the second celebration of the four

Happy Halloween Klaroliners!

It’s the second Anniversary of Klaroweenweekend and we’re gonna do things a little differently this year. We still want you all to create all kinds of fun things; we want playlists, we want gifsets, we want drabbles, we want anything your inventive minds can devise to help us celebrate KC and Halloween. We’ve put together four days worth of themes that we’re hoping will inspire you and get those creative juices flowing.

Day 1 October 28th I Put a Spell On You: sailors and sirens, sups and hunters, angels and demons, cops and robbers; we’d like to see Klaus and Caroline featured in an epic pairing of your choice. 

Day 2 October 29th Monster Mash: supernatural all the way! Anything involving vampires, werewolves, witches, mummies, you name it; if it’s a supernatural setting, we want to see what you guys can come up with for Klaroline. 

Day 3 October 30th Devil Went Down to Georgia: notoriously spooky places like castles, haunted house, hospitals, cemeteries; think of the scariest place you can imagine and them drop our favorite OTP into.

Day 4 October 31st This is Halloween: specifically for the day of, could involve parties, trick or treating, pumpkin carving, whatever comes to mind that makes you think of Klaroline and Halloween.

These can be scary, fluffy, angsty, whatever your heart’s desire. We want you to take these ideas and run with them! Participate as many times as you like, but always be sure to use the tag klaroweenweekend when posting your stuff so we can reblog it!

Here’s a link to our FAQ page as well as a link to our Klaroweenweekend tumblr page. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We’re looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

Fandometrics in Depth: The Defenders

Early this morning, in the weeist of hours, Netflix (@netflix) released a miniseries two years in the making: The Defenders. The show features four major characters that each starred in their own Marvel (@marvelentertainment) show: Daredevil (@daredevil), Jessica Jones (@jessicajones), Luke Cage (@lukecage), and Iron Fist (@marvelsironfist). 

These four shows have had their time in the Fandometrics spotlight and the community around them is extremely dedicated. The excitement for the new series is nearly palpable. With all four characters on one show, The Defenders is set-up for success.

The Defenders, historically

The first series to debut was Daredevil on April 10, 2015, followed by Jessica Jones on November 20, 2015, Luke Cage on September 30, 2016, and Iron First on March 17, 2017.

With 16 appearances on our Television list, Daredevil has appeared on more lists than any other Defender, partially due to being the only series that had a second season run thus far. Jessica Jones has appeared eight times and Luke Cage twice. Iron Fist never made it onto a Fandometrics list. This could be attributed to the whitewashing controversy around the titular character’s casting. Y i k e s.

The stars have appeared on our Celebrities list a number of times as well. Charlie Cox and David Tennant are tied with each appearing four times. Though David Tennant is beloved for his time as the Tenth Doctor, most of his rankings took place in late 2015, correlating with the release of Jessica Jones.

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The Defenders, currently

We parsed data and perused our lists from the last six months to bring you the hottest, freshest numbers. Though Iron Fist was the most searched (120% more search volume than the next highest Defenders show) and most posted about (9% more search volume), Jessica Jones wins for most reblogged (3% more reblog volume). Daredevil, which fell into the number two spot for searches, original posts, and reblogs, had the most likes; 4% more than Iron Fist.

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For your consideration

If you want to take your time with the new episodes, there’s tons of stuff on Tumblr to sift through in between your binge-watching. May we suggest you start with:

And finally, don’t forget to tag your spoilers, pals.

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Coffee and Crosswords

Request 3!

Tags: muggle au, coffee shop au, Hermione is a great wingman, Pansy is a tolerant wingman, crosswords, the smoothest pickup line of all time.

(Also posted on AO3)

“This is my favorite new coffee shop,” Hermione said, the bell over the door chiming softly as they stepped into the bright, high-ceilinged shop. “Go sit down,” Hermione pointed to an empty table near the counter, “I’ll order for you. I promise you’ll love it.”

Harry made his way over to the table and slid into a seat. It was the only empty table in the busy store, through everyone seated already had their drinks so of the two baristas only one was actually working, a young woman with her short black hair cut into a blunt bob.

The other employee was bent over a newspaper, folded in half at the crossword. He was tall and lean with impossibly white blond hair that would fall over his eyes whenever he bent over to fill in an answer. He rolled a blue pen in his long fingers, his brow creasing faintly in thought. Harry watched spellbound as the gorgeous blond tapped the pen on his mouth and then bit the end absentmindedly, his eye teeth sinking into the plastic.


Harry started and flushed, “Y-yeah?”

Hermione followed where Harry had been looking and grinned, “He’s cute.”

Harry groaned, “Please, no, ‘Mione.”

She rolled her eyes, “You’re no fun.” She dug around in her massive shoulder bag and pulled out a book, settling back in her chair and opening it to her place, “Don’t mind me.” she shooed at him with one hand, her eyes already glued to her book, “Go back to your staring.”

Harry felt himself flush, but despite his embarrassment, found his eyes pinned on the blond again. He had paused from chewing on the pen to press his lips together into a thin line and slowly relax them, tracing the shape of his bottom lip with the end of the pen.

The blond looked over at the black haired girl, “Hey, Pansy, what’s a ten letter word for 'smitten’?”

Pansy had her back to him, finishing their drinks, and shrugged dismissively.

“You’re absolutely no help whatsoever,” he retorted with airy dismay.

“Says the one doing the crossword instead of working,” Pansy muttered just loud enough to carry.

Harry bit his bottom lip and impulsively blurted out, “Captivated.”

Harry didn’t think the blond could be any more attractive until he looked over at Harry with the most amazing pale grey-blue eyes, framed by pale lashes only a little darker than his hair.

Harry swallowed hard, “A ten letter word for smitten, captivated.”

“Hmm…” the blond looked down at the paper and shook his head, “No. The 'ed’ at the end is right through,” he leaned over on the counter, “any other ideas?”

“Fascinated?” Harry said, his mind already winging ahead for other words that might fit, his hand under the table counting out letters of words.

The blond glanced down and then back up, a smirking smile on his mouth, “Nope.”

“How about….” Harry’s brow furrowed and he chewed his bottom lip, “…Infatuated?”

He glanced down and smiled triumphantly, “That’s it!” the pen scratched across the newspaper filling in the missing word.

Pansy bumped the blond with her hip and pushed two cups into his hands, “Be useful Draco,” she nodded at their table.

“Your name is Draco?” Harry asked as the blond walked around the counter carrying the two cups.

Draco nodded with a grimace, “Constellation names are somewhat of a tradition in my family.”

“Um, I’m Harry,” Harry said hurriedly as Draco slid the cups onto the table.

“Nice to meet you, Harry,” Draco smiled.

Hermione pulled out her phone, which absolutely hadn’t gone off, and said, “Well, would you look at that, it’s Ron. Sorry, Harry, I have to get going. Wouldn’t want to keep my boyfriend waiting.” She pulled her bag over her shoulder and put her book away in one smooth movement. She was was out the door before Harry could say a word. 

He finally managed a groan and glanced over at Draco, his cheek feeling hot.

Draco was looking faintly flushed himself, “Well. That wasn’t subtle at all.”

