the seal of lucifer


What happened?


So Kelly giving birth to Lucifer’s rape-baby (named JACK, good old Jack Satan) ripped a floating glowy space vagina in the front yard. Inside the glowy space vagina was a world in which Sam and Dean were never born, and so it’s literally Hell On Earth. Bobby is there for cameo purposes. They decide to lock up Lucifer into the Glowy Space Vagina world. They succeed in getting him in there, and Crowley sacrifices himself to close up the portal to Glowy Space Vagina World, because SURE.

Cas says he trusts his Baby-God because Baby-God is going to make a world without pain, fear, want, suffering, etc. Paradise. You know, like the Paradise of a static Heaven he rejected and fought against, that little thing THE WHOLE FUCKING SHOW IS BASED AROUND. It’s moronic and doesn’t make sense, but Dabb thinks your scripts making sense is for losers.

Then, FOR LITERALLY NO REASON IT WASN’T PART OF THE PLAN AND SAM AND DEAN HAD NEARLY SUCCEED, Cas pops into Glowy Vagina World and gently stabs Lucifer in the kidney for some reason. Nobody knows why, Lucifer was going to be sealed and away. Sam and Dean jump back into the real world, there’s a pause, and hey Cas made it back, he wasn’t sealed in there too.

But oh noes, Lucifer is right behind him, and stabs him with an angel blade, killing him. There’s wing burn marks on the ground. Dean screams no, Mary runs out and begins punching the shit out of the devil with brass knuckles, because it’s just fucking whatever at this point. Lucifer grabs Mary, pulls her into Glowy Vagina World, and the portal closes. They’re stuck there.

Cas’s death may be the stupidest thing SPN has ever produced, and they once had a possessed mannequin episode and a racist truck episode and three separate bestiality episodes. It’s like you know when your writing fic, and can’t figure out how to get to Point A to Point B, but you want to move on and finish the bulk of the first draft, so as a placeholder you put “And then some shit happened for reasons”? Imagine that being filmed and shot and put on national TV for all to see. Because Andrew Dabb is a hack with no pride who thinks we’re all as stupid as his scripts are.

Dean stares at Cas’s dead body, while Sam goes and chases down Jack Satan, a creepy CGI nude teenage boy that I laughed so hard at seeing.

Kelly died giving birth to teenage Jack Satan. But she was beautiful while doing it, and that’s all that matters.

Also Rowena was killed offscreen in the beginning. Because there’s a  misogyny quota and all.

I swear I am not making any of this up.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Ciel:</b> I would like to make a complaint.<p/><b>Lucifer:</b> Oh I'm sorry to hear that, I'm listening.<p/><b>Ciel:</b> It's about the demon I summoned<p/><b>Lucifer:</b> .....<p/><b>Ciel:</b> His name is now Sebastian, he has black boots with ridiculous heels and the contract seal is on his hand.<p/><b>Lucifer:</b> ......<p/><b>Ciel:</b> Are you still there?<p/><b>Lucifer:</b> Please don't send him back..<p/><b>Ciel:</b> He is absolutely useless, always talks back and makes arrogant remarks on humanity.<p/><b>Lucifer:</b> Pls no, I'm willing to pay, just say the price ...<p/><b>Ciel:</b> He is hiding cats in his room!<p/><b>Lucifer:</b> took us 132 years to get him out of here, we are not ready to see him again....<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
An Arranged Marriage Chapter 7

Dean Winchester x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: An AU of sorts. Where hunter’s have communities, and arrange marriages for their young. Y/N is from the Northwest region, arranged to marry Dean, from the midwest region.

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Sinking down on your mattress, you curled into a small ball, trying to reason with yourself. Sure, this was all new and unexpected, but you had known that your life would be forever changed once you became married. 

You just hadn’t expected Dean to be so handsome, and so hard to read. You hadn’t expected to live away from everything you knew, the community life you had always known. 

Then there was the business of Angels as best friends, and the fact that you and Dean were meant to be. That thought didn’t bother you nearly as much as you had let on. Sure, it had all seemed overwhelming, but even with his grumpy and stubborn ways, you could easily see Dean was a good man. A man you could easily fall in love with.

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“Don’t Objectify Me” (Dean x Reader)

The first of two for tonight and then I’ve got to study for my finals tomorrow. 

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Words: 1971

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Excessive cuteness

Excerpt:  He huffed again but stayed silent.  The three of you, with the help of Cas back at the bunker, were investigating a string of homicides in Oklahoma.  Three people had been killed inside of a week, but that hadn’t even been the strangest part.  The bodies hadn’t just been mutilated, they’d been practically decimated.  Their chests had been ripped open and their lungs had been removed.  It was positively gruesome.

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You paced back and forth waiting for Dean to come out of the house of one of the victims.  Of course, you couldn’t go in with him—you were the watchdog. You were always the watchdog.  Dean was always the one putting himself in the line of fire, and you were always just…watching.

“Easy kid,” Dean said, coming up behind you.  “You’re gonna wear a hole in the concrete.”

