His grip on your hand was getting tighter as moments passed, feeling as if the bones in your arm were breaking. You couldn’t do anything and that’s what you hated the most. You hated being a useless human being who couldn’t even defend herself and in Mystic Falls, being a human wasn’t a good thing.

 Who knows how many hours have gone by. You blacked out a few times, the wounds on your body multiplying each hour and your strenght was lowered almost to a zero. You weren’t able to move or even lift your arm up. Everytime you tried to keep your eyes opened, your eyelids kept closing as you only wanted to sleep and get some rest, but something in your mind was telling you to be strong and to trust Kai’s words.

'Time’s almost up. If Kai doesn’t show up in 45 minutes, you know what will happen.’ Damon said.

'I know. You don’t need to remind me.’ You found the strenght to open your mouth and whisper a few words.

'I’m sorry it had to end like this. It really wasn’t my intention, but-’

'Damon!’ He turned around and saw Kai leaning on the door frame.

'Well, well, well, look who’s here. You’re here so I assume you did it?’ He asked and kept staring at Kai as Elena walked through the doors and jumped into Damon’s arms. Elena couldn’t hide the smile on her face and neither did Damon, but when she saw you laying on the bed like that, a smile washed off her face.

'What happened to her?’ She asked, but before Damon could answer, he picked her up and ran ut of the bulding, leaving you like that on the bed.

Kai swiftly ran towards you and lifted your head up a little bit, his eyes scanning your body, seeing dozens of small holes all over our body, immediately realiing what Damon did to you.

'You came.’ You stuttered.

'I did, I’m going to get you out of here, but first let me heal you.’ Kai bit his wrist and brought it close to your mouth, his warm blood dropping down your throat and into your body, healing you nice and quick as your strenght returned in a few seconds. 

 'Kai!’ You hugged him, your arms wrapped around his body tightly, relief and happines traveling through your body. 'I thought I’d never see you again.’ You whispered and ran your fingers trough his hair, the feeling of being able to be close to him and touch him again, making you happier than ever before.

'You won’t get rid of me that easily.’ You chuckled at his words and kissed him deeply, his hands cupping your face.

'Now, c'mon. Let’s get out of here.’ He picked you up and kissed your forehead.

'Yeah, I think we have that pizza date.’ You said with a big smile on your face.

'That’s still on?’ He looked at you, furrowing his eyebrows.

'Oh, it’s so on!’ You said playfully as Kai chuckled, carrying you out ot that building and ran home with you in his arms.

Cute II  KL.M Part 2

Warning contains mild violence and foul language

(Klaus finds out she is involved in the plan and grows increasingly angry however he has more to deal with like the fact that she is dying…)

Word count: 933

Klaus POV

As soon as I saw the wooden stake plunge into her torso my eyes widened and I already found myself sprinting towards her as her limp figure fell to the floor. She dropped to her hands and knees, before reaching to touch the blooded stake- just seeing the red liquid ooze from her waist made me more aggravated. Y/N gasped in pain just as I was a few feet away from her, her head flicked up and I caught sight of her distressed eyes but it was only for a second before her head hit the concrete.

“NO!” I yelled, dropping to my knees in front of her- I could hear both Damon and Alaric running towards us however they weren’t my main concern. I immediately picked up her flimsy body and pulled her into my arms desperately trying to get to her to wake up.

“Y/N- love, come on stay with me!” I yelled however there was no response. “What the bloody hell is wrong with you?” I roared as Damon and Alaric approached. Without a second to lose I bit my wrist and bought it to her lips, forcing the blood down her throat, I sighed in relief when I felt her start sucking- she was okay.

“I’m so sorry- I-oh shit, will she be alright?” Alaric questioned as he stood by my side panicking.

“Save it Saltzman, she’ll be fine” I barked while still caressing her in my arms. She looked so peaceful and innocent, I never thought she would have had it in her, this girl saved my life and for that I was eternally grateful.

“This is all your fault!” Shouted Damon as he stared at me with beady eyes and  an aggressive demeanour. It took awhile to comprehend his words but I began chuckling at the Salvatore.

“My fault? I do believe you and Mr trigger happy are the ones at fault here, if you hadn’t barged in and threatened to kill me then none of this would have happened and Y/N here would have been fine” Damon started walking back and forth as if debating with himself the right thing to say.

“That’s where you’re wrong Klaus, you have probably forgotten so let me refresh your memory- Y/N was the distraction, she doesn’t really have feeling for you, who would?” He laughed as Alaric stepped back knowing full well that I was not one to be messed with.  

My speed came in handy and before Damon even realised what was happening I had him by throat dangling in the air, my grip growing increasingly stronger. “Before you say anything else that may jeopardise your life I suggest you and your little friend leave-”

“No, she’s not staying here with you!” He interrupted, a smile formed at my lips, he left me no choice. I peered into his eyes, “Leave, take Alaric with you and give a little message to your friends; Don’t think you can beat me because we both know you can’t” with that I threw Damon from the patio of the mansion and onto the grass a couple of metres away. I waited for Alaric to gather Damon and leave before I turned my attention back to Y/N who was lying with her head resting on my suit jacket.

Though still angry I knew better than to just leave her outside, so I slowly walked towards her and hoisted her up into my arms before continuing to walk inside where the party was still very much alive. I figured that walking through the ballroom with both of us bloodsoaked was not a good idea so I carried her through the hallway and towards the private library.  

“Niklaus” I turned my head to see Elijah approaching from the ballroom, confusing was clear in his eyes as he looked the girl in my arms, “What happened to her?” he questioned.

“Damon Salvatore and that history teacher came here thinking they could kill me, turns out they aren’t as good of a shot as they thought” I seethed still enraged by everything Damon had said. Although most of the time Elijah was very good at keeping a straight face I could tell from the slight dilation of his eyes that he was hiding something.

“Don’t worry brother we’ll get them, we always do. I’ll go inform Kol” before I could protest he disappeared back into the ballroom. Within seconds I had whisked her into the library and placed her on the couch, the up and down movements of her chest was a good sign that she my blood was working.

After placing her on the couch and shutting the door I could only pace back and forth, with every step I grew angrier. Was she really part of their plan? Were the feeling she had for me fake? Did she have any at all? Why did I care so much about her?

It was clear to me that Y/N was my weakness, no matter how much I tried to deny, you could never deny the inevitable. How could I trust her, there were all these things we needed to discuss and the more I paced around the room in the silence the more the future became unknown. I had never felt like this before and it annoyed me that I couldn’t pin point how to deal with these- dear I say it, feelings.

My head flicked towards her as she stirred on the couch, a groan escaped her lips and her eyes blinked open making contact with mine…


(Part 3 coming soon)

TITLE: “Your Making My Heart Hurt”

WARNINGS: A few swear words..

