the sealer

When you want to be a HYPERION code monkey or said code monkey’s body double, you need some kickin’ kicks for strolling around Helios or the cracked surface of Elpis! I love the design of Jack’s boots, so I couldn’t wait to make a pair of my own.

I started off with buying a pair of secondhand boots that carried the same silhouette of what I’m going for - calf length brown boots with a thick small heel and rounded toes. I found a decent pair, and once they arrived I cut off the overlapping layer thing they came with - and perfect! I patterned the piece that covers the heel, and cut it from craft foam in 5MM foam. When I was happy with the pieces, I scored the corners with an x-acto knife to allow them to bend as if they were rigid corners, and then began to prep them by giving them a few coats of PVA glue, and then two layers of spray paint primer.

For paint, I used store-bought acrylic! It’s excellent because it comes out so bright and can go on thick enough to show really well on dark plastic and leather. The first thing to paint was to add the white base layer for where the boots are Hyperion yellow. After a few coats of white, the yellow was built up in a few thin layers. Once I had the right yellow base painted on, the cell shading began! Using the reference photos I had on hand, I painted in the darker shadows, and then the highlights. After these were fully dry, I added the thin black layers of cell shading.

Jack’s boots have distinct buckles as well. I cut these out of the craft foam I used for the heels, and then scored them to bend the same as his do. I added a top layer of Wonderflex to strengthen them to a rigid shell that will mimic steel perfectly and heated it to fuse together. I added contact adhesive between the two layers to ensure a perfect seal, and let it dry. After that, I added a few coats of PVA glue, and then two layers of spray primer as well.

I handpainted the buckles using the reference photos I had on hand to be as close to screen accurate as possible, and then used contact adhesive to bond them perfectly to the boots. I did the same with the heel pieces, which I attached with contact adhesive before I’d painted them. I painted the heel pieces similar to the yellow detailing on the heel, white base layer, a few yellow layers with different highlights and shadows, and then black cell shading on top. The cell shading is the most important part of BORDERLANDS cosplays, and it’s surprisingly easy - if you have a reference picture, you can just copy it as is.

Once these pieces were added on, I had to do the bulk of the handpainting for the boots themselves. I started with the base layers - black, brown. And then I mixed a lighter shade to add the lighter lines where they belonged from the references. After that, I went to town on adding the shadows and highlights until it was as close as I could get. Lastly, the black cell-shading lines really made it pop.

Here was where I hit a bit of trouble. I didn’t test the spray sealer on the boots beforehand, and the Plastikote Satin spray I used had a bad reaction to the leather of the boots underneath the acrylic. Hard to predict when that’s going to happen, but it was a damn shame. The boots took on a weird scaly appearance that sadly needed to be sanded, rubbed with acrylic and fully removed. I had to re-paint the boot and then switched to thick, thick layers of PVA glue to seal it. The glue is an okay fix (in hindsight, I feel I should have used Mod Podge). but only because the boots are very rigid. If they had any give to them, the glue would peel right off.. but for these it worked just fine!

So, here they are, done and dusted and ready to kick moon scav ass!

                 [ follow all the steps at this tag HERE. ]

How to make a pumpkin head

Since I defs didn’t want to carve a real pumpkin to put on my head and get nasts pumpkin insides all over my hair I decided to paper mache one. Unfortunately there was no good tutorials anywhere so I will share my trial and error knowledge.

First I got some supplies: 1 Punch balloon (they’re rounder and larger they regular balloons), some paper mache stuff in a bag, cardboard, a glue gun, paint, sculpey clay, tape, some news paper and some water and flour mixed together.

I then put at least three - five paper mache layers of newspaper with flour water on the balloon. I also measured my head and left an opening at the bottom. (NOTE: Don’t put tape on the balloon and try to peel it off after you’re done paper macheing, RIP)

After that’s all dry I put glue gunned some cardboard onto it to give it some pumpkin like ridges.

Then I filled the gaps between the cardboard and the newspaper with the paper mache in a bag stuff. Wait for it to dry. (Note: Don’t pop balloon until the paper mache in a bag stuff is dry cause it holds a LOT of water and your paper mache project will sink, RIP) After that I popped the balloon and lightly dampened the top with a sponge and water until it was wet enough to slowly press down into more of a pumpkin shape.