“No, it wasn’t,” Harry agreed.

Draco went back to the counter leaning over and grabbing his crossword and pen. “I’m going on break, Pansy.”

“You’re an arsehole, Draco Malfoy,” Pansy retorted without looking up.

Draco came back to Harry’s table, “Is this seat taken?” he asked.

“No, not at all,” Harry said.

Draco sat down across from him, sitting the crossword down in front of himself and helping himself to Hermione’s abandoned latte, “A ten letter word for hopeful starting with P.” He tapped his mouth with the pen and then carefully wrote in, “P-e-r-s-u-a-s-i-v-e.”

“You do a lot of crosswords?” Harry asked.

“There’s a lot of downtime working here,” Draco said, one side of his mouth quirking up in a smile. He barely glanced down at the paper and said, “I need a four letter word for dinner and a movie.”

“A date?” Harry said after a half a seconds thought.

“I’d love to,” Draco said.

Harry let out a startled laugh.

“Too cheesy?” Draco asked.

Harry shook his head with a grin, “How about tomorrow?”

Draco smiled, “I get off at seven.”

  • Allura: Humans are probably one of the shortest lived species I have ever encountered in my travels. It's inspiring how much life you all manage to live in such a short amount of time.
  • Pidge: Do you think the discrepancy in age has to do with how our species measure time differently? A tick is shorter than a second.
  • Keith: I mean, time is essentially meaningless. It's just a label people ascribe to something they will never fully comprehend.
  • Hunk: Dude. That's heavy.
  • Shiro: Guys... How old are you, Allura?
  • Coran: Well, discounting the 10,000 years we both spent asleep, the princess celebrated her four hundred and twentieth birthday right before Zarkon invaded!
  • Everyone:
  • Hunk: No. Way.
  • Coran: Is... There a problem?
  • Lance: Everyone shut up, I need a moment to process this.

Alex Morgan 2012

Alex Morgan scored 14 goals in a 12-match stretch from January to late May 2012, including three straight two-goal efforts. She earned her first career hat-trick on March 7, 2012, during a 4–0 victory against Sweden in the third-place match of the Algarve Cup. In June 2012, she was nominated for an ESPY Award as the Best Breakthrough Athlete.

In the opening match of 2012 London Olympics group play, Morgan scored both the equalizer and the goal that sealed the win against France. In the next three Olympic matches, she assisted on the match-winning goal, including two to Wambach.

Morgan scored the winning goal in the Olympic semi-final match against Canada in extra time, sending the United States to the gold medal match against Japan. Her goal came in the 123rd minute, the latest goal ever scored by a member of the U.S. women’s team and a FIFA record. The match-winning goal was Morgan’s team-high 20th in 2012, becoming only the sixth and youngest U.S. player to do so in a single year.

In the final, a 2–1 win against Japan on August 9, Morgan assisted on a Carli Lloyd header. She ended the tournament with 3 goals, and a team-high four assists (tied with Megan Rapinoe) and ten points (tied with Rapinoe and Wambach). To celebrate her achievements, she was honored at her former high school and the No. 13 jersey was retired.

In 2012, Morgan led the U.S. in goals (28), multi-goal matches (9), assists (21) and points (77). Her calendar year goals, assists and points totals are the third-best, tied second-best (one tally shy of record), and second-best, respectively, in U.S. WNT history. Morgan joined an exclusive club as she and Hamm are the only U.S. WNT players to record at least 20 goals and 20 assists in the same calendar year and became only the third and youngest player to reach 20 assists in a calendar year.

A Dance...

[Context: We’re a party of 5, who’ve stumbled into an underground lair full of pretty nasty enemies. We’ve been playing for a while, and have finally managed to find somewhere quiet to pause to take stock of our situation. We’re stood near a door, deciding what to do next. One of our party is a human warrior, who is known for asking to do slightly wacky things in dangerous situations.]

Human Warrior: (tries to peek through a keyhole to see inside a room, and rolls a natural 1.) ‘Whoops!’

DM: ‘You lean on the door, and it swings open! You stumble into the room, stopping only when you hit a table, and you hear the door slam shut behind you, trapping you alone in the room with four bandits! They aren’t pleased to see an intruder, and draw some rather nasty looking weapons’.

Human Warrior, immediately after DM stops talking: 'Can I do a provocative dance on the table to distract them?’

DM, slightly incredulously : 'I mean… I guess? Roll me a 20 and you can do that.’

Human Warrior: (rolls his first 20 of the entire campaign)

DM: (pauses for a good ten seconds, then sighs loudly) You climb on the table, and begin to dance. The bandits, rather out of character (pointed look at the instigator of the whole thing) put away their weapons and watch you dance.’

Human Warrior : 'If I roll another 20, can they all pass out at the brilliance of my dance?’

DM: (stares, then says) 'Sure. Chances of that happening are slim’

Seconds later, the DM is sat with his head in his hand, four unconscious bandits, as our human warrior celebrated his second natural 20 in 2 rolls. Everyone else round the table is in hysterics. Our warrior now introduces himself to NPC’s as a 'Legendary Dancer’. Our DM has outlawed anything dance-related.

characters from the penumbra podcast on a date but there’s a puddle on the ground

rita: looks at the puddle and clears her throat until her date takes off their jacket and puts it over the puddle. continues clearing her throat, making increasingly specific gestures illustrating what she’s asking for until her date picks her up and carries her over the puddle

rilla: walks through the puddle. makes fun of her date for not wanting to walk through the puddle.

alessandra strong: picks up her date and carries them over the puddle. makes fun of her date for not wanting to walk through the puddle but it’s not like her date didn’t want to walk through the puddle, it’s just that when alessandra strong asks if you need a lift you say yes and accept the gift you’re being given

lord arum: makes fun of his date for not wanting to step into the puddle, but clearly he doesn’t want to step in the puddle either. eventually his date puts their jacket on the puddle and lets him walk across it and he acts like he doesn’t care but he’s avoiding eye contact and responding to everything a little too loudly after that

peter nureyev: no fewer than eight people saw that peter nureyev was about to step in a puddle and rushed over to offer him their jackets. he and his date walk across a bridge of jackets, hand in hand, peter somehow managing to get whatever’s in the pockets on the way. they spend the rest of the night drinking cocktails and going through his haul.

sir marc: takes off his jacket and puts it over the puddle for dampierre. he’s not even on a date, he just does that

juno steel: takes off his jacket. puts it on his date’s shoulders. lays facedown in the puddle.

sir damien: spends five minutes trying to decide what to do–is he supposed to take off his jacket? what if his date thinks that’s rude? grant me tranquility, saint damien–until his date either picks him up and carries him over or suggests they go to the other tavern across the street instead. either way he writes his date a four page poem celebrating their patience and cleverness and strength

car and I brainstormed some Parks and Rec election results and scenarios to make ourselves feel better. Reblog and add with your own.

  •  Leslie offers to stop eating waffles if Hillary could win and then mutters to herself a second later “No, that’s crazy; i can’t do that. i’m sorry, Leslie.”

