the season finale was so good for them omg

My Top Anime Recommendations

1. Haikyuu!! This is about volleyball. One of my first anime obsessions. It has so much comedy tho, and a lot of salty ass bitches and APPRECIATION FOR SHORT PEOPLE. I really recommend if ur new to anime. So far, I’m pretty sure it’s over but season 4 might be coming in 2017. It’s a sports anime about volley, as I mentioned and any mention of volleyball will trigger characters. 

 2. Yuri!!! On Ice A very gay ice skating show. Most of you have probably already watched it. It makes me cry way too much. And there’s a lot of kids you might want to adopt. Basically, if you ever wanted anything from your otp, watch this show and you’ll get double of that. Disadvantage is that it raises expectations for all animes smh.

 3. Tokyo Ghoul THIS IS THE SADDEST AND MOST BAD ASS ANIME EVER. Honestly, it made me so so so so upset. I cried a lot. But it’s like super cool. It has gruesome parts and a lot of things that might trigger suicidal people, those who hurt themselves or those who’ve been abused. If blood makes you uncomfortable, don’t watch. Other than that, it’s actually got a great plot and story and characters are amazingly developed. There’s a guy who’s slightly deranged tho, and a drag queen but those details can be skipped over. 

 4. Charlotte The reason I like this is because there’s a badass girl in this like what the fUck. They have supernatural powers and it’s cool BC the main character actually misused them like all the time it’s hilarious but later on he becomes so amazing and he’s so ffing domeSTIC AND CUTE. Also he’s very salty  AND OMG TE FINALE WAS AMAZING LIKE THE GUY, HE IS SO FUCKING COOL IT HAD ME CRYING SO HARD DEFFO ONE OF THE BESTEST ANIME

5. Bungou Stray Dogs Literally you will fall in love with the main character so fast lmao. Suicide mentions like, constantly. At first, it’s supposed to be humor but in the second season; the arc of one of the characters is so good and will explain why he mentions suicide so much. AGAIN WITH THE HUMOR. And unlike other supernatural animes I’ve watched, this one doesn’t make people with powers the bad guys. They’re very appreciated. 

6. Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi / Escape The plot is amazing. Made me cry a lot. The characters are great. Basically, it’s about how this guy goes back in time to prevent things from happening and oh mY GOSH ITS GREAT. 

7. Ajin 

Another super cool supernatural one. definitely worth it. Graphics are great and so are the characters. Its ongoing and the second season is about to end. you’ll seriously feel love/hate

 8. Free! Any mention of water will make main character strip. Quite gay. I haven’t watched all of it but I’m about to finish it in a few episodes. Again, this is good for anime beginners. Also, trigger warning for those who’re afraid of drowning.

9. K. That’s literally what it’s called. I think it stands for Kings but yeah. It’s also really good and it’s about head clans that are looking for a colorless king who can transfer into different people ad make them do awful things so they get targeted by the different clans (blue, red, etc)

10. Mob Psycho 100 ~ THIS IS A MUST WATCH. I keep adding new animes I know but this is important. It’s humor is on point, unexpected twists are everywhere. The characters are lovable and it’s really good for beginner supernatural anime. It’ll make you cry and laugh.

BONUS : DEATH NOTE. Okay, the plot is incredible. Things that you won’t be able to think of and they’ll leave you mind blown. Characters are human af like it’s supernatural but everything is so natural, like the nature of people. Warning: like, everyone dies. Don’t get too attached to characters. But yeah, it’s an old anime and has 37 episodes in total I think, but it’s super good!!

That’s about my top 10 (plus one bonus)

Three asks about basically the same thing, so all together now…

I think if this is the last season they’ll keep Wish hook single and have his SL be solely about the daughter and that will be his TL and everything. It’s better then half assing a romance that will likely be met with overwhelming negativity in the shows final season.

OMG it dropped so much within this episdoe. Down to a 0.5. Honestly with those numbers I don’t see them giving Hook a new LI. The reaction from social emdia and the GA was a resounding hell no. And they can’t afford losing anymore viewers.

