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Imagine Chris coming home early for your birthday.

A/N: My loves, this is a piece for all the birthday babies. Special shoutout to @shadowprincess0218 who requested a imagine for her birthday, here you go. Happy birthday, hun! Hope you have a wonderful, fantastic day. X

You strolled home from Magnolia Bakery with your phone against your ear and a paper box containing your favorite chocolate cupcake in your hand. You were on the phone with your boyfriend, Chris, who was in his home away from home in California due to work commitments. His job and its constant need to take him away from you didn’t bother you until it came to things like birthdays and anniversaries and holidays; those were the times that made you miss him the most. His absence made the day seem like just another day, which was why you declined when your friends wanted to take you out to dinner to celebrate.

“I wish you were here,” you told Chris and he smiled. “I don’t even care if we just eat cake and watch TV, I just want you to be next to me.” You used your shoulder to hold the phone against your ear so you could start picking at your cupcake. “You, me, Dodger-” you murmured with your mouth full, “that’s all I need.”

Little did you know that Chris was actually sitting on your apartment doorstep with a bouquet of roses in his hand and a small black box in his jacket pocket. He’d been planning to propose for a while- two and half years he’d been together with you, he didn’t want to wait any longer considering he knew six months in that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you.

He had planned quite a few times to pop the question but nothing ever seemed perfect enough for someone as special as you. He finally decided to just do it when you subtly reassured him that you didn’t care how he did it because as long as it was him asking, that was that mattered. It was thanks to his mom, actually, that you found out he was thinking about proposing. A week ago, while you were having lunch with Lisa and she let slip he was stalling because he couldn’t think of the ‘perfect’ way to propose. You were touched because it was kind of cute; you always knew Chris was the kind of guy who wanted the perfect proposal memory. But you were also impatient because it could have been another two and a half years before he figured out the perfect way to propose, so you nudged him along. You had no idea the nudge took him to today.

It’d been a whole month since he last saw you and his heart skipped a beat when he did. You turned the corner, looking as beautiful as ever in something as simple as a soft grey sweater, blue jeans, and black thigh high boots; his breath hitched in his throat and he smiled. He took a deep breath and got to his feet, straightening his brown suede jacket as he descended from the stairs. His heart started to pound against his chest; his hand tightened around the bouquet and he patted the small bulge in his jacket pocket. This was it, he was going to do it. He chuckled as he watched you; you were too engrossed with your cupcake to realize the one person you wanted to see was standing not thirty feet away from you.

“It’s a little difficult to book a last minute flight for dogs,” he told you and your eyes narrowed at the echoey effect. “But it’s not so bad for humans.” He chuckled softly, holding up one hand to give you a small wave when you looked up. “Hey, I have to go.” You let out a breathy chuckle of disbelief, smiling so wide that your cheeks hurt. “I just saw the love of my life walk up,” he said into the phone then hung up.

“Chris!” You ran towards him, dropping your cake as you threw your arms around his neck. He laughed and picked you up and spun you in a circle. “Oh my God,” you felt your eyes welled in your eyes and you buried your face in the crook of his neck. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too, beautiful.” He let out a satisfied sigh, clutching onto you tightly. “God, it is so good to see you.” He squeezed you as tightly as you squeezed him, neither of you wanted to let go because the past month seemed like an eternity. “Phone calls and FaceTime sessions will never make up for this.”

“Never leave me again.” You told him and both of you chuckled softly because it was an impossible request; as happy as you were, you knew he couldn’t stay for long. “I can’t believe you’re here,” you told him as you started to pull away. “Thank you, baby.” You said when you took the bouquet he was holding out for you. “These are beautiful. You just made my birthday a thousand times better,” you pecked him on the lips, smiling.

“Only a thousand?” He asked with a smile and you chuckled because you didn’t realize he was using that as a segway to pop the big question. “I was actually hoping to make it a million times better.” He told you, slipping his hand into his jacket pocket as he descended down on one knee.

“Oh my God,” you breathed.

“There will never be a perfect time, or a perfect way to propose.” He began, flipping the little box open to reveal a breathtaking diamond ring; from the looks of it, Chris followed the three month’s salary rule which was insane considering who he was and what he did for a job. “But,” he paused for effect, his smile widening as he took your left hand in his. “There is a perfect person for everyone and you, my love, you’re mine.”

“Chris,” your voice quivered out of excitement and nerves.

