the second best ship in the universe


in the Best Possible Ending where everyone gets to live on earth together and another garnet is born

In general there is like. a whole category of Voltron angst premises that utterly fails to make me feel anything because it often severely underestimates the strength of the characters that it proposes to be breaking.

Like… Listen. Lance pretty dang likely had internal injuries and had spent a pretty impressive amount of time unresponsive and he woke up like that and shot Sendak in the shoulder before nearly back out again. This tells us Lance woke up, probably in no small amount of pain, probably pretty loopy since he remembered absolutely none of it afterwards, and the absolute first thing that occurred to him to do is Sendak was right there and he had a clear shot so, fuck that guy. He got in that situation in the first place because he saw a bomb going off and his first priority was to protect Coran- who at the time he’d known for… days, maybe? 

Pidge, the fourteen-year-old, who was pretty much entirely alone on the castle during that same time, having just lost contact with Allura, losing Rover and then hearing Shiro get tortured by Sendak- still kept her head about her enough to try and bait Sendak off with a hologram and was a major part of that fight. I mean. literally, take this emotionally compromised kid and go “you’re officially alone on a spaceship with murderous adult soldiers. They have your friends. They’re hurting your friends. You are the only one in position to do anything. Have fun.” And she won

Keith had his shoulder hacked pretty impressively in the first room of the Trial of Marmora and was given multiple opportunities to bail with a pretty clear pattern that the next room would be worse and have more attackers and Shiro states it as a given that Keith will not give up. Kolivan unambiguously tells him going in this is a life-or-death scenario. This is also Keith who willingly soloed freaking Zarkon with Coran actively telling him that he had no chance of surviving that fight because Zarkon is not getting the Black Lion.

Allura destroyed the last thing she had of her father in order to protect her team and let herself be captured by Zarkon in order to protect Shiro. She caught her second wind and held out against Haggar as best as she possibly could even knowing those odds were not good.

Coran picked a fight with Zarkon’s entire fleet piloting a ship ten thousand years old, alone, and did pretty dang good

Hunk actively, voluntarily, and enthusiastically picked a fight with a planet-eating monster stated to be one of the most dangerous things in space and long before that, all of his misgivings about signing up to save the universe evaporated like morning dew in the Sahara as soon as he saw what Shay and her people were going through. 

A lot of “angst” content seems to really disrespect or even ignore that these people are fighters. Survivors. These aren’t people who flake under pressure. In Shiro’s case, he literally never would have made it if he was. We see that at his worst, during his missing year, when he was utterly baffled by the idea anyone would help him and was pretty unsubtly about to be knocked out and experimented on- he was full of fight. There wasn’t much he could do but he wasn’t going down easily and if nothing else, the fact that there were two good-sized soldiers in full armor in the room taking the role of sedating him would tell us that Shiro didn’t exactly obediently walk to that room in the first place.

I see a lot of stuff that acts like Lance could get captured and in the time it’d take the team to get to him he could be ‘turned to the dark side’ or broken as a person and it’s like… the empire had a solid year to work on Shiro when the latter had the assumption that no one who would want to help him would even have the technology to reach him or even know he was alive in the first place and the empire didn’t win. What honestly makes you think they could take a month and destroy any of the team?

I want to see Pearl getting super jealous of her purple girlfriend becoming best buds with Peridot. Maybe she’ll finally realize how much Amethyst matters and cares about her.  ‘8B It was so fun to experiment and draw this in a simplified style, less frustration over the lines not staying how I wanted them. XD

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Steven Universe © Rebecca Sugar

Bonuuuus with Amethyst’s thoughts to this silly quarrel!

Blow Us All Away/Stay Alive Reprise

This was written in the @hamil-tots AU, because I’m a huge fan of the blog, and also a huge fan of Phillip. It’s super angsty and might not be very good because it was written at 3 in the morning.

A few things: This isn’t exactly in the established Hamiltots universe, because 1) Phillip is a person here, and 2) Alexander and Eliza, along with the others are in second grade, instead of kindergarten. Also, I want to say that I ship Lams, but for the purposes of this story, Hamliza is a thing.

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The Star Crossed Lovers (Connverse)

Replacing my Phinbella heart with this 

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Poor Connie :(

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Steven: “We could be friends”

This is one of the reasons why Steven is my favorite character!

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Their holding hands :3

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Connie: “You don’t need any powers to be here with me”

And this was when Connverse was my new OTP 

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Connie sleeping on Steven back while riding on Lion :3

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Connie blushing :3

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Shy little cinnamon roll asking her bae to dance with him. Also she blushes!

