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Because everyone seems like they could use some positivity and happy thoughts.  (forgive the brief double-post; tumblr’s tagging system is dumb)

Pre-Kerberos (wherein I am assuming Keith and Shiro knew each other before Shiro was promoted, thus their familiarity isn’t as off-putting):

  • Shiro gets terrible allergies this time of year (he swears they’re seasonal, while Keith insists that the lack of vegetation means that–no, Shiro, you’re just inhaling desert dust).  Cue Keith stopping by every day with a pack of tissues and a crooked half-smile that Shiro secretly adores.
    •  (He might or might not be over-exaggerating the extent to which his “allergies” are causing him grief.) 
  • Training sessions that begin in full, Garrison-standardized winter get-up (because, hey, it’s getting colder). Each layer gradually being stripped off as the rigorous nature of their sparring gets more and more intense. They each decide to stop at shirts and pants, for the other’s sake (and their own). When they leave afterward, they occasionally forget to re-dress, and thus freeze their asses off running back to their respective living quarters.
  • Shiro learning (or, rather, coming to the realization) that Keith has never had a Christmas (or any other fun winter festivities) surrounded by… Well, by virtually anybody. The winter holidays are right around the corner, and he decides that he’s going to rope Keith into some December-time fun, Shirogane Family style. 
  • Keith and Shiro taking the bike out for a spin one night in November, taking it out to Keith’s Desert Dream Getaway™. The weather has turned crisp (as this is a cold-natured desert–I’m thinking something like Nevada’s Great Desert Basin, because it’s close to Garrison, Utah, and because… Well, Aliens.) 
  • Keith grabbing a blanket from the shack, dusting it off, and setting it out on the sand. They sit and watch a lunar eclipse together, curled up underneath a second quilt. Shiro is leaning his weight against Keith’s side, and Keith has an arm draped comfortably across the other’s sweater-warmed shoulders. Despite the chilly nip in the air around them, Keith has never felt a warmth quite like this.
  • They share their first kiss that night ‘neath the red of the moon, chaste and hesitant–knowing the implications of a newly-appointed senior officer kissing a cadet. 
  • Though still very close, they don’t breach the topic again before Shiro leaves in two months’ time.


  • Zarkon (along with a myriad of other threats) has long been defeated, and the universe is doing relatively well. The 5 paladins from earth are long-past their prime, and have retired from years of defending the universe to go about their own lives (maybe others have taken their place at this point?). 
  • Keith and Shiro, now happily married, have taken up residence in Keith’s old Love Shack™(baaaaby~♪); maybe Shiro works as a professor at the reformed Garrison, and Keith continues to fly occasional missions for the military? (though only when it is required of him–both he and Shiro have had enough “space” to last a millennium)
  • They have the other former paladins over toward the tail end of autumn for a feast/fun festivities (it runs in tandem with Shiro’s birthday at the start of winter, so it works out well). It usually ends with all five (plus anyone else who can visit–Allura and Coran visited a couple of times, Matt makes a point to come along any year that he can) too exhausted to move. 
  • They spend their evenings together whenever possible, the biggest solace from the stressors of daytime. In the fall, they curl up on the sofa every night that they both have at home, supporting each others’ weights and sipping hot cocoa–Keith’s with mini marshmallows, Shiro’s with a cinnamon stick, and both with a bit of gritty desert sand (it’s coarse, and rough… And it gets everywhere, beverages included). Even so, it’s an acquired texture that they’ve both missed in their time piloting Voltron and living off of food-goo for years. 
  • When it finally snows one particularly cold autumn, the two are absolutely ecstatic. After all, not only does it rarely snow in the desert, but it never snows in space. Shiro wakes up first, notices the odd whiteness outside their window, and all but tugs Keith out of bed right then and there. 
    • When they finally get outside, it’s a thin layer (barely enough to cover the brush and sand in front of the shack), but they’re both enthralled by it. They have a makeshift snowball fight (which, given the combination of sand and slush, went about as well as you can imagine) and build a tiny snow-lion for in front of their abode.
  • Keith and Shiro spend the remainder of their lives happy, safe, and together.
I believe in Sherlock Holmes.

Damn…. The whole fandom is upside down…
Sherlock season 4 was a hectic, chaotic, impressive and intense season.
With high ups and deep downs. We saw Sherlock and John hit the ground. But we also saw them coming back up. We saw a side of Mycroft we’ve never expected, we got to see Greg working on his future, we saw that Mrs. Hudson is more than just a landlady, we saw John telling Sherlock he isn’t a machine, and we saw sherlock getting more human than he ever had been before. We’ve seen how his brain works. How he is capable to delete things from his brain and create his own reality instead. We saw how friendship becomes more important then ever before.
It was gorgeous. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, there were a lot of open endings and a lot of questions that stayed unanswered.

But that’s were the fandom comes in. We make our own story’s, our own deductions.
Some of us will let Sherlock find love in his new found family, some of us will make Mary into a hero, some of us will make Mycroft and Lady Smallwood a thing. While others rather see Sherlolly instead of Johnlock, or Mystrade instead of Smallcroft. What will happen to Euros? What will become of Molly? How will Rosamund grow up? There are a lot of story’s to tell.