Tag Requests: @writingfortheavengers

“Buck!” I heard her screaming my name, but I couldn’t bare to look at her. I continued down toward the front door of the facility. I heard the door shut behind me as I made it to the drive way. I was almost to my motorcycle when I heard her voice again, “Please baby.” I looked over my shoulder at her, she was a good fifteen feet from me, but I could still see her (y/c/e) eyes filled with tears. “You didn’t mean what you said, please, your hurting my heart James. I need you.” I looked down down at my boots, “I’m sorry (y/n).” I got on my motorcycle and sped off. I shouldn’t have looked, but I did. I seen her running down the road, but soon her reflection in my mirror was gone.
It’s been a few days since I left, and it killed me being away from her. I looked at her picture, I carried in my wallet, almost every second of the day. Her smile, her hair, her eyes, everything about her was soft and sweet, but she could take down anyone if she needed too. I lightly touched the picture, outlining her facial features with my fingers. Tears once again filling my eyes.

Reader’s POV:
Pacing the living room where all the Avengers sat watching me, “It’s been 3 days. Where could he be!?” Steve stood up and walked out the door. He knew where Bucky goes to clear his head, and he finally had enough of watching me stress over Bucky’s where-a-bouts. Natasha stood up and took me in her arms, “Please sit down..relax, Steve will talk to him.” I reluctantly followed her orders, I haven’t slept since he left. Every worse case scenario played through my head. “What if he relapsed? What if someone has him? What if he never comes home?” The flood gates of my eyes broke down once again as I let out a loud cry.

Bucky’s POV:
I heard heavy footsteps coming, I knew it was Steve. I just sat there on an old chair in the middle of the room of the abandoned building. “Buck?” I turned to see a not so happy Steve Rodgers, his face was the definition of disappointment and annoyance. I couldn’t look him in the eyes, his arms crossed as he stood there staring at me. “I know what your going to say Steve, I let (y/n) down. I am being selfish. I shouldn’t have left. She needs me.” Steve shrugged as he kneeled in front of me. “Buck, she is a wreck. She hasn’t slept. We have been taking turns making sure she at least eats something every day. She throws it back up, but hey. It’s something to give us some peace at mind. She is worried sick about you Buck.” His words broke my heart more than it already was. “Steve, I have been held captive. I have been tested on. Hell, I have been brainwashed several times, but right now, I am more terrified than I was then.” Steve gripped my shoulder firmly with a sad smile, “So is she, and that’s why you need to come home. For her and for you. You have me, Sam, Nat, Bruce, Clint, and even Tony.” His words gave me slight peace, but my heart was still trembling.

Reader’s POV:
It’s been two hours since Steve left, and he hasn’t came back yet. I sat there on the couch staring at the two pictures in my hand, replaying every moment I had with James in my head. The laughs we shared, the way his hands perfectly interlocked with mine. My thoughts were broken by the sound of not one but two motorcycles pulling into the driveway. I wanted so much to burst through the front door to greet him, but my body would not move. Steve opened the door that brought the rest of the team into the living room, he gave me a small smile as he walked in. I slowly stood up when Bucky walked in, his hair hanging in his face. His hands were in his jacket pockets, his hat covering his eyes, but I still knew he was looking at me. The team stood in silence, as they watched me just stared at the man I love standing there silently. My sight became blurry as my eyes watered, when he finally softly spoke, “Hey..” He took off his black cap and ran his metal hand through his hair and stopping on the back of his neck, “(y/n), I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have ran off like that, it was selfish of me. I would give you the excuse of being terrified about this, but even so, it gives me no right to run away from you.” He must have expected me to slap him when I approached him, because he was shocked when I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face into his neck. His hands slowly wrapped around my waist, “I love you James, even if you smell like shit.” I felt his chest move when he gave a small chuckle. I looked into his blue eyes as he wiped mine, “I haven’t showered since I left, what do you expect?“ I gave him a smile, "Can I see the picture again?” The words surprised me, my smile grew on my face as I gave him a nod.

Bucky’s POV:
I was nervous, as she handed me the picture. My heart pounding in my chest, as I looked down. I held it with my metal hand as gently as I could, I was fearful I would damage the beautiful image that made me so afraid, but thrilled at the same time. I outlined the small black and white image with my human hand ever so lightly, tears filled my eyes. Not sad or painful tears, but tears of unexplainable joy. I looked into (y/n) eyes, and all the anxiety that once filled me was gone. Peace took its place, I smiled at her, “I can’t believe I’m going to be a dad.” She agreed at the thought of her becoming a mom, I looked back at the picture of our unborn child and knelt down in front of her, I lifted her shirt slightly and kissed her stomach softly, “Hey kiddo, this is your daddy…”

Could you do a dean/sam x child reader? Where the reader follows
the boys after a hunt because she attached to them. The reader is this quiet/emotionless little girl.Could i also be tagged in your stories?

Chapter 3:

Sam looks up from this letter and sees how Dean eyes the framed photos and pictures.
As soon as he realizes that his brother finished reading, his green eyes are watching him curiously.

“And?”, Dean asks and his brother looks back on the piece of paper in his hands:“ Do you know what object she’s attached to?”

“No..”,Sam shakes his head:“ But now I know the reason why she’s angry at me.”

Dean raises his eyebrows:“ Didn’t you say that she says that Jessica’s blood is on your hands?”

“She wants me to think that.”,Sam explains and stands up, he walks up to his brother and gives him the letter:“ In reality she’s only angry at me for letting her down, because after Jess’ dead I never called or texted her. She said that she needed me after the death of her big sister, and I never visited her.”

“Sooo she’s angry at you for being a massive dick?”, Dean asks and Sam sends him a sassy look.


Back at the bunker, Sam walks into the library and holds the leter in his left hand:“Y/N..Please show yourself. I think we need to talk.”,Dean, who wants stop him before he does something he’s going to regret, isn’t able to reach his brother because
Y/N throws him against the wall.

“Yeah you’re right.”, Y/N says bitterly and Sam turns around to see her learning against a bookshelf:“ Were going to have a long nice chat, before I’m going to murder you.”


“You’re not going to kill me!”, Sam says and holds the letter behind his back.

At first Y/N looks at him with wide eyes, then she starts laughing.
Like someone just told her a bad joke:“Oh Sammy, I’m going to kill you. Slow, and painful because-”

“Because I killed your sister?”, Sam interrupts her and raises his eyebrows:“ We both know you don’t really think that way, do you?”

Then he holds the letter in the air, and sees how the smile of Y/N’s face fades:“ Where did you find this?”, and for a few seconds Sam can see the human Y/N.
Lost, and broken.

“At your parents house. It says that you loved me like a brother.”, Sam says and Y/N shakes her head.

“You never called. After her dead you never called me!”, She says while she looks at him with a cold and disappointed look, it hurts him to see her like this. To be the reason of her sadness:“ YOU LEFT ME ALONE AFTER HER FUNERAL, YOU ENTERED THIS UGLY CAR AND-”

“HEY!”, Dean interrupts her but she ignores him, and keeps screaming at Sam.
While the lights around them flicker’s and it getting colder and colder.

“WHEN I CAME BACK HOME EVERYTHING BECAME DARK AROUND ME. I WAS SO LOST SAM!”, she stops and starts to cry:“ I needed you Sammy, more than ever. But you never came, you never visited. And now look what happened.”

“But that’s not a good reason to kill someone.”, Dean says and stands up:“ Or say things you don’t mean, I mean my baby is beautiful.”