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This is the second time that they were about to kiss!

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Their future child looks so beautiful! 

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Even Garnet support this ship! 

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Watching the snow together 

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I really thought Steven was going to confess his feelings to Connie

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Connie doesn’t care of your opinions, Steven. She only care of what you like 

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He has so many pictures of him and Connie hanging out

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He doesn’t want Connie to get hurt

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World reference 

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I’m getting hurt 

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Oh geez 

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Oh Steven 

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My official OTP 

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“I want to. I want to be part of your universe” 


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Yes! She wants to more use to the Crystal Gems!

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Pearl support this ship too! 

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Best Friends fight together

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Holding hands again

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The best duo 

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This was basically my reaction when I found out Steven is actually 14 years old

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Wow, Steven is actually planning on marrying Connie when they grow up

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Their hugging again :3

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My second favorite Steven Universe ship, first being Ruby and Saphire. As much I want them to together, that’s not the main focus, which I respect. It sucks that I have to wait but it will be worth the wait :D

Alternate Titles For Every Futurama Episode, Part 1

Season 1

Space Pilot 3000: Who Orders A Pizza On New Years Eve?
The Series Has Landed: First Proof That This Show Will Make You Feel Things
I, Roommate: The Frender Romcom
Love’s Labours Lost in Space: We Predicted Trump. We Are Sorry.
Fear of a Bot Planet: Bender Is Just An Asshole With Feelings
A Fishful of Dollars: At Least It Wasn’t Pineapple
My Three Suns: Best Fry Episode, Hands Down
A Big Piece of Garbage: Heroes-slow-walking-to-get-to-their-ship-and-save-the-world Trope
Hell Is Other Robots: The Devil Can Sing And It’s Amazing
A Flight to Remember: fake-relationship / Titanic AU 
Mars University: A Monkey Is Smarter Than Fry, But Not Cuter
When Aliens Attack: Tv Knowlage Saved The Day
Fry and the Slurm Factory: Grossest “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Take So Far.

Season 2

I Second that Emotion: Bender Is Just An Asshole With Feelings, Part 2
Brannigan, Begin Again: We Saw You Liked Our Trump, So He’s More!
A Head in the Polls: And Now, Who Would Make A Bad President?
Xmas Story: We Like To Create Villains, Merry Christmas.
Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?: Zoidberg Is Ace, So I Tell You
The Lesser of Two Evils: An Evil Bender That’s Somehow Not As Evil As Bender
Put Your Head on My Shoulders: Amy And Fry, But Like It Goes Very Wrong
Raging Bender: Wrestling With Leela’s Bad Childhood Thrown In
A Bicyclops Built for Two: How Many Married… with Children Reference Can You Make In 20 Minutes?
A Clone of My Own: Cubert Calls Out All The Inconsistencies In The Show (he’s also very annoying)
How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back: The Famous “Do a flip” Moment
The Deep South: Southern Little Mermaid
Bender Gets Made: Stereotypical Mafia, But They’re All Robots
Mother’s Day: Mom And The Professor Banged
The Problem with Popplers: Waterfall #1 Is Down
Anthology of Interest I: Coolest 20 Minutes Ever Animated
War Is the H-Word: The War/Mulan AU You Didn’t Ask For, But You Wanted
The Honking: Frender And “Werewolfs”
The Cryonic Woman: Dammit Michelle!

(loosely based on x)

[Part 2] [Part 3]

in a kinder universe...

for @therebelcaptainnetwork​‘s rebelcaptain week!

day seven: future

title from the last lines of the novelization … a what if? 

word count: 480

In a kinder universe, Krennic wouldn’t have found them on Lah’mu. 

She would’ve had a loving and supportive family. She’d be fierce, survival instinct coursing through her veins, but she would’ve still had hope. A belief in a better future.

In another universe, the Rebellion came knocking at their door much earlier.

“We need you to help us figure out what they’re building,” they say. “And how to stop it.” 

Jyn would’ve grown up running around the rebels’ feet. They became another constant in her life: Mama, Papa, the grizzly but friendly pilots, the stately and beautiful Mon Mothma, the little princess, beings of all shapes and sizes … and Cassian. Thrown together in the way that kids always are: the youngest people in a room of adults. They would have grown up side by side; the Rebellion’s best team. 

In a kinder universe, they would’ve walked away from Scarif. Maybe hand in hand, maybe on a stretcher. A rebel ship, perhaps, or caught by Imperials.

It might’ve taken them years to concede, or seconds after regaining consciousness. The confession might have been slowly drawn out, all shyness and fumbling words; or maybe rushed and passionate, firm and sure. Maybe Bodhi and Chirrut and Baze and Kay and everyone else were there to cheer them on; maybe not. 