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Supernatural's Narrative Structure Throughout the Years

Supernatural has seen four showrunners (with one consistent one throughout, Robert Singer), which are: Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble, Jeremy Carver and now, Andrew Dabb.  At the beginning, the show focused on a more simplistic method of storytelling; the protagonists Sam and Dean Winchester went up against urban legends while looking for their elusive father.  Twelve seasons later and this pilot season marks the only true exception to the show’s narrative structure. Starting in season 2 the show adopts a method of storytelling known as the A/B/C structure.  There is a “A” plot (known as the show’s “mytharc”), its “B” plot (its character development arc, usually shown through the lens of Dean Winchester, but the show frequently, especially in its later years, shows this through others), and then finally, its “C” plot, which exists in the form of “filler episodes” referred to as “Monsters of the Week”, or MOTW for the purposes of the meta writing community.  And it is through this mirrored structure that the complete story of Supernatural is told.

Dean Winchester is the show’s lens of righteousness (earlier on, but this shifts from time to time) and it is through him that the adopted structure of the show reveals both its strength and weakness.  Dean has learned not to talk about his hard life and frequently when he is begged to share his feelings, they are dismissed (unfortunately by Sam, Bobby, and Cas at various points) in favor of the show’s enforcement of toxic masculinity (oh, drama!) to maintain such structure needed to support a static two lead format.  Instead of Dean talking about his feelings, they are told through the show’s MOTW characters and situations.  This process is referred to as “the ‘C’ plot mirrors the ‘B’ plot”, discussed further in length here.  Because of the various degrees of repression carried by our main characters, the show uses other characters to tell their stories with words.  The show often also creates whole characters to represent ideas, both simple (Bela Talbot, S3) and complex (Amara, S11).  Almost every character that is not Sam and Dean, especially in later seasons, is created and crafted to tell the story of them.  This creates situations where the show is frequently problematic in its social message/image because it’s using a multitude of diverse characters to tell the story of two white textually straight male leads, and then later, its two most often recurring regulars.  Because these things are not socially equal, the show endures quite a lot of justified criticism as a result.

Bela Talbot is the first structural case of simple mirroring being done (although her character was requested at the behest of the network, true, the manner in which they utilized her is entirely significant).  I think it’s first important, however, to talk about how Kripke crafted the show using the structure.  He talked about how in the end he wanted good Dean versus bad Sam.  This, of course, focuses the early structure of the show to align Sam with darkness and damning decisions. All of season two pushes Sam onto a dark path exploring his cursed demon blood powers while Dean tries desperately to stop this.  Season 3 introduces Bela, a narrative mirror for Dean to show what would happen to Dean if Sam wasn’t in his life.  She IS DEAN, but WITHOUT a Sam in her life.  And for her, this spells doom as she desperately tries to avoid the fate of her deal with a Crossroads Demon.  The structure of the season is simple.  Bela was supposed to die while Dean is saved from his deal’s fate by Sam, effectively showing that while Sam is doing some dark things, that they are justified through the means to save Dean (a common thing Supernatural would come to depict).  This, of course, doesn’t get to happen.  The writers strike of 2007-08  forces Kripke to abandon this structure in favor of simply sending Dean to Hell.  Our first attempt at a predictive narrative structure thus fails.  It is not discarded, however, and our first successful implementation of it is in season 4.

In season 4 the writers are met with the tough task of getting Dean quickly outta Hell and angels are introduced.  This would prove to be a major turning point in the show’s success and its ultimate current structure some 9 seasons later.  The introduction of angels, while initially desired to be temporary was fully embrace with the introduction of Castiel as portrayed by Misha Collins.  This mythology introduction gave Kripke the perfect way to have good Dean versus bad Sam  in the form of Michael versus Lucifer, and old tell of rebellious siblings confronting one another in an ultimate fight.  Thus, the show begins its structure towards this alignment, with the demon Ruby pulling Sam towards Lucifer and Castiel pulling Dean towards Michael (or, well, stopping Sam, as pulling Dean towards Michael is actually a goal of Zachariah in Season 5 instead of it being a goal of Castiel). 

In season 4, all the characters (even Sam and Dean) and episodes (frequently showing the release of “seals” which bind Lucifer) are being used as functions towards a single goal, the release of Lucifer.  It was a simple and clean straight forward structure that allowed flow into a cohesive storyline, which remains the best of Supernatural’s structure and storytelling even to this day imo, It also allowed individuality (and the exploration of what it means to have humanity) to blossom within the addition of Castiel (originally only slated to be a 3 episode character), though the character could still be simplified into Dean with Sam’s bad choices.  Castiel would not start becoming his own character (instead of a character mirror or narrative concept) until much later in the series, though he would still be often regaled to simply serving the “B” plot of Dean, eventually getting a permanent “B” plot with him, thus cementing his importance in Dean’s life and the show’s newer complex structure.  

