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On manga acwnr, Hanji talked with Levi, Isabel and Farlan, but on OVA that talk is removed without mercy. What you think was the cause for a lot of Hanji development be removed in animate version?

Okay, first of all, this is a really good question, i love it. In fact, i have given this a lot of thought so this is gonna be a long answer.

In regards to ACWNR, they actually removed a lot of stuff from the manga. The first time i watched the animated version, i was kinda pissed off by it. They changed Erwin’s speech and their conversation BEFORE  the expedition (don’t even get me started on that…), the way Levi rescued Isabel from the streets, the lovely insult that Levi said to Flagon, even the chasing scene! Or The moment where Levi throws Erwin off his horse, that’s just epic. They changed so many details. I understand that some things need to be removed in order to fit and to make it more appealing to the viewer and i’d love to hear the thoughts of Isayama on the matter.  It seems to me, that they tried to just focus on Levi and leave other character’s development aside; because of it, we don’t get to hear, for example, Farlan’s impression over Hanji “doesn’t seem like the type who particularly cares what other think”, that wasn’t related to Levi directly so they probably consider it wasn’t crucial to the plot.

But when it comes to the scene with Hanji you’re referring to and the anime overall (these not only apply to Kui Naki Sentaku) i have some extra thoughts:

1)Manga Hanji and anime Hanji have differences and it’s undeniable. The animators tried to make them more like “the crazy scientist”, because this is a very common type of character in anime and, also,  this made the veterans’ trio personalities’ really contrast with each other, specially Levi/Hanji and that’s fun to watch, it brings dynamism to the plot. Manga!Hanji is a little bit more serious, intense and just full of badassery. So instead of her having a normal conversation with Levi and his friends, the animators changed it to her blushing and being just really excited about Levi’s skills, and that kinda crazy attitude (i do like the blushing part lol the Levihan feels take the best of me. I think one of the reasons they changed this scene is directly linked to the way the animators themselves portray Hanji. I really hope that in Season 2 we get to see the anime!Hanji more similar to the manga one, and by the looks of the teaser (the one with Nick) we might get it . YAY. Hanji is an amazing character and i feel that the anime version doesn’t really make them justice. 

2) I also believe the anime version tries harder to make Levi look badass, more arrogant and distant than he actually is in the manga version. So that’s also why we just get this Levi practicing in the distance while Hanji is just watching, they didn’t show Levi’s  vulnerable face when Hanji approaches him and his introvert attitude of “i don’t know how to handle this energetic person”.

I mean, look at him! He even apologizes! 

I believe Levi is just this regular really hot dude who has like bad social skills and that just happens to be really strong …. but that idea isn’t appealing for a broader audience. The animators maybe didn’t feel like this particular scene fits the kind of character they want to show the viewer, when it comes to both Levi and Hanji. A really tough guy and a crazy chick are more “anime-like”, “shonen-like”,  maybe this could seem like a really bad explanation, but this isn’t the first anime where this happens. I’ve been reading manga my whole life and i’ve seen so many characters have details altered. I’m not saying i don’t like the anime version of SnK, i LOVE IT, i could watch it forever, but i think the manga version is more realistic. Isayama has created characters who seem like they’re actually real people, with their quirks and their sorrows and that’s a great virtue not all story-tellers have so i don’t expect the animators to get it absolutely right.

3) Now i’m gonna dial down the seriousness and say… damn, that conversation was a real good Levihan moment and i don’t mean it just in a romantic kind of way, it can be also in a friendship kind of way. Hanji approached this thug, whose only reason for being there is he’s just so freaking strong and, on top of it, he has hell of an attitude and HANJI DOESN’T CARE AT ALL. Nobody wants to talk to them and SHE GIVES ISABEL CANDY! Maybe Levi was  touched by that, to finally have someone who doesn’t look at him like a threat. She even asks him to share his tricks. This was the moment when their appreciation for each other as comrades, or friends or whatever you want to believe, started. And that’s simply beautiful. It sucks we didn’t get to watch it animated.

