the second combustion

small town!vernon

(requested by @puppycat-eyes sorry its so short lmao) 

  • probably lives in one of those towns with a weird name tbh
  • he’s not rly one of the Popular Kids in town, he’s just cool with everyone and everyone knows who he is u feel me
  • is known as the Fashion Icon tho
  • everyone looks up to him and if he wears something it becomes a trend
  • isn’t part of any clubs or sports or whatever
  • tbh the most he’s contributed to the school is convincing students not to fight each other like timothy,,,,,,the only thing that’s going to come out of you punching kyle in the nose is a three-week suspension.
  • everyone finds him kinda mysterious tho bc they never really see him outside of school???
  • it’s just that he hangs out at places no one rly pays attention to
  • like he skateboards in abandoned parking lots and does homework at those lowkey, tacky diners and flips through dusty records in the record store downtown
  • he knows all the rly good places to eat and shop bc of this tho
  • and sometimes he just goes on long drives to nowhere bc he’s bored
  • (speaking of driving, he’s mastered the art of avoiding potholes)
  • the only time he really runs into people from school is at the 7/11 and the mall bc 1) 7/11 is cheap and 2) the mall has everything
  • when he’s not out-and-about, vernon’s in his bedroom with a dr. dre record spinning and looking through street fashion blogs
  • his bedroom is rly,,,,,,,,,,,him
  • he has one of those cool tapestries hanging up behind his desk, which is a mess of headphones and sketches and food crumbs tbh
  • he put up a bunch of photos from the nyc trip with his family and he’s always like tAke me baCk i’ll live on thE stReeT pLs
  • in his closet he has old drawings from sofia hung up that she doesn’t know about and he’s not gonna to tell her about bc like,,,,,,pft,,,i’m not  a softie for my nOob sister,,,,,,,pft,,,,,,
  • that is false.
  • one time sofia wanted to get this dress but it was rly expensive so vernon spent 5 months making it for her
  • not a softie my ass
  • he does like to blare his music just to annoy her sometimes tho
  • only goes to block parties if there’s food tbh
  • one time he snuck a bag of chips out but he didn’t get caught so???
  • this is where ¼ of the movie night snacks originate oOps
  • and u know vernon because u live and the same town and have been best friends since like elementary school
  • he still teases you about your crush on seungkwan in 6th grade and that time you tripped and fell into the pool and blamed it on mingyu
  • u haven’t let him forget that time you two were in a thrift store and he screAmed when he found a wu tang clan tshirt tho
  • ur mom loves vernon and vernons mom loves u so like ur always at each others houses, sometimes even if the other person is home tbh
  • you pretty much welcome yourselves into each others houses like vernon knows ur garage code and u just knock before going into his house 
  • one time tho vernon snatched some food from ur house so u changed the garage code and he got !!!!!!!!offended!!!!!!!!!!!
  • but like ur close with vernon’s friends too and u tag along to their movie nights sometimes
  • u, vernon and svt have a tradition of going out for deep dish pizza after football games and tbh the owners of the restaurant give you a discount bc u go there so often and they know you by name
  • and tonight is one of those nights when u all walk into the restaurant, looking a little sloppy after a crazy friday night game, and sit down and u and vernon order the usual pizza that you two share bc the other members can’t stAnd ur topping choice(s). 
  • mingyu once called u a “Disgrace To The Pizza Gods”
  • so u put a pepperoni in his drink
  • he refuses to forgive u
  • but like the owner of the restaurant comes over to say hi as usual
  • and everyone’s chatting when she goes
  • “so, y/n and vernon, when’s the wedding hahahahah”
  • and vernon’s like :o (yk his meme face he does ye that’s him)
  • and ur like hUh
  • ur face = tomato
  • and soonyoung’s like !!!!!!!ooh they’re blushin!!!!!!!
  • do u wanna be pepperoni’d boi
  • but the topic changes quickly and it’s like it never happened
  • at least to the other members
  • u and vernon r dead quiet
  • like u can’t even look @ each other
  • (vernon keeps glancing at u tho lmao u thought)
  • the night goes on rly awkwardly and tbh u wanna leave but whatever
  • u and vernon are walking home after seokmin dropped u two off and ur like on one side of the sidewalk and he’s walking in the grAss bc its so aWkwarD
  • all of a sudden vernon like
  • reaches out and brushes his hand against urs
  • ur like !!!!!!!!!!??????!?!?!??!?!
  • u both stop and u look at him rly confused
  • and he’s like c-can i…….holdurhanditsfineifusaynoijust-
  • u grab his hand and keep walking
  • no offense but vernon is on cloud nine like he’s trying so hard not to smile rly big bc he’s vernon. he has to stay Cool and Mysterious
  • u two walk in silence for a bit 
  • (vernon’s trying to muster up the courage to Say Something meanwhile)
  • he suddenly goes “i like you. like more than friends. imsorryishouldnthavesaidanything”
  • and ur like blushing like crazy thank god it’s like 11 at night
  • when u don’t respond vernon starts freAking out like oH my gOd they dOnt liKe mE fRick
  • u two finally reach ur driveway where u stop and look up @ vernon and ur freaking out like shOuld i??????????????????
  • ur contemplating ur choices and u like unconsciously squeeze his hands a few times and finally he’s hAd it he’s Up To Here with you
  • he leans in and quickly kisses you and he’s looking at you to see your reaction
  • ur basically a human question mark like wtf just happened,,,,,,,,,,,
  • vernon kisses you again, longer this time, and says “let’s do something tomorrow. you choose where.” and ur like oK yEp and run inside bc if u have to deal with his cuteness for one more second ur gonna spontaneously combust  
  • u get to ur room and look at the window and he’s still at the end of the driving
  • he looks like a lunatic
  • he’s like jumping around and running his hands through his hair and he finally yells “yEs”
  • spoiler: u too go to an arcade and vernon gets upset when you kick his ass but u give him lots of lil kisses to cheer him up