“Dean.”, Sam says and gives him a look:“ Now is not the time to -”

“No he’s right.”, She says and looks at the floor:“ I am sorry, Sam. Ever since I’m a freaking ghost, Im trying to kill people. This has to stop..I guess you can make it stop right?”

Sam looks to his brother:“ Yes we can, we just have one question for you.”,Dean answers and the girl turns around to face him.

“Is there something you’re attached to that you gave to Sam?”

Y/N look at the floor and it seems like she tries to think about it:
“Yes, Yes of course.”

The youngest brother raises his eyebrows and smiles:“ And what is it?”


“Okay.”, Sam says and hold the amulet in his left hand:“ Are you ready to go to heaven?”, he smiles at her and she nods:“Any last words?”

“I want you to know…”,Dean says and a proud smile is on his lips:“ That I killed Hitler.”

“I meant her, Dean. Not you!”, He runs a hand over his face and gives him a sassy look:“ She never wanted to know-”

“Actually it’s pretty awesome.”, Y/N interrupts him :“ Now I met the hero who killed that bastard.”, she gives the oldest Winchester a wink and looks back at Sammy:“ Keep Fighting Sammy, okay?”

She closes her eyes and Sam sets the amulet on fire, slowly she disappears and so does the amulet in his hands.
Till there is only ash left.

Sam who looks to his brother smiles:“ She was a nice girl, broken and depressed but still good.-”

“And she said that it’s awesome that I killed Hitler.”, Dean says proud and goes all his way up to the kitchen.
Sam rolls his eyes, and walks to his room.


Slowly he opens a box and takes out a few photos.
One with him and his brother, and another one with him and his mother.
“Oh there you are.”, Sam says and takes out a picture that shows him and Y/N.
Smiling and laughing.
“Rest in peace,Y/N.”, He whispers:“You deserve it.”

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 2 630
summary :Reader has a crush on Kai , and Kai has some feelings for her but he doesn’t understand what they are and later on he finds out Reader is different than any other girl he has ever set eyes on.
*gif by  christopherwooddaily

It was just another ordinary day in Mystic Falls. Almost. Lilly Salvatore’s heretics were out of the 1903 Prison World and Malachai Parker , the first guy Y/N ever had a crush on was now one of them - a vampire witch hybrid. Life had gotten a lot more complicated for her and her friends the past few years. Even though the people closest to her didn’t like Kai , she did. There was something about him - the way he walked , the way he talked. He was always a little nicer to her even before the merge with his brother Luke , which of course made her fall for him even more.
Y/N was one of the few humans left in the Mystic Falls gang along with Matt and sometimes that felt incredible - to be the only one who actually has the chance at a real future with kids and everything. A chance at a normal life. Others it was torture because as a human she always got caught in the crossfire.
Around lunch time she headed for the town square. It was sunny and warm , the bluer than usual with not a single cloud unless the thin clouds looking like a stroke of a brush on the sky. Y/N loved those clouds - it was as if someone was using the sky as a canvas to draw. She sat on one of the benches with her scketch pad , a pencil and a rubber. Her hands swiftly moving the graffit across the page drawing the monument a few meters away. Drawing always helped her clear her mind , to focus and put things in perspective.
At the wedding a few weeks ago , she had seen Kai die but also she had seen him come back to life and turn into what he was right now. The blast had sent her flying towards one of the walls , glass pieces puncturing her skin. There were no vampires around , only Kai and his family up until the point they had all died.

After Kai had fed and completed the transition , he headed towards the exit , a grin on his face looking at all the mayhem he had created. Y/N’s mind had been fuzzy from the blood loss and he throbbing headache in her head , but she remembered clearly Kai walking towards her , kneeling in front of her. His grin was still on his face , but his eyes betrayed him. There was hurt in them , tears filling them and fast.
“Ohh … ” he said mockingly. “Did your precious friends ditch you here to die ? I thought they cared more about you , seeing how every time I was around they always dragged you away from me and now … here we are. You and me. Alone … sort of.”
“P-please … just … l-let me die in p-peace.” she mummbled weakly. However nice he had been to her , she didn’t think he’d save her after what he had done. She hoped he would , she wanted him to and maybe that’s why she had said to let her die. Because he always tended to do the opposite.
Kai reached for the pieces of glass puncturing her stomach , the one in her leg and pulled them out only then noticing there was a piece in her shoulder too.
“You weren’t supposed to get in the crossfire Y/N.” he said biting his wrist and bringing it to her lips. “I am not going to let you die. You are the closest thing to a friend I’ve got. What kind of a friend would I be if I let you bleed out ?”
He caressed her cheek , pushing up her dress a little to make sure the wound on her hip had heeled. Kai looked into her eyes , his gaze so intense it sent butterflies in her stomach.
“Get out of here. Go home. I don’t want you near this place for what comes next.” he said softly , getting up and walking away.
Kai had healed her and tried to compell her not realising she was wearing her vervain bracelet. What he had said about not wanting her there only made her want to say and in the end it had been the right choice. He saved her life earlier in the evening only so she can save his later that same night.

“Do I really look like that ?” said a male voice from behind her.
Y/N turned around only now realising Kai was leaning over her starring at the page where there was a drawing of his face. She had been so lost in her thoughts , she had drawn his face in a haze. Quickly she closed her sketchpad as he sat next to her.
“I didn’t know you draw.” he said putting his arm across her shoulder. “Why would you draw me ?”
Y/N turned her head towards him , their faces closer than she had expected. Kai was smiling , his smoky blue eyes glowing for some reason. She felt her heart skip a beat for a second and then starting to beat so fast , as if trying to leap out of her chest and into his hands. Butterflies flapped their wings in her stomach and she felt her breath getting caught in her throat.
“It helps me clear my head.” she said clearing her throat. “What are you doing in the middle of town square? Damon is looking for you. He’ll kill you if he finds you.”
“Let him try. I am a heretic now , he is no match for me.” said Kai turning his gaze away from her for a moment. “I never said ‘thank you’ for saving me that night.”
“It’s only fair. You saved me first.” smiled Y/N.
“There is something that’s bothering me though… Why would you save me ? Why … would I save you ?” he wondered out loud. “All this emotion thing is … hard. I can’t figure it out and now it’s even more complicated.”
“How so ?” she asked curious.
“Because … ” he sighed. “… I don’t know what any of those emotions mean. Like there is this strange one I am feeling right now - my palms are sweaty and this fuzzy warm feeling in my stomach is … never mind. And I just want to …”
Kai turned towards her , his palm brushing against her cheek making her lean into it. Y/N closed her eyes for a moment enjoying his touch. He liked her. A smile spread across her face for a second before quickly disappearing. She got up picking up her things. Kai stared at her confused. All of the sudden she felt nervous being this close to him , like a wall was building up itself around her. Y/N wanted to kiss him , even more so now after what he had said , but she couldn’t. Not because of what he might think or what her friends might say. No. Because she had never kissed anyone before.
“Where are you going ?”
“Why ? Did I do something wrong ?” he asked studying her face. Y/N had smiled when he had touched her face. Why would she be in such a hurry all of the sudden?
“What’s with the single word answers Y/N?” he asked listening to her heart beat which was now erratic , slowly figuring out things. “OH I get it.” he said grinning. “I make you nervous don’t I ?”
“No.” she lied again.
Kai smiled to himself , being able to tell she was being dishonest with him. That’s why she had saved him. Something about those emotions he felt towards her clicked for a moment. He had been laying awake at night these past few weeks , trying to push her out of his mind. Finding himself dreaming about her when he falls asleep and generally wanting to be with her all the time.
“You like me.“ Kai said amused.
“Don’t deny it. I can see you blush just now.” he said leaning in. “Your heart is racing and … just now your breathing got so shallow its barely there.” he added in a hushed voice , his lips nearly touching hers. “You don’t have to hide your feelings. I may be a sociopath but doesn’t mean I don’t notice things … or that I don’t want to be with you.”
Y/N looked at him confused. Had he just admitted he wants to be with her as more than friends ? No. She shook her head slightly , turning away without giving him an answer but he blocked her way. Their eyes met and she felt the butterflies in her stomach all over again as she got lost in his eyes for the millionth time.
“I have literally no idea what you are talking about Kai.” she lied , pushing her way past him , her hand on his chest where his heart is for a second. Kai grabbed her wrist not letting her take her hand off. His gaze dropped for a second and then his lips smashed against hers , kissing passionatelly making her legs feel like jelly. About half a minute later he pulled away with a smile on his face.
“Are you going to deny it now too ?“
Y/N fought the urge to pull him into a another kiss , to feel his lips on hers again. She had never felt anything like what she felt in that moment. Like every fiber in her body just came to life , demanding to be with him. To have more. Y/N pulled her hand away , blinking fast a few times before meeting his eyes.
“Nothing to deny Kai , because there is nothing there.” she said walking away from him , her mind consumed by what had just happened.
Kai watched her walking away , listening to her breathing and a smile spread across his face. He knew now for sure - she had feelings for him and he wanted to find out if he has feelings for her too.