  I could talk about this forever so i probably should stop now lmfao thank you so much for the ask! I really enjoyed answering it and i would love to hear your own opinions on the matter. 

imagine being daehwi’s friend on p101 s3

a trainee after his own heart :’)

(( AS REQUESTED! // i love ur writing !! can i get a daehwi scenario where you guys are best friends bc you’re also a trainee from brand new music and you participate in pd101 s3 and come in 3rd place like him,, and he confesses to you afterwards bc he’s so proud of you ?? as fluffy as possible pls and thank u have a great day/night 💓 ))

  • u and daehwi have known each other ever since u became a trainee at bnm
  • altho u were a little intimidated at first, he was always ready to approach u with friendly tips and a smile, so it was only a matter of time before u became best friends
  • hes the type of friend to hype u up whenever u step on stage
  • (ure p sure one time he came to a performance w a sign tht said u were the “inventor of rap” lol)
  • u can both b super extra when ure supporting each other tbh
  • to u guys, theres nothing too grand or too extreme to express how proud u are of each other
  • of course when u decide to enter produce 101 for the 3rd season, hes super excited for u

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I’m seeing a lot of people wanting to start BoJack Horseman recently with the release of the new season and it’s absolutely an amazing show that’s a lot more well written and thoughtful than it looks but it deals with a lot of heavy issues that could be triggering for some people. Including things like:

  • Addiction
  • Suicide
  • Mental illness
  • Drug overdose
  • Child abuse
  • Miscarriages
  • Abortions
  • Lobotomies
  • General trauma
  • Body image issues
  • Overdosing on diet pills

There’s definitely more and some things that they just delve into so deeply it gets a bit intense


  • A child star and friend of BoJack dies from a drug overdose on screen
  • There are many scenes of parental abuse
  • Many instances of abuse in relationships
  • In an episode from BoJack’s mind it cycles between him thinking about how worthless he is and getting blackout drunk
  • There’s an episode from his senile mom’s POV that could trigger disreality and very heavily goes into abuse and trauma
  • BoJack’s grandma has a breakdown because her son died in WWII and her husband lobotomizes her

I’m sure there’s more but that’s all I can think of right now. The show is hilarious and after every heavy episode they have a buffer funny episode. Plus they have a canon asexual character who is never made fun of for being asexual and it talks about what it means to be asexual and how it doesn’t always mean you’re aromatic (they actually use the word aromantic) it’s a great show just be careful if you’re sensitive to stuff like this

[The Kids Are Alright] • Chpt. 1

• After The Love Is Gone 

A/N: This story is a fix it of Season 8 ~ The first chapter of the story flashes back a few months before New Year’s Day, it takes place three weeks after Sam shows up, and everyone is adjusting to Hyde’s marriage. This is an introduction chapter, there will be a lot more going on as the story builds and it definitely gets more intense. 

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August, 25, 1979 -  Point Place, Wisconsin

Donna’s Room 

“Since we missed our phone call this week, I just wanted to give you a little update on what has been happening.

To simply put it: everything’s gone bonkers.

Your mom has been making jam…lots of jam. Our entire shelf is stacked with a variety of strawberry, blueberry and peach. Red says that this is just her way of coping while you’re gone, which was great at first, but now the Pinciaotti pantry has turned into the Foreman’s Jam Storage Unit.

Who can eat this much jam anyway?

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I was struck this episode by how much Dany walks the line between the two dramatically countered types of women that the Stark sisters represent. Sansa behaves and presents like a noblewoman, including an aristocratic upbringing even in the house of the enemy. Sansa speaks, dresses, and has the social expectations of a version of feminity that is wealthy and soft. Along with that comes a knowledge of feudal logistics, communication skills, and a higher level approach to political thinking… her ruthlessness, when it appears, is carried out through her function as a noble. OTOH, as a different archetype Arya is a warrior with only a passing connection to the outer markers of feminity (her name, her voice, her choice of association, and very rarely her dress). Arya is direct, aggressive, and at times insensitive. She is a woman driven by purpose and disregarding of any pretense towards bearing the emotional labor of her interactions with others. She is violent not just through proxies but personally, intensely.

I look at Dany this season, and I see how they’ve crafted her as someone who walks down both those paths. Dany is very much a rich noblewoman, highly educated and getting more and more politically experienced for the last 4+ years. Danny dresses for power like Sansa does, and she by all outward appearances could resemble Sansa a great deal.

But there’s the dragon part of Dany that is very similar to the wolf part of Arya. Dany also spent time in a culture of violence, learning what she could from it and moving on. Dany ate the horse’s heart, rode beside her Khal husband, and she is a killer, up close and personal. Her weapons are dragons not blades, but even in war she gets on her dragon and prefers to go into the fighting rather than stay in her castle. She’s mastered the dead-eyed stare that appears right before someone’s gonna die. I think it’s also significant that the conflict between these two halves of Dany contributes to some of her missteps as a commander. Dany is constantly wavering between these two versions of herself, and she’ll probably wrestle with that for her whole time on the show.

