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Eating Out (SMUT)

A/N: Requested by @dopamine-addiction! Sorry it took so long, hun! Also, this GIF seemed appropriate XD

Character: Harry

Warning(s): SMUT GALORE! Also, NSFW GIFS under the cut. Once again, I’m so sorry to mobile users! GIFs used are not mine.

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'Hamilton' Broadway Cast Addresses Mike Pence in Audience: "Work on Behalf of All of Us"
The Vice President-elect was met with boos from the audience when he attended the hit musical Friday night.

The Broadway cast of Hamilton is not a fan of Mike Pence.

During Friday night’s curtain call at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, the hit production’s actors addressed the presence of the vice president-elect, who was heavily booed by the audience upon entry.

“We are the diverse America … we hope you will work on behalf of all of us,” said Brandon Victor Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr.

With a slew of security stationed outside and handful of ushers bringing him to his seat, the show went on without interruption, but Rory O'Malley subtly addressed his presence during the show “What Comes Next,” gesturing toward his seat during the line, “You’re all alone.”

As King George, he stopped the show with his lines “it’s harder when it’s your call.” And then moments later with, “And when people say they hate you … don’t come crawling back to me.”

Pence watched from the center of the house, with security guards also seated nearby.

“Everyone’s looking for a distraction, and he shows up!” said one ticketholder. “I give the actors credit for pulling it together and keeping the show going.” Another added, “He’s sitting so close to me: my blood started boiling when I saw him. But I won’t let it ruin the show.”

Because Pence was in the audience, many lines landed quite differently.

Pence left the house during intermission and wasn’t escorted back to his seat until after intermission ended, during the middle of “What’d I Miss?”

George Washington’s line “Winning is easy, young man, governing’s harder” got notable applause. Another lyric that got applause: Alexander Hamilton’s jab about then-vice president, “John Adams doesn’t have a real job anyway.”

A big gasp of the night came when Washington hailed Hamilton over at the end of “Cabinet Battle #2,” when Thomas Jefferson notes, “Daddy’s calling,” as audience members found themselves thinking of Pence’s relationship to Donald Trump.

Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Hamilton production have participated in multiple Democratic fundraisers throughout the presidential election season, and held weekly voter registration drives outside the theater.

for you pt 4 [M]

Pairing: Reader x Taehyung

Genre: badboy!au, smut, angst,

Word Count: 5.5k

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

“Are you okay?” you asked nervously as you slipped into the passenger seat next to Taehyung. He was chewing the cuticles on one hand while drumming the fingertips of the other onto his steering wheel. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost”

He turned his head to stare at you and you tried your best not to laugh, “How would you feel if you were to go to dinner with your girlfriend’s best friends who want nothing more than to gut him like a tuna?” He stuttered over the g word, unsure of if it was something he should call your or not. The two of you hadn’t really talked about what was going on between the two of you.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to call you that” he blushed.

You tried your best not to laugh, but you couldn’t hold it in. Taehyung, the king of leather jackets and muscle cars was scared. Granted, you would be scared too if you had to sit down for dinner with Mina after everything that had happened. You were nervous too, things had barely been patched up between the two of you after the night of the party.

Your hand found its way to the back of his neck, rubbing the knots that formed when he was stressed. Taehyung closed his eyes and leaned into your touch, “It’s okay, Taehyung. Everything will be okay” you assured him.

He opened one of his eyes and gave you a look, “That’s because your name isn’t Kim Taehyung”

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Vecinos (Part 4)

Summary: Neighbor!AU. Bucky Barnes is your very annoying, very hot neighbor. And he has a penchant to bother you and annoy you at all times. Despite acting as if you’re annoyed, you know you’re warming up to him.

Word Count: 771

Warnings: None.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: For @sebsmeatball! Sorry it’s taken so long, guys! I hope you like this part!

“I have to go pee,” announced Bucky, pausing in the middle of a Cuervos episode. You nodded, popping a piece of chocolate in your mouth as Bucky got on his feet and made his way over to your bathroom.

Fiddling with your phone, you kept yourself entertained until Bucky stepped back into the living room. Your eyes didn’t leave the screen, but you spotted movement from your peripheral vision and felt Bucky take a seat next to you. You heard pages being turned and looked up at Bucky in curiosity.

“I didn’t know you wrote,” he said in a distracted tone, his eyebrows raised high on his forehead.

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Bucky x reader 

Notes: swearing, fluff, angst, heartbreak, mentions of Steve x reader and Steve x Sharon Carter. 

Summary: When you find out Steve is cheating on you, Bucky is there to help you through it; along the way, his feelings for you grow, as do yours for him.  

One shot! I love Steve, I rly, rly do. But here we are. This is based on a request I got a while back from an anon. Duly note that I do NOT take requests anymore. I just needed to write something different than a series today. 