lenachenus  asked:

Hello beautiful:) can you write a scenario for me? When you love pda and do it for your boyfriend mingyu when you hang out with the boys and he told you to stop and you stopped even in home and he feel bad about it. Hope it make sense. Sorry for my bad English. And thank you for your hard work;)

Thank you so much for requesting! Sorry it took so long! I hope you like it! 


You moved about the kitchen, immersed in perfecting a new recipe and listening to some of your favorite songs. You hadn’t heard the door open and close nor had you heard your boyfriend call out for you as he kicked his shoes off at the door. You gave a small jump when his hands found themselves on your waist.

“Hey beautiful.” He greeted as he leaned in for a kiss. You smiled at him.

“How was practice?” you asked, putting your headphones aside.

“Boring after you left.” He said, picking at the leftover bits of carrot on the cutting board and popping them into his mouth. Mingyu kept talking about the new choreography, but your thoughts were drifting to earlier. You’d stopped by to bring Mingyu and the boys some snacks.

“Mingyu!” you squealed excitedly as you wrapped your arms around your boyfriend in a big hug. You buried your face in his back, inhaling his scent and squeezing him. You felt his body tense under you and looked up to see the slight blush rising in his cheeks.

“Hi Jagi.” Mingyu said while he patted your arm, a smile on his face as he wiggled from your grip. You smiled anyway and greeted the other members who’d come up to say hello. They playfully nudged and poked at Mingyu before thanking you for bringing food and fighting over who was going to get what snack.

“Have you eaten yet?” you asked, reaching for his hand.

“No, not yet. Thanks for bringing us snacks.” He said. “I’ve got the best girlfriend ever.” You smiled, reaching up to push a few strands of hair out of his eyes. He subtly pulled away from you, his height enabling him to duck away from your reach.

“Could you please not do that?” Mingyu asked quietly.

“Do what?” you asked, genuinely caught off guard.

“Could you not be so…touchy?” he asked.

“Are you listening, Jagi?” Mingyu asked as he reached for another carrot. You hadn’t been listening.

“Of course I was listening.” You said back. “Don’t eat that, dinner is almost ready.” You said. You quickly made two plates and handed one to your boyfriend.

“Thank you.” He said, leaning in to kiss you on the forehead. You enjoyed the feeling, but pulled away first. Mingyu looked at you with a confused face. You smiled encouragingly and moved past him to the table to eat.

Mingyu, being a big fan of movie dates, had brought home a new movie for you to watch. Once you’d both eaten and had placed the dishes in the sink, you both moved to the living room. You sat on the opposite end of the couch and tucked your feet under you. Mingyu looked over at you, his face blatantly confused. You smiled over at him and turned your attention back to the screen.

“You wanna come sit over here by me?” he asked, extending his arm out to you.

“I’m okay here.” You replied.

“But I can’t touch you from alllllll the way over there.” he whined. When you didn’t respond, Mingyu moved towards you with a look of concern. “Are you alright, Jagi?” he asked.