I’m not proclaiming that any of these characters are better or more interesting than the others–what you like on this show is down to taste, I’m sure, and I love all three of these women. But it interests me how in some cases the story delves into the differences between certain types, and in other cases the show gives us a character that unifies those seemingly contrasting traits.I like this set-up because I think JRRM had a lot of fun as writer creating these broadly drawn types, and then mixing them up. For example with Brienne (honorable knight), there is also Bronn (corrupt knight), and between them is Jaime (both). With a cast this large, setting up types in this way creates story variety, and lots of chances to play with the good/bad choices that characters will make.

Bellarke, Season 4, Love Confessions, and Kisses

There seems to be a lot of speculation about this at the moment, so I thought that I would offer in my own two cents.

My opinion on this topic is always changing, I’ve imagined it several times after various plot points and it is different almost every single time. This is just a momentary speculation based upon what we’ve seen, analyzing the crap out of that, and where I think the story is going personally.

I’ve seen a lot of people speculate that Bellarke won’t be together until season five as of late, but I disagree. Everything that I have seen in season 4 thus far gives me the idea that these two will be canon soon… probably sooner than a lot of us might think. I’m banking on a kiss by the end of season 4, and feel that it might be a disservice to the story if the writers drag it out any farther than that. 

These two characters have been building and building and building their relationship from the start of the series until now, and it has literally no where else to go. We’ve seen hugs. We’ve heard “I need you” and “I can’t lose you too” and “if you need forgiveness, I’ll give that to you” and “I trust you” and “I believe you” and “if you’re on that list, I’m on that list” and “she’ll see how special you are” and “If I don’t see you again-”

Think on those quotes for a moment. Think about how the story line and dynamic has developed between these two characters. Think about that last line and what it means in regard to where their story is going.

It’s my belief that the writers knew exactly what they were doing when they entered in that last line- that they knew exactly what we would think and how we would respond. The fact that it was said less than half-way through the season means that it will likely be revisited at some point before season five, that Bellarke is mostly likely going to be canon by the end of four.

We’re now facing another Bellarke separation after a potential love confession on Bellamy’s part. You know what ALWAYS happens when these two are separated? Everything goes to hell and they lose their minds over each other. We’ve seen this throughout the show, and every single time it happens Bellarke is brought closer because of it and they become significantly more aware of the feelings that they have for one another and how those feelings are more intense than any other relationship that they have. So, basically Bellarke+separation=development and realization of feelings. I don’t see that ending any other way than these two characters fully recognizing the love that they have for one another and acting on it. Meaning that we’re either going to get a kiss (I think this is going to happen first, actually), a love confession, or both (we’re probably going to get both but I don’t want to be too greedy).

After all this time, I still think that Clarke is going to be the one to initiate a kiss when it happens. I know Bellamy is the one that’s waiting on the sidelines to profess his everlasting love, but I think that the separation changes that. I’m one of those people that thinks Clarke knows how Bellamy feels. She cut him off last episode, probably with the same impression that we did, intentionally pushing back that conversation to a later date when it wasn’t under the circumstance of “goodbye.” The separation gives her time to analyze how SHE feels. I’m 99% certain that when Bellamy goes back to Arkadia and discovers that Octavia has run away, he’s going to do everything in his power to find her and make peace. That’s what’s important to him right now. And he’s not really going to tell anyone what he’s doing except for the blurred figure in the background (I’m pretty sure it’s Kane). When Clarke finds this out, we’re going to see her worried!kitten mode come out again. She’s going to wonder if Bellamy’s already dead and how much she needs him in her life. She’s going to realize the full extent of her feelings for him and how their relationship differs from her other friends. She’s going to dwell on his final words to her and what he might possibly say before she cut him off. She might even wish she hadn’t.

When she sees him again, I think that the writers are going to give us something that directly PARALLELS THE HUG IN 2X05. She’s going to run to him and collide into him and wrap her arms around him, but that’s not where it’s going to end this time. She’s going to press her lips to his and it’s going to be the most passionate and intense and beautiful thing that we’ve ever seen. Poor Bellamy’s probably not going to know what to think other than “dearGod,Clarke’skissingmerightnowwhatdoIdo?!” and then he’s going to return the favor in kind and deepen the kiss. Then they’re going to break away from each other, but still hold each other in their arms and smile like we’ve never seen them smile before.

That’s where my mind is right now. It’s probably a bit fanfiction-y and I’ll probably be way off base with this speculation, but I’m certain that we’ll get a kiss like this at some point. Bellarke is being written as an epic romance. So I have no doubt we’ll get an epic kiss.

I also have another speculation about how Bellarke could go this season, a bit more slow burn-y and less intense and more realistic. I’m just so in love with the potential of this idea though, because the first Bellarke hug was a moment that we all lost our minds (and still do, occasionally) and we’d lose them all even more if the writers decided to parallel that moment with a kiss. Let me know if you would like to hear the alternate speculation as well!

