the seasteading institute

Speaking of the FDA, according to rumor Trump is considering Jim O'Neill as FDA director. He’s apparently a colleague of Peter Thiel’s at Mithril Capital, and he’s on the board of the Seasteading Institute.

I am Facebook friends with a Jim O'Neill. I can’t remember how I became friends with him, but I used to get a lot of friend requests from people I don’t know who I assume are blog readers, and I would mostly accept. He talks about Mithril Capital and seasteading on his timeline. I think it is the same guy.

He’s posted a couple of papers by MIRI and is also friends with Eliezer, Anna Salamon, Mike Vassar, Alyssa Vance, Julia Galef, Will Eden, etc.

Provisionally, holy @#!$

3 Personal Disneylands Being Planned By Total Lunatics

#1. Independence, USA

Independence is a hybrid community/theme park proposed by Glenn Beck, focused on bringing America back to its glorious roots, because when you think of mature and rationally developed ideas, Glenn Beck’s jiggling face immediately springs to mind.

People would be invited to live or vacation in Independence, USA, or even send their children to a “deprogramming” summer camp to wipe away all that ridiculous bullshit they teach in schools with the cold hard truth of Glenn Beck’s curriculum, which would be something like forcing your kids to spend three months trying to decipher the Zodiac killer’s letters.
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