They might’ve had children, if the Empire fell in their lifetime. Adopted a war orphan. Given them a childhood she never had; wide, innocent eyes that never saw death and hands that never touched a blaster. Rebellions are built on hope, he tells her and she grins in agreement. It was the story of their lives. 

The image squeezes the air out of her lungs.

But she also knows this: 

In a harsher universe, their paths never crossed. They died alone. She might’ve died in Wobani. He could’ve died in the cell next door. 

Or worse, they were on opposite sides of the equation. 

“Find the child.” Krennic dragged her and her father to the Emperor’s feet. Indoctrinated her, doused her fire, molded her into one of the Emperor’s sterilized blades. A killing machine, cruel and calculating. Maybe in that universe, her life would’ve ended at Cassian’s hands. Staring down the barrel of his blaster. Another weight on his shoulders. Another soul liberated from the Empire. 

Or his life may have ended in her hands. She might’ve not even batted an eye as she wiped his blood off her knuckles. Just ridding the galaxy of rebel scum, she thinks. Long live the Emperor, forever may he reign. Fear brings stability, and stability brings peace. It’s what she tells herself when the nightmares refuse to let her go. 

She shudders. 

So many different stories, so many different futures. Jyn pulls Cassian closer, the sky a purifying white.

She could be happy with this one. 

Birthday On A Planet of Monsters [Lance x Reader]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!!! (@crazymangaluv​)I know it had been a little rough so I’ve been working on this and I hope it can brighten your mood. I also know you were talking about doing Fright Night at Universal for your bday so that kinda inspired the spookiness of this lmao! Love you!!! 🎊🎂🎉🍰❤️😘

(Also thank you @jxsontxdds​ for helping me with the spooky idea! YOU’RE THE BEST AND I LOVE YOU LINA!)

Honestly, this was not where you expected to spend your birthday. Aboard a Castle Space Ship, with two aliens, five lion robots, five paladins of Voltron, and caught in the middle of a full on universe war. Yeah, you imagined more of a dinner with family at your favorite restaurant. But hey, universe war is good too. Surely it’s exciting. Plus, those two aliens and five paladins had become quite like a second family to you.

Though, there was a certain Blue Paladin you wished you could have a more serious relationship with. But, you felt it’d never happen, especially with the amount of flirting the boy does. You just never felt your relationship would progress further than where it is. It’s something you had come to terms with and were glad with just being his friend…for now.

It was his idea though to give you the gift of going on a mission with the team as a birthday gift. You had been training a lot, and there was no doubt that you could hold your ground. So Lance, along with some help from Pidge, Hunk, and Keith, convinced Shiro to allow you out on a mission. When Lance told you, there was no way to hold yourself back from throwing your arms around him and chanting out a chain of ‘thank you’s and ‘you’re the best’s. Completely missing the light tinge of pink on his cheeks when you pulled away from him.

Before leaving Allura gifted you a proper suit to wear on the mission, it looking very similar to her own but a few color modifications. She knew of the plan and had gotten it for you in your favorite colors. When the others first saw you in it, you got plenty of compliments from them, but again, didn’t notice Lance’s blush so red it would give Keith’s lion a run for her money.

After a bit of recap on the plan, you learned it was a recon mission on a more of a mystery planet. There wasn’t much information on it, even in the Altean computer. It was kind of like a ghost planet, all it had was a name really and intel that the galra were there. Before heading out you stood a bit confused, not wondering who to go with. Shiro noticed, “Hey [F/n] why don’t you ride in Blue with Lance?” He nodded over to the Blue Paladin who smiled, liking the idea. “You got it!” Responding before following Lance to get to his lion.

“Are you excited?” He asked from his seat, you stood behind him, holding onto the back of the chair as he flew behind Pidge and the Green Lion. You nodded, “Yeah, thanks again for convincing Shiro that I’m ready. This is such a cool birthday gift!”

Lance grinned, “Yeah, you’ve been training really hard. I bet you’ll come on more missions. I’ll even teach you how to be a top notch sharpshooter like me.” He pointed to himself with his thumb, making you laugh. Gosh does he love your laugh. “Yeah Lance, I’d like that.” The rest of the ride to the planet was pretty fun, he told a lot of jokes and did his flirting. However, he seemed to be a bit more flirty than usual. Causing butterflies to erupt in your stomach.