Also, how long has the team been gone? Like, season one and two took a while, no doubt, then there was three, and then months later four. How long have the paladins been missing? Months, a year? Do their families think they’re dead back on Earth?? How long have they been fighting?

I need to know.



Right away. But at first I was getting disappointed in how we werent getting any kinda of emotions from the death of their father….but soon I began to see changes in the turtles as the episode kept on…

First we saw Raphael, it could just be him, but he seemed more….of a yeller. He seemed more intense then usual, more mad, angry…

Mikey… he seemed…off to me too. Notice how he didnt let things go with Raph like he would usually do? Granted we’ve seen him fight with Raph, but NOT this bad. He didnt seem happier like he used to, he seemed more…I dunno what the words are haha. Sorry. He just seemed different.

With Donnie, he seemed distant, more quiet? He was just like there. He seemed more statued, more then usual. ((Im also surprised he wasnt at April’s side when she was in danger. But then again, he did almost just fall into a pit of fire.))

With Leo, it was OBVIOUS he was going through ALOT, he’s used to the brothers turning to him as leader BUT as the HEAD of the family? Not at all. He tries to find his father for reassurance, and NOW he’s seeing the ghost of his father, I think this will come into play more often. And of course it make’s sense Leo being the one to have the most issues, since well, he was the one who felt the off feeling before his fathers death. So maybe he feels at fault. No, I KNOW he feels at fault for his fathers death. He was the most emotional one, holding his father in his arms, pleading and begging for it not to be true.

The turtles are battling with depression in their own way! but sadly they dont have the luxary of mourning properly. The world needs them. And I think they are diving into the situations before them to avoid their feelings.

At least thats what I got out of the episode. I love reading deep into the emotions, just cause you cant see them on the surface doesnt mean the emotions arent there. 

Im sure we will see them dealing with the emotions BUT JUST LIKE WITH THE BEGINNING OF SEASON 4, The turtles are dealing with their loss in their own ways, they are probably still getting over the shocks. 



Anyways, thats how I veiwed it, its great to see Splinter, even if he is just a ghost in Leo’s head….





I want a Love like what Mama and Father have. Theirs is an enviable Love. The kind of love story you hear in songs and fairytales. It isn’t always perfect but if two people really love each other, they will just try. No matter the odds, they’ll get through it together. The good times and the bad times. That was what Father had said before. Things are getting better now. My mother smiles more. Maybe she realises that life does go on after a tragic loss. She started eating more and indulges in her favourite foods.

Lynnie has been wonderful. She has such a big heart and she has already ingratiates herself well into our family. It is no wonder my brother fell in love with her so quickly and everyone knows that Aemon isn’t one to be sentimental. Lynnie spends time with my mother and tells her things. She’s good at making the Queen laugh and makes beautiful embroidery. Mama even tells Aemon to stay in Red Keep longer and postpone his move to Dragonstone and Aemon agrees. Like Father, Aemon knows how important it is for my mother to remain happy. He does not want our Mama to spiral back into despair.

My father has started attending court and does his Kingly duties although not as heavy and busy as before. I feel relieved that he has stopped retreating into his chambers and solar. He still needs his privacy and I respect that. It just feels wonderful to be able to have meals as a family again and talk about things, even laugh. It is nice to see my parents having their evening walks in the gardens as they just sit on the bench watching the sunset in Blackwater Rush and talk about everything and anything.

I am not romantic by nature. I know how in life one needs to be practical. But it must be nice to have a Love like that. To have a person look at me the way my father always looks at my mother as if she is the brightest star in the sky that he would give up his entire world for. I sigh as my parents kiss in the the terrace. It got quite passionate and I look away giving them their privacy even from afar.

Ninjago Season 1, 2, and 3 Analysis  (Part 1)

Season 1 /  Rise of the Serpentine


The first season of Ninjago, Rise of the Serpentine, 13 episodes are dedicated to our main characters Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane stopping ancient race of evil snakes from destroying the world from a bigger snake, while trying to deal with Lord Garmadon’s son, learning to get stronger on the way, and who is going to be the destined Green Ninja.

