the seal of jade

I have a small little jadeterezi au where nepeta is a princess of a small cat kingdom and all her guards are catknights( karkat, sollux, terezi)

Jade is actually a giant wolf witch,but uses magic to make herself a nonthreatening mouse and sneaks past the gates to play with the guards without them knowing

but terezi can hear her/ is the only one who can hear her so they mess with the boys a whole lot

One day she falls into equius’ pocket when she tried to jump on terezi from a ledge and terezi spent 3 hours trying to pick her out without him noticing and failed

when equius tried to get something out of his pocket and grabs jade instead it broke her seal and she turned back into a giant monster wolf they spent a while explaining themselves about how she got passed the gates and nepeta agreed that she could come back to the castle if and only if she was invited to mess with the boys.

and they had tea parties

and cute snout kisses

anonymous asked:

Imagine Rose and Jade watching a nature documentary and being like 'sHIT BABY ANIMALS I WANT TEN.' and they both have to restrain themselves from just going out and finding all the baby seals and making a pile of cute animals that make cute noises.

Jade and Rose already have to put up with dumb baby animals their names are Dave and John