After it’s all dry I taped a stem I made out of card board on the top and put another layer or two of newspaper mache over top.

More drying wait time (you can use your oven on the lowest setting to make it dry faster) then I sanded it down and cut out a face with an exacto blade.

I added a little bit of backing behind the face on the inside with the paper mache in a bag to give it more of a 3D look which wasn’t that noticeable but oh well, it kidna worked… After all that stuffs done I painted it all white otherwise the newsprint would bleed through and make my colours not as bright, I also added some sculpey clay to the brow area to give it some more emotion in which I used an iron to dry it with cause it was too late to put it in the oven with paint all over it (Note: Put clay on before painting).

I sprayed it with a sealer before painting colours on it cause I find acrylics do weird things sometimes. After it was all dry I begin to paint.

I also painted the inside a red and added a kinda head rest thing on the inside since when I pushed the top down it made an uncomfortable point at the top when putting it on your head. Then once it was all dry I sprayed it with some more sealer, added some cool stuff like stitches with some ribbon and blood which I used nail polish for a shiny effect and put in some lights which weren’t very effective when my head was in the pumpkin but that’s okay, it still looked cool.

And that’s that!

Hope this helps some people, Enjoy!


Repainting Faux-Leather bags/accessories

This is a tutorial of how I made my Weiss Schnee satchel , using a bag I got from Good-Will.(photo of Weiss Schee bag for reference)

Top photo: The supplies you will need for this project.

- Rubbing alcohol( I used 50% because its what I had on hand, but 20-90% should work just fine as well)

 -Cotton balls(number needed variety depending on the size of your bag, I used three for this clutch)

-Paint, in the color’s you want your bag to be(in the photo there is tan, black, silver, pearl, and white, to achieve this look)

-Clean make-up sponges(or paint sponges, up to you)

-This wasn’t in the photo, my apologizes, but a seam ripper and/or scissors will also be needed.

 -Another missing item from my photo is a sealer/finish. I used a liquid mog-podge, in matte finish, but that’s just personal preference.

Photo(s) 2-4: (2)Front view, (3)back view, (4)inside view


1. Remove any piece that are not wanted for your bags look using a seam ripper, such as a zippers, tassels, handles, straps, etc. I would only use scissors if you have to, because you can ruin a piece by cutting the wrong seam.

2. Soak your cotton balls in the alcohol and clean you fax-leather bag completely. Make sure you get all creases, nooks, seam-lines, and over lapping fabric, any oil/dirty left on your piece can ruin your paint job.

3. Apply your first coat. Your paint needs to be either acrylic/leather paint. You will probably need multi-coats of your base if your are changing the color drastically, like from black to white. Use a very opaque color as a base( I used tan because it’s my most opaque color and its a neutral)

4. Keep layering your base coat until you can’t see the original color of the bag, using your sponges. Let it dry from between 10-15 min. in between coats.

5. Once you achieve complete coverage move on to your main color. Layer this color as well until its fully covered, then let dry over night.

6. Once completely dry apply your sealer/finish to your satisfaction/direction of your finish.

Note: Feel free to use painters tape to cover an area that you don’t want painted, such as a clip/decoration.

Tips for new Homestucks

Okay since Homestuck is having a resurgence due to Hiveswap coming out anyone new to the fandom should understand some aspects. Nothing major, just something so you all don’t repeat the same mistakes as the fandom did when it was in its prime.