Season 5 saw the end of Kripke’s vision, but with one problem.  The show was getting a renewal.  We can see through season 5’s structure that Kripke intended Sam and Dean to die together in the Devil’s hole, unable to kill one another due to their love.  Against renewal and in an effort to salvage the sacrifice structure, we are instead introduced to Adam, a half brother who would instead receive Dean’s fate.  The season builds and compounds a sense of hopeless in our characters, both desperate to not play a part in Heaven’s games. Our mytharc and MOTW episodes in season 5 exist to drive this sense of compounding inevitability.  It is a structure not as clean as season 4’s but mainly because it has the same problem as season 3’s: the ending had to be changed. But meanwhile the show had another problem: where do you go after the Apocalypse? It would not be a problem tackled by Kripke, but instead Gamble, as Supernatural experienced its first showrunner change.  

With the departure of Kripke came the beginning of structural chaos and uncertainty.  Season 6 is driven by questions that seemingly have no answer against a plot that had just been done.  The Apocalypse was being put back on the rails and Castiel was dealing with it mostly offscreen, unlike Sam and Dean who, as leads, got to deal with it visibly in every episode in season 5.  This caused the audience to not experience the sense of urgency and desperation that Castiel is going through and it proves to be a structural weakness throughout the whole season as Sam and Dean deal with the fallout of Castiel’s righteousness in the form of Sam’s hell damage from his damaged soul in the cage and Crowley’s experiments on monsters, which is seemingly without purpose until the end of the season draws near.  Banished of Lucifer, the recurring addition of Crowley provides the show with a central point in which Hell will now operate going forward.  This is the season in which Castiel begins the pattern making the mistakes of Sam.  And it is from this point that the show’s mirrored storytelling reaches new heights, most of which are predictable, unfortunately.  Just as Sam and Dean release Lucifer, Cas releases the Leviathan into the world and thus we are shuttled into season 7, Apocalypse 2.0, monster edition instead of Heaven.  

Season 7 saw the ultimate weakness of the two lead structure, while the show headed down an already trotted path against massively failing ratings.  It is here that they killed off both Bobby and Castiel while dumping a massive amount of emotional baggage onto Sam and Dean from which the show seemed unlikely to recover from, buried in the Friday Night death slot.  The season introduced a true structured  “B” plot for Dean and Cas, but it remained in the mirrored structure only, seeing as how Cas was effectively DEAD.  It is given in the form of grief and suffering, as per Gamble’s favored depiction of the show.  Not only were things hopeless, but everyone Sam and Dean cared about were dead (oh look, it’s season 13′s premise as well!).  The structures of Gamble era were driven by primarily with a focus towards sorrow and while it’s true that the Leviathans (as compared to the totally delightful, but utterly senseless wanderings of season 6) were an interesting metaphor for corporate America’s greed and monstrosity, this did little to enrich and progress Sam and Dean as characters who were headed for anywhere except death.  And it is here we enter Carver era.

Carver era saw the dawn of a new light in the show.  It is often called a reboot of the show.  Castiel was back, Netflix produced a new influx of viewership, and the show had more or less cemented itself into the CW fold, renewed late and against all hope from grave of Friday night.  Conventions and streaming media provided a life line that gave way to a new form of structure on the show: precised mirrored storytelling in the form of a (possible, likely) three act structure.  In Carver era, (unlike its predecessors) things became driven by a repetitive thematic means and the genre of the show was shifted to something with an adventure tone.  The Winchesters were going to close the Gates of Hell! Instead of reactive, our characters were thrust into being proactive.  This shifted the structure onto choice… and consequence.  Every detail fed into this: pop culture references, color coding within the visual framework, characters created that represented specific emotional struggles for our characters to interact with and conquer (or die through).  Season 8 is easily compared to Star Wars episode IV in terms of its place in Carver Era.  While Star Wars episode IV could function as a stand alone (seeing as the show didn’t realize the introduction of its lifeline yet), it was made to function as part of a beginning of a much longer and detailed story.  

Once again in season 8 Sam and Cas began to take on the role of pushing the mytharc along, with Sam completing the Hell trials to close the Gates and Cas breaking Heaven’s control over him to close the Gates of Heaven.  The role of Castiel (while visually is reduced from seasons 4, 5 and 6), in relation to his relationship with Dean, becomes significant.  A vast number of narrative structural mirrors are put into place to frame the relationship a certain way, and they are definitively romantic in nature.  The Dean/Cas relationship then begins to be told exclusively through interspecies romantic relationships, with a significant amount needing to break some kind of hold over a supernatural being, reflecting Naomi’s reprogramming of Castiel to kill Dean (8x11-8x17). The text and subtext of this season is further queer coded to a significant degree, evident very early on by reference to such works as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (8x03), among many others.  Carver was taking the Dean/Cas relationship very seriously and it was a showrunning decision that would drive the storyline in structure just as much as the Dean/Sam one going forward, even after his departure.  Cas, meanwhile, is given a lot of structural baggage to explain away his absence as a regular instead of a lead. Not that he wasn’t crafted this way before, but soon a structural decision would come that tied both the Dean/Cas storyline and the Dean/Sam one together in a way that would prove inseparable. The choices made in the season 8 finale (with both Cas and Sam trying to leave Dean alone) are the consequences that would fester and bleed into the new season and the rest of Carver era.  