“I’m fine.” You said, forcing a smile on your face. Mingyu looked dumbfounded and scratched the back of his head. “Are you sure?”

“Mhmm.” You said. Mingyu cautiously picked up the remote, as if you might spontaneously combust any second, and started the movie. Every time he tried to touch you, to hold your hand, or even to scoot closer to you, you gently rejected his advances.

“What’s the matter with you?” Mingyu asked halfway through the movie.


“Something’s wrong.” Mingyu insisted. “Did I do something? Please just tell me what’s wrong.”

“I’m fine. Honestly.” You said.

“Then why can’t I touch you? Every time I try, you shrink away from me.” Mingyu asked. You bit your lip sheepishly.

“Well…you told me to stop.” You said. Mingyu’s face went blank, as if he couldn’t comprehend what he’d just heard.

“No I…when did I…?” he asked.

“Today, before practice, you didn’t want me to kiss you.” You explained slowly. “You didn’t want to hold hands, you didn’t want to hug me when I left. You told me not to be so touchy.”

“Jagi,” Mingyu said, drawing out the word as he reached for you and pulled you into his arms.

“I just got embarrassed. I’m not used to so much skinship in front of the rest of the guys.” He tried to explain.

“So…you’re embarrassed by me?” you asked, trying to clarify.

“NO! No, it’s not that at all. I swear!” Mingyu said. He kissed your lips, as if hoping his kiss would relay what he wanted to say but couldn’t find the words. “I didn’t mean to make you feel like I was embarrassed by you. I just…” he stopped to try and word his next phrase carefully, taking both of your hands in his. “I’m just not comfortable with public displays of affection. But that doesn’t mean I’m embarrassed by you or that I don’t love touching you or you touching me. I’m sorry if I didn’t make that clear.”  

“I thought that maybe I’d done something wrong.” You said, the relief washing over you. Mingyu smiled and brought the backs of your hands to his lips.

“No, I’m so sorry.” He said, pulling you closer and kissing you on the lips again. “You know I love you, right?” he asked. You smiled and nodded. “And that you make me the happiest guy on the planet?” You nodded. He smiled back and kissed the tip of your nose. “Good.” He said, pulling you back with him so that you could lie on his chest while you two watched the rest of the movie. You snuggled up to him happily, enjoying the warmth of his body against yours.

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Random dialogue prompt: "What do you mean I have to wait?"

It’s a quickie, set in the Camelot arc after 5x02.

She hated not being in control of her environment, but everything about Camelot seemed to be conspiring to keep her out of control. Emma was always a half-second away from spontaneously combusting, and she couldn’t take two steps without feeling the weight of someone’s eyes on her, just waiting for her to make a mistake.

This Savior mantle was heavy indeed. She’d happily cut off someone’s right arm for just a few minutes to be Regina again. Hell, she’d even take being the Evil Queen, if it meant that people would be scared enough to leave her alone. A couple of well-thrown fireballs that led to a nice, relaxing, peaceful bath would do wonders for her stress levels.

“I can’t take much more of this,” she hissed under her breath. Pacing, always pacing, never quite able to stand still for a second to catch her breath.

He caught her as her red velvet dress swirled against him, wrapping his fingers against her forearm and tugged her to face him.

“You’re doing fine,” he reassured her. Robin always reassured her. Even when he was dying on the cold stones of the great hall, he held her hand and promised her with his eyes that he’d always love her.

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Fake Smiles

Characters: Lucas, Mrs. Friar, Maya, Zay, Riley
Pairing(s): Lucaya, Rucas
Genre: Angst/Romance
Warning: Contains explicit language.
Summary: Lucas has been putting on fake smiles all his life. So it’s only fitting that he chooses to fake smile when he’s confessing his love (like?) to his girlfriend. (Right?)

a|n: This is what happens when I think of an explanation for Lucas’ personality and his actions in Girl Meets Ski Lodge. As always, bear with my grammatical and spelling issues and I hope you enjoy this one-shot. :)

P.S.- I don’t know if this is in an AU or not. I think it’s like the GMW verse but mainly takes place in High School with a very different Lucas. Like the regular show but the gang is all older.

P.P.S- I am trying my hand at Angst, tell me if it works.

Since he was little, Lucas knew how to put on a smile. (One that is never real.)

  His father had always been an intimidating man, but he never was scary to Lucas until he started to be an alcoholic. The alcohol consumed his father and turned him into something Lucas does not recognize.