  1. Seal your makeup with cosplay. I know this seems like common sense but speaking as someone who has been decked out in all gray. Seal. Your. Makeup. If you don’t have sealer, baby powder works just as well.
  2. Making horns for the trolls? Model Magic air dry clay is your best bet for smaller horns (so for the main trolls sans Tavros). I wouldn’t go into too much detail on how to make them but there are tutorials out there for the best results.
  3. I know you’re excited and interested in Homestuck but don’t go trying to force people to read it, that’s one of the major reasons the fandom was looked at with poor taste in the past. Because it has a massive following and almost that entire following tried to get people into it.
  5. On the opposite side. The main characters are 13-16 so if you write smut fanfics or do smut roleplays or draw nsfw fanart. Make sure you write a disclaimer that these versions of the characters are of age. This is a series that involves countless timelines. It’s not that hard, and don’t just write the disclaimer and have them OBVIOUSLY still be kids. It’s not right.
  6. The story is long and tedious yes but it is worth it. There are so many gems that can easily be glossed over. So don’t just skip to Act 5 for the trolls ya know?
  7. Don’t be ashamed for enjoying what you enjoy. I know that Homestuck has become “cringe culture” but fuck that. Cringe culture is for the birds. You enjoy it? Embrace it.
  8. Don’t make bucket jokes, like, I get it. I was new to the fandom once too but bucket jokes are just really lowbrow humor in the middle of some great humor to be had.
  9. People are going to ship what they are going to ship. Don’t get into full on shipping wars over it. In its prime Homestuck had ships for literally every possible combination of character. It’s not worth the time, effort or anger to argue over them.
  10. Headcanons are headcanons and there are a lot to be had. The series is great but because it’s so massive there are some things that can be lost. Don’t blast someone’s headcanon.

The King Island emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae minor) was the smallest of all known emus, standing about 87 cm (34 inches) tall and weighing up to 23 kg (50 pounds). It once inhabited King Island, which is located in the Bass Strait between mainland Australia and Tasmania. Its closest relative is thought to be the Tasmanian emu, which is also extinct.

Overhunting is thought to be the primary cause of the King Island emu’s extinction. Sealers hunted these diminutive emus en masse, and they were likely extinct in the wild by 1805, only a few years after their discovery by Europeans.

The taxidermy above belongs to the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle in Paris; most illustrations of the King Island emu are based on this mounted skin. This individual was one of a pair of King Island emus that were transported to France in 1804. The pair lived there in captivity until they died in 1822, and were probably the last of their kind.

The diagram above shows a size comparison between a human, the extant mainland emu, and the extinct King Island emu. In addition to being much smaller, the King Island emu had darker plumage than its mainland counterparts.

Hey guys! Over the years I’ve sort of have my own way of taking notes, but have finally ‘settled down’ during university. Some of my friends who took a look at my notes asked about how I write them and found some useful tips after I told them about my note taking technique. If it’s useful for my uni friends, then maybe it’s also gonna be useful for more people (I hope)! By no means this style would work for everyone, but you guys are welcome to copy my method if it works for you or develop your own style after seeing mine.

I’m going to break it down to some parts, which are:

1. Basics

2. Header

3. Symbols

4. Color Coding

5. Note taking (sort of an analysis of my notes)

6. Tips

Before we get into the explanations, here’s a mock page of what my usual notes looks like (plus a mini summary if you’re too lazy to read under the cut haha). You can refer to this as you read through the explanations below.

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  • Marco: I can't sleep.
  • Sabo: Why?
  • Marco: I'm uncomfortable.
  • Ace: How? You have the softest bed in the whole ship.
  • Marco: Maybe it has something to do with two bodies jumping on me in the middle of the night?
  • Ace: You know you love it when we do that.
  • Sabo: You know you love it when we sneak into your bed.
  • Marco: If I did I would be sleeping instead of having this discussion at one in the moring.
  • Ace/Sabo: Do you want me to spoon you so you fall asleep faster?
  • Marco: .....yes.

imagine ryan going into a sephora to get makeup sealer for his face paint and even though he isn’t in big, scary get up he’s still the largest person in the store awkwardly trying to make himself smaller in the narrow aisles as he flags down a sales associate and as the woman is explaining different sealers and what he would need them for ryan just quietly goes “well I need something that won’t come off when I sweat… or when my boyfriend kisses me” can you imagINE

How To Make A Spreader Bar


Items Needed:

Wood Dowel 36" Long 7/8 Diameter

Drill & Drill bits

2-4 Eye screws/bolts 2 1/16

Ruler or Measuring Tape


Stain/Patterned Duct Tape (Not Necessary)

Stain Sealer

How to:

Step 1. Using a ruler or measuring tape mark the ends of the dowels in the center with a pen. This allows symmetry when screwing the eye bolt.