Consequences.  Choice. “I did what I had to…”

Under higher ratings than the show had had in YEARS, season 9 began, along with my structural meta series, The Divine Reviews, where I sought to document the show’s new structure (mostly how serious it was taking the newly active Destiel “B” plot from its former place as a grief standalone storyline).  9x01-9x03 represents a tying of the storylines for Sam/Dean and Dean/Cas in a way that makes it impossible to talk about one without the other, structurally speaking. Dean can deal with Cas leaving him, but only if Sam is alive.  And when push comes to shove, Dean will sacrifice Cas’ safety and position at his side if it means the survival of Sam.  The weight of this realization falls heavily on Dean and is the structural source of grief that falls around a season full of rape metaphors as Dean tricks Sam into not dying through the angel Gadreel’s possession of Sam.  For the first time, the show makes it uncomfortable to side with Dean (unless you like the fact that Dean will force his will on Sam to keep him alive) and Dean starts down a dark path of self hatred the likes of which the show has never delved into to such a striking degree.  This self hatred structurally manifests as the Mark of Cain and Dean’s decision to take it on without warning of consequence represents a significant turning point in the show’s structure.  Dean begins to carry the mytharc and the metaphor within, with significant structure weight put into the fact that Dean can’t bother to feel guilt for his actions, understandable as they are.  Dean and Cas thus begin a new romantic structure, one where lovers are torn apart by family duty (this is, perhaps, most laughably shown in 9x20 in the failed Bloodlines pilot episode that gives us heterosexual interspecies couple Violet/David who even mirror Destiel dialogue into their relationship of star crossed lovers separated by things beyond their control).  

Post midseason finale in season 9, narrative mirrors begin in earnest that take the foreshadowing for Dean to die into high gear.  These are vague and non-specific, however, with the decision to turn Dean into a demon through the Mark of Cain being made late into the season.  The death of Abaddon (and the possibility that she would simply possess him) seals Dean’s structural fate, as he is killed by what it narratively represents, the block to his character development. It is here that the show hits a structural sag in season 10, with the Mark of Cain being structurally translated into a variety of narrative woes: a disease that infects Dean’s heart, a catalyst which amplifies Dean’s already weary and repressed soul, a force from which there is no destruction and no relief.  

Season 10 represents a failure to find a single avenue to character development in Dean.  Supernatural didn’t know how to solve it’s own created problem.  And while Dean’s death was given several avenues in season 9 from which to walk down, the same meandering does not look all together acceptable as it was before.  For the first time Crowley is woven into the structural storytelling, carrying Dean away, just as Hannah does to Cas, leaving Sam alone to solve the problem of Dean, who is given the structural task of avoiding Cain’s fate, which saw him kill his wife and brother, Cas and Sam respectively in our structure.  The season, rather than focusing on the underlining cause of Dean taking the Mark of Cain, focuses instead on Dean avoid its fate.  This culminates in Dean beating Cas nearly to death just as Cain kills his wife.  Cas avoids such fate, however, and begins a more passive stance in the narrative, supporting Sam, instead, who must now fill the role of Abel in our structure.  Dean is ordered to kill Sam to avoid further complications from the Mark of Cain, which is revealed to be an age old lock to something ambiguously called “the Darkness”. Dean is, of course, unable to kill Sam, and kills Death instead and then we are given our final structural form of the decision to take the Mark of Cain in the form of Amara, God’s sister.

At this point, the Dean/Cas storyline has been given lover/wife mirrors for going on 3 seasons now.  Cas is continuously coded as Dean’s “wife” by all structural elements within SPN’s mirrored storytelling.  Their relationship has been given much structural depiction and weight, which continues on into season 11 against the false lover, Amara.  I talk extensively about the child abuse and sex abuse mirrors involving Amara and how they relate to Dean’s stolen childhood here.  It is here, after 2 seasons of the same storyline, that the Mark of Cain character developmental structure has been given its final form, but sadly, would not see its end, not yet.  

We see Dean’s helplessness towards his structural development in the form of Amara’s control over him.  And with Amara comes our third sibling vs sibling mirror in the form of God versus Amara (the previous being Michael versus Lucifer and Cain versus Abel), Supernatural’s go to depiction for Sam and Dean’s histories and averted futures.  The season’s structure builds towards the inevitable appearance of God to stop Amara, who has justifiable reasons to be angry as Hell.  Supernatural has, at this point, painted itself into a bad corner. There’s no bigger storyline it can go to and it is faced with the monumental task of resolving not only God and Amara, but everything that their struggle represents, Dean’s stolen life at the hands of his father.  Supernatural would now face a different structural problem, however.  