  (Lucas remembered how his eight-year-old-self had run in front of him and begged for him to stop the first time he witnessed his father as a drunk. He remembered how his father didn’t listen.)

  After a hard day of drinking, his father would yell words that were too loud and his momma would stand by stoically, with silent tears streaming down her face.

 (He cried too, just a little.)

  During social gatherings, they made excuses for his father about how he was sick, when, in reality, he was just nursing a hangover.

  (They didn’t see how his momma’s smile was a little strained and how Lucas’ hands were shaking.)

  He followed his mother’s lead and acted nothing ever happened. (And maybe if he pretended hard enough, it would be just a figment of his imagination.) He laughed and joked around with kids his own age and didn’t tell anyone about what happened, even his best friend Zay.

  (He didn’t like the feeling of fake smiling- his cheeks felt like plastic and his lips hurt from stretching so wide.)

His momma later explained to him how his father was a war veteran. How he saw bad, bad things and how it affected him. She told him how he would use alcohol to make the bad things go away and he will get better one day.

  It didn’t.

  In fact, it got worse. The house soon became a constant home for raised voices and his family survived on his mother’s checks because his father got fired for not showing up. His momma now has dark bags under her eyes and lives on caffeine because she’s been working triple shifts at the hospital every day.

  Lucas’ earliest memories of his father were happy ones, lazy afternoons of playing games and eating ice cream on the porch and days of sunshine and laughter. In those memories, he called his father “daddy” because that was what he was, a dad. Secure and strong and safe.

  The ones after that were the farthest things from happiness.

  Lucas’ later memories of his father were ones of drunken shouts and incoherent yelling, ones of his momma crying and him closing his eyes and plugging his ears because he just wants it all to stop. In those memories, Lucas called his father “sir” because that was what he is, a stranger. Distant and scary and angry.

  In the comics that Lucas loved, the hero always had to make a sacrifice in order to save the world. Sometimes, in the depths of his room, he would tell himself how his father gave up his heart in order to be a hero- to save lives and make the world a better place. But no matter how hard he tries to convince himself that his father is the next Superman, the power of his imagination cannot take away the truth of reality- that his father is no hero.

  (Evey time when his father gets drunk, he’ll burrow under his blue bedsheets and tell himself that his father is a hero, a hero, a hero. And when he repeated it a dozen times over, it made the empty words a bit more convincing.)

  The silly musings of his father being a hero soon became nonexistent when he wasn’t a kid anymore. As a teenager, he yelled right back when his father got drunk and coped with his life by communicating with his fists. At school, he was known for his explosive temper and dangerous smirks. 

  (They didn’t know that his trademark smile was bruised and battered under his mask.)

  He loved the fights, the rush made him feel a much-needed liberation and the adrenaline made him feel invincible like nothing can tear him down.

  (But after the fights, when the rush was over and the adrenaline was gone, he was a little boy again, hiding under the covers, waiting for the shouting to be over.)

  Through it all, his momma bandaged his wounds and wiped his tears. And like always, she was silent the whole time- face expressionless with the incredible ability of hers to always be strong throughout everything life has thrown at her. And sometimes, despite him not telling Zay anything about his father’s drunken behavior, the younger boy would offer much-needed jokes to break him out of his temper fits and understanding glances that just seem to know.

  (And it makes him feel a little better because they know and don’t just view him as some hothead ruining his life.)

  But whatever the situation, he’ll offer them a fake smile that is just a little strained because dammit, he had perfected them since he was eight and he is not going to let his hard work go to waste.

  (But he knows that his momma and best friend can always see through it.)

When his mother finally divorced his father and they moved to New York. Lucas’ fake smiles turned from the I’m-gonna-kick-your-ass variety to the hello-I’m-perfect category.

  It wasn’t because of Riley- he already planned to change his image because he and his mother were here to get a new start, not rebuild their old lives. Riley perception of him just gave Lucas a little… hint on what image he should have.

 Besides, it wasn’t hard. He got good looks inherited from his parents, he understood chivalry by the lessons in southern hospitality from his momma and he was getting a better hold on his temper now. His main source of anger- his father’s drunken ways and Zay’s ability to get himself in trouble was, thankfully, half a country away.

  It was easy, slipping on masks and effortlessly weaving lies because, shit, he’s been doing it all his life. Soon, holding the door and carrying books became easier and almost natural. And maybe it wasn’t real because he had a facade on all day and his friends don’t even know his parents are divorced. But it’s better than the life he lived before, with drunken dads and bloody fists.