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is it just me or does anyone else feel like GoT's season 7 seem a bit underwhelming, plot wise? considering that next week is the last episode EVER, i dont think 1+ hour would satisfactorily tie up Sansa, Arya and Bran's story arcs, Jaime's, the fate of the Greyjoys, DORNE?, GENDRY and so much more. like all the focus is given to jon/dany/cersei/whitewalkers, and not enough of tying up other loose ends. the subplots become so uninteresting if theyre not gonna finish their respective arcs (1/2)

that is so weird.. GoT season 7 felt like the most eventful season.. like there’s so much going on every episode and it just keeps building up. i mean imho, GoT gets better and more intriguing every season.. like the progression from the epic season 6 to season 7 seems to be really smooth too like it continued that intensity and suspense

i mean, i see what you mean.. but season 7 finale will be 81 minutes, the longest GoT episode on the records yet. and season 8 will have episodes of that length.. so i’m sure D&D and the writers will be able to wrap things up nicely for everyone. i mean, this is a show that HAS a definite conclusion and has never been dragged on.. like you know there’s an ending so yeah i’m confident and optimistic everything will fall into place

Getting dressed with Evan Rachel Wood

Truly, there has never been a better, or more beautiful, robot to fall in love with than Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores on HBO’s Westworld. By turns docile or alluring, then menacing and verging on insane, Dolores is one of the most complex portrayals of womanhood currently on screen, in a year packed with strong roles for actresses. What’s most brilliant about Wood’s portrayal is the tenderness she gives to Dolores at what should be her most robotic, such as when she’s being quizzed by her human overlords or struggling to remember a past life. One senses the deep well of emotion that Wood, with her watchful eyes, draws upon to make the character heartbreakingly human.

This evening, however, Wood is far from robotic as her team readies her for the Emmys in the home she is renting in Silver Lake (a respite from the deserts of Utah, where Westworld is filmed). She laughs that when she’s asked about her fitness regimen—a requisite for actresses, it seems—she can now say it’s horseback riding and gunslinging, both of which feature heavily on the show. In person she is quick to laugh, whether at herself or her rather ancient-seeming cat, a world away from her intense roles.

Wood’s red carpet style is brilliantly distinctive, and she eschews the nude strapless gowns that many actresses and their stylists adore. Tonight she is in a brilliant white tuxedo (shoulderless, obviously) custom created by Jeremy Scott for the House of Moschino, her hair slicked back into a sharp, modern chignon. Tonight, she laughs, she wants a Moon Child from The Neverending Story look—dewy and radiant in white.

Below, the most chic woman to conquer the Wild West discusses disrupting the red carpet, her love of Bowie, and the secret to looking good—Moon Juice.

How do you feel in general about the getting-ready process?

I think if you have the right team and the right vibe, and if you approach it with the mind-set of having fun instead of the pressure of looking good and driving yourself crazy, then it’s actually a really nice, meditative place to go to before you walk into a chaotic space. And I actually like the people who do my hair and makeup! Toby and I have been working together since I was 21, and John and I have been working together a few years. So it’s nice; it’s like a fun get-together with friends.

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ihaventhadtomorrow  asked:

Hey! I am a junior in high school REALLY looking to go into the medical field (surgery or otherwise). Do you have any courses/videos/documentaries/books you recommend? I'm volunteering at a hospital but I want to learn more :) thank you!!

Hi! Sounds like you have a good idea as to where you looking into and have already gotten off to a good start by volunteering. Now I must say this as a caveat as many others (Wayfairing, Cranquis, etc) have said: don’t forget to be a kid. Yes yes, you’re almost a full-fledged legal adult, but don’t forget to do the fun things of high school and college.

Now that I’ve gotten that disclaimer out of the way, I do have a few recommendations as I was kind of a in a similar situation when I was your age (crap saying that makes me feel old). However, this also depends upon what you’re really looking into. Sounds like you’re big into surgery. I was a trauma nerd from the get-go. These overlap some but I’ll also include more for general purposes, as there are folks interested in other specialties (and just with surgery there are a whole lot of subspecialties).

If you’re not taking an anatomy class already, I recommend that. Look into what your local college/community colleges offer, particularly in anatomy and physiology. I was able to do a cadaver lab dissection as a part of my biology class senior year, which was a really amazing experience.

As far as the internet (which if you’re on here you’re already seeing a lot of the medblr/nurblrs): look into blogs which suit your fancy. Same thing with twitter. A lot of the various med schools and medical groups have very active twitters and this can be a great way to see what the latest and greatest things are that are coming about from research and such. Dr. McGonagall (head of trauma surgery) from Regions Hospital in Minneapolis/St. Paul area has a really active tumblr (regionstraumapro). Lurie Children’s in Chicago and I think it’s UC-San Diego also have active handles. I’m  sure there are plenty others that are out there that I haven’t seen yet so consider digging around. I’m also a lover of Dr. Pimple Popper (Sandra Lee) on instagram and youtube. She has some really fascinating cases and loves to talk about them (while she’s excising them).