  • Ann running over in the early hours Wednesday morning with a full nursing bag preparing for the worst

  •  Leslie, Ben, and Ann all yell “DONALD TRUMP’S NEVER HAD A REAL JOB IN HIS LIFE” in various inflections for about twenty five minutes

  • Leslie suddenly sliding to the floor every few hours when she remembers. she wraps herself in every coat, scarf, and hat she owns and hibernates in there for a day or two

  •  Leslie tackles Jamm in the hall when she comes back to work: “you know what you did!”

  • Leslie wearing and passing out buttons with the MADD logo “The second D doesn’t stand for anything. Thats just how mad I am.”

  • Ann and Madeline Albright coaxing Leslie out of the bedroom when she’s depressed

  • Chris makes a list of all his favorite things about Hillary to read to Leslie and ends up crying halfway through. He goes on a marathon tour of the tri-state area. Which comprises traveling to participate in marathons because he just has to keep moving for a while and not stop

  • Leslie smacks her face sometimes, even years later, to see if she’s actually just maybe still asleep

  • Tom starts a new successful business called Black and Brown of the latest styles and fashions and only hires people of color

  • the thing that gets Leslie out of her funk is Ron coming over and telling her how much he hates government and how he thinks the two-party system is flawed and the electoral college is ruining the country and whats’ the point anymore. and then he shows her an I Voted sticker on which he’s written “i’m with Leslie”. Leslie starts to cry for a few minutes and then goes “but you actually voted for Hillary, right?”

  • The Pawnee Goddesses’ next four years are already booked for visiting political representatives, staging sit-ins, protests, and fundraisers. Ron always drives the bus. Andy is in charge of new recruits. Tom designs uniforms. Ann looks pretty.

  • Galentines Day becomes a movement and organization dedicated to helping women and they celebrate it every day. Waffle buttons become a symbol of the movement

  • The Parks gang runs into the entire Meagle Clan at a rally. They stand slackjawed for thirty seconds. Tom faints because Ginuwine is there

  • “PCP is going to seem like a walk in Roosevelt park compared to this.“ Leslie shows the camera a 3-inch binder labeled "LSD: Let’s Steer Democrat”

  • Andy spends a part of every Johnny Karate show educating kids about tolerance and how to be a good person

  • April is president of Galentines day and has a secret binder of her plans that she won’t ever show Leslie bc she’s pretty sure it might actually kill her

  • Andy graduates with a minor in women’s studies, goes to every protest even if he’s not always sure what’s going on. (April explains it)
    he seems like he’s only half getting it and then volunteers to speak at one protest.  the speech is one of the most relevant, aware, inspiring speeches in modern history it goes viral on buzzfeed.
    he gets invited to ellen and spends the whole time talking about finding nemo and dancing
    when asked to explain how he wrote it he says he asked himself a simple question: WWLKD

  • April runs for senate. She wins.
[Naked Noises]

Ash’s Writing Challenge (3) - President Negan 

Negan x Female Reader  

A/N: oh gosh I’m super nervous to post this lol  I am actually really excited to participate in this challenge! The work I’ve read so far has been so so amazing, there’s a lot of wonderful talent in this fandom! – Thank you to the lovely @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash for bringing us all together and inspiring us all to write & read such awesome works! xoxo : ) — FYI I’m not quite sure if my political facts are accurate I apologize in advance *I appreciate any & all feedback! hope you like it xx :) 


(gifs by @vivienvalentino)


Six long months of sacrifice finally paid off. 

After working excruciating hours at an internship that weeded out the rest, it left you as the last woman standing. Now, you were going to be working right under the most powerful man in the whole world. 

You had to admit, this job did not sound ideal in the beginning. In fact, you even questioned your own feminist beliefs for even entertaining the thought of serving a man. However, your ambition was driving you to see past the title of your position, reminding you that you were working deep in the roots of the White House. Only a few people will ever see this kind of power first hand, and you were one of them. You had the rare opportunity to make contacts and connections along the way; connections that will surely help your own political career one day. 

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If you’re like us, then you’re overflowing with love for the leading lady of Rogue One: Jyn Erso. To have a bit of an outlet for these feels, we’d like to use the week of May 22nd to May 28th to finally host a Jyn Erso Appreciation Week  to celebrate her. 


  • Day One: Favorite Scene(s) || Writing Prompt: Faith 
  • Day Two: Favorite Quote || Writing Prompt: Luxury
  • Day Three: Favorite Relationship || Writing Prompt: Family
  • Day Four: Jyn and Tropes || Writing Prompt: Need
  • Day Five: Jyn and Rebellion || Writing Prompt: Hope
  • Day Six: Felicity Jones Appreciation || Writing Prompt: Partisans
  • Day Seven: Free Day || Bonus Prompt: Why You Love Jyn

Please use this week to celebrate Jyn Erso in any way you want to with any type of fanwork you want to. Also, because we know that appreciation weeks sometimes skew towards visual work, we included a second writing prompt to help get those creative juices flowing. (Of course, feel free to make graphics for the writing prompt and write for the regular prompt—the point is to create as much positive Jyn related material as possible!)


  • Please tag your posts with #jynweek in one of the first five tags so we can see it
  • To find works created for this week on the blog, we will be tagging specific days as #jyn week: day [one], and prompts as and day [one]: [faith]
  • We won’t reblog any hate, so if you don’t like Jyn, don’t participate!

Feel free to message us with any comments, questions or concerns. We hope you guys have a lot of fun and we look forward to seeing what wonderful things you will create!

rain (reddie) ch. 2

Type: Series

Summary: Richie and Eddie had dated each other for a long time, and things had been going great - or so, they thought. After Eddie comes home to an empty apartment and a note left behind, the loving relationship of four years tragically ended. Years of never speaking to each other later, the wedding of Beverly and Ben brings everyone back together, including Eddie and Richie. Hotel room mix-ups, drunken confessions, loud arguments between several losers, bad parties, old childhood games, memories, music, love, and drama ensues over the week of preparing for the wedding.

Pairing(s): Reddie, Benverly, Stenbrough

Word count: 2.5k

Chapter warnings: More heart break

A/N: I know it’s a bit slow right now, but I need to make sure I set this up completely for you guys. Hope you guys like it! If you wanna be on the tag list, just let me know. As always, credit goes to @r-u-reddie for being an amazing beta and helping me to better the chapter. <3 I dedicate this chapter to @eddiespaghettte because she’s my fave.

AO3 link coming in two weeks

Check out the new inspo tag here

Silence took over the lobby while Richie and Eddie stared at one another, the tension palpable. Years and years of painful silence was abruptly broken.

Eddie wondered if Richie’s heart was racing just as fast as his was.

He was struggling to organize his thoughts in that moment, unable to truly process his ex-boyfriend and how he felt in that moment.

Sure, he had gotten a glimpse of Richie a few times on TV or somewhere on social media since the break up, but it was something he would quickly change channels away from or exit out of. He had avoided studying him, knowing that the ache he had spent over a year trying to repress would immediately return as a sharp pain.

That sharp pain that he was trying to avoid after all of those years finally made its return. Seeing Richie brought back a rush of emotions that he wasn’t mentally prepared to handle.