 His fake smiles become real when his mother finally got a job, reliving them off his grandmother’s retirement fund and she took him out to eat in order to celebrate.

  They got burgers and fries- something they rarely eat because of his mother’s hesitancy towards anything unhealthy and he didn’t hold open the door.

  She didn’t mind. And his smile, real this time, turned into a real laugh because Lucas didn’t have to put on any fake smiles for his momma. Not anymore.

Lucas likes Riley. At least, he thinks he does.

  The whole thing with him and Riley happened so fast that he has to process it. But no matter what people knew him at Texas say, he does have a heart, and when he finally wrapped his head around the fact that he and Riley have… something, he started to have feelings for Maya. Romantic feelings…

  Which is really bad, because Lucas is now stuck in this weird limbo with the girl he thinks he likes and the girl he knows he likes. Instead of trying to untangle his messy feelings, he concentrated on holding on to his facade because it’s starting to crack around the edges. Besides, the last time he felt like this about someone, it didn’t end well- she was just another person that sees his fake smiles.

  So, Lucas ignored how his eyes automatically drift to Maya whenever she’s in the room and how he knows every little detail about her. He pushed his feelings down and pushed down the urge to do something a little… drastic towards Maya’s teasing.

  Instead, he flashes her a gentlemanly smile and tips an imaginary hat right back at her. Lucas’ laugh, a real one, slips out of his mouth when she fumed, hard, and he can practically see smoke coming out of her ears.

When Riley found out about his past, she acted just as Lucas expected.

  Which was not good because Riley is currently exercising a talking boycott on him. But not exactly.

  Like everything in his life that involves Riley, the boycott was confusing and makes his head hurt. She doesn’t talk him between classes, at lunch, or after school, but she does communicate with him in all the classes they have together (two in total) because she can’t compromise her valuable education.

  Lucas seriously just want to have an easy friendship/ romance/ siblinghood/ whatever-they-are-this-time with Riley. And the boycott thing is seriously fucking with his brain.

  In contrast, when Maya found out about his past, she did the thing that Lucas did not expect.

  Well, to be honest, he didn’t expect anything in particular because Maya Hart is the definition of unpredictable to him.

  And she proved her description in his personal dictionary when she started being nice to him.

  It’s not like he hates it, no. Lucas is enjoying the post-reveal spell that seemed to rattle his friends’ worlds and make Maya nice to him. Granted, she still teased him and make fun of his Southern roots. But Maya treated him like nothing’s changed- like she just didn’t find out he got expelled from school and accidently put a kid in the hospital. It just feels strange when Farkle was shooting him weird looks every other second like he might combust and Smackle is constantly asking him questions about his mental health because of a study about violent tendencies and Riley is, as previously mentioned, kind of not talking to him.

  Unlike her friends, Maya did not avoid Lucas and instead offer support. Even though Maya did not lay off the teasing, she did offer a person who would listen.

  (He doesn’t know why he takes her up to it. His momma and Zay had tried to get him to open up for ages.)

  After the reveal of his past, Maya started coming over to his house after school when she’s not at Riley’s. They’ll talk- about asshole fathers, too-strong mothers, and messed-up views of the world. He helped her understand that romantic love is real by telling her stories of people back in Texas who are on their fortieth anniversaries, and she helped him control his anger by buying a punching bag from her allowance from Shawn and commanded him to punch the item every day for at least an hour to relieve his anger. Maya soon became another person he does not have to put on a fake smile for.

  Together, they somehow made each other better- he encouraged her to enter a painting contest (she did) and she helped him with the divorce of his parents, staying by his side through his anger fits. They both made each other see that they are better than their fathers. Their friendship, unlike his and Riley’s whatever, is easy and comfortable, and soon they come to each other’s house so often that his mother always baked extra chocolate chip cookies and Shawn always have a threatening object by his side while the Hart fridge is stocked with healthy snacks.

  (Sometimes, when their hands accidently brushed each other, he’ll felt a jolt of electricity. And sometimes, when they’re in the middle of an all-out tickle war, he’ll pin her to the sofa and their eyes will meet and his body will feel on fire.)

  But he should’ve known that kind of easy friendship won’t last long.

Lucas didn’t know which girl to pick.

  Okay, first, he wanted to pick Maya, it was obvious- she made him better and made him stronger. But right when he was going to, a paint-splattered Maya grabbed his shirt collar and sucker-punched him in a gut because she doesn’t like him?

