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Gotham Cast and EP Tease Scarecrow and More Season 4 Surprises

The cast and creative team behind Fox’s Batman universe-drama Gotham showed up at Comic-Con International in San Diego this past weekend to discuss season three and tease the upcoming fourth season which airs on a new night — Thursday — this fall.

Panelists included Ben McKenzie (James Gordon), Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot), Cory Michael Smith (Edward Nygma/Riddler), Sean Pertwee (Alfred), Jessica Lucas (Tabitha Galavan), Drew Powell (Butch Gilzean), Alexander Siddig (Ra’s Al Ghul), Erin Richards (Barbara Kean), Camren Bicondova (Selina Kyle) and Executive Producer John Stevens.

The panel began with a 5-minute sizzle reel highlighting the high points of season three, which ended with the hinting of Bruce Wayne’s eventual progression to Batman. It then switched to a preview of season four, which included the return of Barbara (who many thought died last season) as well as the introduction of The Scarecrow, last seen in live-action in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films.

Stevens acknowledged the amount of story that they’ve put up on the screen so far. “We throw a tremendous amount of story at the screen,” he said. “I think the thing that surprises us again and again is how much story and how many characters we put up on the screen and how much more there is to tell week after week. The mythology is so rich and so dense that I can see the show going on and on and us never running out of material.”

McKenzie discussed how the character of Jim Gordon has changed since the show began. “It’s fantastic. Jim serves as the eyes and the ears of the viewers but also the reflective surface off of which we see the world evolve or devolve. We see as Jim somewhat loses his mind at the end of season three and in season four we will see the world around him crumbling and cracking and devolving into anarchy,” he said. “It’s fun for me as an actor to watch this incredible cast and get to react to them.”

Taylor, whose Penguin character was the first member of the Batman Rogue’s Gallery of Villains to get his story developed, was happy to see Smith’s Riddler character get developed as well. “It was long overdue. It’s nice to have someone that will always match Penguin in intelligence and cunning,” he said. “But that’s a testament to John Stevens and the amazing writers. They’ve rooted these characters in real human experience. We’ve tried to honor their work and bring it to these characters but it all begins with them.”

Smith, whose Riddler character was frozen in a block of ice by Mr. Freeze in the season finale, says that being frozen will have an impact on the character once he’s thawed out. “The question will be what’s it like for someone who’s brilliant to thaw out? His body thaws, his bones thaw, his muscles thaw, and then his brain.. .what are the effects of being on ice? It’s going to mess up his trajectory. He’s not going to operate the same way. He has to find a new path and a new identity in season four.”

Will the Riddler and Penguin become buddies? “Oh I don’t know,” Taylor yelled. “They’ve got a bridge to cross. It’s troubled waters. It’s worse than ‘The Real Housewives of Gotham’ with these two.”

“It’s a complicated relationship,” Smith interjected. “Their ambition is complimentary so I think there are ways to team up again. We enjoy working together so I hope it happens.”

“Enemies and friends are not that far removed,” Taylor said. “There is a giant gray area on this show of what is good and what is bad. These people are all connected to each other in Gotham.”

Pertwee talked about fearing that his character Alfred, despite being a “legacy character” in the Batman world, was going to get killed off at the end of last season. “At the end of episode 21, I took one straight to the chest. I didn’t know that it was all going to be one film (episodes 21 and 22 aired as a two-hour episode),” he said. “I made a very nervous phone call to John when I read the episode.”

Richards also thought she was being killed off. “That’s an actor’s greatest fear,” she said. “The communication on our show is always so good though. John and the creators know how much we want to be here and watching that trailer today — my heart was bursting with pride for the show that we make — it’s an incredible show. But thankfully, John was kind enough to sit me down and tell me what was up.”

Bicondova said that Selina will be the thread that brings Barbara and Tabitha together in the aftermath of season three. “It’s tough at first, but I’m excited to see what the writers come up with.”

Stevens then hinted at some of the things fans can expect to see in the new season: Ra’s Al Ghul will be the one responsible for bringing Barbara back from the dead, and she will be trained to be a fighter. Ra’s will also try to bring Bruce Wayne over to the dark side. Butch will evolve into Solomon Grundy and the character will have an origin story. Bruce will get body armor, grappling hooks and a mask this season but will not become Batman in season four. And of course, as hinted in the trailer shown at the beginning of the panel, the Scarecrow will be making an appearance in Gotham City.