His breathing speeding up ever so slightly had Eddie instinctively reaching for his back pocket, until he remembered that he didn’t have an inhaler anymore.

It was Richie’s disappearance that made the use of the inhaler needed, and it took him months to stop needing it afterwards.

‘You don’t need it. You don’t need it.’ He chanted in his mind to calm down.

As everything that they’d been through flashed across his mind, a glare started to form on Eddie’s face, his arms crossing over his chest defiantly. At first, he wasn’t sure which emotion would rise to the surface, but it was clear that anger was making its appearance.

“No hi, Eddie?” Richie’s resonant voice echoed inside of his head, making Eddie upset that it still made his heart skip a beat to hear.

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💙UPDATE💙 (all of this is important, so pls read it all)

where do I begin, you guys?? SO MUCH has happened in these short months before summer break. as you all know (or maybe you didn’t), I graduated and am officially in college now & W is a FORMER teacher of mine whom I am currently helping over the summer & a little bit during school. W is an agriculture teacher and runs the Ag club in my high school and it’s really active, so he works all year long and has students in his classroom all year preparing for competitions or studying. okay, now that this is settled, let’s get into the juicy stuff💦 my heart is literally POUNDING right now!!!

okay, so, last week I was sitting at the dining room table working on something when my dad comes in the kitchen and says, “Hey, Tay, I saw one of your old teachers at the grocery store today.” I replied with, “Yeah? Which one?” I was thinking he meant like an elementary school teacher or something. My dad said, “I can’t remember his name.. it was your agriculture teacher.. W! That’s it! He spoke very highly of you. He said you were a special girl, one of his best students.” I LITERALLY FLIPPED INSIDE. W COULD HAVE FREAKING GAVE US AWAY (I mean, I don’t know what we are???) BUT!!! 😬 I texted him later that night and thanked him for the compliment but I also asked him to never speak to my dad again😂 it’s the most awkward feeling ever.

the second week of May, I celebrated the nearing to summer break with a group of friends at some frozen yogurt place in my town. it was me and four other girls & we are all really clothes friends so we obviously tell each other almost everything when it comes to boys and all that. the other girls were talking about their crushes (and some of them, their boyfriends), but I wasn’t staying anything because you know, I don’t want to tell them anything about W & I because that would be a stupid move! they kept pressing on me, but I resisted &I eventually went to the bathroom to kinda escape the awkwardness for a little bit and also check out my lipstick situation after that froyo😂. when I came back, they were ALL staring at me. I was like, “what? is there something in my hair?” then Manda, my best friend out of all of them, held up my phone and said, “who’s __(W’s first name)__?”

I kid you not I almost screamed and ran away because I was so embarrassed and so scared that they would find the correlation between this name and W’s being the same! I was like, “______? he’s just a guy that I was talking to. I’m not sure if I like him that much. we’re not dating or anything, just talking..” THANKFULLY, that was enough to keep them off me😅

the last thing that I’m going to be including in this update is the biggest and has the most importance. (phew, okay, I can do this!!)

W called me and asked if I wanted to go out with him and ride around and just talk. I told my mom I was going out for a drive and met W in a parking lot. he is literally the hottest person I’ve ever met in my entire life & the sweetest &I the strongest. ugh, I’m drooling😛

we rode down back roads and on highways with the windows down & the music blasting on some oldie radio station with W singing the ones he knew. I literally have the best time with him. I think I could talk to him for hours without an end, he’s perfect.

towards the end of the night, he parked in some gravel that was in front of a big, green pasture & opened the sun roof so that we could watch the sunset. we sat there until the stars came out. somewhere during the night, W turned to me and he said, “Taylor, you are the purest girl I have ever met. Pure in that you are pure beautiful, funny, loving, active.. I’m so glad that I got the chance to know you better. I don’t deserve you.”

then, he unbuckled his seatbelt, leaned in closer to me, and he KISSED ME. W, THE LOVE OF MY LIFE THROUGHOUT MY ENTIRE HIGH SCHOOL CAREER AND THEN SOME, PLACED HIS LIPS ON MINE😭❤️

he’s such a good kisser, too. the kiss was slow, sweet, sensual..too perfect.


How MM Characters React to Finding Out You're Pregnant


  •  He already noticed slight changes to your mood and body before you did. 
  •  At first he thought it might be the flu, but that thought changes when you are too tired for your usual love fest in bed.
  • “I’m sorry, Jumin. I’m too tired tonight.”
  • Elizabeth 3rd also becomes extra clingy to you. 
  • Jumin makes you go to the doctor and they can’t find anything wrong. He insists to do further tests but you beg him not to.
  • “It’s probably stress, Jumin. I’ll be fine.”
  • Wrong answer. Jumin has cleared your schedule until he feels like you’re feeling better. 
  • A week later you realize your period hasn’t happened. 
  • Jumin knew this before you and scheduled another doctor’s appointment after asking Jaehee to research information on missed periods (poor Jaehee.)
  • He makes you go back to the doctor for blood work. Suddenly this all makes sense: The fatigue, your bras no longer fitting, and feeling sick. 
  •  The doctor walks in with the good news. “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Han. You’re going to be parents.”
  • Jumin doesn’t say anything at first. His face loses color. The news is a surprise. 
  • “Sweetheart, are you okay?” You ask. You’ve never seen him this way before.
  • He nearly faints from processing all the emotions he is feeling on the way out of the doctor’s office.
  • Jaehee cancels all of Jumin’s meetings for the week citing “exhaustion” as the cause.  
  • Jumin holds you close to him later on that night, confessing he is both terrified and delighted at the news. He wonders if Elizabeth 3rd will feel jealous. omg really jumin. 
  • “I’m sure she’ll be happy too,” You whisper in his ear as you accidentally fall asleep on his chest. 
  • He admires the glow your face is beginning to show as you sleep peacefully. 


  • You’ve been much more emotional lately. 
  • Every time Zen had to leave on set you find yourself crying, but why?
  • You even beat yourself up about it. “Why am I acting so strange..?”
  • Zen invites you to come on set with him one day and you’re immediately say yes! 
  • You couldn’t help but keep refilling your plate with cakes from catering. Zen tries to crack a joke “You are what you eat, huh babe?” 
  • But it backfires.
  • It backfires BAD. 
  • You walk away sobbing. This is entirely out of character. 
  • “Wait! BABE! I’m so sorry!” He runs after you and pulls you in for a hug. 
  • You sob into his chest for a few minutes and then go silent.
  • He pushes you in front of him to see what’s wrong. “Babe…?” 
  • Your face turns white and you go limp in front of him. 
  • Zen FREAKS out and immediately yells for someone to help. 
  • He carries you himself to the ambulance and he demands you get rushed you to the hospital. 
  • The paparazzi outside of the set take photos of the incident. A video is uploaded to Youtube.
  • You regain consciousness when arriving to the hospital. “What’s…what’s going on?” 
  • Zen cries with joy seeing you’re awake and hugs you. “Shh. Just rest, my princess. We’ll find out. I love you.” 
  • He refuses to leave your side as the hospital runs a bunch of tests, but, you tell him he should get something to eat while they do an ultrasound. 
  • The doctor comes in a couple hours later and tells them it was a combination of exhaustion and dehydration.  “This is a common symptom in pregnancies. She’ll need to make sure she drinks more fluid and get rest.”
  • Wait. What? Both you and Zen look at the doctor with confusion.
  • The doctor informs the two of you that you’re already 13 weeks pregnant. He gives Zen a picture of the ultrasound showing a little baby bean! 
  • You start crying at news. It’s happy tears. Eventually Zen starts crying too. He’s just as happy. 