PBS’s NOVA has a bunch of good shows regarding medical stuff. I have a few favorites which include:

1. “So You Want to Be A Doctor?” – 10 year study where they follow a select  group of students at Harvard Med School first starting in the early 90s. There’s another episode in 2001/2002 that’s a follow up with all of the docs. Pretty interesting look into the hell that can be med school and residency and how this affects the lives of doctors and their families for the good and bad.
2. “Dying to Breathe” - covers the lives of three people with end stage lung disease waiting for a transplant.
3. “Separating Twins” - Two Bangladeshian twins are taken to Australia in efforts to separate them in a really high risk surgery.
4. “Vaccines - Calling the Shots” - interesting look at the public health crises and epidemiology regarding vaccinations

PBS’s Frontline also has some good episodes. These are just two that I’ve seen and based upon their episode list, there’s a bazillion more.
1. “Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria” – superbugs and how they came about. If this doesn’t terrify you, nothing will.

2. Facing Death - takes a really good, hard look at end-of-life care and decisions, particularly that in the ICU (unfortunately something I’m all too familiar with). 

Nat Geo has one that is my particular favorite called “Chicago Trauma” which highlights the trauma department (from the subsection of the ER dedicated to trauma to their Trauma/SICU). County takes a huge number of GSW and other trauma victims within the city of Chicago and has subsequently developed a really amazing trauma program.

Discovery had a series of shows called “Trauma: Life in the ER” which is all documentary format but goes into various ERs across the country and takes a look at trauma patients as well as regular medicine patients facing emergent situations in the ER.

Other documentaries that I like are Code Black and Baghdad ER. Code Black follows residents in LA County Hospital and the massive issues of overcrowding and charting and such. Baghdad ER follows the crew of US Army ER nurses and docs, surgeons, orthopods, etc working in the middle of Baghdad taking care of wounded GIs and Iraqis alike. Pretty fascinating, albeit very gruesome. Definitely one to watch if you’re a trauma/surgery geek.

As far as some of the fictional ones, I’m always one for the early seasons of ER. They have the intensity but are also (in my opinion) a lot more accurate than the later seasons, and always way more accurate than shows like Grey’s or House. I’m also not a member of The Vagina Squad (OB/GYN) so I can’t attest to the accuracy of the show, but I have always thought Call the Midwife is pretty great, though I do get the feeling that there’s a few too many happy endings at the end of it (not trying to be the black cloud, just trying to be realistic). Amazon has a British series called “London Hospital” which apparently is a kind of flashback series to the British show Casualty (another show which I heard was good back in it’s earlier years). 

So as you can see, I clearly watch too much TV :) However, I do think a lot of these are really good things to kind of whet your palate and help you in focusing on what you like. From there I think it’s easy to get into different books and focus. I don’t have  many book recommendations as a lot of them can get kind of technical and most of them are nurse-focused, but Trauma Junkie: Memoirs of an Emergency Flight Nurse by Janice Hudson is pretty amazing.

Nurblrs/Medblrs/Pre-Medblrs – reblog and list some of your recommendations!

Dorky Autumn Sheith HCs

Because everyone seems like they could use some positivity and happy thoughts.  (forgive the brief double-post; tumblr’s tagging system is dumb)

Pre-Kerberos (wherein I am assuming Keith and Shiro knew each other before Shiro was promoted, thus their familiarity isn’t as off-putting):

  • Shiro gets terrible allergies this time of year (he swears they’re seasonal, while Keith insists that the lack of vegetation means that–no, Shiro, you’re just inhaling desert dust).  Cue Keith stopping by every day with a pack of tissues and a crooked half-smile that Shiro secretly adores.
    •  (He might or might not be over-exaggerating the extent to which his “allergies” are causing him grief.) 
  • Training sessions that begin in full, Garrison-standardized winter get-up (because, hey, it’s getting colder). Each layer gradually being stripped off as the rigorous nature of their sparring gets more and more intense. They each decide to stop at shirts and pants, for the other’s sake (and their own). When they leave afterward, they occasionally forget to re-dress, and thus freeze their asses off running back to their respective living quarters.
  • Shiro learning (or, rather, coming to the realization) that Keith has never had a Christmas (or any other fun winter festivities) surrounded by… Well, by virtually anybody. The winter holidays are right around the corner, and he decides that he’s going to rope Keith into some December-time fun, Shirogane Family style. 
  • Keith and Shiro taking the bike out for a spin one night in November, taking it out to Keith’s Desert Dream Getaway™. The weather has turned crisp (as this is a cold-natured desert–I’m thinking something like Nevada’s Great Desert Basin, because it’s close to Garrison, Utah, and because… Well, Aliens.) 
  • Keith grabbing a blanket from the shack, dusting it off, and setting it out on the sand. They sit and watch a lunar eclipse together, curled up underneath a second quilt. Shiro is leaning his weight against Keith’s side, and Keith has an arm draped comfortably across the other’s sweater-warmed shoulders. Despite the chilly nip in the air around them, Keith has never felt a warmth quite like this.
  • They share their first kiss that night ‘neath the red of the moon, chaste and hesitant–knowing the implications of a newly-appointed senior officer kissing a cadet. 
  • Though still very close, they don’t breach the topic again before Shiro leaves in two months’ time.