Finally, Stevens hinted that the first half of the new season will be inspired by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s The Long Halloween, and the second half will be inspired by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s Batman: Year One. They will not be adaptations of the classic comic book stories, but the episodes will be loosely inspired by them.

So since the movies were announced, I’ve been thinking about how the series would be split. There are two seasons but three movies, but it’s not going to just be one season per movie. So I came up with a idea of what will be covered in each of the films, and the promotional images for the movies really fit the theory I came up with. So settle in, I’m about to explain all of my thoughts to you:

Obviously the first movie is going to cover the events of season one. But it’s not going to cover all of season one. At first I thought that this movie would end either after episode 17 or episode 21 of season one. I personally felt like ending it after episode 17 (when Suzaku is revealed to be the Lancelot pilot) would be the best for a few reasons, and I do still like the idea of it ending there the most. But then I remembered just how many storylines they have to cover in season two. So realistically, it would make the most sense for it to end after episode 23 to give the second film more time to cover some of the events of season two because, in my opinion, it would be much easier to cover 23 episode of season one in one film, but not of season two because of how much more happens in the second season. So more time has to be devoted to it, unless they cut stuff out. It would also give the film a shocking ending and a cliffhanger (i mean we all know how it’ll end but still) if they end it with Euphemia’s death and the looming knowledge that Suzaku and Lelouch are about to face each other. 

This is actually the photo that made me think my idea was correct. Seeing Suzaku in his Knight of Honor uniform and gripping his pin, I think it’s fair to assume that we are going to see the end of season one in this film, possibly including the Special Zone, again, it depends on how much time they’ll need to cover season two. Wherever the first film ends, this film will pick up where it left off and finish the first season. From there, it would then go into the events of the beginning of season two. Since these films will have added scenes, we may also see some of what happens between seasons one and two. I’m not really sure when the film would end though. As I said, season two has so many plot points and storylines, I’m not sure how they would fit it all in unless they put a good amount of it into this film. That’s what made me begin thinking that they were going to include the events of the Special Zone in the first film, so that they’d have more time to focus on season two in this film since so much happens in it. I’m thinking that they could go up to episode 10, which is when everything happens with the Chinese Federation. But they may go a little further and end with Shirley’s death to leave more room in the last film to really focus on what’s most important (Zero Requiem).

And then of course, the last film will cover the ending of season two. But like I said, a lot happens in season two. But I think it would make the most sense for this to focus on what happens after Shirley’s death, or the last ten episodes of the series. Then we’d see Lelouch destroying the geass order, the battle with the FLEIJA, Lelouch and Suzaku confronting Charles, and then the Zero Requiem.

So yeah, that’s how I think the movies will cover the events of the entire series. But we have to remember that these films will apparently include new scenes, which means some of what we saw in the original series may be cut out to make room for these. They may cut things out anyway just to make room for the most important aspects of the plot.

In terms of what I personally would like to see, I’d love to see some more… outside battle scenes, if that makes sense. I want to see characters spending time together, mostly. The films will have even less time than the series did to show us everything so this probably isn’t very realistic, but still. We are told that Suzaku and Lelouch are best friends, and we are shown that a bit, but I want to see them actually hanging out more in season one and being the best friends we’re continuously told they are. I want this even more with Suzaku and Euphie. I don’t think anyone was necessarily surprised when they confessed their love for each other, it seemed pretty obvious that they were going to be each others love interest, but I want to see them actually spending time together, before they confess their love and especially after. I want to actually see them fall in love with each other instead of the few scenes we got of them together before Euphie was killed. It would also make her death even more impactful if we got to see just how happy they were together. I’d also love to see more of Suzaku and Lelouch after Lelouch becomes emperor and they begin working together. I want to see them talk things out and become friends again.

I’d also love to see some more of what happens between the seasons. I would like to see what happens immediately after the season one finale, like Suzaku dragging Lelouch to the emperor and what exactly happened to Nunnally. If they have time for it, I’d also be interested in seeing more of the Knights of the Round and Suzaku as a new member, and how he became friends with Gino and Anya.

Anyway, this got long. let me know what your ideas are for how the films will take place and what you want to see in them! I love having discussions like this!

In the absence of news I’ve been doing a lot of talking with @jessiecrimefighter   Lots of spec and how we can see things playing out with Fitzsimmons in the coming season.