  • It’s not secret you and Yoosung wanted to have kids immediately.
  • You two tried every month for six months. 
  • You have a bulk stash of HCG strips in the bathroom, an ovulation 
    tracker on the your phone, and have read every article online on how to improve your chances at becoming pregnant.
  • Every month your period came, Yoosung started to doubt himself. 
  • “Is.. Is there something wrong with me?”
  • You’d hold him and reassure him. “Don’t say that. There’s nothing wrong with you! Sometimes it just takes time, I guess.” Deep inside, you wondered if there was actually something wrong with you instead.
  • After a year of trying, you both go to a fertility specialist to have tests done. 
  • The specialist tells the both of you there is a problem with your ovulation. They immediately start on you a treatment plan with fertility drugs. 
  • You act okay with the news, but in reality you are the opposite of okay. 
  • Yoosung finds you crying underneath the covers and panics. 
  • “Please don’t cry! It’s not your fault!”
  • Soon he’s crying too. 
  • By the third treatment cycle you start to notice changes in your body.
  • You start doubting your feelings. You try to remain calm. 
  • Every day you and Yoosung talk about all of your different things happening with your body.
  • When you take one of your test strips at home you notice a second faint line, causing your heart to skip a beat.
  • “Yoosung! LOOK!” 
  • Each test on each day has a darker, and darker second line. You two get hopeful. It’s been a hard two years, but it feels like you two are getting to the light at the end of the tunnel. 
  • You two are SO nervous at the fertility specialist. Yoosung can barely breathe.
  • The fertility specialist confirms what you two have been dreaming. You are pregnant!
  • Yoosung sobs tears of joy at the news.  You two are so happy to finally become parents. 
  • The fertility specialist interrupts the celebration with even more good news.
  • “There’s just one thing…”
  • He shows on the screen there are four baby beans. 
  • FOUR.


  • Remember that one time he wanted to leave evidence he existed on you?
  • Well he wanted to do that again on your honeymoon. And then some. 
  • A couple months later you notice you are craving Honey Buddha Chips and Doctor Pepper more than normal.
  • At first Saeyoung thinks it’s really cute how much junk food you’re eating.
  • And then he realizes an entire giant box of Honey Buddha Chips are gone. 
  • He asks Saeran first if he knew what happened to them.
  • “Why would I eat all of your chips? I saw your wife with the box. Ask her.”
  • And then he wonders if maybe you’re emotionally eating.
  • What if she regrets our marriage? 
  • Later on in the day you visit Saeyoung in his computer room where he’s playing LOLOL. “Hey… Saeyoung.. we need to talk.”
  • Your voice makes him immediately spin around. He has tears in his eyes. “I.. I knew this day would come.” 
  • Your heart immediately sinks. “I’m.. I’m so sorry Saeyoung!”  You feel even more guilty at eating his precious Honey Buddha Chips as you add “I’ve been so hungry lately and they just taste so good. I’m so sorry for eating them I will never do it again!” 
  • Saeyoug looks at you confused. “Wait? You’re not leaving… me?”
  • “I WOULD NEVER LEAVE YOU.” omg you stupid idiot i love you. 
  • Suddenly you feel hot and sick. You run to the bathroom covering your mouth.
  • Saeyoung panics when he hears you vomit in the bathroom. It’s enough to get Saeran out of his room too. 
  • He’s never heard you this sick before and makes you go to bed. This goes on for a week. 
  • Soon he’s starting to search for answers online. He even goes to WebMD.
  • When you’re sleeping he calls Jaehee in a panic, worrying you might be dying and because you both are girls maybe she would know how women things work. 
  • Jaehee calmly explains to him that you’re not dead and dying. She suggests to him that you may be pregnant and should take a test. (I guarantee she facepalmed at the convo.)
  • A week later, you’re start having suspicions too. You look at the calendar and realize you haven’t had a period in two months.  “Could it be..?” 
  • You go to tell Saeyoung you think you’re pregnant and He confesses he already purchased a bunch of pregnant tests for you.
  • You think that’s the most romantic thing ever and hug him to pieces. 
  • He waits outside while you figure out how to use to use the test. How do girls pee on this thing omg. The test immediately comes back as positive. 
  • You rush out of the bathroom with the test in hand. You both are sobbing tears or joy together. 
  • You lean in to kiss him when you’re stomach starts to growl again. 
  • “Can.. Can I have more Honey Buddha Chips?” 
  • He’ll be glad to give you anything for you and the baby. 
Neighbours - Tommy Shelby

Could you do an imagine with Tommy teaching his little boy about horses, when they see you getting thrown off of one, and take you back to the house to help you. 

The Accident 

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five |  Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen | Part Fourteen Part FifteenPart Sixteen | Part Seventeen (the first bit) Part Seventeen (the second bit)Part Eighteen |

Tomorrow Charlie would turn six years old and the entire Shelby family would descend on their home to celebrate, and as such Tommy had decided that today would be a day spent with just him and his son, a morning of eating and playing whatever Charlie wanted, and an afternoon spent with the horses. That’s where they were now, brushing Grace’s Secret and mucking out her stable with Tommy explaining to Charlie the finer details of horse behaviour, the little twitches to watch out for to give an insight in their minds, as always Charlie was enraptured, already besotted with the creatures he’d grown up with.

That’s when they heard it, the telltale neigh and scream of a rider being thrown from their horse.

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Punishment for a sneaky piggy Feat. Gainerboynick

I’ll never know what’s worse: my boss riding my ass (not in the way I’d prefer), or my mother sending me nagging text messages.

“Honey, when are you going to come over?”

“Xavier, why don’t you ever call?”

“Found this great gym online. Maybe you should get Nick to go every once and a while. He’s packing on some weight lately and I’m just concerned.”

Jesus Christ, if it’s not one thing it’s another. I’m just happy to be home. Crack open a cold one, put my feet up, rub my pig’s ever-growing belly.

I opened the door to my house and walked inside. I heard a weird noise, like someone was getting into something they shouldn’t. As I shut the door, the noise stopped, followed by scurrying noises. I dropped my bag and quickly walked into the kitchen to find the culprit.

My pig was eating the leftover pizza that I forbid him to eat. I caught him as he was bent over, back towards me, placing the box back into the fridge. His pants sagged a few inches, revealing his round butt and hairy ass crack.

“Excuse me, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Slowly, he stood. He pulled his pants up, fixed his shirt and turned around. Right in the middle of his chubby face was a piece of pizza crust, sticking out from his sexy lips. As I took a few steps towards him, he quickly shoved it in and chewed.

