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Coffee and Crosswords

Request 3!

Tags: muggle au, coffee shop au, Hermione is a great wingman, Pansy is a tolerant wingman, crosswords, the smoothest pickup line of all time.

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“This is my favorite new coffee shop,” Hermione said, the bell over the door chiming softly as they stepped into the bright, high-ceilinged shop. “Go sit down,” Hermione pointed to an empty table near the counter, “I’ll order for you. I promise you’ll love it.”

Harry made his way over to the table and slid into a seat. It was the only empty table in the busy store, through everyone seated already had their drinks so of the two baristas only one was actually working, a young woman with her short black hair cut into a blunt bob.

The other employee was bent over a newspaper, folded in half at the crossword. He was tall and lean with impossibly white blond hair that would fall over his eyes whenever he bent over to fill in an answer. He rolled a blue pen in his long fingers, his brow creasing faintly in thought. Harry watched spellbound as the gorgeous blond tapped the pen on his mouth and then bit the end absentmindedly, his eye teeth sinking into the plastic.


Harry started and flushed, “Y-yeah?”

Hermione followed where Harry had been looking and grinned, “He’s cute.”

Harry groaned, “Please, no, ‘Mione.”

She rolled her eyes, “You’re no fun.” She dug around in her massive shoulder bag and pulled out a book, settling back in her chair and opening it to her place, “Don’t mind me.” she shooed at him with one hand, her eyes already glued to her book, “Go back to your staring.”

Harry felt himself flush, but despite his embarrassment, found his eyes pinned on the blond again. He had paused from chewing on the pen to press his lips together into a thin line and slowly relax them, tracing the shape of his bottom lip with the end of the pen.

The blond looked over at the black haired girl, “Hey, Pansy, what’s a ten letter word for 'smitten’?”

Pansy had her back to him, finishing their drinks, and shrugged dismissively.

“You’re absolutely no help whatsoever,” he retorted with airy dismay.

“Says the one doing the crossword instead of working,” Pansy muttered just loud enough to carry.

Harry bit his bottom lip and impulsively blurted out, “Captivated.”

Harry didn’t think the blond could be any more attractive until he looked over at Harry with the most amazing pale grey-blue eyes, framed by pale lashes only a little darker than his hair.

Harry swallowed hard, “A ten letter word for smitten, captivated.”

“Hmm…” the blond looked down at the paper and shook his head, “No. The 'ed’ at the end is right through,” he leaned over on the counter, “any other ideas?”

“Fascinated?” Harry said, his mind already winging ahead for other words that might fit, his hand under the table counting out letters of words.

The blond glanced down and then back up, a smirking smile on his mouth, “Nope.”

“How about….” Harry’s brow furrowed and he chewed his bottom lip, “…Infatuated?”

He glanced down and smiled triumphantly, “That’s it!” the pen scratched across the newspaper filling in the missing word.

Pansy bumped the blond with her hip and pushed two cups into his hands, “Be useful Draco,” she nodded at their table.

“Your name is Draco?” Harry asked as the blond walked around the counter carrying the two cups.

Draco nodded with a grimace, “Constellation names are somewhat of a tradition in my family.”

“Um, I’m Harry,” Harry said hurriedly as Draco slid the cups onto the table.

“Nice to meet you, Harry,” Draco smiled.

Hermione pulled out her phone, which absolutely hadn’t gone off, and said, “Well, would you look at that, it’s Ron. Sorry, Harry, I have to get going. Wouldn’t want to keep my boyfriend waiting.” She pulled her bag over her shoulder and put her book away in one smooth movement. She was was out the door before Harry could say a word. 

He finally managed a groan and glanced over at Draco, his cheek feeling hot.

Draco was looking faintly flushed himself, “Well. That wasn’t subtle at all.”

“No, it wasn’t,” Harry agreed.

Draco went back to the counter leaning over and grabbing his crossword and pen. “I’m going on break, Pansy.”

“You’re an arsehole, Draco Malfoy,” Pansy retorted without looking up.

Draco came back to Harry’s table, “Is this seat taken?” he asked.

“No, not at all,” Harry said.

Draco sat down across from him, sitting the crossword down in front of himself and helping himself to Hermione’s abandoned latte, “A ten letter word for hopeful starting with P.” He tapped his mouth with the pen and then carefully wrote in, “P-e-r-s-u-a-s-i-v-e.”

“You do a lot of crosswords?” Harry asked.

“There’s a lot of downtime working here,” Draco said, one side of his mouth quirking up in a smile. He barely glanced down at the paper and said, “I need a four letter word for dinner and a movie.”

“A date?” Harry said after a half a seconds thought.

“I’d love to,” Draco said.

Harry let out a startled laugh.

“Too cheesy?” Draco asked.

Harry shook his head with a grin, “How about tomorrow?”

Draco smiled, “I get off at seven.”

  • Allura: Humans are probably one of the shortest lived species I have ever encountered in my travels. It's inspiring how much life you all manage to live in such a short amount of time.
  • Pidge: Do you think the discrepancy in age has to do with how our species measure time differently? A tick is shorter than a second.
  • Keith: I mean, time is essentially meaningless. It's just a label people ascribe to something they will never fully comprehend.
  • Hunk: Dude. That's heavy.
  • Shiro: Guys... How old are you, Allura?
  • Coran: Well, discounting the 10,000 years we both spent asleep, the princess celebrated her four hundred and twentieth birthday right before Zarkon invaded!
  • Everyone:
  • Hunk: No. Way.
  • Coran: Is... There a problem?
  • Lance: Everyone shut up, I need a moment to process this.

If you’re like us, then you’re overflowing with love for the leading lady of Rogue One: Jyn Erso. To have a bit of an outlet for these feels, we’d like to use the week of May 22nd to May 28th to finally host a Jyn Erso Appreciation Week  to celebrate her. 


  • Day One: Favorite Scene(s) || Writing Prompt: Faith 
  • Day Two: Favorite Quote || Writing Prompt: Luxury
  • Day Three: Favorite Relationship || Writing Prompt: Family
  • Day Four: Jyn and Tropes || Writing Prompt: Need
  • Day Five: Jyn and Rebellion || Writing Prompt: Hope
  • Day Six: Felicity Jones Appreciation || Writing Prompt: Partisans
  • Day Seven: Free Day || Bonus Prompt: Why You Love Jyn

Please use this week to celebrate Jyn Erso in any way you want to with any type of fanwork you want to. Also, because we know that appreciation weeks sometimes skew towards visual work, we included a second writing prompt to help get those creative juices flowing. (Of course, feel free to make graphics for the writing prompt and write for the regular prompt—the point is to create as much positive Jyn related material as possible!)


  • Please tag your posts with #jynweek in one of the first five tags so we can see it
  • To find works created for this week on the blog, we will be tagging specific days as #jyn week: day [one], and prompts as and day [one]: [faith]
  • We won’t reblog any hate, so if you don’t like Jyn, don’t participate!