And that’s a gift. A gift given to us from the writers. They gave us the opportunity to create, fantasise, dream. They gave us the opportunity to make our own story’s.

So let us just enjoy this great series, these great actors and writers who made this happen. Who made this real for us. And stop being negative about this season. Even if there isn’t going to be a fifth season, we shouldn’t see this as an ending, but as a new beginning.

Let the fandom live on.


Let’s talk about the [near] kiss

If there are people still disappointed about the (near) kiss, let’s take a closer look at this scene. 

We start with intense clutches and eye contact. Please notice how CLOSE they already are.

But they get closer, and Hannibal / Mads parts his lips a little more.

They continue getting closer and Will / Hugh smiles. Just look at that little smile. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

BUT HOLD ON because they get even closer and Hannibal / Mads bends his head a bit more too.


And then Will / Hugh shies away and looks down, while Hannibal / Mads still watches him.

But they continue getting closer, and at this point, they’re almost pressing their foreheads together.

I don’t know about other people, but this feels so powerful and intimate and intense to me. The embrace shown on the finale was already perfect, but this? This is the cherry on top of the cannibal cake. 

I had to put all the stars together to make a wish for you to see the smile we wrote under the Christmas tree. Ornaments of fragile hearts we chastised to flatten the ends of ribs we hallowed out for a symphony of butterflies my hands don’t have enough movements for when you say hello. Our lips have mouthed dances longer than the air turns to crisp, and I’m sorry our fall broke into oranges brighter than the summer that froze our hearts. That the leaves whisper secrets more tender than our first kiss. Two thorns could never rewrite beauty, but could I keep you this winter? The seasons are about to change again, but no matter what temperature the weather feels, I’ll still call you mine. We have been friends for some time now, but our friendship is still early morning fog that I get lost in. No high beams, just your smile. No more crying, just more writing. No more feeling an intense feeling of regret, just me holding your hands into a happiness that won’t break with the simple touch of ongoing depression. I know you didn’t mean to leave us for a few days, but I never stopped caring, not even for a day. We still search for worms as night owls, but the early bird always beats us there. We were never morning people, but coffee made us out to be a photograph stained with tears– because holding it in my hands meant that I was going to burn it later that afternoon. I know your heart isn’t inside of your chest and I know just because you’re inside of a house… That doesn’t mean you’re at home… And you know something else? Just because someone says that they love you, it doesn’t mean that they love you for you. That’s the cruelty we write about and my, isn’t the weather feeling a bit cold without us holding on like lovers who haven’t met since the initial impression of this may be the last time I’ll see you ever again. Hey, don’t worry. I’m not a season, I don’t change just because it’s going stale and my face is pale. I’m not going anywhere without you. If we are like the seasons in any way, it is the consistent three months we planned carefully each year.
—  Sometimes it happens like this. We blink and everything’s dying. We blink and the lights are off. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. I open my eyes and you are gone. I open back up and you’re singing the same song to rip us apart.
// The Ate & The Bunso

anonymous asked:

Honestly, I know there's more to relationships than just making out, but I really want more Malec kisses/intimate moments next season. Not only would it be fun to watch them explore the physical side of their relationship (and flustered Alec is my jam), but it would also help to normalize Male x Male intimacy, you know? I hope we get a few scenes of Malec that are like the Izzy/Meliorn scene, or even the Simon/Camille scene (minus the non-con).


a list of malec intimacy things we need:

  • forehead kisses
  • forehead touching, with eyes closed or while staring into each other’s eyes intensely and lovingly
  • alec casually resting his hand on the small of magnus’ back 
  • casual handholding all the time
  • laying on the couch with alec’s head on magnus’ lap (and vice versa)
  • playing with each other’s hair (esp in the situation above)
  • maybe hair-pulling too but this is a sfw post we’re not gonna go there
  • sleepy morning cuddles
  • magnus kissing the palm of alec’s hand before he leaves for his high warlock errands
  • heavy makeout sessions on magnus’ bed
  • heavy makeout sessions on magnus’ bed, shirtless
  • intimate hugs
  • neck kisses!! magnus kissing alec’s deflect rune
  • alec kissing magnus’ forehead/temple/the top of his head
  • passionate and heated kissing against a wall
  • alec lifting/carrying magnus
  • alec backhugging magnus and kissing the crook of his neck
  • alec learning how to initiate physical contact
  • alec being comfortable w/ initiating physical contact with magnus and enjoying being able to kiss and touch his boyfriend whenever he wants to

There are some people who are like they have to get re-engaged or be married by the end of the season, and while I totally support that 100% I mean by all means please go ahead and do that, make my year, honestly I would just be happy with a kiss, or a shoulder touch, more lingering looks (tbh when has that ever stopped), intense eye sex (my favourite), sex in general (we can always dream), a hug, a wink (remember Russia… I’m sure you do), it honestly doesn’t matter, just give us more to tide us over until next season. It’s all I ask. We have three more episodes to go, and if last season was anything to go by we still got time for things to turn around. 

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I’ve seen the news when it first came out its just that I wasn’t able to get here to express my reaction but if you think that I am not dancing in glee with the announce of A SECOND SEASON OF DIAMOND NO ACE then think again !!!!