Step 2. Using a drill bit (using the appropriate size) drill the length of your eyebolt into the ends of the dowel where you made your markings.

Step 3. Repeat the same step on the opposite end.

** Options 1 & 2

Option 1. You can add an additional eyebolt to the center of the dowel for the purpose of holding the submissive’s arms wide above their head. To do this measure out evenly and mark the midway point and repeat step 2.

Option 2. You can add 2 additional eyebolts to the dowel rod this allows you to tie the submissive’s wrists to the rod as well. To do this measure out evenly a 1/3 of the way and mark then repeat step 2.

Once you have completed your dowel rod to your preference you can stain it to whatever color you choose and seal it, use patterned duct tape to give it an appeal or leave it the way it is.

Have you used a spreader bar? If not would you be willing to consider?

Volume 4 Weiss Cosplay Overview

because there’s no info on making this costume anywhere and that’s a shame

the bulk of this is under the cut!! plus, if you read to the end, there’s a little ( read: big ) announcement 

feel free to ask me any questions or reply to this post so i can go into more detail or clarify!!

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thoughtscascade  asked:

Could I ask for Coldflashwave Role reversal for the three sentence thing?

Let’s pretend I know what “3 sentence fic” means and that I’m not going overboard here.

“’Bout time we finally caught this little punk,” Mick Rory growled down at him, muzzle of the heat gun pointing at the lightning emblem on the Flash’s chest. He had the meta taskforce’s newest invention on his leg – they were calling it ‘the boot’ and it seemed to dampen his power.

Inside the suit, the Flash, Barry, the fastest thief in Central City, was starting to sweat.

“’Bout time indeed, partner,” the captain of the meta squad, a Mr. Leonard Snart, agreed, holstering his cold gun, the weapon that had actually slowed him down enough to catch him. “Time to see who’s really under that mask.”

“Y’know,” Barry licked his lips, leaning away from the man, “there are a few other ways this could go down, Captain Cold.”

“That so?” he was reaching for the edge of Barry’s mask.

“I could make it worth your while,” he leered. The man didn’t seem impressed.

“Knowing your face is gonna a lot more worthwhile, kid.”

Barry shifted his attention to Rory, Heatwave, who looked amused. “Think he’s soft on you, Snart.”

“We’ve sure been playing cat and mouse long enough for him to–”

He pulled down Barry’s mask. 

“–have warmed up to…”

“Sure you don’t want to reconsider my offer for how this could go down?” Barry grinned. Snart’s surprised expression (because he was young? because he was hot?) reverted back to cool indifference.

“We’re finally taking you in, Flash.”

He heaved a dramatic sigh, leaning toward the other man instead. “Cuff me, Rory.”

“Got an attitude, this one does,” the man grumbled, pulling out some power dampening cuffs. He pulled Barry’s arms behind his back, perfect range for him to cop a feel. It was plenty satisfying when the man yelped and dropped the cuffs. “Shameless little–”

Barry went for the deal-sealer, since ‘the boot’ was only really affecting his lower half anyway. He vibrated his face with a grin, “you boys do know I can vibrate, right?”

They exchanged a look like they were considering it, and Barry suddenly had no regrets about getting caught.

if Lance and Keith switch bodies

Shiro : This Keith is bad for my heart. He’s laughing and goofing around which is creepy af but cute nonetheless if u imagine hard enough. It’s all I ever wanted for him *sniff*
Hunk : Well this Lance is bad for my heart attack and I’m not talking about cuteness overload more like he’ll follow me into my nightmares and give me a heart attack. PLEASE FIX THEM
Pidge : I dunno…I’m really enjoying the contrast 
Allura : Yeah, I mean it could help them bond
Coran : Oh yes certainly
Keith : oh he can keep it. I don’t think I can look me in the eye after watching him flirting with my body  
Lance : Yeaaah…NO, not a chance body nope. I don’t think I can handle being on the receiving end of death glares from my own body + I have a mullet aaaaand your looks aren’t exactly deal sealers. I need to have something to work with 
Keith : I really don’t see how that’s gonna convince me 
Lance :  Listen here Mullet, if I don’t get my body back you can say goodbye to your trade mark mullet here. BA   -    BYE
Keith : U LITTLE …. Fine, have it your way. U can say goodbye to face mud 
Lance : it’s a skin care u illiterate emo prick. And I will cut training
Keith : I will START training 
Lance : I will sleep all day 
Keith : I won’t sleep 
Lance : I’ll burn your jacket 
Keith : I’ll FUCKING shave your eyebrows 