* * *

Kai sneaked into her house that night , carefully and quietly climbing up the stairs towards her bedroom. Y/N had curled up on the bed , a book semi open next to her. He smiled seeing the title of the book - Dr Jekyl and Mr. Hide. Kai crawled into bed with her , gently brushing hair from her cheek trying not to wake her up. She looked so pieceful , a small smile on her face for some reason. He had planned on waking her up , surprising her but now he didn’t have the heart to wake her up so instead he closed his eyes and entered her dream …

Y/N was laying on her side , holding a book in her hand when someone’s fingers trailed up and down her arm before snaking around her waist.
“Whatever you are reading , I promise you - it’s not even half as fun or interesting as me.“Kai whispered to her , his breath tickling her skin.
At first she didn’t react , enjoying his touch and then she jumped up sitting in her bed starring at Kai.
"What the hell ?! Get off my bed !”
Kai grinned at her.
“Awwh but why would I do that ? I want to be here .. with you … all alone.” he said crawling over her , his fingers brushing her cheek tracing down her neck onto her shoulder down her hand , intertwining them with her fingers. He could feel her tense at first and then slowly begin to melt under his touch. Y/N’s heart was racing faster than ever before , her breathing turning shallow again just like earlier today. Kai leaned in, brushing his nose against hers.
“I know you want to kiss me…” he whispered , his lips almost touching hers.
Y/N’s breath got caught in her throat. Of course she wanted to kiss him. Ever since he kissed her earlier that day , she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him even more than usual. And now the desire to be with him had gotten magnified somehow.
“Y-you are wrong.” she whispered , not wanting her voice to betray her true feelings.
Kai pouted for a second. “Sure you do. I bet you haven’t stopped thinking about our little moment earlier today… I sure haven’t.” he trailed off.
Y/N was taken a back from his words. Why would he be thinking about their kiss?
“What are you d-doing in my bed , Kai ?”
Kai placed a gentle kiss on her cheek , then another on her jawline his lips moving onto her neck sucking a spot onto her collarbone. A small unvoluntary moan escaped her lips at the feeling and her hand covered her mouth.
“I told you - I want to be with you. I
want you.” he whispered in her ear , gently biting her earlobe. Kai’s finger traced her cheek onto her lips down her neck slowly. “I can hear your heartbeat sweetheart. ” he cooed , his hand squeezing her breast through her shirt before agonisingly slowly sliding down to her core. “Your breathing is so shallow , it’s barely existant…”
The more Kai’s hand closed in towards her heat , the more she felt a burning feeling building up. He pushed his fingers down her short shorts , teasing her folds through her panties , feeling she had gotten wet.
“Awh sweetheart… You definitely can’t deny that.” he said , his voice low.
Y/N closed her eyes enjoying the new feeling and then grabbed his hand pulling it out of her short shorts before pushing him off her. Thing was - it was her first time. Not that she didn’t want him this way , because she did but there were all these walls building up again.
“I have to hand it to you Y/N , your self control is incredible.” Kai said laying next to her , turning to the side whispering in her ear. “It’s driving me insane… you are driving me insane.”
Y/N turned her head towards him finding him closer than she had expected. Her eyes met his , the change in them more visible now - they were a darker shade of blue , filled with lust and desire. Her hand caressed his cheek for a moment , before she pulled away and got up from the bed.
Kai got up fast , vamp speed running towards her spinning her around and pinning her against the wall. He pressed his body against hers.
“Why do you keep denying your feelings for me ?” he asked , his lips hovering over hers. “Tell me.”
Y/N was very close to losing herself into Kai. His movements were only pushing her towards the limit , clouding her mind.
“Because … I … ” she said in low voice. “I haven’t …”
Kai’s eyes widened a little realising her words. Y/N had her eyes closed visibly trying to force the words out of her mouth.
“OH.” he said surprised. “Wait … w-was our kiss earlier your first kiss too?”
Silence. Kai took that as his answer. He was starting to have doubts , not because she was a virgin but because this wasn’t real - it was all in her head. Kai wanted it to be real. He put his hands on her waist , giving her a small smile and tossed her onto the bed , his lips smashing against hers.

Y/N woke up , her book in her hands sweat on her forehead. She laid back onto the bed taking a deep breath. That had been some dream and part of her wished it had been real the other was glad it hadn’t been and her secret is going to stay a secret.
Kai stood in the corner of her room , cloaked , looking at her smile at the dream she had awoken from. He was going to do things differently , no matter how much he wanted her right in that moment , he was going to take things slow and wait for her until she was ready and all the walls she had build around herself disappeared.

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

“I remember the first time I ever saw you,” Were the first words out of his mouth, and with those nine simple words, you could feel the tears prickle behind your eyes. Clint could seem them too, and he shook his head a little, grinning, “We promised each other, no cry, Y/N,” he whispered teasingly, before clearing his throat and beginning again.

“I remember the first time I ever saw you,” he stopped, to smirk again and blink his eyes a few times, “I believe you were throwing my ass to the ground, if I remember correctly, and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. You were like a raging fire, a wildcard, someone SHIELD had not quite taken care of yet.”

You closed your eyes, and you could see it, exactly how it had been. Raining, and hot and everything moving faster than you could imagine.