Upon landing on the planet it was immediate that everyone realized why this place wasn’t known well. It was covered in dark forests that seemed to expand the entire planet. The sounds of creatures echoed through the trees. Giving it an ominous undertone. You were waiting for zombies and ghouls to jump out at any second. Subconsciously you moved closer to Lance, feeling safer being closer to him. Looking around everyone on the team felt a strange aura coming from the planet.

Shiro turned to everyone, looking at them through the visor of his helmet. “Stay together, this place is foreign and we don’t need to get separated. There are too many unknown variables so stay close.” Everyone nodded before following Shiro. Lance had his laser gun out as you hugged closer to him, armed with your sword. “You okay?” He asked quietly so the others wouldn’t here. You nodded, “Yeah, yeah fine.” He smirked, “Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe then maybe you can treat me with a –” “LANCE!” Shiro said from the front, making Lance grumble under his breath.

After traveling further into the thick jungle-like planet, strange noises from creatures came every so often. Though you jumped and clinged to Lance’s arm when hearing a low growl come from what sounded like a foot away. “Lance, d-did you hear that?” Whispering to him. He pointed his blaster in that direction, slowly he crept toward it, not noticing the group still moving forward. Seeing a small fluffy, cat like creature. “Aw” He cooed, “Aren’t you just the cutest..” He started but soon heard the same growl you had heard. Looking up he saw a pair of glowing yellow eyes. He froze, seeing a creature of the same species but had to be almost 7 feet tall on all fours, some of its fur was replaced with scales, bearing it’s sword-like teeth. It roared as he stumbled back.

“Guys!” Looking to see the other paladins gone before noticing the creature jump out of the brush. Before it could land on Lance you jumped forward and swung your sword. It struck across it’s snout, making it roar in pain. Lance got back to his feet and grabbed your arm, “Come on!” You ran with him, the creature hot on your heels. Ducking and weaving through branches as the beast rampaged behind you both.

“Shit shit shit!” You followed behind Lance, but met a cliffside. It blocked your way with the monster barrelling at your back. “Lance! What do we do?!” Gripping his arm, forgetting your training to stay calm in situations. “I.. I’m not ready, I never should’ve come on this mission. This is my fault.” You babbled but Lance soon shushed you with his lips on yours. It successfully shut you up, “Stop [F/n], you were more than ready. It’s okay to be scared, I am too.”

He pulled away from you and yanked up his blaster. Pointing it toward where the pounding of the creature’s footsteps came from. “If I don’t make it out of this, know that I love you!” He yelled before warrior screaming and running at the creature. “What?! LANCE NO!” You yelled after him.

Right as Lance was about to blast the creature Pidge’s grappling hook came through the trees and hit the creature on the side it’s head. Distracting it as Shiro and Keith both charged at it. Shiro with his Galra arm and Keith with his sword, knocking it back as Hunk took the final blow with his cannon. Lance stood shocked and a bit agitated. “YOU GUYS STOLE MY MOMENT!” Yelling as the others turned to him. Keith cocked an eyebrow, “Um you’re welcome? We just saved you.” Hunk nodded, “I do believe a thanks is in order.”

Lance just pouted as Shiro and Pidge walked over to you. “Are you okay [F/n]?” Pidge asked while Shiro put a hand on your shoulder. But you just stood shocked, not saying anything until you ran and launched yourself at Lance. Wrapping your arms around his neck, “You love me?”

A deep blush spread on his face as he smiled and chuckled nervously. “Um, yeah. I do.” A wider grin spread on your face before cupping his cheeks and pulling his lips to yours. He was caught off guard but melted into it. The kiss was passionate and loving and the best gift you could’ve ever gotten.

Well… until someone broke it up by clearing their voice. Pulling away you saw Pidge and Hunk smirking, Keith looked disgusted, and Shiro, well, he seemed proud. “We should get back to the castle” Shiro said with a small smile, obviously happy for you both.

“That sounds like a great idea!” Hunk grinned, “Let’s go have some birthday cake!” At that everyone was on board and headed toward their lions. Though this time upon returning, you and Lance walked in with intertwined hands as he leaned over to whisper “Happy birthday my love.”

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I wish you'd write a comedy where Tom and Sabine come to the wrong conclusion, conclude that Chat is homeless, decide to help out and in the process become Marichat shippers.

I have 2 tom and sabine headcanons. One in which they both know that she is Ladybug and usually figure out pretty quickly that Adrien is Chat. Cuase they are best parents. And one that focuses on the idea that the identities are protected by magic and therefore they DON’T know. 

in that second universe when the Marichat visits start happening (and they of course know about it cause Mari isn’t subtle) I headcanon that Tom and Sabine have a playful ship war going- Tom is team Marichat where Sabine is still team Adrienette. 