Maybe with those ratings, they will cut the plan for a Hook LI if they had one, cause many would probably stop watching. The reaction was not good at all last night. So maybe they realized probably shouldn’t touch that. I personally would prefer the story be just about his daughter.

I don’t care if he gets a new LI or not. He’s not the same person. Emma’s husband Killian Jones prime lives with her in Storybrooke, they are happy as two little clams. I want this version (Rogers) to be happy too, if that means daughter, LI, daughter + LI then I’m all in. Nothing makes me sadder than a sad, lonely Killian. I can separate them, and he is as deserving of a happy ending as anyone else. He’s had a shit life for a long time, whatever it takes is what he should get.

Home (Prompto/Reader)

a.n: this is a lil sadder than what I would like to write for these characters (they already go through so much lmao) but i do have fluffier stuff on the way i promise. also this was totally inspired by that new stranger things soundtrack for season 2 which sounds amazing omg. Oh and spoilers for ffxv !!

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What the fraaaaaaaack OMG.
At first I was so into this and thinking, ‘Oh if they could give more depth and history to Magica and Poe and make them the season finale villains this would be so great’. 'Ah my gosh, Magica’s been said in the comics to not have been born a witch this IS SO INTERESTING’ 'Yes she learned her craft from other witches YES HMM GOOD’ but then things took this freaking insane turn.

Blindspot Finale Thoughts

So i finally watched it last night and i am still emotional and keep watching certain segments that really got to me. 

Firstly, here’s something i thought i would never say….I really like Keaton, and he really likes Zapata….who knows if anything will happen there!  Loved Zapata’s snark with him!

Secondly, loved Nas and her entrance, really menacing and Shepherd should be very afraid! It doesn’t look like Shepherd knows her, but she has certainly done something to someone Nas cared about

The final two minutes completely stole my heart and i keep watching it.  The intensity of the scene when they see each other after a long time, was amazing and they are definitely still deeply in love with each other  MG says Season 3 will pick up directly from here and we will find out why she left and the Jeller fans will be happy.  So i am staying positive and not thinking of the Alias scenario!!

The Jeller hug in SIOC was cute and now everyone knows!

I am still not 100% sure about the way they filmed the sex scene, was a bit distracting having the flashing images, but after 2 seasons of waiting i will take it.  I am certain there will be more in Season 3.

My heart went out to Roman, he is so damaged, not sure how he is ever going to find peace.  He is going to be the baddie in Season 3 so Jane will be very conflicted as usual!

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“I should have been there for you, Charlie.”
    “You were there for me, baby.”

Final thoughts  ...

OMG !!!  I think  this episode  is my favorite so far .  When Dean told Jack he did good today . Did you see that smile on Jack ‘s face.  Dean ‘s opinion matters to him. Just as much as Sam’ s dose.  Then he tells Sam to keep the faith for the both of them  can you say tears !!!!  

    Then it looks like Cas’s is out and back on earth!!!  Now he just needs to get back to the Winchesters  .  So overall  I really like tonight episode . This whole season been really good .

some of my favorite things about voltron: legendary defender are, but are not limited to: 