“Shhh,” he chuckled, pressing one finger to his lips. “I wanted a Disney World proposal but I’m doing it on your doorstep instead, the least you can do is let me make my speech.” He joked and you chuckled, pressing your lips together to show you were going to shut it. “Okay, where was I? Yes, um-” he cleared his throat, catching his train of thought. “I know it’s ridiculous and you may think I’m just saying it for the sake of the romance, but- I knew when I met you that we were going somewhere. You were like this light that wouldn’t stop shining on my life, even the darkest days felt bright with you in it. The past two and a half years have been both an absolute dream and utter hell for me,” he said and your eyes narrowed in confusion; he chuckled softly and explained. “Because you’re amazing and I love every second with you, but it’s also been a long one million three hundred and fourteen thousand seconds to get to this moment. If I could’ve,” his voice quivered as tears welled in his eyes, “I would’ve proposed after our first date.”

“Just ask me already,” you urged, laughing to stop yourself from crying.

“Will you marry me?” He asked, smiling.

“Yes,” you nodded.

He smiled and slipped the ring onto your finger before getting up off the ground to wrap his arms around you and draw you in for the kiss of a lifetime. It felt as though all the stars aligned that night and no birthday was ever going to top this one. Chris broke the kiss and hugged you tightly, you smiled and held up your hand in front of the both of you to admire the ring.

“This is possibility one of the most impractical things you’ve ever bought,” you told him and he chuckled softly, pressing a soft kiss on the side of your head. “Like I love it, it’s beautiful. I mean- don’t get me wrong. I’m very, very impressed with the ring-”

“Then just kiss me and shut up,” he chuckled.

“But,” you continued and he groaned, feigning annoyance; you chuckled. “We could’ve used the money to buy that beautiful house we saw a few months ago, have somewhere we can call ours instead of yours or mine. I mean- yeah, I have my place and you have yours but- don’t you want somewhere we can call ours?” You didn’t know if you were making sense but from the look on Chris’ face, you knew he understood what you meant. “You get it, right?”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “But you get my job, right? I can afford to buy both, which is kind of what I did.” You narrowed your eyes in confusion as he pulled away from you. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a set of brand new keys. “Remember your dream house?” Your jaw dropped and you held out your hand excitedly, he chuckled and placed them in the palm of your hand. “Well, it just became a reality.”

Chapter Two:Unexpected kiss

It’s been three days since Kells has been back in Cleveland. We’ve done absolutely nothing apart from laze around in ours sweats. However, we have watched everything on Netflix and smoked hella weed in those three days, so that’s quite an achievement! It was 10am when I woke up, Kells was still asleep. He looked so peaceful, one arm raised and under his head, his blonde hair covering his face and his mouth slightly open. I didn’t want to wake him so I carefully crept out of the bed and in to see my sister.

“Morning (Y/N)” she mumbled as soon as I opened the door. She was laying in her bed playing on her phone, probably hungover from being out last night with her girls.

“Morning (Y/S/N) happy birthday!” I leant over, kissed her head and handed her a little gift box along with a card.

“Aww thanks! Are you and K coming tonight? We’re going to that cute cocktail bar downtown.” She sat up in the bed and yawned. She definitely went out drinking last night, I could still smell the alcohol on her and let’s face it, she didn’t look great!                                                                                                                                                            

“Sure” I sat down on the side of her bed. “I definitely will, I dunno about Kells though. I’ll ask him when he wakes up.”

“Did he stay here again?!” she asked, I knew exactly what she was gonna say next so I breathed in deeply to brace myself for it… “You two need to hurry up and get together already, jeez.” She laid back down in the bed and sighed.

“Shut up (Y/S/N), he’s my best friend.” I raised my eyebrows like I was disgusted.

“We all know you like him, I think you’re the only one who hasn’t figured it out yet!” she rolled her eyes at me.

“He could legit have any girl he wanted… no, he does get any girl he wants. He’s not gonna settle for me, he doesn’t like me in that way anyway”

“I guess we’ll just find out tonight!” She smiled at me.

“Find out what tonight?!”

“You’ll find out” She rolled over and obviously didn’t want to talk anymore, so I went back to my room to see if K was up yet.

“Good morning sleeping beauty, you are awake” You joked.

“Morning” He sat up in the bed and stretched; his black vest rising up, revealing the ‘V’ line I’d always been attracted to and the XXX tattoo on his lower stomach. His voice always sounded so raspy in the morning, it was sexy. I found myself staring at him for a couple seconds, I was beginning to look at him in a different way. I didn’t realize how beautiful he was.