  • Zarkon (along with a myriad of other threats) has long been defeated, and the universe is doing relatively well. The 5 paladins from earth are long-past their prime, and have retired from years of defending the universe to go about their own lives (maybe others have taken their place at this point?). 
  • Keith and Shiro, now happily married, have taken up residence in Keith’s old Love Shack™(baaaaby~♪); maybe Shiro works as a professor at the reformed Garrison, and Keith continues to fly occasional missions for the military? (though only when it is required of him–both he and Shiro have had enough “space” to last a millennium)
  • They have the other former paladins over toward the tail end of autumn for a feast/fun festivities (it runs in tandem with Shiro’s birthday at the start of winter, so it works out well). It usually ends with all five (plus anyone else who can visit–Allura and Coran visited a couple of times, Matt makes a point to come along any year that he can) too exhausted to move. 
  • They spend their evenings together whenever possible, the biggest solace from the stressors of daytime. In the fall, they curl up on the sofa every night that they both have at home, supporting each others’ weights and sipping hot cocoa–Keith’s with mini marshmallows, Shiro’s with a cinnamon stick, and both with a bit of gritty desert sand (it’s coarse, and rough… And it gets everywhere, beverages included). Even so, it’s an acquired texture that they’ve both missed in their time piloting Voltron and living off of food-goo for years. 
  • When it finally snows one particularly cold autumn, the two are absolutely ecstatic. After all, not only does it rarely snow in the desert, but it never snows in space. Shiro wakes up first, notices the odd whiteness outside their window, and all but tugs Keith out of bed right then and there. 
    • When they finally get outside, it’s a thin layer (barely enough to cover the brush and sand in front of the shack), but they’re both enthralled by it. They have a makeshift snowball fight (which, given the combination of sand and slush, went about as well as you can imagine) and build a tiny snow-lion for in front of their abode.
  • Keith and Shiro spend the remainder of their lives happy, safe, and together.
I believe in Sherlock Holmes.

Damn…. The whole fandom is upside down…
Sherlock season 4 was a hectic, chaotic, impressive and intense season.
With high ups and deep downs. We saw Sherlock and John hit the ground. But we also saw them coming back up. We saw a side of Mycroft we’ve never expected, we got to see Greg working on his future, we saw that Mrs. Hudson is more than just a landlady, we saw John telling Sherlock he isn’t a machine, and we saw Sherlock getting more human than he ever had been before. We’ve seen how his brain works. How he is capable to delete things from his brain and create his own reality instead. We saw how friendship becomes more important then ever before.
It was gorgeous. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, there were a lot of open endings and a lot of questions that stayed unanswered.

But that’s were the fandom comes in. We make our own story’s, our own deductions.
Some of us will let Sherlock find love in his new found family, some of us will make Mary into a hero, some of us will make Mycroft and Lady Smallwood a thing. While others rather see Sherlolly instead of Johnlock, or Mystrade instead of Smallcroft. What will happen to Eurus? What will become of Molly? How will Rosamund grow up? There are a lot of story’s to tell.

And that’s a gift. A gift given to us from the writers. They gave us the opportunity to create, fantasise, dream. They gave us the opportunity to make our own story’s.

So let us just enjoy this great series, these great actors and writers who made this happen. Who made this real for us. And stop being negative about this season. Even if there isn’t going to be a fifth season, we shouldn’t see this as an ending, but as a new beginning.

Let the fandom live on.


2nd term goals!

i don’t really do new year’s resolutions. they’re too long-term to really work for me, so i always create some goals at the beginning of every new term. it works out pretty well, because then i get a refresh and reset for the new school year, then for the new year / holiday season, then for the finish of the year. so here are some of my resolutions / goals / things to remember for second term!

physical health:

  1. floss more
  2. work out outside of rehearsal / dance / etc.
  3. remember to eat
  4. drink less sugar
  5. eat more vegetables
  6. eat more fruit
  7. actually go to sleep
  8. drink more water
  9. drink more tea

mental health:

  1. talk less
  2. smile more
  3. literally just get some chill
  4. complain less
  5. relax more
  6. compliment others
  7. hang out with friends outside of school more
  8. be a positive influence
  9. hang out with my sister more