Feel free to message us with any comments, questions or concerns. We hope you guys have a lot of fun and we look forward to seeing what wonderful things you will create!

car and I brainstormed some Parks and Rec election results and scenarios to make ourselves feel better. Reblog and add with your own.

  •  Leslie offers to stop eating waffles if Hillary could win and then mutters to herself a second later “No, that’s crazy; i can’t do that. i’m sorry, Leslie.”

  • Ann running over in the early hours Wednesday morning with a full nursing bag preparing for the worst

  •  Leslie, Ben, and Ann all yell “DONALD TRUMP’S NEVER HAD A REAL JOB IN HIS LIFE” in various inflections for about twenty five minutes

  • Leslie suddenly sliding to the floor every few hours when she remembers. she wraps herself in every coat, scarf, and hat she owns and hibernates in there for a day or two

  •  Leslie tackles Jamm in the hall when she comes back to work: “you know what you did!”

  • Leslie wearing and passing out buttons with the MADD logo “The second D doesn’t stand for anything. Thats just how mad I am.”

  • Ann and Madeline Albright coaxing Leslie out of the bedroom when she’s depressed

  • Chris makes a list of all his favorite things about Hillary to read to Leslie and ends up crying halfway through. He goes on a marathon tour of the tri-state area. Which comprises traveling to participate in marathons because he just has to keep moving for a while and not stop

  • Leslie smacks her face sometimes, even years later, to see if she’s actually just maybe still asleep

  • Tom starts a new successful business called Black and Brown of the latest styles and fashions and only hires people of color

  • the thing that gets Leslie out of her funk is Ron coming over and telling her how much he hates government and how he thinks the two-party system is flawed and the electoral college is ruining the country and whats’ the point anymore. and then he shows her an I Voted sticker on which he’s written “i’m with Leslie”. Leslie starts to cry for a few minutes and then goes “but you actually voted for Hillary, right?”

  • The Pawnee Goddesses’ next four years are already booked for visiting political representatives, staging sit-ins, protests, and fundraisers. Ron always drives the bus. Andy is in charge of new recruits. Tom designs uniforms. Ann looks pretty.

  • Galentines Day becomes a movement and organization dedicated to helping women and they celebrate it every day. Waffle buttons become a symbol of the movement

  • The Parks gang runs into the entire Meagle Clan at a rally. They stand slackjawed for thirty seconds. Tom faints because Ginuwine is there

  • “PCP is going to seem like a walk in Roosevelt park compared to this.“ Leslie shows the camera a 3-inch binder labeled "LSD: Let’s Steer Democrat”

  • Andy spends a part of every Johnny Karate show educating kids about tolerance and how to be a good person

  • April is president of Galentines day and has a secret binder of her plans that she won’t ever show Leslie bc she’s pretty sure it might actually kill her

  • Andy graduates with a minor in women’s studies, goes to every protest even if he’s not always sure what’s going on. (April explains it)
    he seems like he’s only half getting it and then volunteers to speak at one protest.  the speech is one of the most relevant, aware, inspiring speeches in modern history it goes viral on buzzfeed.
    he gets invited to ellen and spends the whole time talking about finding nemo and dancing
    when asked to explain how he wrote it he says he asked himself a simple question: WWLKD

  • April runs for senate. She wins.
How MM Characters React to Finding Out You're Pregnant


  •  He already noticed slight changes to your mood and body before you did. 
  •  At first he thought it might be the flu, but that thought changes when you are too tired for your usual love fest in bed.
  • “I’m sorry, Jumin. I’m too tired tonight.”
  • Elizabeth 3rd also becomes extra clingy to you. 
  • Jumin makes you go to the doctor and they can’t find anything wrong. He insists to do further tests but you beg him not to.
  • “It’s probably stress, Jumin. I’ll be fine.”
  • Wrong answer. Jumin has cleared your schedule until he feels like you’re feeling better. 
  • A week later you realize your period hasn’t happened. 
  • Jumin knew this before you and scheduled another doctor’s appointment after asking Jaehee to research information on missed periods (poor Jaehee.)
  • He makes you go back to the doctor for blood work. Suddenly this all makes sense: The fatigue, your bras no longer fitting, and feeling sick. 
  •  The doctor walks in with the good news. “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Han. You’re going to be parents.”
  • Jumin doesn’t say anything at first. His face loses color. The news is a surprise. 
  • “Sweetheart, are you okay?” You ask. You’ve never seen him this way before.
  • He nearly faints from processing all the emotions he is feeling on the way out of the doctor’s office.
  • Jaehee cancels all of Jumin’s meetings for the week citing “exhaustion” as the cause.  
  • Jumin holds you close to him later on that night, confessing he is both terrified and delighted at the news. He wonders if Elizabeth 3rd will feel jealous. omg really jumin. 
  • “I’m sure she’ll be happy too,” You whisper in his ear as you accidentally fall asleep on his chest. 
  • He admires the glow your face is beginning to show as you sleep peacefully. 


  • You’ve been much more emotional lately. 
  • Every time Zen had to leave on set you find yourself crying, but why?
  • You even beat yourself up about it. “Why am I acting so strange..?”
  • Zen invites you to come on set with him one day and you’re immediately say yes! 
  • You couldn’t help but keep refilling your plate with cakes from catering. Zen tries to crack a joke “You are what you eat, huh babe?” 
  • But it backfires.
  • It backfires BAD. 
  • You walk away sobbing. This is entirely out of character. 
  • “Wait! BABE! I’m so sorry!” He runs after you and pulls you in for a hug. 
  • You sob into his chest for a few minutes and then go silent.
  • He pushes you in front of him to see what’s wrong. “Babe…?” 
  • Your face turns white and you go limp in front of him. 
  • Zen FREAKS out and immediately yells for someone to help. 
  • He carries you himself to the ambulance and he demands you get rushed you to the hospital. 
  • The paparazzi outside of the set take photos of the incident. A video is uploaded to Youtube.
  • You regain consciousness when arriving to the hospital. “What’s…what’s going on?” 
  • Zen cries with joy seeing you’re awake and hugs you. “Shh. Just rest, my princess. We’ll find out. I love you.” 
  • He refuses to leave your side as the hospital runs a bunch of tests, but, you tell him he should get something to eat while they do an ultrasound. 
  • The doctor comes in a couple hours later and tells them it was a combination of exhaustion and dehydration.  “This is a common symptom in pregnancies. She’ll need to make sure she drinks more fluid and get rest.”
  • Wait. What? Both you and Zen look at the doctor with confusion.
  • The doctor informs the two of you that you’re already 13 weeks pregnant. He gives Zen a picture of the ultrasound showing a little baby bean! 
  • You start crying at news. It’s happy tears. Eventually Zen starts crying too. He’s just as happy. 