Something many of us struggled with in the aftermath of last season, myself included, was that all that horror and pain of the Framework, all that separation for Fitzsimmons, and the lack of ‘moments’ all season never paid off.  All season we’d been told that their relationship would be the reward we were waiting for, we just needed to be patient.   

But as the dust has settled here and I’ve been able to really process things a bit better…we actually did get quite the finish for Fitzsimmons.  Was it what we wanted, no.  The fandom for the most part was wanting happy tear  filled reunions, kisses, and maybe just maybe a marriage proposal.  What we got was much more subtle but actually pretty huge. 

The Return has become one of those episodes I can watch over and over again.  Its easily one of my favorites.  So lets talk about just how epic things were on the Fitzsimmons front and in true Fitzsimmons form, it was more of those quiet little moments.  

In a meta a few days ago @jessiecrimefighter pointed out that 21 was very much about choice and what one does with it.  That alone is a massive meta in its own right.  

But if we just look at what Fitz did when he got his agency back in terms of his relationship with Jemma.

The FIRST thing Fitz had control over once he was out of the Framework was what he put on.  AIDA kidnapped him seconds after he was out, drug him around until settling on the Love Nest she’d built for them, and he put on a purple top.  No doubt AIDA had quite the wardrobe for him, after all this was where they were going to start their lives together. 

AOS has always used costumes and colors, especially with Fitzsimmons, to help tell the story.   White is a color of healing, romance, and new beginnings for Jemma.  While Blue was a color of calming for Fitz.  Purple…has been Fitzsimmons power couple color.  So the VERY first thing Fitz chose was their color.  His first act of free will in a way was to choose her.  

This act re enforced later in the episode with the epic “For Her,”.

Fitz’s fear was that he’d lost Jemma forever due to The Doctors actions in the Framework.  And we saw very quickly, were even told, that wasn’t the cast at all.  Jemma’s fear was that AIDA had succeeded in stealing him from her and taking his heart.  Their biggest fear was still losing each other forever physically and emotionally.

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Did we get a season full of kisses, bed cuddles, and things that made us outwardly swoon.  No.  Does it make up for the absolute gut punch that was the Framework.  For many, likely no.  

  • Based on one of Mallory’s con answers I do think I was right and they originally intended on doing something else in the Framework, it was still going to be dark and awful…but maybe not as dark as we went.  I still think my gut that it was Radcliffe that would take Fitz as his son and twist him is close.  But, they were so impressed with Mallory they went the Madame Hydra route.  For me, Fitz was going to go dark in there, going to be forced to do bad things, and Jemma was not going to be able to wake him up.  That was the plan all along.  As was our ‘reward’ in 21.

We still ended the season with a big “reward’ .  Fitzsimmons unlocked a epic level OTP achievement here this Season in that there is NO QUESTION that they love each other nor the lengths they will go to try to get the other back…even if they don’t always succeed in the actual saving.  We have the bonus that marriage is on the table and she will say yes. They had SO much go wrong, things that could have ruined a lesser relationship, and they came through it together.  

Its totally okay if you disagree with me here.  I do see how the writers really did think they had given us what we wanted.  Between what we had in 20 and 21 where each one affirmed their love for the other in the face of desperate odds and beautiful reunion hugs in the pod. To the Little Moments (we literally had something nearly every episode).