  1. practice Spanish more
  2. set up a bomb desk area
  3. stop forgetting to turn stuff in!
  4. focus on my goals
  5. do more high intensity work = shorter time
  6. study more
  7. pay better attention in math
  8. revise when i get the assignment back


  1. post a masterpost, other big post or printable once a week
  2. post more pictures
  3. start 100 days of productivity (after break)
  4. get to 1000 followers


  1. take better care of my voice
  2. revise my audition book
  3. actually practice my lines lol
  4. stretch more
  5. warm up every morning like i used to
  6. find some new opportunities for the summer

anonymous asked:

I don't think RFs want B back. They just want him dead. If not physically dead, then career dead. Or dying a slow painful death. They kept harping on karma post D. must have been hard to swallow that B's album sold more, his tours sold far far more, he is a fav for festivals, Voice hasn't died and now on 5th season post D (with B winning 1 and second place in the other 3), reissue of CIC, ole Red in place of PP. It couldn't get any worse for them. Oh wait, GWEN.


They have major issues and the only thing that will help them is deep intense therapy. I still say we stick them in a glass room for observation


anonymous asked:

Honestly, I know there's more to relationships than just making out, but I really want more Malec kisses/intimate moments next season. Not only would it be fun to watch them explore the physical side of their relationship (and flustered Alec is my jam), but it would also help to normalize Male x Male intimacy, you know? I hope we get a few scenes of Malec that are like the Izzy/Meliorn scene, or even the Simon/Camille scene (minus the non-con).


a list of malec intimacy things we need:

  • forehead kisses
  • forehead touching, with eyes closed or while staring into each other’s eyes intensely and lovingly
  • alec casually resting his hand on the small of magnus’ back 
  • casual handholding all the time
  • laying on the couch with alec’s head on magnus’ lap (and vice versa)
  • playing with each other’s hair (esp in the situation above)
  • maybe hair-pulling too but this is a sfw post we’re not gonna go there
  • sleepy morning cuddles
  • magnus kissing the palm of alec’s hand before he leaves for his high warlock errands
  • heavy makeout sessions on magnus’ bed
  • heavy makeout sessions on magnus’ bed, shirtless
  • intimate hugs
  • neck kisses!! magnus kissing alec’s deflect rune
  • alec kissing magnus’ forehead/temple/the top of his head
  • passionate and heated kissing against a wall
  • alec lifting/carrying magnus
  • alec backhugging magnus and kissing the crook of his neck
  • alec learning how to initiate physical contact
  • alec being comfortable w/ initiating physical contact with magnus and enjoying being able to kiss and touch his boyfriend whenever he wants to

anonymous asked:

bonenzo was such a pure ship, too bad the writers rushed it so much

It was, wasn’t it? While it was squeezed into a short time frame, the intense romantic saturation of this couple compared with others that had a slow burn over more than one season to either little or no pay-off and/or yet another doomed fate, meant we got more from this ship than most. 

I’m mean, it’s TVD. If you get more than 3 episodes of your OTP without one of them being killed or having their humanity switched off or being kidnapped or moving to another show or cheating with a ghost or just being written off without an explanation, then you’re doing well. 

Tina Desai teases 'Sense8' Season 2, Wolfgang and Kala's 'electric' future and plays cast-mate superlative

IBT: Your chemistry with Max Riemelt aka Wolfgang is palpable in the show. Do you share a good rapport with him off the screen? Who are you closest to among the seven other sensates?

Desai: Thank you. Max is a tremendous actor who I’m also maybe the closest to in the whole group because of the time we spend together on shoot. The support for Kala and Wolfie’s story is maniacal and I love it! I actually enjoy the company of all seven because they’re a fun bunch, and we really do share cluster love, in a way.

IBT: Could you describe each of your cast-mates with a superlative?

Desai: Aml Ameen (Capheus)- Thoughtful
           Doona Bae (Sun Bak) - Shy
           Jamie Clayton (Nomi Marks) - Feisty
           Tuppence Middleton (Riley Blue) - Cheerful
           Max Riemelt (Wolfgang Bogdanow) - Intense
           Miguel Ángel Silvestre (Lito Rodriguez) - Sassy
           Brian J Smith (Will Gorski) – Gentle

IBT: Can you tease anything about Season 2? Will Kala break off her engagement and officially get together with Wolfgang? Can we look forward to all the sensates physically meeting at some point? Where was Riley taking Will in the Season 1 finale?

Desai: Of course not! Even I have only read till Episode 7, so I don’t know what fully happens in this season, but even what I do know, I won’t share because the fun is in not knowing. I can just say things have gotten even more intense and action-packed, and the relationship between Kala and Wolfie is more stressful and electric than ever!