“I’m pretty fucking positive that I told you not to eat that pizza. What made you think you could disobey me?” At this point, I was an inch or two from my toned midsection rubbing against his belly. He looked afraid.

“Well, I was hungry. And you texted me saying you’d be home late and I couldn’t wait for my food.”

I was furious, and he could tell. My temperature was rising and I’m pretty sure my face was a hundred shades of red.

“I mean, I’m a growing boy. I’m not supposed to be hungry.”

That’s when the anger subsided. I started breathing normally and I felt myself calm down. I was six inches taller than him, so even calm, I’m sure the sight of me leering down at him was still intimidating.

Good. I could use that to my advantage.

I smiled, and I saw his face go from terror to confusion. I reached out my hands and placed them one the sides of his gut. It’s funny: he was a struggling gainer before I met him and managed to balloon him from 195-240 pounds of pure, jiggly fat. What’s funny is all of his fat went straight to his belly. His belly, shaped like a perfect ball, with hair all around his navel, felt so warm in my hands as I rubbed it. He seemed to calm down too, as I rubbed his empty belly.

“How many pieces did you eat before I caught you being a sneaky little piggy,” I asked him, not looking up, but continuing to rub and pat his distended belly.

“Two. Honest. Only two.”

He looked down and saw my cock begin to go hard in my pants. He reached his hand out to grab it, as was his training. Whenever he saw me go hard, no matter how empty or full his belly was, he had to suck it. But not right now.

I pushed his hand aside.

“Chair,” I said sternly. “NOW.”

His belly left my grasp as he stood straight up and walked to my office, just off the kitchen. I slowly followed behind him as he did was had been instructed to do a few times before.

First, he took off all of his clothes, except for his underwear. No matter how fat he got or how it got me off to feel his struggle to ride my dick with his new girth, the one thing that could get me hard and dripping in an instant was how his belly made the elastic of his underwear roll onto itself. That beginner ball gut could do things to me that no man ever could.

He opened a desk drawer and took out a plain red shirt, my favorite color. He put it on and stretched it down his plump frame. The shirt stopped right beneath his belly button, leaving an inch or two of exposed hairy belly flesh beneath its grasp. His nipples, so hard and tiny, looked like they could stab through the cheap fabric.

Next, he grabbed the leather straps from the drawer, then headed to my work chair. Solid wood, the finest for my piggy. Solid enough to where he shouldn’t break it. Yet.

He sat down in the chair, his belly pushing at the fabric more, leather straps on his ample lap and arms resting on the arms of the chair. I walked over, using two of the smallest straps to tie his wrists down, then tied each ankle to a chair leg. As I went to stand, I noticed his rock-hard cock in his underwear. I looked up at him and was met with a subtle smile.

           After flicking his dick and watching him flinch, I said,

           “This is not for your pleasure piggy. This is your punishment for being greedy and a sneak.” With that, I stood up and left the office.

           I opened the fridge and took out two beers. After cracking one and drinking it without stopping, I surveyed the fridge to see what I had for my piggy. I stopped calling him Nick when his pants, then a size 30, stopped fitting and we celebrated by watching him eat an entire Fudgy the Whale ice cream cake.

           Pizza, four slices left. That was an obvious. Left over pulled pork in bbq sauce. Last quarter of my birthday cake. Packet of deli turkey. A few big meatballs. Half pint of heavy cream. Oh, that can wait for later. I opened my second beer and drank it faster than the first.

           I hauled piggy’s punishment into my office and sat it on my desk, all for him to see. And oh, did he see it. His eyes practically shot out of his head. But like a good pig, he didn’t say a word. He knew what was coming.

           I stood in front of him, pizza box in hand.

           “Remember,” I said, taking a slice of meat lovers pizza out of the box and lowering it towards his mouth, “You did this to yourself.” As soon as the greasy pizza met his lips, he took a big tear into his mouth and practically swallowed it whole. He kept going for it, bite after bite until he was licking the garlic spread off the crust. I let him have it.

           He didn’t slow down for the other three slices, which we devoured with such glee. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought that he was enjoying his punishment.

           Once the pizza was gone and the box rested empty next to the chair, I let piggy suck the remaining grease from my fingers. I reached down and felt his belly. Little tight, but nowhere near full.

           Next came the pulled pork. The container was big, filled to the top. I walked next to the chair, and sat the cold container down in front of his belly. Pulling my own chair up next to him, I sat down and placed one hand on the back of his head. The other hand, lightly grazing down his fat torso to tease him, reached the bowl and scooped out a clump of the meat. I raised it to his mouth, and slammed it in. He chewed with ease, and before he could swallow, I shoved another mouthful in. By the fourth mouthful we worked out a good rhythm, which was interrupted by a sudden moan. My hand stopped midair and I looked at him, as his cheeks slowly turned pink.

           “Oh, I’m sorry, is this enjoyable to you?” I asked, scooping the pork back into the container. Fucking pigs never learn to take their punishment.

           I walked over to the desk and took out a small pair of clamps on a chain. “Maybe now you’ll learn.” The right clamp closed on his hard nipple and he squealed. I smiled. “Now that’s better,” I said clamping the second one.

           Before I could give him time to adjust to the pain, I slammed a big helping of pork into his gaping mouth. Instead of the easy-go rhythm we once had, I forced handful after handful into his mouth, giving him just enough time to swallow before more was pushed. I looked down as I force fed my pig and thought I could see his belly as it puffed out and became full.

           My hand touched the bottom of the empty container and before he could catch his breath, I put a few slices of turkey into his mouth. Had he not eaten the last of the chicken alfredo last night that would be here for him too, but I had to make do.

           The slices slowly vanished and I could tell he was getting full. His chews were slowing down and his breathing slowed. But he wasn’t going to get away that easily. Piggy had to be punished for what he did.

           I opened the package of meatballs and showed him what he would be eating next. His eyes widened in protest. My eyes rolled.

           I sat the meatball down on his lap and pulled down my shorts and underwear, revealing a hard cock and low hanging balls. “Don’t give me your defeatist bullshit piggy. You take my balls in your mouth just fine, and the meatball is smaller in size.” Realizing I was right, he took the meatball whole into his mouth. Slowly, he made his way through the last of them.

           I looked at him, his belly hard and full, the shirt risen past his navel and looked painted onto his chubby body. He had food and juices around his mouth and dripping down his chin. I lifted the cake off the desk and as I turned around to present him with his final challenge, I stopped. I had a better idea.

           Running back to the kitchen, I grabbed the heavy cream from the fridge and the carton of chocolate ice cream out of the freezer. I quickly blended it to a smooth blend and brought the mixture into the room, where piggy sat, tied down and full. Little did he know his limits, and beautiful gut, were about to get pushed even farther.

           “I have a surprise for you pigs. I was going to give it to you when you hit two hundred fifty, but I think you deserve it now.” From the closet, I produced a black rubber funnel, complete with face attachment. Though he knew he was being punished, piggy smiled, his cock hard and leaking in his tight briefs. I slowly walked over and strapped the harness to his mouth, the funnel raised high.