  • It’s not secret you and Yoosung wanted to have kids immediately.
  • You two tried every month for six months. 
  • You have a bulk stash of HCG strips in the bathroom, an ovulation 
    tracker on the your phone, and have read every article online on how to improve your chances at becoming pregnant.
  • Every month your period came, Yoosung started to doubt himself. 
  • “Is.. Is there something wrong with me?”
  • You’d hold him and reassure him. “Don’t say that. There’s nothing wrong with you! Sometimes it just takes time, I guess.” Deep inside, you wondered if there was actually something wrong with you instead.
  • After a year of trying, you both go to a fertility specialist to have tests done. 
  • The specialist tells the both of you there is a problem with your ovulation. They immediately start on you a treatment plan with fertility drugs. 
  • You act okay with the news, but in reality you are the opposite of okay. 
  • Yoosung finds you crying underneath the covers and panics. 
  • “Please don’t cry! It’s not your fault!”
  • Soon he’s crying too. 
  • By the third treatment cycle you start to notice changes in your body.
  • You start doubting your feelings. You try to remain calm. 
  • Every day you and Yoosung talk about all of your different things happening with your body.
  • When you take one of your test strips at home you notice a second faint line, causing your heart to skip a beat.
  • “Yoosung! LOOK!” 
  • Each test on each day has a darker, and darker second line. You two get hopeful. It’s been a hard two years, but it feels like you two are getting to the light at the end of the tunnel. 
  • You two are SO nervous at the fertility specialist. Yoosung can barely breathe.
  • The fertility specialist confirms what you two have been dreaming. You are pregnant!
  • Yoosung sobs tears of joy at the news.  You two are so happy to finally become parents. 
  • The fertility specialist interrupts the celebration with even more good news.
  • “There’s just one thing…”
  • He shows on the screen there are four baby beans. 
  • FOUR.


  • Remember that one time he wanted to leave evidence he existed on you?
  • Well he wanted to do that again on your honeymoon. And then some. 
  • A couple months later you notice you are craving Honey Buddha Chips and Doctor Pepper more than normal.
  • At first Saeyoung thinks it’s really cute how much junk food you’re eating.
  • And then he realizes an entire giant box of Honey Buddha Chips are gone. 
  • He asks Saeran first if he knew what happened to them.
  • “Why would I eat all of your chips? I saw your wife with the box. Ask her.”
  • And then he wonders if maybe you’re emotionally eating.
  • What if she regrets our marriage? 
  • Later on in the day you visit Saeyoung in his computer room where he’s playing LOLOL. “Hey… Saeyoung.. we need to talk.”
  • Your voice makes him immediately spin around. He has tears in his eyes. “I.. I knew this day would come.” 
  • Your heart immediately sinks. “I’m.. I’m so sorry Saeyoung!”  You feel even more guilty at eating his precious Honey Buddha Chips as you add “I’ve been so hungry lately and they just taste so good. I’m so sorry for eating them I will never do it again!” 
  • Saeyoug looks at you confused. “Wait? You’re not leaving… me?”
  • “I WOULD NEVER LEAVE YOU.” omg you stupid idiot i love you. 
  • Suddenly you feel hot and sick. You run to the bathroom covering your mouth.
  • Saeyoung panics when he hears you vomit in the bathroom. It’s enough to get Saeran out of his room too. 
  • He’s never heard you this sick before and makes you go to bed. This goes on for a week. 
  • Soon he’s starting to search for answers online. He even goes to WebMD.
  • When you’re sleeping he calls Jaehee in a panic, worrying you might be dying and because you both are girls maybe she would know how women things work. 
  • Jaehee calmly explains to him that you’re not dead and dying. She suggests to him that you may be pregnant and should take a test. (I guarantee she facepalmed at the convo.)
  • A week later, you’re start having suspicions too. You look at the calendar and realize you haven’t had a period in two months.  “Could it be..?” 
  • You go to tell Saeyoung you think you’re pregnant and He confesses he already purchased a bunch of pregnant tests for you.
  • You think that’s the most romantic thing ever and hug him to pieces. 
  • He waits outside while you figure out how to use to use the test. How do girls pee on this thing omg. The test immediately comes back as positive. 
  • You rush out of the bathroom with the test in hand. You both are sobbing tears or joy together. 
  • You lean in to kiss him when you’re stomach starts to growl again. 
  • “Can.. Can I have more Honey Buddha Chips?” 
  • He’ll be glad to give you anything for you and the baby. 

Favourite 8x16 Stelena Scenes

These are two out of the four favourite moments I had in the finale. What I love about the first gif is that Bonnie and Elena are both happy that they’re both alive and they celebrate that fact, that they get to see each other again in Bonnie’s lifetime but then reality sets in and Stefan is dead and Elena’s expression becomes deadened and sad when she remembers that Stefan is gone and Bonnie knows she’ll be sad too and Bonnie herself is sad so then their hug transitions from celebration to comfort.

The second gif, I had to split due to size so I cut out Stefan doing his Damon-worshipping but it’s a beautifully acted season on Elena’s part because Stefan keeps pushing Damon on her, keeps rambling on about his attributes but she’s focused on the fact that Stefan is dying and her lips are actually quivering, she’s shaking her head in refusal and that single tear is very poignant. Subtlety is always best.

The Rooftop (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

(Collab with @nonstop-smashing-expectations)

Requested?: ‘Hi! Can you write a poly hamilsquad fic that’s very angsty and sad? Maybe the reader gets into some type of accident?’ 

Prompt: Reader has been missing for the past hour and the boys find her about to jump.

Words: 2500+

Warnings: Depression, Suicide, Angst



9:45 pm

Alexander was pacing the living room floor. His hands were feverishly running through his hair and he was murmuring to himself. Lafayette was scrolling through Facebook on his phone while he was lounging on the couch. John was in his studio painting while Hercules was taking a shower. It was a somewhat normal night for the four.

Except there was one person missing.


You were supposed to be home an hour ago.  

You were never a forgetful person. You always showed up on time for things, sometimes early if you felt like it. But you were never a late person. Yes, you disliked your job, but it put money in your account so you couldn’t complain. You were the Chief Editor for a local newspaper, meaning that you control what was or wasn’t going to be published. There were a few people on the editing team that tries and boss you around when really it should be the other way around. You were soft-spoken and had an anxiety problem so it was an unlikely job for someone as quiet as you. But, your boss liked your creativity and put you as the Chief Editor with no second thought.  

Your boyfriends were very proud of you for getting such a high rank and even took you out to dinner to celebrate when you told them you got the job. Those boys, they loved you to the ends of this universe and back. Alexander smothers you in affectionate love letters and sonnets, John loves to paint and draw pictures of you, Lafayette likes to cook for you and sing to you when you’re tired, and Hercules always insists on making your clothes anytime you grow out of them. All four of them simply adored and loved you and each other to no end. Not many people understood the polysexuality and call it ‘cheating’ or something similar to ‘sister-wives’. Hell, your own parents disowned you for your sexuality and called you a whore. You ended up moving in with Alexander once he got his first apartment. That was a few years ago and you managed to move into a large apartment with all of your lovers living happily together.  