The network would not allow them to kill God.  And while I have no absolute certainty from which to draw on here, I can only guess that either Amara was going to die also, most possibly to restore balance to the universe as Chuck’s death would cause everything to be destroyed.  We never get to know the truth of the structure as Chuck is effectively only injured, not killed.  And Amara makes the choice to heal him and forgive him instead of them sharing oblivion together.  Amara then gives Dean back the thing she determines he needs most: his mother.  And it is here that Dabb era officially begins, having shadowed the running of the show at the end of the season following the silent departure of Carver.  

Season 12. With a character development arc for Dean already 3 seasons in the making, Dabb is given the monumental showrunning task of “where do you go after God leaving?”  A smaller scale mytharc is given in place of the sweeping epic of Carver era.  The British Men of Letters are introduced as a way of shaping Sam into being a leader among the American hunters.  Dean, however, continues on the structural development path of confronting the thing that prevents him from feeling he only deserves to go down swinging.  Mary is fleshed out as a person though she and Castiel continue to suffer from the show’s inability to switch to an ensemble cast, which is, at this point, a point of long regarded contention among many fans.  

Mary and Cas begin to mirror each other (as we contemplate their significance to Dean) and drive the story, each wishing to make amends and give Sam and Dean a world they feel is best without asking how Sam and Dean feel about it. This sees Mary siding with the British Men of Letters and Cas pursuing Lucifer in an attempt to cage him once more, having let him out to deal with Amara last season in another attempt to save Dean from action (Cas’ need to die for the Winchesters is a plotline that’s long overdue for resolution).  We see Mary being made to earn her place as family through her realizing why Cas already has.  It is the most passive Sam and Dean have ever been in the structure, with everything mostly driven by Mary and Cas along with the overall theme of what it means to truly love and sacrifice to earn the label of “family”.  For this, Cas is given a structural death sentence.  And Supernatural delivers, painfully.  A portal to another world is opened up courtesy of Jack, the nephilim of Lucifer and it is here that Dabb era ultimately takes us: a new world of possibilities.   The same can not, however, be said of the show’s narrative structure, which seems to be on a one way road and has been for a long, albeit slow, time.  

Dean has forgiven Mary for setting him on the path to have a robbed childhood, effectively wrapping up the long drawn out Mark of Cain storyline.  Forgiveness. Love. Family. New beginnings. These are the themes that run through Dabb era. Dean is finally given everything and then within the space of one episode it has been taken away.  The nephilim introduces the show to once again ask the age old question: “nature or nuture?”, as Sam and Dean are forced to deal with an unprecedented force thrust upon them in their moments of grief, well, mostly Dean’s grief, according to the PR around the new season.  Like Carver before him, Dabb era looks to be using a three act structure, with Carver’s final serving as Dabb’s beginning.  This would place season 13 quickly through the realms of Star Wars V-VI.  Things are bleak, hope has quickly been lost, the lover has been taken and the family has been torn apart.  A dark empire looms.  And it is here that Dabb era continues, which has many threads still needing tending.

A reason to live.  

This is what Castiel needs to be given once he comes back. Not just a reason to die, but a reason to not leave Dean.  Dean telling him he’s “family”, that he’s their “brother”, that Dean simple “needs” him… none of this has worked, has been enough to get Cas to stay.  The effective elimination of “guardian” saw Cas throwing himself into another guardianship role upon the rejection of the label by Dean.  For a long time now, Supernatural structure has been crafted around the parameters which would make Dean happy, condemning all actions by characters that go against this and helping Dean eliminate the roadblocks to his own happiness.  Mary and Cas made the wrong decisions to save Dean from pain and are thus punished by the narrative for such actions.  It is here, in Dabb era, that the Winchesters are finally made to contemplate the actions of others towards their survival and they are made to suffer for it, Dean more than Sam.  

The return of Cas, we are told, will represent a turning point for Dean.  And while Sam tries to get the nephilim to reopen the door to the world where they lost their mother, the nephilim himself will be made to question what makes him who he is.  Like Sam, he is given powers he can’t control and like Dean, he doesn’t want to become his father (all according to the PR anyway).  Jack is effectively painted as a mirror for both Dean and Sam to reflect upon themselves and their actions, the power of their choices.  I’m sure Cas will experience the same kind of narrative mirror in Jack, but only time will tell for sure on that one.  As getting Mary back falls mostly to Sam (Dean having thought her to be dead), I can only guess that getting Cas back will mainly be a plot for Dean, Sam having been regaled to Dean’s support on all things Cas by reassuring him for a while now.  And while Dean and Cas are no longer being portrayed by same sex/interspecies/lover mirrors by the narrative anymore (in favor of sibling mirrors) I think a great deal can be gleamed by seeing exactly how Dean handles his death (as opposed to the other times). To push the sibling mirrors of 12x11 and 12x20, one would think they wouldn’t burn his body, much like Sam and Dean never burn one another’s, but I doubt this is the case, as the text has been pulling Dean in mostly one way towards Cas, though how clear the show will be is always a matter of speculation, but they haven’t honestly given themselves much room on this, structurally speaking (though we all have seen how Supernatural sometimes betrays its structure for various reasons, as noted above several times).  

