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We’re Gonna Die, Now You Tell Me? *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

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Summary: Tony has had enough of you and Bucky dancing around the topic of you both being together. Himself and Natasha feel like you need something to bring you both together, so he sets up a Halloween spooky night, where he hires actors to play Zombies - unknown to you both, everyone is in on it. You and Bucky are left fighting fake zombies, grieving over “deaths” of close friends and feeling as though you had lost a chance at a life together because of it all.
Warnings: Swearing, gore, zombies and FAKE deaths of Avengers
Authors Note: I am SOOOOOO sorry. Tumblr has been messing me around, it won’t allow me to copy and paste things over, I can’t use my own photots or gifs I have to use other peoples. I have been trying to move stuff over but Tumblr has been a lil’ bitch. I am so sorry this is late, I am trying to get my fiction uploaded but that has to be written all over again instead of me just bringing it over! So sorry again, please forgive me - Rosalee

Tony’s P.O.V
“There’s no way this will work,” Steve chuckled to the billionaire, “like Bucky would fall for this!” Steve said, looking at the line-up of people before him, fake blood dripped down their faces, matted hair and dirty clothes; Steve had to admit that they all looked the part but Bucky was smart.

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Tales of the Stage -Last Score- Event Report [September 5, 2017]

Went to yesterday’s show at Nakano Sun Plaza! The whole event ran for approximately two hours and was very much enjoyable! My friends and I were seated pretty close to the stage and that definitely added to my enjoyment factor, I would say. More details under the cut!

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Cielizzy Week: Day 4, the Sun and the Moon

Summary: The shipper demon gets front row seats to witness his OTP moment. Sweet, silly, and very fluffy.

“What,” Sebastian asks with thinly veiled amusement, “are you doing, young master?”

“Don’t ask asinine questions you already know the answer to.”

The demon arched a brow. “My, my…aren’t we feeling sharp this afternoon.”

“Leave me be.”

“Would you like some more tea? I hear tea is greatly conducive to artistic endeavors.” Sebastian inquires innocently, smirk in place and right hand across his chest.

Ciel glanced up from his ink and paper, expression stony and cheeks flushed a pale pink. “Get out of here, demon.”

“Are you trying to cast me out? Shall I bring some salt for your ritual? Four waxed candles in a darkened room—“

“Why you insolent fiend!” Ciel slammed down his fountain pen with a loud clack that, no doubt, left indents in the fine cherrywood material.

Sebastian winced at the thought.

“I order you as both lord and master to leave this room and not return until I so command it—is that clear?” Ciel demanded, cold and calm and desperately wishing that the demon might drop dead already.

“As you wish, young master.” The butler bowed but not before glancing up, a hint of mischief in his eyes. “But I feel compelled to inform you that in another life, I was once the finest poet serving under the Sun King of France and that it was I who composed most of his lover’s ballads.”

Ciel’s eyes narrowed but he refused to give in. “So what.”

“Well I can see that you are attempting to write a letter—or perhaps a poem—for the Lady Elizabeth and judging by your intemperate state and volatile reaction…I would posit that your work is not coming along half as well as you might have hoped.”

Ciel turned away so that he was now facing the grand bay windows behind him. The sunset had melted into a dark lavender with embers of red-gold burning round its edges. The entire landscape of sundials, rose gardens, and tall trees were silhouetted in black while the faint twinkling of stars began to appear in the sky.

It didn’t take him long to realize he’d spent the entire day—from eight in the morning to now—holed away in his study in a desperate attempt to write a half-decent poem for Elizabeth. But every time he wrote down a few lines of prose, he would re-read it in disgust and begin again. Nothing he wrote seemed good enough for the golden-haired daughter of the sun.

“Might I suggest something, my lord?” The demon spoke but he sounded far away.

Ciel had almost forgotten that Sebastian was still in the room. With his eyes fixed on a late summer robin, Ciel raised his hand in an affirmative gesture. “Go on.”

“If the lady of gold and laughter is meant for the sun, then you are but a song of the moon. There is nothing Lady Elizabeth enjoys more than spending time with you, so why not reflect this in your poem?”

“I’m not writing a poem.” Ciel interrupted. “This is a…exercise in expression.”

Sebastian raised a brow, half-smirk in place. “Pardon me then, young master. I was unaware that you differentiated poetry in that way.”

“I said—“

“Come now, cease your protestations. St. Valentine will not come for another year and, might I point out, this day is nearly over.”

“Deliver this to Lizzy at once.” Ciel’s fingertips were ink-stained, his cravat mussed, and leaflets of paper surrounded both his desk and the carpet around him.