But, somehow, you weren’t happy.

Not with yourself.

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“翔くん 映画おめでとう\(°∀° )/ 櫻井翔主演!!! 東野圭吾原作「ラプラスの魔女」 三池崇史監督 #櫻井翔 #ラプラスの魔女”

17.03.20 Sakurai Sho leading in movie “Laplace’s Witch” O.A. 2018 [English translation]

Story by Higashino Keigo “Laplace’s Witch”, directed by Miike Takashi

ARASHI’s Sakurai Sho-san (35) will act the leading role in movie “Laplace’s Witch” (Rapurasu no majo) (O.A. 2018, directed by Miike Takashi-san), original authored by popular novelist Higashino Keigo-san. It is since four years ago “Kamisama no karute 2” that Sakurai-san takes leading role, and it is the second time he works with Director Miike since the hit movie “Yatterman” (2009) which scored a 3.14 billion yen box office.

The original novel is a commemorative work published in May 2015 celebrating Higashino-san’s debut 30th anniversary. It is the second time Sakurai-san performs Higashino-san’s work, the first time was NHK drama “Tokio Chichi e no Dengon” (2004). “My heart pounds for many ‘since long time’”. This time 12 companies competed for the copyrights of filming this work and Toho won.

The scriptwriter is Yatsu Hiroyuki-san who wrote dramas reflecting social phenomena like “Naoki Hanzawa” (TBS, 2013, original author Ikeido Jun-san), this movie gathers various hit-makers.

Sakurai-san acts a university professor of earth science·Aoe Shusuke. The character investigates two consecutive suspicious death incidents at a strange hot spring, trying to find out the truth. With expectation on Director Miike’s work “Many staff in this crew also worked in “Yatterman”, I savour the joy of being able to be same members again”, the filming started with the aim of making a new hit work.

The filming started crank in at Kanto suburban. The co-cast includes Hirose Suzu-san (18) and Fukushi Sota-san (23). Director Miike also has confidence “there is no way it isn’t interesting”. Sakurai-san also said “I want to make a “big chemistry” with Director and everyone of co-cast at the filming site”. It is Sakurai-san’s first time acting a professor. While he is active in works of artist and caster, he would also demonstrate his excellence in acting work stimulated by the two co-acts with whom he works for the first time.

Source: Paper news scan from twitter @chiy0830

To celebrate #NiallsVoice check some of his performances:

Harry’s part in Rock Me / Michael Buble’s Home / Use Somebody / A-team / Little Things at the pub / Haven’t Met You Yet / Beautiful Girl-Stand By Me / Night Changes Acoustic / WDBHG with Ronnie Wood / Torn at Live Lounge / Four Five Seconds at Live Lounge / Zayn’s part in Strong / Zayn’s solo in No ControlThis Town at The Jimmy Fallon Show / MITAM live performances / OTRA 


Gosh, been a while since I’ve posted Art art here, eh? To celebrate finally having my hands on a screen which displays trustworthy colors, SOME BIRBS.

These are based on my doodles for Inktober, which themselves are based on Farid Ud-Din Attar’s Conference of the Birds, a long allegorical epic poem about birds getting over their stupid problems so they can go meet the bird king. 

I might do some second passes on some of the other birds I drew (so many birds) but I’m pretty happy with these four.

A Birthday to Remember

Originally posted by hohbi

*Battle of the Admins Challenge*

Hoseok x Reader



Word Count: 3213

Hoseok was everything you could ever wanted in a guy. He was affectionate, sweet, sexy, enthusiastic, charismatic and thoughtful. He was your number one supporter. You couldn’t ask for more. You were content being with him.

When you guys first starting dating, and your birthday was coming up, “Jagiya, what do you want to do for your birthday?” he asked happily hugging you from behind as you washed dishes from breakfast.

You sighed, “Babe, I don’t know. I just want to relax ok?”. “AWWW, come on babe, there has to be something you want to do” he whined.

You and Hoseok has been dating for the past three years, and each birthday you guys celebrated was always better than the last one. First, he threw you a surprise birthday party with the rest of BTS after finding out you grew up without a birthday party. Second, he took you on a four day trip to Jeju Island. Third, he took time out his schedule, you two spent a whole week in Hawaii. You had no idea what could happen this time.

“Babe, I’m serious. I’m not sure what to do. Besides, you always continue to surprise me. So, keep surprising me” you explained.

Hoseok nodded and smirk at you. You look at him harder and he gives you a sly grin.  Oh Lord, he definitely has something planned. You decided not to worry yourself about it.

“I’ll be back late tonight. Don’t wait up for me” he says before giving you a peck on the lips.

“Have a good day babe” you said. You blew a kiss and closed the door behind him. You went about your day running errands and applying to work at a local coffee shop.

You got home exhausted and relaxed for the rest of the evening. it was almost midnight. Your phone vibrated a text message from Hobi. You read: I’ve been thinking about your birthday surprise all day. And I know it’s something you can’t say no to. P.S, I’ll be home in another hour. Love you!

You smirked to yourself thinking “Why is he so cocky?”. You couldn’t stay up any longer and made your way to the bed. You fell fast asleep until later that night you heard a key unlock the front door.

You lift your head up slightly to see Hobi standing in the doorway smiling. You smiled back happy to see him home. He walks over and spoons you in his arms. You’ve always found comfort when you’re with him.

“Are you going to tell me what the surprise is?” you muffled in your sleep.

“Nope” he said as he gently kissed your cheek.  

The next morning, you woke to the apartment completely quiet. You called for Hoseok, “Babe?”. There was no answer. You rub your eyelids and you saw a birthday card in your peripheral on Hoseok’s side of the bed.

You picked the card up and it read:

Happy Birthday Jagiya! Someone will come to the front to help you with a hunt.

The hell is this? You burst into laughter. The thought was adorable and didn’t think any further about it. You showered and got dressed, and carried the card into the kitchen and sat it down on the island as made yourself some coffee and eggs.

You sipped your coffee until you heard a loud banging at the door. Sounds like the police. You hurriedly placed your coffee down and ran to the door. You found Yoongi at the door. “About time you answered the damn door” he said as soon as he saw you. “Well, it’s great to see you too Yoongi” you welcomed him inside. “Do you want something to eat?” you offered as you both walked into the kitchen. “No, I already ate, thanks though” Yoongi declined.

You nod your head slowly and said “Well…Hobi isn’t here”. “I know” he interrupted. He continued “I’m here to help you with your birthday”. Confused, you raise an eyebrow.  He scoffed and said “Hobi has a mission for you”. “I take it it’s a scavenger hunt right?” you said. “Yeah, you don’t have much time, you have until 8pm to find each clue around the city” he instructed. “What happens if I don’t make it in time?” you asked. “Then the hunt stops and you’ll miss something special”, he answered with a stern tone.