It’s hard to say what, if anything, Michael’s desire will translate into in the broader sense of the structure.  I just don’t know enough to even take a guess except to maybe say it’s showing the difference in Sam and Dean’s view of the nephilim (Sam wanting to control/use him, and Dean wanting to kill him), in the form of Michael versus Lucifer but that is simply not a sustainable structure.  It is clear, however, that the apocalypse world in general is meant to serve as visual shorthand in the realigning of Sam and Dean as moral centers in the Supernatural universe.  While it was hard to side with Dean’s actions in Carver era post S9 (and Lord knows, the show almost lost me), it is quite easy to see here that without Sam and Dean, things would be so, so much worse.  Mary’s fate is also a murky matter.  One would guess that since she is a part of Dean’s happiness in having a whole family, that she is essential to keep alive (Dean seeking her to talk about his feelings and such) and that the show would not kill her being that it’s gotta be close to its end.  The show’s failure to promote Sam Smith to regular does not work to Mary’s favor in terms of survival (especially since it promoted Jack and Lucifer to regulars instead).  It could be that the show plans to transplant her onto the spinoff at the end of the season but I’m not sure that’s the case, obviously.  

And while I think the show will toe the line with the nephilim being good or bad, I think he’ll ultimately be good, or rather, do something good, perhaps in the Apocalypse world.  The structure simply demands it.  With a big bad like Michael potentially coming to our world there’s really little room for Jack to ultimately be bad, too.  I’m sure he’ll have some set backs, but there’s really only one logical way the show can go there.  It will be interesting to see how much Mary drives the story this year, but I’m guessing she won’t much and neither will Cas.  I think Sam and Dean’s interaction with the nephilim will do this instead, which means he’ll need to give them each something they want.  For Sam this is Mary and for Dean this is Cas.  Meanwhile, Dabb has given the show a good lifeline in the mythology sense in the form of a multiverse.  Instead of closing doors like his predecessors, he has quite literally opened them.  For Supernatural’s narrative structure, it’s a whole new world.

The Contest Part 13- FINISHED VERSION

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N:  My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, @oriona75 . So I’m actually telling two stories here, Jared and Y/N’s, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Reader, Best friend Nikki (OC), Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Cliff, Emily (OC) other Supernatural cast and crew

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Dr. Jenkins came running up to the set.  Emily had regained consciousness but was very disoriented.  I was holding her hand and talking to her softly to try to keep her calm.  He knew I was a nurse so he asked me to give him a report.  I kept it brief.  “She’s 37 weeks pregnant.  Gestational diabetes.  Started seizing.  I tested her sugar, it was 500.  She told me her blood  pressure has been running high lately.”

The EMT’s had arrived and Dr. Jenkins filled them in.  We all stood around while they did a quick assessment.  Jared came up next to me and held my hand while we waited.  They loaded Emily on to the gurney in preparation to take her to the hospital.

“Do you need someone to go with her?  I’ll go.” I told them.

“I’m sorry Y/N, but we have to get this episode in the can today.  You still have scenes to shoot.  Dr. Jenkins can go with Emily.” Phil said.

I opened my mouth to protest, but a warning elbow in the ribs from Nikki made me shut it. Oh yeah. I’m not a nurse now, I’m an actress.  The show comes first.  I flashed Phil a smile.  “No problem, Phil.  I understand, the show must go on.”

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Summary: For a moment, just a moment you thought the prefect life might be in your grasp.

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Dean x Lisa

Warnings: angst

Word count: 1,156 (with lyrics)

Setting: The year Dean spends with Lisa so between season 5 and 6

Notes: #SPN Anti-Valentine’s Challenge by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing I chose Miranda Lambert’s song More like her.

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She’s beautiful in her simple little way
She don’t have too much to say when she gets mad
She understands, she don’t let go of anything
Even when the pain gets really bad
I guess I should’ve been more like that

Reader POV

I should’ve held onto my pride, should’ve walked away just like he is with my head held high. But I guess stupidity runs in my veins. Stupidly thinking he’d want to settle down with me, have that white picket fence, Apple pie life we only dreamed about. He hadn’t promised forever, never knowing my true feelings, never figuring out how I felt about him, nor returning them. Ones I pushed aside to keep from getting hurt, and in the end they’re what done me in. Not watching Sam fall, Lucifer contained inside his body, into the cage, sealed away for the good of mankind. It’s not seeing Castiel’s vessel explode or Bobby’s neck snapped, both returned to normal thank God that has me wanting to curl into the fetal position and cry.

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Don’t Fear the Reaper

Sam Winchester x Reader

1200 Words

Warnings: None

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

Chapter Summary: The beginning of your story, and the beginning of your association with the Winchesters

You were a Reaper. It wasn’t as mysterious or interesting as it sounded. Your life was spent following your fathers orders, taking poor unfortunate souls and helping them move on to the afterlife.

You had seen everything, Just as much as the Angels had. But while they stood watch, and guard over God’s creations, you stood and waited for them to die, much like a vulture watched over its prey. You watched as the humans grew and developed. Only dealing with them when you had to, when Death issued the order and you had to swoop down and guide them onto their next chapter in life.