   That fact was clarified when she stopped coming over in order to “find herself”. Her pretty clothes and good grades are suddenly gone and Lucas is confused because she was making progress but she’s undoing it all. Suddenly, Maya became the girl she was back when he first met her- jaded, cynical, and devoid of hope.

  (Without Maya to calm him down, he had broken the punching bad in his room in anger because Maya’s hope is disappearing and he doesn’t know why.)

  After a brief close call with the law, Maya was, quote, “Maya again” and he had to remind himself to keep his fake smile and easy demeanor because she’s always been Maya and why can’t they fucking see that.

  So apparently, his feeling are unrequited- all the talks they had and things they did for each other was because she was Riley and he is so confused because if she was Riley why didn’t Riley do the things Maya has done for him? 

  Suddenly, he felt angry at life because he really liked Maya (love? he doesn’t know, but it’s something serious) but she just ended up like the last girl.

  (He thinks back to his ex-girlfriend back in Texas and how she couldn’t see through his fake smiles and how Maya never buys his bullshit.)

Being at the ski lodge is stressful because, since Maya is “herself again” he couldn’t be himself around everyone except Zay and keeping his fake smile on twenty-four-seven is taking it’s toll on him- he had irrationally barked at Riley for talking to some random guy and accidently said that he doesn’t like to tangle with Maya (to be honest, he doesn’t like it because he prefers it when Maya is not throwing herself towards death).

  And maybe the recent events are going to his head but he’s going to pick Riley- because life had already taught him a lesson in romance with all the girls he used to/currently have feelings for.

  The relationship he has with Riley is easy- easy because she can’t call him on his bullshit, easy because he can pretend he’s someone he’s not and she wouldn’t notice. 

  (And yes, his relationship with Riley is easy for all the wrong reasons.)

  Besides, Maya barely talks to him anymore. And he doesn’t want to be right about this but he is. Everyone, including Maya, was pointing towards Riley’s direction and throwing hints to pick Riley and he really wants his punching bag.

  (When he hugged Maya, it kind of seems like goodbye because they both know they won’t be coming to each other’s apartments anymore.)

  Later, he got a purple jellybean and put on his fake smile, went to Riley with his cheeks feeling like plastic.

  It’s the right thing to do. He told himself. Everyone would be happy.

  (But you won’t. A voice in the back of his head whispers. He told it to fuck off.)

  “My favorite thing is in the world is when you talk to me.”

  (Maya had always given him good advice and surprising views through the talks they had in their bedrooms.)

  “It is?”

  Her face was shining with hope, and her sparkling eyes should have captivated him but all he could think about was how her hair was brown, not blonde.

  (For a second, he imagined that Riley was Maya and his smile turned real because he is lying because he and Riley had never confided their problems in each other, talking or otherwise.)

  “It’s okay for you to talk to whoever you want, Riley- you know why? Because I am a secure western hero.”

  (He thinks that his momma is going to slap him for the first few words he said because women do not need a man’s permission to talk to other people- in his defense, he is running out of material. His and Riley’s romantic relationship didn’t really contain anything good for him.)

  “Yes, yes you are.”

  (She is so damn happy right now that he wants to scream. He had never been a “secure western hero” until he met Riley and his lie is so obvious the bullshit alarm is ringing in his head.)

  “But… the important talks, the ones that we’re gonna think about and always remember, can those be just between you and me?”

  (He felt bad, he really does. But Riley is easy and comfortable and the only thing he is sure of right now. The brunette’s eyes are shining like diamonds in the sky but all he could think about was Maya, Maya, Maya. The words he said didn’t make sense but it takes all his energy to put on a smile so it’s the best he can do.)

  “Well, I don’t know Lucas. How could that happen?”

  “Well, I was thinking that if we were… together a little more, that you would only talk to other people a little bit and you would talk to me a lot.”

  (He doesn’t understand the nonsense he is spouting but it works. And he reminded himself that picking Riley is the right thing to do.)

  “That’s what you were thinking?”


   He holds her hand, but there are no sparks, no fire, nothing.

   “I think about it all the time.”

   (There, he’s done it, he confessed. But it doesn’t make him happy and it doesn’t make him smile, not really.)

   When Riley (it’s Riley, Riley, Riley) says “I do” to being his girlfriend, he’s very happy. But his throat felt dry from laughing and his cheeks hurt from smiling.

  (He remembers when Maya once told him how romantic love doesn’t mean anything. Back then, he had convinced her so see romantic love as a miracle, a wonderful thing. But now, when he looked at Riley and felt nothing, he thinks Maya is right.)