I was ready to go to the cocktail bar with (Y/S/N) and her friends. I wore a black crop top that revealed my left tattoo sleeve and navel piercing, a pair of black, ripped jeans and a red plaid shirt tied around my waist. I thought I would just go casual, plus I never really was a high-heels and glitter sort of girl. I was just doing some last minute makeup touch-ups in the mirror, when Kells came down the stairs. He put both hands on my shoulders while peering over me looking at his own reflection in the mirror. He smelled so good, he always did. He almost took as long as I did to get ready though! He was wearing black, ripped jeans also, with a white t-shirt, leather jacket and of course an EST bandana wrapped around his head.

“Fuck (Y/N)!“ He said, his mouth dropped open.

“What? Should I change?” I looked down at myself, I started to become anxious and paranoid. “It’s too casual isn’t it?”

I could see his eyes dancing around my body and he took a few seconds to respond. “No, you look amazing, seriously! You ready to go?” I had seen him bite his bottom lip out of the corner of my eye but I didn’t mention anything.

“Sure” I replied.

In the taxi on the way to the bar, he was telling me about his day. He had a daddy/daughter date with Casie, they went to the zoo and painted pictures together. He then met up with his boys and chilled. When we pulled up outside the bar, Kells got out of the cab and walked around to my side and opened the door.

“Thank-you sir!” I joked and he held out his arm as if I was to cross arms with him.

When we got to the bar, (Y/S/N) and all her friends were in a VIP booth. We walked over linking arms, both of us holding a drink. “How are you in the VIP section?” I asked my sister. I was a bit confused, you had to be a ‘somebody’ to get into those. But when I looked over to Kells, he was smirking as if he had something to do with it. “You did this!” I playfully punched him in the arm “Great, boost her ego even more!” I laughed sarcastically.

“Fuck it, it’s her birthday… and you’re only 22 once, right? Let’s get fucked up!” He raised a glass of whisky and everyone cheered.

As the night went on, the drinks were going down easier and so much quicker. I was really drunk by this point. K hadn’t left my side most of the night and I felt myself becoming more attached and attracted to him. He kept catching me staring at him, but when we caught eye contact I would quickly look away. We kept exchanging contact and flirty comments here and there.
I was on the dancefloor with my sister when Kells came over with a drink for me and then grabbed me by my free hand and took me outside. He was sticking two fingers up at me signaling we were going for a joint. We went across the road and sat on a wall while he skinned up.

“You having a good night?” he pulled his weed and rolling papers from his pockets.

“Yeah, are you? (Y/S/N) is too, she’s wasted!” I replied, swaying whilst sitting on the wall.

“Good! It’s her birthday. And yeah, especially now I can get a breather with my girl, it’s so hot in there!” He took off his leather jacket and put it around my shoulders.

“Your girl?” I looked at him confused.

“Yeah, you’re my best friend right?” He was still rolling and didn’t look up from what he was doing.

“Oh” I fake laughed, how embarrassing… ”Yeah, right.” I felt my face blush slightly but was thankful he was concentrating on rolling and he didn’t see it.

“I mean, I spoke to (Y/S/N) earlier and she told me that you were into me?” He questioned. “But you didn’t want to ruin our friendship. That true?” My eyes instantly widened. “I mean I always thought we had something between us, but I didn’t wanna lose you either. Y’know?” He laughed and sparked up the joint, still not connecting his eyes with mine. He actually seemed shy and I’ve never seen him like this.

I sat on the wall speechless, why would (Y/S/N) tell K this? For one, I never said that to her and two, he just told me he’s into me?! What the fuck?!

“Can I just see something, real quick?” He asked.

“Sure, what’s wrong?” K pulled me up off of the wall and set his joint down.

We were now standing in front of each other. He was towering over me with his arms around me, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with mine so I just put them on his waist. I felt warm and safe. I felt like I’d been waiting for this moment all night. He leaned down to kiss me… “What are you doing?” I asked and jolted my head back.

“Shh.” He put his index finger over my mouth, then moved it and rested his hand on my cheek. He just held me like this for a few seconds. His eyes dancing all over my face like he had done earlier and like he’d been doing all night. He then focused on my mouth, biting his own lip first for the second time tonight. Before I knew it, his lips had crashed against mine. I put my hands on his chest, my brain was telling me to push him away, but my heart was telling me to pull him in closer. It actually felt right. I had this rush of excitement throughout my body and my legs became weak at his touch. We continued kissing for a few minutes longer, his jacket fell from my shoulders which startled him to break away. He had smudged my lipstick so he gently wiped it away with his thumb. Still holding my face, he looked at me in the eyes and smiled.