“SHIELD wanted me to take you out,” Clint chuckled, “Clearly, they had no idea who you really were…there’s no way they would have sent me in with that little information, alone…but, I digress. They wanted me to take you out. But, if you look over at your maid of honour there, you know I am an expert at making different calls.” 

You glanced over your shoulder towards where Natasha stood, gorgeous as ever,with an actual smile on her face. “They asked you to take her out, I don’t think they meant on a date, Barton,” she quipped at the man in front of you. 

Clint rolled his eyes, his beautiful, soft eyes. “Yea, that’s probably not what they expected. But the moment I saw you, I knew. I knew I could never kill you, hell, I could hardly even hurt you. So there we were, at odds, me basically fighting for my life because you’re a serious asskicker, Y/N, a beautiful, crazy asskicker. So I asked you, I asked you if you wanted a second chance, at a different life. And God knows why, but you said yes. Thank God you said yes, or we wouldn’t be here right now.”

That comment earned a few chuckles from the audience, and one from you as well. You blinked again, trying to stop those tears from coming.

“And boy, was I in deep shit with Fury for a while,” Clint continued, rubbing circles with his thumb on your hands. “But it was worth it. And I remember, I remember our first date. Do you remember it, Y//N?”

You nodded, unable to open your mouth, for you knew if you did you would start bawling your eyes out. 

“You in that red dress…I was in way over my read, I thought I was going to lose it right then and there….you were so beautiful,” His voice cracked slightly, smiling at you.

“I couldn’t quite catch my breath, looking at you, or even talk, if you remember. I think we got beers. No, I know we got beer, because I wouldn’t have been able to calm down without a drink. You ordered a steak, a big ol rare steak, and ate the whole thing. You were even beautiful when you were eating. I thought to myself ‘Shit, I must literally be sitting in front of an angel. No one is this damn beautiful when they eat,’ But you were.”

And then I dropped you off at home, even though I would have loved to invite you home with me.  And you knew. You knew that. I mean shit, I don’t know how you knew where my house was, but you are a damn genius because you knew. And I swear, Y/N, I almost shot you, because I got home, made my way inside, and there you were, waiting for me.

“And, well, I won’t go into what happened after that, because if you remember like I do, and I hope you do, it’s an incredibly vivid memory,” He turned to his groomsmen, Steve, and Phil, and Tony, and wiggled his eyebrows. 

“Want me to punch him?” Nat drawled from behind you, causing you to giggle, but you shook your head no. This was perfect, all of it, because he was perfect. You had never met a more amazing man in your life, and here he was, standing in front of you in a suit and tie, holding your hands, and looking you in the eye.

“And that was just the first date. Do you remember the karaoke one?” He asked you.

“Oh god,” you groaned, “Don’t you dare tell that story, Clint Barton!” You squeezed his hands playfully.

“You, Y/N, were so drunk. I mean, really, really drunk. I don’t know if any of you,” he turned towards the few rows of chairs, “Have seen Y/N really, completely drunk. But if you have, you know she just Loves to sing when she’s drunk. And that night, it was no exception. And Y/N, she wanted to sing for everyone. She wanted to get up and do some karaoke. And there’s no stopping Y/N when she really wants to do something. So she got right up on that stage and sang the most drunk rendition of Don’t Stop Believin I have ever heard in my life.”

 And it was that exact moment when I knew I was in love with her.” He turned back to you, looking you in the eyes. “And nothing on earth could stop me from telling you, which, partially had something to do with everything we had drank that night.” The audience laughed once more.

“Lucky for me, you said it back. I remember the Battle of New York, when I thought I lost you. I looked out that building window and saw you destroying those damn aliens one by one, it was like a dance for you, the way you moved, those crazy knives you love so much tearing them to shreds. And we fought our way to each other. And I knew then that I never wanted to be away from you ever again, I never wanted to lose you.”

You couldn’t help it anymore, the tears started to slide down your cheeks. Happy, happy tears. 

“So then I came up with the worst proposal idea in the history of ever, because you absolutely hate being the center of attention or called out in public. So what did I do? Called you out in public and made you the center of attention. It was at a big benefit dinner, for those of you who haven’t heard this story. I was making some donation announcement when I….made a few changes to the script. I started my speech talking about how awesome my girlfriend had been for this charity fundraiser, and I looked over at her, and I could see this ‘I am going to literally kill you later I swear to God,’ look on her face…” Clint turned back to look at you and whispered, “Thanks for not killing me by the way.”

“And then I did it, I proposed, and you said yes. Thank god, thank Odin, thank whoever. You said yes.” He raised your hands and kisses your knuckles tenderly. “You said yes. And now here we are. All because of that first day that we met. All because of the decision SHIELD made to send me out. We were brought together. I wouldn’t have it any other way. All because of that, I get to marry the love of my life.” 

The were crying now, and you looked over towards the one who was to give you permission to marry: Melinda May, a good dear friend of yours, begging her to say the words you wished to hear so badly. 

She smiled, softly, then looked out to the crowd. “Well, without further ado, I present to you, the new Mr. and Mrs. Barton. Clint, Y/N, shut up and kiss already.”

Nothing else was holding you back, you collided together, your lips meeting as if they would never, ever part, the two of you cemented together for eternity. 

Cute: KL.M Part 1

Warning contains mild violence

(At an original ball and she  is forced to be apart of a salvatore plan which involves dancing with Klaus however things don’t go as planned.. )

Word count: 1536

Two hours I had spent wandering the ballroom and I still couldn’t see him, granted the entire town had showed up to the party and it was hard to spot one individual in such a well dressed crowd but I could spot him from a mile away usually and right now he was nowhere to be seen.

I didn’t know what to do with myself- I was supposed to be the ‘distraction’ as Damon had put it but how was I supposed to distract someone I couldn’t find? So here I stood. alone on the dance floor, it had become apparent to me that neither Damon nor Stefan were here either and I only hoped that they weren’t with Klaus. I never agreed to do this- I didn’t want to be apart of the Salvatore’s evil plan- but I owed them, however I didn’t want to betray Klaus and I wasn’t going to.

I gazed around the room again, twirling as many couples danced around me to the loud, classical music. My eyes crossed over the stairs and saw nothing but after doing a double take his figure came into view and there he was, standing at the top of the staircase looking like a king. He was incredibly attractive in his pearl white suit, his well kept hair and rustic stubble brought out his true dapperness.

All air hitched in my throat when his mesmerizingly aquatic eyes peered into a mine, shortly after a smile formed at his plump lips and everything else around me became a blur. Klaus began his descent from the staircase, his eyes never left mine while doing so- I couldn’t help but check him out, with each confident stride I drifted more and more into overwhelment.

I tried to calm myself and control my rapid heart beats which I’m sure he could hear. Instinctively I gulped when he stood directly in front of me, his frame towering over me as he took in my attire (which he had picked out).

“Y'N, you look gorgeous” he complimented before taking my hand and bringing it up to his lips to place a sweet but tender kiss upon it. Goosebumps shot up my arm like fireworks as the scratchiness of his chin met with my skin.

