the search for spock

the biggest misconception about the search for spock is that people think kirk is trying to get spock back. as in “he knows in the end spock will be brought back.” he didn’t. the only thing he knew was that he needed to get spock’s dead body and his katra back to vulcan. he didn’t do all of that to get him back. he destroyed the enterprise, defied direct orders, and threw his entire career away just so that he could give spock the equivalent of a proper burial.
*that* is love.

when you are a dedicated, decorated admiral of Starfleet but you lose your first officer and grieve him so deeply that at the first hint of a chance he can be saved, you steal the ship you command and even blow it up to save your one true love, who when you find him at last, you cradle in your arms while pointing a gun at anyone who dares to interfere, and nothing else in the universe matters because he’s back

What is the straight take on this movie I don’t understand

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AU where Spock is a vulcan engineer at the NASA and Kirk is an astronaut -and constantly flirting with him-

(Vulcan has just been discovered and is barely starting diplomacy with our planet. Earth is still using space rockets and Vulcans proposed to send some of their people to help us with space travel)

Yesterday, @femspirk @lieutenant-sapphic @astralcasper and I were having a very serious discussion about Spock in sweaters and I said that Jim and Spock definitely have sweaters that say t’hy’la and @lieutenant-sapphic made it even better by saying that they own “If Lost Return to T’hy’la” and “I’m His T’hy’la” sweaters so here it is in all its glory.