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Ace of Spades

Word count: 4,678

Warning: smut

Request: You and Kai play strip poker

*gif by me

Oh c'mon!! Your parents will be out of town and you’ll have this whole humongous house all to yourself for a week. Don’t tell me you’re going to start hibernating or something.’ Caroline said, her legs pulled up on the couch, her arms resting casually on her thighs while she kept playing with laces of her shoes.

‘I don’t know. I was thinking maybe, watching some movies or something. Besides, my parents will kill me if I break something and I can’t risk it.’ You grabbed a fistful of potato chips and started eating them one by one, your back resting against the cold wall.

‘Are you joking? This is like, the perfect opportunity for you! Empty house, no parents around to tell you what you can and can’t do, house filled with boys and alcohol for sure and you can finally hook up with that guy you like, even though I don’t know why are you into him. The guy is a sociopath.’ She rolled her eyes and threw her head back, her arms resting on each side of the body.

'Who? Kai Parker? Yeah, he’s a total babe. Have you seen him? Those blue eyes just make me melt and that grin just screams 'take my clothes off’.’ You blurted out with such passion and emotion, making Caroline furrow her brows at your comment and roll her eyes again.

'Gross.’ She said with disgust in her voice as you laugh and cleaned your hands on a small cloth placed on the floor next to you. You pushed your body away from the wall and laid down on the floor, your fingers tugging at your shirt.

'I wonder what his fingers would feel like on my skin. Trailing them down from my neck to my stomach or his lips pressed against my neck.’ You trailed your hand over the spots you have mentioned with such a serious expression on your face before you propped yourself up on your elbows to get a perfect view on Caroline.

'You are actually considering sleeping with him?’

'Why not?’

'You know if you two do sleep with each other, it will only be a one night stand. He’s not the kinda guy who would want a full relationship after a mind blowing sex.’ Caroline added and knelt down on the floor, her tone so serious that it was kind of funny.

'How do you know he gives mind blowing sex?’ You lifted your eyebrow and bit your lip, a chuckle leaving your mouth not even a second later.

'I just- omg, you so need to get some because you’re unbelievable when you’re frustrated.’ She got up and walked towards the front door, her curly blonde hair bouncing with every step she took. 'Also, pick something hot for tonight’s party. Love ya.’ She blew you a kiss and closed the doors behind her, leaving you alone with your thoughts. Maybe she was right. Throwing a party wouldn’t be a bad idea and if that meant that Kai Parker would be in your house, well then that was the right reason to throw that party.

Jelly shots - check. Vodka - check. Beer - check. Small lights have been hung all around the house, giving it a special atmosphere that also hasn’t lit up the room too much. Red cups placed all over the kitchen counter. You went to the big mirror placed in the hallway and check yourself out to make sure everything was perfect. Your black skinny jeans kissed every part of your legs perfectly, your loose white t-shirt fitting your body just as you had hoped it would. You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard loud steps coming closer and closer to you, only to be faced by Caroline a few second later.

'Wowza!’ She exclaimed and looked at you from every possible angle, even making you feel a little bit uncomfortable. 'You’re definitely going to catch Kai’s eye when he sees you in this. Girl, you look amazing!’

'Thanks but we don’t even know if he’s going to show up at my party. I’m sure he’s busy with siphoning someone’s magic out of them or-’

'Or maybe he’s getting ready for this party. Stefan told him he better shows up tonight so no worries, you’ll get your man.’ She added and fixed her hair while looking in the mirror, checking her make up eve though it was on point and didn’t need any adjustments.

'You haven’t told him about- you know-’ you stuttered and kept looking at her and it didn’t take you long enough to realize she infact did tell him about it. 'Caroline!’ You whined and burried your head into your hands before placing them on the wall and leaning against it.

'Sweetie’ she tapped your shoulder and leaned in to whisper in your ear. 'Everybody knows that you have a thing for Kai. It’s not a secret at all.’ She walked away, making you groan in frustration and because of how you felt a bit embarrassed. Everyone knew that you have been into Kai freaking Parker for some time, but you shook those thoughts away when you heard people chatting not too far from you, meaning the party has oficially started. You cleared your throat and walked into your big living room, recognizing everyone’s faces after just a split second.