*both are panting*

Pidge : I can watch this all day tbh 
Hunk : really?! because I’m nervous as hell; I think I lost track of who’s who a while ago 
Shiro : Thank God I thought I was the only one 
Allura : I can’t say I didn’t see this coming 
Pidge ; I knew you were enjoying it *snickering* 
Coran : Sooo gentlemen, I find this quite amusing and we are a bit lacking on the entertainment department lately…
Allura : Oh yes, it’s become quite boring in the castle lately
Coran : So how about we just let them be for the time being
All except for Hunk : Agreed
Hunk : U monsters 

worry not though, he came to enjoy it too on the span of next days 

They turn them back eventually 

(a week or so later)
Klance happens

Lords of Cinder: Farron’s Undead Legion, the Abyss Watchers

This warrior culture of Abyss-hunting badasses is unique in that there is no singular Lord of Cinder among them. All those who aspire to join the ranks of the Legion must undergo a ceremony, as explained by Hawkwood. “The Undead Legion of Farron is a caravan of Undead. Sworn by the wolf’s blood to contain the Abyss, the Legion will bury a kingdom at the first sign of exposure. Joyous bunch, really. Gaining admission to the Legion is a matter of some ceremony. Inside their keep, snuffing out the flames of three altars opens the door to the wolf blood. Even accursed Undead want to believe they’re special, it seems. I pity the sorry souls.” (Hawkwood’s Dialogue). Before I get too far into all of it, I’ll go ahead and pose the three questions.

1. What is their story?

2. Why did they abandon their thrones?

3. Why did they link the fire?

To fully understand the story of the Legion, one must hearken back the Legend of Artorias. Certain facts in this tale shed much light upon the Legion’s origins and purpose.

Long ago, in a town shadowed by the great walls of Anor Londo, a great darkness began to spread. The Primordial Serpent Kaathe taught the town’s Four Kings the art of Lifedrain, a dark magic that allowed Humanity to be leeched from the residents. The Four King’s became corrupt. A lust for Humanity grew within them until the they were shrouded in utter and complete dark. The Abyss.

They were not alone in their quest for Humanity. A cult of fierce warriors learned the art of Lifedrain from the Four Kings an were unleashed upon the town. These warriors became known as Darkwraiths.

Recognizing the dire situation, Lord Gwyn sent an emissary to the town of New Londo. A strong-willed knight by the name of Artorias. It was here that Artorias entered a covenant with the creatures of the Abyss in order to traverse it relatively unhindered. Artorias used this ability to drive the Four Kings as well as the Darkwraiths into the depths of New Londo, earning him the title of Abysswalker.

In a desperate measure to halt the spread of the Abyss, New Londo’s floodgates were opened by the three Sealers. The town, the Abyss, the Four Kings, and the Darkwraiths were buried under the torrent of water. Along with the entire population of New Londo. Artorias’s mission had been a success. But one with great cost.

After the Fall of New Londo, Lord Gwyn acknowledged the prowess of Artorias made him one of his four most-trusted knights. After some time, Artorias gained a new companion, a great grey wolf named Sif.

Sif was only a pup when Artorias was given a new mission. In a nearby land named Oolacile, the Abyss had begun to take root. Princess Dusk had been kidnapped and taken deep into the growing dark. Once word of the ordeal reached Gwyn’s ears, he sent Artorias to rescue the princess and do what he could to stop the new expansion.