  His fake smile was permanently in place until he got home. And when his momma came home from her shift at the hospital, she saw his face and was immediately concerned.

  “What’s wrong?” his momma asked, worry etched into her tired face.

  For the first time in a long time, he gave his momma a fake smile. “Nothing, just tired.”

  Since he was little, Lucas knew how to put on a smile. (One that is never real.)

a|n: So? How did you like my take on Lucas? Constructive criticism is welcome and feedback is much appreciated. And does his choice of picking Riley make sense?

Bruises On Your Thighs Like My Fingerprints - Maxmoefoe Imagine

You giggle as Max pins you to the bed, hands holding firm on your wrists. “Someone’s in a mood,” you purr, gasping when Max ducks his head and starts sucking marks on to the soft skin at the base of your throat.

“You’re driving me fucking wild,” Max breathes, teeth scraping over your pulse point. You arch into him at that, but Max just pushes you back into the bed, one arm pressed against your stomach. He doesn’t want you to take any more friction than he’s willing to give tonight, and it’s already driving you crazy. No matter how much you try to wiggle and squirm and grind, he’s always stronger and faster than you- and a bigger tease, too.

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Anon 2: Ok who is this better looking zayn dude?


asdfghjk im crying

okay okay okay okay

his stage name is Maluma, he is a reggaeton singer from Medellín, Colombia
he’s 22 and he’s blowing up in the latinx music.

but he has the cutest personality:

A video posted by MALUMA (@maluma) on Mar 28, 2016 at 12:47pm PDT

and he’s so attractiveee???

A video posted by MALUMA (@maluma) on Mar 13, 2016 at 5:26pm PDT

i’m like two seconds away from spontaneous combustion

A video posted by MALUMA (@maluma) on Feb 18, 2016 at 12:49pm PST

this is how i die


My Lady

A/N: An anon request for sub!Spencer, where he is really into the praise kink and the reader is more than happy to oblige. Praise kink and general submission on Spencer’s part. This was different for me…hope you like ;) @coveofmemories



After a long day at work, the last thing you wanted to do was do the laundry, wash the dishes and cook dinner. The idea of doing anything right now made you want to cry. As you walked through the door, you saw that your boyfriend of three years had gotten home before you and had done all of the chores himself - without even being asked.

“You are such a good boy,” you cooed, wanting to cry from relief. You walked into the kitchen and wrapped your arms around his neck, nuzzling your head into him. “Thank you, baby.”

He sat down at the dining room table and you straddled his thighs, so your head was higher up than his was.

“You have another late shift tomorrow, right Y/N?” he asked, looking up into your eyes. “Is there anything you’d like me to do before you get back?”

You leaned your head against his, wondering if there was anything you wanted done around the house. “Nothing but dinner and laundry. I’ll do the dishes tomorrow. But you look amazingly tired too, so I insist you take a nap as soon as you get home tomorrow. Then you can make dinner. You need to take care of yourself too.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, running his hands through your hair. “There’s nothing else you need done?”

You shook your head. The only way your dominance and his submission could work in the long run is if you both took care of each other. He would literally run himself ragged trying to be all that you needed, so sometimes that meant making him take care of himself even if you could’ve asked him to do something. Balance was necessary. “No, baby, I’m good,” you muttered, running your manicured nails up the side of his torso. “I just need you to take care of yourself too.”

“Ok, I’ll take a nap when I get home tomorrow before I do anything else,” he breathed, looking up at you expectantly. “Is there anything I can do for you tonight, my lady?”

It made you tingle uncontrollably when he called you that. No other title really struck you, but that made you melt immediately. “Well…” you drawled, thinking back on the argument you had with your dickhead superior earlier in the day, “I did have to take a lot of shit from my the head surgeon today. I had to keep my mouth shut or risk losing my job, so how about a little bit of denial until tomorrow night?” 

He swallowed hard and his pupils dilated to nearly twice their normal size, the black in his eyes swallowing the gorgeous hazel you’d come to love. He couldn’t explain why he enjoyed being denied orgasms, at least for a time…maybe it was the anticipation, but he definitely enjoyed it, and given your role at the hospital, having to take crap from a man with less qualifications than yourself, you enjoyed telling Spencer what to do - and him doing it without any hesitation.

You were slowly grinding your pelvis against his own, feeling his length harden within minutes. Taking his mouth in your own, you got him hot and ready before insisting you both have dinner and go to bed. “We both have a long day tomorrow,” you said with a wink.