           “Oink oink, piggy,” I said and began to pour my concoction into the funnel. As I poured, I could see the mixture disappear from the bottom of the funnel and could hear my dear pig swallow it as it came. I bet he was getting full, but my pig is a fighter, and he kept chugging along until the entire blender was empty. I unstrapped the funnel and undid his binds.

           As I did so, he dove straight for my hard cock. I told you, when it’s hard, he sucks it. And FUCK does piggy know how to suck. He glided my eight inches with ease, slurping on my meat and groping my fat balls. I moaned and coaxed him, as my hand simply laid on the back of his head and let him show me what he could do.

           Normally I could last an hour or more before cumming. But today, knowing I fed my piggy past what he could handle, knowing that for a while his normally jiggly belly would be hard as a rock, knowing that he was mine, I was closer than I thought I would be. With a few more pumps, I was unloading shot after thick shot down my piggy’s throat, soon to meet the feast I crammed into him. As my orgasm died down, piggy looked up at me, cum dripping from his lips. I smiled, using my slowly deflating cock to guide my juices into his mouth.

           “Let me clean up, then we can shower.” I grabbed the garbage and empty blender cup and headed towards the kitchen. As I cleaned, I heard another weird noise. This time, it wasn’t the scurrying of a sneaky piggy. It sounded more like…gobbling. I slowly walked towards the door of my office, and if I wasn’t already spent and empty, what I saw would’ve had me shooting more than when I went two weeks with a jerkoff.

           There was my piggy, clad only in pre-cum soaked underwear, on his hands and knees, shoving cake into his mouth. The pains of being full obviously didn’t stop him, as he slammed handfuls of my three-layer cake into his mouth. As I walked in and watched, I saw his belly pointing straight towards the floor, bowing out with the food he ate and was still eating. His ass jutted out up in the air, and like my pig, I lost all control.

           Kneeling down behind him, I slowly shed him of his tight underwear. How had I never noticed how fat his ass had gotten? I fuck him constantly, and never did I once notice his round butt, expanding like his gut had. Without skipping a beat, I dived my tongue between those hairy fat cheeks, probing and licking his tight hole. I slapped, grabbed, and pinched his fat ass, all the while he moaned loud and stuffed his face with cake. I hardly even noticed him ferociously stroking his thick fat boy cock. I saw him shovel the last of the cake in his mouth, and felt him about to give way. I reached my cupped hand right under his cock and felt him release his hot jet of cum into it. As he turned to face me, frosting covering his mouth, for the last time, I raised my hand to feed him. He took his cum out of my hand and licked it clean.

           He leaned back and rested himself against my desk. Using his finger to clean his mouth of cake, his other hand rubbed his beyond full gut. I forgot his usual belly measurements, but is swollen gut had to be at least four, if not five extra inches around by now. And it definitely wasn’t going to shake anytime soon. He took off his nipple clamps and looked at me.

           “Now piggy,” I said to him. “What have we learned here today?”

           He smiled his pig boy grin. “Sneak pizza more often.”

To celebrate Murray’s 94th birthday, here are some of my favourite Murrayisms

With half the race gone, there is half the race still to go.

And Michael Schumacher is 37 seconds ahead, so he can refuel the car, change all four wheels, take off his helmet, have a smoke and a cup of tea, and rejoin in first.

There are seven winners of the Monaco Grand Prix on the starting line today, and four of them are Michael Schumacher.

Motor rack can never be totally safe and it never should be in my opinion.

Anything happens in Grand Prix racing, and it usually does.

And the first three cars are all Escorts, which isn’t surprising as this is an all Escort race.

Look up there! That’s the sky!

Mansell is slowing it down,making it easy. Oh, no he isn’t! It’s a lap record.

Jenson Button in the top ten, is in eleventh position.

And the first five places are filled by five different cars.

As they exit turn five of this thirteen turn corner.

Jean Alesi is fourth and fifth.

You might not think that’s cricket, and it’s not, it’s motor racing.

I didn’t see the time, largely because there wasn’t one.

Speaking from memory, I don’t know how many points Nelson Piquet has.

Unless I am very much mistaken..! I AM very much mistaken..!

And that just shows you how important the car is in Formula One Racing.

The tyres are called wets, because they’re used in the wet. And these tyres are called slicks, because they’re very slick.

But ding dong are we going to see a race now.

The best that Mika Hakkinen can do I think is to take third position. No, my goodness, he takes pole position. Incredible!

These gravel traps don’t seem to be stopping anybody at all here. (There isn’t one here Murray)

This race is going to be a commentators nightmare.

Barichello is driving in, or about to drive in, his fourth race for Ferrari. He’s following the great Ayrton Senna, who never drove for Ferrari, and Rubens Barrichello is very proud of it.

I can’t imagine what kind of problem Senna has. I imagine it must be some sort of grip problem.

I was there when I said it.

Do my eyes deceive me or is Senna’s Lotus sounding rough?

And here comes Mika Hakkinen, double world champion twice over.

A blow to the head with a helmet on doesn’t hurt nearly as much as a blow to the head without one.

Happy birthday Murray!

Jonerys AU drabble: Hitchhiker

Jon picks up a girl on the side of the road.   

He almost drives right past her, this girl on the side of the road with her thumb up, long blonde hair in a braid. A part of him wants to just keep on driving without a second thought, Ghost in the backseat and the music cranked up. He’s already running behind schedule, driving the four hours to make it back to Winterfell in time for supper to celebrate his sister’s engagement party.

Jon doesn’t need the worry of picking up some stranger on the side of the road.  

But she looks like a pretty little thing and all he can hear in his head is his father, honourable Ned Stark, saying if you have an opportunity to help others, you do.  

So Jon pulls over. He should probably stop to give Ghost a pee break anyways. And if he doesn’t help her, who knows what kind of creep will try to pick her up next.

She looks relieved when she hops in his jeep. And older than he originally took her for, looking less like the teenager he thought. They exchange names (Daenerys, she says, but everyone calls her Dany) and make small talk. She coos over Ghost, and when he asks her where she’s headed, she just replies “North.”

Dany sings loudly (and badly) to the radio, laughs at his terrible jokes and falls asleep an hour in, her head using his shoulder as a pillow. She smells like campfire and vanilla. His stomach knots uncomfortably.

She doesn’t nap long and soon she’s rifling through his glove compartment, pulling out receipts, old maps, food wrappers and his emergency first aid kit. Her feet keep migrating to the dash despite his protests and when her head rolls over and she smiles up at him, he can’t help but smile back.

Jon tells her he’s heading back from university to celebrate his sister Arya getting engaged, after years of saying no to Gendry. He answers her questions about his major (criminal justice), and his part time job (working in the university library).

He gets the feeling she’s running away from something, but when he tries to find out more about her (and despite himself, he’s beginning to think he wants to know everything about her), the only responses she’ll give are cliched “living in the moment,” “i’m looking for adventure,” responses.

He catches her staring out the window with a lost expression on her face and he’s tempted to stop and pull her into his arms. She looks like she could use a hug.

Dany tells him he can drop her off at the first gas station in town when they see the sign “Welcome to Winterfell.” He wants to slow down the car, he wants to invite her to dinner, he doesn’t want to say goodbye yet.