Artorias would never return. He battled the Abyss so fiercely that his greatsword had become cursed by it. In an attempt to save Sif, Artorias’s shield was shattered along with his entire left arm. Artorias eventually did defeat the twisted creature lurking in the heart of the Abyss and rescue the princess… So the legends go.

In truth, Artorias became consumed by the Abyss and tainted by its power. He mindlessly wandered the land of Oolacile until he was laid to rest at the hands of the Chosen Undead. It was this Chosen Undead that went on to defeat the shadow of primeval man and save Princess Dusk. The Chosen Undead would be forgotten to the annals of time, but the Legend of Artorias, the Abysswalker, lives on.

Ages have passed, but the world still remembers the tale of one knight that stood against the sightless chasm of the Abyss and overcame the horror within. From the ashes of this fallen icon rose the warriors of the land of Farron, warriors who would take up the mantle of Artorias and stop at nothing to battle the spreading darkness.

There is no evidence to suggest the land ever had a ruler, the Legion simply united under one banner by way of similar ideals. On that same token, there does seem to be a rank system within the Legion.

  1. At the top are the Abyss Watchers, the actual warriors that fight using their unique greatsword-and-dagger style. Their swords are replicas of the Greatsword of Artorias, though less ornate. There is one interesting note about their armor, namely the gauntlets. “Black-dyed leather tied around the arms, with only the left fitted with a gauntlet.”(Undead Legion Gauntlets). Whether or not the singular gauntlet on the left arm is a reverent symbol of Artorias’s shattered left arm or just a byproduct of their fighting style is purely speculative. I like to think it’s the prior, though. What makes the Abyss Watchers the top of the chain is their shared Blood of the Wolf. “The Watchers of the Abyss swore upon their shared wolf’s blood, which also served as their mandates as lords.” (Soul of the Blood of the Wolf). “The blood was spread among the Abyss Watchers, and their souls are one with the soul of the wolf blood master.” (Cinders of a Lord). One can thereby surmise that it is the soul of Artorias that has given the Legion their ruthless drive to purge the Abyss from the lands.
  2. Next down on the list are the acolytes. The acolytes were the Legion’s sorcerers who were trained by one of the Crystal Sage twins. As a measure of assistance, the acolytes would make the Black Bug Pellets that defend against dark damage for the Abyss Watchers. The daughter of the leader of the acolytes was named Heysel and she is an extremely perplexing character all her own. She is stated to be a Xanthous Scholar as well as a Finger of Rosaria for reasons that I have not fully explored yet. The Ghru, the horned creatures that wander Farron Keep, are the descendants of the acolytes. Why Ghrus can also be found in Smouldering Lake is a topic of speculation. Fire is, after all, effective against creations of the Abyss, so perhaps the Legion’s acolytes sought after powerful pyromancies. What better place to find them than the home of pyromancies. Lost Izalith. When the acolytes burrowed into the remnants of Izalith they found only embers of the once-great Chaos Flame. The pyromancies discovered therein, however, had lost none of their potency. It was perhaps the Chaos Flame that mutated the human acolytes into their twisted, lesser-demon form. Smouldering Lake is a large topic and while I’d like to go ahead and dig into it, its meaning to the Undead Legion is mere speculation.
  3. The Watchdogs of Farron. These guys seem to have formed after the Abyss Watchers became Lords of Cinder. While not necessarily outranked by the acolytes, they acolytes precede them on a timeline basis. The Watchdogs are a territorial covenant that ensure the Abyss Watcher are undisturbed. Their covenant master is the Old Wolf of Farron and while the Old Wolf may not be Sif, the two are clearly related as the Old Wolf sleeps in the same position Sif is found in in the Chasm of the Abyss from the Dark Souls DLC. There are two Exiles that defend the entrance to Farron Keep. The description of their armor suggests that they were Watchdogs themselves at some point. 