'You look amazing!’ Stefan complimented you and kissed your cheek before hugging you tightly. He smiled at you while Caroline fixed your hair.

'Caroline, you don’t have to do that. I’m not expecting him to show up at all, so what’s the point?’

'Oh we will be here.’ Stefan added, making your eyes go wide.

'What- um- how are you so sure about it?’ Confussion and nervousness was obvious in your voice and how your palms started sweating from the thought od Kai actually being close to you.

'Because, I’m looking at him right now.’ He briefly pointed towards the front door as Kai walked in and looked around the room. He looked perfect as always but there was something about him that night that drew you in and you wanted to be close to him as soon as possible. You haven’t realized how long you have been staring at him, even when he made eye contact with you, you didn’t look away. He winked at you and smiled before he disappeared into the crowd as you felt your legs getting weaker, your hand reaching for Caroline’s shoulder.

'Yeah, we need to get some drinks into you. Now.’

'That’s a good idea.’

Shot after shot, but you still haven’t been as drunk as you wanted to be. It has only made you gain a little more condidence and it has also made you this giggly and happy person, who just wanted to party.
You were sitting on the kitchen counter with Caroline and Elena next to you, everyone else having fun in the room next door. You laughed at something Caroline said and got so lost into it that you haven’t noticed how Kai has been staring at you the entire time, his shoulder leaned against the door frame, his arms crossed. You cleared your throat as your heart started beating faster, your imagination going haywire.

'We will just, leave you two alone.’

'No, Caroline!’ But it was too late. Kai was the only person you have been left with, his eyes finally meeting yours.

'I’ve been watching you all night.’

'Y- you were?’ You stuttered, unable to control your mind or how nervous you were the entire time, yoir heart skipping a beat everytime he took a step closer.

'Oh yeah. You have got my mind going in some, different places.’ He approached you and placed himself between your legs, his hands on each side of them on the kitchen counter. You could swear that you have felt the warmth of his body radiating out of him without Kai laying a single finger on you.

'Like what?’ You swallowed hard and bit your lip, your eyes falling down to his lips and the way they moved everytime he spoke up.

'Like, what would your skin feel like against my fingertips.’ His hand slipped under your shirt, his fingers tracing your back slowly, making shivers roll down your spine. You closed your eyes at the feeling, his hot breath suddenly tickling your neck. 'What would your skin feel like against my lips, kissing every possible inch of your body.’ A soft kiss was placed on your neck, a quiet moan accidentally escaping your mouth. He smirked, feeling proud of the effect he had on you.

'But the best part’ he tucked a lock of yiur hair behind your ear as he leaned in, his lips brushing your ear slightly. 'I wanna know what it would feel like having you wrapped so tightly around me.’ Those words have traveled all the way down there, your walls clenching just by imagining it, your breath hitching because of the way he said it. You looked at him in the eyes, his blue ones piercing into yours, his lips slightly parted as you crashed your lips with his, unable to hold it back anymore. The rhythm of your lips moving against one another has been what you have been craving for for so long. The way his tongue slipped into your mouth, playing with yours, has made you wet and hungry for more. His hands snaked underneath your thighs as he picked you up and slammed you against the fridge, his crotch meeting yours in no time. You reached down between your bodies and placed your hand on jis clothed lenght, feeling it getting harder under your touch. You moaned into his mouth and wanted to slip your hand into his jeans, only to be stopped by his strong grip. You looked at him befuddledly when he pulled away, your brows furrowing at his actions.

'No touching.’ He let you down slowly, his hands on each side of your head while his hips were strongly pressed against your body. 'I will fuck you, just not right now.’ He whispered, your breath hitching in your throath.

'Then when?’

'Later, sweetheart.’ He winked at you and left the kitchen, leaving you alone to process everything that had happened. You leaned down and placed your hands on your knees, feeling as if you had just finished running the longest marathon in your life. Your lungs felt as if hey were about to collapse, the room suddenly lacking the air you needed. You ran your fingers roughly through your hair and stormed out of the house, finding yourself in the garden. You took a deep breath, but somehow you couldn’t stand anymore, your legs felt like jello and at one moment, you collapsed down on the grass, a sky full of stars being the only thing that your mind was focused on, that was until a familiar voice traveled towards you. You looked up and faced Kai again, the biggest smirk covering his face.