  • hunk’s recurring role as a leg/the legs in the most diverse occasions; 
  • hunk. just. hunk. his existence must be appreciated. 
  • no but seriously he’s really smart and perceptive, and even though he’s easily one of (if not the) character with most comic relief scenes/lines, his characterization is not limited to that and i love it so much. so damn much. 
  • pigde and shiro being the cutest friends/siblings ever (shiro basically adopted pidge do not contradict me i swear will fight you on this. this is really important to me.);
  • also, pidge being tiny and absolutely fucking brutal;
  • pidge in general;
  • the whole team in general tbh, i love all of them;
  • the designs for all the alien species omg seriously the balmerans are gorgeous and frankly refreshing as a species design (the arusians and those green lion planet sloths are really cute too) 
  • speaking of aliens: 
  • allura being not only a beautifully well-rounded character but also an absolute badass and an actual goddess; 
  • on the subject of strenght, have you seen hunk’s arms? Ripped. the boy is ripped. like, yes, he’s fat, but also clearly very healthy and really freaking strong? this is so good, seriously. when do we ever see that kind of thing? almost never, that’s when; 
  • on that note, how different everyone’s body type is, even with most of them being thin/fit; 
  • keith just. jumping into action and everyone yelling after him;
  • keith not remembering new names; 
  • keith not really getting jokes/being overall pretty awkward but still sassing the shit out of lance; 
  • following up on that other one, keith talking about having bonded with lance and cradled him in his arms like that’s there’s nothing weird at all with his word choice; 
  • lance thinking he’s hot shit and everyone just rolling their eyes; 
  • lance being overall obnoxious but also very sweet and caring a lot about his team?? i love this ridiculous kid??? so much???? 
  • also the fact that lance seems to be the most homesick of them all? it’s so sad  :( ? 
  • back to keith, “I AM YOUR PALADIN. I’M BONDING WITH YOU. HEY!”
  • “Good kitty,” like what the fuck keith where is your brain-to-mouth filter why do you just up and say weird stuff like that, like, do you know what that does to me;
  • talking about lions and bonds: that fucking twist at the season finale hagfsahjsfgkjsdhkk wtf no my heart omg i was not expecting that, holy shit, 
  • the fact that the druids tortured poor shiro but for some god-forsaken reason apparently were considerate enough to heep his undercut pristine;
  • on the subject of shiro: his eyeliner
  • shiro basically parenting a bunch of teens who are probably only about six or so years younger  (at least i think so? idk anyone’s age and that bothers me like hell tbh)
  • also, anything coran says or does at any given moment ever;
  • coran’s moustache; 

- SO THIS IS IT. THIS “ONE CASE THAT ENDS UP HAVING BIG REPERCUSSION FOR EVERYONE” - when i saw that FB-freaking-I sign i literally screamed, bc this is a really big case and it means that these last 3 episodes are going to be AMAZING

- this is the first time we saw rosa and pimentos’ relationship from emotional side and i gotta tell you - i really loved them. kudos to steph and jason for acting and to gabe for writing. THEIR LAST SCENE WAS SO FREAKING GOOD. and now i think i want them to get married?? idk, i just hope we’ll see pimento in season 4

- bachelorette parties! Charles, Amy and Gina know Rosa so well I wanna cry.

- every other thing that happened <3


Reaction To Once Upon A Time 4x11 "Heroes and Villains"

Realizing this is the mid-season finale

Loving Emma’s leather jacket


I have a feeling that gauntlet is going to have a big impact on someone

Awww Regina and Marian feels

And the broom is back…

“Hey Grandma”

Oh man….if Belle uses that against Rumple…



Emma you better do something!

AHHHHH! Robin chose Regina!!! (of course)

WHAT?! Seriously?! Marian!!!

But…but…you chose Regina!


So many feels

Well Maleficent…its been a while!

Loving the three of them together!


Awwwww….good bye Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff!

YESSS BELLE!!!!!!!!!!

As much as I have disliked Rumple recently, that breakup broke my heart

Anna and Kristoff getting married!



He’s partnering with the Queens of Darkness!

Now to wait till March………

Stairway to Heaven - or should I call it Starway to Destiel? - was totally awesome, and here's why

Guys, I’m flailing! It’s been a day, and I haven’t stopped flailing yet! It was so, so good - and my God, the DESTIEL. I swear, last night I was dying, all I wanted was to immediately start talking about the episode, but alas, it was 4am, and I needed sleep, ahah.

Still, I would like to thank not only Dabb, but also God and Jesus for this episode, because YES.