“Well, that’s not upsetting at all” you remarked. Yoongi reached in his back pocket and pulled out the next clue. He handed it to you and it read:

Movies are things we love, what movie did you get? Where we both lost the bet.

Oh this is easy.

“I have to go to the movie store then huh?” you said looking up at Yoongi. He shrugged his shoulders. “Let’s go” Yoongi answered.

He drove you to the movie store, you stormed inside scanning every movie you saw in your sight. “Ok, let’s see. The movie we both saw together was the West Side Story” you remembered. You immediately located the movie in the drama section. There was only one copy of the West Side Story. You opened the dvd, no clue was found. You spun around in a circle wondering if there was another one misplaced. You couldn’t find anymore copies. You looked over at Suga and asked “I thought you were supposed to help”. “I am helping, I’m driving you everywhere” he snorted.

You shook your head, you realize this scavenger hunt is all yours. You found an employee underneath the register. “Excuse me, do you know if you have any more copies of the West Side Story? See my boyfriend sent me on this crazy scavenger hunt and I have no idea what I’m doing” you explained. “Uh huh” the employee said still underneath the register.

The employee lifts himself up from underneath to face you. To your surprise, it was Jimin! “Here you go” he said pleasantly as he handed over the second copy. “I can’t believe this, all of you are in on this too!?” you yelped. Jimin chuckles. “Really?” you blurted and looked over at Yoongi. He shrugs his shoulders, “I mean…”

You opened the card, it read:

Two birds of a feather, dance together.

Our first dance routine! Big Hit!

“So where to now?” Yoongi asked. “Big Hit” you said as you got into the car. There was so much traffic on the highway, you felt like time was wasting. You kept glancing down at your watch to keep track. It was 2 pm. You were growing impatient, you tapped your finger on your leg to keep you distracted.

Yoongi glared down at your leg. “Stop worrying, we have plenty of time” he said. “Easy for you to say, I don’t want to be late” you stressed. “We have time” Yoongi said, as traffic began to flow quicker. “Finally” you cheered.

You reached Big Hit around 2:30 pm. You almost bumped into a couple of workers trying to go in. You ran up three flights of steps to find the practice room. Yoongi was right behind you. You found the room in flicked the light on. You looked all over the floor, the clue wasn’t there. You saw the massage chair in the corner, no clue was found either. The only thing left in the room was the computer and stereo system, you walked over there and saw a clue laying on top of the chair.

“There’s not much space to hide a clue” Yoongi observed. You quickly opened the clue, it read:

Jagiya, I knew you could do it. Next clue: I’m hot, sweet and warm in your hands. This is your favorite. Find the next clue, if you can.

Mhmmmm… you figured he’s referring to your favorite cafe beverage. Hot Chocolate. “I know where the next clue is” you recalled. “Where is it?” Yoongi asked. “I’ll show you, we had our first cafe date there” you responded, “Let’s go”.

The cafe was at least thirty minutes away. You glanced at your watch, you still had time. You walked in and everyone turned their heads as you stomped into the cafe scanning the area. “You couldn’t be any louder huh?” he stated. You sat down while Yoongi ordered drinks. You looked around trying to find a clue anywhere. “They’ll bring our drinks over” he said taking a seat across from you.

Why is J-Hope doing this to me? Where is he? “Where is he Yoongi?” you asked sternly. “I can’t tell you, just know he know he’s planning very special for you. It’ll be worth it. Trust him” Yoongi reassured you. You leaned against the chair and breathed. You pulled out your cell phone and texted Hoseok: Babe, why do you have me going on this wild goose chase? Just for my birthday. I hope you’re ok. I love you!

As you finished your text, your drinks arrive, the waiter sat them down on the table. You look up to say ‘Thank you’, only to see Jin. “Hi, Y/N” he smiled. “Oh my God, you’ve got to be kidding me” you threw your hands up. Jin immediately laughs while Suga smirks at your reaction. “Hey Jin, do you know where the next clue is by any chance?” you asked politely.

Without moving his body, he diverted his eyes to the right. You narrowed your eyes not knowing what he is suggesting. He did it again. You eyes widen to, you shift your direction to the left. All you saw were a bunch of customers sitting at tables. “Is it over there?” you asked Jin. He kept looking in that direction. “Can I have a clue or something?” you looked at Yoongi. “You have Jin” he clarified.

You got up from you seat and started walking that direction. You heard Jin called out behind you, “Warmer” he laughs. You kept walking. “Warmer”. Each step you took, Jin would laugh and say “Warmer”. You walked towards a table, he shouts “Cold”. You apologized as you moved your way between the tables. You walked to another table and he said “Cold”. You stood at each table only to hear Jin yell “Cold”. There was a table in the corner of the cafe, you stepped in front of it. “Hot”. You smiled and leaned under the table to find a clue taped there.

Yes, finally! You quickly opened it. It read:

Jagiya, you’re so smart. I’m so proud of you. You made it this far. Next clue: We held hands and soaked our toes. We also found seashells from below.

“THE BEACH!!!!” you hollered, “He wants to me to go to the beach to find the next clue!”. You didn’t know whether to be happy or angry. You’re happy to have found the clue but mad about getting to the next one. “Well, Y/N if it makes you feel any better, I can tell you a joke” Jin chimed in. You nodded.

“Why don’t eggs tell jokes?”. “Why” you asked. “Because they crack each other up”. You chuckle as Jin laughs and claps his hands. Yoongi shakes his head and smiles.

“As much as we like to stay, we have to get going” Yoongi declared motioning towards the door. You phone vibrates in your jacket. You saw a text from J-Hope reading: I’m fine but I’ll be even better when I see you tonight! ;)

You text back: Can’t wait to see you! <3 :) and shove your phone back into your jacket. “So do you have any idea what the surprise is?” you asked as you guys were on your way. Yoongi remained silent. After a couple minutes, he finally spoke “J-Hope wouldn’t tell us what it is, he asked for our help and we did it without questions”. He continued, “All he said, it was for your birthday”. The fact that Hobi would go through all this trouble to make you happy and he wants each birthday to be worthwhile.

“This is going to be a long ass ride” you said setting the seat further back. “What do you mean?” Yoongi asked. “The beach we went to is about 3 hours away” you huffed strapping yourself in. “Oh my God, why?” Suga scoffed. “You think you can handle three hours?” you laughed under your breathe. “Yeah, I can handle it, because afterwards, I’m going to sleep” he claimed. “I don’t blame you” agreeing with him. You turned the volume of the music up slightly. You lie your head back further into the seat and relaxed yourself. You slowly drift off to sleep.

“Hey wake up!”, “Y/N, wake up!” Yoongi hitting you on the arm, “We’re almost there”. “Where to now?” Yoongi asked. “I guess to the hotel” you suggested. You glared at your watch to see it was 6:30pm. “Oh thank God, we have time” you exhaled.