It’s exactly five months ago today, and it’s his birthday. No wonder you’re thinking about him so much when you promised yourself to never let another thought be wasted on a cheater. When Bucky walks in to the room, he instantly notices your struggle. With a small smile he takes a seat next to you on the couch, scooting closer carefully, until he knows you’re not gonna tell him to back off. He swings his arm around your shoulders and pulls you into his side, kissing the top of your head firmly.

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You and Tony were sat on the sofa watching Supernatural when Steve walks in hoping to take a seat.
“You can’t sit with us” you speak looking at him grinning slightly
“Excuse me?” He asks slightly taken aback
“Steve listen, I’m kinda psychic. I have like a fifth sense” you say holding in your laugh
“What do you mean?” He takes seat next to you “do you want me to call anyone?”
“It’s like I have ESPN or something. My breasts can tell when it’s going to rain”

Steve quickly gets up and walks out the room leaving you and Tony in fits of giggles

first love (best friend!au)

summary: yoongi meets you, seated next to him at a familiar brown piano, and he steals you away hours before your wedding day, seated next to him at a familiar brown piano


yoongi’s been in love with you since childhood and he only has the courage to tell you when you’re about to marry someone else

relationship: yoongi x reader

words: 5,621

warnings: angst, sad yoongi, unrequited love (for a while), smut (suggested)

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a/n: i wrote the beginning of this last year, when wings first came out and first love was my favorite song. originally, this had a completely different plot, but i felt more drawn to this one, so here’s a lil love and angst, as i know us yoongi biased hoes love~

A bang, screams, laughter… a wedding. Yoongi has never hated being somewhere more.

Well, it’s almost a wedding. He’s seated at the same table as the parents of the handsome soon-to-be groom and the beautiful soon-to-be bride, you, but he doesn’t belong there. The black haired boy is sitting amongst all of your family and friends and while they yell and dance in happiness, give out hugs to each other as if this is the very best day of their lives, he sits, a fake smile on his mouth as colorful confetti rains from the ceiling. It sticks to his hair and his face, and he feels sick.

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Awakened Destiny- Part 2

Part 1

You watched as handcuffs were placed on your wrists, alongside Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and as you now found out, T’Challa. They pushed you into the seat next to T’Challa in a van, with the rest sitting behind you.

You snapped out of thought when you looked to see handcuffs placed on Sam and Dean’s wrists too. Your eyebrows pressed together as you opened your mouth to say something.

“They weren’t even involved!” you barked at the officer pushing Dean in the back and Sam on the other side of T’Challa.

“Keep it down” the officer demanded as he slammed the door shut. You immediately looked over to see Sam hunched forward, his eyebrow raised as he looked at you.

“What the hell is going on?” he whispered before T’Challa gave him an angry ‘you need to shut up’ look. Your chest rose as you took in a breath, thinking of the easiest way to explain that since the last time you saw Sam… You found a man who used to be ‘The Winter Soldier’ who was born in the early 1900’s but is just now being caught alongside his old friend Steve who happens to also be old.

Hell, there is no easy way to explain it.

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Guilty - Part 1

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Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Genre: Angst, smut

Word Count: 2,548 words

Pairing: Reader x Baekhyun / Reader x Kai

Summary: *REQUESTED* You find yourself getting more and more frustrated with Kai as he keeps hanging out with his ex-girlfriend, Krystal, against your wishes. Your solution? Hang out with Baekhyun instead.

You sat at the bar, twirling your straw around in your drink. Your friends would be meeting you soon but you’d arrived early. Perhaps, maybe, too early. You were already halfway through your second cocktail, drinking through your frustrations.

The bar was just starting to get more crowded since it was getting closer to the prime bar hours. You were sitting by yourself, the seats next to you currently unoccupied. Your phone suddenly vibrated, signaling that your friend Mina texted you back, We’re stuck in traffic. BUT we’re almost there!

You smiled. Of course everyone was late when you’d arrived early. You weren’t complaining though, as you were enjoying your cocktail. You took another sip as you stared into your phone. It was so frustrating.

“Why do you look so miserable?” called a familiar voice from behind you. It was Baekhyun. He was the first of your friends to arrive. He sat in the seat next to you, with a cocktail of his own.

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Scenario: This guy sitting behind me on the bus was harassing me and when you got on you came up, took the seat next to me and said “Hey sweetie, Mom wants to know when and where you want to meet them for dinner. I was thinking the diner down the road from us”
Pairing: Jimin | Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1,848
Author’s Note: I remember an anon asking me about Jimin stories, so I figured it was about time I got around to that. This may or may not be based on personal experience when I went to university in the city.


Public transportation, as it turns out, is the bane of your existence. You’d think that for someone who has undergone 2 years of the same routine, of keeping to yourself with your ear buds and notebooks and eyes glued to your phone screen for a majority of the ride into downtown, you would have gained a better hand in not attracting too much attention to yourself.