In the four hours it took to get home, he somehow became attached to this woman. He wants to know where she’s from and how she got here, is she a morning person, what her favourite season, colour, food is.

Instead he pulls into the parking lot as directed.

She’s collecting her sunglasses and chapstick and tik-taks into her bag, straightening her braid, adjusting her clothes in the seat next to him and before her hand reaches the handle to the door to leave, she pauses. His heart stutters.

“Thank you for the ride, Jon,” she says softly, looking at him with those strange bright violet eyes.

He opens his mouth to reply, but before he can get a word out she’s across the seat and her lips are on his. She sighs softly and his hand reaches for her cheek. She’s so soft and smooth and this time he doesn’t resist the urge to pull her closer, his other arm snaking around her waist.

They kiss for a moment, falling into each other, her hand clutching his t-shirt. He barely knows her but it’s the best kiss of his life.

As she pulls away, she shoves something in his hand and without a second look she’s scooting out of her seat and hopping down out of the jeep.

Dazedly he glances down. On a bubblegum wrapper a phone number is written. All Jon can do is laugh, relieved. He won’t have to say goodbye just yet.

This is my first time writing Jonerys fic! Hope you like it. 

Thanks for reading!

The Rooftop (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

(Collab with @nonstop-smashing-expectations)

Requested?: ‘Hi! Can you write a poly hamilsquad fic that’s very angsty and sad? Maybe the reader gets into some type of accident?’ 

Prompt: Reader has been missing for the past hour and the boys find her about to jump.

Words: 2500+

Warnings: Depression, Suicide, Angst



9:45 pm

Alexander was pacing the living room floor. His hands were feverishly running through his hair and he was murmuring to himself. Lafayette was scrolling through Facebook on his phone while he was lounging on the couch. John was in his studio painting while Hercules was taking a shower. It was a somewhat normal night for the four.

Except there was one person missing.


You were supposed to be home an hour ago.  

You were never a forgetful person. You always showed up on time for things, sometimes early if you felt like it. But you were never a late person. Yes, you disliked your job, but it put money in your account so you couldn’t complain. You were the Chief Editor for a local newspaper, meaning that you control what was or wasn’t going to be published. There were a few people on the editing team that tries and boss you around when really it should be the other way around. You were soft-spoken and had an anxiety problem so it was an unlikely job for someone as quiet as you. But, your boss liked your creativity and put you as the Chief Editor with no second thought.  

Your boyfriends were very proud of you for getting such a high rank and even took you out to dinner to celebrate when you told them you got the job. Those boys, they loved you to the ends of this universe and back. Alexander smothers you in affectionate love letters and sonnets, John loves to paint and draw pictures of you, Lafayette likes to cook for you and sing to you when you’re tired, and Hercules always insists on making your clothes anytime you grow out of them. All four of them simply adored and loved you and each other to no end. Not many people understood the polysexuality and call it ‘cheating’ or something similar to ‘sister-wives’. Hell, your own parents disowned you for your sexuality and called you a whore. You ended up moving in with Alexander once he got his first apartment. That was a few years ago and you managed to move into a large apartment with all of your lovers living happily together.  

But, somehow, you weren’t happy.

Not with yourself.

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Favourite 8x16 Stelena Scenes

These are two out of the four favourite moments I had in the finale. What I love about the first gif is that Bonnie and Elena are both happy that they’re both alive and they celebrate that fact, that they get to see each other again in Bonnie’s lifetime but then reality sets in and Stefan is dead and Elena’s expression becomes deadened and sad when she remembers that Stefan is gone and Bonnie knows she’ll be sad too and Bonnie herself is sad so then their hug transitions from celebration to comfort.

The second gif, I had to split due to size so I cut out Stefan doing his Damon-worshipping but it’s a beautifully acted season on Elena’s part because Stefan keeps pushing Damon on her, keeps rambling on about his attributes but she’s focused on the fact that Stefan is dying and her lips are actually quivering, she’s shaking her head in refusal and that single tear is very poignant. Subtlety is always best.

From the Blurbs list

99. “How could you forget your son’s birthday?”

The streamers were up, food and refreshments were out, and the bouncy castle had just arrived. All a few hours before guests would begin to make their way through the doors.

“Guess who’s just woken up from his nap and is ready for his big day!” Anne coos, appearing at the kitchen door with baby Alec perched on her hip.

“Oh my handsome baby,” Y/N gushes, smiling at the beautiful blonde haired boy from where she stands at the sink, rinsing the last plates they’d just used to have a late lunch in.

She dries her hands and walks over to Anne who hands over the toddler, kissing his forehead in the process.

“Any word from Harry?” Gemma questions entering the room, Darcy in tow.

“Not yet. He’s probably still in that meeting.”

Harry seems to be dangerously close to missing his son’s birthday party, and the fact that he can’t return a call or a text to say he’s running late doesn’t help.

“Hey, Darce. Mind helping auntie Gem take Alec upstairs to change him for his party?”

“Will do mumma!” The four year old jumps in excitement, arms wrapping around Y/N’s leg for a second.

Gemma smiles apologetically, baby talking Alec as she takes him in his arms and disappears into the sitting area with Darcy.

“He’ll be here.” Is all Anne offers.


Y/N had been cold with Harry the minute she’d answered his call an hour into the celebration.

Family and friends had arrived, and questions of Harry’s whereabouts where unavoidable, only Y/N didn’t have the answer. All she could say was that he was running late.

But she’d given him an ear full when he stepped into the backyard, pulling him inside to the kitchen by the sleeve of his shirt.

He’d apologized about a dozen times, excuses of ‘got stuck in the meeting,’ and 'promise I didn’t forget, pet.’

And she’d given him a stern look, saying nothing else and instead heading back out to enjoy the rest of the evening.

After that, Harry was inseparable from their kids. He jumped about in the bouncy castle with Darcy, Alec in arms. He’d played tag with the kids, making sure to run slow when he wasn’t it. He’d given piggy back rides. And he’d even taken a cake to the face because surely Alec wasn’t going to.

They’d thanked everyone for accompanying them on a special day. And Harry offered to take care of helping the guests out so Y/N could lay Alec down for bedtime.

The last of the people had left, and even though the hours had passed, Harry still felt guilty.

The sight of Y/N reading to Darcy whilst rocking Alec when he opens the door to his little girl’s room couldn’t warm his heart more.

“She’s asleep y'know.” He whispers, bare feet making their way to stand above Y/N.

But Y/N says nothing, just looks down at the infant in her arms, eyes droopy just waiting to shut.

“M'really sorry, love. Tried to get out of it but Jeff needed me there.”

“S'fine Harry. It’s done.”

She moves to stand from the chair.

“I promise I didn’t forget.”

She sighs, not wanting to argue over it anymore.

“Won’t happen again. Promise.”

She meets his eyes, and as much as she wanted to be mad at him, she couldn’t.

“S'not me you have to apologize to.”

Her gaze averts to their son, eyes wide the second he caught a glimpse of Harry, smile much like his father’s.

Harry smiles at the both of them, kissing the top of Y/N’s hairline before taking Alec into his arms.