'So, this is what you do when you’re hiding from me?’  He muttered and laid down beside you, facing you.

'I’m not hiding- I came here for some fresh air, that’s all.’ Trying to sound convincing, you tried not to look away even though his eyes were somehow even bluer that you have remembered.

'Mhm and that what happened between us is not- going through your mind right now?’ Kai smirked and chuckled, his fingers finding an exposed spot on your stomach, tracing them slowly. You closed your eyes for a split second, trying really hard not to give him what he wants.

'Nope, not at all. In fact, it wasn’t even that special.’ That was a lie. It was even better than you have imagined it in your head, his fingers feeling perfect against your sesitive and warm skin.

'Is that why your heart is beating so fast right now?’ Damn it, you thought to yourself, your loud heartbeat giving you away. You propped yourself up on your elbows and reached closer to Kai’s face, your lips almost brushing.

'I tell you what, when all these people leave, let’s play a game.’

'What kinda game?’

Strip poker. The first one that ends up naked, has all control of what the other one will do. No exceptions.’

'Are you sure? Because let me tell you something’ he suddenly leaned in and brushed his lips against yours, slightly biting on your bottom lip, making you feel it all the way down to your core. ’I always win.’

'So full of yourself, Parker. That’s because you have never played poker with me. In that case, you always lose.’ You swiftly kissed his lips and got up, taking larger steps to walk away from him, feeling his eyes locked on your body. Your smile grew with each step you took, excitement radiating through your body. As much as you were excited, a dash of nervousness was still there, because after all this time, you and Kai were about to be alone together for the first time and you were about to do everything but talk to one another.

Kai has been around you for the rest of the night, but he hasn’t made any contact with you besides eye contact. Everytime he looked at you and winked, his drink resting in his hand, it made your body shiver and your heart skip a beat. How was it possible for a person to look that good just by the way he held a drink in his hand, a single light illuminating on his rings that fitted him oh so perfectly and you couldn’t wait to feel them on your skin.

'Why are you so nervous?’ You jumped a little bit at the sudden voice echoing through your ears, a blond set od hair standing next to you. 'People are leaving, it was an awesome party. Nothing is broken, you should be celebrating!’

'Yeah, sure, um- are you guys leaving now too?’ You asked and looked around, your eyes locking with Kai once again.

'We can’t stay and I can see that Kai has been staring at you all night, so, there’s clearly something going on between you two.’ She winked at you and playfully punched your arm, the biggest smirk on her face.

'I hate you.’

'Love you too!!’ She yelled while walking away, taking Elena by her arm as everyone finally left your house, a large space suddenly became larger, a black silhouette across the room leaning against the wall. You ran your fingers through your hand and reached behind you, a full deck laying in your hand. You brought your hand to the front and started shuffling it like a pro, slowly walking towards Kai while he started walking towards you, both of you meeting somewhere in the middle.

'Ready, Parker?’

'To win? Always. And then-’ he reached out and placed his finger on your neck, his touch feeling as if his fingertips contained fire, almost burning when a single digit touched your skin, slowly tracing it down, hooking his finger on your shirt and slowly pulling it, a light draft covering your cleavage when he let your shirt go. 'I can finally have my way with you, in any freaking way possible.’

'That- we’ll see about that, Parker. Bring it on.’ You turned around on your heel and plopped yourself on the floor out of nowhere, crossing your legs as your fingers kept playing with the cards, waiting for Kai to join you.

'Are you coming or?’ You smirked at him, a smile flashing across his face. He sat down in front of you, his legs crossed, his gaze focused on your movements and the way you shuffled the cards as a pro. He was mesmerized by your actions, how gracefully you moved your hands around the cards, almost missing when you have finished and placed the cards in front of him and you.

'I hope you’re ready to take the first piece of clothing off, because I’m so going to win this.’ You said confidently, his teeth slowly grazing against his bottom lip.

'We’ll see about that.’ Kai uttered and picked up his cards, studying them carefully.

Card after card has been placed down on the floor, yours and Kai’s eyes meeting every so often, Even when you weren’t looking at him, you could have felt his eyes on you, as a nig smile flashed across your face.

'What do you have, sweetheart?’ Kai muttered and took his eyes off his cards, his fingers playing with them while he wait. You smirked and then placed them on the floor, a perfect set od cards, flashing before Kai’s eyes.