However, the hard jab into the back of your shoulder blades makes you almost think how much safer you’d feel if you had just decided to drive to school—sure, it may cost more and traffic sucks sometimes and driving in it of itself is so exhausting sometimes, but you wouldn’t have to—!

The voice starts as a murmur, drowned out by the steady beat of music ringing in your ears, and you think you might be able to ignore the man entirely before the jab comes back and actually hurts to the nature in which it’s right against a nerve. You flinch slightly upon contact, jerking away from the touch as you become reminded of your slight repulsion of physical touch—especially from people you don’t know very well.

Craning to look over your shoulder, you find yourself coming face-to-face with a man much older than you, his beady eyes giving off intentions for prying on individuals much younger than himself—who eyes you with so much possession that it makes your stomach churn. His gaze holds an expectancy that you wish to ignore, but are unable to do so now that you’ve given him some of your attention.

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Young Gladion Headcanons

Here we go, small Gladion x Reader! I promised and I deliver.

  • It’s little Gladion’s first time outside of Aether in a long time.
  • He’s a little aware that they’ve stopped leaving the foundation because his dad disappeared.
  • At this point, he’s still his mother’s doll. He does whatever she tells him because mother loves him and Lillie and he should be grateful for his nice clean clothes.
  • And then there’s you, a really cheerful child in an overlarge sunhat barrelling down the streets of Alola for the first time.
  • You’re on vacation with your mother and you’d seen a Pichu pass by when you catch sight of Gladion trailing behind Lillie and his Mother who decided to go into a clothes store. 
  • You take a seat next to Gladion on the pavement.
  • “HI” 
  • Gladion is so confused about this loud child next to him like ew a tiny loud human being get it away.
  • “… Alola.”
  • “ALOLA!”
  • Gladion really hates interacting, he’s really hoping his mom and Lillie finish shopping soon but you’re not letting him get away without talking to you, you’re stubborn like that.
  • “What’s your name?”
  • “Gladion.”
  • He has no clue why he’d tell you that. You’re just some kid.
  • Meanwhile, you’re completely in awe of the tall boy with the unique name.
  • You try unsuccessfully to climb onto his shoulders.
  • Gladion tries to walk around to shake you off but you’re persistent. 
  • At one point, he rounds a sharp turn and it’s too quick for you.
  • You land face first on the ground, biting back some really loud sniffles because that actually hurt.
  • Gladion stops immediately and picks you up giving you a hug, a reflex he’s developed since Lillie was born.
  • Realising he was hugging a complete stranger and jumps back, asking quietly if you’re ok.
  • You stare at him blankly and smile.
  • “My hero.”
  • Gladion acts very annoyed but warmth is blooming across his chest. He’s done it countless times with Lillie but she’s never called him her hero.
  • Your mother realises you ran off and takes you in her arms, apologising to Gladion for the trouble. It takes him a while to realise your hat had flown off when you fell.
  • It’s too late to give it back though so he holds onto it hoping to run into you.
  • When he doesn’t find you and Lillie finishes with her shopping she comes out in a white dress looking uncomfortable. She stares at the hat in Gladion’s hands with hope.
  • Gladion gives her your hat and she never takes it off afterwards.
Love In The Air(port) // C.H

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credit to the original owner of the gif

Requested: yes

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Description: In which Calum accidently runs into a girl in the airport and regrets it as soon as he finds out that his seat is next to hers.

The perfume was everything you wanted, but it was way too expensive. The lady kept pressuring you to buy it but lastly, you just shook your head and gave the pink bottle back to her. You should probably just go to your plane already - you didn’t want to be late. As soon as you turned around with your suitcase in your hand, a brown-haired guy pushed you out of his way, making you stumble on your feet. The boy was running with a bag around his shoulder as he looked back at you who was standing with an open mouth.

“Watch where you’re going!” You yelled as the boy just ignored you completely, but you remembered every inch of him. His brown hair sticking to his forehead, his big eyes watching you as you yelled and his shirt sitting loosely around his huge biceps. There was no way you were going to forget him.

Your body was shaking as you tried to find comfort in the plane seat. The flight attendant was standing in the front, guiding people to their seat. You found your phone, not that you could do much with it since it was already on airplane mode. But you just sat with it in your hand, ready to put your headphones when you took off. You leant your head against the window, watching the workers do their job with bags and purses. A sigh escaped your lips as looked at your clock on your phone, waiting patiently for the plane to fly away from it all.

“I’m supposed to sit next to you,” you heard from your left side a deep voice with an accent you couldn’t place. You looked up and saw the exact same guy that had run into you without apologising.

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Bossy as Usual

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Jinyoung

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 2,827

Summary:  Almost as soon as you sit down, your seatmate starts hitting on you. You’ve resigned yourself to eight long hours of misery and boredom when the man from across the aisle offers you a way out. You take it. 

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