I was at a complete loss for words but managed a few, “H-hel-lo Klaus” I stuttered as the heat rose to my cheeks. His grin only widened as he stared at me intently, he always has this affect on me, in my mind I knew what I wanted to say and how I wanted to act but the messages would always be misinterpreted, however throughout all our meeting he never seemed to mind.

The silence between us created an immense connection while all the talking was done with our eyes. I gave him an anxious smile and turned a darker shade of red. “Care to dance?” he questioned offering his hand and a mischievous smirk, I nodded slowly and placed my hand in his.

Klaus lead us to the middle of the dance floor before he spun around, one hand found my waist while the other slipped into my palm. We began to sway slowly to the music, with each step Klaus pulled me closer until I could feel his exasperatedly hot breath on my face. I studied the few yellow specks in his blue eyes as we danced, he had a way of hypnotising me without even trying.

I had gotten so adrift in his eyes that I lost my footing and stepped on his shoe causing our once smooth dancing to stagger. “OH! I’m so sorry” I apologised, stopping us and bringing both hands up to my cheeks. A worried look sprouted upon Klaus’s face before he burst into a small fit of laughter, he reached up to my face and bought my hands back down but I forced my eyes closed.

“It’s fine, not everyone has a thousand years of experience when it comes to dancing” he reassured, placing his palms on my cheeks which made me open my eyes, his face was a mere few inches away from mine and with every second I was fighting the urge to gaze at his lips. Our stares were interrupted by the sudden change of song as everyone around started to dance in a more casual and upbeat manner, however we stayed the same.

“Come with me” he encouraged removing his hands from my face and entwining one with mine as he lead me through the crowd and out to the backyard. I was taken back by it’s wonder, the cobblestoned patio was decorated with many flowers that shone brightly against the glowing moon and stars illuminated across the sky, stealing my attention.

Klaus let go of my hand and took a few steps forward as he admired the the nights aire feel, there was not a noise to be heard and if not for the situation I would find the silence worrisome. “It’s lovely isn’t it?” he questioned as his back faced me.

“B-beautiful more like it” I replied causing Klaus to look back and chuckle at me.

“Ah yes but it’s certainly not as beautiful as you” he added while I slowly walked to stand next to him. My eyes widened momentarily and I silently thanked the darkness of the night for concealing my obvious blushing. We turned to face each other as Klaus took a hold of both my hands.

“Thank you Klaus, really, this dress and the invitation- I couldn’t ask for anything more”.

“You don’t need to, you deserve it all” He assured placing his thumb upon my cheek.

“Why did you invite me?” I asked holding his tepid hand to my face and rubbing it. His smile dimmed slightly as if my question was unexpected.

“My dear, I invited you simply because you intrigue me with everything you do, I’ve never felt the way I do with you before and-”

His words were cut off by a prominent flesh crushing noise, Klaus’s lips parted as he groaned loudly in pain. I gasped loudly jolting back to see a wooden stake piercing through his chest.

“KLAUS!” I yelled in panic as he dropped to his knees in front of me, I flicked my head around to see Alaric holding a crossbow and Damon at his side. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” I yelled at them both before kneeling down to Klaus and supporting his torso while he grunted. My hand reached around to pull out the stake but I was stopped by hand.

“We are going ahead with the plan” replied Damon who nudged me away roughly and stood in front of an angry Klaus. Damon kneeled down in front of him and smirked “Sorry to ruin your fun Klaus but we have business that needs attending to and-”

“Damon let him go!” I interrupted shoving him out the way and running towards Klaus, my hands gripped the stake protruding from his back and I heaved it out of him with one big tug which sent me flying back on to the patio. Klaus regained his footing and lunged at Damon without a second to lose, Damon looked taken back but dodged him.

“Alaric could you deal with her while we chat business?” Alaric nodded and grabbed a hold of my arm.

“What the bloody hell do you want Salvatore?” barked Klaus, his eyes turning yellow and teeth protruding. I couldn’t help but stare at his blood soaked suit.

Damon smirked, he always played these stupid games “Well… You. Dead.” he retorted, a smirk appeared upon Klaus’s face.

“So you come here, to my families party and disturb our lovely moment all so you can kill me?” he asked looking between Damon and Alaric who was still holding me back from beating the shit out of Damon.

Damon chuckled “You really think Y/N has feelings for you…” he challenged making Klaus’s smile disappear as he looked at me.

“Damon don’t!-”

“She was apart of this plan- our little distraction”. Klaus stared at me for a moment, his eyes showing a touch of sadness before they hardened lie instant dry concrete.

“Klaus! It’s not true!-” I cried but Alaric clasped a hand over my mouth.

Niklaus smiled at Damon "Hit me with your best shot!” he demanded. I began to panic as I saw Alaric aim the crossbow towards him, within seconds I jerked myself out of his grasp and ran towards Klaus, blocking him from any harm. The sound of swooping air drew closer to me until my breathing hitched in my throat and I felt a painful jab in my back sending me falling to the floor on my hands and knees.

I let out a piercing scream as I felt for the the wound and sure enough my fingers made contact with the foreign object which happened to be the blood soaked tip of a wooden stake.

Everything around me became blurry and I heard the faint shouts of Damon and Alaric but as I looked up the last thing I saw was Klaus’s lean figure running towards me and shouting my name- then everything went black…

(Stay turned for the next part :)

Let her go

7. I trusted you… Y'know what? Forget it. Reader + Steve. Romantic relationship. Maybe she saw him kiss someone else?
Prompt: 7

Pairing: Steve X reader (and avengers)

Warning: ANGST, swearing and it’s hella long.

words: 1,253

Racing down the halls, I was travelling back and forth between the common room, my room, Fury’s office and the weaponry room - looking for Steve.

I was once again at Fury’s office, “Tell me, Nick. Where is Steve? He can’t run off just two hours before the mission. This is not like him!” Beads of sweat rolled down my forehead - both of perspiration and anxiety.

“oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know he was my boyfriend. How the hell should I know? He’s always following you around like the first day you got here.”

I was fed up of not getting the answer I wanted, so I decided to finished gathering my weapons.

Sometimes Steve does the unexpected, but this? This is unacceptably childish of him. I strolled towards the weaponry room, which meant that the walk was quiet; since people rarely walk this way.

“c'mon! Isn’t this fun?” Muffled voices could be heard.

“Sharon, why are you doin-” that sounded like… Steve! But why is he with Sharon? I turned the corner, to come face to face with them… I felt like I was drowning in sorrow. As-as if 1 and a ½ year’s worth of trust, love, companionship, loyalty had gone in vain.

“woah…(Y-(Y/N)?” Steve’s innocent voice rang through the hallway. Snapping out of my trance, I zoomed past them.

“Get ready, Rogers. Mission. 1 hour 43 minutes.” No eye contact was made between Steve and I, this was the first time calling him be his surname. My eyes bored into Sharon’s; who wore a smirk - which was wiped off as soon as I pushed her into the wall before walking off to collect weapons.

CLANK. I grabbed my normal guns and some grenades, along with a knife. I didn’t need much considering that I was an experiment. The door could be heard opening behind me, “Doll, can we-”

“No we can’t, Steve! We will not do anything from now on because I trusted you. I trusted you and you deceived me. You were the last person who I thought would do that! No, you weren’t the last person because I didn’t even doubt whether you would betray me. But apparently I’m wrong. So Steven Grant Rogers, you are free to do whatever with who ever.”

