the seasons almost over

Did you SEE jUghead’s face when Archie stumbled over himself saying “It’s cool. It’s totally okay.” about Jughead and Betty being a thing

bc it is POSSIBLE that Jughead’s face mirrored mine bc

like… no offense, Archie, but why would it have to be okay with you? U rejected Betty what do u mean “it’s okay”

12/11 ▪ Okay studying for finals might be the most stressful time of the school year, but these cat stickers might be the most adorable stationary I’ve had all year. Go get some pretty stationary to make you happy and don’t stress too much, exam season is almost over.

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John Oliver’s final plea against Donald Trump

After more than a year and a half of campaigns, the 2016 election season is almost over.

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver, however, does not want you to take it easy. On Sunday, he made his final argument against Trump — or, as Oliver described him, “the human equivalent of a clear plastic bag filled with cheeseburgers and Confederate flag belt buckles.”

“You do have to vote, even if you live in a state where you think it won’t matter,” Oliver said. “We are at a point where this man has a genuine shot at the presidency despite having blown up a political party, undermined confidence in our electoral system, declared open season on journalists, and unleashed a river of racism and misogyny. Also, and I feel like we’ve lost sight of this: He has really stupid hair.”

But Oliver did take a bit of blame for what’s happened so far. He pointed to a Daily Show clip from three years ago in which he encouraged Trump to run. (“Do it! Look at me. Do it. I will personally write you a campaign check now on behalf of this country, which does not want you to be president, but which badly wants you to run.”)

“Now, in my defense, I have no defense for that, I was hoping to think of one before finishing this sentence — which oh shit, it’s over,” Oliver said.

“I want to believe that America will reject Donald Trump, that our innate sense of decency will kick in like some sort of moral autopilot. But I have been spectacularly wrong before,” Oliver added, rolling a clip of him declaring that the Chicago Cubs will never win the World Series. “I’m an idiot. But that clearly shows no outcome is certain. So if you are thinking you don’t have to show up to vote on Tuesday because there is no way the impossible could happen, take it from somebody who has learned from painful experience you are wrong about that.”

But, at the very least, we’re now near the finish line. “Barring recounts, this nightmare of a campaign will be over,” Oliver said. “Which is good, because this election hasn’t so much appealed to our better angels as it has groped our better angels, mocked their weight, and called them 6’s at best.”

OK fandom!
How about we raise those ratings on Arrow?
Let’s watch the show we love because the season is getting so good again and all the reasons people have hated it for are slowly disappearing… So how about we do this?
I want a season 7 and 8 guys and I’m sure you do too;
More OTA
More Olicity
The rise of BC
New stories
The possible return of Slade
No more flashbacks to 5 years ago…
Let’s start promoting!
If CW sucks at it, let’s do our bit. Just watch the episodes and stop expecting Snoozan to pop out and ruin it because she’s not important enough for that, Kay? She’s not going to be here for season 6 and her role is almost over.
Focus on Arrow, on Olicity, Oliver, Felicity, Diggle etc
And Lyla! Very curious about her and where Dinah and WD are going too. It’s going to be good!
Plus, will Oliver’s identity be revealed?
And what is Talia’s endgame?

World Figure Skating Championships 2017

Can’t believe this season is almost over. We are days away from Tessa & Scott’s Worlds, so here’s some info about their competition time (EST).


The practices will be streamed on the ISU YouTube channel from Wednesday on.

  • Tuesday March 28th @ 2:40 am and 12:35 pm
  • Wednesday March 29th @ 8:40 am 
  • Thursday March 30th @ 4:00 am

Short dance

Friday March 31th | 4:00 am

Free dance

Saturday April 1st | 9:35 am

I’ll also be uploading this page and reblog infos on available livestreams. I’ll also update this post as soon as VM’s starting time and practice group are available.

Have a nice Worlds everyone! x


Screencap redraws are all I’m capable of drawing after this episode.

Thousands of men spend thousands of dollars on their cars, boats, and hobbies

They spend hundreds on new wheels and fancy rims. Hundreds on oil changes every six months. Thousands on speakers. Tens of thousands on paint jobs. Upkeep, maintenance, car washes, studying up on vehicles, putting in new lights or trendy accessories that they switch with the seasons or styles.

All this knowing that almost every car devalues over time, you’re probably not going to make back what you put into it like a house. The investment isn’t going to pay off.

I mean, I work with a guy who saved and dropped $2,000 on a new interior lighting system for his VW while his girlfriend works at McDonalds. Everyone applauds his hobby, compliments his car, and tells him he should be proud of what he’s done for it.

And yet.

If your girl becomes your hobby, if you help her be fit and eat healthy, if you spend money to help her achieve her goals, if you make sure she has the funds to dress well, have pretty skin and hair, and be your beautiful other half. If you spend money on this precious creature that will make you laugh, go on adventures with you, be creative with you, may start a business with you, help you when you’re down, may marry you, grow old with you, perhaps carry your children…

Then you’re a cuck and she’s a gold digger. Then she’s just using you. Then it’s a “waste of your hard earned money.” Then it’s a waste of time because “what if she leaves, what if the investment doesn’t pay off?” There’s shame from people who are jealous or angry, and why? She’s flesh and bones, not a piece of metal.