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“Everyone has a right to an opinion”

Sure. Bro if you wanna sit and chill and think to yourself “I think asians should die” I don’t care. Do it. Be shitty in your brain. Does not affect anyone.

but when u open your big mouth and say u want a whole group of ppl to die and try to normalize that violence? I will, in turn, normalize violence right back the fuck at you. immediately. In the classic sense.


Preseason Interview: Laura Harvey // Seattle Reign FC March 21, 2017

you know when you hateread someone whom you bear no personal illwill, they’re just wrong but in a totally harmless defensible way that has to do with, like, nutrients they were missing as a child, and so you…… guiltily worry that the concentrated negative energy will nonetheless cause them some minor inconvenience

Violent antisemitic confrontation on Capitol Hill last night in Seattle

A young man threatened to shoot a Jewish man, using racial slurs and saying “I hope the Nazi’s come back and kill your whole fucking family”. When the victim asked him to put the gun away so they could talk, he responded “I don’t need to listen to a Jew”.

This is my city. This is the neighbourhood I spent my high school years in. My brother lives on Capitol Hill.
Seattle Jews, please, please be safe. I cannot believe that this is my new reality.

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