So, let’s talk about this episode and why it was insanely good - basically, a list I make as I rewatch 9x22, made up of feels and speculation, plus a final Destiel analysis of the already infamous “he’s in love [longest pause ever] with humanity” line, and why it could only be implying EXACTLY WHAT WE ALL KNOW IT’S IMPLYING (spoiler alert: humanity isn’t the one Cas is in love with).

All of it below the cut ;)

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Teen Wolf Season 1:
Q: So Jeff any spoilers on Stydia?
Jeff: Well it’s a popular subject on the writters room. We’ll see.

Season 1 airs:
Fans: Where the well is Stydia???? Omg he saved her! Wtf why did Jackson took the credit for saving her? It was STILES OK? STILES!!!

Teen Wolf Season 2:
Q: Hey Jeff season 2 of Teen Wolf any chance of Stiles and Lydia getting together?
Jeff: Let me tell you, this season the writters have been talking a lot about Stydia on the writters room, you’ll see.

Season 2 airs:
Fans: Where the well is Stydia. Are you kidding Jeff? You give us that look on the field and then she runs back to Jackson?

Teen Wolf Season 3A:
Q: Hello Jeff, we are now on season 3 and we’ve been watching some moments between Stiles and Lydia. Is this the season for them?
Jeff: You know maybe it is. The writters have been talking on the writters room and they are amazing together so just stay tuned.

Season 3 airs:
Fans: Omg omg this is the Stydia year. Omg omg they kissed omg omg the music, the moment, the looks, the smile, omg so perfect, omg they have a strong conection, omg she’s the one pulling him back, omg “Lydia you go with Stiles” omg… Wtf just happened on this season finale, did she seriously ended up with Aiden?

Teen Wolf Season 3B:
Q: Jeff good to see you. So we saw on season 3A finale Stydia Kiss, and her being his anchor and all this amazing moments. Can you tell if this is the season when Stiles finnaly gets the girl?
Jeff: We did saw all of that on 3A, and I believe they are meant to be. Stydia really is one of biggest topics on the writters room, and he really loves her, and now their relationship is so much more then a boy crush. So yeah we will see.

Season 3b airs:
Fans: Omg Stiles dreams with Lydia in his bed, omg she tries to pull him back, omg detective Stydia, omg so many touches and them grabing eachothers hands, omg he saved her, omg he is holding her and she is holding him, omg Lydia is so scared of losing him!!! Wtf just happend??? Did…? Did stiles just slept with someone he knows for like 2 days on a old couch on the basement of a mental hospital? Wtf am I having a nightmare or something? Am I watching another show with Dylan O'Brien on it? Wtf?

Teen Wolf season 4:
Q: Jeff good to see you, tell me we are on season 4 and the fans want to know if they are going to have Stydia happen.
Jeff: Let me tell you something, Stydia is actually a big topic on the writers room. And I think the fans will love this season.

Season 4 Airs:
Fans: Omg Detective Stydia on the first episode!!! Omg Lydia jealous! I lived for this day. Omg Stydia arguing. Wtf was Stydia on the rest of the season or Lydia for that matter? The fuck??? Jeff is this a roast or something?

Teen Wolf season 5A
Q: Jeff new season trailer looks so good. Tell me and the fans, is there any hope for Stydia?
Jeff: actually this season there’s this episode on eichon house with detective stydia the fans will like it. And she will not end up with who you think at first on the season starts.

Season 5A airs.
Fans: What the hell is wrong with Teen Wolf? 3 episodes and no Stydia interaction? Omg did you see? He almost lost his freaking mind when he saw her on the freaking ground omg he was with tears in his eyes!! Oh mother fucking god #HeStillLikesHer omg omg he is still holding her omg. Wtf is marrish are you fucking kidding. Omg matching outfits! Wtf was Stydia on the rest of the season? Jeff are you serious? After almost 6 years? Still no Stydia? You killed Stalisson, you killed Sterek, you are breaking Sciles apart and no freaking STYDIA YET. I’M HONESTLY SO DONE! GOODBYE!


Artists vs Turtles Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3 Finale