It was a dull, lonely existence. Who would want to be friend a Reaper, a person who brought death with them wherever they went? Of course there were the other reapers, many of whom were older than you, and full of themselves. You were one of the last reapers Death had created, and you were looked down upon by many. Especially since Death seemed to favor you more so than others, giving you easier tasks, leaving the evil and dark souls to those of his more seasoned children.

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anonymous asked:

1/2 Since we're on the subject, I've always wondered something about the earlier seasons. Azazel chose Sam (seemingly randomly) as well as a whole bunch of other children. And Sam was killed and didn't even win the battle of the special children. Jake did, and Azazel seemed fine with that. And it seemed like Azael's main goal was to open the hell gate. So... Did Azazel know all along that the special child was going to be Lucifer's vessel? Did he know all along that it was meant to be Sam, and

2/2 just had a weird roundabout way to get there? I find it hard to believe that Azazel could have planned for all those variables. I mean… What was the POINT of all the special children if Sam was the only one that mattered? Did Azazel not know the endgame plan, and Lucifer just let him do whatever and trusted fate to work itself out? Idk, this has always confused me.

Hi! And since I’ve just rewatched all those early seasons in the last few weeks (again) I’ve got a pretty good hold on what I believe was going on. Azazel had several goals. Not JUST opening the Hellgate and setting Sam up to “win” the Special Children Hunger Games, but specifically setting him up to lose.

What they really needed all along was for Sam to die, and for Dean to sell his soul to bring Sam back. They needed the Righteous Man in Hell just as much as they needed Sam to have his own demon-adjacent destiny to battle in order to set Sam up to break that final seal in the same place where Azazel first spoke to Lucifer about all of this back in 1972.

Because if Dean had never broken the first seal in Hell, they never would’ve been able to have Sam break the final seal in 4.22, you know?

So it wasn’t just all about Sam. There were a lot of pieces being set up on the game board. The apocalypse required a lot of planning. :P

And the awkward thing is that none of that was really being written to back at the beginning of the series, but they found a pretty tidy way to tie all of that back together in the end.

Which is why I cringe when anyone suggests the writers are being “too vague” about the details, or that every random thing that happens in later canon is a “retcon.” Or the most laughable to me personally, that the writers don’t remember past canon or are ignoring it on purpose. Because this is just how good writing works. You leave as many possible windows open to things that may evolve in the future. And it’s only possible to use those open windows if you remember where they all are. :P

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Masterpost and series summary here.

Summary: Sam goes through the daily duties of the King, but trouble is brewing, and he is becoming increasingly worried about his ability to stop it.

Characters/Relationships: Sam x Ruby, Crowley, Alistair

Word Count: 2.9k

Warnings: themes of rape, themes of torture, physical intimacy

A/N: IT’S FINALLY HERE. Well, the first chapter at least. That’s something, right? I want to thank @impala-dreamer and @moonlitskinwalker for their invaluable help on this entire story. Seriously. Give them a cookie. They deserve it. And I hope you all think it’s as awesome as they do!! 

Sam was perched atop the purple velvet cushion of his throne, a slight lean in his back, elbows on the armrests, hands clasped, looking every bit the image of a renaissance painting. He observed how his demons busied themselves throughout the throne room, walking in and out, across and around, babbling about hunters, carrying dusty scrolls and magic books. Their footwear tapped and scraped along the stone floors, mixing with the homogenous murmur of their voices. The great hall was almost always busy and never quiet. Even in silence, the lofty arched ceilings magnified even the softest of sounds, causing them to echo in the cool, damp air. Every action belonging to this room was exposed and enlarged by the acoustics, matching the weight of each decision Sam made. He carefully calculated each one, permitting nothing to be insignificant.

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herefortheships  asked:

Coming to you because I know you're among the positive blogs. I know Cas can't possibly be permanently dead. But his death scene was so... odd? I mean, why did Cas have to go after Lucifer all of a sudden like that? Did he not know about Crowley's plan and thought Winchesters were in trouble? They were about to seal Lucifer away. So Cas coming didn't make sense? It felt like it only happened so that Cas could "die". I wonder if the aftermath of his temporary death is what really matters here 1/2

2/2 It just felt like Cas only went after Lucifer so that there would be an excuse for his death scene. And since I know Cas won’t stay dead, I imagine that the reason he had to “die” was actually to bring something more than shock to the finale. I imagine it’ll have to do with Dean. Could be about exposing his feelings, but could also be he does something to return him, and that will play a part in S13. Sorry if I’m rambling. I just have a lot of thoughts. And feelings. Thanks if you answer. :)

Yep. So we had Jess/Cas (again, after the whole seeing him in s8 thing)

source: @angvlicmish

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And Colette/Cas (like this is new)

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source: @supernaturalrandomness

So I had this first initial feeling too, that it felt like Cas mainly died for Dean’s man pain, because his story was not explained at all, we don’t know if he was manipulated / brainwashed, if he was right or not? However, knowing now from Jibcon that the important thing is how Cas is affected / transformed from the death and that we will see Dean’s reaction further in 13x01 (and most probably Pining!Dean for a good chunk of s13) I am ok with it :D

I’ll link you to my meta post about 12x23 as it shows all my thoughts on this!