He drove to the entrance and said “Alright, here we are”, he continued “You’re not coming” you wondered. “No” shaking his head, “I’m suppose to drive you around” he reminded. You nodded, “Yeah, but thanks anyways” you said leaving the car. “No problem” he smirked and drives off.

Everything was how you remembered. The hotel was known for their aesthetically pleasing oceanfront view alongside their massive piers and boardwalk. The lobby was designed with spotless checkered marble tile floor, expensive leather couches, and plants. You went to the front desk, only to find Namjoon standing behind the desk. “Well, look what we have here” his face brightens as he sees you. “Now, I definitely know there is something going on” you greeted him. “Yep” he says smiling. “What does Hoseok have planned for me, do you know?” you asked. “Nope, and if I did know, I’m not going to tell you” Rapmon declared. “Let me guess, you have a clue for me too?” you concluded. “Actually, I have a key card” he smiled flashing his dimples. He handed it to you. “Thank you” you said. “Enjoy your stay, Y/N”.

You headed to the room, your key card had the same exact room number as last you two were there together. 510. You exited the elevator and walked down the hallway to the room. You were nervous, you didn’t know what you would find behind that door. Is Hoseok waiting for me?

You unlocked the door and and turn the lights on. There was a massive king size bedroom with a oceanfront view. You found a black spaghetti dress laid out on the bed, another clue alongside it. Just when I thought it would be over.

You opened the clue and read:

You are everything, I could ask for. I’m sorry about this clue but I wanted to make this special for you. Come join me, and see what we could be. I love you!

You took a shower and got dress. You’re happy, the dress fitted you nicely. Along with your dress, you wore a choker and black ankle high sandals. You looked gorgeous in the mirror. You went downstairs started walking towards the corridor that lead to the pier. It came to your surprise you found Hoseok waiting for you, he was looking at his watch. When he finally looked up, he smiled so wide and he couldn’t stop. You couldn’t stop smiling either. He was dressed in a buttoned white shirt, black blazer, black jeans, black shoes. Your man looked so handsome.

“You made it just in time, I was beginning to worry” he said.

He kissed you smoothly on the lips. “I missed you” he says wrapping his arms around your waist. “Well, that’s because you gave me a scavenger hunt” you said poking angrily at his chest. He laughs and replied “I did for a reason, babe. You know that”. You nodded in agreement, but you still didn’t know why he did it. “Come on” he said grabbing your hand. You both walked side by side, hand in hand towards the pier. You couldn’t stop smiling. You were so happy to see him and be with him.

As you guys reached pier, it was dark. You couldn’t see anything. There was restaurant located at the end, it looked like it was closed. “Why is it so dark here babe?” you wondered. Diverting the question he asks “So how was your day?” “It was great, finding clues everywhere” you laughed. “How was your day, babe?” you asked in return. “Samet, planning all of this for you, I wanted to make this special” Hoseok answered. “I know” you said. “Besides, this will be a birthday, you’ll never forget” he affirmed. “What do you mean?” you asked.

Hoseok stopped you as the whole pier became lit with lights including the restaurant. You looked over at the rest of BTS peeking from the restaurant window at you two. You smiled and waved in their direction.

You faced Hoseok happily noticing it was another surprise birthday. “Let me guess, you called in a few favors?” you questioned. “For you, yes” he said holding you in his arms. You noticed there was something different with Hoseok, you couldn’t put your finger on it. “Babe?” you asked curiously, “What’s going on?”

He grabbed both your hands and asked “Do you know why I sent you on a scavenger hunt?”. “No, I actually didn’t have a clue why” you answered truthfully. “Why?” you wondered.

“I did it because when we first met, I was determined to know you. Those clues represent all the dates, we ever been on. Moments we shared together, I cherish every single one same as you. Every comment, every secret, every statement, every body movement, every feeling you ever made, I only remember it so I can make you as happy as possible. I love you Y/N and I know you love me too. We’ve made memories so far, why not create more? Babe, I want us to become what we could be”.

You were speechless, you finally mustered up the strength to ask “What can we be?” you started to form tears.

Hoseok grabbed a small black box out his blazer and got down on one knee. You had your hand over your mouth in shock. You tried to contain yourself but tears were already streaming down your cheeks. He was forming tears also. Oh my God, it’s happening.

“Husband and Wife?”

Without a moment to spare, you immediately say “Yes Hoseok, I would be honored to be your wife”.

He slowly placed the engagement ring on ring finger. He got up and embraced you in his arms. He kissed you passionately neither of you broke apart. Still in his arms, he confess, “You made me feel like I’m the happiest and the luckiest”. “I feel like I’m the luckiest too, I love you so much babe” you said lovingly caressing his face. “I love you too babe” he smiles happily.

“Did they know?” you asked.

“I told them what I was doing right before I met with you at the corridor” he answered. “Uh huh” you said as the guys rushed out the restaurant screaming Happy Birthday and Congratulations to you two.

Hoseok was right, this was a birthday that you’ll never forget because he took the time to make everything very special.

Daddy Osterfield pt.1

Purely because I had an idea and I felt like writing because everyone’s been so nice to my first imagine. So enjoy this first part in a story I am so excited to write.

Warnings: none unless you don’t like one night stands or families disowning members.

Word count: 1312.

Tagging: @misshollander1 because you supported me :)

Part 2 is here

Watching your daughter run around, a small smile presented itself on your lips. She seemed so happy, as unaware of all life’s important lessons as she chased after your Dog in the park. The little ones blue eyes blinding you, much like her fathers did on the night you met. For a second you forgot and began to remember how that night progressed.

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Sass Queen Pt. 2

Pairing: Eric Coulter X Reader

Part 1: x

Word count: 572

 All your friends are getting dancing on the Pit to celebrate they’re now Dauntless members. Unlike them, you decided to come to the Chasm, humming to yourself while you hear the water rushing down there. It reminds you of the day you were told about what happens when you get too old here. You don’t think about this, actually, is hard to think about anything else but Eric.

 “I thought you’d celebrate. Second place is something rare for a little girl like you.”

 “Goodnight, Dauntless leader.” You happily declare, a smirk on your face. “May I ask what you want?”

 “Four came to tell me that if I ask you out, you’d say yes.” He comes to stand beside you, looking down at the water. “I want to know if that’s true.”

 “So he did tell you that.” You turn your face to him. “You took too long, don’t you think?”

 “It’s forbidden for a Leader to get involved with an initiate.”

 “Since when you follow the rules?”

 “Since I noticed it tortured you.”

 “Tortured me?” Eric is unbelievable. Of course, he just got worse with you, making crystal clear to you and to everyone that he had an interest in you.

 “I would invite you to have a dinner but I heard you speaking with your friends about walking around the city.”

 “I like being outside, feeling the wind touching my skin.” 