  1. We should build a place to get away, lingering hand holds, and bed cuddles.
  2. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab/cue Jemma gasping
  3. They both had HUGE hero moments separately and you don’t have to live in the shadows anymore.
  4. Love Nest shopping, casual “I Love You’s,”, “The Look”, and The Lean tm with I prefer a Classical Beauty.
  5. “The Look” pt 2 and fight
  6. Fitz losing is crap because he couldn’t get ahold of Jemma.
  7. Everyone ships them, everyone knows how much they mean to each other, ‘she’s out there all alone and I’m gone”, and glorious reunion hugs.
  8. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab, working together, comforting touches (cue creeper AIDA), double shot, and couch cuddles.
  9. Fitz made the electric bobbi pin and no one can tell me otherwise.  But yes there was a distinct lack of moments here.
  10. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab, sassing Talbot, and The Lean tm part two with adorable flirting.  
  11. KISS (short kiss but dang it it was the first one in forever), fight, protective get away from him Jemma with Dadcliffe.
  12. Has to be one of my top eps.  Fitzsimmonsing in the lab, backstory, protective/supportive Jemma, face grab kisses, adoring looks, and more Fitzsimmonsing.
  13. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab and in the field.  Supporting new step dad Mace and don’t get yourself killed hugs.
  14. Supportive Jemma, hand holds, Davis bit (rip Davis), and more scared hand holds.
  15. THE FEELS!  Protectiveness, more feels, oh god more feels, Fitz wants to propose, Jemma wants to say yes, more feels, I can’t think without Fitz, this is not where your story ends, and Jemma going to get her man back.  
  16. Jemma dug herself out of the grave…and yeah we don’t talk about the rest.
  17. His name is Leopold James Fitz and I love him.   And for good measure more feels.  
  18. Jemma driven to get to him and AIDA driven to make sure that didn’t happen.  
  19. AIDA pretty much confirms she’s took Fitz for herself here to Daisy.
  20. No matter what Jemma would not say that she meant nothing to him.  
  21. My love for will never fade, only room in his heart for her, and the most beautiful reunion hug ever.  Oh and the evil robot thought what they had was so amazing she tried to steal it for herself.
  22. FItzsimmonsing…kinda, decoy Fitzsimmons, and AMEN!

Theirs is a forever love.

South Park Season 21 Premiere Review (Spoilers)

So the season 21 Premiere of South Park has ended and now Broad City is playing in the background, don’t get me wrong I don’t hate that show but eh I thought the first season was alright than started to fade but this isn’t about Broad City, this is about South Park.

I thought overall the episode was definitely hysterical. Seeing Randy and Sharon doing a home renovating show, which pretty much consists of Randy destroying shit and some how Sharon turns it into a masterpiece in the end, was a great story line. It fit well with the typical “Randy gets into something” theme that re occurs throughout the show but with that bonus element of Sharon actually being involved as well.

Clearly they tried to touch on the political atmosphere as of late but did it very lightly, probably because of some of the backlash from last season. Which by the way come on, no matter what side you’re on, it’s South Park, have a laugh and shut up but I get why it happened. They still were able to get that point across to a degree by being silly with it and using the Echo and Alexa as the reference point of the problem.

Now speaking of Alexa we have to get into the main thing about this episode that is on everyone’s mind and that is Cartman and Heidi. Just like most of you I watched the episode and was getting upset by Cartman’s action throughout. That initial scene when Heidi came over as the boys were playing with the Echo and his attitude instantly changing definitely got me upset cause I knew right away that oh great they are gonna go that route with the relationship. There was hints of it at the end of season 20 but to see such a drastic change was a bummer. Clearly Cartman doesn’t know anything about serious relationships hence him acting distance and not knowing how to react to Heidi when she asks what’s wrong. He is still a kid who doesn’t know what he wants. The conversation between Heidi and Mrs. Cartman was so sweet and sad at the same time cause she obviously cares so much about Cartman’s feelings and oh quick reminder this is just a cartoon show and did you ever think you’d read in a million years a blog about Cartman being in a serious relationship… Wait Cartman has a girlfriend? I know right what is going on?!?! Alright anyway, the way Cartman turned it around on Heidi like she was wrong and abusing him was just fucked up and well, I guess the typical Cartman we all knew and loved so this is kind of confusing but in this case no come on man! This is a girl who likes you for you, who lets you have your space with your friends, who saw passed all the things people said about you, and you still pushed her away. Again Cartoon show but in all seriousness that is the kind of thing that shouldn’t be taken advantage of. You meet a girl like that and you’re too stupid to see how perfect she is for you and then you fuck it up and bam it’s like 15 years and you look back like holy shit what have I done?! Alright alright I’m going to deep and gonna end this post soon.

Overall I give this episode a definite A because the show is starting fresh again this season but as they have been doing the past few years they are keeping elements from previous years still in the forefront and I know some people have had complaints about that format but I personally think it is such a refreshing change to the show cause they have always had callbacks and references from older episodes throughout the years so it’s cool to see them do a more linear season and have it blend into further seasons.