'Royal flush, baby.’ Satisfaction audible in your voice while you rubbed your hands together and chuckled quietly, the thought of what was about to happen making you excited even more. Kai trew his cards on the floor and started smiling, his brows furrowing while his fingers played with the hem of his shirt.

'C'mon, Parker. Take it off. You know the rules.’

'Oh, I have nothing against the rules. In fact, I can’t wait to see more of you.’ He cooed and lifted his shirt, taking it off over his head and threw it on the floor right next to him, your eyes instantly falling down to his perfect torso, a hint of biceps flexing everytime he moved his arms. You bit your lip as you couldn’t take your eyes off him, every particle in your body wanting to touch him.

'I know you like what you see, but it’s time we continue this perfect game, baby.’

'I have a feeling you want to get naked as soon as possible.’ You uttered and leaned back on your hands, cards laying perfectly in Kai’s hands as his long fingers shuffled through them so erotically and slowly, making you feel something all the way down there.

'With you, anytime.’ He blurted out, your breath almost hitching in your throat.

'Just deal the cards.’ Kai chuckled at your words, handing you and him cards, one by one. He let out a big sigh, his eyes scanning the cards. 'Have a problem there, Parker?’

'Not at all. Everything is just perfect.’

'Good, but, prepare to lose again, baby.’ You placed your cards on the floor again, a perfect set flashing once again. 'Full house.’

'You have got to be kidding me!’ Kai groaned and ran his fingers roughly through his hair.

'Take off your pants, sweetheart. I love this game a lot. Don’t make me wait too long, Parker.’ You started laughing as Kai stood up and unbuttoned his jeans, slowly pushing them down all the way to his ankles, stepping out od them and throwing them at the same spot his shirt has been laying. You looked down at his clothed manhood, his lenght outlining perfectly, making your breath hitch and your heart skip a beat at the thought od him slowly sliding in and out of you, making you feel his every inch.

'If you want to see it, you just need to ask.’ He blurted out, making you snap out off your thoughts as you cleared your throat and finally managed to look up, his eyes meeting yours. Out of everything, you just wanted to placed your hands on his body and trail them everywhere, but most of it, you wanted to see all of him.

'Cocky, I like it, but finish the game first.’

After an hour of playing, your game has fallen and you have been sitting down on the floor in only your underwear, just like Kai. There was such a strong sexual tension in the room that you could have cut it with a knife, sometimes the only thing echoing through the room was the sound of yours and Kai’s sped up breathing.

'If I win, you take off your bra and panties, which would mean that I have won this. If you win, I’ll take off my boxers and you can do to me whatever you want. Deal?’ Kai has offered you his hand and waited, not even a second later, your hand slipped inside his, shaking it slightly.

'Show your cards on 3…2…1.’ You both placed cards on the floor at the same time, except a smile quickly disappeared from your face.

'Royal flush, baby.’ Kai trailed off and leaned back on his elbows, his legs spread a little bit. 'Take off your clothes. Now.’ He commanded and bit his lip when you hooked your fingers into your panties and slowly pushed them down your legs, letting them fall on the floor so lightly. Kai’s eyes directly went to your heat, his tongue licking his bottom lip as he strongly watched your every move and how your hands reached behind you and how you unhooked your bra, letting it fall down on the floor.

'What are you going to do now?’ You asked so innocently, biting on your thumb, your heart racing as if it was about to escape your body.

'Me? Nothing. You will.’ You looked at him befuddledly, your brows furrowing at his questions. 'I want you to touch yourself.’


'C'mon, don’t be shy. Let me see what your pretty little fingers can do.’ He muttered and smirked, his hand resting on his clothed lenght. You sat down on the floor and spread your legs a little bit as you slowly traced your fingers through your folds, feeling yourself getting wet from how Kai’s eyes stared at you and waiting for your next move. You started massaging your clit in slow figure eights, throwing your head back a little bit and close your eyes, a picture of Kai doing that instead in your mind. You pushed two fingers inside your heat, circling them around and stretching yourself as you opened your eyes, noticing how Kai’s hand was inside his boxers, slowly moving around. You smirked and started pumping your fingers faster, using your other hand to massage your clit, spreading your legs further, allowing Kai to get a better look on your fingers playing with your heat. Kai quickly pushed his boxers down to his knees, his lenght springing up to his stomach as he grabbed it with his hand and circled around his tip with his thumb before he started moving his hand up and down his lenght, trying to follow the speed of your fingers.

