the second best ship in the universe

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Relationship status: laughing alone with cats

Lipstick or chapstick:  BabyLips forever I will literally only wear lipstick if it has to be an unnatural color

Last Movie I Watched: Let’s see, Arrival, on the plane from Japan. :O

Last song you listened to: Hunter Moon by Kate Rusby on repeat because OC OTP

Top 3 shows: stares u down… OK, seconding everyone on Avatar. Steven Universe too, for its creativity and gentle handling of characters… And Pushing Daisies, which I still mourn to this day.

Top 3 characters:  Usagi Tsukino, who taught me sometimes caring about people and being a crybaby for them is your greatest weapon, Feferi Peixes because fish daughter forever and ever and for adding so much to my life, aaand I won’t be corny and pick one of my own kids… So, Pearl- for being the neurotic, anxious end of me who still Does Her Best.

Top 3 ships: Haruka/Usagi because knight/princess problems, Fef/Eri/Sol because OT3 Ride or Die… and then, hmm. There’s like a bunch of fluffy het ones in tons of manga I’m fond of? But currently I’m gonna scream Victuuri because it’s so pure.


@that anon who requested EngPort: Thank you

-They’re both amazing dancers,especially on a ballroom. Waltz? They’re amazing at that. Flamenco? Also amazing.Any other type of two person dance? They are A M A Z I N G at it.

-They briefly first met under the Roman empire rule,but the first time they met face to face and talked and interacted was when Portugal was fighting against Spain

-That meeting was similar to the episode The Answer from Steven universe

-A team of the best longbow archers,with England who at the time grew his hair out so it covered his eyes making him look like blue Pearl from Steven universe, so Portugal didn’t trust him or like him a lot at first, but after talking to him a few times and winning against Spain, they became somewhat friends

-The second time was when England’s hair finally grew long enough for a ponytail and he started hopping from ship to ship looking for something fun ,and Portugal was a passenger on England’s ship,and they interacted  and became better friends

-After discovering that they both share a dislike for Spain and lots of other things, they became closer and closer

-Gibraltar and Bermuda were raised by both as siblings and later on Belize

-Seriously they love and trust each other so much

-They’re like bokuto and akaashi from haikyuu, bokuto being Portugal and akaashi being England

-Port pines after England so much,he drops so many hints to him

-Port also washed England’s car while shirtless, Gibraltar and Bermuda were chatting in the back so they didn’t see papa port embarrass himself and fall off

-England just went “God bless this boys soul “ and didn’t mention or talk about it but we all know he secretly laughs about it in private

-England is the master of stealing your lovers clothes much to Portugal’s amusement

-Even if you don’t ship them they are the best brotp

-England is the type of person who would snap a pillar in half just because he could. Portugal is the gentle happy giant who has to apologise for the pillars owner.

-This is long enough but I still have more so I could make a part two if you want

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It’s day five everyone! So, have this bundle of oddness:

I’m sure this exists SOMEWHERE, and I really don’t have any good names for what to call this (Questioning Evil? [with the question mark]).

But OH MY GOD this may be my second favourite crack ship. It’s so IMPOSSIBLE that it’s brilliant. Like, Dom crushing on the universes actual worst villain, and Something being terrified of the attention XD HOW WOULD HATER EVEN RESPOND TO THAT?! 

How to become shipping trash:

When a ship you never even gave a second thought to shows up ALL OVER YOUR DASH

When you really like the art so you start saving it in your likes

When your curiosity gets the best of you and you start looking through the ships tag to see who what when where and why the ship works.

When you start getting ready to cosplay and draw your favorite of the two and you have to admit that you sort of like the ship because the fandom had drawn you in again god damn it

When you drag your partner into the ship and get her to cosplay the other half of your OTP so you can go to the con together and you’re planning and dying fabric and playing with makeup together like the shipping trash you are