Just a Tad Bit Different

Warnings: mentions of blood

Characters: Castiel, Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister! Reader

Summary: The sister reader discovers she has angel blood in her.

Age: any

Word Count: 979

Y/N: your name

Y/N/N: your nickname

Strange things always seem to happen around you. Not vampire, ghost or monster in general type of strange. You happen to see all that almost on a daily basis. It was more of a things flying across the room when you were particularly upset, or sometimes predicting something that was going to happen. You tried not to pay attention to those things although they were quite visible. You’ve never told your older brothers about this and your not planning to either, you’re afraid they might kill you if they know you have something to do with the supernatural.

Either way you have more important things to do right now. Dean went to hell but was pulled out by Castiel, an angel of the lord. Apparently so he can let Michael the Archangel to posses him and take down Lucifer again. Oh, and guess who’s Lucifers vessel? Your other brother Sam. Everything kinda feels like it’s going to hell, quite literally and you don’t know what to do.

But right now, you and your brothers are sleeping in one of Bobby’s old safe houses in the middle of the forest. The quiet in the room was suddenly broken by a deep voice.

“Wake up humans.” The voice said causing all of you to jump and grab the nearest weapon. Still asleep you wobbled a little and almost fell but regained your balance as you  took hold of the edge of the bed.

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Night times Castiel X Reader

This was requested from @jaaxsoadeaanspn :

Angst/Fluff Prompt 5. “It’s only 2A.M.”; 31. “I missed you.” and 32. “I’d rather be here.”

Warnings: I hope you like fluff ;)

Pairing: Castiel X Reader

Originally posted by loseaquett

It has been 4 weeks since your friends Sam and Dean Winchester had brought an angel named Castiel with them on a hunt, or a mission to defend a seal of the cage of Lucifer, as you learned later on.What your friends and the angel told you really was a hand ful, but Castiel helped you understanding everything a bit better. Even trough Dean told you these angels would be massive arrogant dicks, Castiel seemed to be a lot different than he was described.

You couldn’t deny that you took a liking on the angel. Since you got involved in the whole apocalyse situation more and more your feelings for him grew. But then suddenly he disappeared. Just like that, with out any explanations.

You couldn’t explain why, but you felt devastated about the loss of the angel. Not that he died or you were in something like a realtionship, no you had bigger problems going on, but you just really missed him and his beatiful eyes and his goofy questions and statements about humanity.

After some hunts on your own the brothers called you over to Bobbys house because nearly every seal has been broken.

“Okay, let me get this straight: Nearly every seal is broken, but some angels wanted this to happen, like Uriel, means THEY want to grill us all? Really?” you asked still in disbelief. Dean grimaced at the thought but nodded anyway “Yes Y/N, unfortunately those bastards used us to break the seals. “ “And.. did …did Castiel knew too?” you looked between the three men. “No, I don’t think so, he disappeared after the fight with Uriel.” Sam answered and you were somehow relieved. “Okay - good…I ehrm.. I think I’m going to sleep now guys, it was a long drive and we need to be fit tomorrow - espacially if we have to fight angels.” Everyone nodded in agreement and it became quiet in the house.

You were cuddled up in blankets and tried to sleep but you couldn’t help it, your thoughts were constantly roaming around Castiel and what he’s doing now.

Unfortunaly you somehow drifted off to sleep. “Y/N” you heard the fimilar voice of Castiel and as soon as you realized it was the angel who was talking you snapped up and looked at him with wide eyes “Castiel?” “I am sorry, I did not intend to wake you.” he said as he took a seat on your bed. “Yea well, it’s okay it’s only 2 A.M.” you groaned a bit sarcastically. “As I said: I am truly sorry.” he said as he looked to the ground. His look made you feel a bit guilty, it must be important if he chose to come down from heaven this time. You sat up and layed your hand on his shoulder. “Hey, is everything okay?” you asked with a soft voice. “Well it’s just.. I just..” he looked up at you to spoke further. “I guess I missed you. This is just an unregular feeling. It’s kind of strange to me” he admitted. A small smile grew on your lips. “That’s okay Castiel, really. I’ve missed you too.” you said and just couldn’t help but hug him. Your head rested on his shoulders, you closed your eyes and just lived for this moment. Castiel on the other hand wasn’t used to such ways of showing affection. But after a moment he relaxed and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “I’d rather be here.” he murmed into your hair. “But I have to go soon, before they know that I left.” He pulled away slowly to look at you again. You were sad but you nodded understandingly. “Will you come back?” you barley whispered. He looked into your eyes for a moment before he nodded silently. He leaned forward to kiss your forehead. “Good bye, Y/N.” “Good bye..Castiel.” He smiled one last time at you before he disappeared again. 

The moment he was gone you snapped up again, very confused. It felt so real, he felt so real. But was it nothing but a dream?