'That’s right, let me see you cum while I’m watching you.’ Kai groaned out, his hand picking up it’s pace, your fingers rubbing your clit faster as you felt yourself getting closer to your release, your fingers pumping in and out of, your body desperate for a release.

'Fuck, Kai!’ You moaned out and felt your walls clenching more and more, your orgasm finally tearing through you, your body shaking under your own touch. You laid down on the floor and closed your eyes, trying to catch your breath but suddenly your fingers were replaced by Kai’s, picking up your arousal as he brought them up to his lips, licking everything off them, devouring them as if your juices were his favourite thing in the world.

'Fuck, you taste so good.’ You ran your fingers through your hair and arched your back, in a few moments, Kai’s lips pressed against your clit, suckling on it like he would do to a lollipop. You pushed your fingers into his hair, pulling on it slightly as the feeling completely took over your body. Your body felt as if it was on fire, every inch of your skin sensitive to a touch, but neither one of those inches of your body hasn’t been left untouched. Kai placed his hand on your stomach, his cold rings almost hurting you when he placed them onto your hot skin, causing your walls to clench as his tongue started pumping in and out of your heat. He hummed against your clit, the vibrations causing another orgasm to tear through your body, Kai’s name slipping out of your mouth. You quickly reached out and grabbed Kai by his shoulder, pulling him in for a kiss, filled with desire, passion and such sexual tension.

'Please let me touch you.’ You begged him as you slowly traced your hand down his torso and right down to his lenght, that was hard again and so ready for you. 'Please.’ He hasn’t stopped you, his hand finding its way up to your head as he slowly pushed your head down until your lips were touching his tip.

'Do it.’ Those two words were enough for you to part your lips and take a part of him inside your mouth, his tip hitting the back of your throat every time you pushed him in. His hips kept jerking up, your hand trying to press his hips down while your other hand massaged his balls, every so often squeezing them slightly making a louder moan escape his mouth.

'You’re so good at this, f-fuck.’ You picked up your pace and started stroking his lenght with your free hand, his length suddenly twitching inside your mouth as you felt his hot liquid trickling down your throat, the grip on your hair intensifying throughout his orgasm. You wiped your mouth with your thumb and parted your lips to say something, but Kai’s lips met yours quicker than you could have done anything.

I wanna fuck you.’ He groaned, his deep and raspy voice turning you on even more, your arousal dripping down from your heat. 'Look how wet you are, baby. Dripping down on a nice floor, that’s not nice.’ He pinned your hands above your head, pressing them down as much as he could, his other hand grabbing onto his lenght, stroking himself a couple of times before placing himself at your entrance, his tip slowly entering you. 'I will make you scream my name and I’ll make sure you never forget what it was like having me inside you.’ He groaned and pushed himself into you with one quicky move, filling you up to the hilt, a screaming leaving your mouth. His hands were pressing yours down while his hips kept drilling into you at the fastest and roughest pace, the sound of skin on skin echoing through the room.

'Fuck you feel so tight around me. So fucking good.’ He moaned and looked down between your bodies, watching how his lenght kept sliding in and out od you, making you feel his every inch grazing against your tight walls. You haven’t been able to speak, your breath hitching at his every rough thrust, his hips meeting yours so perfectly.

'Fuck me, Kai.’

'Shit!’ He groaned and reached down between your bodies, his fingera drawing harsh figure eights on your clit, the sensation of your walls clenching again making your vision go black as your body started shaking, an orgasm tearing theough your body perfectly, your tight walls clenching around Kai’s thick shaft. His thrusts haven’t lost their speed as he rode out your entire orgasm and just one clench was enough to send Kai over the edge, his warm liquid filling you up, his hips mercilessly slamming into you. He stilled himself and collapsed on top of you, the grip on your arms slowly fading away.

'You’re fucking amazing.’

'You’re not so bad yourself, Parker.That was some mind blowing sex.’ You breathed out as Kai pulled himself out of you, plopping himself down on the floor. 'You’re really good at playing poker.’

'I told you. I always win.’ He smirked and kissed you deeply once more before he got up and started getting dressed.

'Where are you going?’

'Home. The party is over and you have only invited me for only one strip poker so, are we done?’

'Oh, boy, I’m far from being done with you.’ You trailed off and got up, your legs still weak from an orgasm as you grabbed onto Kai’s jeans and pulled him closer, your hand slipping into his pants. 'Let’s see who’s going to win now.’