 “Meet here tomorrow at eight.”

 “Maybe.” You leave a soft kiss on his cheek, smiling as you walk away, looking back before turning around the corner.

 You’re late and you know it. You want to make him wait. When you finally get there, you stop on your track. Eric’s holding a single red rose, and he hands it to you when you get closer. The gesture surprises you since Eric is all about being rough and never being romantic. You take the rose, a shy smile on your lips.

 “This is unexpected.”


 “The rose. You’re not…”

 “Romantic?” He interrupts you, kissing your cheek. “I’ve heard that you like romantic.”

 “I don’t want you to pretend to be something you’re not.”

 “I’m not pretending. Just promise me you won’t tell anyone that I’m actually a nice guy.”

 “Okay.” Giving another look on your rose, you start to walk. “Let’s go.”

 The air is fresh and the soft wind plays with your hair. Eric’s holding your hand while you walk through the empty streets. Is better than you expected. Eric is better than you expected. You’re happy to find the man behind the metal mask he wears everywhere he goes. Right now, he’s not a Leader, he’s just Eric.

 “So, sass queen, how’s gonna be your life now?”

 “Sass Queen?” You ask, stopping and resting your back against a dark green wall.

 “That’s the nickname I gave you.”

 “I like it.” Eric steps closer, way too close. “I don’t go fast. I’m romantic, remember? ” You whisper, pushing him away.

 “If you want slow, we’ll go slow. Apparently, you’re the queen here.”

 “I’ll be the queen and you’ll be the king.” With a smile on your face, you jump in his arms, and Eric quickly picks you up bridal style. “Now my King can carry his Queen back home.”

 “We’re perfect for each other.” He slowly walks back to the Dauntless compound, a laugh escaping his lips.

 “I know it very well, handsome man.”

 “Of course you do, beautiful woman.”


The Alex Ovechkin Aesthetic V: Backy Bumps

So, back in the Young Guns 2008-2010 era, Nicky and Ovi had this very special jump celebration they did with each other, where they both hopped as high as possible in the air and aimed at each other, with varying degrees of success over whether they actually managed to bump chests or shoulders. (Ovi, uh, usually tended to launch himself at Nicky with wild abandon, while Nicky more sensibly coordinated and anchored the celebration, so no one ended up with any broken bones.)  If they ever drop hockey, they can have a go at ice dancing.

It’s that time again.

Springtime. The Paschal season. Aviv.

The season of rebirth, renewal, and too much bleeping rain.

The time of flowers blooming, bears waking, trees budding, eggs hatching, and Jews frantically cleaning their homes and screaming this crucial message into the void:

No, Christians, you should not have Passover seders.

“But why?” comes the eternal reply. “The Old Testament is part of our tradition too! Jesus celebrated Passover! Why can’t we?”

Read on, and I’ll tell you.

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Seventh Christmas

the series is as follows so far:

FirstSecond ThirdFourthFifthFifth Christmas, Part 2SixthSeventhEighthNinthTenthEleventhTwelfthThirteenthFourteenthFifteenthSixteenthSeventeenthEighteenthNineteenthTwentiethTwenty-firstTwenty-secondTwenty-third


The only thing driving her to celebrate any kind of Christmas was her mother. She insisted that the tree go up, the stockings, garland, the whole shooting match when all Scully wanted to do was curl on her sofa, hand spanning her swelling belly and cry until she woke from her living nightmare.

Maggie had the good sense not to comment on the ornaments as she hung them, quietly decorating with memories of her future grandchild’s father, her daughter’s partner, her adopted son and friend. She had no idea what to talk about, the conversations she’d been having the last four days being, for the most part, one-sided but even if she did manage to draw her daughter out of her solitary state for a few minutes, Scully drifted right back to silence, usually in the middle of a word or intake of breath to finish a sentence she had lost interest in the moment it occurred to her to respond.

She tried to talk her daughter into coming to Christmas dinner two days from then but Scully stanchly refused, not meeting her mother’s eye as she shook her head, informing her once again that she didn’t want to see everyone and deal with the questions and Bill’s looks and Tara needling about the sex of the baby and discussing teething and colic … and the myriad of other motherly things she’d had to go to and which Scully would be experiencing in the future …

Alone …

And afraid …

She left out the alone and afraid part, running her sentence into nothing and receiving a sympathetic stare from Maggie that squeezed her throat and made her excuse herself to the bathroom to attempt to stop her tears for the 12 time that day.


By the time Christmas Eve rolled around, she had successfully staved off her family and was now wedged into the corner of the couch, her tree unlit, the candy cane in her stocking uneaten, Mulder’s ornaments staring her in the face, mocking her with happy times while she wallowed in her depression. About to shoved the whole kit-and-kaboodle back in its boxes and packing paper and pitch it all to the far corners of her apartment to collect dust until she felt like some sort of human being again, there was a knock on the door.

Her hormones fired up immediately, anger raging to the surface, and pulling the door open, she was fully prepared to scream at her mother/brother/sister-in-law that she was not coming to Christmas and to get the hell off her back.

Instead, she found Skinner standing there, Santa hat perched on his bald head, two tall takeout cups full of something that smelled suspiciously like hot chocolate. Leaning on the doorframe, her belly protruding into the hall, she looked at him with tired eyes, the fight draining out of her, the black cloud filling in the empty space.

Skinner watched her face settle back to sadness and he poked her shoulder with the drink holder, “are you just going to leave me out here in the hall with this? It’s cold, my feet are wet and I’m wearing a Santa hat. Would you let me in, please?” Relenting, she moved aside, allowing her boss to enter the dim apartment but not moving into the room itself, a clear sign that she didn’t want him staying long. He picked up on her unsubtle hint but taking matters into his own hands, ignored her and setting the cups on her kitchen table, removed his coat, “not going to your mom’s I hear.”

“Where’d you hear that?”

“Do you really want to know?”

Scully groaned, returning to her now cold couch cushions, not caring her boss was staring at her in her pajamas as she walked away from him, “either my mother called you or Frohike.”


Resting her head on her palm, she motioned him over with the other hand, “might as well bring the drinks. Mom’s probably having you followed and if you leave here right now, she’ll just send somebody else in.”

Knowing her well enough not to take it personally, he settled on the other end of the couch, handing her a cup, “she’s just worried about you.”

“Yes. Her hovering gave her away.” Scully sipped and burned her tongue, wincing, “I really would just like to get through Christmas quietly and alone. Why can’t people seem to understand that?”

“It’s that age old story of the mother caring about her daughter. Can you imagine the audacity of such an idea?”

She cracked a smile, rolling her eyes as she dropped her head for a moment, “fine. I get it. I just …” Looking up, she glanced at the tree, Skinner following her gaze, “it’s Christmas and he should be here, making weird noises at my stomach and hanging a new ornament on the tree and demanding I share a candy cane.”