@that anon who requested EngPort: Thank you

-They’re both amazing dancers,especially on a ballroom. Waltz? They’re amazing at that. Flamenco? Also amazing.Any other type of two person dance? They are A M A Z I N G at it.

-They briefly first met under the Roman empire rule,but the first time they met face to face and talked and interacted was when Portugal was fighting against Spain

-That meeting was similar to the episode The Answer from Steven universe

-A team of the best longbow archers,with England who at the time grew his hair out so it covered his eyes making him look like blue Pearl from Steven universe, so Portugal didn’t trust him or like him a lot at first, but after talking to him a few times and winning against Spain, they became somewhat friends

-The second time was when England’s hair finally grew long enough for a ponytail and he started hopping from ship to ship looking for something fun ,and Portugal was a passenger on England’s ship,and they interacted  and became better friends

-After discovering that they both share a dislike for Spain and lots of other things, they became closer and closer

-Gibraltar and Bermuda were raised by both as siblings and later on Belize

-Seriously they love and trust each other so much

-They’re like bokuto and akaashi from haikyuu, bokuto being Portugal and akaashi being England

-Port pines after England so much,he drops so many hints to him

-Port also washed England’s car while shirtless, Gibraltar and Bermuda were chatting in the back so they didn’t see papa port embarrass himself and fall off

-England just went “God bless this boys soul “ and didn’t mention or talk about it but we all know he secretly laughs about it in private

-England is the master of stealing your lovers clothes much to Portugal’s amusement

-Even if you don’t ship them they are the best brotp

-England is the type of person who would snap a pillar in half just because he could. Portugal is the gentle happy giant who has to apologise for the pillars owner.

-This is long enough but I still have more so I could make a part two if you want

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4 Ways I Get Ready for School Early:

So I like to prepare for everything way earlier than necessary, this gives me lots of time to try out new ideas and decide what’s going to work for me. It also gives me opportunity to realize if I’ve forgotten something important. Here’s an overview of the things I put together before the term starts:

  1. Decide how to organize your class materials. Some people like notebooks, or folders. Some like doing everything on the computer. I like binders. I use one binder for absolutely everything I have. That way if I’m in a rush to get out the door I can just grab the one book and go. No worries about forgetting a set of notes I wanted to look at, or a paper that is due. It does mean sacrificing quite a bit of space in my backpack but everything is in one spot.
  2. Get a cute planner. I use my planner to track everything I do during the school year. This keeps me on top of my assignments, when I have to study, and when I’ve set aside time for myself. The first thing I do when I get my planner is put in my school’s general important dates (when tuition is due, when the exam period is, when the university is closed). The second thing I do is create a color coding system and acronyms for each of my classes. When I get my class syllabus I will go through and input my class-specific important dates (exams, big assignments, presentations…).
  3. Find your textbooks. I like to find my textbooks as early as possible so that I can get the best deal and have time for them to ship to me before class starts if I’m ordering online. My school doesn’t post my textbooks until August, so I’m still waiting to find out what I need.
  4. Set term goals. One of the most important aspects of planning for an upcoming school year is set some goals for the term. I’ve stuck mine in my planner so I always have a reminder. These are things that have worked for me in the past, and also things that I struggle with and want to get better at. I find that writing down my goals makes them more real, and keeps me motivated.

Thanks for checking in with me, I hope this helps you get started. Like this post if you want to see a more in-depth explanation of how I write and organize my class notes and assignments. <3 <3 <3



Not only has he been constantly fighting the Sith from destroying/taking over his mind and potentially killing Bail, now he has to deal with even MORE physical injury on top of everything else! He’s barely healed from the explosion on Coruscant and the ship crash and now THIS!!!

And poor Bail! He’s just a civilian thrust into the harsh reality of the Sith, barely keeping up with everything that’s happened to him, trying his damned best to keep his Jedi companion alive and aware enough to complete the journey to the Sith temple, and all this without knowing if they can make it off the planet even if by some small miracle they make it there in one piece. Like… holy shit “stressed” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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captain annabeth and helmsman percy on the enterprise

Annabeth storms onto the bridge, half listening as Piper announces that they’re being hailed by the Klingon vessel they’ve been trailing for several systems now, mind already skipping ahead towards possible scenarios. She’s been expecting their contact ever since she fired at their sister ship a few hours ago, and she doesn’t imagine that their answer has changed.

Just as well. Hers hasn’t either. Either the Klingons agree to her terms, or Annabeth will beam aboard and take Thalia back.

And they won’t like the second option.

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