Another key point on the story of the Abyss Watchers is the land Farron Keep resides on. At first glance, the area is nothing more than another annoying poisonous swamp like Blighttown from Dark Souls. Upon further inspection, however, a few details fall into place. For one, there is a white birch tree here. Sure there’s one in the Undead Settlement as well as the Cathedral of the Deep, but this one is special in that the Crown of Dusk can be found here. If that isn’t enough, a nearby cave contains a chest with the Antiquated Set within which was the clothing Dusk wore. A body in the cave can be looted for the Golden Scroll which can be given to Orbeck of Vinheim to learn the xanthous sorceries of Oolacile. The last clue found in this cave is a large Mushroom Person rooted into the ground with no arms. Elizabeth, Dusk’s godmother, was a Mushroom Person found in Oolacile Sanctuary and, you guessed it, was rooted into the ground and had no arms. There’s more than enough evidence here to say that Farron Keep was built on the old lands of Oolacile and Darkroot Garden (thereby giving the name “Darkroot” a little more meaning).

One last thing to consider about the Legion is their strength as warriors. Exactly how fearsome of an enemy was the Legion? To answer this, it may be wiser to ask how fearsome of an enemy was Carthus. Farron Keep is situated on top of a sprawling dungeon known as the Catacombs of Carthus. Bones of fallen warriors are everywhere here. The dungeon is practically filled to the brim with them. Skeleton warriors, skeleton grave wardens, skeleton wheelmen, entire collections of skeletons that form annoying rolling balls, bones on the floor, bones on the walls, masses of bones stuffed into jars, even the boss of the catacombs is a skeleton himself. This place is more than just a mass grave, it is the dumping site of a pure holocaust. So what exactly is known of Carthus?

“The most obscure pyromancy developed in Carthus of the Sands. Carthus’s aggression has been likened to an uncontrollable fire, and since ancient times its beacon has been used as a signal for war.” (Carthus Beacon). “Ring worn by warriors of the sand kingdom, Carthus. They live for their High Lord Wolnir, conqueror of most kingdoms known to their people.” (Carthus Rings). It would seem that Carthus was more than a formidable foe in battle. Their ruler, Wolnir, was a conqueror on the real-world scale of Alexander the Great and Napolean Bonaparte. “Crown of Wolnir, the Carthus Conqueror. Once upon a time, such things were bequeathed judiciously to each of the rightful lords, until Wolnir brought them to their knees, and ground their crowns into dust. Then the crowns became one, and Wolnir, the one High Lord.” (Wolnir’s Crown). So it has been well-asserted that Wolnir and the armies of Carthus were pretty much the equivalent to Xerxes and the Masked Immortals, but why would that concern Farron’s Legion? “A holy sword eroded by the Abyss. When Wolnir fell to the Abyss, he was gripped by a fear of true darkness, and pleaded to the gods for the first time. This holy sword, together with three armlets stripped from the corpses of clerics, gave him some semblance of comfort.” (Wolnir’s Holy Sword). It has been made very plain that Wolnir had been touched by the Abyss, even the battle with him takes place in the Abyss. It was all the Legion needed to know before sundering an entire empire in an undoubtedly bloody and ferocious war.

To me, the details of the Catacombs of Carthus and all the item descriptions to church up the military might of the desert nation were truly included in Dark Souls III to gauge how violent and ruthless of an enemy Farron’s Undead Legion truly were once the dogs of war were unleashed on the Abyss. Wolf pun intended.

Now, with their background decently covered, the second two questions should fall right into place. Why exactly did Farron’s Undead Legion abandon their thrones? Judging how passionately the Legion battled against the Abyss, it can be assumed that their dereliction wasn’t by choice. While there are a number of possibilities, here is a personal favorite.

Farron’s Undead Legion simply forgot about their duty for the same reason they were so feared in battle. They’re undead. Being undead suggests they could hollow. As one hollows they slowly forget that which drove them. Their motivations in life. Take Siegmeyer of Catarina from Dark Souls. He journeyed from a far-off land to be an adventurer, as adventuring was what motivated him and kept him from hollowing. Siegmeyer eventually became aware of his ineptitude by being constantly rescued by the Chosen Undead. He was also reminded of his failure as a father when Sieglinde caught up with him. Feeling this loss of purpose, Siegmeyer turned into a complete mindless hollow. Much the same may be able to be said of the Legion.