Putting down his cup, he stood, staring for a moment until he found the cord and plugged it in, the tree throwing off happy rainbows of color, glinting off his glasses as he turned back to her, “this should really be turned on. Christmas trees were meant to be turned on.”

Her mess of emotions led to several rogue tears running down her cheeks while she tried not to look at him but of course, he shifted, sitting down on the table in front of her, forcing her to meet his eye. She did her best to contain the rest of the tears but suddenly, she felt herself pulled forward, her face mashed into Skinner’s sweater and although she should have pulled back and asked ‘what the hell?’, she instead began an immediate and sopping wet meltdown.


Skinner fell asleep on his corner of the couch, head back, glasses just enough askew that it made her smile. Covering him with an afghan, she cleaned up the empty cups, then moved to turn off the tree before heading to bed. The light wasn’t on in her heart ornament and flicking the switch, she backed up a step to watch it for a moment, twinkling happily among the evergreen branches. His voice made her jump, sleepy in its cadence but still holding its military authority, “is that from Mulder?”

Scully nodded her head, entranced by the illumination, her speech slow as well, “he bought it for me last year when we stopped in Chicago after a case. He bought me a sweater and a hat and a cinnamon roll and an ornament,” caught in her memory, she didn’t worry that it was Skinner she was talking to, “and then he held my hand while we fell asleep.”

Skinner didn’t mind the confession, given she was carrying his child and he’d known them for too long to ever believe they were just partners, even in the early years, “did he buy the snowman as well? The wire one?”

Moving her hand to it, “this was from two Christmas’ ago before he dragged me to a haunted house and stole my keys.” Pointing to the windchimes hanging unmoving in front of her windows, “he gave me those for Christmas but he gave me the ornament a few days before that, when he helped me decorate it.”

“Did he always help put it up? Decorate with you?”

Shifting a little, she ran her fingers along the edges of the stockings, “he showed up the year I had my cancer with the stockings and a box of candy canes and made me share one with him before he rearranged my living room so I could sleep on the sofa bed and still see the tree all lit up.”

By now, Skinner had abandoned his blanket and was standing next to her, friendly distance between them, “when did he bring the garland into it?”

“How do you know the garland was him, too?”

“It seems like a Mulder kind of thing to do.” Closing the friendly distance, he put one long around over her shoulders, nudging her just a bit closer until he felt her unconsciously lean into his side, “he’ll come back, Scully. Maybe not in the next ten minutes but he’ll be back. We’ll find him and next Christmas, he’ll be here to hang the garland and eat the candy canes and make you hot chocolate so I don’t have to and he’ll be here to hold his child and wrap gifts and hold your hand.”

Her eyes slid shut at the memories, then opened again as she twisted to look up at him, “I need him back, sir.”

“And we won’t stop looking.”

A few minutes later, she shut the door behind him, locking it before heading down the hall to her bedroom. Shuffling down the hall once again a minute later, she curled on the couch and fell asleep, the tree keeping giving her the company Mulder could not.


She found a bag hanging on the knob of her front door when she went to get the paper the next day. Opening it, she found an simple round ornament, bearing a Christmas tree, the year Sharpie’d below it with the initials, ‘M’ and ‘S’ on the opposite side, wobbly heart drawn around them.

Hanging the ornament, she then pulled her hands into the thick-cabled sweater she’d put on before falling asleep. The soft wool yarn was as close as she could get to his hug and she would take whatever she could get.

anonymous asked:

Fantine didn't die, just got really really sick. When cosette was older and she was released from the hospital, she went to see her and ValJean. But there were more: almost a dozen boys and a couple of girls. Instead of asking them where M. VJ could be found, she takes them with her. One big happy family. (Also, you can't tell me that Fantine and ValJean wouldn't bicker "that's the wrong bread. Damn it, Fantine, this is why our marriage is failing")

Aaaawww yiiiiiiis ;-; ♥

Okay, maybe it’s not ALL the 12 barricaders in there, because some of them came from wealthy families. But there is definitely three little boys in addition to Cosette, Eponine, and Azelma.

The first boy, the youngest, is Gavroche. He’s three, maybe four, no one knows because the Thénardiers did not bother to keep track. When Gavroche was asked to pick a birth date to celebrate, he chose April 1st. He’s a lively pup, always running around, inventing new games. Constantly covered in dirt, which Fantine sometimes scolds him for.

The second boy is a little withdrawn. He’s around 13. His angel face hide deep-seated issues about self-worth. He calls himself Montparnasse, and Fantine doubt he ever had any other name. She catches him stealing from Valjean one night. Montparnasse freezes. What’s it going to be? The belt or the rod? It’s neither. Fantine gives him a cup of milk sweetened with honey, tells him he does need to do that anymore.

The third one is more a young man than a boy. Feuilly is 16, far older than his new found siblings. He takes on the role of protector, holding Gavroche’s and Azelma’s hands at the marketplace. He makes dolls for Cosette. He wants to pull his own weight very early on, but Valjean insists on him learning for now. And oh boy Feuilly loves learning

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: One Direction (commonly abbreviated as 1D) are an English-Irish pop boy band based in London, composed of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and previously, Zayn Malik until his departure from the band on 25 March 2015. The group signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records after forming and finishing third in the seventh series of the British televised singing competition The X Factor in 2010. Propelled to international success by social media, One Direction's four albums, Up All Night (2011), Take Me Home (2012), Midnight Memories (2013) and Four (2014) topped charts in most major markets, and generated hit singles including "What Makes You Beautiful", "Live While We're Young", and "Story of My Life". Their fifth studio album, Made in the A.M., was released in November 2015. Their awards include six Brit Awards, four MTV Video Music Awards, eleven MTV Europe Music Awards, seven American Music Awards (including Artist of the Year in 2014 and 2015), and 27 Teen Choice Awards, among many others. According to Nick Gatfield, the chairman and chief executive of Sony Music Entertainment UK, One Direction represented a $50 million business empire by June 2012. They were proclaimed 2012's "Top New Artist" by Billboard. According to the Sunday Times Rich List, by April 2013, they had an estimated personal combined wealth of £25 million ($41.2m) making them the second-wealthiest musicians in the UK under 30 years of age. In 2014, Forbes listed them the second-highest earning celebrities under 30, with the group earning an estimated $75 million from June 2013 to June 2014. In June 2015, Forbes listed their earnings at $130 million for the previous twelve months, and ranked them the fourth highest earning celebrities in the world. After the release of Four, One Direction became the first band in the U.S. Billboard 200 history to have their first four albums debut at number one. Their third album, Midnight Memories, was the biggest-selling album worldwide of 2013 despite being released in late November. The band's Where We Are Tour in support of Midnight Memories and Four, was the highest-grossing concert tour in 2014, and the highest-grossing tour ever by a vocal group, generating $282 million.In 2014, Billboard named One Direction Artist of the Year. The band is temporarily on a hiatus that began in January 2016, which is expected to last around 18 months.