His eyes were fixed at my arms, I followed his line of sight and noticed that my hands were frozen yet on flames. A scoff left my lips as I walked out telling him “1 hour 17 minutes.”

Walking back, I see Tony and Wanda walking towards the weaponry room. “Oh hey, (Y/N)- why do you look pissed enough to kill one of us?”

“Because I am, Tony.”

Boarding the quinjet early, I noticed that Natasha was already on too. Taking this opportunity, I went up to her asking, “hey Nat. Can you please swap seats with me? I’ll sit next to Clint and you can sit next to Steve.” After sending a skeptical look, she agreed.

I twirled one of my knives as I sat down in her seat, waiting for everyone to board.

everyone piled in one after the other, as Steve entered the jet, he realized the change in seats. “Real mature, (Y/N).” With that he turned to Clint.

He sat down… Next to me. He asked Clint to swap seats with him - so my plan failed. “Okay, team. Get comfy because this is 1 hour and 45 minutes flight to the HYDRA base.” Ugh, can’t you go any faster, Tony?

I could feel Steve glancing at me as I sat back. The tension thickened since this was the first time Steve and I haven’t talked during a flight; we have even held eye contact!

apparently, Steve thought that the perfect place to clear the tension was in front of the whole team. “What do I have to do to make you forgive me, doll?” This had caused everyone to pay attention to us. When I hadn’t spoken up, he tried for a second time.

“(Y/N)? Please, baby?” His sorrow could be heard in his cracking voice.

“leave me alone.” He didn’t deserve forgiveness just yet, anger was still fresh in me.

“look, sweet. I’m truly, truly sorry for breaking your trust. I honestly didn’t know that was going to happen.” he turned to his right to properly speak to me.

“yeah! Then when you finished kissing Sharon, why did you respond with ‘woah’? Or did you not know that was going to happen?” The team was gob-smacked by the turn of events which occurred.

“guys, maybe you should talk about that when you’re not… About to do a mission in a HYDRA base.” everyone agreed with Bruce.

“it was out of confusion! You can’t hold that against me. If you want to be angry, then fine. But make sure you still listen to my orders, I’m still captain.” How could he talk about the mission when our RELATIONSHIP was at stake?

“If you’re captain, you could’ve done something to stop her. You know how she hates the fact that we’re together. You KNOW how much I despise her. I don’t ask for you to shut her off completely - I could never ask for that. But, I trusted you…Y'know what? Forget it.” I stood up, travelling to the front; next to Tony.

“you okay?” I nodded as a reply, I had no energy to even open my mouth. Tears slipped from my eyes. I’m broken.

bullets fired. Grenade’s thrown. Enemies killed. Blood covered floors. “Guys, it’s Barton. Check if the base is clear. If it is, Steve you know what to do.

Within seconds everyone replied with ‘clear’, except myself. Being in the computer room required me to be silent, so I didn’t attract any enemy operatives. “Well, I think the building’s clear, throw in the grenade.” Shit.

“Guys, I’m still inside! Don’t-” before I could finish, a scalding sensation reigned over me.

Steve’s POV

“guys, I’m still inside! Don’t-” BEEP. Static took over the intercom. I watched the base deteriorate in front of my eyes. No. No, no, no, (Y/N)! i felt like my world came crashing down, i cant bare the fact of losing her. i can’t let that happen! As soon as the fire died down, I raced in, not caring if I had risked my life. Weaving in and out of the rooms, I heard a weak cry for help. Oh my god! (Y/N), why? Grabbing her, I cannoned out of this hell.

It had been three weeks since she woke up. (Y/N), you’re stronger than this, don’t let it defeat you. We all need you, I need you. I was determined to be there when she woke up, so I never left her side. In fact, none of us left her sight, the WHOLE team stayed in the room since the… Incident.

minuscule grunts could be heard, “ugh.. St-Steve?” (Y/N)! Within seconds I was up and alive, along with everyone else.

“(Y/N), I’m right here, baby. Whatever you need, I’m listening. Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I should’ve asked you where you were before throwing the grenade.” She squeezed my hand as a sign to shut up.

“I just need one thing. I need to bitch slap Sharon for stealing my man.” There was still a glimmer of hope left.

“D-does this mean that you forgive me, Angel?” Tears welled up my eyes.

“yes, Stevie. I forgive you. I love you so much.”

“I love you too doll, I love you too…”


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader

WORD COUNT : 2 058

Both Kai and Reader have feelings for each other but none of them is willing to admit it to the other until Reader gets injured… 

*not my gif

It was Friday night and Y/N and Kai were supposed to meet at the movies. There was this scary movie Kai wanted to see and she had been more than happy to agree because it meant that during the scary scenes , he’ll hold her hand and pull her close to him. They’d sit in the back , away from the other viewers , as if they are the only people there. Y/N had feelings for him , but knew that he most likely didn’t feel the same way about her , so she kept quiet. Some times Kai would do or say something , making her wonder if he does have feelings for her , but … he never acted on it and she thought it she had imagined it.

Y/N walked down the street towards the cinema when her phone rang.
Kai. said the called ID. She smiled and answered.
“Hey.” she said smiling.
“When are you getting here? ” Kai said on the phone.
“I’m just turning down the street…” she said. “Be with you in a jiffy.”
Kai laughed from the other end of the phone.
“Alright , see you in a jiffy then.” he said smiling and hang up.

A moment later Kai saw her coming from other side of the street and his heart stopped for a moment. It happened every time he saw her. Y/N knew his past and everything he had done and had accepted him just the way he was , even before the merge. Y/N never judged him based on his past instead she supported him and had been there for him every single time he needed someone. He’d call her in the middle of the night or just turn up at her place unannounced and she’d let him in. They’d sit together and Y/N would listen and comfort him. Kai didn’t know how or when exactly he had fallen in love with her but he knew there was no changing that.

Y/N was crossing the street towards him when out of nowhere a car showed up and hit her , the driver not stopping. 
“Y/N !” Kai screamed running towards her. Y/N laid on the ground semi conscious. He pulled her into his arms , brushing her cheek. Her eyes fluttered open and closed as she tried to stay awake.
“You will be OK.” he said , his voice trembliing. “You will be OK ….“
Y/N reached her hand towards his cheek ; she wanted to touch him , comfort him but when she tried to speak no sound came out. There were so many things she wanted to tell him … Y/N tried to speak once again , only one wish popping into her head. If this was to be the end for her…
“Smile , please …” she said weakly. “I want to see your smile again.”
“You will be OK , just hold on…” he said , adding a weak smile afterwards.
“Kai , I …” she started to say but didnt get the chance to finish. Her eyes closed and she drifted into darkness./

Kai’s eyes were full of tears as he pulled her body closer to his. He could still feel her heartbeat…barely but still there.
“No , no. Please don’t leave me!” Kai said , his voice breaking. “You can’t die , you hear me! You can’t die , not now …” tears starting to roll his cheeks.
He felt as if air was being sucked out of his lungs , his heart breaking to million pieces watching Y/N’s unconscious body and knowing he can’t do anything to help her. A few moments after , he heard the sirens of the ambulance. The doctors lifted her body onto a gurney and Kai got into the ambulance with them , holding Y/N’s in his feeling her warmth not letting go.
After they arrived at the hospital , Kai spent hours pacing the hallway waiting for the doctors to come out and tell him what had happened. He was barely able to control his emotions , he felt sad , angry and broken at the same time. He punched a wall , bruising his hand but he didnt care about the pain , actually he didnt feel the pain on his hand at all. His heart was aching for Y/N. All he wanted was to take Y/N home , tell her how he felt about her before it’s too late …
After what seemed to him ages , the doctors finally came out to talk to him.
Soon after they transferred Y/N to a single room. His heart breaking a little at the sight of her in a hospital bed.
Kai held her hand and leaned over her , resting his forehead on hers.
“Come back to me , Y/N.” he whispered.“ Please come back to me… I love you.” he whispered , pressing his lips on hers.