He groaned, throwing his head as you grazed your hand against his length; he was still more than ready to go. “Why do I enjoy this?” he moaned exasperatedly, yet still smiling.

“I don’t know, but I enjoy having you do what I want. Speaking of…” you continued, much to his frustration, “Tomorrow, you are to masturbate twice, to the point of climax, without going over the edge.” You sashayed over to your boyfriend, who probably could’ve come right there and whispered in his ear, “And believe me, I’ll know if you’ve come without my permission.” You pulled him in by his hair for another heated kiss, before turning on your heels and heading to bed, leaving him in sexual agony for the next 24 hours.


Given that Y/N had to leave for work before Spencer, he decided to get one of his sessions over in the shower getting ready for work. As images of Y/N ran through his mind, he moved his hand up and down his shaft over and over again, nearly losing track of himself. However, he stopped himself before slipping over the edge, keeping her directions at the forefront of his mind.

“Oh fuck,” he grumbled to himself, looking at the clock as he stepped out of the shower, “I’m going to burst.” He quickly got dressed and headed out the door, trying to keep his mind off of the fact that he wanted to come more than he wanted to breath, hoping to all that was good in the world that he’d be able to hold out until 10 PM when Y/N got home.


Thankfully, Spencer’s entire day at work was filled with meetings and paperwork, keeping him busy enough that his mind couldn’t wander for more than a few moments. But he was home by 6:00, which meant another four hours of torture before Y/N returned home. He decided to do as she’d said the previous night, taking a nap from 6:30 until 8:00 and then finished making dinner and doing the laundry - her most hated of chores. The constant movement gave him no time to concentrate on the hardness pressing against his jeans, begging for release.

He couldn’t explain what it was that made their dynamic work. All he knew was that he needed to feel needed, and she indulged him in that. With less than 30 minutes before Y/N would be coming home, he figured it was the perfect time to repeat this morning’s performance. Hopefully, she would come home and immediately let him realize his release.

After masturbating for the second time that day, he had 10 more minutes to wait and buried his head in the pillow on the couch, trying to think of anything else but sex. It wasn’t working. He was about to lose it when Y/N walked through the door.

“Oh, baby,” she laughed. “You look like you’re about to jump out of your skin. Have a rough day?” she asked with a knowing smirk.

“Have mercy on me,” he choked, whipping his head around faster than he thought was physically possible.

She reached out her hand to him, leading him toward the bedroom. She wasn’t quite done with him. “I would’ve let you go immediately had you not begged for mercy,” she said as he groaned. He’d realized his mistake too late. “So instead, we are going to go inside, I’m going to wrap my lips around your cock and I’m going to bring you to the brink once more before I let you go.”

He swallowed his groan, not wanting her to up the amount of times she brought him to the brink, but he genuinely wasn’t sure he wasn’t going to combust the second she had her lips on him.

She pushed him back onto the bed, climbing on top of him and running her hands over his chest over the material of his shirt, causing him to shiver. As she released him from his constraints, she saw the glisten of his pre-cum and licked it off - never breaking eye contact. That alone made him twitched in her hand and within a minute she had brought him to near climax and stopped.

The gaze between them both lingered for more than a few moments. He didn’t want to ask, he needed to be given permission - for his own sake and hers. She kissed up his body, muttering into his mouth, “Next time, you are allowed to come.”

“Oh, thank you,” he groaned, smiling as she laughed at his desperation, “I can tell you it won’t be long.”

“I know, Spence,” she smiled against his torso. She flattened her tongue and brought it up the length of his shaft, which caused him to buck his hips upward. As she wrapped her lips around him once more, his hips moved upward, sheathing himself inside her mouth and coming.


Y/N swallowed his release and cleaned him up before resting on top of him. “Good job, baby.” She snickered, “Feel better?”

“Gods, yes,” he smiled. “You?”

“Oh yea,” she said resting her head against his, “your lady is very happy.”

Tiny Tots for Psychological Warfare

pairing: Oh Sehun (EXO) x reader
genre: fluff 
word Count: 1603
warnings: very minimal swearing and also Y/N calls Sehun “daddy” during a game..srsly, nothing explicit though.
request: EXO Sehun fluff where you are babysitting your toddler niece/nephew or something and sehun comes over to help and he gets jealous of all the attention you give her/him
nt:I finally posted it, sorry it took forever T^T hope you like it~

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