OK I’m drained from that so here is some Yaoi of Tweek and Craig

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honestly, what are you guys expecting from skam? have we ever gotten a full season of happiness and bliss? noora thought she was raped, even wanted to fucking kill himself at the end of the season before isak came to him at 21:21. of course sana’s season won’t be happy. it is and will keep being a mess, and then hopefully it’ll get better. HOPEFULLY! i hate when people complain about shows and keep watching only to complain more. lol fuck off.

sleeplessbutdreaming  asked:

Favorite Rory/Logan scenes/episodes?! And if you had to pick, do you like Logan most in S5, S6 or S7?

I would say I like Logan the most in s7, just because I think it’s the most interesting arc for him and the time when he gets to show both highs and lows, and has a lot of growth.

A random list of Rory/Logan parts I love, off the top of my head:

  • Like everything in “You Jump, I Jump Jack”
  • When he pretends to be her boyfriend at the Covert Husband Hunting Party that Richard and Emily throw
  • “Excuse me, did you just smell that book?”
  • “Butt-faced miscreant??”
  • Their dance at Richard and Emily’s vow renewal
  • When they agree to go steady and Logan’s so earnestly excited about being a boyfriend
  • When they’re both dumb and it’s a good thing they found each other. :’)
  • “You’re making me feel cheap, Ace!”
  • When Rory tells Logan she loves him and Logan explains why he doesn’t say it back. I think that scene exists as a really lovely contrast to The Dean Incident at the end of season 1.
  • Just like everything in “21 Is The Loneliest Number”, bless them.
  • When Logan helps to save the paper in “Friday Night’s All Right For Fighting”
  • When he leaves for work and then comes back in to kiss Rory and tell her she’ll be incredible at her … Princeton debate thingie? Whatever that was? The point is, I am not above being enchanted by the ol’ “oh wait, I forgot something! – TO KISS YOU!” move. (Which Barney and Robin also executed beautifully on HIMYM.)
  • When they are reading the paper together like a couple o’ old marrieds in A Vineyard Valentine.
  • The goodbye scene in Partings. The feeeeeeeeeels!
  • When Logan surprises her on the roof in s7 and there are fairylights everywhere and Rory’s so happy and it’s adorable!
  • “Work dork!” / “Work dork lover!”
  • The scene where they talk about Rory having a crush on the TA and it’s just such a lovely and mature conversation. Like, can you imagine her being in that same situation with frickin’ Dean???
  • The scene where Logan calls Rory out on acting like she’s not part of the world of privilege around them – that was a really interesting conflict.
  • Literally everything in “I’d Rather Be In Philadelphia.”
  • Literally everything in “Hay Bale Maze.”
  • Disclaimer: I am going to speak favorably about Rory and Logan’s interaction in the revival below and not really dive into the whole cheating thing. Obviously I do not approve of cheating, but I just don’t wanna get into that facet of it right now. Pretty much every time they interact in the revival because I AM WEAK. I’m still recovering from Rory calling him like a reflex over and over. I think ASP was trying to say that it meant she was unhealthily dependent on him or something, but all I saw was LOGAN IS HER PERSON, THE PERSON WITH WHOM SHE WANTS TO SHARE HER LIFE.
  • This is a little thing, but I also super loved her asking Logan his thoughts on the Sandee Says website and valuing his opinion about work. I think that said a lot about their relationship, and it was another thing that really made it feel like they were just life partners who weren’t acknowledging that they were life partners and needed to take that step and be brave and get back together and set their poor neglected partners free.
  • When Logan first shows up in the LDB sequence and he hands Rory the hat and their eyes meet and I legit started crying when I watched it the first time because I thought it meant they were getting back together via this grand gesture, oOPS.
  • When he makes the little frame with his hands, nooooooooooooo!
  • When Rory calls and tells him about her pregnancy and he drops everything and comes to see her in Stars Hollow and they live happily ever after. (Shh, let me have this!)
Companions are allowed to stay for extended periods of time

People: it’s stupid that Clara is still going to be on DW, companions shouldn’t stay more than 2 seasons


Jamie McCrimmon (Constant companion seasons 4-6) 

Jo Grant (Constant companion S 8-10)

Sarah Jane Smith (Constant companion S 11- the second story of 14)

Tegan Jovanka (Constant companion end of season 18 then 19-21)

and Amy Pond (Constant Companion S 5-7A of New Who)



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Prompt Z is in the studio with Diane and they are singing a love song. Z realizes she loves Val from thinking about the lyrics.

 Listen to this while you read it puts you in the mood of the story


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