Nearly a whole day passed before Y/N woke up.
Kai was sitting on a chair by Y/N’s hospital bed , holding her hand. His eyes were red and puffy from all the tears he had shed. The past few hours had been the worst in his life. He never knew pain such as this existed. It was as if someone had ripped his heart out and sent him straight to hell causing him the same excruciating pain over and over again.
The doctors had told him that it will take a while before she wakes up , but she will make full recovery… tho that didn’t make him feel any less worried. They had had to take out her spleen and she had bruised ribs and a broken leg but other than that she was alright.
Kai brought her hand to his lips , gently kissing her fingers. He felt broken , part of him fearing he’d never be able to feel whole again. He should’ve told her he loved her…. he should’ve told her when he first realised what those feelings meant.
Y/N squeezed his hand slightly. Kai’s eyes turning to look at her straight away feeling a flicker of hope.
“Y/N?” he said softly. “Please wake up …”
A few moments later he saw her eyes flutter and she opened them , her eyes taking in the room , her gaze falling on Kai. He felt a rush of relief seeing her beautiful eyes open again.
“Kai …” she said weakly.
“Shhh … Don’t talk.” he said softly , a smile on his face.
“Where am I?” she asked anyways.
Kai sighed. Even when in a hospital , she never listened.
“You are in a hospital. After that car hit you …” he said , swallowing hard lowering his gaze for a second. Kai was trying hard not to start crying again. “.. they brought you here… How are you feeling ?” he asked worry in his voice.
Y/N looked at him and felt her heart flutter but also break because Kai looked shattered. She couldn’t stand seeing him like this - puffy red eyes , messy hair a , she wanted to hug him and comfort him…
“A little sore.” she managed a small laugh. Kai’s eyes lit up at the sound. “Have you been here the whole time?” she asked , her voice a little louder this time. He nodded.
“I couldn’t leave you …” Kai said. Y/N managed a weak smile.
“Thank you.” she said giving his hand a squeeze.
“Y/N , there is something I … something I have to tell you.” he said nervously. Y/N looked at him confused , fear flashing in her eyes for a split second. “I … ” Kai started to say but suddenly changed his mind. No , this is not the way to tell her. It should be special. he thought. “It can wait.” he said leaning in to kiss her forehead. “You need to rest… and I am not going anywhere.”
Y/N was confused by what had just happened and wanted to ask him what it was about but she was starting to drift away again.
“Is that a promise?” she asked her voice barely louder than a whisper this time.
“It’s a promise.” Kai said , but Y/N didn’t hear him. Her eyes had already closed again , meds pulling her into a deep sleep.

Kai spent the next few days at the hospital with Y/N , never leaving her side. She spend most of the time unconscious due the painkillers , but every time she opened her eyes and saw Kai standing over her , she always smiled. Those were the only moments he felt able to breath again.
Kai had called her friends to come over at the hospital. He had asked them to heal her with vampire blood but when Y/N found out she had said No.
“People in this town have a bad habit of turning into vampires …” she had said. “I’d rather not turn into one …”

After Y/N was discharged from the hospital , Kai drove her home and helped her get settled in.
“I am going to take very good care of you.” he said helping her sit on the couch , elevating her broken leg. “Is there anything you want ? Ice cream ? Hot chocolate ? Pancakes ? ”
You. I want you. she wanted to say.
“Some ice cream would be awesome. Cookie dough and you pick the other flavour.” she said smiling.
“Got it.” he said winking at her before walking into the kitchen for the ice cream. He grabbed the ice cream (rocky road for him) from the freezer and two spoons before heading back towards the living room. “Here you go.” Kai said , sitting down next to her on the couch. She scooted over to him , her shoulder slightly brushing against his.
They were both silent for a few minutes , Y/N glancing at him and smiling. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her , even after everything that had happened there was a glow in her eyes and she seemed happy. Kai leaned in closer wanting to kiss her but he stopped himself.
“Y/N … I … I don’t know how to say this.” he said breaking the silence. Suddenly Kai felt more nervous than ever , his hands shaking and his heart about to leap out his chest.
Y/N left her ice cream to the table and took his hands in hers , looking into his eyes. “Just say it…” she said smiling.
Kai intertwined his fingers with hers and took a deep breath.
“I am in love with you , Y/N.” he said smiling , his eyes locked with hers.“ I’ve been in love with you for months and wanted to tell you so many times , but it was never the right moment…” he paused for a second. ”And then the other night when that car hit you and I held you in my hands thinking you might die , it made me realise how stupid I’ve been all this time. I should’ve told you about my feelings for you earlier. The thought of losing you and never been able to tell you how much I love you nearly killed me.” words pouring out of him. “I love you , Y/N. I love you more than anything in the world.. and I’ll understand if you just want to be friends , I just - … I don’t ever want to lose you. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I want you in my life forever.”

Y/N smiled at him. So he did have feelings for her. Kai’s blue eyes were piercing into hers , waiting for an answer.
“I love you too , Kai. I thought you didn’t feel the same way about me , that’s why I didn’t tell you. I love you.” she said , wide smile on her face.
Kai’s face lit up hearing her words all the sadness draining away replaced by happiness. He tried to speak but Y/N pressed her lips against his , not letting him. He pulled her close feeling happier than he has ever had in his life. She loved him too and nothing else mattered.
"I love you , Y/N.”  Kai said , kissing her deeply. 


Ok this whole scene is cute as fuck but can we just take a moment check out that lingering look after she replies to his question of concern? 

It’s like Daryl wasn’t happy until he had confirmed through direct eye contact that she was fine. Words weren’t going to cut it. He needed to see her eyes.

But if that’s not enough to kill me, I just fucking adore how long this idea takes for him to accept (even after releasing her arm.) Because she means far too much to him to not want that full peace of mind. 

Maybe like, “She okay? She better fuckin’ be. Yeah, eyes are clear. She’s okay. Alright then. Fuck. That little shit should thank his lucky fuckin’ stars right ‘bout now.” 

                         You can visibly see relief wash over him. 

              But even then his eyes still do not leave her right away. 

Ugh, see what they can fucking do in less than three seconds of screen time?