After they linked the Flame and the Age of Fire was extended, perhaps their purpose had been lost as darkness had been driven from the land. With no new frontiers upon which to take on the Abyss, each sought to grow in their own power. Because the Blood of the Wolf was spread among them, its power was likely diminished. Each fragment part of a greater whole. The return to this whole would mean far greater power. A battle broke out among members of the Abyss Watchers. Highlander-style. This is a potential reason why Farron’s Legion abandoned their throne, they had hollowed and no longer cared for anything other than rejoining the Blood of the Wolf into their own singular vessel. No longer do they battle the Unkindled to test the strength of their soul, now they fight because it is all they know.

Also of note are the red-eyed Abyss Watchers during the first phase of the fight. This could be evidence that the Legion had also been tainted by the Abyss.

With all the facts woven with a little speculation, a rough timeline can be established in the same manner as my Aldrich analysis.

At some point in time after the events of Dark Souls, someone stumbled across a cave in a shaded wood. Therein they found Elizabeth. Keeping true to her promise to the Chosen Undead, she recounted the legend of Artorias the Abysswalker to this traveler. Ignited by the tale of the brave knight and the coming shadows of the Abyss, the forest was dubbed Farron Keep and played host to a growing and fearsome army of undead who rallied behind the cause.

Elite among this new Legion were the Abyss Watchers. They vowed to cleanse the lands, keeping the spread of the Abyss from growing for as long as they could, an oath made complete with the Wolf’s Blood. Wars were waged. Kingdoms fell and were buried beneath Farron Keep. The Catacombs of Carthus became merely a testament to the might of the Legion.

Eventually a day came where the growth of the Abyss proved even too rapid for the fearsome warriors. Desperate times now called for desperate measures. The one sure-fire way to fight back the coming dark was to link the First Flame, renewing the Age of Fire. The Abyss Watchers took their Blood of the Wolf to be their mandate as Lords of Cinder. One among them was surely not enough kindling for the Flame, but what if every one of them went into the Kiln? Surely it would satiate the fires for another millenium.

Once they had fulfilled their quest the corpses of the forever-feared Abyss Watchers were relocated to a great masoleum on the grounds of Farron Keep. It was an honorable burial as it was also the final resting place of the mighty Artorias.

The Legion’s acolytes took to guarding Farron Keep along with a new covenant that held the utmost reverence to the deceased warriors, the Watchdogs of Farron. For a time, the soldiers slept peacefully in their graves. Until a call was heard. That of the Bell of Awakening.

Something had changed in their numbers as they rose. It would seem that in their many battles against the Abyss, its power to corrupt had finally caught up to some of them. Their action against this threat was decisive and immediate. Though they had fought many battles side by side, their mandate could not be broken. The Abyss Watchers turned on their own bretheren who had been tainted by the dark Abyss. It would seem as history does indeed repeat itself as this was also the fate of Artorias himself.

As the Abyss Watchers fell at the feet of the Unkindled One, the Wolf’s Blood began to coalesce, revealing the unbridled strength these Lords of Cinder were capable of. Once defeated, only the burnt remnants of their broken bodies remained. Still combustible, but only just. Even in death, the Abyss Watchers could serve their mandate and fulfill their duty.

So that took a little over a week to piece together between work and some other goings-on in my life. That being said, my next post about Yhorm the Giant is going to take a bit longer. I’m in the middle of moving right now and Yhorm is easily the Lord of Cinder I know the least about. I also don’t intend on rushing it. Quality over quantity and all that. Again, if my conclusions don’t seem too sound or if I have some facts messed up please let me know.

Making Gladio’s Cosplay Sword

After playing FFXV, I knew I needed to cosplay Gladio.  But in order to do that I needed a sword, a big one.  I’d never made a prop quite like this before and I was working on a limited budget, with almost no tools or equipment, and with very little space in my new apartment.  

I knew it was going to be a challenge from the get-go, but was determined.  In the end I rather like what came out, and got a ton of compliments on it at Fanime 2017!

In the interest of spreading the cosplay joy, I tried to document my creation journey so that I could give advice and ideas to other cosplay enthusiasts.

This is going to be a rather long post, so in the interest of not taking up everyone’s dashes the rest will be under a Read More.

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