The evening sky was now a dark plum velvet with twinkling diamond stars and a silvery crescent moon hanging over the Phantomhive manor. Ciel knew that in fifteen minutes, the grandfather clock would strike twelve and it would no longer be February the fourteenth. This blasted holiday had kept him from both his business at Funtom and his duty as the Queen’s Watchdog but for once in his life, Ciel couldn’t bring himself to give a damn.

This was for Elizabeth. Dear, sweet Elizabeth who asked so little of him and expected even less—what could he do but give her the only thing he had left? The broken and tattered pieces of his heart was a hideous sight, scarred and littered with poisonous black ash—but they were the purest part of him. The part he would entrust to Elizabeth and no one else.

Elizabeth, his champion and fiancée…Sunday’s child and Apollo’s successor. If he belonged to the night and all her dark terrors, then Elizabeth was his direct juxtaposition—sunshine and warmth and sweet, summer love.

“My lord.” Sebastian appeared, bowed on one knee.

Ciel handed him the letter, carefully sealed with red wax and a silk ribbon. “Make sure Lizzy gets this before the stroke of midnight.”

Sebastian arrived at the Midford castle in just a few seconds. He stood outside the balcony of Lady Elizabeth’s room, hidden by shadows and black magic; he neared the veranda doors that led to her room and gently slipped the piece of paper through. With a touch of his finger, the letter fluttered across the room, landing right atop the lady’s silk pillow.

With his task complete, Sebastian could have left right then and there but he lingered for a few moments more, waiting for the sound of excited footsteps and fluttering satin.

It didn’t take long before Paula opened the door and a smiling Elizabeth entered the room.

“Paula, I’d like to be alone for a few minutes.” She addressed to her brunette maid. “I’m going to write a letter to Ciel and see if he’d like to come here for tea tomorrow.”

“But my lady, St. Valentine’s Day was today!”

“Oh I know.” Elizabeth waved a hand, walking closer to her bed. “But Ciel’s never liked the frivolity involved in the whole affair and I won’t torture him into doing anything he doesn’t want to.” She turned around. “I just want to see him smile again Paula, and I know strawberry cake and hot honey tea will do a much better job of that then commercialized holidays and red paper hearts.”

Brava, my lady. Sebastian was impressed; he’d always known Lady Elizabeth to be a woman of deeper character than what was initially presumed. Despite her fondness for all things pink and cute, this emerald eyed fae of a Shakespearean spring loved too deeply to ever be so ignorant.

In a matter of moments, Paula had untied Lady Elizabeth’s twin tails and left the room, leaving Sebastian to admire the softly curled aureate waves glimmering under the chandelier light. Sun, gold, summer, and hope.

“Now what is this?” Elizabeth murmured, picking up the enclosed letter on her pillow. Sebastian watched her break the red seal wax, saw her sit down on her bed as her jade eyes misted over with tears.

I have adored no one but you,

in the way that only the moon

could love the sun.

I am but yours, effortlessly,


and know only of your warmth

when we brush so tenderly

once every spring,

before I retreat under Nyx’s shadow

and you to golden Apollo.

Sweet daughter of the sun,

give me a lunar sunrise so that I

may remember the story of how

the moon loved the sun

so much

that he would commit sin and

confound heaven if only to be

near her for an hour of greeting.

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Imagine Rose and Jade watching a nature documentary and being like 'sHIT BABY ANIMALS I WANT TEN.' and they both have to restrain themselves from just going out and finding all the baby seals and making a pile of cute animals that make cute noises.

Jade and Rose already have to put up with dumb baby animals their names are Dave and John


I have a small little jadeterezi au where nepeta is a princess of a small cat kingdom and all her guards are catknights( karkat, sollux, terezi)

Jade is actually a giant wolf witch,but uses magic to make herself a nonthreatening mouse and sneaks past the gates to play with the guards without them knowing

but terezi can hear her/ is the only one who can hear her so they mess with the boys a whole lot

One day she falls into equius’ pocket when she tried to jump on terezi from a ledge and terezi spent 3 hours trying to pick her out without him noticing and failed

when equius tried to get something out of his pocket and grabs jade instead it broke her seal and she turned back into a giant monster wolf they spent a while explaining themselves about how she got passed the gates and nepeta agreed that she could come back to the castle if and only if she was invited to mess with the boys.

and they had tea parties

and cute snout kisses


An early happy new year to everyone in fandom! Hopefully, we could see all our past mistake, bad fortune, and all not-so-good thing in 2016 in the right perspective.

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Apology if I left anyone… it’s truly unintentional.

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